8-1-97 Dream: I was playing an organ that had music controls I wasn't familiar with. I couldn't shut the music off, nor could I change it. The television show One Life To Live came on and the female part had a substitute for the final episode of that character. It started out with the woman wearing a silver bra top and Indian type apron over her crotch and she was making backward strokes underwater and she looked beautiful. The farther away from the camera she got, the more flat chested and fatter she got so by the time she reached the far end of the pool, she was totally wrong for the part and she knew it. The pool and television disappeared and she and I were facing each other. She looked very embarrassed and then angry at me because I had watched and caught her doing something she wasn't suited for. She started to say something to me in an angry tone. I stopped her from talking and took her by the hand and said, "Wait! Before we talk, let's be friends." I pulled her towards me noticing her chubby cute face and freckles and we hugged. Then I told her to sit in my favorite orange swivel chair and told her that I had done some really strange things in my life too.

8-2-97 Dream: I was promoted to a new job on the next higher level at my company. It looked like a receptionist desk. It was in the middle of the building and I would be receiving all incoming calls and pass them along to others and meet all the people. I would be wearing headphones and a microphone which the man put on my head. There were long cords attached so I could walk around without taking the headphone off.

8-3-97 Vision: I closed my eyes for just a minute and saw a lighted butterfly go across from left to right. In the light were sparkles. It was truly beautiful.

8-3-97 Vision: As I was waking up from my dreams, I was coming down in a helicopter-like swooping downward motion in circles and below me was this huge square faceted crystal.

8-3-97 - Vision: I was seeing a series of animals in black relief against a white screen. On the left was the smallest like a mouse and each animal to the right was slightly larger until the last one on the right was a man.

8-4-97 Dream: I was traveling south on Calhoun Rd. I looked behind me and saw my favorite mountains in Washington State. They were way back so I knew I was headed south towards California. I came to the intersection of National Ave. The light was green but it was blocked from me for the moment to allow cars going north and left turn to go first. I was asked by the dream voice if I wanted to see my name. They showed me "Dolores". (This is important in comparing the next dream)

8-4-97 - Dream #2 - I went into a large office building and was taken upstairs to where I was going to work. They were going to take me to show me my name plate and told me to look up into the air. My name was shown to me. It was "SYNTHESIS".

8-5-97 - Dream: I was asked if I wanted to go visit the matrix of my ultimate spiritual home. It was like a crystallized light. It was like a small quartz crystal that was made of light.

8-5-97 - Dream: I was on the computer in a chat or IM. The computer had a feature whereby you could highlight a word and the computer would do a search to bring up all the files for that subject. I highlighted KALI and KALI-YUGA.

NOTE: Later that day, a Korean Airlines plane crashed in Guam. It was KAL 801. Emotionally that day, I was a wreck, pacing the floor, not knowing what was wrong with me. Synchronicitly, that day I was also posting all my plane crash dreams and visions at PUFORI from 1991.

PUFORI is at

On 8-7-91, I turned on my computer and saw the lead files on America On LIne were all about KAL 801 crash, how it happened from the survivors standpoint and the list of passenger file from ABC news.

8-5-97 - Meditation: I wanted to go to the high mental Akasha past. I got there and a black skinned man with a young black baby met me. I said, "Oh! I forgot to call Babaji." He said, "You are confused today." He sat the boy down on the floor and moved off towards my left. I then called Babaji and asked to go to the Akasha past. This time a small, dark haired woman wearing dark lensed glasses, which was sitting in a wheelchair, appeared in front of me. I could see a narrow flowered border on the wall next to the ceiling in the room. She was very distressed. She said, "Oh! I didn't know you intended to go there. (I had actually only decided on the spur of the moment). She tried to reach out to stop me and fell out of her wheelchair onto the floor. I tried again to go to the Akasha past and this time, I was prevented from going there by someone hanging a white sheet in front of me. I could see their fingertips holding up the sheet.

I took a break to get rid of the interference. I went back and went to the 7th soul level and then came back down to the mental. Babaji opened the door to the Akashic Library with a key and we went inside. I saw him scamper off to the right, ahead of me. I asked who Joe was at the time of Christ. Babaji said, "He used to work for him you know." I said, "I was hoping so." Babaji said, He was an old man then." I asked, "Can you tell me his name?" Babaji said, "Abin Bar ____"

8-7-97 Dream: I was with some teenagers and they wanted to have some alien language interpreted. I was able to put it into my computer and tell them what it meant.

8-7-97 Dream: Joe and I both had computers which would translate alien language. Joe's computer could translate whatever alien language that mine couldn't. We could transfer it directly from my computer to his. Our computer screen were about AOL's IM screen large and were located in our crotches between our legs.

