A NEW LOOK AT 2012 ....   2039?

by David Wilcock


I have been working on a mammoth book project entitled "The 1999 Cycle," and I wrote it for about nine to eleven hours a day every day this week starting on Monday, and finally today, Friday, I took another temp job to keep on keepin' on. I now have almost 100 pages, and the whole point of this book is to synthesize the work that I have done with the empirical, research side of things. What this book shows is that there is a real and measurable cycle going on in the Solar System that was charted by the Mayan Calendar and targets 1999 - 2000 as a crucial time period that opens up an interdimensional vortex that will allow people to ascend into higher -frequency realms of existence, most commonly the fourth dimension.

The discovery that the normal Mayan calendar is incorrect in dating was a major find, and the kudos go to Maurice Chatelain, an ex - NASA astrophysicist. Chatelain discovered that the Mayan Calendar was actually based on astrology, though he himself simply termed it "planetary conjunctions." Thus, this gives whole new meaning to the very essence of the cycle.

What the cycle really entails is a "breath" of the Sun that takes 25,000 years. This breath is what is actually responsible for the precession, or the 12,500 - year wobble in the Earth's axis, which science can measure but does not really understand. If the original angle of tilt to the axis is 22.5, then the burst of particles hits that angle on the 'exhale,' and over the course of 12,500 years this streaming increases the tilt angle to 23.5. This would be one half cycle; the motion then stops as the Sun prepares to "inhale."

When the sun "inhales," Earth tips in the opposite direction, and eventually, 12,500 years later, ends at 22.5 again. This is the real hidden design behind why precession is in place, and why the Ancients were so interested in it. The end of each 'breath cycle' is a very traumatic event, to say the least; the stopping motion and shifting of magnetic fields appears to be a pole shift, occurring when the smaller sunspot shift cycle and the Mayan Calendar cycle both coincide with each other. [I'll explain more in a second.] This stopping motion might indicate why Gregg Braden noticed that the magnetic field strength of the Earth is only at about a 1 out of 10 maximum, and that the rate of vibration itself is actually increasing. The Sun has stopped pulling, and it is about to push.

Thus, the precessional cycle is not normally associated as being a harmonic of anything else, but what I show is that the actual tilt itself is caused by the push - pull of the energy coming out of the Sun. Remember that we are living in a multidimensional universe, and thus these are not simply third - dimensional energies being radiated here. [The fourth dimension is a fundamental shift in the entire structure of vibrations. It has a new core number, 384 from 360; a new color, the color green from what was yellow, and a new tone, the note F, or in solfege, Fa, which had been E. The new geometric shape that the energy will vibrate in is the interlocking tetrahedron, which when simplified becomes the Star of David; the former was the eight - sided octahedron, two Egyptian pyramids connected at the bottoms to form a diamond. All these changes are byproducts of the fact that the universe vibrates, and those vibrations arrange themselves in the same way multidimensionally that they do in our own dimension; in octaves.]

Chatelain's Mayan calendar rendering phrases everything in terms of astrological conjunctions, which makes it obvious that the Mayans were astrologers. With the revised system, he shows that it takes five Mayan Calendar cycles of 5,168.3 years to equal one ~25,000 year precession cycle. But, this precession cycle is also a harmonic of a sunspot shift cycle that occurs on a smaller scale every 1,366,040 days, or approx. 3.5 thousand years. If we take seven of these sunspot cycles, they also add up to ~25,000! Thus, an interconnectedness is being displayed here, between 260 Jupiter - Saturn conjunctions as the Mayan Calendar, and a sunspot shift cycle discovered by Maurice Cotterell. That interconnectedness is related to the Sun's breath itself.

This breath, as I go on to say, is actually the cycling of all the dimensions, as the Sun represents the full octave of eight dimensions; it contains the octave in pure, spherical form, which all the other geometric crystalline energy structures perfectly fit into. Thus, as the Sun is made of these frequencies, it can also radiate them. So, these 'breaths' of the Sun can actually stream out higher dimensional particles, which then affect the vibrational qualities of life on Earth.

