Humanity's Leap To The Heart Chakra


By Joe Mason


Two weeks after sending a copy of my essay to the Cosminar organization in Sussex, England, the Bythorn Mandala crop formation appeared. Some say it is related to Shiva, the destroyer god, but "The Tantric Way" has a VERY similar depiction relating it as a yantra to Kali. The formation had a five-pointed star inside a ten-petal lotus flower. Two of the points of the star were facing North. Such a star, with two points (or horns) up, is a symbol of the Kali-Yuga time cycle. (see H.P. Blavatsky's, "The Secret Doctrine," around page 5).

All these coincidences, and others that I have not told, have convinced me that there most definitely IS something to this, even if my interpretations are off the mark. When I learned later of the Solar eclipse of 1999, and the Grand Cross alignment, I was more convinced. When I read all of your great postings at this sight, I was even more convinced. I thank you all for this. I hope it will serve to help awaken others to these possibilities.

There are some indications that the comet Hale-Bopp may be related.

Some of my material is being posted by others on their web sites. The Dream Network Journal has put up the article I wrote for the Journal back in 1992, about the dream/myth connections to the crop circles, at:

The PUFORI site has two of my writings at:

Look under articles, then Dream & Prophecies, for my essay about "Dream and Nostradamus: Connections to the Hale-Bopp comet". and, for my essay about the "number 432, the Cycle of Time Number".

Goro Adachi has important information at his site about Nostradamus predictions involving a comet, which may be related to Hale-Bopp:

I believe the changes coming are entirely positive, but fear will cause disruptions. This is indicated right there, in Revelation 11:11. It may be related to the mark on the forehead. The 144,000 may be a symbolic number. The idea is that those who have stayed awake and know what is going on, will have a joyful experience, whereas those asleep or dead will have a fearsome, stressful purification by (symbolic) fire. It is primarily for this reason that I am trying to share these things that came to me.


I am sending a copy of this email to all in my address book. It is addressed to Goro Adachi, who maintains the Prophetic Insights web site.

Dear Goro,

Certain key things going on now all seem to correspond in certain ways. This includes the crop formations, the events at Giza, the Mars/Cydonia monuments, the discoveries about the exact timing of the Apollo moon landings, Hale-Bopp with Companion, and dream-coincidences.

Mercury popped up in the crop circles, and became VERY coincidental with my dream research, seeming to give an alternate meaning of this mythical figure, from which the planet is named. It could be related to Q4-28. Here's the story, in brief.

A caller to the Art Bell show had an experience involving a circle inside a triangle associated with the Hale-Bopp companion. One of the remote viewers from Farsight drew a pyramid below it. I believe the pyramid is related to the Trinity of Osiris/Isis/Horus. Hoagland says the Apollo moon landings were all timed to coincide with exact positionings of Orion's belt or Sirius either on the horizon or at 19.5 degrees, which is a tetrahedral point, as expressed in the geometry/mathmatics of Mars. Those stars, of course, are representitive of the Egyptian god and goddess.

Many dreams seemed to be about the duality and the Trinity, from the beginning of my research in 1990. I did not recognize it at first. I thought if was about marriage, or something. It became more clear about the time the Barbury Castle crop formation appeared in 1991. The "evidence" from dream-coincidences, and how they relate to other material, such as myths and religions, suggest it represents at least three things.

1. The Trinity.
2. The smallest particle of Creation, which builds up into gestalts of the units, to the larger creation. The Creator is within each  unit.
3. A cycle of time from Leo through Piscies, i.e. and the beginning of Aquarius. This may match "the year of the great seventh number accomplished" not far from the millennium in C10,Q74.

The three glyphs at the corners have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to: North = Sun/sulpher. Southwest = Moon/salt. Southeast = Mercury/quicksilver. I believe this is related to the alchemists work on transmutation, and creating a substance which gave eternal life. At one time, it centered on "The Hell Fire Stone," cinnabar, the ore of mercury, which is mercuric sulfide.

