1-5-91 - Dream: To make a long story shorter, I was going to the store, but having great difficulty, what with live wires laying on the ground I had to cross. I wanted to have a safe crossing. I also had to cross the railroad tracks , then go between 2 long buildings to get to the front of the store. A large man loomed behind me at the end of the passageway. I felt a little afraid and knew I could only go forward. There was no turning back now. I couldn't go any faster either. I tried and couldn't. I finally reached the store and went inside. I went down the first aisle and it must have been Easter time because the counter was stacked with potted Easter Lilies. A woman on my right who was a clerk, handed me a piece of paper with some writing and the initials LLM. She said that I had won a free Easter Lily. It was multiflowered. I wondered what the initials LLM stood for, and I had a vision of the numbers 445. That still didn't mean anything to me. Then I saw my husband. He took the Easter Lily and the piece of paper, knowing that the Easter Lily was valued at $5, went up to the check out clerk and said, "It's too bad we can't turn in the Easter Lily and get a $4 refund." I felt extremely embarrassed, retrieved my Lily and left him standing there.


1-8-91 - Vision: TM saw negative photos of the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. I went into meditation to ask about it.

Q. Why did TM see the faces of God the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit in negative?

A. Voice: "Tell him to think about how far he has come since the primordial scream."

Q. Why were the photos in negative?

A. Voice said, "They were representative since no one can look into the face of God."


1-11-91 - PRAYER: I was praying for AO with Babaji. I saw him offer me his bare right foot. I put the sole of my right foot against his right foot and exchanged energies. Then I took my right foot and put it against AO's right foot and exchanged energies with her.


1-11-91 - Meditation:

Q. Will there be warfare in Iraq in the next 30 days?

A. Voice said, "The game plan is down to one. There will be warfare, they escaped, they hold back." I saw gunfire from black guns going toward the left.

Q. Will there be nuclear bombs in Iraq in the next 30 days?

A. I saw myself in an apartment where the rooms were all mixed up. A frightened voice cried out, "I don't know when it's going to be."

Q. Will there be warfare in Israel?

A. A voice said, "They are rhein kopf time." (clear headed) I saw two armies standing on either side of a black line on the ground.

A soldier on the side I was on, put two fingers in his mouth and made a shrill whistle towards the other army and then waved at them to cross the line. He said, "I know you're coming." The army on the other side was wearing a grey uniform, black belt, and grey helmet.

Q. Will there be warfare in Saudi Arabia?

A. A voice said, "I'm concerned about the kids." Another voice said, "There are lots of kids there now. That is what RCA and the Universe is running."


1-14-91 This came from a conversation with my guide Babaji.

Q. I would like to know the difference between regular angels and guardian angels.

A. I certainly can tell you. Give me a minute until I finish up my regular chores.

Q. What is the purpose of a regular angel?

A. To honor and worship God and to serve Him. To winnow in the wind. To take care of babies and to sing.

Q. What does a guardian angel do?

A. A guardian angel takes care of children and people.

Q. Are guardian angels assigned to specific people?

A. A guardian angel carries out the wishes of the soul.

Q. Is there any competition between a regular angel and a guardian angel?

A. No! The guardian angel takes over on a gradual basis from a regular angel. A guardian angel is assigned. A guardian angel had been a regular angel first. It follows the specific requests of the soul.

Q. How many guardian angels does a person have?

A. The number of assigned guardian angels can be anywhere from one to five.


1-15-91 - Meditation - With Babaji

Q. When a body takes on more than one personality, does a soul go with each personality?

A. Yes! It is a sign of much negligence and sometimes even Hells.

Q. Could a person change personalities to improve oneself?

A. It would be dangerous to pursue this, and futile to pursue this along any road.


1-17-91 - Dream: I was having a party and all the guests were women. A man came to the door advertising a group called "MOON". It was about developing a person's psychic abilities. I wanted in the worst way to tell everyone that I was psychic, but I didn't want to just come right out and say it. So, I figured that I could just be the best at all his experiments he was going to conduct and he could be the one who would discover it for himself. My opportunity came when one of the men wanted to communicate with his boss. (He must have sneaked in) The experiment was for me to think about the communication with mental telepathy to cause the boss to call out to the man next to me. So I did that. We were on a big yellow bus at the time, going to a school. I began to think the thought, then I saw three pair of eyeglasses dangling in the sky and a voice in my head said, "No! The fourth!" and immediately the boss called out to the man next to me. I immediately announced what I had seen.

Then we went into a white sterile looking kitchen where a film was to be shown on the white wall for another experiment. The man next to me suddenly had to blow his nose and slipped out of the room, so the opportunity came for me to demonstrate my ability to the whole group. I was shown some puffy marks on a wall. I saw more and more stains on the ceiling in the kitchen and in the bathroom where the upstairs toilet was. So, I bravely announced that the person upstairs either had a leaky toilet or there was steam escaping from a broken pipe in the walls. The only way to know was to knock a hole in the wall where the pipes were. Everyone was amazed that I would know that.


1-17-91 Meditation: This was a general meditation.

Voice said: "Distress! Distress!" I saw a pointed object with a crunched looking front end. Someone ran his thumb over the blunt front end. The scene moved back on the object and it looked like a one seater airplane. Two hands pried open the cockpit and Babaji bent down and kissed the pilot on the head.

Q. Will there be any terrorist attacks on airplanes?

A. California! Saw a high arch and in the top (apex) was either two explosions or a box marking two possibilities. The voice said, "In the blank space." There was a like a map below showing part land and part ocean.

NOTE: On 2/1/91 two airplanes crashed at L.A. airport. U.S.Air A 737 #1493 (89 people died) & Sky West A commuter #5529. (12 people died)


1-18-91 - NOTE: While I was sleeping, the television was on with the Gulf War Newscast.

Dream: I was in the alley between 16th & 17th Sts. There was an explosion of buildings on the east side of 17th St. I went down there to look at the damage. It was devastating. My little daughter was ahead of me wanting to take a souvenier. She looked and looked at all the precious things left behind, including the toys, but took nothing.

At first I saw no bodies or people, but then I spotted an old, old woman seated in a throne-like chair. I went up to her, took her frail hand as she looked over the destruction of her home. I said to her, "I'm sorry."

My daughter and I left and went back to my 16th St. house. From that vantage point I saw a huge moon coming up in the north with a figure like Superman flying across it. Then against the screen of the northern sky, I saw the faces of past American Heroes, blending from one face to another, the faces of past presidents, the last one being Kennedy, but even  that one blended into a young unknown face. He was definitely American.

After I woke up, I was thinking the last Hero was Michael Speicher, age33 of the Saratoga Air Craft Carrier, based in Lakeland, FL. He was the first American shot down in the Gulf War.


1-29-91 - Dream: I was sitting at the head of a large conference table. One man showed me a blue Desert Storm shield. Later on, a man was holding a contest and showed me a blue triangle with white spots on it and I was to guess what it meant. The meaning was "DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SAY, I MADE A MISTAKE."

Meditation: I saw a country scene with blue sky and little clouds scudding across it. The sky part was like a gable house /\ and the right side of the sky fell down.


2-8-91 - Meditation: I went to the high astral healing temple for a self-healing. I saw many war casualties there. I was told that they couldn't take care of me right then because they were too busy, that I should come back between 11 & 2 in the afternoon and they would take care of me then.


2-21-91 - Dream: I was at my wedding and the gifts were being opened. We received three -$10 bills. I looked at the green bills and each one said -10 on the front. I was quite surprised to get so little. I was shown a list of gifts actually given by the relatives. After each name was a greeting like Hello or Hi or How Are You with the name of the gift and it's monetary value. The list was: "tank" = 0 , warship = 0, anti-aircraft = 0, airplane = 0, etc. On a second sheet was the list of three people and each one had given me a -$10 bill. At the gift giving time the carpeting was red. I was rather surprised at this meager list of gifts but I realized that the people were poor and that is all they could afford. I was called up to a little stage with a microphone to see if there were any more gifts and there were none left to be given and I looked at the carpeting again and it was now pure white.


3-4-91 - Dream: I was at a school and there was an air raid test. Everyone ran for cover and they did quite well except for two things. I looked into the sky and saw many rocks or bombs in a cluster (like cluster bombs) already falling from the sky and when the people went into the shelter, they didn't close the doors all the way and could be gassed to death.


