11-1-97 - DREAM - I was in a large public building that had apartments in it. It was my job to inspect the apartments and made sure they were ready for new people to move into them.

This was Saturday night and I made arrangements with the current tenants to show their apartments on Sunday morning at 10::00 a.m. thought my usual hours were 9 a.m.

There were contracted workmen in the hallway doing major repairs discussing how some people couldn't work in spaces that were 4 or 5 inches wide and wanted to know who had made the last major screwup.  Damage was so bad that no one had figured out how to fix it yet. I saw a hole in the wall that was about 3 feet x 3 feet with a black screen over it. I had to admit it was a woman who had done the damage and her name was Mary.

I had to go to the bathroom out in the public hallway by the front door and when I got there I heard a man screaming. It frightened me so much, I ran back up the hallway as fast ass I could and it seemed slow motion. I felt as though I was the half-crazed man myself crying out in agony. To get back into the main hallway, I had to go through 6 arched doorways to get through without making oneself into a squashed image of oneself. I had to rip the curtain from the door to open the door. All the doorways were back to back so that by opening one,  you still had the rest to contend with. Each of these doorways had a curtain on it of a religious figure bigger than life yet obscuring the door itself. I managed to get 5 of them open and the last one had a picture of a huge eye pasted on it. I had to pull the picture of the eye off the door to find the door itself and yanked it open to find myself inside the building which was now a chaotic shambles of its former self.

The crazed man had beat me there somehow and tore all the furnishings into shreds everywhere I looked.

I came upon a stunned woman and asked her if 911 had been called. She aid that the man had hurt his hand early in the morning and had been treated for his injuries but now the anesthesia had worn off and he couldn't stand the pain.

I realized that so much damage had been done by the half-crazed man that it would never be the same again.

The image that came to mind was of Christ with nails driven through the palms of his hands.

11-1-97 - DREAM - I was in a building discussing where people should send their checks to me and I said the P.O. Box because it was right across the street from the bank.

11-1-97 - DREAM - I was in an attic with Joe and there was a display of beautiful rings there with lights on them ranging from thin gold bands to one that had a jewel on the top with lights on it. I tried to avoid looking at them. I told a person there that I didn't want to be tempted into thinking I had to have one and while I was saying that, I could feel a ring on my right hand ring finger with a large square design on it and was trying to hide the fact that it was there because I didn't know it was there before I started speaking.

11-1-97 - VOICE - "Thank you for helping to defend our country".

11-1-97 - DREAM - A man came to give me very important information. He dressed himself in black pants like Joe's pajamas to give it to me. It was number 6339 and consisted of printed words and music many pages long. The man fed it into my computer. It was VERY important.

After I received the information, I was to be arrested and taken somewhere. I escaped by saying I had to go to the bathroom, but I knew I'd have to return.

I left the building and walked downhill to a big store where they sold clothing and jewelry. In the first department they were selling dark blue clothing and a black woman was trying it on. I went to the next department where they sold jewelry and I wanted some I could wear with either dark blue or light blue.

The jewelry was beautiful ranging from silver to crystal to blown glass figures of Christ and the colors of jewelry ranged from dark blue, down through light blue to white to clear. I couldn't decide on one piece because it was all so beautiful. Many were crucifixes of Christ. The woman suggested that I buy a gold lame purse and she showed it to me. I told her I already had one like it. (I really do)

I left the store then to go back up hill to meet the man to go wherever I supposed to go. While I was climbing the hill someone kept telling me to hurry because something was going to blow up and it was almost time.

I had to get around a big trench in the ground surrounded by concrete and topped with a big wire fence.

I finally made it back up the hill.  By now, I had forgotten the words and music the main black and white had given me, so he came to give it to me again. I saw the numbers 6339 and the scanning of the document began again. I began to wake up as it scanned and I knew I could read it out loud, but it was slipping away.

I woke up angry because I couldn't bring this beautiful piece of important information back with me.

NOTE:  6339 - We gain our happiness (or unhappiness) as much from the psychological world as from the physical world.

AC 6339. And hear, ye sons of Jacob. That this signifies the truths and goods in the natural, is evident from the representation of the sons of Jacob, as being the truths and goods of the church in the natural (n. 6335). (Refers to Gen: 49:2)

11-1-97 -VISION - I saw 3 book pages, 61, 62, and 63.  A voice said, "This information is being transmitted directly from God."

"CQ goes from stock to residency"

"Everyone knows the importance of Sargeant numbers".

"Page 1 - You must relax"

"Page 2 - or we can't tell you about the celebration of the feathers."

"Page 3 - There is someone on your side."

"Want a new club?" I took a heavy piece of silver triangle in my left hand. It was very sharp and negative feeling.

"What about Anton?"

"What about the lamp?"

"I'll just sit here and write love stories."

11-2-97 - DREAM - I saw several web pages with words that were semi-religious. They worked like a casino wheel. Some people thought the words were sacrilegious - others didn't. We thought they were just normal everyday words.

11-2-97 VISIONS - This was the cover of a CD.

The Traveler = ee     Ed McMahan

The Journeyer = eiffe   1 was my friend W.G., 2 women with no home, moving from place to place.

The Parent =               Woman with black hair

The child =                   My sons

The Lovers =                Joe

The Siblings =               Young woman with black hair

The Servant =

The Teacher =

Mytakuye Oyasin = "All my relations"

(These are all relationships)

11-2-97 - VISION - Joe and I were standing on the porch of a house that had 4 steps down to a green lawn with a garden and pool and 3 steps below that. On the edge of the lawn stood 3 elves dressed in green, one on the far left, one on the far right, and one in the center.  On the other side of the pool was a grove of dark green trees.

11-2-97 - DREAM - (Dream of relationships)  I was in the kitchen of a house. Ed McMahan sat on the counter. He said he had a 12 Beam headache. I then had a discussion with another woman about how to heal pain including breathing in the color blue.

I was going to cook dinner but cold not find the proper pans to cook in. I wanted a particular metal rectangular pan to cook the meat in the oven.  I couldn't find one - all the other shapes and materials were available but that one. My mother (a then dark haired woman) began to cook meat in a round pan on top of the stove.  I became angry and threw my meat which I had in my hand into her pan. I said, "You overcook the potatoes and overcook the meat. I left the room refusing to eat at all.

I went upstairs to change clothes and had a conversation with my 3 young sons about my choice of clothes. (Words unremembered)

I went down to the basement to clean up a after some journeyers (W.G. and another woman who were homeless and passing through. I had allowed them to stay with us in our house and they had just packed up their belongings which they had stored in a basement room.  A dark skinned woman was there beginning to clean up after them and I stopped her and took the broom and dustpan from her telling her it was my responsibility to clean up after the journeyers since I had invited them in.

I swept up the floor clean and dumped the garbage. I then went back upstairs to the 1st floor and went outside on the lawn. It came to me that my and Joe's Lease was up on the house and we had nowhere to go and that since there was only 3 days left, I should look to see how much rent was for another house.

NOTE:  Joe and I were notified a few days later that a rental house would be available for us to move into in 3 months.

11-2-97 - DREAM - I was at home in Milwaukee. My Mother had gotten up and gone out to the garage to meet my Great Aunt Cora. She was moving in with us and they were putting her furniture upstairs. I didn't't know where we were going to put his furniture yet.

My Father came out into the room. He was giant sized and had a huge forehead. I said, "Joe is moving in with us today.  We are we going to have a BIG family."  I smiled at him broadly.

I then went to the outer room where the telephone was. I was waiting for it to ring to let me know Joe was in town. It hadn't rung yet, and  I began to panic and cry. "Where's my Joe?  Where's my Joe?"

NOTE:  I woke up with relief to find myself in California, sleeping next to my Joe.

