July 9, 1997

Something new has occurred in my life because of a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was inside the file of a computer which was about a Shaman Indian. I could see his crystal tools. I knew I couldn't steal the file because it would mess up the crystals. I had this same dream 7 times the same night.

The next day I went to the book shop and purchased a book about crystals. It was full of information about communicating with entities from other dimensions using the crystal. This was intriguing to me.

The next night I put a crystal under my pillow when I went to sleep. I began to get instant visions as well as very vivid dreams.


3.a.m. I put a Tantra Twin crystal under my pillow. I had an instant vision of a large door opening and I walked inside the door.

I then went into a dream where I entered a white house and was moving white furniture around within the room. It was like in a doll-house with no ceiling.

In the morning, I had more visions, the first of which told me that I would no longer need my friend Joe to give me messages on the Instant messages on my computer. I could get them for myself.

I then heard a male voice announce something which I missed, but then he also announced 1435 Chestnut. (This has to be analyzed)

I then dreamed all night that the crystal was being programmed with numbers and symbols. I knew that if Joe saw the numbers and symbols he would know how it was programmed.

Morning meditation: It was being interfered with by trash truck noise outside which was very annoying.

A voice asked me: "What's the matter?"

I said, "I locked myself out of that other door?"

I made another comment, then heard Joe laughing, "Well! You're going to have to do something about it sooner or later."

I then saw three women wearing white slacks. Each one was on a higher level. The first one had a blue silk shirt on, the second one had a pink silk shirt on, the third one had a white silk shirt on. All had long dark curly hair and all stood with their arms folded like guards. They were impassive. (Joe tells me these were Goddesses)

I found myself standing in front of an ancient door. It was large, weatherbeaten and battered.

I was standing in a hallway like a hospital and could see a bright light down at the other end. A short man came rushing down the hall towards me and opened the door for me. The door opened and beyond it was all white light. I walked through the door.

On the ceiling was a huge crystal light fixture brilliantly lit with white light. I thought, "I am enthralled".

Moving towards the left I went past walls that created bays where various tools and machines were kept. On the far left bay which was brilliantly lit, the ceiling as at least 30 feet high and many tools were hanging from the ceiling from cords as well as stored on the floor.

I went to the right and crossed a hallway that led way down to the left with a bright light at the end. In this hallway, there were a series of boxes stacked along one side. I was told by a voice that there were 27 and these were my lives.

A spanish-looking workman dress all in blue came along, looking perplexed like he didn't know what he should do. He asked someone on my right, "What should I do?" On my right, I heard Joe's voice laughingly say, "You're going to have to show her sooner or later."

I then knew that he had 84 things to show me.


11:p.m. Vision: I was given a white envelope, which had a bill inside marked, "CLEARED".

I went into a dream in which I was at a computer. A sheet of instructions was printed out. The print was brown on tan paper. I could read the instructions in the dream, but there were so many, when I woke up I couldn't remember them.

I went into another dream in which I was again at the computer and was shown how I could retrieve those instructions in the physical. Visions:

I went inside the crystal and called Joe to be there with me.

A female voice said, "Hello Dolores".

I asked the guide of the crystal to show me one of the 84 things I had been told would be shown to me.

Voice: "You are actually in charge of the galaxy."

I asked, "What am I in charge of?"

I was shown a white cabinet about 3 feet tall. Inside was a stack of white napkins, and on top of the napkins was a clear crystal. As I picked up the crystal, I heard Joe's voice say," I hope you won't share it with anyone."

I asked for further instructions.

Voice: "Tetrahedron. You will spin it 25 times a day."

(The tetrahedron is within the Merkaba meditation)

Voice: "Have you seen any of your former lives?"

I answered, "Not really".

Voice: "Do not go down there. All is chaos."

I said, "Please show me."

I saw a book with white pages being slowly turned over. I came to one with black writing on it but I couldn't read it. The next page turned over and there was a picture of like shiny black marble shot through with brilliant gold, green, blue, pink, etc. shapes. The shapes were all like parallelagrams.

Voice: "What I'm going to show you next is part of the 170th."

(This has to be analyzed)

Voice: "Kathleen Sullivan says it's hard to use it."

Voice: "I have a flame burning."

Voice: "Make up. You must be ready."

Voice: "You must be ready. 1720 N 29th. You will go there."

