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Over a period of years, Joe had many coincidences involving dreams, crop circle patterns, and other strange happenings occuring around the number "11:11", which has close relation to Rev. 11:11. The experiences seem to give insights into the meaning. The following article recounts many of the experiences. ---------

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Humanity's Leap To The Heart Chakra

By Joe Mason

"Dear Friends

I had an interesting dream this morning - saw two suns in the east. One was dancing about in a regular pattern. It wasn't bright sunlight, it was as a bright white disk as if through light cloud.

Anyone any similar visions?


David P. "

Dear David,

Wow! Talk about your coincidences! As you know, I just contacted you yesterday concerning information on your Hammerwood Park web site, as reguarding Vulcan, and his possible relationship to the alchemical symbolism of the Barbury Castle crop formation and Nostradamus C4, Q28-33.

Several days ago, I wrote, and then posted an essay, in which I spoke of the symbolism of two suns. I did not explain why I put it that way. I will explain it here, and then send the essay in two parts.

In "Black Elk Speaks," he tells why shamen circle to the left. You are born is the South, where the sun always shines. Then you travel West, where the sun sets. You then travel North, where the white hairs live. Then, you face East, where the sun dawns, and the Day Break Star shines. Finally, you return to the South, and are returned to the earth. The more you think about this, the more sense it makes.

My dream-coincidence path led me to speculate about the symbolism of the film, "2001:Space Odyssey." It begins with a solar eclipse (see essay), showing the Diamond Ring. (marriage of Heaven and Earth). An unknown intelligence, the obelisk, helps the ape use tools, setting the evolution of man in motion. The intelligence departs, and waits until the apes develop the intelligence to reach the moon, and find the obelisk that was left there long ago. When it is uncovered, it sends out a signal to space, and the Odyssey begins. Dave Wilcock informed me that in the original book, the destination was Saturn, rather than Jupiter, which is very interesting concerning the Companion to the Hale-Bopp comet.

The astronauts in hibernation are killed first. (those asleep when the Great Change happens). Dave (which means Love) is the lone suvivor. (the final spiritual journey must be done alone). HAL is taken from IBM (I B(e), (I) (aM), being one letter shifted. He symbolizes the gestalt of the rational mind, an artificial intelligence with no Heart, the collective selves disconnected. He is programed to complete the mission, even if all the humans must be killed. Dave goes to the Heart of the Ship (body-vehan, vehicle), and disables HAL. HAL breaks down, and starts to remember (awaken from self-imposed amnesia) his childhood (origin), singing, "Daisy, daisy, . . . on a bicycle built for two."

The bicycle has appeared as a crop formation, and other patterns are similar. I believe this concerns the duality of creation, and within ourselves.

The six-petal daisy came to me through dreams, as it is made up from interlocking circles in a ring. It has appeared many times in various forms as a crop formation. In my case, it also represented a closed aperture, like that on a camera. The north sun symbol in the Barbury Castle formation was similar. My dream-coincidences indicated that it would open, letting in the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day of Creation (we are not Man yet). It is the Lost Pleiad of the Pleiades, and the Angel that rises from the Dawning Sun in Revelation 7, to mark the foreheads. (those who have stayed awake).

The Hopi depict a 12-petal sun flower in their Creation myth of Spider Grandmother. She teaches us how "to weave" after the fourth step (Heart chakra), and emergence into the Sunlight. Tantra, in Sanskrit means, "to weave." The Lotus of the Heart has 12 petals, and I believe it is related to the New Jerusalem.

This year, a six-petal pattern appeared with smaller circles around the major one, which produced a Star Of David in the center. A strong clue, as I see it, of the apature opening, and the leap to the Heart Chakra by humanity en mass.

You can find information about the six-petal symbol at:

Dave is transformed into a baby (re: Rev. 12) in a bubble, heading back to earth. A new cycle of evolution is about to begin.

When I saw the sequel, "2010," I was a bit disappointed, until I woke up to the symbolism of the two Suns at the end. The Sun and the Day Break Star, Venus, correspond to Adam and Eve, in my dream interpretations. We were created with a much larger male/rational/left-brain aspect. We only have a rib-sized portion of the female/intuitive/dreaming/right-brain aspect. As we awake from our dreams in the morning, and things "dawn" on us, the two lights are up there in the sky (at times). As the sun rises, the Morning star fades into invisibility overpowered by the sun, that is, our feminine side has even less function in daytime.