11-3-97 - DREAM - I did a lot of work on a computer and scanner and mentally earned the right to be present and help Enkidu get on his motorcycle in the morning. It was a small red and black motorcycle with a red side car. (Enkidu is one of the ancient god-men who lived in ancient Samaria)

11-3-97 - DREAM - I worked for an apartment management company. Each work station had an electronic announcement of a letter as you walked by it - a - b - c.  each work station had to have two  people at it even when there was nothing to do. It sounded like lack of trust to me. At the last work station, they were handing out brochures of a real estate class to be held in Milwaukee.  It was to be held at a large building on a river. One of the girls wanted to know the name of the river.  It connected with the Milwaukee River and connected with a Y pattern. I told her it was the Harley Davidson. I knew that because I had lived near there.

I then moved into apartment 107 and the old tenant, a male, moved upstairs to #108. I had to make sure UPS delivered packages correctly. I received one with CD.s in it.

11-4-97 - DREAM - (I'm not certain of the order of the scenes) I was getting ready to go to work. All my friends were wearing big bouffant slips, so I decided to dress just like them. We each wore a different color though. Red, white, and black, and mine was brown. Then I tried to find a skirt and blouse to wear to match in brown and had no choices. So, I put on a black, very high heeled boot/shoes. I had long legs and did not wear stockings. I then picked out some multicolored jewelry to wear.

The men admired my legs, the women were jealous that I could look so good.  I then went outside to go to work. I was going to go through a gate or hallway and three young  people got up in a window and asked me if I would buy a ticket to a baseball game. I didn't want to go to the game but agreed to buy a ticket since the money was for charity.  The kid in charge of the red tickets pulled up the ticket and the stub, then instead of giving me the ticket, ran off with both parts. This started a loong scene where I had to confront the parent of the boy and try to get the ticket back.

I then walked along the sidewalk and in the window of my West Allis house was a 68 year old woman. She made a little speech, lamenting nearing the end of her life. Her face was all wrinkled and I wondered how I was going to look when I reached the age of 94 because I was going to live that long.  I allowed the woman to sit on my front porch and watch the cars go by.  I took a folding chair and went inside the house.

I don't recall how I got there, but ended up on the back porch of the house where a mafia-type hit killing took place. Two men were grabbed and rushed inside. Two men with guns and I were left outside on the porch. I got down on my knees and hid my eyes so I wouldn't see the shootings and hoped my life would be spared.  I heard two shots inside. I kept my head down, praying I would be spared. I heard footsteps coming back outside and waited for my head to get blasted with  gun, but nothing happened.

I kind of half raised my head and saw the 2 men behind me flash FBI badges. They said they were in on it and just wanted to get the witnesses.  I still held my head down and I couldn't see any faces and they gave me a necklace and some loose stones of light green gem stones which looked like eggs.  I took them and waited for all the men to go away.

I then went back into the house and typed up all this on a computer and tried to save it so I would remember it.  I saved it with the date 10-07-79.

11-4-97 - VISION - I put pictures of winged God on Gilgamesh site. And a photo of Pieta.  I had a vision of my son Bill sitting on a floor. The 1985 photo tore in 1/4 parts.

NOTE: I found a picture of a winged God (Shamash) and put in on my Gilgamesh/alien web site.

11-5-97 - DREAM I was in downtown Milwaukee. People there needed assistance to get from Center St to Capital Dr. I had been given a license to drive a bus that far. The license was a large white circle with black silhouettes of the zodiac within the circle. The circle was ratcheted - not smooth and there were 6 ratchets.

I drove the bus to Capital Dr. where I had to leave it. Louisiee from the Jeffersons' TV show was met by her family there as she got off the bus. There was some problem about that. Now I had no way to get back home but someone from the bus company got me another bus to drive because I had the license.

I had to get back home quickly because I was 9 months pregnant and had another baby to care for as well which was in the crib upstairs. My husband wanted me to lie down on the floor to do 69 to make love but I couldn't get near him because I was too pregnant.

I went upstairs to take care of the baby and get the new baby's room ready because it was only moments before it would be born. My son Tom came to take away the old computer to make room for the baby crib. Tom showed me the trailer he was going to move the computer in. There was plenty of room between the other furniture he already had on the trailer.

I had to change the baby's clothes then because he was all wet. He was growing so fast, I had to dress him in a white sleeper outfit that was only 18 inches long and I had to put him in 2 at a time and double up his legs to make him fit.

I had to hurry. The new baby would be born any moment and I still had to put the new crib in place.

11-6-97 - DREAMS - Had several drams of working on getting 4 words cast in concrete which means LOVE before a deadline when everything or something was going to explode.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school and I was working there. The people and the scene was more like the drafting room at A-C. It was time to go home and it was my job to turn out the lights when we went home. I went downstairs with some people and went out to the playground. There, someone gave me a piece of cardboard with toys on it. On the top row on the left was a series of soldiers facing towards the middle down on one knee each with a rifle pointed toward the center. On the right was a series of American Indians facing the center each one down on one knee with a bow and arrow aimed towards the center towards the soldiers.  There was 10 or 12 of each.

There were several other things down the face of the card but the most outstanding one was a standing bear figure and next to it was written - Age of _____ .  I saw then that these figures were like molds, were hollow inside and hinged so that you could hold them under water so the mold filled with water, then you stood it in the freezer. When the figure was frozen you could take it out and you had a frozen bear figure. If it melted, you could make another one.

I looked up at the building and saw that there were still some lights on on the 4th floor and I had to go turn them off.

I went back into the building and met some people who were rehearsing for a TV show. The girl in the center spotlight looked like M.M. The show went on for a short time and it did't work out with the tall thin guy she was with. They turned off the spotlights and she turned towards me to leave and began to cry. She saw me and recognized me. We each put out our arms wide like on a crucifix - then went towards each other and hugged. I noticed at that point that I felt very masculine - not female. Another girl came over and we took her into a group hug and then a fourth girl was taken into the group hug. I left the hug group at that point and went into another room where I was preparing material for a Sunday school class I would be teaching in the morning. I carried big packs of white paper from one place to another and put them on a washing machine and noticed that I had the key to a storage locker where something was stored. I noticed that I had seven receipts including one for some cakes. (See below)

My friend David heard about the bad rehearsal and went out and bought several cakes to make everyone feel better and I ran down the hall to get everyone back together to come to the Sunday school room. I didn't have too much success - everyone had scattered to go do other things.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I was on Teutonia and Center St. in Milwaukee, not very far from the school. It would be where 13th st. would be, but there was no street named that right there. Teutonia Ave. ran on a slant north and south between 12th and 20th st.  I was going to the theatre to watch a movie and was going to meet my husband there. There was a lot of mean looking black men on the street and was accosted by a couple of them, but one shorter guy saw that I had a little football-shaped button clipped to the right front of my jacket that said, "Open Mind."  He thought it was a job processing center and started rattling off all the types of work he was capable of doing. I went along with him and told him he was very versatile. He asked me if I would take his telephone number and call him for a job. I said, "Yes!" and politely took down his number which started with area code 209. (That is California)  I was by then at the theatre.

I opened the big glass door at the front and saw that the movie "10 Tall Men" was playing. I had some money in my left pocket and pulled out a $10 bill to buy a ticket. I put it up on the counter and the black girl selling tickets ignored my money. I saw in a little box on the wall, a receipt with the name Marcella on the top. She had obviously received the delivery of a package there and someone would pick up her receipt and pay for the delivered package for her.

Another girl from the candy counter came over and asked me if I was there to rent the apartment upstairs. I said, "No! I was there to see the movie. They acted all surprised.

I went into the theatre then and went down the aisle looking for my husband. The lights came on and I saw that the theatre was full of men - no women at all - and they were not all facing the front where the screen was. They had just all been sitting around in the dark facing every which direction.  At that point, I was down at the front, facing the people. A door opened upstairs at the projection booth and a bright flash went off and I saw 2 men up there.  One was an older white haired man.  They had taken a photo of me.