3-6-91 - Dream: I was in my backyard with my children. A plane was flying over and suddenly it's right engine and wing exploded and burst into flames. Everybody started to scream and run but I told them that it wouldn't hit us. It continued on and crashed into the top of a high hill to the south of us.

Then another plane came over and exploded into a thousand flaming pieces. This time everyone ran west towards the lake and jumped in so they could duck down under the water to avoid the flaming pieces when they hit the ground.

NOTE: On 3-20-91 Reba McIntyre's band was killed in a plane crash.

On 3-21-91 two fighter planes exploded and crashed into the ocean.


3-6-91 Meditation. The dream of the plane crash disturbed me a lot so I meditated on it.

Q. Please explain the dream I had about the airplane exploding.

A. The voice said, " There has been a proposition."

" They are not accidents. These are bombs."

" They are highly probably."

I saw a man putting something into a flight bag. I saw myself standing behind a tough looking, swarthy man, dressed in brown.

He said, "I will be a witness to it."

Q. When will it take place?

A. The voice said, "It is imminent. Within the next months."

NOTE: See the previous dream of the plane crash. There were two plane crashes. One on the 20th and one on the 21st.


3-6-91 - Meditation: In general meditation, I saw four separate visions about the plane crash.

#1 - I saw a black passenger plane with many windows go the right like it was taking off. The voice said, "We don't have it."

#2 - I saw a woman wearing a fur coat and boots standing at the window of the airport terminal waving good by.

#3 - I saw the same woman wearing a furt coat and boots standing at the window of the airport terminal waving good by. This time the voice said, "It is imminent".

#4 - This time I saw a woman at the door of the terminal observation deck. She said, "With extreme efficiency", then she opened the door and waved good by to the people in the plane.

NOTE: These visions seem to indicate that they are about the plane crash which happened on 3-20-91 when Reba McIntyres's band went down.


3-8-91 Meditation: This was a general meditation. The visions were continuous and flowed like a dream.

A woman appeared and asked why I hadn't called her. A door on the right opened and I saw a brilliant white light on the ceiling. I walked inside. In the room were 4 single beds, one on each wall. There were also four men there, one assigned to each bed. I decided to sit on the bed right by the door. The man assigned to that bed, reached under the bed  and pulled out a baby which was a year or less old. He placed the baby on the bed with me. He said, "Here is the Savior - The Champion!'

The men in the room were roughly dressed, swarthy types, like blue collar workers.

Another woman appeared. She was dark skinned like an Indian from India. I asked her when the child was born. She was very upset and didn't want to tell me.

I then saw a curtained contraption hanging from floor to ceiling. It was for room 308. The curtain opened from floor to ceiling. One of the workmen entered the livingroom and said, "I see trouble here."

I made the man take the woman to the front door and put her out on the porch. I said, "If she doesn't want to cooperate, then she can leave." I told him to tell her, "There is no room in the Inn."

I told the man to tell the baby that, "We're never going to give him up."

I told the man that they should not expect the Second Coming of Jesus to be a rough looking derelict.

I told the man, "The world will rock with surprise when they find out who the Anti-Christ is."

The man began talking about the Christ. He said, "He is definitely a son of the Southern Conventionalists."


3-8-91 - Dream: I was with my mother and we were going to take a bus east. We started out at 27th St. My mother said, "Oh! Is this the bus that goes to Farwell?" We went around the corner onto Center St. I recognized the buildings. We were at housetop level - flying. There were no people or vehicles on the street. When we got to 16th St. the street narrowed down to a hallway in my own house and we had to go past two dogs which were my own. One was white and one was black. We then came to a large window that opened outward.

There was now a priest on my left and a man on my right. As we proceeded through the window I made a comment that the window was significantly larger than it was before when I went through it.

Instead of being outside, we were now entering an inner chamber used for meditation. It was decorated in purple and blue patterned wallpaper. There was 1/2 a wall ahead and there was a man sitting there in Lotus position. He was meditating. He had an Edgar Cayce book on his lap and a Cobra snake coiled at his feet.

The priest noted the snakes' presence and the man on my right reached into the room without disturbing the meditator, picked up the snake by the head and opening the door, threw it outside into the darkness.


3-8-91 Meditation: This was a special meditation to follow up on what I had received earlier that day.

Q. Concerning my meditation earlier regarding Jesus and the it the truth or is this just a test?

A. A man came and said, "You are not getting anywhere and I can see why. You should be calling Babaji." I could see a couple other people standing there. He said again, "Yes! You must call him."

Q. I called Babaji and said, "Without you we are nothing." I asked Babaji to review everything that had been given to me so far, to see if everything is all right.

A. He said, "You must put aside one tooth for what you are about to receive." I saw a mouth close up with all the teeth. He said, "We must rename you. We will call you Terri."

Q. Was the information I received about Jesus and the Anti-Christ correct?

A. Babaji said, "You have a psychologist tell you one thing and I tell you another. Yes! It was all right."

Q. What about Deuteronomy, Chap. 18: 8 - l3 ?

A. A voice said, "There are many, many gifts. I'll tell you what. I'm not going to go into it right now. I'll tell you what. You catch all these prime ministers and authors and you tell them what the truth really is."

I saw a little girl standing in front of me waiting for me to tell her what I knew. Her mother doesn't want her to bother me, but she wants to know.

I saw an open Bible. I wanted to turn the page over, but it was stapled down and I had to turn it back to where it was.

Deuteronomy Chap: 18: 8 - 13: "No Israeli may practice black magic, or call on the evil spirits for aid, or be a fortune teller, or be a serpent charmer, medium, or wizard, or call forth the spirits of the dead. Anyone doing these things is an object of horror and disgust to the Lord, and it is because the nations do these things that the Lord God will displace them. You must walk blamelessly before the Lord your God.


3-11-91 - Meditation:

Q. The child in the bedroom who was called "The Savior - The Champion - Is he Jesus Christ, Holy Christ? Or is he a Rescuer?

A. The child was brought to me. He could not yet walk by himself. He was brought in by two workmen with the child walking between them holding their hands. He had red curly hair.

A. When I repeated the word, 'rescuer' the little boy remained a little boy.

When I repeated the words, Jesus Christ, Holy Christ, I saw a white Easter Bunny Rabbit and it turned silver.

Q. I again asked about the Savior. A voice said, "Let me say Hello to Dolores. I then saw Babaji take some clothing out of a basket and said, "Let me put this on the baby."

Babaji said to me, "You can come to me with keen efficiency. People whom I have not used for specific lessons are not supposed to know."

Q. Who would be privy to this information?

A. I saw a group of men like in the United Nations. The ones in the upper row who were the 'prime ministers' raised their hands.

Q. What is the significance of the Silver Easter Rabbit?

A. A voice said, "He is most precious."


3-13-91 Meditation:

I saw a woman who looked like my mother. She brought me a canoe carried upsidedown over her head. She said, "To be used in the end times."


3-21-91 - Meditation: This was a general meditation.

The voice said, "Welcome to a morning of learning."

Another voice said, "Your Father was righteous."

I saw a whole bunch of people come to take me upstairs. Someone showed me on a table with a left thumb nail, that "The line goes here." (That was about an inch from the edge of the table)

The the tarot card layout was shown to me. The cards were laid out in a ring - ends outward. Underneath it was a second ring of cards - side by side - 2 under each inner card with only 1/2" showing for positive energy only.

I was told it was to be done for individuals on a higher level, not in the physical.


3-15-91 - Meditation: I never accept what the voices give me without challenging them, questioning them. Thus I did this meditation to get answers. These answers might be wrong too. Take nothing as etched in stone.

Babaji said, "It's been so long."

Q. Has the Christ child been born again?

A. Babaji said, "He most assuredly has."

Q. Where was he born?

A. Adam-Mashic - an Ethiopian town.

Q. Yesterday I was told that the Christ child was born in Israel. Is this correct?

A. Babaji said, "On the border."

Q. I saw the Christ child with red curly hair. Is this correct?

A. Babaji said, "Yes indeed."

Q. What is part in this?

A. Babaji said, "You will keep tabs on his growth."

Q. The woman looked like she was an Indian. What nationality was she?

A. Babaji said, "Ethiopian."

Q. Isn't the Anti-Christ of the most consequence right now?"

A. Babaji said, "Yes indeed."

Q. Is he already in an important office?

A. Babaji said, "Yes, He is."

Q. Yesterday I was told that the Christ child has Jewish parents.

A. Babaji said, "Yes! Ethiopian Jew."

The next morning I meditated on the same subject and asked the same questions.

