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collected by Dee Finney

Date: 11/28/2000

From: freestonew@yahoo.com (freestone wilson)

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My Sister Goes with Jesus

I am inspired to put down more of my Spirit experiences ...

In this one ... I watch my Deceased sister..being taken to a higher heaven,  by Jesus!

My greatest critics of this vision ... are from those of the Church: they do not like this vision ... it goes against their dogmic programmings!! but I am sorry,

folks ... this is a first person account that is very real to me ... !!

My sister died in 1986. I had lots of running around to do..taking care of her stuff ... and selling it. When you die at 42 years, owning a business ... there is a LOT to do ... {would you believe: 400 boxes in a warehouse!!}

Since then ... over the years ... I have had the blessings of being taken to several heavens ... to actually be able to see her and even to talk to her!

Somewhere around 1991...I had this wonderful "taken to heaven" experience ... to see of her progress, there; as she entered heaven,  upon her death in a not too good of a Soul-state ... and slowly she advanced upward into better heavens.

vision begins ........

I find myself in a room ... that is sort of dark. I find myself in a chair, facing about three feet away ... my sister Suanna, sitting in another chair  ... a small table is in front of both of us ... the area is of light; but I can only see around us; as if there is a kind of a spotlight onto us.

It IS her ... no doubt. She greets me. She then tells me that she has enrolled into a heaven-school. She says that there are hundreds of students in this class.

I ask of her the nature of this course that she is taking. she tells me that she is studying how the earthly life of any soul can be "read" ... in the Soul-face ... of that soul ... there in heaven. There seems to be a kind of "language" ... for this.

This is what she is studying. She tells me that the course take 10,000 heavenly hours!!

{someone that I told this dream to ... a teacher ... tells me that 10,000 hours is about the time a kid spends in school: kindergarten --- through 12th grade!}

She then lays out onto the table ... a great thick textbook! her textbook. She opens it to show me some of her material ... book must be six inches thick --- I can actually remember reading some of it! The book went into the language of Soul ... however a person lives on earth ... the Soul is Created ... affected ... by his earthly life. The soul consists of all the MEANINGS in his life ... all the moral ... ethical ... feeling judgements ... etc ... etc ... it is as if an artist chisels a sculpture of a head ... it takes ... I read ... 10,000 chisel-chips ... to make that head. {ANOTHER meaning of that "10,000 hours!!}.

When that person dies ... that completed head ... is his heavenly soul ... and he will LIVE IN IT!! In heaven ... he will LOOK like his soul-life ... and draw to him ... the corresponding scenery, that goes with it.  --- like attracts like!

So what Suanna was studying ... was how to read the symbolic language that is encoded into any and all of the faces of any person that has just arrived into heaven, from earth, after death. From this examination; the life just lived, on earth, can be seen ... as to its moral and ethical meanings, its capability to Love, it ability to have wisdom, and all of the "Damage' that had occurred to the Soul, from living that earthly life!

{I think she was studying to become a heavenly Guide\counselor\consoler, to be able to meet with the new arrivees and help them to progress. MY analogy for her schooling ... is this: a kind of medical school, where she is learning to become a doctor ... but not of physical sicknesses ... but of Soul-sicknesses, brought up from the earth-life just lived ... conditions made from omissions and commissions, in that earthly life.

The "church" ... might call them ... "Sins"!! ... sins not only done BY the person ... but sins done by the parents --- culture, TO that person!

Things done to the person ... that was accepted by that person as being "TRUE"!!!

This is where "forgiveness" and "overcoming" and "Transcending" can overcome the Programmings done to us, by our relatives\friends\culture!!}.

Suanna gets up from the chair ... she closes the book and takes it ... and leaves: Dream ends ... but only for a second!!

part two ... begins.............

I find myself in a vast open space ... under a vivid heavenly blue sky ... there is a very small hill, maybe ten foot high ... before me ... maybe 200 feet away. On this hill ... I can see about 300 robed figures ... they all wear the very same robes ... like of a bedsheet. I stand off in the distance ... away from the group. There is an imposing-looking man, near me. While he wears also a robe ... there is something about his dress and of his face ... that speaks ... speaks of "authority"!!

He is their teacher ... THIS is Suanna's class! she is amidst them, somewhere......