I felt sudden fear and knew I had been set up. I made an announcement to the people as loud as I could, "If anything happens to me and you see my picture in the paper, you'll know that something big is going down."  I looked around quickly to see if my husband was there, but never saw anyone that even resembled him.

Meanwhile everyone panicked and rushed to get out of the theatre. Some music started to play with a steady hard beat and people crashed into each other with a thump. I could hear an announcer talking about the music, that it was written so that people could go "thump" together when the music went "thump".

It was such a commotion of people running in every direction that I managed to get out of the building easily and while nobody was looking, I re-entered the building through a big wide brown delivery door and saw that I was back in the Sunday school room.  There I was given a life size replica of the same toys I had been given at the school. Only I saw a golden badge below the bear that I would put on and wear to show that I had paid the price to have these objects to play with.

I scurried around getting my paper and other things from the top of the washing machine and saw I had another gold key alongside the 1st one and this for another storage room where something was hidden and I again saw the 7 receipts that had to be reimbursed yet.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building. It was like the comedy television show where the psychiatrist was (name unremembered).  They had been gone for the Holidays. The Christmas tree was dry and sagged. The telephone wasn't plugged in, so I plugged it in, but I didn't see where the cord went to. There was a card table with a motor attached on the floor. I picked that up and leaned it against the wall. There were three large distinct areas where the psychiatrist had cut out pieces of carpet and taken them away.  The carpet had been really bristly and the remnants still around were sharp. The other man was there starting to clean up the place and I thought about offering to help but I didn't want to do it for nothing. So, I went back to my own apartment where Joe was. The other man came looking for me and not seeing me, asked Joe where Virginia was. I told Joe to tell him that Virginia wasn't there but El Ea was.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I was out in the country and went out in the yard where M.M. and some other's were gathering. They were setting small bleacher seats up by the garage. M.M. asked me about growing flowers and asked if Joe had ever given me any flowers. Just as she said that , Joe came walking by with a large snake plant. I smiled and said, "He's the sweetest man in the world." She said that other people should share their excess flowers. I told her I used to have a large yard where I grew flowers and that I had given lots of flowers away in my lifetime.

She then asked me if my hair had ever been dark and while she was asking, her hair was getting darker and darker until it was black. I told her that my hair used to be light brown at one time, but that I had dyed it black once and it looked so awful, I immediately dyed it blonde again.

Joe told me to turn around and when I did, there was a huge TV screen larger than the garage set up and the bleachers filled up with lots of young men. They had brought the screen so we could all watch the Packers play in the Super Bowl.

11-7-97 - DREAM - Someone on the computer IM'd me (Instant Message) to tell me I had to provide food for a Kali Yuga party.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I realized the standing bear (from a previous dream) stood for Kali Yuga.

11-7-97 - DREAM - I realized it was December 24th and I hadn't bought anyone Christmas presents and I should have at least bought one for Joe. I started to cry and woke up crying.

11-8-97 - DREAM - I dreamed about the game of life.  I saw a board which was the typical game board except this board was bumpy and wavy around the edges where the spaces provided extra challenge.

It cost $3 to play each square. Everyone had to play and there were penalties during the game if you refuse to participate.  There even were children's races where you were challenged to be the best. Little race cars were in that section.

We called in a black police officer and tried to pay $18 at one point and he refused. He said for an amount that large, it would take a semi-truck to carry it. He said we had to carry it ourselves to the payment center. Joe was with me.

At one point, I went into a room by myself and sat down in front of a window which opened and had a spinner on it with a game show host and a wheel with bright colored numbers on it which he was going to spin to see how spaces I was going to try for next. I was all excited, bouncing up and down on my seat and waving my arms in joy.

At the children's box car race I picked up my youngest son and took him there in a white blanket type pajamas. At the race, a woman came by with a zebra walking behind her. The zebra was wearing a frilly pajama top and cap with lace.  I sat on a white chair with my son on my lap to watch the race and the woman with the zebra sat down behind me. I saw the zebra's head morph into a goat head and it tried to nip my butt so I moved farther away from her.

At one point, before we were going to pay the $18, 3 female relatives came to visit from up north. They said they had found a cute little motel to stay in and left because they couldn't handle the stress.

11-9-97 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen that had alphabetical links to mythology pages. I deleted all of them plus some other ones on mythology. The reasoning was that they didn't have any relationship to dreams nor to the future.

11-9-97 - DREAM - I was walking down a street.  On the other side of the street, a woman and a man entered a house across the street while I was seeing 4 and 20 birds laying in the street. They were all dead by the curb, laid out in 3 rows.

the man told her to step up into the house. When they came back out, she stepped out onto a big white platform on top of a big white car. She was all upset and yelled at the man, "You told me to step down." The man came over to me and asked me if I had heard him tell her to step down.  I said, "No!  I didn't hear you tell her to step down."

NOTE:  I feel that this is a prophecy about Queen Elizabeth stepping down from her throne.

11-10-97 - DREAM - The Mythology web page should include "The Creation of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Water, The coming of Anu and EA, and the Gilgamesh story.

11-10-97 - DREAM - I saw a baby sitting on a another person's lap. I saw the baby had a mouth full of milk curds. I wiped out the curds. "Kurds"?

11-10-97 - DREAM - I was in Washington, DC. I went down the street to where the jewelry store was. It was gone and another store had replaced it. I was going to go down the street to the next block, but I didn't have time. I went back to the office. (Can't remember all the details)  I saw someone elses purse. I removed 10 packs of vegetable seeds and put them on my sewing machine to use.

I saw a discussion going on between two men and a woman. One was Arabic looking. One was blonde and one was white haired. They were trying to talk her into running for a high political office. She was very distressed to be asked and didn't even want to discuss it. As she left the building to go to her car, they ran after her to continue to try to convince her.

11-11-97 - VISION - Before going to sleep, I was thinking about Josephine Goodman and suddenly saw her. She said, "Here is a gift for you, here is a child."

11-11-97 - DREAM - I was at home with my mother and father and planned to meet some friends at 9 a.m. to go to the state fair. I looked at the clock and it was 8:15 a.m.  I know I had to hurry, but when I combed my hair it was 2 layered and the longest layer had big gaps i it and it didn't even go all the way around, so I asked my mother to cut it off. I ended up with one curly layer just below my ears. It was dark brown and I knew I could comb it and pin it however I wanted to. I left then to go to church first which was on 44th st. The girl who was supposed to sing the service didn't show up and there was a big discussion about her ideas of service to the church where she made up her own mid about how many days she would work and when she would take off without notice. My feeling was that she should stick to her commitment whatever it was. (In the physical I feel guilty for not keeping spiritual commitments myself)

I then headed for home and met Joe on 17th St. and we went home together to go to bed and make love, though I knew my friends were coming over.  So, Joe and I went to bed together to make love and ignored the commitment to my own friends because Joe was more important to me.

Finally, I looked at the clock and it was now 9:30 a.m. I knew I had left the door to my house open and I went out to the livingroom. I dragged all my blankets with me. All my friends were there in the house waiting for me to come out of the bedroom. I lay down on a single bed in the livingroom and my friends discussed how even that bed was convertible to allow someone to lean a section back and be comfortable like a chair.

11-11-97 - DREAM - I was managing an large house like an apartment building. I went up on the second floor to meet people in various apartments. There was a group of people gathered in a large hallway area where I saw an old male friend/tenant who was over 90 years old. Next to him, seated on the floor was a tiny infant - very tiny - about 6 or 8" tall. I admired the infant, then saw a second. While I was admiring the two tiny babies, I saw 2 more. There 4 altogether. The first infant grew suddenly into a larger infant and put out it's arms to be picked up by me which I did. Then the second one did the same and I picked it up and held both. They were so precious and beautiful, I asked who the mother was. Someone to my right said, "I AM"!  Others pointed to a woman seated by the wall way to the right. She had a very tiny head, even smaller than the infants had originally been. I thought it to be very strange, but when she got up to walk over to the old man who was now standing, she sounded tough and manipulative. She said to the old man and to me at the same time, "I provide a _____ and he provides the house."

