3-1-96 - DREAM - I dreamed all night that I had invited guests, but I wasn't ready. The guests let themselves in and packed moving boxes. When I woke up, the astral phone rang. The voice said, "Cooperation! You have all the people, now gather them together!"

NOTE: In June, I changed jobs and had to move again to another city.

3-10-96 - MEDITATION - I asked about B.F. and her channeling of "K" of the 6th Density Light Beings.  I saw B.F. come up to me and greet me. She welcomed me to become part of a circle of 12 men. A man started showing me large sheets of paper with writing on, but I couldn't read any of it. Then a man picked up several sheets of forms from my locksmith job and from under it he pulled a yellow sheet of paper with a drawing on it.  It had two squares at the top with a long rectangle below it. Under that were two sections of squares with 9 spaces in each.

4-4-96 - VISION - 'THE PIA'

4-6-96 - VISION/DREAM - I was in the "E" building locker room. A voice said to me, "What are in the blue boxes?" I looked to the left side and saw a row of red covered boxes. So, I looked closer and saw two blue covered boxes in locker #4 or 5 from the left. The boxes were as large as copier paper boxes, covers were bright blue with white triangles in various positions around the rim. (not equilateral triangles..more long on the bottom edge) I loosed closer at the boxes and they were labeled 'S.T.F. CHALLENGE".

I didn't immediately know what it meant but S.T.S. means Service to Self, and S.T.O. means Service to Others. I thought it might mean Service to Father. I didn't know what this meant but possible a test to be undergone. I began to pray the "Our Father" prayer and went into another dream/vision.

This time I opened a closet door and under some papers was a shoebox type box with a blue cover. The box was blurrily labeled "FOXGLOVE".

I wasn't certain if that's really what it was because it was blurry, so I asked for it to be clarified. Down in the lower corner of my vision the word, 'FOXGLOVE' appears very white and clear.

NOTE: Foxglove is Digitalis used to strengthen the heartbeat. (Makes it beat slower and harder). I had been having heartbeat problems all night, beating too slow and hard, which for me I've determined over time is caused by too little iron in my blood.

NOTE: I ended up in the hospital because my heart would pound harder, but not faster and I couldn't breathe well.  I had many tests and it was determined that I had too little iron in my blood. So, my dream was right on the money.


4-20-96 - DREAM -  I was in a house with a man who wanted to start a relationship with me. We sat on the couch to be friendly, but I said to him, "Paul!" I can't do this because I've been waiting for N. since I was 16 years old and I don't have him yet."


4-21-96 - DREAM - I was in an office where I worked with T.M. and other people. I had been asked by T.M. to do a task that would make his wife want to die, perhaps commit suicide, but more likely to sicken enough to die naturally.

I was filling out an application card to a library that would cause the library to question her to cause enough stress to cause her to sicken and die. In the first place, I wanted to join the library myself and filled out the card for myself. I was supposed to fill out one for her with false information, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

There were papers with evidence that would show my guilt in the deed which I hid in the waste basket amongst other trash.

Some women came in who had lost a piece of paper with important information and started to go through my wastebasket. I felt really guilty and hoped they wouldn't see my papers.

Meantime, T.M. came in and asked me if I had done the deed. I said, "No!"and he was very disappointed. He planned to do it himself and walked out again.

I had a housing Lease in front of me for his wife and I wrote at the top like it was her handwriting. "I'm applying for this Lease, but I'll be dead by the time you get it."  That statement was meant to alert the Lease people to question her so she would be stressed, sicken, and die.

Meanwhile, the girls found a Lease with T.M.'s name on it. They were all surprised because he had put a different address on it that was something like Bardi street or Bacardi street. I was surprised too because it showed his real intentions.


4-24-96 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband Jim. We were either married and getting ready to get divorced or already divorced. He was getting ready to leave and I would be left behind. We had not finished what we had set out to do and all through the dream I kept getting flashes of 3 colored forms in a cabinet up high. They were not human forms, but blobs of colored shapes, one brown, one blue, and one sort of salmon pink. Each colored shape was made up of like building blocks but they were fluid and we had to consume fluids like liquor (spirit) to keep these colors balanced and have them not go all one way or the other into one color.