(This might be a local address)

I went into a dream in which I was at a computer. The voice said,"You must study the Merkaba. You will contact these people." The computer showed me a screen with a name, address and phone number.

It went by very quickly and I couldn't catch what it was.

I woke up not remembering the numbers, so went back to sleep. I went right back to the computer and they showed me the screen again. This time I could read the area code which was 309.

(309 is west of Chicago)

7-11-97 - (I'm questioning the above material, because I discovered a facilitator living just a few blocks from my own house. This bears further checking.)

Here is some stuff I got on a short break yesterday.

7-10-97 - 5 p.m. Inside the crystal, a huge, huge man presented himself. He climbed up and sat on one of those projections you see on the ends of dumpsters.

He said,"We are happy that you were able to get inside the crystal. We are doubly happy that you are able to post the information on the Internet."

I didn't remember much of my dreams, so won't post them.

7-11-97 -



7-11-97 - NOTE: A friend of mine said that she has tried sleeping with a crystal in her left hand which is the receiving hand in order to get better dreams. (She is not a visionary) I'll try this tonight and see if this gets better. It would be fabulous if it does.

7-13-97 - (I tried sleeping with the crystal in my hand. I noticed no change except I couldn't remember my dreams of that night. I put the crystal back under my pillow)


I also looked up the meaning of the Tetragrammaton. It is Y-H-V-H

The Hebrew name for God. Naturally, when pronounced properly, it would have magical properties. God can do anything.

7-12-97 - A voice said: "Make sure these 5 elements are part of everything. Love, Joy, Friendship, Happiness, and Honesty. No relationship can be without these."

An entity named TOBIAS came and said he wished to tell me about a group he started which uses the above principles. (For lack of space I will provide the url for the story when I have it typed up.)

TOBIAS came back to show me a web page. It was a white background and used colorful graphical symbols for the above principles.


Request for health status of a person. I took this person to a healing temple on the high astral level using the crystal. The diagnosis was, "deadly". "There are many things that can be done to help her. The best thing to do would be to marry quickly so if something bad happens, the children would have a father." (This is an unmarried mother of 4. The Father has absented himself from his children)

I went into a dream where I was in a hospital type place. A woman was trying to connect on a telephone to a place named "Lebanon". I felt it was either 'Cedars of Lebanon Hospital' or 'Cedars of Lebanon Organization'. (Not sure if this is accurate)

Other dreams continued showing me symbols to choose from with which to treat this woman of her illness. The one I chose was a double triangle laying on it's side the point facing left. (A smaller triangle within a larger triangle. The bottoms and top met...the angles were different for the smaller triangle) This triangle was used to gather information for this woman by raking it sideways to the right. (Example would be: drawing tracks through mashed potatoes with a fork :-)

The other symbols were a square with rounded corners and an upsidedown "T". Those were not chosen.

7-13-97 - The healing treatment. #1 - I took the patient to the highest astral healing temple, using Babaji and Holy Christ as my guides. I saw her body and was able to remove numerous small round things from both kidneys. The left kidney had many more than the right. After the removal, I flooded the area with white healing light, filled in the holes with green astral healing substance and then flooded the area with blue "no-pain" light. I taped her up with astral "people" tape. That ended the session.

During the night, I was again in a computer, this time in a large file about alien life. They were showing me how to access the files, how to post new information and how to change the listings for the information.

I was told that the toughest, hardest working astral level was named ARUMERA. I went there and the feeling was not comfortable. It felt somewhat stressful, so I left.

7-14-97 - Healing Session #2 - I again went to the highest astral healing temple using Babaji and Holy Christ. I called the patient by name and she said, "I'm here." I could see her lying on the bed, curled up on her left side in a fetal position. She was crying. I helped her to lie flat on her back and began the surgery. I removed her right kidney first and treated it with white healing light, the green astral healing substance and the blue 'no pain' light, returned the kidney to her body and taped her up with 'people tape'. I did the same surgery on her left kidney, but it took longer because it was more seriously damaged. While I was doing this, I could see my own body as though I was slightly above the person doing the surgery. I knew it was me, but she was an African American woman, about 5'5" tall, very heavy with thick fingers. This is probably one of the other lives I am living at the same of the 27. She is a healer.

On the way back down, I saw the America On Line main screen. It wasn't e-mail, but I knew I had to sign on right away.

NOTE: when I signed onto AOL, a friend of mine was on-line and needed to discuss a crisis situation, which we did.