The symbolic meaning of two Suns becomes clear. Our Venus aspect will grow to match the Sun aspect. This is symbolized in a number of other ways in the crop formations, and in dreams. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said in saying 22, that one must make the male and female into a single one, in order to enter the Father's domain. The most clear crop pattern that had this symbolism had the female sign of Venus joined together with the male sign of Mars.

Your statement, "as a bright white disk as if through light cloud," is VERY significant. There was a dream reported in The Dream Network Journal
last year (95), that had a cloud appear in the doorway. The dreamer had just picked up a baby girl outside the door, who had a sash saying, "Holy Spirit."

In Kabalistic terms, the Cloud is called The Shekinah, and indicates The Divine Presence. (such as the Cloud that appeared to Moses). The following is quoted from "The Book Of Knowledge:The Keys Of Enoch," pages V and VI:

"Beyond the circuitries of our body and mind, we enter the higher dimensions of thought- form creativity and operate as One with the Eternal Mind of the I AM. For this reason, the Keys are to be experienced simultaneously on all seven levels of form and Divine Form - from the subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, musical, paraphysical and the superluminal aspects of the revealing nature of the Shekinah. The Shekinah (Divine) Presence, the feminine aspects of the Godhead, exists in all creative orderings of all dimensions, and is the Power through which we are respatialized to partake of the 'virgin birth' of our embyro godself. This is the 'Age of the Holy Spirit' - where the Bride and Creator become one, creating a new peoplehood of trinitized powers who are the 'bearers' of the higher Christed seed unfolding life anew by virtue of this greater union that is without dualistic separation."

This material came through Dr. James J. Hurtak, when he was visited in 1973 by the Light Being, Enoch.

You can also find information about the Shekinah from a Mormon perspective at:

In my view, the Shekinah is the Woman With Child in Revelation 12, wearing a crown of 12 stars, and clothed by the sun, with the moon under her feet. Other Goddess Mother figures may also represent Her, such as, The Divine Sophia, Isis, Ishtar, Sakti, and Coatlicue (Serpent Skirt-Mother Earth) in the Aztec myth, who is impregnated by feathers from Heaven.

And, the image called, "Our Lady of Guadalupe," that appeared on the cloak of an Aztec Indian in 1531, during an aparation of the Virgin Mary, seems to be one and the same. It is the only depiction of the Virgin, showing her pregnant, and she has a sunburst around her, with a crescent moon under her feet.

On December 12, I found a place on America Online that made a connection with my dream material. There is a special section devoted to the Art Bell radio show. One part is a chat room. The other section is called "Parascope," which has a part were people post messages. One of the folders listed was titled, "11:11."

If you have America Online, you can find it by clicking on "Keyword," and typing in "Art Bell." When the window appears, click on "Parascope." On that screen click on "Message Boards." A list of folders will be listed. Choose "Enigma." You will find the "11:11" folder there.

I was expecting most of it to be about Solara's Doorway material, but there were just a few that mentioned it. Almost all of the postings were about the coincidence of seeing 11:11 or something similar very often. Many were asking what it meant. Solara had predicted that people would start seeing 11:11 often, such as on digital clocks. This file provides strong evidence that she was on the mark.

On December 24, I wrote a message with an account of my extensive experience that lead to Revelation 11:11, and posted it in five parts in the America Online "11:11" folder.

I am pasting a few examples of the 11:11 postings below:

Subj: 11:11 Date: 96-12-10 01:42:17 EST I too have been recognizing, or at least contemplating a connection to the number 11. I find it iteresting that 9 times out of 10, when I look at a clock, it reads a double digit. I thought that maybe it was because I had an 11 minute attention span or something. I spoke with a friend about it and she said it was interesting because my name, Christopher, works out to 11 in numerology. And, as a coincidence and totally before I found this board, I choose 11 or 1111 as the suffix of all of my AOL screen names. Maybe its a coincidence, I mean the chances of seeing a double digit on a clock is pretty good compared to other things, but it is just something that I thought was a personal observation until I found this board.. Also It is interesting that Newton found that if you multiplied all of the measurements in the great pyramid by 1.0011 you will get mostly whole numbers. Coincidence? I wonder.