Jim and I were discussing canning tomatoes. He said he didn't have time to can them this year and had assigned that job to a younger man. He was driving me home before he left and we were driving through tomato sauce which was on the road trying to avoid obstacles in the road or sliding off the edge.

This changed to us crawling up a steep hill full of tomato sauce and I was pushing a jar ahead of me in the sauce until it was full. We got to the top of the hill which is where I lived. The telephone was ringing and I had to listen carefully to see which line was ringing. I went over to the side to answer the phone but they had just hung up. There was a gold earring hanging where the red light had been. I noted I was just in time to watch "One Life to Live" and I turned it on, but got interrupted. Jim left I and I was left alone to clean up the kitchen, but I knew those colored life forms had to be balanced and that was the key issue.


4-25-96 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I looked out the window to the East and saw light flashing in a wide band like lightening in a cloud. It was getting closer. As it got closer, the light took on the shape of a flying craft, not like a circular UFO shape, but a shape which I compared to the movie 'War of the Worlds', the metal has a shiny soft look like a satiny velvet. To my shock, a beam of light came out of it and shot to the ground somewhere off to my right behind the next house. Whatever it hit was totally pulverized. The debris fell like hot snow into the surrounding land. we all ran outside as it passed on by to the west. People outside wanted to collect some of the stuff and we hollered, "It might be radioactive." But people collected it in bowls and kettles to take it home. It had a strange greenish white cast. I could still see the craft passing on to the west, shooting those beams of light down and things exploding where it hit. Then we saw another craft farther to the south. It too was also going from East to West and we were frightened.

The dream took on an odd weird quality and I was climbing on a roof and precariously balancing while I was trying to get back down. From there on I was with other people in a bar/stripper scene of which I took part. However, then it was back to the UFO craft and we saw another one coming.This one was not shooting. It was larger and it seemed to be watching what was going on. We hid underneath part of the house in case they started shooting again.


5-17-96 - VISIONS - Two magazines flipped over. One was called "Southern California". The second one was wrapped in plastic. I said, "I wouldn't want to be there right now."

#2 - I opened a brown mailing envelope and saw many handwritten reports inside.

#3 - I saw a memo from an attorney. The subject was $2,000.

#4 - I heard a voice say, "Sierra Madre Park is closed to visitors."

#5 - The people in Southern California aren't going to like it but you'd better get on the computer and tell them.

#6 - T.M. said, "I've got this case of chemicalism on my head and it affects both me and you."

NOTE: I contacted many earthquake centers on the west coast about the earthquakes, but when the date came, the earthquake was only a 3.5.


5-19-96 - VISION - I saw a telephone connection with the number (2) visions after it. I was told to establish a telephone line to Egypt. I was told to establish a telephone line to Hoar/Hore/Whore Montana.

A series of dreams and visions showed me that these connections were being worked on. The voice said, "The place is near Brinkman."


5-19-96 - DREAM - I was working for a man on the 1st floor and he told me he was putting in a second line and he would need to buy two 7" telephones. I thought to myself that if I had to give up my Aaron Security telephone job to work for him, it wouldn't be so bad and I had two extra two line phones then. I saw my daughter writing down her dreams and I knew I had to do this too.

Then I was traveling somewhere, being driven by a man. The outside air was so foggy we couldn't see where we were going and when we could see anything, we were passing huge semi-trucks on the highway. I sensed we were going up hill all the way from the tilt of the road. Finally we exited the freeway on a brand newly paved exit, following the lead of a group of men riding at least 40 motorcycles all in police uniforms. They led the way until we could figure out where we were going.

I woke up and a voice said, "If things go the way they should, you'll have everything you need in 5 months."