The smallest counting harmonic used in the Mayan Calendar is the katun, which is approx. 19.75 years. Chatelain's amazing discovery was that this is actually a Jupiter - Saturn conjunction scale, and thus 260 of them makes a Mayan Calendar. Thus, when we add everything together based on this revised system from Chatelain, the end of the entire cycle is no longer the fraudulent date of 2012; it is actually just a tad after the year 2039. In the book, I go into great length about the timeline in the Great Pyramid, and I show that this same exact date in the Pyramid is indicated as a Messianic revival of some sort; an incarnation of Spirit essence into the Earth planes.

It should be no surprise, then, that a crop circle was shown in 1995 that showed a 67.5 year planetary conjunction whose next appearance is in 2039, and whose last two appearances coincided with the Wright Brothers and their airplane in ~1904, and then the Mariner touching  own on Martian soil for the first time in 1971. Thus, there is a cross - correlation on this facet of the dating for the real end of the Mayan Calendar.

But what concerns us here is 1999. If we count back two katuns, or Jupiter - Saturn conjunctions, they match up to zero degrees, zero minutes difference in early 2000, just two weeks after the 5/5/2000 major planetary conjunction. Thus, the ascension will definitely happen by this point, with all the energy going on there. But, just a half year before this point, we have the major celestial event of the 11:11 eclipse - conjunction. I theorize in the book that these cycles of Jupiter and Saturn conjoining are somehow related to the energetics of the dimensional frequencies coming out of the Sun; that each conjunction increases the amount of energy that comes in, by a definite proportion. The energy started to come in stronger in 1979, the most recent shift point. In that year, Pluto went inside Neptune's orbit, and when this katun is over, in 1999, Pluto again departs. This is an amazing example of the correct Mayan Calendar cycle showing its shadow in the workings of the Solar System.

So, based on our own analysis and logic, the time of 1979 - 1980 must have represented a quantifiable increase in the available energy from the times before it. This checks out, as if we look at what has happened in the last 20 years, Earth has become a whole different place, centering around the 79 - 80 shift point. This started out with the Iran hostages, the huge Nuclear War scare, the massive exploitation of Reaganomics, the dominance of the corporate greed mentality and its tremendous expansion, and also a definite expansion of interest in New Age topics, including extraterrestrials.

In twenty years, we went from Stone Age skepticism to Space Age open - mindedness for even the typical "couch potato." There was a drastic increase in awareness of the need to keep our bodies healthy with exercise and organic foods, and a recognition of meditation's healing properties, plus that of homeopathic herbal remedies. Also, we can see a definite increase in Earth Change - related geologic activity in this time period, a longlasting and increasing change in hurricanes, volcanic eruptions which started with Mt. Saint Helens, earthquakes including those in California, et cetera.

So we now know that the Mayan Calendar is an astrology device, and it measures a solar breath cycle, which has an event horizon centering in 1999. The Pyramid's timeline indicates a massive change in 1999 as well, related to the formation of a "separate and unique form of society based totally on allegiance to the spiritual." Therefore, there are a lot of cross - correlations, including the precise timing of Jesus' birth to coincide with the cycle and the mass clustering of prophets predicting major evolutionary events on the 1999 date. They are tapping into a real cycle that the higher levels of themselves are well aware of.

I am sure that one of the criticisms that all of this is going to get is that since we are no longer near the exact end of the cycle, there should be more time, not less. But I believe that as the energy increases with each 20 - year katun cycle, there is a potential for both good and bad; some people will make the best of it and have powerful breakthroughs, while others who resist it will get supercharged effects of karma, which will actually play out on the planet as a whole.

As we are entering into the second to last Jupiter - Saturn conjunction before the end, the increase in the fourth - dimensional streamings of energy from the Sun as it prepares to "exhale" should be enough to open a dimensional vortex for those people who are vibrationally capable of  handling it. Indeed, the Ra Material states that we are already in the fourth density vibrational level now, but people are not able to focus into it because of the planetary vibrations. This 1999 cycle will blow it open.

But, even as the Ascension happens, we get the beginning of the Pole Shifts, as apparently this is part of the consequence of the increasing frequency; it literally shatters the slower frequencies apart that cannot handle the faster vibrational speeds. This vibrational stress manifests in the Earth as heat, which causes such things as El Nino, volcanoes, flooding and earthquakes, and it manifests as great mental stress and karmic tension in the unprepared human. It is the last two cycles where all of the very major clearing has to be done.