The teacher turns to me, and tell me that this is the Moment of Graduation for all  of these students ... and that they all will progress to a higher level of heaven ... that is "above' this one that we all are now in. That is ... the higher heaven is invisible to anyone here, in the present place, where we and the students are now in.

The teacher now ... suddenly ... cries out, to all the students ...... "PREPARE TO ASCEND"!!

I watch ... a very hushed silence ... just 300 students ... the teacher ... and I ... under a translucent blue sky!

Suddenly I noted something!

I could see a flock of distant birds approach from way off and way up in the sky ... as if they were descending from way up on high.

They were in a "VEE" formation; much like Canadian geese.

Then ... I saw two things ... one --- the birds were not birds ... they were Angels or Angelic Spirits! And I could see that the leader was JESUS!

So here was Jesus, himself ... with a group of Angels ... to take the graduating class ... up to their level of heaven. They stopped their descent over the hill and students ... they were all about twenty feet over the students. None of them, including Jesus, said anything.

The teacher now repeated his remark ... "PREPARE TO ASCEND"!

Suddenly ... every single robe feel to the ground, empty!!!! In a second ... it was as if the hill were covered with 300 bedsheets or tissues ... all the 300 students seemed to instantly DEMATERIALISE ... to increase their soul-vibrations to that of the higher level ... that level being invisible ... to the level where we were currently at.

The robes fell, empty!

Only the teacher and I ... were left! the hill was empty of all life, only the robes lay quietly on the grass!

This teacher THEN turned to me and said something to me ... just before the dream-vision ended.

He said ..."Jesus, in his great Love for all of Humanity ... created these lower heavens, for afterlife humanity ... so that no one would SLEEP until the Great Call of ascending, at the end of the Universe's age".

{ meaning; ........... these heavens were created by Jesus and his masters\Archangels ... so that humanity could progress after death ... in the lower purgatorical realms of heaven. VERY FEW of humanity would be able to GO right away, immediately after death, to the Celestial spheres of the Throne-worlds of god ... too many impurities are made into our Souls from just living in the physical realm!!!!!

Only Jesus went right away to the father ... after he died!! Thus ... these lower heavens were made ... as a "college" ... to get us all ready to someday MEET the father (God) ... face to face, on His level ... some far off heavenly day!!!

These are places to remove these impurities and to learn of Spirit ....

If "COLLEGE" ... could represent ... the Celestial realms then "REMEDIAL SUMMER SCHOOL", after high school is over ... to make good and catch up, for the material missed, or miss-used, in the high School,  on earth --- to get one up to the Entering freshman curriculum-level of freshman College entry-requirements --- THIS, I find, is a very good analogy ... for these pugatorial lower heavens!!}.

Freestone Wilson


Tranquillity's Ascension Dream I: Part I: The Ascension Dream I

In the dream, I owned a business of unknown nature, outdoors. At one point, I needed to go from the flat meadow near the road to another location. Instead of just walking there, I found myself climbing a steep flight of steps built into the forest. I remember thinking there might be about  **80** steps ... I had climbed perhaps halfway (but it seemed no end in sight) when I realized that I was carrying, one in each outstretched hand, a pack of brand-name Toaster Pastries, but each pack was open and contained only a SINGLE, HALF-EATEN pastry...Climbing immediately beside me, step for step, was a weird-looking creature which I classified as a tarantula based on the number of legs (but now I think was only 6 (one less than 7, the number of Spiritual Perfection postulated in some Paths). It’s body resembled the ladybug stuffed I keep on the dash of my truck, Xcept that the body was hot pink with black polka dots, the legs were black, and the eyes were black and piercing but incredibly sentient.
I didn't want it to touch my foot as it climbed on my left, or spiritual side, very close, as I thought I was barefoot, but at one point I looked down and was wearing flip-flop thongs... I still didn't want it touching me, I was not necessarily afraid of being bitten, I just knew I didn't want to be touched by it; but not why I didn’t (it was not fear at all, just perhaps an uncertainty of being willing to receive these Spiritual Gifts and Guidance at this point). At this point I reached across myself with my right or physical hand and thrust at it, the pack with the half-empty toaster pastry, telling it that should satisfy it, I think. I might have been almost stumbling here; I remember I was bent forward and it turned its head and looked me straight in the eye, a rather unnerving Xperience ... I /we continued climbing and suddenly it leaped, and SNATCHED the half-empty Toaster Pastry package from my left/spiritual hand!!! As the package was snatched I glanced down at it and saw that now it was encased in an open plastic sandwhich bag...at this point I woke up.

