9-1-97 - Dream: I captured all the images I as supposed to from February 1st to July 1st. including the purple bull and did everything I was supposed to. My reward was the white airplane that was flying in. I saw the white plane flying in. It had luggage strapped on top and many lighted windows. I was standing on the tarmac watching the plane coming in. When it came in, it was right over my head and I said, "I didn't realize it was that low."

9-2-97 - Dream: I saw a brown metronome. It was not operating, just sitting there.

9-3-97 - Dream: I was in a house in the country. I could hear multiple plane crashes and car crashes. I refused to look outside. I didn't want t see them.

NOTE: In the next month, there were multiple plane crashes of the government plane F-15.  There were many of them and they were finally grounded until the problem could be determined.

9-3-97 A man came to visit. He had a bag of bakery and offered me the chocolate frosting covered one off the top. I took it and ate it. It was the best donut I ever ate and it didn't bother me a bit. (I am allergic to wheat)

An older woman came to visit and then a young man came in and set up an electrical machine on the table. It looked like a Tesla coil to me. I was afraid it was going to start sparking so I hid behind a wall at a doorway. The older woman and the young boy set up an experiment. she lay down by this machine and they covered everything but her face with sand. I thought maybe the glow of the red coils was supposed to give her a suntan effect, but they told me that the machine was supposed to make her masculine. I didn't want to ask her why she wanted to look masculine, but I could see her face start to look younger.

9-3-97 - Vision: - I heard a male voice. "Do not go to the Store. - Warning - "  I saw myself down on my knees with my head on the floor. I promised not to leave the house.

NOTE: I forced myself to stay home that day even though I needed to go shopping. I didn't want to tempt fate.

See the following dream which followed the vision.

9-3-97 - Dream: I was sitting on a rocking metal chair in the sun in the yard of my New Berlin, WI home. I began to have visions in my dream. I saw an airplane flying over and as soon as I thought , "Oh, no. It's going to crash", it turned into a bird.  Then I saw a blue delivery truck flying in the sky and was afraid that it was going to crash. I then saw an American flag hanging limply on a tall pole and then realized it was just a reflection of the flag on the pole across the street.

Some people came in the yard and found something red in the grass. The woman tossed it to me and I caught it one handed on the fly with my left hand. I said to her, "It's a miracle catch," and as I held my red hair barrette in my hand it crumpled like it had been run over by the mower. I continued to rock in the chair and held the barrette in my hand. I then slipped into a dream within the dream and I was at a house away from my house. My first husband asked if he could drive me home and I said, "Yes". When we got in the car and drove out into the street, he said, "Just have to stop at the store and get something." I instantly remember my previous vision of the warning of not going to the store. I asked him to please take me directly home. He agreed but even as we spoke we had some narrow escapes from crashing into other cars. As soon as we headed for home, we were okay.

9-5-97 - Dream: I was in a car with my ex-husband Jim. It began to snow and I couldn't see out my window where we were going, so I decided to close my eyes and let him drive because he said he could see. I opened my eyes once and saw we were at an intersection with many blue directional signs. The one I read said, "Turn right". He said he had to stop at Kohls and roll out his sign. The car had morphed into a light green convertible and it was warm outside. He had a huge black banner which unfurled as he ran up the street and around the corner. It was at an angle so I couldn't read the words. I just could see the letters were multi-colored. The neighborhood children all came running to see this sign and sat in rows along the curb to watch. He rolled the sign up and got back in the car. At that point I closed my eyes again and when I opened them again, we were at home and it was very quiet. I got up to see where Jim had gone to. I tried to open the door to his room, but could only open the door enough to see that his brown round basket of jelly beans was gone. I said, "Oh! Jim is gone." I went to the door and saw the black banner laying face down to dry. I cold see that it had rained out and the sidewalks were half dry, but Jim was gone.

9-5-97 - Vision: I saw a Lease from I.R. but I couldn't read it. I asked for it to be brought closer. It came closer in increments until I could finally read it. The last line said, "I'll see you Sunday."

NOTE:  On Sunday, I.R. came to visit.

9-5-97 - Vision: - I saw a large piece of paper. The top heading said, "Clark Graphics."

NOTE:  Later that month, I had some faxing and printing to do, so I went to Clark Graphics to have the work done.