Subj: Re:11.11 Date: 96-08-24 20:29:12 EST I can't believe i'm reading this. i've experienced 11:11 too for at least five years. but, having grown up on twilight zone, i thought maybe it was going to be the time of my death. so when i see it i get uncomfortable. i can't believe other people are talking about this. i think i've only mentioned it once to a friend a few years ago......

Subj: ATT: Study of 11:11-READ Date: 96-06-25 16:25:08 EST My name is Chris Roth, I have experienced the 11:11 phenomenom, and am conducting a study on the subject. I would appreciate it if anyone who has experienced this send their adress to this account, so I may send them a survey to be filled out and mailed back to me for my study. I'm looking for a common thread in 11:11 experiences. My results will be posted here in the near future. Tell all other "11:11 people" to do the same. This project is called "ROTHLINK"

Subj: Heads Up 11:11 Date: 96-08-02 19:35:27 EST What a shock. I've been getting 11:11 for years now and it has driven me nuts trying to figure out what it means. Solanara, numerology, nothing "felt" right, but I know it's important. Something tells me to look at the clock and it's 11:11. Or I wake up at 11:11. Or I go to a store and the clerk asks me for $11.11. I been sitting quietly with a receptive mind until the clock rolls over to 11:12, thinking maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Hell, I know someone is trying to tell me something, but I'm not getting it. Frustrating. One night I woke up at 11:11 and laid there quietly, receptively, looking at the clock, waiting for it to roll over to the next number. When it rolled over, it rolled over to 11:34. Very smoothly. Just lost totally what...22 minutes? Baffling. Just yesterday, I got online and was looking around, and came across this! Blows me away. I've only met one other person who had experienced this. Wonderful to find all you guys! I'll mark this as one of my favorite places. Don't know my E-Mail address. Can anyone tell me how to find out what it is? Just post a replay -- I'll get it. Thanks.

Subj: RE: 11:11 as "liner time" Date: 96-07-02 16:07:54 EST Many years ago as a partying young adult, my friends and I would seemingly always find the digital clocks to either say 11:11 or 1:11, unfortunatly, in my then unlightened mind, we interpreted it to mean "liner time" or in other words, take another "line" of cocaine. Thank Spirit we grew out of those days but maybe someone was trying to tell us something postive , like wake up to reality and remember your mission !!

Subj: Re:"11:11" Date: 96-05-23 22:19:13 EST My wife and I have encountered 11's in various forms for eight years. Our first encounter was a barage of 11's over a period of two hours. This was closely followed by the channeling of a still unpublished book that we witnessed over a period of weeks. The book revealed much information that is now coming to brighter light in the form of electronic and print media aka Art Bell and this forum. There are no coincidences, merely portals. 11's are an accepted part of our lives now. Plus many more things we have learned since those first two hours. I may also be reached at This is all about relationships. Balance is the key.

Subj: Re:"11:11" Date: 96-04-19 04:35:14 EST Here is a message I received today pertaining to 11:11. I make no claims as to the accuracy of this statement. In fact, I find it wacky, but someone obviously wanted me to post it... "I don't know how valid this is but you can pass around if you want: But, please leave my name out of it: On Dec 15th, 1995 in the Dayton, OH house of a Ret AF LtCol and his wife there appeared 11:11 on three of their digital clocks. All the other clocks in the house read the proper time: There was no indication of a power outage etc or any other possible explanation. If one takes the 11:11 as a BINARY number with ":" counted as a "0" then one has 11011= 27: We interpreted this "27" as 27 months and then counting from Dec 15th we arrived at March 15th, 1998: Or the early Spring of 1998. This is supposedly the predicted time period for "our" great "disaster" on the West Coast etc ? We are being told that the ETs will bring extra personnel and equipment in order to rescue this situation: If this sounds "Far Out" Iam only passing this rescue this situation: If this sounds "Far Out" Iam only passing this along ! But, also remember that this appeared on three clocks or three clues to solve any one puzzle: Like in the game "King's Table" where it takes three pieces for capture unlike chess where it only takes two: Pretty subtle I believe." Pretty weird, I believe... but you asked...

