7-17-88 - Dreamed that we prayed a long time for a man to be able to cross over the road from the Russian camp into the Christian camp. Finally, on Sunday the gates were opened and he was able to come over. (He was riding a bicycle)


7-17-88 - I was concerned about my husband's whereabouts. I lay down to meditate on the problem. These are things I saw and the results.

#1 - I saw a soft brownish blanket and heard the words, "He's covered by blood."

#2 - Saw my own clothes on the floor of the closet and heard the words, "Just take care of yourself."

#3 - Saw a sheet of paper with plans on it. Heard the words, "Everything is according to plan."

#4 - I saw a body of water like Puget Sound with Mt. Rainier on the far shore.

#5 - I saw a forest scene with a highway through it like I drove through in Oregon.

NOTE: ON 1-1-89, I left my husband in Elgin, IL because of severe marital problems, with only the clothes on my back, all my clothes were left in the closet. My husband traveled to Washington State, then to Oregon where he was beaten and left for dead and had to have major surgery to put his intestines back where they belonged.


7-21-88 - I called Jesus Christ to ask guidance. He brought Michael Dukkakis and Jesse Jackson to me to introduce them. He said, "I want you to know these two men."


9-4-88 - Dreamed I was looking out an upstairs window. A yellow school bus pulled up outside and many African American people got out and stood and stared up at me. Many of them came to sit outside my window to find out what I was seeing. One said she didn't know what was so special about the area. I looked out into the distance and saw Mt. Rainier in all it's beautiful snow covered glory. I looked down at the people, and when I looked out toward the mountain again, Mt. St. Helens was next to it, with a huge black smoke pall coming from the top. The bus driver said he was sorry that the oak leaves were falling off the trees already. The kids said, "That's okay, It's the same at our house."


9-4-88 - Dreamed that my sister-in-law found a lucky marble. It was crystal blue with a white center. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. It was a salesman of house construction. He told me that he had found a lucky marble. It was crystal white on the outside with a blue center. He was so proud of it, he said he was looking for another one. I got a big grin on my face and called my sister-in-law to show him the marble she had found. They each pulled out their lucky marbles and held them side by side. I continued to grin and said, "That's love". They fell instantly in love and decided to get married and they lived happily ever after.

NOTE: This dream came true exactly as I dreamed it in 1991 except that I wasn't there to witness it in person.


9-13-88 - I heard a voice in meditation: "Feed the people when they have a need and when you are ready to witness to them and they are ready to hear it, they'll right there.


9-14-88 - Dreamed that I received a Christmas card from a dear friend with a book of matches from a Cadillac dealer. Another lady friend of his received the same card but at the bottom of the matchbook he had written, "I will be in the hospital, "March 9 thru 20, 1989".

NOTE: This person was very, very ill during these dates but refused to go the hospital for treatment.


9-15-88 - Dreamed that a very tall fire truck went by. A woman told me to make sure the furnace was vented.

NOTE: The news the next day let us know that a large apartment complex in our town burned down, 3 children were killed, and 100 people were left homeless.


9-22-88 - I was praying with my eyes closed. I saw a man dressed in white woolen robes with white wool-like hair and mustache and beard. A voice said, "Is this Satan?" The vision of the man collapsed into a puddle of white nothing on the floor.


9-24-88 - I meditated to find out what my immediate future would be. I saw myself at a wedding. I was surrounded by the bridesmaids who were from all nations and wore pastel gowns.

NOTE: The next morning, when I went to church, the pastor preached his sermon about the wedding at Cana.


10-7/10-8  Midnight.

This is the experience of a very dear friend of mine, and the dream experience includes myself.

1.  I sensed an initiation.

2.  A dark, very dark night hung as a havey weight overhead.  A 'violent' electrical storm pierced the darkness even in its beginning stages.

     I went outside to close the garage door to prevent rain from entering it.

    The car, being outside was driven by me to some point on the south side of Milwaukee, where I picked up Dee.

    We drove north on S. 27th St past the Southgate Mall and beyond Oklahoma Ave.

    Thunder and lightning was furious and violent. It was pitch black except for the lightning.

    Suddenly, in the dark heaven a hole appeared overhead.  A blinding white light (very, very brilliant) appeared.  In the middle of the brilliant
    light appeared  -   'THE ENVELOPE.

    Turning to Dee and pointing to THE ENVELOPE, I said, "That is the sign of God!  That is the sign of God!  This is what we have been waiting for!"

    Making a U-turn, we started to head south on S. 27th St. again.

    Pointing to the sky, I said to Dee, "It is all over!  Notice all the strs in heaven now are appearing."

   The storm had completely vanished.  The stars in the moonless night shimmered like diamonds and crystals.

   I dropped Dee off at Southgate mall and proceeded to return home.  



10-11-88 - I meditated on calling spirits. I called God, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and asked their opinion on calling spirits named Marcus, Crutus, and Babaji.

A man dressed all in white came and sat on my lap. He had a plate of food with three different types of food on it. Then I started to see little children at play.

NOTE: I take that to mean that each spirit is different and provides different types of spiritual nourishment. Also, that we should be like little children when we come to them.