NOTE: 5 months later, I had gotten a new job and been fired from it, but got another job doing sales work that paid me $2,000 a month. Unfortunately, I was laid off from that job two months after that and had to move again. All the moving I did led me to the point where I met Joe in July of 97


5-20-96 - MEDITATION - I went to find Sandy in the Poconos. I was a woman in a really colorful dress. I saw that I should go on AOL, so broke meditation to do that. I thought maybe there was a letter waiting for me but their wasn't. I signed back off and went back into meditation to find Sandy again. This time I felt a spirit right next to me, hugging me around the neck, and it felt much happiness, joy, and love. Then I saw a woman dressed in brown coveralls. She was so happy and was waving a cellular phone in the air with her right arm.

I went to find D.L. in Dallas, TX. I heard someone say,"Please don't hate me, Please don't hate me." I kept going and got a sense of strong study in science and music. It was a sense of deep study...very intense. Then I got a sudden surge of looking for her father and I was told that if that looking for the father continued, it would create a complete change of transcripts.

I asked about Sierra Madre in June and was told that there would be about 10% destruction.


5-21-96 - DREAM - I heard a low pitched phone like a message coming in. Then went into the dream.

I told Becky I was reading a really good book by Stephen King. (The book is Insomnia) I started showing her some pages and it was about real estate. I came to a page about parking space. It was an old abandoned salt mine. It was smoothly carved out with pillars left every so often to hold up the roof. Inside was a drawing of an elephant, some other large animal and a dinosaur. This was to show that it was large enough to hold 727 jets. The dream continued as a series of photographs showing these underground spaces.


5-17-96 - DREAM - I saw a letter that listed dates starting March 5, 1995. a voice said, "Do not take _________? steroids. I tried to see where the letter was from and I thought it was M.I.T. This dream also kept repeating itself like a message and I thought it referred to the chemicalism of T.


5-23-96 - VISION - A man presented me with a long sword and scabbard. He said, "We will tell you the secret of President Roosevelt's sword."

The man said, "We will tell you the secrets you need. I expected maybe 1 or 2. I saw a box 5 feet long x 3' x 3'. It listed every imaginable type and manner of paranormal and divination secrets known to man.


DREAM - I was with my old friend G.H. and I was told that we should treasure such relationships and I should begin planning to buy a house so we could live together. Just then my old friend H.P. came in and sat down. I thought to myself, "This could get interesting."


6-9-96 - DREAM - I got my old job back in Engineering at A-C. I went up to the 4th floor and walked south towards my old desk. It was ready for me. I went over into the drafting area. None of the old people were there anymore, but the new people welcomed me.  I went back to my desk and sat down. A heavyset woman came and stood in front of me.

She had black hair and wore a black dress. She grumbled something at me and I knew she wasn't happy to see me back. (I think she was T.H. my old spiritual teacher who turned out to be a long time rival)

I woke up and fell asleep again about 10 minutes later. I was back at A-C and walked back to my desk. I had been gone 9 months and there was a Get Well card on my desk wishing me well from a 'broken back' accident. There was a package of homemaking gifts on my desk saying that they wished me well in my new apartment.

I had to get a mylar drawing down to T.M. It had to come from my department...Compressor. We didn't have the facilities to copy it to a blueprint, so I signed my name on it and take it down to the 1st floor and give it to T.M. so he could make a copy of it and use it.

I took it down to the 1st floor. He was way at the north end. There were some young girls working down there. T.M. was sitting at a table with his back to me. I was not to let anyone know that we knew each other, so I just gave him the drawing and left to go find something to eat. I was feeling weak and I knew my blood sugar was dropping.

I woke up at 9 a.m. and went to get something to eat right away.


6-15-96 - DREAM - I was in a school with an acquaintance from a couple years ago. She wasn't paying attention to her daughter who was about 4 years old. She left, so I took the little girl by the hand and went to a shopping center. When we got there, some young woman grabbed the little girls other hand and took her into a ladies dressing room. A couple minutes later, they brought her back out with her face all made me, she looked like a little prostitute and in my mind I remembered how pretty her face had been when it was clean and her mothers face too without makeup. I took her home then and on the way met another young girl I had known 15 years ago. I went home with her and when we said goodbye, I hugged her to tell her I loved her and she said the same back to me.