8-7-97 Experience: Voice: I heard Joe say, "I need you today." I replied, "I'll be right there."

8-8-97 Dream: Joe and I exchanged crystals.

8-8-97 Dream: Joe and I went to a store to purchase something. We put our money down at the checkout counter. Another man came up from behind me and aligned his money with ours to facilitate the purchase.

8-8-97 Dream/Vision: The woman I was watching was out of control of her life. She went into a ceremony to bring it back under control. There was a huge creature across from her with a bull-like head. She sat on the floor, dressed all in red from head to toe. She wore red stockings and shoes as well. I saw it as very sexual. She had a bowl of water with a candle burning in it placed between her outstretched legs which were spread wide. She chanted a sweet song to the God/Goddess Shimeekah. Joe was sitting to my right in the crystal. I commented to Joe that her ceremony was very Shamanic.

8-9-97 Dream: The judgment and placement of North America has been upgraded one placement in the lineup of Sylphs. (These were colored outlines of continents) North American has been upgraded to orange also from black. Australia was moved over in North America's place.

8-10-97 Dream: I was on the computer looking at examples of web pages about a place before I uploaded my own web page about the same place.

8-10-97 Dream: I was moving to a new place. In the new city, there was a church on a high hill. It was my intention to go there and volunteer to do work for it, but I hadn't done so yet. As the day went by, I met some people from the new place and they apologized to me because they had intended to recommend me to the Board of Directors to offices that hadn't been filled yet but they hadn't done so yet. The only good thing about it was that the Board of Directors hadn't met yet so it wasn't too late.

8-11-97 Dream I was drawing in red ink on my yellow paper all the symbols of the heart and there were many of them. I drew them in a band across the page. There was text typed beneath them which I couldn't read. As I woke up from the dream, the dream voice said, "This is dedicated to the 3/2 level." I knew he meant the 5th dimension.

8-12-97 Dream: The dream consisted of flashes of light. Each flash was an alien abduction experience that had happened to me. I was transmitting these to Joe over the computer.

8-12-97 Dream: I was at work at my new job. I was there all day and working hard, but by the end of the day I realized I still hadn't done anything for the company. I had my hair in rollers and realized I'd better get them out before the boss came in. I went to the bathroom to comb my hair out and instead of being blonde it was dark brown and glossy. The more I combed it the less curly it got until it was straight exactly like it is not except darker. I had to go meet a friend who worked in the next building but I knew that if I tried sneaking past the building outside everyone would know it was me by the clothes I was wearing which was large blue and white checks. So, I tried to go through and building and couldn't find my way. There were so many people leaving work and I forgot my master keys to the doors. So, I went down to get the mail and brought it back upstairs. There were lots of duplicates of metaphysical catalogs. I also found lots of Christmas cards and I kept thinking it must be Christman until I realized they were from last year and I had saved them. I half woke up and went back to sleep. Now I was in bed feeling guilty for not getting up and doing my job. I finally got out of bed and discovered my neighbor woman doing a plumbing job I should have been doing and she was trying hard but doing a bad job of it. I told her I'll be right back as I had to get dressed. As I woke up my dream voice said, "It's 9:09:28". I rolled out of bed, went into the livingroom to look at the clock and that's exactly what time it was.

8-12-97 Dream: When lying in bed thinking about another name to all God, I suddenly saw a person jump into a deep dark river and not come up again.

8-13-97 Dream: I was working on a web page about aliens. This had all been done before and I was adding onto it as well as telling Joe bout it.

8-13-97 Dream: A man brought a married couple to my door who were into sales. I had seen them before. They had a folder with two maroon rulers sticking up out of it. They were there to recruit me to work for them.

8-13-97 Dream: I had the folder from the people in the above dream. Some friends wanted to look at it. I told them not to bother because it had difficult calculus equations in it. I now had 9 maroon rulers sticking out of it.

8-13-97 - Dream - I as working on a web page about aliens. This had all done before and I was adding onto it as well as telling Joe about it.

#2 - Dream - A man brought a married couple to my door who were into sales. I had seen them before. They had a folder with two maroon rulers in it. They were there to recruit me to work for them.

#3 - Dream - I was in a library.  I pulled out a large picture book to quiet the children. It was about how to teach children numbers using dominoes.

#4 - Dream - I had the folder from the people in dream #2. Some friends wanted to look at it and I told them not to bother because it had difficult calculus equations in it. It now had 9  twelve inch rules sticking out of it.