9-5-97 - Dream:  I was in a large building. Two women asked me if I wanted to have a bible study. I said, "Yes!", but when I got to the room, they had gone somewhere else. I saw two tall 7 foot men whom I knew were spiritual. I asked them if they wanted to have a bible study with me.  They said they were going to a bar.

9-5-97 - Dream - I was in an apartment building. I was wearing a pink nightie that had two layers and one layer was longer than the other. I was trying to suck in my fat stomach because I had to walk past some men to get to my apartment.  I went into my apartment to get dressed. My bedroom was on two levels, one higher and one lower. On the higher level, a young woman brought me a large water ball with a white scene in it. (I have one just like ti with Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in it.) This one seemed to have some trees in it. The waterball morphed into a round fish bowl with two fish in it. I took it to the kitchen to do something with the water. The bowl fell on the floor and all the water spilled out and their were many female guppies flopping on the floor. I thought about scooping the fish back into the bowl but was afraid I'd injure their scales. There was a man to my left behind me. I thought maybe he could do it better. Then a big orange cat appeared and towered over the flopping fish. I looked on the kitchen counter and saw a fake mouse toy I could have distracted the cat with, but decided to let the cat have the fish so I wouldn't have to clean it up. (I felt guilty for doing that after I woke up)

9-6-97 - Dream - I was in a room with someone. We were looking at a book or computer screen with symbols on. The ones that had alien encounters had underlined faces on. I was going to click on one with a face and then decided not to.

9-7-97 - Dream - I received a four page letter of commendation. It said that I had earned another black ring but that I already had too many black rings, so they were going to give me something else. The ring they showed me that I had too many of, was a large black onyx stone - a round cabachon with three diamonds embedded in the top like a triangle.

9-7-97 - Dream: -  I was with some women in an office. We were all trying to work cooperatively on projects but their egos were getting in the way and various jealousies of each other. I managed to make friends with my worst enemy (she was wearing all red). The accountant of the place was left out of all this and she came up to me and showed me a project where she would stencil yellow words on burlap to give to people as they donated money to our cause.  She felt really good that she was contributing to the cause. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was my idea she was contributing. I then picked up my stack of laundry to take to the basement to dry. The washing was all completed.

I also saw a drain in the bottom of the sink when the water drained out as it swirled in a circular pattern. This water was blue.

As I woke up, I was seeing two huge triangular planes taking off ahead of me side by side. They were not black. They were white with just enough of an outline to show they were there. I tried to catch up with them to get closer to them, but they were moving too fast upward ahead of me. (I think these two planes were Diane, Princess of Wales, Mother Theresa and have been compared for their compassion for the poor, sick, and downtrodden.)

9-8-97 - Dream - I was working at home but feeling guilty about not getting to work on time like everyone else by 8 a.m. I tried to rationalize it because I really was working. Then the boss showed up and I showed him my report was done so it legitimized my working at home. I still had not gotten dressed so I went into the closet and picked out light blue jeans and a light blue smock top. These were my daughter's clothing. I felt proud that I fit into them. I thought about wearing a different color top so I wouldn't look pregnant, then changed my mind. I got dressed then and went to another room where there was a copy machine.

I was going to make 20 copies of the report. I put the paper on the glass and closed the lid. The first copy came out all strange with weird paper and only 6 inches wide. There were several other people there now and I was in the office. A woman helped me open the back of the machine to see what was wrong with the paper. The top piece was a blue pastel overnight package, the second one was another kind of envelope full of paper, and the third one was too. The boss was there so I questioned him about the paper. He said he knew it was for a different machine but it was cheap.  We all looked at him like he was a real dummy. I knew I had to go to the office to make the copies.

There, the President of the company appeared and asked me to come into his office. When I entered the door, he said, "Please present yourself."  He was an ancient looking man, very tall, wearing a light beige suit. He pulled out a large paper which was a fire insurance claim. He said it appeared I still owed $322.28 for an unrepaired door. I told him that the people never fixed it so I didn't feel obligated to pay for it. He said, "Oh! Okay!", and dismissed me.

I went back to the outer room where my daughter was standing. We were standing face to face very close and I was noting how much alike we were including the blonde hair, but I noticed that she had a lot of wrinkles on her forehead and I didn't have any wrinkles. We then talked about her ability to call me on my beige phone and she said my number was 459-9509. I agreed that was it . We then went outside to my car so I could get to work by 9a.m. I was looking for a beige car. There were many beige cars in the lot but none were mine. Where my car was supposed to be, there were no cars at all. It was raining and wet out. We went back inside to report my car stolen when I woke up.