We can already see the geometric increase in Earth Change activities in the last 20 years, and we must now realize that we are about to have another increase at just as high a degree as the one that started the present season in 1979. Many sources state unequivocably that there will simply not be an inhabited third - dimensional planet after the Ascension, as those recently ascended to the Fourth will not have yet learned the full secrets of how to camouflage themselves from the third; this could be very injurious to both parties. Thus, by 2039, our present living space will be wiped clean.

We can now see that the ascension itself starts in 1999, and those Ascended have to come back in 2039, skipping the years where the cleansing takes place. This could be accomplished by those individuals' spiritual essences traveling at near - light speed for a short time, and through the time - speeding effect of relativity, Earth time whizzes by at great speed, just long enough to make the intervening forty years pass. They are put back down on Earth in 2039, after all the storms,  arthquakes and Earth

Changes have completed. This is what the Pyramid was indicating; a direct link between the "Final establishment of a separate and unique society based totally on allegiance to the Spiritual" in 1999 and "the mass incarnation of the Messianic presence in the Earth Planes" in 2039.

Indeed, I believe that the Mayan Calendar is designed in such a way that the actual nastiness associated with the pole shift is entirely complete before the full dimensional shift itself actually occurs. Thus, what we will have is a discrete increase in the degree of fourth - density vibrations in 1999 - 2000 which will be strong enough to catapult some people out, and they would be unable to Ascend into the Earth Planes until the third dimension was "clear," which should take the forty years to complete. So during that time, we can expect the Mad Max types of scenarios for those who have not yet Ascended, in the process of the clearing. Indeed, the Pyramid's chronology indicates just this fact; the total collapse of materialist society. [This same chronology incidentally targeted the Nov. 27, 1985 closest Earth approach of Halley's Comet to within three days of accuracy; the Pyramid states, "30 Nov 1985: Powerful spiritual influences start to irradiate the enlightened." Those powerful influences were obviously brought in by the comet, with the explosion of the Space Shuttle and Glasnost with the USSR soon afterwards.]

I know this must all sound crazy, but it was several years ago when I first discovered that the Great Pyramid charts the same astrophysical / spiritual events that the Mayan Calendar does. Linking the Mayan Calendar to a real series of celestial events that are all interrelated gives credence to the idea that this "breath" is actually real. Another interesting piece of evidence is that with the mounting proof of the existence of Atlantis, we can see the effortless stone work they did and combine this with things like the Cayce readings, and we realize that these were not third density beings; their density must have been fourth or fifth in order to do the kinds of things Cayce talks about, such as creating lifeforms, communicating telepathically and effortlessly levitating huge stones.

This would then make perfect sense, as the "solar breath" was on an exhale throughout the time of Atlantis, which increased their vibratory level.  Then, when the solar breath stopped at the fall of Atlantis and the flood, the higher density particles were sucked back into the Sun, and the vibrational speed was lowered to 3D. Now, as the Sun is fully exhaling again in discrete units of time, perhaps the actual gravitational pull of the two largest planets conjoining, [Jupiter and Saturn,] is enough to induce more of the 4D consciousness units or particles to stream out.

It may well be said that this Grand Cross 1999 eclipse - conjunction on Aug. 11 at 11:11 a.m. might also be another event that draws out enough hyperdimensional Solar energy to trigger a vibrational upgrade. The cross formation could put an even pull on the Sun's outstreaming fields, and the lineup of the Moon directly in front of the Sun could act like a lens, focusing the energy into a spiraling cone. Perhaps this first vortex will only be open for a few seconds, at the 11:11 corona. We need to prepare ourselves for this, as even two seconds of unpreparedness or hesitation might force us to wait until the Jupiter - Saturn "katun" of May 28, 2000, after much more severe Earth changes had already occurred.

This might look like a lot of stuff here, but I have been working on this so much lately that these few paragraphs didn't even take twenty minutes to complete at my fast typing clip. I essentially am writing a whole book on this, and I think that it will be vital for people to start seeing it. Let me know if you have any ideas on this. I already have had someone else suggest to me that the "limbo time" of forty years between 1999 and the return in 2039 is explained in the Bible in many different ways with the references to forty years. This is something I still need to look into.


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