8-14-97 - Dream. I was at the computer reviewing all of the day's events. After I was done I got up and went to the door of the house where a bunch of kids were lined up to get on a bus. They all started to have a snowball fight amongst themselves for fun. I watched all that, then went back inside where I demonstrated the playing of a piano for some people and talked with them.

My father came in then, telling us he had been in a long meeting and would have to go back again, but meantime his friend Joe was waiting out in the car to drive us to "Target" for a reward.

I couldn't imagine what that was all about, but as I walked through the house, mentally making excuses for not being ready, every excuse I could think of was instantly remedied and my coat miraculously appeared in my arms, boots appeared on my feet, and stockings appeared on my legs.

We went out to the car and I was still wondering what was at Target that could be a reward and when we got there it was a huge auditorium about half full of people but spread out all over the auditorium and they were waiting to hear me speak to them.

8-15-97 - Dream - I was walking down a sidewalk and holding in my hand, a light brown notepad type thing with squares on it. In each square was a letter of the alphabet. I was pointing my finger at the letters and attempting to read while walking. Some girls came up the sidewalk and said they wanted what I had, but when I looked up, they wanted to SELL me some Christian material. I told them that God's Word should not be sold, it should be given away freely.

An ugly man came along then and said he wanted what I had also and tried to grab it away from me. He had scraggly teeth when he smiled and when he put his fingers on my notepad, I grabbed his fingers and began to bite them so he let go. I did this several times. He left then, going down a sidewalk to the left where they were going to be taming the lions.

I was in a large house getting reading to do something important. My baby was very young, just a few months old. His diaper was wet, so I stripped him to change his diaper. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. My daughter opened the door and several people from high school came in. Ronald Faisch showed me a stereoscope. He said, "Remember this?" The one he showed me was red. I knew I had not used the red one, but I knew that it makes two images into one. His other friends were bringing all kinds of food into the house and cooking in inappropriate places like on the able and on the hardwood floors. There was so much going on, it was hard to keep track of it all, so I just concentrated on the baby. I went to get the baby from the toilet and found him already dressed in green pajamas and tucked into the bassinet which he had already grown out of and needed a bigger crib. I ignored my old school mates and just let them do what they wanted. Suddenly, they were gone. They had left all the uneaten food behind, green salads, orange pumpkins, golden breaded cooked chicken that was deboned, other salads.  There were two refrigerators full.  They also left buckets of potato chips with little party hats and paper plates and cups that were blue with star designs. While I was trying to figure out what to do next, a small dark woman came in to work with me. I didn't get her name, but she said she lived on highway "A". Then Joe came into the room and we began kissing and he sat on my lap facing me and put both hands inside my blouse and caressed my breasts. I felt like I was in Heaven.

8-18-97 - Dream - I was giving away all my alien information. Joe gave the guy a knockout punch with every piece of information. I didn't like the guy anyway and took all the information back to find someone more suitable.

#2 - I was in an post office waiting to meet someone. A woman came in with a stack of signs. She asked the black female clerk if she could put one on the counter. The clerk said, "No!".

The signs were dark red with a large number 410 on it with a large arrow pointing down the hallway where I was standing. The number and arrow were white.

I walked up to the woman and the clerk and said, "I am in charge of the project. May we post a sign on the outside of the building?"  The clerk said, "Yes!". I thanked her a took the signs from the woman (about 25 of them). I knew I had to remake the signs without the arrow in order to use them.

8-19-97 - Dream - I was on the computer. In front of me was a screen that showed one the files saved. That part was empty. Above it where you type in the title was a series of stars and symbols that are unknown to me. I was erasing and deleting them as fast as they appeared. The felt like alien symbols to me.

When I completed that I was in my New Berlin, WI house in the kitchen. It seemed I had a small business there.

A man with a moustache came down the steps and asked me to UPS a package for him. It was to A.S. I said I would do this for him.

I knew there was a lot to do, so I went over by the telephone stand to write down on a list all the things I needed to do. The lists were numerous so I took them over to the table to organize them.

My daughter was going to do all the work. We agreed to share the work load.

I went upstairs ad saw that the bed was unmade so I put the white blanket on it. a sock was mixed up the blanket somehow, but even the black woman who was the housekeeper couldn't find it and we decided to leave it there until it showed up on it's own.

I went back down to the kitchen where the room was like the inside of a bank/post office. I was being driven through a maze of aisles to get to where the mail was delivered. I commented to the driver who was B.G. the painter that I hadn't been there in awhile. This particular bank/post office was one of three that I used. this was the 3rd one and the walls were all pink.