9-10-97 - Dream: I went to look at an apartment. It was #107. The man was telling me how special it was. Then he warned me not to step too close to the wall. As soon as he did, a white rope snapped into view that ran the length of the apartment and then up a stairway. The man was telling me how sexy a thing this was and that people danced alone that line in a sexual way.

I was very intrigued and began to follow the white rope and up the stairs. It led into apartment #207. I entered that apartment and saw that it had a balcony sort of effect overlooking the livingroom and bedroom of the apartment below. I saw that the man who lived there had a huge beautiful organ and lots of books. Then I saw the guy. He was a big, tall, blonde, stud type. I was even more intrigued. Then I came to the end of the rope and I saw that it was connected to his telephone and there were wires embedded in the rope. I knew instantly that the blonde stud was eavesdropping on Joe and my sexual conversations. I was instantly angry and got right n the manager's face and told him to disconnect the rope line. The man's voyeur days were over.

9-11-97 - Dream: I was typing information ona computer all night. Lots of it was advice to myself, particularly about my diet. I told myself not to eat so much protein. (I've been eating chili beans and meat and hot dogs for two days). After I went back to bed today, I was again typing advice to myself in a dream. I typed the name BASIC BEE NEWS, then BASIC ACCESS NEWS on an envelope in the return address. I was sending out a newsletter of advice derived from dreams.

9-12-97 - Dream. I typed all night.  Just as I was waking up, I saw the symbol for Shekinah (The female aspect of God)

9-12-97 - Dream:  I was getting ready for my trip and dying my hair black. I started at 6 p.m. on the clock. It was taking a long time and while I was doing it, I had visitors.

Joe came in some fashion and we exchanged words of love. I couldn't remember seeing him, so it could have been a  phone conversation or on the computer.

My mother and father came. My father was like a presence. I did not actually see him. My mother sat on the floor dressed in black. Her hair was three toned, black at the roots, brown further up and blonde in the center. My mother just smiled. My father wanted to know who I had told about the trip. I thought about it and said, "Almost no one, but I told my ex-husband first." My father was pleased with that and they left.  R.R. arrived and began cooking breakfast for himself. He cooked things I don't have in my house - toast, eggs, and bacon. He ate it while I was rinsing my hair. It was now 6:30 p.m. on the clock. I went into the bathroom and turned on the water. It gushed rusty orange, then went clear - I rinsed my hair but it never got wet and the clothes that were piled neatly in the sink never got wet either.

I went to comb my hair then and the hair was two tone. It was black except for a pure white triangle in the center of my head. There was no hair at all in the front of my head. Then I noticed I was wearing a green scarf with curlers under it in front and felt stupid that I hadn't taken the curlers out.  I combed it out and it was now all brown and standing on end and then went back to normal reddish color.

R..R. finished eating and after I complained about having no hair, he showed me the back of his head. It was  shaved except for a black section down the back center like a mini mohawk hairdo. He then pointed out a small bookcase too me. He said, "There are 36 individual books here for children. Then he reached into another bookcase and handed me three books. He said, "Here! Read these...the three bears ...Sun Bear, Jean Bear, and ... (I woke up while he was saying the last one and didn't get it.)

9-15-97 - Dream - I was typing crop circle urls from alpha.mic.dundee. I was told  to go look at the one titled, 'home' for three minutes and then come back to finish the work.

When I was waking up, I heard a voice say, "Hetar said,...(which I didn't get).  (This is an alien on a mother ship I am  aware of.)

9-16-97 - Dream: I was in a large apartment building. I was in charge of remodeling and a lot of work was going on. I was giving a woman a tour and asked her if she had the original apartments as they were before any remodeling had been done. She said, "No!" so I took her into one that the workmen were just starting. It was one large room. Two walls were brighter orange and two were hand painted with numerous colorful flowers. It had a really high ceiling. Now it was being  modernized and painted all white. We went back into the hall when the president and his entourage were going by. I asked him if he could please sign the insurance papers today because two of my sons were about to do a daredevil stunt on top of a mountain. He assured me he would take care of it.  I had seen my son Bob climb to the top of a mountain with his wife Karen and she dared him to jump his motorcycle to another peak nearby. He was about to do it.