Q. Has the Christ child been born?

A. Babaji said, "Every morning you look on the calendar and count back."

Q. Count back to what?

A. Babaji said, "The day of conception."

Q. When was the day of conception?

A. Babaji said, "When the moon struck the harmony with the planets."

Q. When was that?

A. Babaji said, "At the last conjunction."

Q. What country was he born in?

A. Babaji said, "For the love of human kind he was born on the borderland. He does not want to be known as a particular race, creed, color, or nationality."

Q. What are his parents?

A. Babaji said, "His parents are good people of Jewish extraction of the common line."

Q. I said, "If I cannot be correct, I'd rather get nothing."

A. Babaji said, "That is agreeable."

Q. I was told that the Christ child was born in Israel.

A. Babaji said, "On the borderline. His parents are very quiet and subdued.


3-18-91 - Vision:

I saw a girl in my hallway say, "Miracle, miracle." She went into apartment #106 saying, "Miracle, miracle."

NOTE: This girl broke her neck in a serious car accident. She has no paralysis and is now fine.)

On 3-21-91, this same girl came into my office and repeated the same words to me when I asked her how she was doing.


3-29-91 Dream: I was on 70th street outside of Allis-Chalmers (a company I worked for) I was watching a small plane coming from the north. We were talking about destiny coming. The plane flew towards Allis-Chalmers and got caught in the electrical lines. The plane became a huge grey egg and crashed down into the building and got a huge dent in it before crashing to the ground.

NOTE: Allis-Chalmers as a company was sold off in pieces to various other companies before closing it's doors in our area.


3-26-91 Dream: I was living in a cottage on a lake. I was going through the drawers, pulling out every piece of paper that I had written on to make sure there was no evidence I had been there. (All my papers had tomato juice spots on them) I was going to destroy the evidence of my presence.

An old man showed up to help me. (He looked like Obi Juan Knobi from the Star Wars Movie) He was hurrying me along like I was taking too long. He said, "All you need is a good strong penlight." He gave me his and turned it on for me. He then hurried me along. I was able to take nothing with me, not even clothes, only what I had on.

We got to his place and outside the window, I saw hundreds of men climbing under a green tarpaulin until it was completely inflated to a semi-truck shape. These men, in this truck shape, moved towards the house where I had come from and set it on fire. People were explaining that it was the biggest fire in the history of the world. I looked out the window and saw that the glow from the fire went from horizon to horizon.

Then, I realized that what happened had been planned all along and the old man had hurried me along because I DID take too long. But now, I had absolutely nothing but the pen light and the clothes on my back. I had to start from there to put my life together. There was no evidence that I had ever existed.


3-26-91 Dream: I was with a man on 17th St. who said he was going to show me how a real writer writes. The dream switched to looking at white knifes and forks several times. At the end of the dream there were hundreds of red plastic handled knives, forks, and spoons. The dream voice said, "Many will sicken but none will die."

NOTE: ON 3-27-91 eighteen people were sickened from Trichinosis from eating raw pork from a butcher shop near Milwaukee, WI.


4-1-91 Dream: My husband gave me a gift of pearl earrings and a pearl ring. Later on, someone gave me a brooch of a white cherub inside of a white tulip and I knew thats what the pearls had represented too.


4-8-91 Vision:

I called Jesus, Babaji, and El Morya to assist a recently deceased person to go to the light. When El Morya came, he was dressed in voluminous violet colored robes, with a gold collar that stood up behind his head, pleated so that it appeared to be radiating light upward. \\\\\///// .

When I asked them to take her to the light, I saw four, slowly retreating boxes gradually withdraw from me.


4-8-91 Dream: I went to an awards ceremony. A man dressed in a tuxedo took a woman who stood at the far right by the hand and walked her to the front. The people in the room were standing around the walls in a square. The man put a ring on her left ring finger that was a giant pearl.

I then made a pronouncement to a woman standing directly in front of me. I pointed my finger at her and told her that she would be instrumental in choosing who would be the next president of the United States. She denied it, but I could see that she had the determination and enthusiasm in her eyes that told me otherwise.


4-8-91 Dream: I was on horseback galloping down a gravel road a little too far to the left. I had to keep adjusting to the right. There was a man on a horse on an access road to the right and a little ahead of me. He was galloping ahead and urging me forward. The roads merged ahead and we came to an area where bees were boiling up out of the rocks and yellow and black caterpillars were flying through the air. He said, "C'mon, this is the fun stuff."


4-13-91 Dream: I had a television set with a fuzzy color picture. I called the serviceman and he sat propped up high on the wall near the set. I asked him, "If I put up a higher antenna, would I get a better picture?" He said, "No! What you need to do is put up a lead shield between you and the house." He put up a lead shield wall for me and the picture on the television set became perfect.


4-17-91 Vision: While I was meditating, there was a man sitting on my right side on the astral level. He said, "Let me help you." He reached over to push the button on the tape recorder I was using and knocked it right out of my hand. That happened three times.


4-11-91 - To preface this dream, my best friend Nancy died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 29 in 1967. Because I was so devastated by her death, I dove into the study of metaphysics and how to meditate and communicate with the dead because I had a need to know that her soul lived on after death. This is about her.

Dream: I met Nancy reincarnated. She was now living in Hardin, Iowa. Her fiance fought in the Gulf War and he just got back and they just got married recently. She come here twice on Sundays to go to church with her mother. I took her to my New Berlin house from the churchyard. She held a white plastic milk container that I saw had a small hole in the bottom so milk was leaking out. I also saw that there was a small hole in her sight also right in the center. A master dressed all in white came and repaired it to there will no longer be a leak in the white milk container and no more hole in the center of her sight. She told me that she took "Pat" with her to Iowa because he has a lot to make up for. He is a friend of her and her husband and he is always in trouble, but they try to help him out.



4-18-91 - General Meditation:

First, I saw the name, "Edgar Cayce". A voice said, "Do you want a mattress on for your destination?" I saw myself going to the stairway outside of my apartment. I followed two men and they went through the door to the stairway and I followed them down a red stairway. I also saw a stairway going up, but I said, "I have to go down". There were many steps.

I saw what looked like many envelopes flipping and a light on the ceiling beyond. I felt like there is blood involved in this. I saw an oblong shape open up with what looked like blood inside and then it closed up again.

The words, "Psychic Surgery" was heard. I also heard, "Across the nations."

I saw what looked like knives in a butcher block stand - wobbling back and forth.

I saw someone by my front door. A man opened the door and let in a piece of paper with writing on it on the floor. I then saw a book open and on the right side, it said, "Calling all newsmen".

Someone said, "Is there blood involved?" Someone else said, "Yes! There is."

Someone asked, "Is there disease or is there doctors?"

I heard, "The timing is every three weeks".

I saw three applications, ready for signature. The voice said, "Let adversity be behind you." There seemed to be some discrepancy about what level this should be done on. I saw two cheerleaders and one woman got on top of the shoulders of the other, so I knew it should be done on the 2nd level.

A man said, "The lock should be replaced on the door. The door was open. I said, "No! The lock does not have to be changed."

I saw a white haired man looking over the shoulders of his students on a three tiered set of tables. His face kept changing from the white haired man to a dark haired man, to a white haired man and back to the dark haired man. They all seemed to be studying something.

There was a discussion about taking a test to get ready for this psychic surgery. The voice said that it would take at least three to four hours. Each set of questions was set off in three inch squares of differing pastel colors. I felt quite happy about taking this test. I saw a man with short red curly hair. He was also quite happy about it.

I saw my mother then and she was quite happy too. My mother said that they did something wrong in her surgery. She was holding a telephone cord in her hand but the receiver was missing. I also saw them clip off some piece of tissue they should not have. It was small and grey colored. I asked if the psychic surgery is to be done on my mother and that's what it appears.

I transferred my consciousness, awareness, and sight to the highest astral healing temple then. The voice said, "You must hold the instrument absolutely level."

I saw interference then. It appeared to be my sister. I saw handwriting on the wall, It said, "I lock GUESTS."

