March 17, 1999



After reviewing lots of information and pondering all this material, I came to the conclusion that a plan exists to forcefully take over the fake democracy in America and establish a fascist technodictature that would make the Hitlerian Nazism pale in comparison. I am aware that such a bold and outrageous assertion is bound to cause waves and make a lot of people uncomfortable about such a possibility. My intent is not to scare anyone nor to trigger a revolution. As a concerned citizen of this world and someone who has been campaigning for peace and a healthier environment for nearly 20 years, I believe we are entering a period of heightened turbulence fraught with great dangers but also pregnant with immense possibilities for the spiritual liberation of humanity. My perspective is one of a person who believes in the innate benevolence of all human beings and the intelligent design of this universe to help all conscious, sentient beings evolve towards a greater understanding of their true nature and place in the Grand Scheme of things. As such, I understand that all circumstances of our existence are both the natural consequences of actions and decisions - or inactions and lack of decisions - as well as the necessary trials "imposed" on us by the immanent wisdom of Life to strengthen up our inner forces and better prepare us for what lies in store for our souls in the near future.

These philosophical considerations apart, we now have to face the consequences of decades of laisser-faire as we collectively allowed a tiny, selected elite to rule the world and decide for us what kind of future we will have. For sure, there is seemingly more democratic governments than ever before on Earth and thus the kings and despots of the past who imposed their rule are now a vanishing "species". Yet under the guise of representative democracy, it is well know that the real decision-making power now rests into a tiny number of hands whose pervasive and perfectly stealth influence literally remote-controls most governments on Earth and the board rooms of all major multinational corporations who are all mere pawns in a much larger game played well above our heads.

Does it make us powerless? Apparently so. As you read this, unmarked planes are spraying a chemical and biological witch brew over many parts of the United States with debilitating effects on the population and no one seems able to stop this - see CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA. Large scale military exercises designed to give soldiers practice in urban battle tactics and anti-terrorism exercises are carried on in many US towns, including the San Francisco Bay area, without prior warning and with sometimes terrible psychological trauma to the population - see "MARINE WAR GAMES MOVE TO SAN FRANCISCO AREA", "Army training spurs conspiracy fears" and other articles below. The elite is meeting in secret and planning a major war in the Balkans , while manipulating and controlling most of the information that reaches the public through the mainstream media they own so as to pave the way for the globalization of the economy and the global hegemony they intend to impose upon the entire world.

Yet, thanks to the indomitable dedication of hundreds of thousands of people involved in thousands of NGOs and countless worthy causes, their plans are often significantly thwarted -- think for instance about the infamous MAI agreement (a charter of rights and privileges for the protection of the multinational corporations) derailed - for now - thanks to an Internet-driven NGO campaign -- and sometimes nipped in the bud -- think of the "Know Your Customer banking rule" just defeated thanks to a virulent Internet-driven letter writing protest. (NOTE: Well not exactly entirely defeated. Check this!)

United, we are not powerless. When we fearlessly face the challenges they pose to us and creatively use the same technology used to control us (thanks to the Macintosh driven PC revolution) and the Pentagon-designed communication system created to survive a nuclear holocaust - namely the Internet! - we can achieve surprisingly swift reversals of even the most daunting situations. And if we add to this the tool of globally focussed meditations reaching out directly within the heart of every human being with a vibrational and telepathic message of Love, Peace and Harmony, then there is hardly anything that can stop the collective will of humanity for co-creating a world where compassion, mercy, peace and love will prevail.

So after all due considerations and as prompted from within, I wrote last Sunday, March 14, 1999, a Call for a Global Peace Vigil which is now being circulated worldwide through the Internet. It is my innermost belief that we can successfully avert the grim scenario depicted in the following material collected from a number of sources if - and this is an essential condition - we can remain centered into our highest feeling of love and compassion and not fall into the trap of fearing any of the alleged plans or hating any of the alleged conspirators who hatched such plans for a brutal take over of America and the rest of the world. We must always remember that "What We Focus On Grows". If we give our spiritual life-energies over to the Lords of the Shadow and allow ourselves to experience fear or hate or any hint of hostility, we will feed the very possibilities we want to avoid. This is a spiritual law that we must urgently learn. On the other hand, if we succeed - and there is not a shadow of a doubt that we will - in fostering and nurturing the collective global thought-forms of Love, Peace and Harmony, we will simply render utterly impossible the manifestation of such schemes and plans.