Part II:

Some Xplications of the Dream of Ascension and Spiritual Growth

This dream references the dichotomy between my physical and spiritual aspects...and presents a record of ascension and spiritual growth. The **Creature** (for what else do I knw to call it, certainly nothing similar to it Xists on the Earth … is my Spirit Guide.. (for which I did indeed receive the Name, but have chosen not to reveal it) And indeed the unusual appearance and sentient piercing gaze are accounted for by the fact that it is a guide from a multidimensional reality NOT of the Earth Plane or of the first thru third dimensions as we knw them…but of some (or multiple) dimensions (which we knw reach at least 11 or 13!)

This guide appears to stem from the Eighth Dimension, as that currently is from whence my messages are received...which would also relate to the theme of the **80** steps! And perhaps then i correctly identified the number of its legs as 8! thus indicating its Home Dimension (I did initially relate to it as a tarantula, during the Dream!)

Yes indeed I am ascending in this Dream…the ***80** steps indicate:
1) my own Spiritual Growth
2) Spiritual Evolution
3) Ascension (individual, Gaia, the Universe)

The importance for my Own Path is found in the fact that despite my initial resistance, my Guide remains firmly at my side, near me, pacing itself Xactly to my pace…and monitoring my spiritual (left) side …

And there is More, Far More, to this Dream…which has not been revealed to me as of yet.

Part III:

In the original edition of BRIDGE OF LIGHT (LaUna Huffines,1993), she recounts her early Xperiences as she was just setting foot (left surely as in my Dream!) on the Spiritual Path … she at that time had four very young sons (perhaps even all under school age) and one evening after putting them all to bed for the night sat in her living room and had a Spiritual Xperience with a guide appearing as a Spider!!! thanks to LaUna for recounting this anecdote ... Thanks to the Universe for recalling this information to me!!!

Tranquillity's Ascension Dream II:

In the early morning hours of 4-15-99, a Space/Channelling Dream came to me…the second in the Series of Dreams of Ascension-and-Beyond ...

In this Dream I am a Channeller … I and three of my friends, who roomed with me, enter a Boarding School to Channel … I am apparently the Main Channel, and my 3 friends are there to hold the focus in support of the Light flowing in … as I valiantly attempt to bring in the Energy, continual distractions and interrruptions occur … eventually I pause, and the three of us leave that room and walk through the School … suddenly I am aware of an approaching, sentient, space anomaly … I predict it as a meteor … we attempt to warn/alert all those in the school, both Teachers and Students, of the approach ... but no one seems to want to listen to us … We enter one room that seems to be composed of elementary-age children, where the Teacher/Teachers either ignore us or urge us to leave … suddenly my friends and I rush to the windows, where all the blinds are closed, and peek through the slats … it is full nighttime, seems to be around midnight or shortly thereafter … in the night sky overhead we see what seems to be a Comet approaching, though I continue to refer to it as a Meteor, since that is what I intuited it as when the precognitive knowledge first came to me … it is clearly (to me) sentient … we attempt to alert those in the room, to no avail, as all seem to be intentionally **blinded**  to the Truth … then we rush out into the hall ... it seems each classroom contains a different category of persons, some adult, some younger … near this classroom of elementary students is a classroom of Gay Men ... i consider going to alert them, but something holds me back, seemingly the realization that all in the School Xcept myself and my three friends are blind to the Truth, and will neither hear nor understand Me ... so my 3 friends and I, at my instigation, run up the hall to the perpendicular hall and out the Xit door, down the 3 steps and into the parking lot … I am urging my friends to hurry through the packed parking lot to our car, which turns out to be a 66 Nova or Chevelle, white … as we run we see the Meteor/Comet performing balletic antics in the night sky … the sense of urgency increases at a Quantum pace … we know, at least I know, that I and my friends hold protection from any danger … perhaps we are actually part of the Race which maneuvers or is contained in the Comet?