I was then called to my mother's hospital room. Someone was saying, "I will let it out." I saw myself going from the lighted hospital room out into a darker corridor. The voice said, "Once someone goes out, they don't want to be called back in." Someone said, "I'm sorry Dolores. There seems to be some jealousy here." I saw a box, covered up with a white cloth. It is being removed from the room.

We were then going over mug shots of doctors in the medical field that I can pick from. They are saying, "Don't rule out gays, just look for the medical tools." I then saw the outside of my building and heard someone say, "Don't let anyone interfere."

I saw a short blue curtain below a long blue curtain. They are making preparations. They are saying, "It does not have to be fancy." They are preparing a wheelchair now for my mother and she has a wrapping around her head. I then helped my mother get into the wheelchair. She said that she had some food that was filling that made her very happy. It appears that my mother is stalling. She is saying that she wants to wait another year.

I then saw a book and the voice said, "The man satisfied the curiosity of his soul."

They are trying to reassure my mother, that everything is all right.

NOTE: That winter my mother was rushed to the hospital with a blocked bowel because it was kinked. They took out 24 inches of her bowel and she was hospitalized for almost two months.


4-21-91 - Dream: I was given the power to get people to do what I wanted them to by writing their name in numerical value in a square and praying over it.

 A   B R A H
1 2  9   1 A
. . M
N 5 6
L . 3 .



This is the formula I was given.


1 2 3   4  5 6 7  8 9 1 2 3  4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Follow Ups:

•Re: EL GAMMA TRAMMATON Dolores Finney 11:06:23 8/08/97 (0)

8-8-97 - The true shape of the El Gamma Trammaton is on the comment page. The computer eliminated all of the spaces I put in between the letters.

4-21-91 - Dream: I was given the power to get people to do what I wanted them to by writing their name in numerical value in a square and praying over it.

: Example: A B R A H 1 2 9 1 2

: . A . 1

: N M 5 6

: L . 3 .

: O C N I L 6 3 5 9 3

This is the formula I was given.


: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


4-22-91 - Vision: The voice said, "Do you know where the swimming pool is?" I answered, "Yes!" I saw it then in the closet of my 16th St. house. It's a small pool, blue on the bottom, 3 ft. deep on the north end to 8 ft deep on the south end. It has wide wavy lines from one end to the other down both sides and wide straight line down the center. It's the Blue Pool of Truth.


4-24-91 - Dream: I was in my 16th St. house doing laundry. I heard some people practicing a greeting similar to Heil Hitler. They were saying "Oh! Heil!" They did this several times. I was in the kitchen then and I heard a sound like an airplane coming. I and the other people went to the window to see what kind it was because it sounded so loud. It was huge. It was in the west 1/2 hidden by the trees. What was scary about

it was that it had flexible wings like it was animate and I felt also that it could see and was looking for someone. All of a sudden the sky went dark and it was very ominous. As I looked closer, a big black cloud had suddenly appeared and was hiding the plane. But the plane didn't appear again. As the cloud floated to the south, the plane was either behind the cloud and floated away with it, or it had simply become invisible.


4-27-91 Dream: I went upstairs at Allis-Chalmers to a long narrow office that was mine. I was followed by the International Purchasing Agent. I had four maps out on my desk, two of the world, one of the United States and one of Wisconsin. I quickly hid the map of Wisconsin because it showed where we were going in a few years.

NOTE: Those plans were changed later.


4-29-91 Dream: I was on 16th St. On a chart I was shown all jobs and fun things were done in pairs by two people to perfection. (shown by two white dots for each item) I then planned to go to the 3rd St. library with a friend but on the way we ran into my friend Diane and she gave me many books and said they came from the 16th St. library and were free. so, the plans were changed to go to the 16th St. library.

I went with my friend to meet Diane on 15th St. and my friend told me that Diane had always wanted to be a singer and even if she had to use a music machine instead of a band, that's what she was determined to do. Diane had always told me that she wanted to be a dancer and I was surprised at the news.

We reached the corner of 15th St. and the two girls went arm in arm into Diane's house. They did not invite me in, but left me standing there alone. So, I left there and walked back to 16th St. by myself, noting that dawn was coming and I needn't be afraid, but henceforth, as I went to school, I would be doing all things alone.

I then was shown on another chart that all things would henceforth be done alone. And another chart showed me that lucky numbers were to be played on the waning moon.


5-1-91 Dream: I was with a lot of my friends and we were about to embark on a practice survival trip for 20 days. It was the eve of a big Jewish holiday. But the enemy, dressed in black came in. He offered my Jewish friends and I a drink of some liquor that was in a tall oil well shaped bottle. The stuff was bright green and as thick as clear,  see-through toothpaste. I knew it was poison and if you mixed this stuff with alcohol, you could run your car on it.

I knew from the activities around us that some of our so-called friends, as soon as they saw that the enemy was real, changed sides and became our enemies, because they didn't want to die. We knew immediately that rather than being a 20 day experiment, we were now on a 12 year escape run for real survival.

In order to escape, the Jewish woman we were with offered herself up as a sacrifice to the evil man and kept his attention while the rest of us escaped by another door. We had to force our friends/turncoats to go with us or we wouldn't have been able to get away. There was one radio station in operation and I had a hand-held battery operated radio with me so we could call in with. One of the turncoats asked me what the station number was but I didn't dare tell him because he could give us away with that information. We dragged the turncoats with us as we ran from building to building.

I had a small child with me. My son. He appeared to be about two years old, but he had the wisdom of an adult. One of his shoes came off and I feared to stop long enough to put it back on his foot, but I did, and retied the knot. While I did that, he told me that he had been experimenting with seed potatoes to grow potatoes in a smaller space then was general practice in the past.

As soon as he finished telling me that, I opened the door of the building we were in and it opened onto a park with tall green trees, lush green lawns and a very narrow path to walk on, but I knew we would henceforth be safe.


5-5-91 Dream: I was in a big city and a man came to town. I was attracted to him and afraid of him at the same time. He walked by me and didn't even say "Hello!" I watched him as he went to the top of a high hill where an immense official building stood. It was the library. He had the key to the front door and it was his job to open it every day. I climbed the hill to be near him. We sat side by side, not speaking, but so attracted to one another. I had to touch him. It was a thrill just to touch our arms and thighs together. A narrator (The dream voice) spoke and said, "And they moved south and lived happily ever after."


 5-6-91 - Meditation: I was feeling a great deal of distress in my stomach that was causing pain through my chest and to my left shoulder. I went to the astral healing temple. I had many experiences there, including dancing with a man. Babaji said, "Your pain is forgiven." My pain in the physical was gone instantly.


5-8-91 Vision: The voice said, "visions will be open until October 27th." I saw a pretty woman, smiling with short dark curly hair, a black and white print dress with a square neckline, with many freckles on her chest.

The voice said, "See Mikkel Dahl"

I again saw the pretty woman smiling again.

I then saw a bookstore from the side. The side door opened and closed.

NOTE: Mikkel Dahl is a biblical scholar, dealing in prophecy through number codes.


5-3-91 Meditation: This was a specific intention to heal the mother of a friend of mine. She was born in 1913, so was 78 years old.

When arriving at the healing temple, I saw a head with thin red hair going from left to right. I saw a sharp instrument like a long needle. It removed a blockage from somewhere in her head.

Someone asked, "Why is she on Coumadin?" They then thickened her blood a little.

I saw her struggling with the healer and he dropped her on the floor. She would not cooperate. I heard a lot of blaming one person against another in the family for problems. They blamed the brother.

She continued struggling against the healer.

I then saw a silver picture frame. What was in the frame was faded towards white, then it slipped down and out of the frame.

NOTE: This patient died quietly on 5-19-91.


5-27-91 Meditation: This was a specific healing for a woman whose daughter requested the healing.

We took the woman to the healing temple. Babaji told me that this woman would not be a good candidate for healing since she is of the Nicean creed. He said we could do no more than extend her life for a few weeks.

There was a great deal of fear in her because she believes in the devil and that is bringing her down from a high place to a low place. She fears that we are there to attack her.

NOTE: This woman passed on in July of 1991.

More on the previous patient - We took her again to the healing temple to see if she would cooperate the second time since she had been so uncooperative the first time. Her liver was black and it was removed. They went in to replace it and had nothing to replace it with.

I then called Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I saw a gathering of people. Jesus came up behind them and put his arms around them to comfort them. I asked him to help the patient. I saw his face twice. He said, "Nothing further can be done. She is as peace."