I still wanted to go shopping but I couldn't find my keys in my pockets. I said I had to go home and get my keys. On the way out the door I spotted her keys on the floor. They were brown keys and wrapped together with a rubber band. Instead of giving them to her, I surreptitiously put them in my own pocket so I'd have them if I wanted to get back in.

I went home to get my keys and met two other young women. We agreed to go shopping together. I wanted to get some brown loafers at the shoe store and one other thing. (I can't remember what) We started off towards the mall and I walked ahead of them walking much faster than them. I realized I should have waited for them. As I walked quickly, my chest started to feel uncomfortable to the point I had to stop walking completely because I was getting scared of the feeling.

I woke up to feel my heart beating wildly and my ears heard a rushing sound inside of me and I was hot and weird feeling. In my ears I could hear two different heartbeats. One beat was really fast and one beat was normal. One ventricle was either fluttering or beating very fast. A voice in my head;said it was beating at 115. The other part was beating at about 70.

(I think the fast beat was more like 150) I rolled over in bed a couple times to force my heart to beat faster and the beat normalized again.


9-20-96 - DREAM - I went out to my Father's cottage. We were looking toward the lake. I made a comment about the possibility of seeing UFO's. He said he had seen a huge wing shaped UFO. I asked him if he had managed to take a photo of it. He said that photos couldn't pick up the image of a UFO for some reason. I was disappointed to find that out. I went out on the porch. As I was going down the stairs which faced east I heard a shishing noise and from behind me came a huge bird wing shaped UFO that was so huge it stretched from as far left as I could see to as far right as I could see. And as it went it shape shifted into what looked like a huge U.S. transport plane with double tail fins on the back.


11-3-96 - DREAM - A man came up to me in my house and asked me if I had blown the first trumpet yet. I said, "No! It isn't time yet." He said, "I should go and make sure the trumpets are okay." I quickly visualized the trumpets sitting upright on their glass pedestals with the blue light infusing the room. I knew they were all right and felt that if I went to the trumpets at that point, someone might follow me there and then would know where they were and might try to get to them and blow them themselves.

I was expecting a woman visitor at that point. The doorbell rang and I almost said, "Come in!" without looking to see who it was. My thought was that her name was Nancy. I remembered my vow never to say, "Come in!" to someone I didn't know. I'm not sure whether this person Nancy, was good or bad. I went to the door to let her in the house and woke up.


11-8-96 - DREAM - I was working as an apartment manager somewhere new that I've never seen before. They gave me the keys and I went to look to see what they had in the office supply closet which was locked. I opened it and was thrilled to see how much stuff that was in it. I went outside then where a rummage sale had just concluded. There were three bins of stuff left, one of which was full of decks of cards, some regular and some with fancy pictures on the back. All this was scheduled to be thrown away. since I had collected these pictures all my life, I wanted these cards desperately. I went to get 4 brown paper grocery bags to carry them in. I was feeling a twinge of guilt even though they were going to throw them away. I went over to where my huge white truck was packed to travel west in. I asked the man in charge of the rummage sale if he would assist me in making room inside the truck to pack these cards in. On the back left of the truck were stacks of empty bins which he moved out of the way to make room for the cards to fit in.


11-12-96 - MEDITATION - Q. Please give me a positive message about the Reflections project in Washington State. A. "All aboard!" ;(sounded like a train boarding call)


11-13-96 - DREAM - I was laying in bed with T.M. and I explained to him that I had talked with God several years ago that I wanted T.M. to be mine. I went on to explain that at the time there were 4 T.'s in my life and had been very specific about which one I wanted to have for my very own and God had said, "Yes!"

NOTE: Some very strange circumstances happened in 1998 which may yet make this come true, but in the way I expected.


11-13-96 - VOICE - "Find someone named Jeremy" . I saw a colorful book open. It was 11 1/2 by 14". I turned back one page. There were all colorful pictures.

T.M. said, "I am tired. I need you to take care of this. He handed me a stack of paper bound together about 5 1/2 x 8 1/2". I took the papers and he said, "I value your hands!"