But we must also know what we are facing. We must be aware and awaken as to the possibilities of utter suffering of countless people and souls if we do not take up our responsibility in manifesting our innate Power of Love, as co-creators with God - or whichever name you prefer to use to describe the One Universal Consciousness - of our common future.

Hence the need to review enough of the material provided afterwards, at your own pace and according to your own ability to manage such information, so as to know those possibilities. But please, bear in mind as you read, that you cannot expect to find here any definite proof or any completely convincing evidence of what can only be a possibility... until it happens. Suffice it to say that there is, in my view, enough disquieting noise and enough suspicious evidence available to consider the likeliness of the scenario evoked before. And just as it is almost 100% sure we will destroy our only planetary life-support system if we continue messing up our environment , it is almost 100% sure that, if we keep our heads in the sand and refuse to face the mounting evidence, some Bigbrotheresque scenario of world domination and human enslavement will come to be.

If you have any comments to share after reviewing the following material or any perspective/idea/solution to offer, you may email them at and it is possible that they will then be posted along with other feedbacks to the 1000+ people from around the world on my emailing list and then posted on this website with your email address included - unless you specifically request your comment to remain private and unpublished or your email not to be included. I also invite you to join this Earth Rainbow Network emailing list, if you want to be in the loop for this and future issues discussed, by simply sending me an email at the same email address with "Add me to your list" in the subject field of your email. And you are welcome to explore the rest of this site and review some of the previous material emailed to everyone on my list.

Most sincerely,

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"For the triumph of evil it is necessary only that good men do nothing" - Philosopher Burke in the 1700s

If you want to read some of the feedbacks received from people who read the material below and get a feel of the impending tragedy that our world now faces, give a look at this.

Hidden threats -- Part I

Here is a relevant excerpt:

"Rep. Henry Gonzalez, D-TX, clarified the question of the existence of these civilian detention camps. In an interview Hank said, "the truth is yes -- you do have these standby provisions, and the plans are here ... whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism ... evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps." Heck, we did it before (to Americans of Japanese descent), we could do it again."


" Hoover met with Attorney General J. Howard McGrath on Aug. 3, 1948 to detail a plan whereby President Truman could suspend constitutional liberties during a national emergency. The plan was code-named "Security Portfolio" and, when implemented, it would authorize the FBI to summarily arrest up to 20,000 persons and place them in national security detention camps. Prisoners would not have the right to a court hearing or habeas corpus appeal. "Security Portfolio" allowed the FBI to develop a watch list of those who would be detained as well as detailed information on their physical appearance, family, place of work, etc. This was long before sub-dermal bio-chip implants, retinal scans and other biometrics."

Talking about these "sub-dermal bio-chip implants", make sure to read "IS DANNION BRINKLEY'S BOX-12 VISION COMING TO PASS?" below.

Other excerpt from this article:

"During Senate hearings in December of 1975, it was revealed the ongoing internment plan had never been terminated. The report, entitled, "Intelligence Activities, Senate Resolution 21," exposed the covert agenda. In a series of documents, memos and testimony by assorted government informants, the reality emerged of the designs by the federal government (our government) to monitor, infiltrate, arrest and incarcerate a potentially large segment of American society. That Senate report also exposed the existence of the Master Search Warrant (MSW) and the Master Arrest Warrant (MAW) which, by the way, are currently STILL in force today."

More articles from World Net Daily covering various aspects of all this

Hidden threats -- part 2 (reproduced in its entirety below)

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.

Last week, I reluctantly shared with you part one of some of the hidden threats "We the People" face from our government leaders. Despite the remarkable response from readers, I want to underscore that none of this is really new. All this information, and more, has been circulating in the constitutional conservative community for years. Much of this kind of documented, factual information is pooh-poohed as the paranoid ramblings of the radical right- wing wackos by "the controllers" who would treat us like mushrooms.