NOTE: This patient died on 5-19-91.


6-1-91 Meditation: This was done specifically to find out why I had so much fear about many things. I asked to go to a lifetime that would show why I had this fear.

I saw a big brick wall on my left. A young man on my right said, "If you will call out 52-50 and swing your arms wide, the wall will fall down."

I saw a young family sitting in the corner of a sand box. They were all upset that I was going to look into my past.

I saw myself climbing some stairs. There was another level and there was a library door on the left and several men were waiting for me to help me go inside.

I saw an oval map of a star system. It was folded up and moved to the left. Someone said, "You can open this all up."

Several of my sons were with me and then one left because he had forgotten something. Another one said, "This should be easy."

Someone opened a white door on my left and inside was a library. I moved on and saw a beautiful white woman. She was wearing a crown and veil on her head of white lace. Her dress was white brocade satin and fitted down to the knees at which point there was pink lace gathered into a long pouffy pleated sort of thing.

I stated my wish to go a past life to find out why I was so afraid. A voice said, "Should we discuss it or shall we let it break?" I saw a white wall with little platforms on it for hand and toe holds.

I was led down a hallway to a door. The door opened. There was another hallway beyond leading to a storage room. Someone asked me, "Why do you want to do this?" I stated that I wanted to find out why I am so afraid of everything. The door to the storage room opened and a black man shaped blob fell out and slammed down hard on the floor. The voice said, "The unjust man is gone. He is dead."

I saw a woman on top of a man on a sofa and she wouldn't let him up. I asked her why she won't let him up and I told her to go into the bedroom but she won't leave.

I then saw a box of books. Someone was reluctant to open it, but finally it was opened and on top was a brown book titled, "It's a good life." I knocked the box of books over and said, "Well! It really takes brains."

I saw a little pamphlet that fell out in front of me. It had little characters on it like in the 'dark ages'. Wooly mammoths, etc.

I saw another piece of paper on it then with notes on it. It was of notes I took today about jobs that were done. There was another note to the right but I couldn't read it.

There was great reluctance for them to tell me about my past lives. They don't want me to know.


6-4-91 - Dream: I was in Russia with Nancy Reagan. We observed Raisa Gorbachev taking in empty canning jars and bottles, boxes, extra clothing to her home as though she was preparing for a long siege of war or future famine which she planned to survive. Being very suspicious of these activities, Nancy Reagan and I determined that she was up to no good and we were determined to thwart her activities. So we sneaked into her house when she wasn't there and saw lots of boxes under her bed. We planned to smash all the empty jars ad bottles so that she wouldn't be ready for what was coming that she was obviously aware of that no one else was.

I entered her bedroom and pulled out the first box. It was full of other empty boxes. I pulled out another box. It contained only dirty laundry. I continued to pull out boxes and found absolutely nothing suspicious at all. I told Nancy Reagan that I found nothing suspicious. We began to feel guilty.

Raisa Gorbachev entered the room and we apologized profusely for being in her room and being so suspicious of her. She was very gracious and accepted our apology and we all sat on her bed and chatted amiably for awhile. Then Nancy Reagan and I left, feeling very bad that we had misjudged her actions previously.

But then, after I got home and started thinking about the whole thing, I recalled all those bottles and jars being brought in, but nothing had ever been taken out. Still, none of them were in the house. So, where were they? Where had they been hidden? Was there a secret hiding place under the floor boards under the bed or a secret passage we didn't know about? Our suspicions were raised all over again. Were we being duped because the Russians were so slick?

NOTE: In August, 1991, the Communists arrested Gorbachev and Raisa and kept them prisoners for three days.


6-4-91 - Dream: I was sitting in the livingroom and suddenly the "Avatar" was sitting on the right side of my chair. A rustling sound preceded his appearance and then he was suddenly there. He was wearing all blue and a hat like a mailman. I was shocked. I said, "How did you get in here?" He just smiled. I said, "I know who you are. I wanted to meet you. I saw your ad in a magazine. I know where you live. You live on Pierce St. right across from the three domes (this is a botanical garden in Milwaukee, WI) I wanted to manage those apartments. He looked surprised that I knew that much about him. He started to make moves on me that he wanted to make love to me, but I put him off. He took off his hat and his hair was exactly like TMs when I first met him. He suddenly became more handsome. I asked him if he was married. He didn't answer but made more sexual moves on me and became younger. At that point I couldn't recognize him anymore and I put him off by asking him, "How does your group feel about weight loss?" He answered "It doesn't matter what you weigh."

I heard another rustling sound and a man suddenly appeared behind him who was older. It had first appeared that the man came from his back like a clone except he was 50 years older. Then they separated. I heard another rustling sound and seven more men appeared in the diningroom. I could hear them discussing ancient history.

My livingroom door opened and a man named David and another girl came in. David look startled that I had so many men in my apartment. He turned around and left. The girl came over, like she was a reporter and she wanted the men to discuss current events. The men began discussing baseball. The girl got disgusted and left.

The the "Avatar" who was now himself again, said to me, "If you want to know how a country or city is now, just state the name and direction and you will be shown. I said, "Paris. East" A heavy wind came up and almost blew me over.

I woke up from the wind blowing, feeling quite disoriented.


6-5-91 Dream: In two separate dreams, I was given gold healing wands. The longest one was three inches long. There was like an arrowhead point on it except that they were equilateral triangles and part of the tip swiveled so that when the triangle part was laid on the body, an inner section tilted to lay flat on the body. There was a design etched into the triangle part that resembled the doctors staff with the snake entwined around it. I was told that these could be  manufactured, but they could not be more than three inches across because that's as far as any body orifice could be stretched (ouch)


6-5-91 - Dream: In addition to the Golden Healing Wands, I was told that any medications or other fluids used in the applications would not be the real thing, but pure water specifically mentally charged to be the particular medicine or fluid. They would look like placebos but were actually prayed over to become active like the real thing.


6-13-91 - Dream: I was in a house with my family and we heard the noise of a rocket taking off on a space mission. My son ran out to watch the rocket. I followed him also, in time to see the rocket with flames behind it, cross the big dipper. (The trajectory was northeast) I then went back into the house and looked out a window. Outside, I saw a large grey farm tractor in a plowed field. It seemed very ominous to me, but I saw no person driving it. It was not following a  specific path, but weaved back and forth from left to right, still coming my direction. I asked the meaning  of the tractor and they told me, "It's the watchers."


6-11-91 - Dream: I was writing in a notebook about my life and other's devastating life experiences. The first paragraph was about ML's experience where he was stabbed 24 times in his apartment manager's job. (this is a true event of a friend of mine) I then began to write a note to TM that events were going to escalate to such an extent there would be no time to write them down. My final parting words were, 'HANG ON'!


6-24-91 - Dream: There was going to be a war, but unfortunately the people we had to fight lived on our side of the ocean and looked just like us, only they were on the far right down the coastline. We didn't know how we were going to tell who was the enemy.

A big tall man about eight feet tall came along and said that he was going to put a stop to the war. There was a land bridge between us and them and he ran over it to those other people as fast as he could to negotiate with them.

Then, I noticed that when he was running back and forth between the groups of people, he wasn't running across the bridge, he was running on top of the water. We were so excited because that meant that this was The Christ. We gathered around him and begged him to touch us expecting to feel his power of energy coming into us. He took my hand and I didn't feel any surge of power which meant I was just like him and sure enough, our men could walk on the water too.

Then he went to walk through a concrete wall and just bonked into it like we would, which meant he was flesh and bone just like us.


7-6-91 - Dream: I was in a city on a walking tour. A huge bus came by full of kids. The bus pulled into a parking structure that was three stories high. The kids got out of the bus and went over to the edge of the structure to look out over the city. There was a trembling of the earth and many kids got a shocked look of fear on their faces and so did we, but it was too late. The entire parking structure collapsed in a heap.

The man I was with and I dove for the protection of some thick bushes so we wouldn't get hit by flying debris. Still, the man was hit by flying concrete dust and his skin was pocked by it a little. But otherwise we were uninjured. The fire  department came to the rescue to try to save lives.

Later, at the fire station, we stood there as the trucks came back to the station in a certain order in order to fit. The women from the Red Cross were there handling blood donations for the hospital.

I commented that when they made a movie of all this tragic disasters in the future, the rescue and blood donations events would all be romanticized.