A book I have, "The Prophecies of Nostradamus," by Erika Cheetham, says that C4, Q 28 through 33 are occult quatrains and probably describe Nostradamus' attempts to discover the elusive philosopher's stone which transmutes all other metals into gold, described as the sun.

C4, Q31 says, "invited by his disciples to become immortal," so it seems related. "His body in the fire," matches a number of things. In Zechariah 3, Joshua is called a brand plucked from the fire. He and Zerubbabel seem to be related to the two olive trees in verse 4, which is related to Rev. 11:11. Isaiah 4:4 speaks of being cleansed by a spirit of judgment and burning. Eastern depictions show Kali seated upon a copulating couple on a lotus in fire. In Black Elk's vision, the Blue Man stands in flames where three streams meet, and is struck in the heart by Black Elk's lightning-tipped spear.

In the months following the appearance of the Barbury pattern, a correspondent sent me a photocopy of some material about the New Jerusalem. It was from Manly P. Hall's, "The Mystical Teachings of All Ages." By chance, another Cosmological depiction had a design in the center that was almost exactly like the Barbury pattern. It was the Trinity.

Several years later, I read a report where the writer was also lead to the same page of the book. Around that time, a friend sent me an article from "UFO Encounters, where a man had a vision of a sphere inside a tetrahedron, and this lead to a search, which eventually led to the same depiction, but this time in another book - "The Magical Qabbalistical, and Theosophical Writings of Georgius von Welling on the Subject of Salt, Sulfer and Mercury".

A photograph was shown in the article of a pattern that appeared on the back of the hand of a UFO/ET contactee. It was seven circles in a ring around a central circle. Another photograph showed a crop formation of the same pattern. The writer pointed out that this same pattern is in the cosmological diagrams in which the Barbury/Trinity shape is positioned.

I wish I knew more about this. My guess is that the alchemists picked up on a symbolism from the dream realm that is returning, this time in crop formations, as well as dreams and other events. Regardless of the validity of the metal transmutation, I believe there is a truth about the Trinity and the idea of eternal life. The sons in trinities often have to make a descent into Hades or the Underworld, or be tempted/confronted by "evil."

The same type of symbols also appear in dreams, and I believe there is important truths involved. It seems clear to me that the Watchers are trying to reveal this and other truths to to us. I think it is part of revelation, that is, uncovering that which has previously been concealed. It also seems clear that we must do a lot of home- work in our attempts to understand, and it will probably be necessary for many to work together, as the message seem to come like puzzle- pieces.

The following material at your site is quite significant to me: "Conversations With Nostradamus" vol.I-III by Dolores Cannon:

Interpretation by Brenda/Nostradamus
CWN vol.I p262) - Excerpted:

"During the time of troubles, at a point when the sun is between the Earth and Venus (and thus from the earth's point of view Venus will appear to be hidden by the sun) there will be a visitation from the Watchers, those who have kept an eye on mankind's development. They will approach from the direction of Venus so they too will be temporarily hidden by the sun, but they will be exposed through the power of Mercury, that is, through the powers of observation and communication. The scientists who are involved with radiotelescopy and its similar disciplines will find an anomaly that will catch their attention. As they study it they will come to the realization of a strong indication of what they would refer to as a UFO. This is actually the instrument used by the Watchers to observe mankind.

I am not a great student of the UFO/ET phenomenon, but I have recorded a number of the events that seem to impart the same symbols found in dreams, myths, religions, crop patterns, etc. My theory is that these entities, at least most of them, are not physical beings from the stars, but are more akin to the concept of the Elohim, that is, entities in the other dimension (or sub-space, or the dream/spiritual reality) that are involved with the earth and humanity. They impart symbols to us in as many ways as possible. Some of the ETs may be actual beings in other solar systems, but they may be appearing in their spiritual form, i.e. astro traveling.

Parapsychologist Scott Rogo and Stanford professor Jaque Valee have a similar interpretation. The ETs are akin to Marian Apparations, and similar events. The entities (or Watchers) appear to us in a form adapted to our beliefs. Existing beliefs are more scientific now, and ETs are more palatable to us than spirits or religious apparations. But, they are one and the same.