We went down the hall and I had to go down in a sub-basement four steps and retrieve four small packages and take them up the elevator. A step vehicle was provided for me for easy descent into the sub-basement level and this same vehicle would be placed in the elevator to take it up to a higher level.

When I stepped down into the sub-basement level - T.M. and three other men came walking by. I asked him if he could help me lift the packages onto the step vehicle. He said, "No! I'm too busy planning some electrical switches." He walked right on by and I was determined to get these packages to a higher level. So, I vowed out loud to do it myself because the vehicle was already provided for me and the elevator was ready to take me up.

9-17-97 - Dream: - I was working in a very large company and sitting at my desk. A woman called me on the phone and asked me if I would make the last ice delivery of the day. (It seemed that the women took turns doing this). I looked at the clock. It was 5:40p.m. or 20 minutes to 6p.m. I got up to do the ice run. A woman appeared out of nowhere and stood by the filing cabinets on the left of my desk.

I needed to comb my hair before I made the ice run and found that the comb would not go all the way through my hair to the bottom. I had to comb the snags and snarls out before I could go and I did this.

A young woman came into the room in a wheelchair. She was very down and felt unable to do anything. I encouraged her to come with me on the ice run and coaxed her continuously all the way down the hall with me.

I  met a dark curly haired man who was going to race a car up the mountain. He was so excited, I decided to go along. The car was in a tunnel-like place. I saw another man sitting on the passenger side. I opened the door and the man seemed to be unconscious and leaning over against the dark haired driver.  The man in the center also had dark curly hair but was a larger man. I looked at him and saw him smiling but trying not to smile and not being able to control it, so I knew he was only pretending to be unconscious.

This car was deep dark blue. When I closed the door, I saw there was no door panel on the passenger side, but there was a wide bar where I could hang onto in case the driver made some wild turns. There also was no seat belt. It was going to be a wild ride up the mountain.

The driver started the car and made an impossible right turn inside the tunnel-like place we were parked in.

I was suddenly back in the office and a woman brought me a brown box half-full of things to take on my trip. Above the items were two lazer bright spot lights shining end to end inside the box. I immediately knew that this was the second box they had given me. I had received one the day before also. I told the woman to make sure that if anything else got packed in the box that the spotlights could be seen.

I was them presented with a calendar. I think it said 'CHAT' on top. The spaces were all blank so nothing was scheduled yet.

There was also a small line in blue that said 'percent completed' and then 'acknowledged by.'

I had a computer mouse in my hand and clicked on the 'percent completed' and the AOL triangle began to spin...then I realized nothing was scheduled yet and woke up.

9-18-97 - Dream: My father brought his huge truck out of storage and was showing me how identical his truck was to mine. He told me I could drive his truck cross country. He put his name on a placard and slid it sideways behind the driver's seat.

NOTE: On 9-21-97, I and Joe made a trip from Milwaukee, WI to Modesto, CA in a truck with all my belongings. I felt comforted that we would be safe even when crossing Donner Pass in California when the brakes started acting up going down hill. Even though it seemed there was something wrong at the top of the hill, they seemed to heal themselves and we got all the way home to Joe's house safely.

9-18-97 - Dream: In the middle of a dream, I walked through the livingroom where people were watching a television newscast of a terrorist attack with automatic machine guns in a big city.

NOTE:  When I woke up in the morning, a terrorist attack had happened in Cairo, Egypt just like in my dream and 9 people were killed.

9-18-97 - As I was waking up, I still had my eyes closed and realized I couldn't remember my dream. I instantly started seeing the dream playing in reverse all the way from the end to the beginning. At the end, I was sending out a newsletter in bright yellow envelops. There were at least 150 of them.

More toward the beginning, I was going to go see a movie with a black woman and her daughter, but they had to buy shoes first. So, I went out to the parking lot to wait in the car.  I could see my blue car in the distance, but when I got to where I thought the car was, I opened the door to a newer white car. I realized my mistake, closed the door, walked back towards the store, saw my blue car again, walked back towards it and again found myself by a white car. I started to get confused that I couldn't get to my blue car.