11-14-96 - MEDITATION - I called Marta and Babaji. Marta said I could talk with her directly. I had a conversation with her about Project Reflections in Washington State. she said everything was gong well and it was fine to distribute the flyers locally to see if anyone wants to go with me so I won't be alone. She said the Abraham tapes were full of wisdom and were good to follow. At the end I got a half a sentence about " 40 miles outside of Weiner" There is only one Weiner in the whole U.S. It is in Arkansas. There are dozens of towns within 40 miles of Weiner in Arkansas.


11-15-96 - MEDITATION - I saw 3 very fat women sitting together on a bench. They are my sisters. I was told that we are held together by a yellow belt. I went over to some white refrigerators or boxes and pulled out a brown board like a shelf with a 4" high edge on it and brough tit out to show them. Marta said, "Why are you closed down?" I answered, "Because of fear!"  


11-22-96 - DREAM - I was at A-C. I went through all my desk drawers to make sure all my work was done. Then I moved downstairs to a 1st floor office.


11-26-96 - MEDITATION - I asked about the Reflections Project. I was told that the cottages should have 'bird' names like: "The Bird Nest", "Wren House", "Robin House", Bluebird House", "Cardinal House", "Meadowlark House", "Falcon House", "Eagle House", "Chickadee House", "Swan House," etc.

I was also told that we should dig all the trash into the backyard,which means mulching all food scraps into the garden.


11-29-96 - VISION - I was told :"Read the book of Judah, Chapters 13 and 16".


12-4-96 - DREAM - I was trying to sleep and I was having a sleeping/waking type dream where I was laying in a road by the side and watching truck loads and trailer of building materials, logs of larger and larger sizes, sod being laid, etc. I heard an external noise and opened one eye but went back to continue the dream, then I heard a bell ring in my head, opened one eye, and went back to sleep. Finally, I heard my name called really loud in my head and woke up gradually, first with paralyzed throat, trying to say, "What!!!!!"

I woke all the way after getting up on one elbow in the dream and seeing a lush green valley. I'm sure it was in the State of Washington where our community was going to be built.

After I woke fully, I recognized that the radio was playing the Art Bell show and he was interviewing a woman from California named Pamela who had several experiences with male reptilian aliens. I looked to see if the tape was running and it was. I couldn't figure out why they wanted me to listen to the show live. At first she was laughing about how great reptilian sex was, but by the end of the show she admitted she was afraid.

Maybe I need to e-mail her some advice or have Laura Martin do it. I listened to the show live until 4 am.


12/5/96 - DREAM - My friend Alice came to visit me with her new baby at my apartment downtown. I wanted her to see my new apartment in New Berlin, so we got into my new Maroon Station Wagon and I drove uphill to the new place. I noticed that it was hard to drive the car because sometimes I forgot I was the driver, and sometimes I was looking at the car and what it was doing from a long distance behind the car. I was never actually in the driver's seat. Alice was! We got to my new place and I got out my keys which were silver. There were several of them. I wasn't sure which one to use, so I put one in the lock. The lock opened but the key promptly broke off. I had both pieces but I knew I had to go to the manager's office and have it replaced. I let Alice into the apartment and I went over to the manager's apartment which was 315. Mine was #10. I thought about volunteering to help our on Sunday mornings if they would want to go to church, but then remembered that Ralph might show up and wouldn't like it.

I went back to the door of my apartment and saw that there was a surveillance camera on the front door to see what was going on at all times.

I still had to get my key duplicated by the manager when I remembered that I hadn't brought my 2 month old baby with me. He was so quiet that I had completely forgotten to get him up and feed him. I was totally stressed out and knew I had to go get him. I decided that Alice could stay in my apartment and I'd go get the baby. I could hear her talking on the phone anyway.

All of a sudden I realized that I had just had anew baby yesterday and I hadn't fed that one either. Both the babies were in their cribs sleeping and neither of them had been fed. Now I was in a panic and hysterical that my children were neglected and unfed. I started to cry because I was such a bad mother and I woke up crying.