I have often noted that some people just don't want to be confused with facts which contradict their preconceived opinions. The director of resource management for the U.S. Army has confirmed the validity of a memorandum relating to the establishment of a civilian inmate labor program under development by the Department of Army. The document states, "Enclosed for your review and comment is the draft Army regulation on civilian inmate labor utilization" and the procedure to "establish civilian prison camps on installations." (Chereith Chronicle, June 1997)

In the wake of Senate hearings in 1975, the steady development of highly specialized surveillance capabilities, combined with the exploding computerized information technologies, have enabled a massive data base of personal information to be developed on millions of unsuspecting American citizens. It is all in place awaiting only a presidential declaration to be enforced by both military and civilian police.

In 1982, President Ronald Reagan issued National Security Directive 58 which empowered Robert McFarlane and Oliver North to use the National Security Council to secretly retrofit the Federal Emergency Management Agency to manage the country during a national crisis. In 1984 "REX exercises" simulated civil unrest culminating in a national emergency with a contingency plan for the imprisonment of 400,000 people. REX '84 was so secretive that special metal security doors were installed on the FEMA building's fifth floor, and even long-term officials of the Civil Defense Office were prohibited entry. The alleged purpose of this exercise was to handle an influx of refugees created by a war in Central America, but a more realistic scenario was the detention of American citizens.

State of Emergency

Under REX, the president could declare a state of emergency, empowering the head of FEMA to take control of the internal infrastructure of the United States and suspend the Constitution. The president could invoke executive orders 11000 through 11004 which would:

1.Draft all citizens into work forces under government supervision; 2.Empower the postmaster to register all men, women and children; 3.Seize all airports and aircraft; 4.Seize all housing and establish forced relocation of citizens.

FEMA, with a black budget allegedly provided by the Department of Defense, has worked closely with the Pentagon in an effort to avoid the legal restrictions of Posse Comitatus. While FEMA may not have been directly responsible for these precedent-setting cases, the principle of federal control was seen during the Los Angeles riots in 1992 with the federalization of the National Guard and during the siege at Waco, where Army tanks were involved in the final conflagration.

Government Violence Is "Legitimate"?

The deputy attorney general of California commented at a conference that anyone who attacks the state, even verbally, becomes a revolutionary and an enemy by definition. Louis Guiffreda, who was head of FEMA, stated that "legitimate violence is integral to our form of government, for it is from this source that we can continue to purge our weaknesses."

It is significant to note that the dictionary definition of terrorism -- "the calculated use of violence" -- corresponds precisely to the government's stated policy of "the use of legitimate violence." Hold on, a reasonable person who can read might ask: Who are the real terrorists? Guiffreda's remark provides a revealing insight into the thinking of those who have been charged with oversight of the welfare of the citizens in this country. Apparently, if one's convictions or philosophy do not correspond with the government's agenda, that individual may find himself on a government enemy list thereby making him/her a "target" to be "purged" by the use of "legitimate violence."

The stories of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence are the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution. These were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had good lives, which included security, but they valued liberty more. Despite the comfort of their life style they pledged: "For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Honor ... honor is not and should not be an anachronism. Sadly, it is a principle and concept fading into obscurity.

History books don't tell us much of what happened in the Revolutionary War. We didn't just fight the British. We were British subjects at that time and we fought our own government! No wonder our founding fathers had a hatred for standing armies, and allowed, through the second amendment, for everyone to be armed.

Philosopher George Santayana once noted, "He who does not learn from history" (Russia, Germany, Czechoslovakia, China, et al.) "is destined to repeat it."


Here is an excerpt:

The two "Hidden Threats" pieces I wrote noted the existence of such camps is something many of us have heard about for years, and frankly, something I had avoided. Avoided until two quotes which I felt were significant. The U.S. Army director of resource management confirmed the validity of a memorandum relating to the establishment of a civilian inmate labor program under development. The document said "Enclosed for your review and comment is the draft Army regulation on civilian inmate labor utilization" and the procedure to "establish civilian prison camps on installations." Then, when asked about the issue, Congressman Henry Gonzalez acknowledged "... the truth is yes -- you do have these standby provisions, and the plans are here ... whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism ... evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps."