9-19-97 - Dream: I dreamed I had to go pick up Joe at the airport but it was too early so I was going to clean the kitchen. I found some bakery on the table and decided to eat a piece. I ate the whole thing and then wondered why I wasn't getting an asthma attack. I then remembered you can't get an asthma attack from eating something in a dream.. (smile)

A black boy came walking through the room. I asked, "What are your doing in here?" He said, "Just checking." I told him, "Please leave!" and escorted him to the door, which I then closed and locked. I turned the key back and the light went on. I could see that a glass panel in the wall next to the door, a black man was coming down the steps.

I went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning, then decided to go to the library. When I got to the library there were some shocked people there. A man came in wearing shorts. A Jewish Comedian with a big bushy beard walked over to him wearing only blue jockey shorts and began doing a sexual bump and grind against him. (I was told the comedian's name and I recognized him, but can't remember now) I asked the woman in charge what that was alla bout. She said, "Just to get rid of the guy in the shorts. (It was pretty disgusting to see)

I was driven then by B.G. (my old painter who always wore white) . We went into a white car and we followed a big blue truck. We made a couple right turns through narrow  lanes, crossed three lanes of traffic and made another right turn, went through a white tunnel and came out on what looked like a ship's deck. It was partly cloudy, but the moon was shining down through the clouds and the stars were shining. It was beautiful.

I had to cross a water channel then to get back to the library. The water in the channel was really high and the bottoms of my feet got wet walking on the slats that was the walkway. Actually, the slats were giving way on the edges and I knew I was probably going to be the last person to cross.

I went into the library and up the stairs and went over to the corner where they had women's crafts. I sat in a chair and looked at some books. I recognized the pictures of some book covers and knew I had them all already. I looked at some embroidery kits which were for sale. I liked them but decided they were too expensive and not worth it.

One was $2.97. I decided not to take them and fell asleep in the chair. when I woke up it was 7 p.m. on the clock. I said, "Oh, my god! I forgot to get Joe, and I'm late." I panicked because I had to go East to get him and I had to cross town to do it.

I ran for the stairs down to the first floor and picked up my son to take him with me. I carried him down the steps and when I saw I was at the wrong doorway, I started going back up the steps to the library again. I started laughing, saying "When you're an actress, you sometimes forget where you are."

I woke up to the telephone ringing and saw it was exactly 7 a.m. and I didn't immediately know where I was either.

9-19-97 - Visions - After Joe and I made love, I closed my eyes and saw three women come across the street towards us. Each one had a little black purse. The one who seemed to be the oldest had a look on her face like she knew something was going on and she had to see what it was.

When they faded out, I saw four people going along a concrete divider/railing. Two men were on the right side, an older white haired man and a younger man. On the left side of the railing was a mother and her son four or five years old. They were looking at the divider/railing and running their hands on it like they were examining it.  

9-20-97 - Visions - Following seeing the family in the previous visions, the word 'doric' popped into my mind.

Looking up the word 'doric' on the Internet, brought up pictures of the Roman Doric temple and myths and stories of Gods and Goddesses.

Vision - Following looking on the Internet, I had another vision . I saw the temple "Roman Doric" (which was a drawing of 'doric' type architecture.) I saw two people dressed in white enter the temple and go behind the facade of it.  When they emerged, the man of the two brought out in his arms, a fan shaped array of white books of which I believe there were 12.

9-20-97 - Dream - I was at work and my boss moved me upstairs t work in the same room with a woman named J.C. She pretended to be my friend but she really wasn't. She told me she would destroy me. I told her, "You will regret it if you try." She grabbed my hand and I made a fist around hers and dug my thumb nail deep into her flesh.

She began to say bad things to me and I took a yellow, long-handled dust mop and pushed it at her mouth. She asked me why I didn't hit her. I said that I didn't want to go to jail.

I then took my hand held radio (communication radio) and several other things and took them downstairs where there were a lot of people. Joe was there and was lining up a bunch of boys who were a baseball team and was going to take their picture.

Outside the picture window behind the boys was a baseball diamond.

9-22-97 - Dream - I saw the words, "Elysian Fields" and on a web page for Joe, the name of which will be "Beyond the Elysian Fields."

While thinking about this after I woke up, I had a vision of a blue milk bottle case with books in it. Lined up on the right side were 12 black paper books with white printing on the edge.

9-23-97 - Dream - I was managing a building. A light that was on the ground was removed and used elsewhere, but had not been replaced yet. I was cleaning up the ground. A very thin nasty woman came to visit our building. Shew as dressed all in black. She had an entourage of women with her. One was dressed in red.

