by Dee

I had these dreams one after another in the morning.

8-9-98 - DREAM #1 - I was in the kitchen and my baby was sitting in a high chair. I was feeding the baby a bottle of milk. I thought to myself, "The baby is 7 months old, I should be feeding him solid food like the rest of us. If I gave him a plate like the rest of us, even if he just played with it, he'd get some in his mouth and eat it."

I went to the refrigerator and opened the door. Inside, on all the shelves were red and white labeled cans.Each one said, "MEAT". But the picture was rolling like a bad old television set and I couldn't stop the rolling of the picture and woke up.

8-9-98 - DREAM #2 - I was upstairs in my house. The baby was asleep in the back bedroom. I thought it would be nice to give the baby a present. As I walked to the back bedroom where the baby was to check on her, I went past another bedroom near the front of the house and saw a short, fat woman sitting on the bed there. I thought to myself, I should give her a present too so she won't feel jealous.'

I went to my pantry to figure out what kind of present I could give to the baby and to the woman that would make them both happy.

I had a pretty little round box that had a lace doily on top with a little tiny blond ballet dancer on it. It was really pretty. I was trying to figure out how to wrap the gift and having trouble with it because it was round when the woman came to the door. She was short and fat and acting like a mean petulant child. She picked up the little ballet dancer and threw her across the room at another child who was sitting on the floor playing. She found two more little dolls and threw those across the room at the child too. I was dismayed at her behavior.

I was still trying to figure out what kind of gift I could give, searching high and low for the proper one.  High up on a shelf was a box of chocolates, but I realized those were stored with the other Christmas presents we would be giving each other later, so I couldn't take those. I found a basket of pretty beads that shimmered, but when I tried to figure out how to use the beads as a gift, the floor was all tippy because the carpet seemed loose and the pretty beads were spilling all over the floor.

8-9-98 - DREAM #3 - I had to deal with the short, fat woman who was out of control and have the carpet repaired so people wouldn't trip and fall.

I heard the doorbell ring and someone came to the door to deliver two Green Bay Packer tickets to a couple of teenage girls who lived with me. I heard him whisper that he'd like to take them to dinner, but he didn't invite me. I understood though that the invitation to dinner was because of the purchase of the tickets and I told the girls they could accept the dinner invitation if they wanted to.

I went back to check on the carpet on the stairs going upstairs. The picture was moving up like the stairs were an escalator and the worst thing was that the baby was laying on the stairs and as the baby's stair got up to the top of the escalator, something took a big bite out of the baby's head from above the picture where I couldn't see. The stair moved up again and I woke up just as the baby was going to have another bite taken out of it and the word 'EARTHCHANGES' flashed like a neon sign on the step below the baby.

NOTE:  As I was writing this dream down, I was hearing a bell tolling off in the distance. It turned out to be the music from a web page that Joe was reading about the God Horus who is the son of the Egyptian trinity along with the father Osiris and the mother Isis.

Horus personified the rising Sun according to ancient Egyptian mythology. Horus was the son of Osiris, the god of air and earth and the goddess Isis. Osiris, Horus'father was killed by his brother Seth in order to seize his throne. To assure his power, Seth tried to prevent Osiris to have any offspring. But Isis, Horus'mother managed to save his child and brought him up in secrecy to avenge the omicide of Osiris. When Horus reached manhood, a fratricidal war began between Horus and his uncle Seth. The violent fight, where Horus lost one eye, last until the assembly of the gods decided to intervene to declare that the throne was the rightful inheritance of Horus. Moreover, Seth was forced to restore Horus'eye. But to honor the memory of Osiris, Horus offered the recovered eye to his father, and covered his wound with the divine serpent, uraeus. That is why this sacred serpent was considered the emblem of the Egyptian pharaohs. At last, Osiris transferred his power to his son Horus, and retired to the world of the blessed. Thus, Horus became the king of Egypt