7-8-91 - Dream: My boss TWW had an accident in his truck on the freeway. He wasn't hurt.

NOTE: In August his truck was actually hit on the freeway. He wasn't hurt.


7-31-91 - Vision while watching TV about Jeffrey Dahmer newscast. I saw a map with an arrow pointing from Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL, and another arrow pointing from Chicago, IL, slightly north of direct east to a city in Michigan.

NOTE: Jeffrey Dahmer never admitted to killing any people except those he was convicted of. However, on 8-5-91 - body parts were found in a Chicago pond.


8-6-91 - Dream: I was with my grandchildren. Brian lit a match and I could not blow it out. I also had a discussion with him because he wanted all my pennies that I had offered another child. I told him that he had already been given his own and the ones I gave him were mixed with silver dimes.

NOTE: This incident occurred in June of 1997. When I had this dream, these other grandchildren had not even been conceived of nor born.


7-24-91 - Dream: I was in a house. A man told me to tell all my friends, if they haven't already done so, to purchase a circular mat to go in the center of their livingroom floor where they stand. The colors were 33 1/3% each of Red, Orange, and Yellow - in a curved triangle of each color spiraling in toward the center. There were 1/2" rings circling within.

NOTE: You can see glyph similar to this mat by looking at the crop circle at:

This crop circle was formed in England on 7-21-91 - It is the Barbury Castle Crop Circle. The mat was similar to the glyph at the lower end of the crop circle.

Posted by Barbury Crop Circle on August 17, 1997 at 16:55:32:

NOTE: You can see glyph similar to this mat by looking at the crop circle at:

This crop circle was formed in England on 7-17-91 - It is the Barbury

Castle Crop Circle. The mat was similar to the glyph at the lower end of

the crop circle.

8-17-97 The date of this dream (7-24-91) is a clue. 7-24-91 was just a few days after the Barbury Castle crop circle formation. The division of your circle into a triangle of three colors fits with the crop formation. It is three circular areas in a triangle. It is related to the Trinity of Creation, I do believe. Your drawing which you sent to me looks much like a crop circle, like lines of wheat stalks laying down.

The way your lines go toward the center may connect with the north glyph in the crop pattern. There were six lines with the wheatstalks going inward toward the center. The colors in your dream, Red, Orange, and Yellow are sun colors. I knew when I first the crop circle that the North glyph in the crop formation was a sun symbol, associated with "male". Very similar glyphs are in "The Sacred Symbols of MU". In a later article about the crop circle, it said that the three corner glyphs have parallels in alchemical signs, corresponding to sun/sulfur, the moon/salt, and Mercury/quicksilver.

In the Hopi Creation Myth, there is a sun inside a square shape in the sky. The mat in the room is like a circle inside a square.

by Joe Mason


8-19-91 - Dream: I went to a baptism at a church. The baptismal baby was in a crib and Satan stood nearby watching. The baptismal dress lay on a counter and it was full of lace. The lace was crocheted into words and it began, "Angel's Beware". I began to read the baptismal words and Satan started to holler and run off. I stopped reading and he came back. I read the words again and he hollered and ran off. As soon as I stopped reading he came back. I read just the words, "Angel's Beware" and he just laughed. He went away and came back with a picture of an angel with blue wings. He showed it to me and just laughed at me. Then I read the words of the baptism again and he ran off hollering.


8-20-91 - Dream: I was with a bunch of people who were being taught about God by a blonde woman. She was so proud of them and she was smiling. A thought came to me that if her pride in them turned to pride in herself, she would be lost. The dream voice said, "Had she not been there, we would have found another way to teach them."


8-20-91 - Dream: I was in the country and there was violence going on. Men were shooting at each other. I was afraid I would get hit by flying bullets. I saw an old farm house. I could hear the men all shouting as they shot their guns off and the whole way along the house was illuminated so that my shadow showed my position where I was. I finally made it to the safety of the house and the woman inside let me in. They wanted to comfort me so they took me to the kitchen to feed me. They had all kinds of food, but instead of just serving me something, they lay out choices I could choose from that were disguised with pastel covers over them, so no one would know who made which one. They knew that if pride in themselves and their accomplishments took hold, they would be lost.


8-20-91 Dream: In my dream I was laying in bed half asleep. I heard the doorbell ring in my left ear and thinking that it was a psychic doorbell and not physical. I didn't bother to get up to answer it. When I finally did get up, I saw a bag of groceries by the door and asked my kids where they had come from. They said that they had let David in. (A friend). I looked up and David was standing at the far end of the kitchen counter dressed in a beige suit, putting groceries away.

My mother was also standing by the kitchen counter looking at a big brown envelope that had come in the mail to her. It contained a lot of newspaper articles about a world renowned psychic and his predictions and some photographs which she showed to me. The first one was of the man. He was short, balding, and chubby. His name was Wm. C. Conrad or O'Connell. The picture itself was unusual. It was of semi-clear plastic of a see-thru nature. When I turned it over, the picture was of Christ. I turned it back and I thought I saw the mouth moving like it was talking. I then looked at another photo. It was of my 16th St. house and my children were playing out in front of the house. The picture was moving like a film. I saw the others and each scene was different but in every case, the pictures had moving people on them. I was amazed and then I realized that when you looked into the photo, they were showing you the future.

I asked my Mom who the man was and why she had all this material from him. She said, "I am going to introduce you to him. He wants to meet you. He wants to teach you, so that you can recall all your visions like he does, instead of only one in three like you do now."

My Mother was reluctant about this because the material had not been requested by her, but she was going to follow through on it anyway.

I was excited. I wanted to meet the man, find out about the photos and be able to remember all my visions.


8-22-91 - Dream: Two men were in the darkened livingroom of my 16th St. house. All the lights were out and I could not turn them on. I went into the diningroom, got down on my knees by the diningroom table and tried to light a candle in the dark. I had a match, but no matchbook to strike the match on. I tried to strike the match on my hand, but nothing happened. I could see flashes of red in the sky. I didn't know if it was a storm coming or a UFO coming. I tried lighting the match by striking it on the wooden table. I got some sparks but that's all.


8-26-91 - VISION - I was listening to the program about Josephine Baker. I saw Marilyn Monroe. A voice said, "Was there anyone who wasn't hurt by Charlie?"



Q. Will T.M. be leaving his job on October 8th?  

A. I saw a man and woman dancing. The man said, "I wish I was 19 again."


8-29-91 - (Meditation about T.M.) Q. Under what circumstances will T.M. be leaving his job on October 8th?"

A. Voice: "You can know anything you want to know behind the door."  I saw a glass door slide open with entrance to the right.


9-3-91 - DREAM - I was with my friend David. He said he was leaving me for 8 months to be with another woman. He and she were getting an apartment manager job together farther on the north side of the city. He and I had a baby girl together and I saw that it wasn't growing properly and it's butt was dirty with grayish pop. I clean the baby up and I told David that if he left that I was keeping the baby with me.

I had to go upstairs to get something and asked him to wait for me, but when I came back down, he was gone. I burst into tears, crying hysterically, but I got myself under control very quickly anyway.


9-4-91 - DREAM - My new boss came to my new apartment, went into the bathroom to shave. I saw that he left a trail of cocktail glasses on the floor with a white liquid in it. (a liquor of some kind) There was white fluid dropping on the floor. I rushed around trying to clean up real fast and wiped up the bosses mess too. He asked me how close he should shave and I saw that I didn't know anything about shaving. He shaved his face real close, then rubbed it against mine. It was very unusual. I then noticed that I was in a house I had been in before it had had two organs, a portable one and built-in one. Both of them had been removed because they were afraid that the new renters would damage them.


9-4-91 - Same question - Q. What is the significance of October 8, 1991 to T.M.?

A. I saw a mouth with big pieces of liver slide out.
A. Voice: "A need for fresh air."
A. Voice: "104 F"
A. I saw a man run out of the room crying , with his fist against his right eye.


9-5-91 - DREAM - Things were being settled and I was told that the war was over.

I was given two decks of Tarot cards and a book of instructions. They were pure white. One was for winning something and one was for buying something.


9-8-91 - Dream: I was in a big department store. A woman in black was making fun of me and saying that she didn't believe that I could predict the future. She got up on a podium in the center of a big room to give a lecture. I feel she was in the fashion business. I pointed at her and said, "I predict that your business will be a failure."