FEMA doth protest

Here is a revealing excerpt

"FEMA allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. It allows creation of a non-elected government. Think about that, Agent Mulder, "someone says in the movie "X-Files". In response to the movie fiction, FEMA officials replied "FEMA does not have, never has had, nor will ever seek, the authority to suspend the Constitution." Big fibber! Some people just hate to be confused with facts which contradict their preconceived opinion ... or facts which dramatically contradict their disingenuous, duplicitous lies. Before, I list a chronology of facts, please note that the recent Presidential Decision Directive #63 (which addresses critical infrastructure protection) very clearly and specifically assigns FEMA the task of "continuity of government" services. Legislative, judicial branches, state and local governments are conspicuous by their absence in PDD #63. Trick or Treat!" (...)

"FEMA has been quoted in the Washington Post this year as saying "FEMA does not have, never has had, nor will ever seek, the authority to suspend the Constitution." Louis Giuffrida, before he became Director of FEMA in the early 80s wrote a paper for the Army War College in which he proposed "assembly centers or relocation camps" for at least 21 million black Americans." (...)

"The nebulous "national emergency" was not limited to nuclear attack: "Any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological or other emergency, that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States." Included in the arbitrary, and potentially capricious justifications for martial law were "national opposition to a US military invasion abroad" and widespread internal dissent (think about Y2K). Clif Droke wrote an article July 16th of this year in which he noted "On 16 June 1998, the Navy and Marine Corps were conducting their annual strategy meeting entitled "Current Strategy Forum". This year's meeting was held at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. A source who was in attendance at the meeting reported that he was shocked by a sentence uttered by the Under Secretary of the Navy, if only for its remarkable candor. "After I read the following quote I called personal friends of mine in Rhode Island, and people I know at the War College in Newport. Four sources confirmed the following. "U.S. Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Jerry MacArthur, then began to answer questions. Mr. MacArthur made this statement, apparently off the cuff: 'Senior Military Pentagon officials have been working closely with senior officials at Wall Street to perfect several scenarios that could quickly be put into action once Wall Street crashes.'""

(End of quote)

"In time of war, the law fall silent" - Cicero

Yes you reat it: The Director of FEMA proposed "assembly centers or relocation camps for at least 21 million black Americans." But for what purpose? Maybe the following email contains part of the answer...

Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 From: Janet Williams <> Subject: 25 MILLION Body bags

Don't know what to do with this info, but a caller to the Art Bell Show tonight said she has a relative who works in a factory that manufactures 'body bags' and the U.S. Government just placed an order for 25 MILLION body bags!

Hope this is just an 'urban legend' (rumor) - but considering the CNN news today regarding the solar flares predicted for late this year - the possibility of Y2K social chaos - plus terrorism threats of viral or bacterial plague ... this could be true.


Not only do they have the power and plans to take over the control of America, but elite tactical units of the Army are now conducting dress rehearsals of what they will be doing for real shortly if no one stops them... See those articles below published recently in a mainstream newspaper

Articles from the Corpus Christi Times

Maneuvers surprise Kingsville , Corpus Cristi Times, Feb 10, 1999.

Army to reimburse Kingsville , Corpus Cristi Times, Feb 11, 1999.

Military training disrupts Port A residents , Corpus Cristi Times, Feb 13, 1999

Army training spurs conspiracy fears , Corpus Cristi Times, Feb 16, 1999

ARMED AND DANGEROUS - New live-fire exercise to begin Alabama site of next Night Stalker maneuver.

Read also about the swift "militarization" of the FBI

Starting from here, most of what you'll read do not come from independent media sources and cannot be considered as 100% reliable or true. But let's say that if only 10% of these allegations and/or speculations are real, this is enough smoke to me to think there is really a fire burning somewhere.