I felt that this man was not going to be in the world much longer and I put my arms around him to say, "goodbye" and wished him well.  I took her aside and asked that she call me if anything happened to him. She said, "That's no problem, it's business."

We walked over to a card table where she wrote my phone number down on an AVON coupon for dealers. The number I gave her was 242-2446.  

As I left the room to go outside, another woman came in and asked the other woman, "Where do people sit who only want to work 1 day a week?"

11-12-97 - DREAM - I downloaded a program off of Joe's computer that would enable me to download pictures of UfOs off of websites.

11-12-97 - DREAM - I was walking in a large school for children and I was told that we had to have a system of them for every week. Major themes for Holidays like Valentine's day or such could run for several weeks. We went to eat lunch and knowing that i couldn't eat a sandwich, I asked if I could get just a single piece of meat and was told, "yes". but the meat was fatty, and cold, so I went without lunch and was very hungry.

11-12-97 - DREAM - I was the skinny FTD messenger man and understood that Joe was supposed to give me a message of some kind.

11-12-97 - DREAM - I was at home and my son stood next to me talking to some other people. From where I sat, I could see his head had black crud on his scalp under his hair. I proceeded to get near him to clean his hidden dirt off his head when a small headed black woman put her head on my lap and wanted her ear cleaned. Her ear was very tiny and just as I went near her ear, a hug louse crawled out of it. As I sat there feeling disgusted another louse crawled out and then another. At the point there was a trail of 4 lice crawling down her face from her ear -

T.J. blew the truck horn and woke me up from the dream.

11-13-97 - After an unsuccessful meditation yesterday, I was a little hesitant to try today. But as soon as I did, a man and a woman started to discuss the cost of counseling. They decided $100 an hour was a good fee - more for the 1st session - about $160 for the 1st hour. I then saw 2 light brown dogs walk towards me and go behind me. The last thing I saw was an e-mail name:

NOTE:  I tried sending a letter to that name and it bounced back as an unknown name.

11-12-97 - DREAM - I was working in.a house somewhere in New Berlin north of National Ave. I was there to do landscaping or something - major changes.

The woman of the house was mean-spirited and I was careful to call her Maam every time I spoke with her. I could tell she was trying to make me make a mistake, lose my cool, or do something so she could call me down and find fault.

There was a black woman there who was a maid for the household. She wanted the woman's beige slippers, so she put them into MY coat pockets and I was tong to take them home at the end of the day. The woman of the household found them in MY coat pockets and accused me of stealing them. Fortunately, the black woman was standing right there when I was accused and she admitted to putting them into my coat pockets because I was wearing a fur coat and I deserved to be accused. She then went down the basement stairs. (I don't actually own a fur coat)

Nobody apologized for the accusation but we went back to work and the woman of the house again tried to plant a rod of some sort where I was working planting flowers along the wall, so she could accuse me of stealing it. It was about 18" long. I had no idea what it was for. I was gong to move it over to another spot farther over and tell her she just lost it, but then changed my mind and just kept it out in the open where I was so it was never hidden.

My three sons came to visit then. Each one was wearing a pastel silk shirt, pink. blue, and white. I was naked from the waist up and felt beautiful and felt no shame that my breasts were showing, but I was going to work in public and asked to borrow the white shirt which was now white with black lines on it which made it striped, checked, and plaid all at the same time. I was very careful to button every button and there were many. I was again say there was 18.

At that point, my friend Sue came to visit. She was wearing a maroon multi-colored coat similar to Fleur-de- Lis but, if not, the maroon was mixed in a design with yellow, red, and blue.  The coat had a hood and it came half way over her face from the left. The woman of the house came out and also put ona maroon coat exactly like Sues even to the hood that came half way over her face from the left. She began to imitate Sue and the posed like models and they both looked so happy. The woman of the house was a changed woman in Sue's presence. They were like identical twins.  

I then left and I saw the police go by. I don't know now why I went with them, but we went past the outside of a house - perhaps the one I had worked in. There was a piano there outside the house. One of the officers got down on his knees to look under the piano keyboard and pronounced that there was something wrong with it. I said that it looked like someone had sat on it.

11-12-97 - DREAM - (after unsuccessful meditation)  I was on 16th St. in my friend Janice's house at North Ave.  I wanted to meet a man from Waukesha but didn't want to tell my husband. I went outside, down to the corner of 16th and North and saw a sign on the door leading upstairs that it was a place where a metaphysical group met. I thought about telling my husband I was going to attend a meeting there at 7 p.m. next Tuesday, but I knew I couldn't lie about it because all he would have to do it call them up and find out if I was really there.

11-12-97 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere and was invited to come into the next room where three people sat - two men and a woman.  One of the men and the woman sat in the 1st row of chairs.  I was invited to sit with the blonde man in the 2nd row. He came close to me. I said, "I didn't come here for this," but he came closer and kissed me on the lips. When he did, all I see were stars.  * * * * * * *
                                                           * * * * * * *
                                                           * * * * * * *
                                                           * * * * * * *
                                                           * * * * * * *

11-14-97 - DREAM - I was in my car driving, but had my feet on the ground. I pushed the car backwards once and ended up going really far East.  I turned, pushed once more and went a little farther North.  I was astonished how far the car would go with one push.

I got out of the car and went into an old building where there was a museum diorama of people like the Hittites and Akkadians fighting. I was seeing the names of the ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian Gods listed as the fighting went on which was seeming more and more recent. My car outside was now a little red wagon and I had to take my baby home so put her in the wagon and heading south a couple blocks. I found myself in a sandy area.

There, I saw some dark helicopters land and as soon as they did, soldiers dressed in camaflage uniforms pulled the pins on hand grenades and jumped on board the choppers yelling at the top of their lungs in attack, threw the grenades inside and then ran like hell before the choppers blew up.  I knew I was in Iraq and we were at war.

11-14-97 - DREAM - I was in a building like a school, but smaller. I had many of my own things on display for people to look at. Then I noticed that an "old" woman was looking at my music which was on my piano. I hadn't intended for the music to be displayed and I was afraid she was going to pick it up and take it with her. So, I ran over and grabbed it quick and took it into the back room.

C.L. appeared there, dressed in a red, white, and blue outfit with a huge bow of the same color in her hair. She said, "People are individuals, some people wear million dollars worth of underwear like me, other people don't care what they wear."

11-15-97 - DREAM - I was in a huge apartment building. There was a tall, dark haired woman there with me. We were both wearing nightgowns. Mine was light blue. We were hearing some beautiful music. She asked me to go outside and listen to it. I said, "Okay" and put on my green and white striped robe. For some reason, to get where she wanted to go by the loading dock, I had to go around a high hill, down the hill, and through an elevator. I got down the hill all right, but when I got to the other side of the building and got to the elevator, two women got off the elevator. I couldn't get on it because there was a man working inside of it. There was 7 steps up to another level so I followed the two women up the stairs and went down a long hallway to the right.

I found myself eventually on the other side of the street in a computer lab-type room. I downloaded a beautiful sky blue background off a web page and some text files and sent them to my own computer across the street.

I was hearing some opera music outside and the singer hit a high crescendo note. I heard sirens coming and ran to the front window. The cops and the fire department both had come because someone had thought the singing was a warning siren of some kind. I laughed and decided to lock the front door.  I discovered that the lock didn't work, nor was there a doorknob, so I didn't feel safe there.  I decided to go home and woke up.

NOTE;  A few minutes later, I was thinking about the dream and saw a black screen come up in front of me and the dream voice said, "Do you want to see the dream again in black?"  "The Fat Lady Has Sung"!