NOTE: Shortly thereafter Boston Store (Bergner Co.) filed for bankruptcy. Marshall Fields was also not doing well in Milwaukee's downtown area.


9-17-91 - Dream: There were 200 celebrities in all walks of public life on a ship called , "The Time Ship". The boat had begun shipping water. I saw the roster of names but could not remember them.

NOTE: The rate of deaths among celebrities seemed to be at an all time high rate after that. But maybe I was just noticing it more.


9-29-91 - Dream: I had a little white Tupperware sandwich box and in it I had water and had deposited the eggs of green turtles. They were very, very tiny, maybe one quarter inch long, but hundreds of them. I decided to put in some frogs eggs and watch them grow too. I dropped the eggs into the water and saw them develop into tadpoles and then into frogs.

These too were only one quarter inch long. But then I dropped the box under my desk and it spilled. When I looked under the desk, hundreds of the frogs and turtles had died for lack of water, but where the frogs and turtles had landed in puddles of water, they were growing monstrously big and they scared me.

NOTE: In 1996, thousands of frogs were found to be deformed if they survived at all. This was happening in the U.S. and England at the last report I heard.


9-30-91 - Dream: I was with some people at a big company and we knew there was a terrible worldwide disaster coming. A man I was with asked me if I wanted to go somewhere with him. It cost $360 to get 3 sleeping pills to die before the big event happened. I agreed to go with the man, but then he told me that he had told P.M. that I was going to be there and that when she heard that she had insisted on being there too and he had already given her the 3 sleeping pills. When I heard that P.M. was going to be there, I knew that I couldn't go at all. I then looked up at the building joists in the ceiling where the record was kept of who was getting these sleeping pills that P.M. had already paid for two previous chances at an early death for $60 each and the first one was already in motion. The hook that kept the first two joists together in the roof had already been released for her to die.

I then went back to the main office where I was working on a big Conscious Development lesson and typing it up. I was told then that I and one other woman had been selected to type up the notes for the plan of the big event to come. I agreed to do that and told the man that it would be best if we used our own typewriters to do it where we already were and he agreed that that was acceptable.


10-5-91 Meditation: This was an attempt to astral travel with O.B.E.(Out of Body Experience) I wanted to practice real astral traveling. Several times I saw myself getting helped up by someone else to a standing position, but I felt that I was just seeing clairvoyantly and not really getting out of my body. What I was seeing did not coincide with instructions given in a book by Lobsang Rampa. In all cases, there was someone there holding my hand and pulling me up. I once tried turning around to look at my body laying on the bed, but I couldn't turn. In fact, I felt I was straining extra hard to turn around, but couldn't.


10-15-91 - Dream: I was in my 16th St. house. My daughter came running into the house to tell me to call the fire department. I looked out the window and saw four men fighting with long sticks which were on fire. They were fighting each other and at the same time lighting up cars and dry brush. I called 911 and reported them. Then I heard on the radio that four men were arrested in Los Fuentes, CA for lighting arson fires in Los Fuentes and Los Quedos, CA.

NOTE: On 10-20-91 there were terrible brush fires occurred in Oakland and Berkeley - Alameda County. 10 people died and 60 people hurt.


Dream - 10-23-91

I gave birth to another baby. Then I visited a daycare center where the babies were 9 months old to 2 years old. It was obvious which babies were going to be the troublemakers of the future. So, I chose those babies to play with and make them laugh to try to change their outlook on life.


10-24-91 - VISION - I saw a female lion trying to jump over a fence. It only got half way. The voice said, "The Jewish are getting nowhere. The Lion of Judah can only get half way over the fence.

REF: Gen: 8 - 10 - Judah, your brothers will praise you, your hand will be on the neck of your enemies; your father's sons will bow down to you. 9: You are a lion's cub, 1O Judah; you return from the prey, my son. Like a lion he crouches and lies down, like a lioness - who dares to rouse him? 10: The scepter will not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until he come to whom it belongs, and the obedience of the nations is his.


10-30-91 - VISION - I called Holy Christ in meditation. He said to me, Prepare the color chart. Prepare yourself for teaching color therapy classes. You, yourself will be healed when the time is right. Miraculous healings are not due to the intensity of desire, not the amount of faith. Because illnesses are learning experiences, miraculous healings are according to God's Will.


11-11-91 - DREAM - There was no work to be had in the country, so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th Street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around.

The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking, but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret, but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents.

I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said,"'I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped one mother up from collapsing. She was so devastated that her daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, (the capital city) and these children were going to be used as hostages.


11-11-91 DREAM - I was living in my 16th st. house. I was given the key and 6 brilliant gold door knobs to the dream video storage box next to my house by the front stairs. I went out front and got 6 video plates. If I used those up, there was another storage box behind my house, or I could use the key or the knobs to get in any other video storage box in the world.


11-14-91 - DREAM - I was in the building being constructed that I worked and lived in. The road/bicycle path that went up from one level to another was too steep for others to use and was condemned. Another plan would have to be drawn and the path reconstructed that was not so difficult. As I went up the path, each level was done and the walls  were white, but the spiral upwards, one had to get off their bicycle and walk up, one couldn't ride their bicycle. It was too hard.


11-06-91 DREAM AND VISIONS -  I was living in New Berlin, WI.  It was the eve of my wedding. An old woman was complaining that Nitrites were getting into her drinking water. An expert said that it was leaking in through the basement walls.  But, we had a man sealing the basement walls to prevent that from happening. (An article on nitrites in the drinking water was in the newspaper yesterday).

I went upstairs to the first floor. I saw a book titled "The death of the Two Truscan Babies".  Then I saw another one about the Russians. It said, "The Death of the 5 Twin Babies of the Kundalini".

I was looking for a fur jacket t go over my wedding dress because it was winter. I had an embroidered flowered pillow case and I wanted to wash it all by itself to make sure it was pure white, but I tore out the embroidered picture because that was the only part I needed to wash. Other women wanted to wash the baby clothes with it, but I said, "No! It has to be washed alone."


11-6-91 - Meditation:  I did some chakra balancing work, and when I worked on the crown chakra on myself, I saw my wedding veil. It was in a roll, pure white, and I was handing it to my maid of honor and asking her if she was ready to perform her duty. She said she was. I then asked who I was marrying. I saw a drape being pulled down like a monk's cowl and yellow roses rolled out. A voice said, "We are counting the guestlist. Rebecca won't be there. I repeated. "Who am I to marry?"  The voice said, "You are to be the Bride of Christ."

Not to be fooled by demons, I said, "I want to see my bridegroom, including the feet." I was shown a man in a tuxedo, but he was transparent. Worrying about my future in the physical, I asked, "Will I be able to have a physical bridegroom too?" The answer came back, "Yes!" I asked, "Who will it be?"  The answer came back, "You know who it is." I asked, "Why doesn't he know it?"  The answer was, "He is being blinded to it at this time, because of his own personal situation."


11-8-91 -VISION - I was meditating and a man's voice said, "We have to go into training for this, just like anything else. A door opened and a man dressed in a pale grey almost silver suit appeared. He said, "I'm going into training now and when I return..."  and he came into my body.

A woman dressed in white appeared.  She wore a purple cape.  She said, "Is there any reason why we can't control them all. I said something a bout my health and another voice said, "You will be healed miraculously." I saw myself go up through a brown door and when I did, I noticed that I was carrying my wedding veil.

I went to a higher level, and a voice asked, "Are you prepared for your marriage?"  I felt unsure and imagined myself taking a shower. I then saw a man standing in his shorts, pulling on his white tuxedo trousers, one leg at a time. He said, "Why are YOU nervous?"

I heard women babbling, and one women said, "She's lucky. First a date, and then the King." Another woman said, "She's going to need so much help. She's so comedic helpless.  And she's going to be the Queen of the World."

A man's voice said, "You'll have ME!"

I said, "Thank God!"

He said, "I'll be with you always."

I then saw the veil unfolding.

I heard the words, "With this ring I thee wed."

Then I saw the white veil spread out over my head and it seemed to cover the whole sky.

I again meditated on the man in grey. I asked what he and I were going to do together. The voice answered, "He is going to help you do prophecy. He is here to learn to share the blessings that you are going to receive in the future because of what he is going to help you do.

The man in grey appeared and said, "You are very pleasant to be with, and beautiful too. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips.