I then sat down on a bench in the same room and some uniformed men came and stood in front of me. They towered over me, they seemed so big. There were three of them.  One was a fireman, one was a policeman, and one was some other official uniform I can't remember. The fireman asked me what I wanted to do with all the stuff that was being delivered. I hadn't ordered anything I told him. I got up and went to the window. Outside, parked on the road was a line of delivery vans, including one that was pouring cement and I could see flakes of stucco floating past the window so stucco was being applied to the house.

Dream #2 - I was writing down the previous dream.

Dream #3 - I was writing down the previous dream again.

8-19-97 - VISION/DREAM - I was seeing a 12 petal disk like a clock face flower and was writing in the colors of each section. In the 11 to 12 position I wrote in cherry red. Orange was the 10 to 11 position.

8-20-97 - Dream - I wrote on the IM or EM on the computer to Joe, telling him and others how to find the files on aliens and other files.

8-20-97 - Dream - I had a going away breakfast with B.G. at my apartment while I was packing and dispatching the locksmiths of my job. I told him I had really appreciated his help and I was going to miss him when I moved out to California with Joe.

8-20-97 - VISION - I saw the men standing up for Joe at the wedding. B.G. was one, Willie Nelson was one and two shorter guys. They all wore gold velvet tuxes.

8-21-97 - Dream - I created a file about the aliens. The number of something was 32,000. We were both ecstatically happy to have this done.

8-22-97 - I had this dream twice.  I was typing the story of meeting God on an IM (Instant Message) on the computer. The name of God was "INUIT" and pictured as a heap of millions of jewels which were like bluewhite diamonds.

Vision - voice - "We honor this Pope for bringing the gift of God to the World".

Dream #2 - After everyone left the house, I lay on the floor in my bedroom by the closet and raised my body into the air with my hands and presented my Yoni to God and offered it as a gift to God. I wondered if it was to fill it with coins or jewels and decided it wasn't and then stimulated myself to orgasm with the knuckles of my second finger on my right hand.

Dream #3 - My daughter had a brown horse. We kept it confined in a box on the floor and we let it out frequently to train it to sit, lay down like a dog.

Dream #4 - A man named Mr. Thorne was eating dinner and got up and prostrated himself on the floor in honor to God.

Dream #5 - I went to work at a company in the city. There was a triangle of dots as a logo for the company. I got in the car and then decided to ask the President of the company next to it if there was such an abundance of mail for me that it was being delivered to him. I thought it natural that he should come to me instead.

Dream #6 - I was at my house. Several men were working on my car in the garage getting it ready for the trip. My mother was in the room with me. Joe went over and turned a red knob on the wall with either a pipe wrench or pliers. He turned it to the right, clockwise, turning up the heat.

8-23-97 - Dream - A futuristic man came to teach me web design. He had a deep widow's peak in his hair and even by his mouth that same shape appeared - either by mustache or makeup.

He pulled two different pieces of software off the shelf for me to use. Everything he showed me was purple. The phone number he gave me to use was 1-888-869-8869.  (After I woke up, I dialed this number and it turned out to be T. and W. Communications Group)

Dream #2 - I was at a new company working at a new job. There wasn't much to it. The woman in charge asked me if I was self-motivated and to let her know if I ran out of work. I made busywork for myself and even went to the front stairway and washed the blue carpeting which was very dusty.

8-25-97 - I was helping a man construct a vehicle for traveling multi-dimensionality. The wheels were belt driven. The belt was about an inch wide and was red, white, and blue swirl pattern on it. The wheels were gold and they were also about an inch across. There approximately 16 wheels all enclosed by the belt. The man held the wheels enclosed in the belt in his hands.

The man had put a date of 9/20 for completion on it. By taking two of the wheels out of the sequence I brought the date up to 9/2.

I knew this couldn't mean September 2nd because that date was already past and deicded it had to mean the year 2002.

Then there was a black woman sitting on my right on a chair. She wanted to have a child very badly. I knew it was November at the moment. I told her she would have a child next year and gave her a kiss on her temple.

8-25-97 - Dream - I was being driven to work by a blonde woman and we pulled around a corner in a very narrow tunnel-like alley and discovered a young man had smashed up his black car, but got out okay. The car was so badly smashed, it was bent in half down the top.

NOTE:  On 8/30/97 - Princess Diana of England was killed in a car crash like this in a similar type place. The car looked like the dream car and only one man survived the crash.