11-16-97 - DREAM - I was given the job to create a series of patches to use to patch up leaks in rectangular boxes. The patches were irregular boxes. The patches were irregular in shape but always on an upward and rightward slant. More than one could be used if necessary. I had to create these patches individually because a patch created for one spot could not be used in another. I finished that project, then saw the rectangle that had to be patched. It was so full of holes that the entire bottom had to be covered by patches.  

11-16-97 - DREAM - I was shown a design that was to be used in the corner of a project. It could be used in different kinds of projects. It was more of a visual do it's job rather than to cover something. In some case, like on stationary or on a quilt, the design might be used in all 4 corners and turned according to fit the shape of the object it was used on.  

11-16-97 - DREAM - I was promoted at work and given the job as manager of an "energy" department. By the time I figured out what my job was exactly, people were coming from all other departments and asking me to send out brochures to people to get customers for them. One of my other projects was to create stationary and quilts with the design created in the previous dream.

11-16-97 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and was counseling a woman who had a new baby and there was something wrong with it. While speaking to her, I tried to show her empathy by telling her that I hadn't been able to see my baby since it was born two weeks earlier and tears filled my eyes like it was real. In my mind, I was wondering if people would believe I had given birth to a baby even though my stomach had never been THAT large recently.

The entire inside of the house was full of snow and ice about 10" deep and my job was to preserve this state until I was told different.

There was a 50 gallon bucket of ice cubes in the closet and I filled the bucket with water. I brought it out into the room and then spilled the whole thing. The sun was shining so brightly in the room, I could see the snow was melting.  I wondered if I had a shovel and went looking for one. When I found a shovel I went outside where there was also about 10" of snow.

I could see lots of ruts from driving through the snow. I had time to spare so I started to shovel but wan't making much progress because there was also ice on top of the snow. I decided to go down the driveway to the road and start on  one end and thus make at least a small effort so they could park cars on the pavement.

The road was solid thick ice and shoveling was impossible. I made very little headway.

Two people came along, walking along the road on the slippery ice...a man and a woman.

The man asked me if I might know where the intersection was of the rivers where Spruce and Pine met. He pointed West and I agreed that was the direction to go.

11-17-97 - DREAM - I was getting ready for bed and I turned on the light in the livingroom. However, my daughter was there. We hugged and I went into the bedroom and closed the door. I looked over at the bed and there was a man on my bed. I got scared because I didn't know who it was. I flipped the covers and yanked on the covers but he didn't wake up. So, I yanked him by the hair and dragged him by the hair and he still didn't wake up. I didn't recognize his face. He had short curly dark hair. I didn't know what to do, but I couldn't get into bed with him. I picked up my clothes to sort them and found my blue coat and a skirt wrapped together. I moved it and a bee flew out.

All of a sudden, I saw words in a notebook like I'm writing now. It was handwritten. "To the Most Beloved Girl of My Dreams, I am Here to Help You."

11-17-97 - DREAM - I lived in a big old house. It was in Milwaukee I think but not sure, on the south side of the city.

My son Tom and his wife Becky came to visit. I was helping Tom do something that Becky didn't like and then he helped me. I had some bookcases and was rearranging the books and put all the Bibles and religious books on the bottom shelves. Some of them were very old but I considered the knowledge valuable. While I was doing this, Becky went into my bedroom alone which was a huge room.

She and Tom left then and I went to the bedroom to sort clothes I was going to do laundry. I also went out into the livingroom and found 8 pair of socks under the chair cushion. There was a young man there. (I don't know who) I said, "It's no wonder the kids never have any socks to wear because I also started finding lost socks too that I knew I'd be able to match up with other unmatched socks.

I then went back in the bedroom and looked at the bed. Becky had placed marbles on my bed like amulets all over my bed at measured intervals and also around the bed at measured intervals. I then noticed there were little wooden disks and wooden triangles placed in other configurations on the floor apparently as a gesture of warding off what she considered evil. So, I went about picking up the marbles, disks, and triangles and any other object that she might have used against me so it couldn't be done again.

I heard the doorbell ring and went to the door. It was a young couple I had seen before. They needed directions to find Dundee Ave. which I knew ran southeast on a slant from near where I lived. They had come to ask for help because I had helped them once before and they knew I knew how to get to Dundee Ave.

I considered their 2nd request to be an imposition because they should have learned from the 1st time. When they left, the woman went out to the street, but the man hung out by the door trying to think of excuses to look up other places to go to.

I wasn't alone in the house, because I could hear snoring from an upstairs apartment, but I knew that a sleeping man would be no help to me. I tried to lock the screen door but the lock was a little flimsy turn thing and he got the door open again against my will. I said, "I'd appreciate it if you'd go elsewhere to ask for directions in the future.""  Feeling a little ominous at this point, I pushed him back with the screen door, the quickly locked it.

Now, he pulled something sharp like a knife out of his pocket and made a horizontal slit in the screen and shoved in a dark book I didn't want.

At that same moment, a dark haired woman came to the door who also lived in my building and she had 7 or 8 old white haired ladies with her. I couldn't let them stand outside with the menacing man so I had to unlock the screen door and let them in.  So, I unlocked the door pushing the man back once more, letting the woman in. I told them to call 911 and at the same time saw another old lady trimming the bushes in the yard and I couldn't let her out there alone either.

One old lady had a cell phone and called 911 and I went outside to protect the other old lady from the man who was now brandishing a visible knife. The old woman had a pair of big shears in her hand but didn't notice the dangerous man.

I heard the siren coming now and dark black cars started coming into the yard first and dark men dressed in black all brandishing knives at me came to help the younger man.  I'd say there were 8 or 10 of them.

I saw the police car which was black and white, but one policeman couldn't contain 10 men with knives so I ended up knocking the young man over myself at which point the other men stopped coming towards me too.  At that point I woke up.

11-17-97 - DREAM - I was inside my house and I went to the first door on which hung my personal symbol on a string. It was two triangles, points facing left, intertwined with a candle standing up on the lower edge and going up through them.

They were hanging on an 18" string which made them too low to see properly.  

I looked into a mirror then to see my face. It was cartoonish and clownish. The face was too low to see my mouth.

I then went out to get into my car. It was black. At first I was not driving it. I sat in the back seat and a man drove it. After going a ways, I wanted to turn right, but there was a high wall on the right and we couldn't see that way.  Cross traffic from that direction was coming from that way too fast to make the turn safely.  

We stopped at that point and I saw some things on the highway next to the car which belonged to me that had fallen out the last time I had been through this way.. I asked the driver to pick up the window wiper which actually looked like a shoe horn. There were three other little black boxes but I didn't ask for those.

We went a couple more blocks straight ahead and I again asked to turn right. When we did, we had to go over some huge rocks. At that point I had to get out of the car and there was an old-old man there calling his hotel for messages. He told the operator his phone number was 000-000-0000.  When the operator answered, he had to give his password. It was 377-7777.  He explained to the other two men with him, "I could never remember my phone number when I traveled so they gave me this number instead.

I decided to continue driving at this point, but I was outside the car - alone. The driver had stayed behind with the old-old man and his companions.

The car, as it went farther along, got farther and farther away from me. I found that i was also at a fixed point with the old-old man.  I had to drive with one finger on the wheel tracking some red stuff that looked like fish food flakes.

My driving got more and more erratic as the car got farther away from me. I made a couple really bad left turns across traffic which I had to correct quickly.  Finally, I lost control completely.  The car turned right and I lost sight of it. It had gone too far right to see from my perspective o the corner with the old-old man.

I woke up and could only remember the dream if I faced right, the way I had been sleeping.  If I rolled over, face up or left, the dream was instantly gone out of my head. When I rolled back to the right, it came back in clearly. I experimented with that three times.  I was astonished at the experience.

11-18-97 - DREAM - I was pulled into the dream state from an outside source.  I'm not sure how that happened.