At any rate, we pile into the car, with me driving … and as we do so, I intuit that the Tower on the School immediately above the Xit we used (which I call a clock tower, though I do not see a clock on the face we can see) will be quickly destroyed by the Meteor/Comet, as will all observatories and such man-made instruments used to **reach to the Heavens** (shades of the Divine Destruction of the Tower of Babel!!) Indeed, we speed from the parking lot and up the road in the opposite direction from the School, pause on top of a distant hill, and watch the collapse of the Clock Tower, into the parking lot, as it is struck by a laser-beam from the Comet…also shades of the movie Independence Day…


1-20-95 - DREAM - I was in a city. crowds of people were there, all headed for some kind of party or something that everyone had to get dressed up for. I bought a new flowered top to wear but couldn't find the proper skirt to wear with it, so my friends told me to wear it right over my flowered dress.

So we headed for the party and when we got there, the hoardes of people had a choice of the narrow way up a steep rocky stairs to the right, or a wide concrete steps straight ahead.

Lots of people I knew were there, many from A-C.  I chose to ascend the narrow rough stone steps to the right. They were difficult to climb and the last step up was so high and so narrow an opening, the step was about shoulder high and just wide enough a gap between the rock that you would have to use your arm muscles to boost yourself up. I didn't think I could do it alone.

Two men stood there to help people and one man said, "We can haul her up through!" but the other man said, "No! She'll have to go back down and go with the other people.

So i had to go back down and join all the other people I knew and went up the wide steps. That led into a museum. The first room was the hall of sweaters. they were all hand-knit and each one was more beautiful than the one before in different color combinations.

From there we went down a long corridor which was like a hall of beautiful pastel people. These were all beautiful faced mannekins and they wore all pastel colored clothes.

I noticed though that the farther we went along that hall, the faces became more and more distorted into painful expressions.

The we came to a display of heads. I recognized all the heads, President Kennedy, President Roosevelt, Barbara Streisand, Frank sinatra. These heads all had their eyes closed and seemed alive, but their heads lolled around over the neck, mouthing silently the songs and speeches they had been famous for, but were worthless now.

We were then herded into a huge auditorium. At this point, we didn't have a choice in whether we were going to participate. It was like a huge movie theatre.

Each seat was electrically wired. There was metal button where each hand would rest on the arm of the seat and there was one to sit on also.  That made me feel particularly frightened because I knew we were going to get zapped. What was even worse was we had to strap ourselves in like seatbelts so we wouldn't fly out of the seats and get hurt.

The movie then started and it was the face of a purple man and he was going to show all manner of pain and torture and horrible things and we were going to be forced to watch.

(The telephone woke me up at that point and I had to get up, buzz in a guard and was too wide awake to go right back to sleep)

A half hour later I went back to bed and the dream continued right where I left off, but later on when I was back at home. I had a video of the violent movie, and a huge notebook which I looked in and one page was for listing the names of the Lords and God of danger and bad happenings. I was shown that the purple faced man's name was Bryski or something like that. I was shown that I was supposed to teach about the pink-faced man. I wasn't given his name, but he represented love and I saw little animals riding around sitting on the shoulders of people and giving them little animal kisses. I was to teach that all of nature had to be in harmony or life would be as what the purple faced man had shown.


2-10-99 - EXPERIENCE/VOICE/DREAM - I listened to the Garnet Frequency Healing tape at 2:10 p.m.  At the point in the tape, one of the healers named Dan pulls a pink taffy substance away from a meridian doorway in the Immune System triangle on the spine. As soon as he did that, I began to feel tremendous chills as though a doorway had been opened in myself and spirit had entered into myself.  These tremendous chills lasted at least 5 minutes while the tape continued.

When the tape went off, I continued to pull in God's white light from the Universe and continued the breathing technique of breathing in the white light through the nose and breathing out the negative energies through the mouth.

While I was doing the breathing, I heard a voice say, "I will serve your name!  I will serve! I will serve!"  I thanked the spirit and continued the breathing. The chills were still continuing and I knew there was work going on in my body so I continued the breathing. At this point, the sun was streaming in the window right into my face and it felt warm and wonderful.