7-15-97 - Dream: I was creating web pages. Each page described an UFO sighting. I tried to find a place on the page to click to go the actual sighting but was unable to find one. There were 8 pages.

Meditation: I called the patient to the healing temple where I was. A voice said, "Wait! The doctors are unable to find anything wrong with her." I waited another moment then called her again. I performed a body scan from head to toe as an MRI scan would do. I could find nothing wrong with her. I then flooded her body with Universal White Healing light, with Green Universal Healing light, and with blue 'no-pain light', and then zapped her with a couple shots of orange "Vital energy" light.

NOTE: That day the patient told everyone she felt wonderful and full of energy. (Good news)

NOTE: 7-31-97 : The patient has reported that the final test results showed nothing wrong with her. This is a true blessing for her and her family.

7-14-97 - Dream - More alien computer related stuff unremembered. As I was waking up, I heard a strange sounding voice saying they had to make changes because of my changing circumstances and listed the changes out loud in my ear. I couldn't remember them after I was fully conscious.

7-15-97 - Crystal Meditation: I went into the crystal and saw several men in blue shirts come running to open the large door for me. (I couldn't stay because of outside circumstances)

I went to the crystal briefly again later and saw some little signs that kept repeating, "The Shaman Text", "The Shaman Text".

7-16-97 - Meditation: A male voice said, "I have just sent you some information from San Francisco."

I again went to the healing temple. I saw myself enter the door as a African American woman with a scarf on my head like the pictures we used to see of Aunt Jemima on TV. I was given a clip board type of mechanism with which to make healings automated. To heal a person, one just needed to press the appropriate button while the patient stood there.

7-17-97 - CRYSTAL DREAM: I was inside a big house where I was going to live. A lot of people lived there but I was the only one home. I saw a lot of toys on the floor. One in particular was a blonde naked Barbie Doll. I pushed it aside with my foot where I was going to walk. There was some commotion in the next room so I went there. A man was pulling a purple car inside the house through a long dark tunnel. I asked what was going on. He said, "this is the prize you just won." The car looked like a purple velvet Model T Ford. The outside and inside was all purple velvet. I didn't know what to say, so went into another room to lay down and take a nap. I opened the closet door to see where I was going to hang my clothes. Inside the closet were huge books, that were as tall as the ceiling. One was purple and the title was, "Future Possibilities". I could hardly wait to read that one.

7-18-97 - Dream: I dreamed that I downloaded several pages from the computer of a metaphysical nature I good that I had preserved them. I woke up thinking I had really done this and then realized it was only a dream and felt very disappointed. I went back to sleep and went back to the computer and downloaded the same pages plus more. There were 10 in all. I was thinking in the dream that I had really done it this time. Then I woke up from the dream and realized it was still just a dream. This took all night to accomplish.

7-19-97 - Dream: Joe and I were going apartment hunting, moving from the 7th level to the 11th level. Joe said, "I've never seen that reality before."

As I was waking up from this dream, I heard my astral phone ring which I hear ring behind my left ear in my head. I then saw the operator and she said, "This is the 8th contact we made with you. I could see the numbers 7 - 11 behind her on the wall. As she was hanging up and I was waking up, I hollered back to her, "Wait! I don't know who to contact about this."

7-20-97 Dream: I spent all night at a computer, reading instructions of alien agenda and activity.

7-20-97 Meditation: I was requested to take a male person to the astral healing temple. The request was for healing of depression and nervousness.

An entity came to tell me that the patient should cease using the magnetic coils he was using. The entity said, "He is over-using them and zapping his nerves into a frazzle."

The patient was given a combination of orange and blue energies in separate streams - not mixed together - for the depression. He was then given a separate treatment of sky blue to calm him down.

NOTE: 7-31-97 - The patient has reported that he is feeling wonderful, no depression and no nervousness. He is alert and working on projects productively one again. A true blessing.

7-20-97 Voice: You need to obtain a camcorder for future use.

7-22-97 Dream: I spent the entire night on the computer writing a book to Joe - about the alien - cropcircle - American Indian connection.


7 23-97. This occurred after we met on-line but before we met in person.

Dee777: Hi Sweetheart.  What a night

JMason4557: good morning. How'd it go?

Dee777: I woke up saying, "We're never going to have another peaceful night are we? "   It was incredible

JMason4557: What does it mean?