Subj: Re:11:11 Date: 96-05-08 00:48:28 EST Just discovered Parascope and ran into this folder 11:11 I am stunned! I have been experiencing 11:11 for several years (4 of 5) and it really bothers me. Why the significance of 11:11? I am skeptical about all paranormal phenomena but am open minded until something concrete hits me on the head I will then, believe. This 11:11 is really an odd phenomena. I sense loss or death associated with it or it could be my interpretation of an unusual, odd occurance. I don't know. I feel I'am too "grounded" to feel these kinds of experences yet I cannot deny 11:11 seems important. Thanks for listening. Ron


Subj: "11:11" Doorway? Date: 96-12-22 12:01:23 EST When my mother was alive, she always told me about her experiences with the 11:11 phenomenon. Although I tried, it never happened for me. However, once she passed away, I began to see 11 11 everywhere - on the clock, in addressess, phone numbers, bills, etc. I simply thought it was Mom letting me know she was "with" me. I never knew others had the same experiences with this number until I found this message board. Perhaps it is a type of "doorway" enabling us to "communicate" with others who have previously experienced it. Perhaps it is just "wishful thinking" on my part. Eitherway, I cannot explain the numerous occasions this number enters my life.


After I read the "11:11" posts, I posted my account in five parts:


Believe me, IT IS IMPORTANT.

11:11 And The 1999 Solar Eclipse

I first read of the solar eclispe on page 111 of "Millennium Prophecies," by A.T. Mann. It will be on August 11, 1999, over the area of England where most of the crop circle formations have been appearing. The planets will be aligned in a Grand Cross at that time, pointing to Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These are the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. (lion, bull, eagle, and man). Scorpio was at one time an eagle. These zodiac constellations marked the solstices and equinoxes in the Age of Taurus.

Articles in the crop circle journals started to mention it. One of them said that it willl start at 11:11 a. m. EXACTLY. (his emphesis, not mine). He pointed out that important crop formations have appeared on August 11, starting with the Mandelbrot Set formation in 1991. Exactly a year prior, a letter appeared in a journal asking when the Mandelbrot would appear as a crop formation. The great Spider Web formation appeared next to Avbury in two parts, they say, on Aug. 10/11, 1994. Some think it is related to the Hopi Indian creation myth of Spider Grandmother.

There was also an article of a very strange story from years ago in America, where rings appeared 28 years apart at the site of a murder on Aug. 11 each time. (I think it was three times) And, the suspects died on the same days.

The article in the crop circle journal also mentioned the "11:11 Doorway" taught by Solara to open in the Belt Of Orion. You can find some of her material at:

The latest great event on Aug. 11, this year, was the video taping of a crop pattern forming as two spheres of light flew around at Oliver's Castle. It was named, "The Snowflake" pattern. There is a sight where you can download the video:

I had a very long dream-coincidence experience with the "11:11" concept. Some of it is quite incredible:

Unlike Solara, in my case it is about Revelation 11:11, where the two olive trees/lampstands/prophets stand up after 3 and 1/2 days of being dead, and a great fear falls on those who see them. It is the mid-point of the seven chakras, and means that humanity will make a leap to the Heart chakra, en mass. In the Egyptian depictions, it is the swallower beast's snout cutting across the pole that supports the balance beam, positioned between the 3rd and 4th nodules of the seven, as is the top of the judgment seat, where Thoth is sitting in the form of a baboon. The swallower is the beast that goes to perdition in Rev. 17:11. It means that karma will end, or be negated in the new cycle, when everyone has reached the Heart chakra level.

Solara predicted that people would start to notice 11:11 all over, such as on digital clocks, and such. A couple of years after reading that, I accidently discovered a note in one of my old notebooks, where a young man told me just that. I had completely forgotten.

To my exhilleration, on December 12, I found this site with 43 posts concerning coincidences with 11:11.

I first learned of Solara's 11:11 Doorway in early 1991. I felt right away that it was related to a dream. (I am a dream researcher). This concerns some young friends of my sons.

Jason dreamed that he, Cliff, and another boy took a drive in my Honda Acccord. They stopped, and Clif climbed a telephone pole. He was shocked by electric sparks, and jumped down. Some months later, Cliff called me and said that he saw a notice on a telephone pole, that seemed to be saying things like I say, about a Great Change being near. The notice was from a group called "Solara," and "The 11:11 Doorway." It was pretty wierd stuff, talking about a Doorway opening in the Belt of Orion, and humans making a passage into a new "Octave."