She came in and complained about the missing light and I explained to her that the light was going to be brought back. She wanted to go upstairs to room 2218. I couldn't go up yet because I didn't have my shoes on. I quickly found my shoes which were white. I couldn't just slip them on, I had to strap them on.

So, she and her entourage went up the elevator which was on the right. I planned to take the one on the left. (When we got on the elevator, facing the front, she would have been on the left, and I would have been on the right.)

I got upstairs where the woman was at a swimming pool. The pool was covered over with trap doors on top. She was on the side near the far end with one trap door open and she had a man pouring in a powdered chemical called NCE out of a large green and white bag. When the chemical was poured into the water, it formed a gas which she was breathing.

9-24-97 - Dream - I was at home, but I had a business too. We sold shoes. I wore size 11. A young man came in and he also wore a size 11. We got him a pair of shoes from the upper room. I saw my left foot and his right foot. My shoe was white and his was black.

I saw Burt Reynolds coming up the walkway. He came in and went to the upper room where he began to play the organ. We also stored the shoes up there. The music was incredibly beautiful and complicated. The music ended and he came down the steps. I decided it wasn't enough for him to just play the organ, he had to earn his keep by selling shoes like the rest of us. He didn't want to and left.

I was then going to teach dance lessons which I did. The class was over then and I began to clean the floor with a bicycle which I pushed. This made a wet track on the floor in the shape of an infinity symbol. This infinity track washed off the pattern of the dance steps.

Two women came and wanted to take dance lessons. I told them they were too late because I was already washing the floor and eliminating the dance steps with the infinity pattern. I continued to make this pattern until the entire floor was wiped clean of dance steps.

9-24-97 - Vision - I saw many cars lined up for a funeral. They were four abreast and lined up between two fences down about two blocks. A motorcycle came and lead the procession and stopped right in front of me. A whole line of semi-trucks then went off down the freeway. They were not to participate.

Then I saw a car lot and a yellow car like a Volkswagen make a leap frog move and landed in front of me.

Vision #2 - A woman came into the room and asked me if I needed a light bulb. I  said, "No! I already have a light."

A brilliant car headlight appeared then.

I saw the words, "There were 27 days and there were 27 and they were divided by 9."

9-25-97 - Dream - I was in an office, working. My boss gave me a white postcard with the word or initials ADJVIT. He told me to send for the information. I took the card across the room to another desk where my best friend Nancy sat to show it to her.  (We studied the possibilities and determined that the letters referred to the names of Gods and Goddesses in mythology)

On the way there, I saw myself in the mirror with a full brown beard, which immediately morphed into a curly head of hair the same color.

I showed the card to Nancy who in turn showed me a large, thick looseleaf book which she opened and showed me information she already had typed on alternate blue and gold pages which she was sharing with me.

9-27-97 - Dream - I was shown by an angel/entity that each individual is born with a specific symbol signifying how many days it is from conception to what you are supposed to do. And you can also tell what a person is supposed to do by looking at this symbol and you will also know how many days it is from conception.

In both Joe's and my case, it was 45 days.

The angel/entity was upset because someone had told someone in advance what I was going to do because they knew this secret of the shape/symbol system. Nobody was supposed to know this.

The symbol for 45 days was a ratcheted partial circle. The 4 took up a certain portion of the circle and the 5 took up another different certain portion of the circle.  

Another angel/entity came and told me that each word spoken has a sound and a color with a nuance of tone according to how it is spoken.

9-27-97 - Dream; I dreamed that I made a big pot of mashed potatoes. I served some to each person who came to my apartment. Everyone raved about how great they were. A particular special man came then and wanted to taste the mashed potatoes and wanted to be served first when I had these special mashed potatoes. He was served in a separate room from the others and elevated the pot of mashed potatoes to a higher level.

9-27-97 - Dream - At the end of this dream, I was riding in a car going downhill and telling the man sitting next to me that on Jan. 7, 1996 I met a man and had a life-changing experience.

In the street on the left was a man directing a band and I told the man with me that I wouldn't be surprised if that was him, because he did a lot of different things.  However, it wasn't the same man.

(Previous to this in the dream, I believe I was experiencing or re-experiencing the 1/7/96 even where I met this man on the 11th floor of a tall round building) I cannot remember more than that.