The dream took place at a huge apartment complex. The main character was my friend Michele. I caught someone named Caroline listening at her apartment door twice and I had to take Michele aside and tell her.  I was then shown a puzzle called the Purple S and saw the bottom line word  WHISTLE. The S was a purple tube like thing standing up.

11-19-97 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. working with some people down the street. I planted a large garden. This was the middle of summer and it needed watering. I went to turn on the water and there was none. I went into a building where the house was and there were some black and white valves way up high on the wall like in the 2nd story level. I heard a girl say that the 12th lead valve could be unlocked by rebending the #5 key into a #7 key.  She didn't know I heard her. I went  to open the water valve and saw that someone had flung a large amount of dirt way high up o the wall. So, I needed to wash the dirt off the white wall before I watered the garden.

I opened the valve and turned on the water, but when the water came out of the hose, it didn't immediately fall, it was held up on the second level by a filmy gauze mesh that held the water up and wouldn't let it go down to earth.  The hidden veil was holding it up.

Suddenly, it let loose all at once and caused a huge deluge.  It went down and hit the earth all at once. All the after went into the street and filled it up about 7" deep. There was no way to cross the street because it was so deep.

I felt very guilty for causing the deluge, but the girl said I had no way of knowing the hidden veil was there.

I then went back down the street to a place where people were gathering. A girl came in whom I knew well. Her name was Audrey. We were asked to sing a duet together. I said she could sing the melody and I'd sing the harmony. She said that was fine with her. She brought out a huge book and opened it to a page that had a song named LAURA on the left which was all melody and no harmony and another one with the harmony printed on the page on the right.

She insisted on singing LAURA that had no harmony. The longer we looked at it the less music it had and finally it had nothing but a picture of shoes on it and girl left in a huff.

11-20-97 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a web page design for an index page.  You will see that someday when I figure out how to do it.

11-20-97 - DREAM - I was living somewhere like in an apartment complex and got into an argument with my ex-husband about who had cleaned the house he was living in. I KNEW I had done it, he insisted that was why he was moving his new girlfriend into my sister's house.

But, that's where I lived and when I went there, the beds were all taken by my kids, my sister and my ex-husband's new girlfriend and I had to lay on the floor in the aisle with just my head on the bed.

I went down the hall to play a pin ball game I could hold in my hands. I sat so I was at the top and the balls came towards me and the controller was on the right. But there were also holes along the top where I could insert new balls.  Unfortunately, some of the balls were bumpy and some of the spaces were too small for some of the larger, lumpier balls. My ex-husband saw me playing and I was tilting the board and he told me I couldn't play that way...but I was determined to play the game MY way.

11-20-97 - VISION - The following visions were in animated photos in a magazine.  I was sitting on the bed reading at the foot of the bed, and Joe was sitting reading a book at the head of the bed.

The value of money was shown to be going to go down. In a wrestling match, the purple won over the green pants man. In a boxing match, the white pants guy beat the black pants guy.

I was invited to go swimming and when I went the man attacked me and tried to attack me.

I was watching all these photos in a magazine and I told Joe to pay attention and he'd always look too late.

11-21-97 - I saw a map of the Middle East which included Africa and India. The oceans were blue like in a National Geographic or Atlas map.  But under the map were the words, "DO YOU CARE?"

I was lucid and could ask questions about the area like, "WILL THERE BE PEACE?" The answer came back, "Yes!" I asked, "WILL THERE BE WAR?" The answer came back, "Yes!"

In a second dream, I saw the same map. This time there were boxes on the map with words and questions:  E-MAIL?, WHAT?, WHO?  BOY?, MIND? And others I can't remember.

11-21-97 - (NOTE:  I have reason to believe that the following dream started on board a large spaceship). I was in an office type place. I was standing by a counter where there was an alcove where several other people were sitting. We were all waiting to go home. I leaned on the counter and told the others that I felt good about the day as I had given two lectures that went well.

I woke up then from the alarm clock, had coffee with Joe, feeling like I was in a very heavy stupor.  I went back to sleep quickly and had the 2nd map dream. Joe came back in the room, kissed me good by and left for work, and I went right back to sleep.

That was followed by another dream with the same people in it, but in a different location.  The same two women who were in the alcove in the 1st dream introduced me to their "grandmother". She was really short and had obvious fake false teeth. The grandmother said, 'It's good to see that you got safely back from New York."  (That made no sense until I spoke to someone else several days later.)

From there I went down the hall to find some old file cabinets where I had some slacks stored because I discovered I didn't have any pants on. (I was sleeping with my nightgown hiked up to my waist)  I couldn't find the right cabinets. one of the people I ran into knew where they were.

I had trouble finding a stairway or elevator. There were none. There were indications there might be those things, but all I found were tubes of rubber hanging from the ceiling in one place and a deep hole down to the next level in the other.

I blanked out for a long time before I woke up again.

11-22-97 - DREAM  I was shown a computer screen with Indian type wide feathers upright which was the first language.

I was shown similar Indian type feathers with hieroglyphs on them. These were all in color. This was the 2nd language. There were twice as many of them.

I was at my New Berlin house with my neighbor lady friends. I told them I was moving the next day back to my 2621 N 16th St. house. I hadn't seen it yet to see if the interim people had destroyed the interior.

My neighbor's husband was in the siding business. She was showing me example of homes her husband had sided. I told her that my house was Victorian while the examples were Colonial.

I was then at the 2625 N 16th St. house across the street from my 2621 N 16th St. house. I still had not been inside the house. I was talking to my neighbor there, wondering if the interim people had destroyed the interior.

I told them finally that I had to go and as I went out the front door, my husband gave me two small keys. He said that he had convinced the people to give him the keys to the storage rooms a day early. I asked him where the storage rooms were, while visualizing the workshop and the wine cellar I remembered.

We walked across the street and were at 588 N 16th St. We walked in the door and I saw how beautiful it was. I had been in this beautiful house many times before. I said, "This is my favorite house, but it is not MY house."

So, we went back outside and got on a three section cart to go to the 2621 house. The cart was very strange and I had to ride on it like in back of a 2 seater motorcycle except it had 4 wheels but was in 3 sections so one had to hold the sections together while riding on it. It was very difficult to do.

11-22-97 - DREAM - I saw a small cloud in the sky with a white tornado in it.

I and my husband had just moved into a house on the 2nd floor. Our front stairway was next to the front door of the people downstairs. They were having a big party and the woman there were hanging their fur coats on hangars on our front stairway. I wanted to get dressed but couldn't close the door. A whole bunch of black belts la coiled on the steps in the way. I picked them up, then went upstairs. I told my husband that we would never again be so accommodating to the woman downstairs. He agreed and said she was moving out. I think the woman was my Aunt Ruth.

I was trying to get dressed to go to the store with my family. My clock said quarter past 9, but I went past one that he was going by that said quarter past 11.  All of a sudden they left without me. I wasn't ready. I walked around the house in amazement because there were TV sets everywhere and each one had a picture of a scene taken by a live camera. I thought to myself, I must be living in the Manager's apartment, therefore I must be the Manager.

I saw on the floor, a lot of old cards, letters, and things I had to sort through and put away.

A woman came by and dumped a large box of books by my feet. I thought at first they were good books, then I saw they were all children's stories and comic books and there were many duplicates, none of which were worth keeping.

11-22-97 - DREAM - I was in a long black car similar to a limousine (I think it was a hearse)  The man looked like Charles Kurault. I was getting distressed because we were driving along a narrow lane next to a large body of water, either a river or an ocean. There were two roads here, an upper road which we were on and a lower road right along the cliff that overlooked the body of water.  I wanted to be sure to be on the upper road. I couldn't figure out how he could drive backwards. Then I saw there was a man's body laying next to him. I couldn't tell if he was alive or dead.  