Thus began a string of unbelievable coincidences, leading eventually to Revelation 11:11. It would take a book to tell them all, but I'll mention a few.

At 1:11 a.m. on September 13, 1990, I drew a 14-pointed star based on a Tantric Yantra. Later, I read a report of two apple trees shaking in Oxfordshire, in 1990, and a half-circle crop formation appearing next to them. I also read a report that a Hindu meditation symbol was found grooved into a dry lake bed in Oregon in 1990. It was huge, with 13.3 miles of lines, and called a "sriyantra." See:

Sri Yantra information/graphics can also be found at:

About 3 years later, I had read Rev. 11:11, and had some coincidences about it. The two trees lie dead for 3 and 1/2 days. The coincidences related to Joseph Campbell's last book, "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space." He tells of the "elementary idea" of the 7 chakra levels, and how it is found worldwide in various forms. It is often shown as the mid-point (3 and 1/2) of the seven, such as in the "Egyptian Book Of The Dead." One form is 35 years in the life of a man of three-score years and ten. This was the approximate age of Jesus and the Buddah at their transformations.

Then, while writing a letter and explaining Solara's ideas, I drew the stars of Orion, and showed the Doorway opening. Just then, I recalled that the man I was writing to, Pablo, had sent a dream earlier in the year that might apply. I found and reread the dream:

"Krishnamurti and I keep vigil over a deceased person. He comments that after 35 years, 7 other psychological liberations followed. The housekeeper complains about her lack of money."

This seemed to follow the symbolism of Rev. 11:11. Then, I looked at the date of the dream, January 11, 1992. That is the EXACT date Solara said the Doorway would open! In his next dream, Pablo was told that the earth is about to undergo its shift. And, he did not know of Solara, nor does he believe in a big change.

By March, 1993, I had a large collection of such things, so I started an essay about it. On returning some books to the library, I happened to spot "The Tantric Way." Almost every page seemed to connect in some way. Then, I came to page 56, and a picture of a Sri Yantra. The central part is the same star I drew back in 1990. Checking the dates, I drew the star the DAY BEFORE the news story about the lake bed pattern was released! (9-14-90) The Sri Yantra represents a path through the chakras from outward-inward. The outer part of the star is the fourth (heart) chakra! And all this as I am writing an essay about humanity's leap to the heart chakra.

The Navaho sand painting called, "The Pollen Path," is thought to be related. It has a rectangular enclosure with a cornstalk within it. There are seven markers from root to blossom. Footprints show the path along the cornstalk. A bolt of lightning from above strikes at that point, (i.e. the heart chakra level) and a pair of twins descend. (see Campbell's book).

The Hopi creation myth depicts three chambers underground, where animals develop into humans, and progress upward, with the help of Spider Grandmother. Then, she comes again, this time assisted by birds. (the descent of the Deity into the field of time, according to Campbell. And feathers represented Truth to the Egyptians). Seven humans are shown ascending to the surface and sunlight. The entire shape is like a plant, with the leaves at the surface. I believe this also fits with the 3 and 1/2 symbolism.

In addition to Rev. 11:11, the Bible shows 3 and 1/2 in other ways. In Rev. 11:2 and 13:5 it is 42 months, 3 and 1/2 years. In Rev. 11:3 and 12:6 it is 1260 days, 3 and 1/2 times around a circle or the zodiac or years on the Jewish calendar which had 30-day months. In Daniel 12:7 and Rev. 12:14 it is "a time, two times, and half a time." (1 + 2 + 1/2 = 3 and 1/2). In James 5:17 and Luke 4:25 it is Elijah's prayer that it would not rain, and it did not rain for three years six months. Then he prayed again, for rain, and the Heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth its fruits.

The next Age, of the Heart, is symbolized by the 12 stars as a crown on the Woman With Child in Revelation 12, and the New Jerusalem, which has 12 angels, pearls, and gates. In the ancient system, the Heart chakra is symbolized by a 12-petal Lotus Flower, with a Star Of David within.

As I was outlining my essay about the 3 and 1/2 theory in March, 1993, one morning I received this dream-voice message: "Three and a half days is the mid-point of a seven-day week." I found this significant, and put it in the essay.


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