I have also created more related webpages containing even wilder allegations and material which you may consult if you feel inclined to. But be warned that much of it is controversial and really disquieting to say the least.

The Shadow Government: Its Identification and Analysis by Richard J. Boylan with a comment by Palden Jenkins

Distinguishing Facts from Fiction

A member of the Patriot Organization shares his apocalyptic views. Allegations about a train that went off the rails and then "a couple of cars broke open and it was full of thousands of shakles". Plus "The FEMA scenario" and "The Coming American Holocaust", including "TOP SECRET: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, An Introductory Programming Manual was uncovered quite by accident on July 7 1986 when an employee of Boeing Aircraft Co. purchased a surplus IBM copier for parts at a scrap sale, and discovered inside details of a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the "Cold war" which called for control of the masses through manipulation of industry, peoples' pastimes, education and political learnings."

And to get a better grasp of the Elite's plan for a New World Order check the following link:


If you are not aware of what the concept of the New World Order represents, David Icke has written some pretty controversial and eye-opening stuff on this. Check the link below to know much much more.

The New World Order The story of how an elite group is trying to bring the entire world under their dominion. As David Icke explains: "A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the negative manipulators on the Fourth Dimension, the Prison Warders. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid which I have dubbed the Global Elite."



Here is an unofficial (of course!) list of some of the hundreds of concentration camps that have allegedly sprung up across the United States. The comments on the mission of some of these camps are from Clarence Napier whose website covers many other issues as well. Here is what he posted recently:

From: Clarence Napier < Date: Wednesday, March 10, 1999

Get on my Web Page scroll down to the Blue/Red Zone, you will see more information. Please download HOLO_C.DOC, it list all the camp locations in each State.


For several years, information has been rumored from many sources of many detention camps being built in the US and plans for their use under a National Emergency. The rumors generally state that FEMA has constructed up to 80 large detention centers all over this country as a part of a 1989 presidential directive and as a part of the 1991 department of defense budget, and later budgets. Here is some more solid, late breaking information on the same. Unless we can halt the slide soon, we may all soon find ourselves in such facilities like the one found in the forests of New Jersey.

List of detention camps by states

Taken from http://AZWEST.NET/user/slim/holo_c.doc (you'll get there a more complete 327 K downloadable document )

Alabama : *Opelika* WWII German/Italian POW camp now being renovated.

Alaska : Wilds* of Alaska possibly East of Anchorage. No access by road however, there is a railway system. Facility holds 500,000 and will be used for forced labor.

Arizona : *Ft. Huachua, Arizona* 20 miles from the Mexican border, 30 miles from Nogales. -Rex 84 program- Emergency Custodial Facility. *Florence* WWII German/Italian POW camp now being renovated. *Pinal County* -Gila River- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility. *Yuma County* -Colorado River- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility.

Arkansas : *Ft. Chaffee* Has a new runway for aircraft, new detention camp facilities with cap of 20,000 prisoners. *Chicot/Drew Counties* -Jerome- Renovated spec Interment camps for Japanese Americans WWII. *Descha County* -Rohwer- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention centers. *Blythville AFB* This base was closed but is now being used as a camp location. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. This camp is surrounded by high wire topped with barbed wire, and has guard towers. *Berryville * FEMA facility located east of Eureaka on hwy 62. Mark Korneke claims that it is located near Tyson's property. *Omaha * FEMA facility located on Hwy 65 south of old wood processing plant. It is on an old dirt road that leads to a toxic waste dump. Note: The facility in Ms. is also located on an old toxic waste dump.

California : *Oakdale Ca* 90 miles East of San Francisco on HWY 120. Holds a minimum of 15,000 people -REX 84- program Emergence Custodial Facility. *Vandenberg AFB* Located midway between San Louis Obispo, and Santa Barbara. The base is on HWY 1 and close to WHY 101. REX 84 program, Emergency Custodial Facility. *Ft.Irwin* Irwin is a remote Mtn region south of Death Valley, National Monument. This base is designated as inactive; however, there is a concentration camp located at this facility about 30 miles from Interstate 15 in Barstow. *Inyo County* - Manzanar- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention center. *Modoc County* -Tulelake- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility. *Sacramento Army Depot* No specific data at this time.