I slipped into a dream in which my Father took me shopping. The store was in a tall building. I don't know what floor we went to but when I got up there, I met a woman and her little son who was about 4 years old or so. She wanted to do some shopping but the little boy was so anxious to get a Christmas tree and take it home, he didn't want to wait. My Father had gone off somewhere and the woman, who was tall and heavy set like me was standing there with her silver grocery cart.  She was wearing a beige dress and had a veil over her head.

The boy was in such a hurry, he grabbed ahold of the tree and it started toppling over because it was too big for him to handle alone. This tree was already decorated with colored balls and lights. I didn't want anything to fall off the tree, so the woman gave us her veil to wrap around the tree. I don't know why she didn't scold her son or help him, she just stood there and looked on while we struggled with the tree. I took the beige veil and wrapped it around the tree to hold the decorations and lights in place and helped the boy pull the Christmas tree to the elevator.

There were two elevators. A crowd of people got on one elevator and there was no room for the boy, the tree and me, so we let them go ahead. The other elevator door opened and another woman was on the elevator. She was also wearing a beige dress. She saw the boy and the tree and me, struggling to get the tree over to the elevator in time before the door closed, so she pushed a button on a plaque on the wall she said was the 'hold' button. I had never seen a 'hold' button on the elevator earlier. It was on a round plaque that was scalloped around the edges. In the scallops were white buttons that were the size of pearls and the same color.

As soon as I saw her push the 'hold' button, I ran back to get a better grip on the tree with the veil over it and almost fell into the elevator which was slowly descending despite the 'hold' button. It seemed like the elevator was in a hurry to get the Christmas tree where everyone could see it too.

While we were standing there waiting for the woman to undo the 'hold' button, we overheard an announcement over the loudspeaker. The people on the other elevator never made it to the ground level...they were gone!

NOTE: This is an interpretation from a friend:

Of your dream, I see the little boy represents the Pope and all worldly  leaders of Christianity, with the Divine Mother watching. Mary is for now only a watcher. The leaders are portrayed by a very young boy because they have fallen in awareness, along with all Christianity, fallen so far that they can't see the Beauty of the Divine Mother, and now it is thought that the trimmings on the tree and the size of it are of spiritual importance.

The Cross is leaning over, as is the tree. Elevators downward signify further losses of spirituality, upward the reverse. The "hold" button means that a reprieve of some time has been granted.

Few will understand what is occurring if awareness of the mass consciousness is given the message from your dream. If the dream reoccurs, focus on speaking with the mother of the boy, for there are many answers to be had in seeking Her out.


I don't necessarily agree in totality with this interpretation. I think the boy is the second coming of Christ and my struggle to help the spirit of the Christ to return to the physical realm.  I think the people on the other elevator ... ascended.


5-27-99 - DREAM - I was on Jackson St. in the front lobby. I went to greet someone at the door and saw Cary Loose go past me real fast without saying anything to me. (She is a good friend who is a psychiatrist)

I then went upstairs to my apartment #311 and discovered that Cary had dropped off a whole bunch of different colored kittens. Two orange, two white siamese and two that looked like little blue bunnies.

The little blue bunnies were so cute I wanted to take them downstairs and show them to everyone. I went to pick them up and they had already grown to twice their size and I saw that the blue bunnies were actually little girl babies in blue pajama suits. They were so cute, I still waned to show them off. I went to pick them up and they were again twice their size. . . almost too big to carry one in each arm. By the time I got my arms around them, they were now full grown girls, almost teens. I hugged them and made them welcome. I took them with me into the elevator and as we descended, I whispered in the ear of the one closest to me, "What did you say your name was?"  She whispered back, "Nada!"

NOTE:  I didn't know it at the time, but Nada is an Ascended female Master. The Master Lady Nada offers assistance to those seeking to heighten the level of the Spiritual Self.

This Master emphasizes the benefits of being non-judgmental in one's attitudes and is ever willing to help those who are inclined to be over-critical, even of themselves, and will manifest a more evenly balanced attitude within. Her Love works with you.


1-18-00 - VOICE - "Bridgette and I became friends as soon as we knew we were sisters."

NOTE: On 1-25-00 I read in a book by Anna Hayes this sentence:

"The four primary members of the Ra confederacy and the Brigijhidett ( a sub-group of the Brigijhidett are presently incarnating in your Earth system as members of the ascended masters family of Vairaigi"