9-28-97 - Dream - I slid downhill really fast to wake up. I was seeing some words, but can't remember what they are except that I was seeing a list of numbers which I was to teach. The only numbers I could remember was 18-5, 3612, and 3618.

9-29-97 - Dream- I was in a large building like a school. I was told that there was a headless woman who came to this school and everyone was afraid of her.

I went up the stairs to the 2nd level and met some of the other students who were all female. One of them was a female had just floating in space. She was all smiling and happy so I made friends with her.

She was the one who gave me the next dream which was titled 'Northern Patient Territory."

I received communication that my ex-husband was out of prison and looking for me and that he was threatening to kill me. I was pretty scared I hadn't communicated with him but knew he had ways of finding people.

The place I lived in had many doors that had locks, but not all of them did. I warned the other people not to let strangers in.

My ex-husband showed up (he had a white beard) eventually and it looked like he was going to shoot me and I cowered behind other people preparing mentally to die.

Instead, he handed me a $10 bill, telling me that he knew he owed me money.

He was very ill and was hospitalized. I made sure he was taken care of but did not visit him. I heard that he had no light in his room where he lived and the bulb was too high to put a new one in. So, I donated a chair he could stand on if he needed to. Each part of the chair was a different style and the wood was a different color also from white to pale brown.

I then moved to another building where I told everyone to put deadbolts on their doors and not to let strangers in.

I then walked downtown and there was a police officer on the corner. I felt safer then, but saw my ex-husband standing on the corner. He had a pound of butter in his hand and the police officer said to him, "I see you have your reward."

9-27-97 - Dream - I was walking down the street coming back from the hospital, on the way to my apartment where I had to let a workman in to fix a refrigerator for Judy in #302.

I met D.W. and thanked her for interceding for me in getting a favor done. I told her I needed a job and she took me down the street to a store front office across from A.C. on 70th Street. The man at the desk was like a minister. He did good things for people and had an agency of some kind too. The people in the office talked amongst each other and asked me to wash a desk top off which I would work at. It looked charred around the edges like it had been on fire at some point.

There was a whole stack of training manuals there with a VCR and tape recorder.

When I finished washing off the desk, a heavyset woman who was like a nun dressed in grey, walked up to me, shook my hand, and said, "Congratulations! You've got the job, you start on Thursday!"  I gave her a hug and kissed her and she started to cry. I thanked the other woman in the office as well who was dressed in yellow. I then went over to the desk where the minister/head guy sat and thanked him. I said, "You know, I never even brought my resume in to show you." He said, "We heard that you do good things for people and that is what counts."

I then got up to go outside. I went out the door and discovered I was naked and quickly went back inside to put my clothes on. The woman in yellow said, "I do that all the time. I wish we could be naked because afterall, this is summer."

(The clothes weren't actually clothes, but symbols like squares, triangles, and circles.)

9-30-97 - Dream - Joe and I had a lot of information to teach to people. We were taking it East across the United States from the high mountains on highway 128.  

#2 - I was in my apartment and started to find books I had never seen before. At first I found huge, thick photo albums with blank pages. I decided not to keep them because I couldn't see any value in them. The next book was also a photo album from 1928. I decided to keep it in case it had a page 128. There was another photo album with it. I kept looking at it in case there were photos that would have value.

Then I started finding dark blue material that were obviously dress pattern pieces. I decided to keep those because I might be able to cut them to fit me.

I was wondering where all this stuff was coming from when a whole bunch of women came in and said they were donating all their possessions to help the needy. I told them to take all the bedding they were carrying in their arms to the 1st floor hallway. By that time the whole livingroom was full of stuff that needed to be looked over and sorted for value.

#3 - I was with some women - all dressed in beige. I was in their apartment which was also all beige. I was being led through the apartment by a young woman and we went through two more units it seemed and met another woman in beige in each one.

(I don't recall why we were there)

#4 - I arrived at home and found my children all arguing with each other. Each one had three written arguments against the other. Mike (the oldest) was the most angry and wanted me to say he was right before I even got out of the car. I told them I couldn't make a decision until I heard all sides.

9-30-97 - Meditation - I was praying the "Our Father" and saw myself in a vision going uphill and crossing narrow bridges. Under each bridge was a trench and a cliff that was higher than the level I was standing on. The bridges narrowed the higher they went. I didn't have any problems crossing the bridges...more or less floated across them.

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