12-5-96 - MEDITATION - After an hour of meditation to ask for guidance, in frustration and almost in tears, I said, "The Our Father" prayer, raised my vibrations and said, "I need guidance" I saw a young man pick up a woman and throw her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and walk on, and then a beautiful blonde woman in a picture frame like a TV set said, "Like they do!'


12-10-96 - MEDITATION - I asked what kind of group we should have and I saw the (CC: (box) listen or symbol from the Internet and the triangle symbol from America On Line, so I knew I should listen to those on America On Line.


12-11-96 - DREAM - I got called on the carpet for frequent absence from work for my new boss. I cannot come up with a name for him though he could have been the Eckankar head man. (Harold Klemp)

The woman who was interrogating me I thought was trying to make the moves on my boss like she wanted him for herself. I cannot think of a name for her either.

What went through my mind was totally different than what I said. When I worked for the old boss, I worked from 5:30 in the morning until 10:30 p.m. at night but I worked mostly on Conscious Development stuff.

For the new boss I did next to nothing. I rarely came to work. I had a hard time making the transition between bosses. But I said to the woman, "Hugh was so good to me." (Probably is HU which means the Divine High God)

"I was so spoiled. My new boss gives me tons of work to do, I don't know where he is getting it from, cleaning out the drawers or something." She got a big smile on her face when I said, "Hugh was so good to me." She didn't hear anything else I said.

I left then and got a ride in the bosses car to go somewhere. I was really nervous and scared, but I knew if I stretched out my legs and pointed my toes a certain way and always turned right, I'd be fine.

I noticed too, a long white car pulled into the driveway and thought the name Gene and I wanted to be there but kept going anyway.

I also was going to ride home with someone in a smaller white car yet and I had forgotten my brief case to take work home with me. I checked the ignition and saw no keys there, but I didn't want to lock myself out of the car so left the seat belt dangle out the door so I could get back in when I came back.


12-11-96 - MEDITATION - I called Harold Klemp (the head of Eckankar) and instantly saw him walking by a lake, wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans.

I saw a cartoonish scene of an oriental type porch on a second floor. A man came out and jumped off to commit suicide. a chubby guy in a funny oriental suit came out the curtain, reached over and grabbed the guy and hauled him back.

The guy tried to commit suicide again, and the chubby guy came out and grabbed him faster. The third time the guy tried to jump off the porch, the chubby guy was there to save him instantly.

I called Harold Klemp's name again and instantly saw him again.

I slipped into a dream. I was kneeling on a pillow in front of a bright sunny window meditating. I felt dizzy doing that, so I got off the pillow and got down on the floor and faced the window on my knees to meditate. I still didn't feel stable, so I bent over and put my head on the floor. I could see the varicolored triangles on the linoleum on the floor right beneath me so there was no padding whatsoever.

I knew my mother wouldn't like me doing this so I pretended I was talking on the phone. So, I held a white phone in my hand. I heard my mother coming and I couldn't get up fast enough so my mother came into the room and took the phone away from me. My mother talked on the phone herself then. She said, "I caught her trying to talk on the phone."

I slipped into another dream where I was walking through a hallway. I saw at least a dozen moths sitting on the wall. I ran back into the kitchen to grab a broom and ran back and started to swat at the moths but most of them moved before I could hit them. I noticed I was too slow and the broom felt extraordinarily heavy. Then I noticed I was using a heavy sponge mop instead of the broom. I saw the broom standing there then and went back to hitting the bugs with the broom. Some of the bugs were so large they wore jeweled crown hats like kings. I beat on them even harder, when I hit the last one to death, the wall fell away and I saw my flower garden. The roses had bloomed and the petals had already fallen off and I missed all the beauty because I had been so busy killing bugs inside the house.


12-15-96 - DREAM - I was laying on my bed and a nurse came in to prepare my right tear for a surgical procedure. She said the doctor was going to clean out my right ear. She put some medication in my ear to dull any possible pain. I waited for the doctor to come but never saw him. Meanwhile, my right ear felt wide open but numb. I got up and went to the bathroom and while there I had a vision of a memory of seeing the doctor. He was swarthy skinned and wore dark rimmed glasses and a dark blue suit. I assumed at that point that I had had the surgery and just didn't remember it.