Dee777: what does fractal mean? I haven't written down the dream I just woke up from.

JMason4557: It is form the new science of Chaos theory. It's about repeating patterns across scales...the way many things are... It has important symbolism too. You should write it down now, so you don't forget anything.

Dee777: I wrote down the fractal part.

JMason4557: Good. There was a dream with it?

Dee777: Geez yes! What a night. let me start. I'll skip the first vision and go right to the dream. I heard a voice say, "I thought we were going to be alone," then I saw a fountain in a pool, then I saw the earth as a ball whoosh up the fountain to the top where it exploded in a zillion pieces. I heard the words "fractal images" and each piece of the earth came down and became a window casing with glass in it. Each window was going to be presented to me to look at separately.

I went into another dream where you and I were in a house/hospital sort of place. It was old and there was an operating room. I was sitting in a chair that was a half circle with a railing around it made out of wood and I was in a hallway. A young man was there I would say about 12 and he was asked to watch a light fixture to keep his eye on it so to speak. because it was sparking, the woman there was going to hand him a key in case something went wrong, because there was a large chest there...sort of like an ice chest.

But the young man had to go to the bathroom so bad, he couldn't stand still, so I took the key and watched the light fixture for him, a nurse came by and asked where the boy was and I explained the situation and she was very upset. She expected the young boy to do as he was told and not walk away, however, the light fixture began to SMOKE. All the other people in the place saw the sparking and smoking and began to walk outside quietly and deliberately trying not to fan the sparks into fire. I took my half round chair outside with me, and sat in the yard and you were standing by my shoulder, we watched as the house/hospital went up in flames, There was a black woman watching us as I was sitting in the chair. I said I felt "loopy" which to me meant exhausted or something like that, I was half laying down in the chair, and watching that black woman watching us. and I said, "we're never going to have another peaceful night are we?" You said, "You can feel loopy all you want, I'll be here,"

JMason4557: Oh is all involved with my material. It is about the nature of creation and about the Great Change. ...more..the computer you are going inside is in my head, and in the spirit world of knowledge.

Dee777: WOW!

JMason4557: I wish I could explain it all now, but its too much. I will be telling you.

Dee777: ok. let me tell you my vision.

JMason4557: Yes, please.

Dee777: I was laying on the bed thinking about traveling to California for a vacation and driving up the coast, when a woman came and sat down on the bed with me, She appeared on my right side. She reached over to her right with her hand, and brought back a round crystal ball about an inch or more in diameter. It was sort of a crystal green. There was either a protrusion coming down from it or that was a shaft of light. She said, "What is this for? Self-protection? She flipped it over so the ball was still in her palm, but the protrusion/shaft of light went up through her fingers, She said, "This is the way you hold it to use it." As she faded from view, I felt a loud hum in my left ear and the blinds rattled,

JMason4557: Wow! What do you think it means?

Dee777: I don't know, but maybe I should look for a crystal ball like that.

JMason4557: Yes. Good idea. Can you tell me what the black woman in the dream looked like?

Dee777: Hmmm! I would say she was in her 30's or 40's. maybe about 5'5 of 5'6. Just a regular black person, normal weight .

JMason4557: Pretty? Do you remember her clothing?

Dee777: I don't recall anything special about her. No , she wasn't pretty...very plain I would say. Short knee length dress, dark colored. Her hair was short...I think with picinniny type braids or those braid they wear now...about 3 inches long I think .

JMason4557: I think she is the Mother Goddess in this time cycle, like Kali has been appearing as a black woman.

Dee777: She was sitting quite a distance away watching me. She didn't mind that I was feeling loopy either. What a dumb word. I've got the key to the blue chest .

JMason4557: In my writing about the Tree of Life, I used some quotes about the Dark Sterile Mother," and how it relates to the change, and the idea of Kether moving into Daath.

Dee777: what about the light fixture smoking and the house burning up? It was an old built in the 20's or earlier. tall with an attic. It feels like we were going to rebuild the house.

JMason4557: I think it is about the earth change. The house is the earth...the physical reality. Each person's "house" will be burned by fire...but the new reality will replace it. It is a symbolism for the change.

Dee777: good

JMason4557: Yes, we are the "builders," co-creators. Yes...good.

Dee777: we were just watching it happen. There was no sad emotion with it. It was almost like it was inevitable.

JMason4557: is wonderfully good. I am sending a fractal.