A veil moved that was behind Charles Kurault and I saw that the weatherman ________ from Good Morning America was actually driving this car, but he too was driving backwards while looking into a TV screen. He had a hug happy grin on his face.  I felt very ill at ease still.

NOTE:  During the week after the start of the New Year of 1998, Michael Kennedy and Sonny Bono were both killed in skiing accidents by slamming into trees.  I don't know if it fits. Everyone is waiting for the third death to occur.

11-23-97 -  I dreamed there were pillows and rakes in the livingroom. I asked each child to bring me one so it was clean.

In the office, which was in the back, we were all complaining about having too much paperwork, and it took up valuable time.

11-23-97 - VISION - I saw the web page and was told that they should be circle linked in boxes.

I saw THE VALUE OF DREAMS and heard the voice say, "This is the film studio's birthmark".

11-24-97 - NOTE: - Early in the evening, in the car, I suddenly had a hard time breathing for a couple seconds and a sharp pain under my left arm. I thought I was having a heart attack. It went away instantly but then I was panicky and nervous and couldn't eat. I had to go to the toilet 5 times and I thought that was because of my nerves since I've experienced that before.  We went to bed about 8:30 p.m.  I was still feeling nervous and a little anxious so didn't even take off my clothes, but put a robe on over them. I was feeling chills from time to time alternating with hot spells so attributed the whole thing to a bad hot flash episode which has happened before.

After I was in bed awhile, I was awake but with my eyes closed, I could somewhat see and hear some ETs talking to me, but didn't actually see them.  They were from Mars or Mercury. I think Mars, but not positive. I was having shortness of breath like a pressure was on my chest - no pain, just felt like a body on top of me.

Suddenly, I felt a penis between my legs and I jerked and it missed getting inside of me. I continued to feel the pressure a few more minutes then it went away.

DREAM:  I felt asleep and had a dream about being by a river or a lake and at each dock a supply of canned white soda was supposed to be stacked for emergency use but the cans were leaking or something and a truck came by making exchanges with the people with bottles of white soda instead.

At the last place where a lady named Mary Ann lived, I went over to help make the exchange and she had a big plastic container that made a strawberry drink. I asked her if I could taste that. She brought out 2 very small aperitif type glasses and she served the red liquor to me. I woke up before she gave it to me.

Somewhere in that dream, I don't know if it was before or after the soda, I watched a stage play where people were supposed to come out and make announcements about the economic situation the country, a big fat man they chose had to introduce two aliens who wanted the people to see they were there.  They were quite tall and had coneheads. The man was so nervous, he couldn't say the word conehead.

11-24-97 - DREAM - I was going into a school, but outside the door, an investigation was going on about a murder. The witness to the clues told the officials that the main clue was found by the 3rd bush over. I saw a series of bushes going back from the street. The clue was a handful of blue and white snot.

I went inside the building where there were mothers and children. Most of the children were neglected or wearing inappropriate or wearing mis-sized clothes. One mother was so neglectful, I helped her child to get clean and appropriate clothes.

There was a meeting in the Big bosses office and he delayed it because he was taking a shower.

I wanted to get dressed and go home and get something to eat, but had to wait until the big boss was done with his shower. I finished with the child and left the building to go home.

NOTE: After I woke up, I laid there remembering the dream, I heard a large explosion. The voice said, "The people of Savannah, Georgia have to get out of there."

As I was thinking about that, I slipped back into the previous dream where I was outside the building. Again, the woman said,"The clue is in front of the 3rd bush over, it's handful of blue and white snot. I then pulled some snot out of my own right nostril to look at it. It was white with blue globs in it. President Clinton's voice then said, "He will not finish out his term. He's in his first year."

11-25-97 - DREAM - Most of the night was about the Prophecy web page and making sure it was very easily located.

11-25-97 - DREAM - I was rehired on Jackson street. The woman who replaced me earlier was killed in a car accident, then they had a temporary person, then rehired me.  They wanted me to attend a class on measurement on Saturday. Some apartments were changed to make the livingroom larger and the kitchens smaller.

They had more foreign people who couldn't speak English. They were Russian. It seemed I was to be in charge of the high rise as well because the room number in some cases started with 5 like 508. That woman was Russian and came to the office to complain about something being wrong.

The room cards were double boxed in wood like my tarot cards and there were many more than I had before.

NOTE: A Russian Antonov 124 plane crashed into a 5 story apartment building on 12-6-97, in Irkutok, Siberia.

11-25-97 - VISION/VOICES- I heard a telephone ring once.  Then a bell rang. The message was "The Aeta and the Weca are the most important."   Then I saw a huge caldera where a meteorite struck and gouged out the earth. There were survivors as I saw a few people down inside the hole looking at it and examining it and throwing rocks.

NOTE:  Several meteorites came through our atmosphere the week of 12-9-97 while we were going through the tail of Hale Bopp.  One went through the midwest states and was seen throughout several states.  The other landed in Greenland but the weather was too bad to go look for it and and they knew they'd have to  wait until spring to investigate it.

11-25-97 - DREAM  I was at a house, cleaning up.  I went into the kitchen to bake bread. I was doing pretty well, but there were so many other things to do nearby that I even got the styrofoam from a gift of flowers in the batter and my long sleeve into the flour. I said to myself, "I'm trying to do too many things at once."

NOTE:  I entered the hospital that night with a seeming heart attack.  However it was not diagnosed as that and seemed to be more of a panic attack. These dreams following were under extra oxygen, aspirin, stomach medicine, and Nitroglycerine.

11-26-97 - VISION - I saw a large priest standing by my bed dressed in a black cassock with a white shirt.

I then saw what looked like a scene in older Rome bathed in sunshine. The people were dressed in old fashioned clothing.

I saw a scene where I was in a stadium. There were a couple people way up in the top seats, but the main people were sitting at a black rectangular table with a director sitting in front of them explaining to them what the next step would be in the activities to follow.

After I took the next medication I saw:  all in white stone:  A seed or egg divided into two. These two were male and female and each evolved separately, but side by side and the faces morphed as they developed and got closer to me. Each time they morphed, they kissed each other, then morphed into another couple and morphed again and kissed again, and morphed and kissed, etc.  It seemed to show a single egg (spirit) evolving through time and reincarnation, but always separate but together, coming together time after time through incarnations.

I saw a belt-like thing  divided into sections. The bottom section started moving off to the left,t hen the second row, then, the 3rd row, etc. Eventually, they were all moving left until by the end, I was trying to hang onto the last section.

I had many other scenes cartoonish of no particular story, just little faces and characters.

I saw a scene where there was a white building. On each side of the building were words printed in rainbow colors. The building spun slowly around to show me all 4 sides. (I had just watched One Life to Live). On side #1, I saw "ONE", side #2 had "LIFE", side #3 had the number "2", and I expected side four to have the word LIVE, but it wasn't there, so I asked the building to spin around gain to show me side four once more. Again I saw ONE, LIFE, 2 but there was no LIVE.

(I don't know what this means. I'm guessing it means Joe and Me (2) make ONE LIFE.

I was listening to the news on T..V. about Iraq and while they were talking, I was seeing hundreds of Iranians and Iranian war tanks, etc. in a parade, moving thru a city and cheering.

I again closed my eyes and saw a man on my right. He spread a map out in front of me. Here and there I could see bright orange stars. It seemed like clouds in the background, but they were clouds of stars. He said it was the galaxy. It just kept expanding and expanding and expanding and expanding.

A man sat on my right and a woman came and sat by my left side. A sign said, THIS IS YOUR MOTHER. It was Cary Loose.

A chemist  stood in front of me pouring some chemicals. He said, "I just turned pollution into water. "The bottle of water was green lime color and glowing.

I was with  two men who were betting on when eternity ended.  NOW or within 7 years. The bet was 90 cents. Then someone threw a ball into the air and it kept going until we couldn't see it anymore.