11-10-91 - DREAM - I was in my bedroom with my baby son. I was going to feed him. The refrigerator was closed. He said, "Can't we have regular food?"  I laughed. "Yes! We can have regular food. Let me gather up my papers first!"

I gathered up all my papers. I got together all my daughter's school things.

My Mother and Father came to visit. They said they would take me home. I thought we were going to stop on 12th St., but my Father didn't stop. He kept going up Center St. towards 16th St.

I asked my Mother who was taking care of the babies. She said, "George!" I questioned her. "Is George capable of taking care of 3 babies?" She assured me that he was.

My Father pulled into the 15th St. garage. I was getting my things together and my daughter's things together to get out of the car and someone bumped the door so I couldn't get out.

There was a lady with a pink hat and her two daughters. she was going through my things on a table.

I said, "Are you looking to buy something?" trying to be tactful.

She said, "Yes! I'm looking for the radio with the Ruby Red Light on it!"

I had had a sale the week before, but I had nothing to sell now. Then I saw that all my papers were gone. I got scared. "Where are my papers?" I accused the woman. She said,"They are on the floor!"

I looked and there they were. I picked them up and began to sort them to be sure they were all there and not stolen by her daughters. They appeared to all be there.

I looked up and out the window towards the house. There was heavy fog.

I wanted the woman to leave. She didn't appear to want to. She asked me again for the radio with the Ruby Red Light.

I wasn't giving it up. I needed it, but I didn't want to tell her that I had it.


12-9-91 - DREAM - I managed an apartment building on the East side of Milwaukee with 84 apartments and I lived in #73. It was hard to distinguish #73 from #84 and a little boy showed me which door to use. Inside, it all looked familiar. Someone had tried t take my I.D. and all the proof of who I was, was strewn on top of the bed which had an orange blanket on it. I picked it all up, including some photos of people I knew and the photos became live and I became part of the photo and found myself walking from 20th St. school to my home on 16th St. I was carrying a flashlight and every corner I came to, people were offering to buy me a drink. I knew this was out of the goodness of their hearts, but I  didn't drink and tried to be nice so as not to hurt their feelings. I carried a lighted flashlight to show the way and shown it on each person who called my name. The police were watching me because so many people were calling my name. As we walked up 16th St., we came to two places where drugs were stored for distribution. The officials were in charge of them. They said that they could allow booze to be stopped, but drugs is what kept our country going.


12-9-91 - VISION - I could see all the way across the United States to Seattle. The voice said, "The banks will grind along with only 4 minutes warning. Then I was seeing close to where we were in Wisconsin. The voice said, "Nearby there will be grinding for 4 hours but for days at a time."


12-9-91 - VISIONS - The voice said, "There will be black and white snakes and they will have to have their heads cut off, but unfortunately there will be black snakes and those will have to have their heads cuts off.

VISION #2 - I saw myself in a school in India with two Swami teachers dressed all in white with wrapped heads. There were children leaving the big tiled floor reception/lecture room through big french doors to go play outside on the vast lawns. The Swami by the door said, "The snakes represent the vast array of truths, half truths, and outright untruths which must be cut off."


12-11-91 - VISION - I was laying in bed feeling sorry for myself and I saw the King of the Irish ( a leprechaun) dressed in a royal purple robe trimmed with white Ermine fur. He was sitting at a piano and surrounded by clumps of 4 leaf clovers. He said, "This is a time for celebration."


12-12-91 - VISION - I was resting and found myself on an ocean shore. High waves were coming in. I felt I was on the Atlantic ocean on a cape. The voice said, "This is called, "The Cape of the Clear Water." "The pivot point of the next axial shift will be 43 degrees from the south pole and southwest China.


12-13-91 - VISION - I asked a question of Babaji, my guide,"Why do I have to be out of here by 8/9/93?" I saw myself with two other women. Babaji said, "I don't want any interference." Then I saw myself sitting in a white wicker chair next to a man who sat in another white wicker chair to my left. He was covered with an army green blanket. He said, "It's become your responsibility." Then a saw a fence-like enclosure with silver posts with an army green burlap enclosure on the outside. The year 1993 was printed on the green burlap in the corner. Babaji said, "I want to make sure you are out of here." I asked, "What is the specific reason for this?" He said, "Dick Dick Charom. (Or Charon or Jerome). I felt like it meant riots.


Meditation - 12-24-91 - After reading ECKANKAR stating that the SUGMAD in us is imagination. Imagination is our manna. Babaji then said, "If you are looking for a woman and she is not there, it is because you have not WILLED it. Whatever you have WILLED, you have; whatever you have not, you have not WILLED. Whatever you WILL, you will have.

Then I saw a man and a woman with three sons in front of them in attendance. The woman was handed a bouquet of flowers for the marriage ceremony by a person who came from the right and they were married.


12-26-91 - DREAM - I was with a tall white haired man on a big piece of land Another man was checking out boundaries and landmarks that went on a contract. The man I was with was wearing a black overcoat and we were holding hands. He was on my left and we walked so close that our arms were touching. We wanted to make sure the man knew that we were really together. The man went to check on one last thing. I said that he was making sure that the gravestone marker was in place. The tall white haired man and I went to the office. The elevator indicator said 1, 2, and 4. There was no 3. When we got up to the 2nd floor, the room was very plain. I said that the office where music is stored is always plain.

I was then met by a female attorney who said she was looking for a paper about Charles Manson. She told me that if we didn't find this paper, he might be let go. I carefully went through all the files that she handed me. It was not there. Then I told her that in years past, we had the original notarized paper, but something had occurred where the original had been required, so we xeroxed it and refiled it, but now we can't find it.


12-17-91 - DREAM - I was in church in New Berlin, sitting in a pew reading the bulletin and not paying attention to what was going on. The minister called me by name to come up and receive communion. I was feeling embarrassed for not paying attention, but I wasn't really late, the person ahead of me was only three feet ahead of me. When I got to the front he held up a champagne glass to me with a liquid in it. He said, "The milk of human kindness" and as I reached for it to put it to my lips, he said, "I'm sorry" I said, "I'm sorry." I looked to the right and the other communicants ere attempting to make a circle as we moved to the right.


12-17-91 - DREAM - I was in a bank in New Berlin and a red-headed employee dropped a bag of money. Instead of turning it in, I put it in my own locker. Then started the guilt trips of guilt trips. the amount was over $3000. I knew that the bank would miss it at the end of the money count. Also, a camera had been on and saw the whole action take place. I left the bank and went to a store with David who was dressed as an elderly transvestite. I went to the wig counter to find a blonde wig that was longer than my own hair, but when I tried one on, they were too short. When I took the wig off, my own hair had turned into a field of flowers. I couldn't leave it like that, so I started combing it out back into real hair again. The clerk then rolled my hair into curls. This clerk and several others went to another aisle and began talking and I felt that they were talking about me and I knew I had to get out of there. Before I could though, I had several wicker baskets with toys for children and a makeup case. I left the toys there for children to play with and took the makeup case with me.

At this point, I wanted to take the money and move out west, but I knew that if I went back to the bank, I'd be arrested and have to serve several years in prison. Then I saw a red-haired man coming into the building whom I thought was the bank employee and I had to get out quick.

At this point, since I couldn't go to the bank, I had no money, no wallet, no suitcase, nothing to call my name. I also couldn't figure out which was was east or west to find my house and I couldn't remember the name of the street it was on either. I just knew it was a named street and not a numbered one. I also had to walk because I didn't have a dime of my own to pay bus fare.

I began to walk and discovered that I was going west because the numbers on the houses were getting bigger - 8 -9-10. So, I knew I had to go east and then south.

By then I discovered that I had a manila envelope in my hand with money I had received for Christmas so I could ride the bus afterall. I tipped the envelope up and the money was all silver coins.


12-27-91 - Meditation - A voice said, "The Middle East is a sorry state of affairs. I then saw two rows of desks in a semi-circle. The voice then said, "Neither the Polish or the U.N. want anything to do with it." All the U.N. desks were black.


12-28-91 - DREAM - I was at a library and my baby son said that he wanted to learn how to fly. So, I took him into the book section where you could learn to fly. Then I wanted to read a particular author and a boy told me to read Booth Tarkington, so I went into the author section and got that book. Then the children wanted to leave by a way that was blocked. The librarian told them not to go that way and I told them to follow the proper way and obey the orders.