Their appearance causes us to question our belief structures, and start questing for answers. This is thought to be the primary reason for the strange activity.

Crop circle investigator, John Haddington, has written of a DNA connection for several years, and suggested that the Mercury ratchet spiral of Barbury indicates DNA. This fit with some of the material I was collecting. A form of the Trinity is represented by the Great "AUM" of Creation. The "A" is at the top of the triangle, the "U" to the southwest, and the "M" to the southeast. The meaning is said to be, "The (A) Father, and the (U) Mother, engendered the (M) Son, Mehen, Man. So, the Mercury/ratchet spiral is the Son in the Trinity, and DNA is the code for man.

The son in the Trinity is often represented by an androgen, having male and female attributes. Mercury, and his Greek counterpart, Hermes, have this. One representation is a key and keyhole, which appeared on the west and east of the 1992 Dharmic Wheel (or Charm Bracelet) crop formation. There was a triad glyph as the eighth step, which was similar to the Barbury pattern. At the center was a circle inside a quartered circle, which Michael Green said is the god, Bel, the Light behind the light. Bel was a name given to Marduke, which means, "Lord." He was also a son in a Trinity.

Prior to Barbury, I wrote a speculation that Adam and Eve represent One person, with the dual aspects, based on dreams. The primary dream was told to me by a co-worker. He was on a starship in space, and a VERY important message was about to come in. But, it could not come until he ejected the garbage first, which he then did. A doctor appeared, and led the crew into a bedroom. He began working on a yard-high mound of a jelly-like substance at the foot of the empty bed. Suddenly, the dreamer saw a human-sized hand puppet, a male/female pair, with only one hand- hole. They fell back into a vat of water, and he knew they HAD to change.

Shortly thereafter, I read "The Gnostic Gospels." One of the early Christians had a vision that Adam/Eve are one person.

Some years later, I found H.P. Blavatsky's "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2. She shows the relationships involved in the concept of the Trinity, from various cultures, which she traces back to ancient India. She calls Adam/Eve the "First Androgen."

She shows some basic forms of it. The first is a Father and Mother with a Son, who is androgen. Next, comes the Triple Male Trinity. They have female "Consorts," that are usually composited into one feminine Deity. Together, they are "The Perfect Four." In the Babylonian system, it is Anu, Bel, and Hoa (the moon). The feminine Deity is Mylitta or Ishtar. According to Blavatsky, the feminine Deity in the Christian Trinity is the Virgin Mary.

I believe that this feminine figure includes Isis, and others, and that She is the Woman with Child who descends in Revelation 12. The Companion to Hale-Bopp may well symbolize the same.

Another writing on your site may have a significant relationship:

C1Q52 Astrologically speaking, the two malignant co-rulers of the sign Scorpio -- Mars and Pluto -- are actually destined to conjoin in that sign on October 19, 1995 -- a date which falls neatly within the interval of deadly peril to the Pope which the Centuries elsewhere describe, i.e., when Saturn will be retrograde in the Pond of the culminating constellation Aquarius!

"the large star will burn for seven days, the cloud will make it appear as if there are two suns: the big mastiff will howl all night when the great pontiff makes his final journey."C2Q61 "O Trojan blood! Mars at its Sagittarius ingress... points to great murder done by fire in the breach." C2Q61 In July of 1994, the planet Jupiter "burned" for seven days under the bombardment of Comet Shoemaker-Levy. the "big mastiff" refers to the constellation Canis Major, which is most prominent in the fall and winter months

Pasted below is from an Encyclopedia:

CANIS MAJOR and CANIS MINOR ( Lat., "greater dog" and "lesser dog"), two constellations of stars, the former lying southeast and the latter east of Orion, and separated by the Milky Way. According to ancient mythology, these constellations represent dogs trotting at the heels of the Greek hunter Orion. Canis Major contains Sirius (also called the Dog Star), the brightest star in the heavens, and Canis Minor contains Procyon, far less bright than Sirius but still a star of the first magnitude. Midsummer, when Sirius rises at dawn, was associated by the ancients with the Dog Star, and this period is still known as the dog days or canicular days.