I saw the web files of Jeroen Pickard at PUFORI. They were opened up to me to add to. I said, "What is the point of writing my own stuff for you to publish. Then YOU get the credit.  I closed all the files.

I saw the huge green mountainous landscape and a shape like a boat rocking. I felt like this was Noah's Ark and they were showing me where it was. The scene was shifting over ....panning right. Then there was a long flat space with grass over it. That was the top of the ship covered over with thousands of years of soil and grass.  It continued panning right and there was a letter written there. I was able to scan the bottom words. It was signed, "Blessings! Rose McGregory - Christian Mystic."

11-26-97 - DREAM - I dreamed about sending e-mail to Joe with a list of web page urls on it, typed so that he could click on the blue letters and go right to it.

I dreamed that I needed or wanted a document called "The Canon" (Its in the Bible) I was going to xerox it and put it into a big black binder. I had to wait until Jesus Christ left before I did it. He was standing in the next room over though I couldn't see him.

11--27-97 - DREAM  - I was in the livingroom of my 16th St. house. M fish tank must have broken because there were many colorful little fish on the floor. There was a large oval white bowl on the coffee able with a smalls quake container within it. I picked up a white.plastic water pitcher and began to scoop the fish up The water on the floor was about 2 inches deep and in a perfect square, so the fish were fine. I scooped them off the floor and put them into the square container on the table. A couple missed and ended up in the white oval part, but that was okay.  There was water there too.

I got a phone call then from a female relative in California. I told her I was going to buy a pinkie ring for another female relative in California. I punched the order into the phone and asked for size 5. On the phone, the order was electronically processed. I could see the electronic lines and 0's and marks and so could she. When the order finally finished, it came up 0. The didn't have the size I wanted. While I as considering ordering a 6, my relative hung up. I started to blurt out, "I should tell you I just got out of the hospital today," but she was gone.

I was dreaming of viewing other people's posted reams. Many were positive. One section was called "Thought Skies" which were dreams of descriptions of beautiful skies.

VISIONS - I saw a black sky with clouds in it. On the right upper side was the number 2000.

I saw a large bookcase full of books. These books morphed into huge crystals, then telephones, then shoes. The bookcases turned around and now it was full of papers that had been written on and filed.

I was inside a small attic, with some storage things. A voice told me,"We told you you would be taken care of.You are getting what you are asking for."

VOICE: "Frosted orange juice takes 10 lbs. away from your heart."

11-28-97 - DREAM  On Friday night, we were supposed to move on Saturday and we had not yet started packing. I wanted everyone to help. We were on Jackson St. in an apartment on the 1st floor, but the back door and into the yard was from my 16th house. I wanted m husband to help and I went to the back door to cal him. I called his name , "Bill". I looked out the door. He looked like, "Tim" from my UFO group. He had two male friends with him, so I knew he would have to visit with them, so I asked my 3 sons to help instead.

I went down into he basement to do laundry. There I found 3 pair of green pants to be washed. I could tell there were things in the pockets. One pocket had sand in it, one pocket had a tarnished necklace chain in it and one pocket had a good necklace chain in it. I discussed the chains with my son Michael. He said it belonged to a girl he knew.

I went out to the Jefferson St. side of the building  door with my old boss Tom. He said he would pay me to put everyone's name into the computer and tell him which ones came back with the error code S18 so he could remove them from the list. (The tangent of 18 is 666)

I went then out the front door onto 16th St. to see what my children were doing. My baby toddler girl was playing on the front lawn. I was worried she would run into the street but the other kids said they would watcher.

I then went back down into the basement where I saw Richard Nixon and his wife Pat and a couple other people including a boy and a girl. I was wearing an orange "power suit"' like Pat Nixon and wearing high heeled shoes. She introduced me to the boy and the girl. I think the girls name was Clare. We just said stuff like , "Hello, How are you and things like that."

This meeting had something to do with Richard Nixon's death. In a passage room, I saw my daughter's pink clothing and took it with me. I went up to the 3rd floor then where  I was making arrangements for some other people to move. In one of the apartments, in a cabinet door, I could see there was a fire burning. I cold see right through the wood at the "flame"'. I was able to warn them of the fire and we all went out on the balcony through the French patio doors while the man chopped into the cabinet door to put out the flames. Then he cleared out the smoke and everyone was safe.

DREAM #2 - I anted to goo look at the new apartment and show it to two other woman who were with me. We headed for the apartment up the street in another building and I realized I didn't have the key.  I was carrying a bottle of beer which I thought was the key. I also had a yellow bag which I was carrying which morphed into my ex-husband Edward. He became too heavy to carry. I put him down on the sidewalk and asked him to walk by himself. I still had the yellow bag in my hand. He was naked so I handed him the yellow bag to cover his private parts with.

I looked at the building to  see if someone could let us in. All the apartments were dark except 301 where the nuns had lived. I rang the bell for 301 and a woman came to the door to let us in. At this point, I knew my master keys were in the office. In my hand now, instead of the beer bottle, I had a matchbook with one half broken "blue" head on it which was the apartment door key.

Another man came who had a "double key" which fit the side door. He had this key because he was the organist for the church which was on the 1st floor. I put the double key which was a key inserted into the end of another key and then into the lock which had a design on it like Fleur de Lis or something.  The door promptly opened and we all went upstairs to the 3rd floor to apartment #304 which was to be mine. I was told that "Sandy" had gone ahead of us to prepare the apartment. (Sandy was the C.D. secretary/seer who died in 1981)  

When we got to the kitchen, the refrigerator shelves were crooked and the shelves had gas jets in them. After some struggling with them and adjustments, I managed to get the grids aligned and lit the flames which were blue with the one blue broken match which the apartment door key.

11-29-97 - DREAM  - I saw a page called Dr. Doolittle and the background was like a red eagle's wing outline on a gray background.

I dreamed that my father was buying my old car back for me. It was a red and black convertible. At the same time I was supposed to rent two apartments, and get a job application at a store. I was skating around on a scooter outside enjoying myself.

NOTE: When I woke up, I felt SO good, I was flying with energy all day.  It was wonderful.

11-30-97 -  DREAM - I was in my 16th St. I was in the attic cleaning up some stuff a little girl had left on the stairs when she was making a project. Part of it was white powder from wall board. I had a jar which must have been double walled I was supposed to drink a lot of water but preferred milk. There wasn't enough water or milk to fill the jar so the outside was filled with milk, but if you looked down inside you could see only the water

Bob. the painter came to get paid or something but I wasn't ready and I told him I was cleaning up the attic. He decided to stir things up a bit for fun, so started wildly sweeping the powder so I'd have to gather it back together again.

At this point I heard of a contest where 3 boys in 6 barrels had to race across a circular   container which I watch in miniature. The prize was 6 gallons of milk. When the race was over 3 of the gallons of milk were missing and my sons had to go through the neighborhood to get together 3 more gallons of milk. (nobody had 3 gallons)

At this point, I went through a hallway where a Bononoco bird was talking. I said I wanted one like it.  I was handed a doll to talk with me when I went East on Wisconsin Ave. Her short red hair blew in the wind and the doll looked like Shirley McClaine. I knew I'd be embarrassed and have to explain having this doll in my pocket.

Then we saw a woman in the window of the 2nd story of a house across the west alleyway. She stood in a window and deliberately took off her bra so people could see her standing there naked. My 3 sons and I all saw her. My Father was laying on the livingroom floor and we asked him if he wanted a treat and if he did, he had to jump up fast. So he jumped up, ran thru the parlor and we all saw he was wearing a brilliant white T shirt. We knew he'd be seen watching but he didn't have time to put on another shirt. So I held up a dark grey work shirt in front of him so he cold see the naked woman too. (There was a word printed out next to her but I can't remember it) When I was behind my Father, and I was holding this grey shirt up, there was a 2" gap between the shirt and his neck where I could see 2 names printed on his T shirt. It was Alexander Swift Brooks and Jesse Brown.