12-17-96 - MEDITATION - I heard the astral phone ring in my right ear. "This is Foster! We are ready to continue."

I asked, "Continue what?" A. "Continue the project." Q. Are there going to be a mass landing of aliens today?" A. "No!"

Q. Will there be a mass landing of aliens? " A. "No! Soon!"

NOTE: This was the day that Sheldon Nidle had predicted a mass landing of aliens.


12-17-96 - MEDITATION - I saw lots of people carrying boxes. A voice said, "You've got to move out of the house." "You are going to win $10,000". "You've got to get out of there." "OS2!"

NOTE: Two months later an incident occurred where I had to report my car stolen to the police. The person who had done it was related to the previous owner of the car and was so mad that I had reported the car stolen when he thought he was entitled to drive it questions asked...he went over to the house of the guy I had bought the car from and tried to stab the guy to death. The address of my house was in the glove box of the car on the paperwork. If I had not moved and or reported the address change my own life would have been in danger. I saved my own life by moving.


12-18-96 - DREAM - A woman doctor came to give my husband counseling, my daughter had a huge growth on her face which got larger and larger as I watched her and I tried to convince her to go to a doctor, one of my sons had huge purple growth behind his left ear and I wonder why he didn't go to the doctor and have it removed.

I was busy trying to serve my husband and then my family a good meal but I didn't have all the proper ingredients. I was trying to clean the house to perfection, but there was too much stuff sitting around yet where it didn't belong. I was waiting by the telephone to ring for the doctor to call with an appointment for my husband for counseling.


12-18-96 -VISION - I woke up and wondered why my astral phone wasn't ringing to give me a message. I heard a crackling noise in my head and I saw a computer screen come on with words moving up it but it was too blurry to read. I said, "It's too blurry to read and it changed so the words were larger and only one sentence at a time was displayed. It was still to blurry to read, but then I got, "Now you have no more excuses not to move."


12-19-96 - DREAM - I went downtown and I and friend re-did all the landscaping so it was picture perfect. Then I went out to New Berlin and stood on the front porch. The world seemed painted in pastel colors and I said, "Well! After looking all over the world for a better place, there is really no place better than this one!"


12-19-96 - MEDITATION - Q. Am I going to get the job with Ralph?'

I saw a door slam in my face and a voice said, "No! D or Dollars?"

Q. I asked, "Do I have to work for Ralph?" The answer was a loud "No!"


12-20-96 - DREAM - I arrived in a new town , at a new school where I was going to live also. My class was supposed to start at 7 p.m. but that time rolled around and I hadn't found my apartment yet. I was supposed to be in room 25. I found the room door sandwiched between a phone booth and a stairway to the basement. I had a very narrow door. I opened my purse to find the key and there were so many keys on various rings. I had to search through them to find the right one. I knew I would recognize it because it was extra large and bright gold. Three mailbox keys were attached. They were dull gray. I went to the room, put the key in the door and turned it. The door opened but there  was someone already in the room. The girl apologized and showed me her key. We were both apologetic and realized we had identical keys for two different rooms. She had already moved in so she suggested that I take her room. I cross the hall to find room 20. It had a huge picture window and a door wide enough to drive a car through. It was all nicely furnished. I agreed to stay there instead and a man in a hotel garb (like the Phillip Morris guy) brought in a huge TV antenna from the other room that was supposed to be mine. I was very concerned that I was late for class and that I was the only one late, but these other people were seen wandering around as well and I didn't feel so bad.


12-20-96 - MEDITATION - I saw stacks of music and other papers that needed to be shown to me.


12-20-96 - DREAM - Today was the first day of school. It was Tuesday and the day the Scouts wore their uniforms to class.

My son Tom wore his blue cub scout shirt and tie to class. He had received it from the landlord. Another man who worked for the school had on his boyscout leader jacket.