The reference to "two suns" is coincidental to the 11:11 essay and David's dream. (see below) This line, "the big mastiff will howl all night," could refer to Isis. H.P. Blavatsky stated in "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2, that the Woman With Child in Revelation 12 IS Isis.

A possible interpretation is that this refers to dreams that will be imparted as part of the enormous changes, viz - The big mastiff (Canis Major/Sirius/ Isis) will howl (communicate) all night, as we are dreaming. There is a great deal of evidence that this has already started.

After reading Blavatsky's concepts of the Trinity, I got a book called, "The Four Gospels," a translation of four of the Gnostic Gospels found at Nag Hamadi. One was "The Secret Book of John." He had a vision about the Creation. A Father/Mother/Child spirit appears and explains. The Father created the First Power, which is feminine. She produced "the triple male."

A young, security guard at work told me some of his dreams right after this. Three of his dreams seemed to incicate the trinity concepts. In one, elephants were chasing Dorothy and Toto on a boardwalk. The idea I got was that the scarecrow, the tin man, and the lion are the triple male, and Dorothy is the feminine aspect. The Yellow Brick Road, I have heard, is a mix of silver and gold. (moon and sun).

In the third dream, he went to a neighbor girl's house to repair her garbage disposal. But, unlike real life, they both lived on the upper floor level. She told him that she would reveal a secret if he promised not to tell, and he agreed. She disrobed, and he was shocked to see she had three penises in a triangular arrangement! He excused himself quickly, and returned to his apartment, where he began to tell his roommate about it, laughing. Suddenly, the door bust open, and the girl came running in with an axe-like weapon, with the blade like a crescent moon. He managed to talk her out of killing him.

I received a crop circle journal after that, with another article by John Haddington. He analyzed a cruciform pattern that had appeared back in 1990. From a circle, there were three pathways with smaller circles at the ends, pointing up, and to the two sides. Below, a triangular shape projected. John theorized that the three projections were phallic symbols. He mentioned the previous snail formations, and noted that they are the only animal with three penises.

He mentioned the double-helix of the shells, and how they leave ladder-like tracks. He connects this to Mercury. The Romans depicted him sometimes with three penises.

The Mercury spiral of the Barbury formation coiled counter- clockwise from a small circle, with the wheatstalks also laid down in the counterclockwise direction. There were straight- lined offsets in the spiral, making it like a ratchet shape. There were six sections. The angle from the center of the triangle to the southeast corner was at 120 degrees, a tetrahedral point. >From that point to the center of the spiral the angle was 108 degrees, a mythical and Gematrian number. 120 x 108 = 12,960 - six to the fourth power times ten, and half of the precession number. Divided by the six sections gives 2,160 - the length of each zodiac age.

The formation appeared on July 17, 1991. In Genesis 8:4 the Ark lands on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th day of the 7th month. Blavatsky shows how the patriarchs represent zodiac signs, and Noah is Piscies. It seems to be an additional clue that our age is coming to an end. It may be that the Sphinx also represents Leo through Piscies, and the beginning of Aquarius.

Several weeks ago, a co-worker told me he dreamed of being driven in an airliner on a highway near here by a water treatment plant operator named Andy. They took a detour to the right because of construction work. Then the dreamer was with his boss, an engineer, and a woman. They were planning to put a new transformer under a grate at the water treatment plant. The woman whispered something into the engineer's ear.

This same man has had other dreams where there are three males, counting himself, and in one of them there was a woman broadcasting from her car, and then she changed stations. I asked my friend what highway he was on in the airliner dream. It is some 20 miles from his house, on the highway from Oakdale, California toward Yosimite. It was on the section were highway 120 and 108 run together!

About two years ago, he dreamed of riding a bicycle up a grassy hill next to the water treatment plant, where we work. His wife came running with a telephone in her hand, saying that there was an important message from a female engineer. There was a problem with the phone line, and he could not understand the message completely, but he did know that he was being told not to open the big valve that lets the purified water into the city yet.

It took me about a year to realize that this, and other dreams are refering to Aquarius, the Water Bearer.