8-25-97 Dream: I was on my first day of a new job. I walked along a long sidewalk toward the building where I would work. There was a baseball game being played outside the door. All the people were wearing grey uniforms. I was listening to people tell me what was going on in the area as I walked along. I was pushing some kind of cart ahead of me with equipment on it, including a brown telephone. I went into the receptionist's desk to tell her I couldn't get the labeler to work so she could get me a new one or have mine fixed. She started to complain that she didn't know who I was because I wasn't wearing a name tag and I began to tell her the problem was the labeler. An older woman interrupted to tell her and a couple other girls that my name was Dolores. One of the girls, wearing a golden brown dress told me her name was "Goldie". The woman behind the counter who was wearing a blue dress said, "Goldie! Dolores is taking your old job. It pays real well, doesn't it?" Goldie made a sarcastic type face and said, "Yeah! it really does." Then she said, "I can hardly wait for the company dance next Friday night." I could see that Goldie had moved to the personnel office. Then I started to worry that my husband was going to screw up everything so I couldn't go to the dance. Then, I remembered that he was in prison for 23 more years and I didn't have to worry about him anymore. (That is a true fact about my ex-husband. I had divorced him.)

8-26-97 - Dream: I was given a new car. It was like a hot rod. The car was already running when I got it. It sounded a little rough for a minute, but then it ran smoothly. Each window had it's own windshield wiper. The front window wipers were in the normal place. The right window levers were on the ceiling. The left window you had to roll down and back up. The rear window was full of snow. You couldn't back up unless someone else wiped it off and my Father and the car's owner were already out in the street driving away.  I was hollering at them to come back and wipe off the back window.  My Mother sat on the right seat and my son sat in the back seat helping me to figure out the windshield wipers.

8-26-97  Dream: I was in an apartment building office. I seemed to be in charge and people were coming in and out. Most had familiar faces from other dreams. Most would say one sentence and leave or ask an esoteric question and I would answer briefly and they would leave. At lunch time several of us sat at a small table and a guy offered me a cheeseburger. I told him I could eat the insides if he didn't mind if I took the bun off. (I have an allergy to wheat). He said I could eat it any way my heart desired. Several of the people were discussing having a big gathering so they could practice their esoteric skills. I got up on a high podium type thing and told them that they didn't need a big audience, just so they practiced. The practice was the most important thing. while I was speaking, everything turned purple like there was a purple spotlight shining down from above.

8-27-97 - Dream: I was on the computer and pictures of crop circles began to appear. Every one of them had either a "4" or "5" for a reference number.

8-27-97 - Dream: I was going to ship a white tropical fish to someone. The fish was quite large and was laying on the kitchen counter by the sink. I was trying to figure out how to ship the fish because I couldn't ship water in a bowl and he was drying up. The fish began to suffer so I put water on him to make sure he wouldn't die. Suddenly a huge fish tank appeared on my left on the sink counter. It was about 4 x 4 feet high and wide. The person with me check the water to make sure it was safe. The white fish was now refreshed and standing up and I asked the other person to please put the fish into the tank.

8-28-97 - Vision: I saw a lock and some keys in a doorway. The voice said, "The lock is in the memory of mankind." I saw a hand put a special key in the lock and turn it and the whole cylinder pulled out.

8-28-97 - Nightmare: I went to a house where an evil man lived. He abused his wife and family incessantly. He called his son "Alligator" and made him wear a green long brimmed hat like an alligator head. The evil man held out his son to me for me to kiss him. I kissed the child, despite getting bumped in the face with the brim of the hat.

When I arrived, everyone was in a good mood, laughing and enjoying my visit, but it seemed like they were overdoing it for my benefit. The wife especially was acting like she was actually crazed with fear and yet laughing so as to not show it to me.

I discovered that the 12 year old daughter had been raped by her father and had given birth to twin babies who were so premature, they were like cracked eggs flopped out in a pan. The daughter screamed..."They have no hands, they have no hands." But, when I picked up the babies, the cells for the hands were there, just not developed yet.

I picked up the babies and put them both in a box which I carried at stomach level. Inside the box was also a large egg standing upright. It was cracked jaggedly around the top. I opened the egg and saw two yolks inside which were stilld developing.

Quite a large crowd of people had gathered in the house by now. The wife was nearly hysterical with joy, yet I sensed her fear. She ran to get her husband to bring him in and I said, "If he harms anyone, I'll kill him." Two other men near me, heard me say that and showed me a small piece of paper with anote on it with some information about a plot to kill the evil man.

8-29-97 - Dream - The dream was all black and white computer pages. I was seeing crop circles and glyphs all relating to sexuality, and all the sign for Leo The Lion astrological sign.

8-30-97 - Dream - I was teaching sex to the neighborhood kids and the mothers were all upset about it.

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