I saw this and said I needed to go get my scout leader uniform on also. Mine would be a skirt and a jacket. I found the skirt on the hangar and it turned out that my husband had borrowed my jacket so I needed to get it back from him.

The next few minutes I spent getting to the school bathroom to put on the uniform and on the way which I think holds the music instrument... The BUGLE... the trumpet?

I again saw the music.


DECEMBER 20, 1996


"Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty."
The one who was, and is, and is to come
Glory and honor and thanks be to you, who sits
on the throne and lives forever and ever.

O' Lord you are worthy to receive, the glory
and the honor, and the power, for you have
created all things. They were created and
called into being by your act of will.

The Lamb is worthy...the lamb who was
slain. He is worthy to receive the power and
the riches and the wisdom, and the strength
and the honor , and the glory and the blessing.

The blessing and the honor and the glory and
the power belong to the one sitting on the throne
and to the Lamb forever and ever.



The information will be given to you as necessary so as not to worry ahead of time.

When I was done, I saw a letter of apology written by T.M. on pink paper and received them in the mail. I could not actually see what it said. I then wrote a much longer letter of explanation in return also on pink paper. It contained some diagrams drawn in red.

I requested that the notes be shown to me again so I could read them. I was shown the dates March 4th and 8th.


12-23-96 - HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE - I was afraid to go back to sleep. I wrote it up for my nightmare story book.


12-23-96 - MEDITATION - I asked Babaji and Marta to give me any information they wished me to have.

"I'm looking forward to the 4th of July"

I saw a country scene. I was standing on a high bank of a river. Across from me was a forest with a road leading up to the water. A big RV with a bicycle tied on top was stopped at the water's edge waiting for a ferry to bring it towards me where there was a ramp leading up towards where I stood.

"This length of time give me hope for January 11th"


12-23-96 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building and went to my apartment to make dinner. I didn't know where to start. I suddenly saw a child at the window. I asked where his Mom was and how he got in. He said he just opened the door.


12-25-96 - DREAM - I was at work at my new job. It obviously was a high security secretarial position in the Purchasing Department.

At 5 minutes to 5 on a Friday. I was given a Purchase order to process to order a quantity of a paper form that was capable of an electrical charge which automatically changed it from an ordinary typewriteable personnel form to one that contained handwritten information about the person's mental history.

I mad the discover of its properties by accident and the sample contained my bosses mental history in which he had written his mental experiences. I didn't have time to read it on the spot so I ran with it to the copier to stat it or personal reading at home. The problem was the copier broke down as I was copying the second page and I only got half of it. I ran back to my desk to call the copy machine service person but go interrupted and asked to go outside to watch a bicycle demonstration of a person who was so perfectly balanced he could do all kinds of tricks on the bike.

After watching for awhile, I determined it was 4 different people the same size who were doing the tricks and when they were done, the posed for applause. I went back to the office and was allowed to go into the building where people were streaming out through a door which was received and made special for the President who must have been somewhere around 10 feet tall from the size of the door and his name was something like Burgemeister.

I went to the elevator where a little boy was standing and I helped him get to the level which was G-2. Then I went to my own floor which was G-7.

When I worked with the electrically charged paper, the shape of the building complex was printed on the inner secret form. It was shaped similar to the U.S. as if it was separated by square states which enumerated the buildings and levels people worked in. I was G-7.

NOTE: In 1997, I was given a project by Joe's grandmother Zora Emelyn Henry and she called it "GAP7".It was the Great American Plan... the New Jerusalem in the U.S. I did not even know Joe at this point. Joe and I didn't meet until July of 1997.


12-27-96 - DREAM - At this company where I work, they have been using me to make phone calls overseas to recruit someone for them. The man who is in charge of that project approached me again and told me I was approved to learn the German Language to assist them in the recruiting process. The man in charge is an old retired Army person who still wears his uniform. He is rather hunch backs now and walks with an odd shuffle.

NOTE: I thought about this dream a long time, and each time I saw this man again, which surprised me to dream about the same person, I determined the man was actually a reptilian in disguise.