I know this is a very strange story, but it is quite typical of my dream-coincidence experiences over the past six and a half years.

I am hoping that by telling you a little at a time, that it will match with the quatrains, and help us all begin to understand the nature of this apparent Cosmic Event that may be soon upon us. The idea of a change in DNA is coming from a lot of sources, including dreams. In one, it was a huge sphere orbiting earth that communicated through our amino acids. So it could well indicate a Hale-Bopp Companion connection.

In another, told to me in January 1996, mechanics with their tool boxes were on each rung of a spiral staircase. I told the man about the "DNA repair" theory of Mayan Daykeeper, Hunbatz Men, and of John Haddington's writings. About six months later, the "DNA" crop formation appeared.

Some incredible, meaningful, coincidences have happened in the past week, one of which concerned the alchemical/Trinity/DNA connection. This involved finding a page on David Pinnegar's Hammerwood Park site. He later posted my message on that page. You can find it at:

On the page, David speculates on the Greek god of Fire, Hephaestus, who was a master smith and the patron of craftsmen. He is also refered to as an engineer. He was called Vulcan by the Romans. This seemed to connect with the Nostradamus Quatrains that I had found a day or so prior. Pasted below is a portion of the essay I was writing before I found David's site:

Then (IV), Q-29:

"The hidden Sun eclipsed by Mercury will be placed only second in the heavens. Hermes will be made the food of Vulcan, the Sun will be seen pure, shining and golden."

In Q-30, he mentions the Moon, the Sun, and gold.

Then, Q-31:

"The Moon, in the middle of the night over the high mountain, the young wise man alone with his brain has seen it. Invited by his disciples to become immortal, his eyes to the south, his hands on his breast, his body in the fire."

That night, David had a dream of Two Suns, which he posted the next morning. I had mentioned the symbolism of Two Suns in the 11:11 essay I had composed some days before, and was intending to send out to all in my address book. I attatched the dream with an explanation of the Two Suns symbolism, and sent it out, along with the 11:11 material. You should have received them.

Pasted below is the post:

Subj: Two suns dream
Date: 96-12-31 09:02:40 EST

Dear Friends

I had an interesting dream this morning - saw two suns in the east.

One was dancing about in a regular pattern. It wasn't bright sunlight, it was as a bright white disk as if through light cloud.

Anyone any similar visions?


David P.

This seemed to connect with this line in my 11:11 essay, which I composed on December 28: "It is like going from a sky with the sun blocking out the Morning Star, to a Dawning Sunrise, where there are two, equal-sized Suns."

The following day, a message was posted called "The Vision," which refered to an overwhelming dream and coincidences about 11:11. Other posts concerning this were made over the next days. This was entirely independant of my writings. I am pasting portions of The Vision messages below:

Subj: [ISO] The Vision
Date: 97-01-01 00:05:55 EST

To ALL: On 9/11 at 11:11 pm I woke up from a vision screaming my head off. Scared my wife to death just about! I proceeded to write down the vision in full detail with colors. On 10/11 the vision was spitiually interpreted. On 11/11 the first step in accordance to the vision was taken. On 12/11 the second step in accordance to the vision was taken. Can't wait to see what happens on 1/11. But I would like to share the entire vision and occurrances up to this point to receive your input. May I? Thanks, Doug Taylor

Then my arm fell to my side. I quickly glanced to my left again and saw the man being held drop to his knees. Then the light went away, the vision stopped and I woke up screaming, half in tears yelling to my wife did you see it?, did you see the light?, it came right thru the window! It was a vision I told her. I looked at the digital clock and it read 11:11pm. I was so upset with what had happened that I couldn't go back to sleep.

----------- I believe the changes coming are entirely positive, but fear will cause disruptions. This is indicated right there, in Revelation 11:11. It may be related to the mark on the forehead. The 144,000 may be a symbolic number. The idea is that those who have stayed awake and know what is going on, will have a joyful experience, whereas those asleep or dead will have a fearsome, stressful purification by (symbolic) fire. It is primarily for this reason that I am trying to share these things that came to me. ---------



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