Dee777: good. I watched the people in the operating room walking out...they didn't want to fan the sparks into flames. There were two women there who put on pink jackets which had white sort of striping but the stripes weren't even in width..kind of wavy striping. They dressed identical to each other. They looked like twins.

JMason4557: That fits too.

Dee777: They moved slowly but deliberately ...slowly Does that make sense?

JMason4557: Yes.Please look at the fractal now.

Mandelbrot Set Formation (jpg)

JMason4557: Then go here:

Dee777: I've got a painting on my web page that looks like that but it's got butterflies painted on it. It's gorgeous. I put it on both web sites.

Dee777: okay. so what exactly is fractal again?

JMason4557: The "Butterfly Effect" is part of fractal/chaos theory, and very symbolic...and about Transformation. I'm sending another picture.

JMason4557: Carlson's Fractal Gallery (3-D Looking)

Roger Hamstra's Silk Purse Graphics: Fractals

Computer & Fractal Art - Roger Hamstra

Dee777: I fell in love with it the instant I saw it.

JMason4557: Look at these later. The star?

Dee777: These are gorgeous The mandelbrot. They used a word in my dream that I didn't even know. Interesting.

JMason4557: There was an 8 foot circle out along a tram line in the formation. I had started to write about the symbolism of the Mandelbrot and Chaos theory 13 months before the formation appeared.

Dee777: who created the Mandelbrot in the first place, Honey?

JMason4557: The 8 foot circle in a computer-generated Mandelbrot is out along the "tip" or projection. In my speculations, that represented the planet earth. A coincidence had happened where a similar shape was formed by something dropped into formed a similar pattern, with a single round drop of water up in the the earth was in your dream.

Dee777: yes! that's it.

JMason4557: After the crop formation appeared, I remembered that I had made a printout of that area some years before. I found was the picture I sent of the star. It is the Unity Star, and was associated with Horus and Bel Marduke, who were sons in trinities. It was also associated with Apollo. Another speculation is that it is associated with the worship of the scarab beetle. It is shaped like the body of the mandelbrot. It rolls a ball of mud around, and plants its seed therein, as the Creator rolls the earth around with the Cosmic Seed of Man. Hon, gotta go now.

Dee777: ok sweetie. have a wonderful day.

JMason4557: Benoit Mandelbrot discovered the pattern through using his intuition. The crop formation appeared near where he went to college, on August 11, 1991. The eclipse of 1999 will be on that day. Bye honey. XXX

Dee777: Bye. Love you! XXXX

JMason4557: I love you too. XXXX see ya tonight.

Dee777: ok! XXX

JMason4557: X bye


7-24-97 - Voice: The Mandelbrot shape is sometimes used in healing. The colors of which will be given separately.

7-25-97 - Vision: I saw a hallway with rooms on 4 sides as if the hallway was a square. Women came running to open the doors for me.

I then had three dreams in which I was on the computer with Joe explaining to him about the crystal experiments and was drawing pictures. All dreams were identical.

7-28-97 Dreams: Twice I saw an e-mail from a close friend which I turned into a lucid dream wherein I replied to the e-mail to see if he'd get it back and be able to respond.

7-29-97 - Voice: You will be offered a radio show on dreams.

NOTE: I will say "Yes"! if this happens.

7-30-97 - Dream: This was more of a vision than a dream because it was so short. Joe was pictured as a toddler. He was standing by my table which was shiny brown 3 feet high, by 3 feet long, by 1 1/2 feet wide. There was a lamp standing on top of it. His complaint was that there was no limit on it. He wanted to have a rim around the edges.

7-30-97 - Vision: I was shown the development of web pages to teach Tantric High Spiritual Sex - which brings about the union of body and soul with God through sex.

7-31-97 - Vision: I was given key number 5 to apartment #145.

7-31-97 - Vision: I saw an e-mail page titled "World - Intuition

7-31-97 - Vision: I saw an e-mail page titled "Network Worldwide"

7-31-97 - Voice: "Early in Spring, Honey".

NOTE: I believe this was the voice of a personal friend.

7-31-97 - Dream: There were two people in a vehicle and they made a wrong turn and ended up on a rocky island. There was a rock ahead of them that they couldn't get over. But from where I was high in the air, I could see their situation like on a map and I could see there were ways around the rock. The dream ended with the man saying, 'skiddlededo something' and I woke up laughing.  

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