Florida : *Avon Park* -- No data available *Camp Krome* Located near Miami Dept of Justice detention and interrogation facility. *Elgin AFB* This base is greater than 50 miles long extending from Pensacola Bay to HWY 331 in De Funiak Springs. It is adjacent to Interstate 10 on the North and the Fort Walton Beach vacation spot. REX 84 program, Emergency Custodial Facility.

Georgia : *Ft. Benning* Located East of Columbia near the Georgia/Alabama state line. -REX 84 program-Emergency Custodial Facility. Prisoners from all over the U.S. may be brought in via Lawson Army airfield. Unadilla,Ga Macon County; Located on east railroad street, Plunket road leads into the facility 1 1/2 miles from Unadilla on county road 230. This is a FEMA prison manned and staffed but no prisoners. Oglethorpe, Ga. Macon County; facility is located five miles from Montezuma, three miles from Oglethorp. Traveling south on highway 49, located on the west side of the highway. This FEMA prison has no staff and no prisoners. Morgan, Ga. Calhoun County; I-75 exit 32 to 300 south to Albany. Take highway 234 to Morgan. Go through Morgan taking highway 45 south. The FEMA facility is 1 1/2 miles on the right (west) side of highway 45. This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners. Camilla, Ga. Mitchell County; from Camilla take highway 19 south, travel 5.4 miles from 37/19 junction to Mount Zion Road, turn left (east) on Mount Zion Road. The FEMA facility is located on Mount Zion Road aprox: 5.7 miles south of Camilla. This facility is not manned or staffed and their are no priosoners. Hawkinsville, Ga Pulaski County; located on fire road 100/ Upper River Road, 2 miles west from alternate 129 North 257 / 112 east. Five miles east of Hawkensville. This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners. Abbeyville, Ga. Wilcox County: south side of Abbeyvilleon highway 129 (Broad Street) off highway 280 (Main Street). This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners. McRae, Ga. Telfair County; 1.5 miles west of McRae on highway 134 (8th street). The FEMA facility is on Irwinton Ave. off 8th street. This facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners. Frequencies: 153.7400 Georgia State Correctional Institutions 154.9050 Intrastate Coordinating (car to car state wide) 154.9350 Intrastate Coordinating (base to base / state wide) 155.3700 Georgia Police Intersystem (State wide)

Idaho : *Jerome County* -Minipoka- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility. *Kooski* PLUS 50 miles East... Near Lolo pass * Moose Creek Unmanned and their is a near by landing strip in or near a national forest.

Illinois : *Marseilles* It is located on the Illinois river off Interstate 80 on HWY 6. It is a relatively small facility with a cap of 1400 prisoners. Though it is small it is designed like other concentration camp facilities with high fences topped with barbed wire and guard towers. Being located on the Illinois River it is possible that prisoners will be brought in by water, air and ground. Note: This facility is relatively close to Chicago, Illinois.

Indiana : *Thousands of acres located just out of Indianapolis, Indiana holds a large Concentration camp facility complete with barracks, high fence, razor wire, towers, turnstyles, a railroad, helicopter landing pads, and what appears to be three large furnaces with 3inch mains on one of the buildings. This is a massive facility, completed in 1996. *Ft. Benjamin Harrison* A U.S. Army facility located on the outskirts of Indianapolis will be used to hold prisoners of the NWO. *Ft. Wayne * FEMA Detention facility *Terre Haute* FEMA Detention facility

Kansas : *Leavenworth* U.S. Marshal's Fed Holding Facility PFP. *Concordia* WWII POW German/Italian POW camp being renovated. *El Dorado* Federal prison to be converted to U.N. forced labor facility. *Topeka* 80 acres converted to a holding camp for anti-New World Order prisoners.

Kentucky : *Louisville* FEMA Detention facility *Lexington * FEMA Detention facility.

Louisiana : *Livingston* WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

Maine : *Houlton* WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

Missouri : *Richards Gebaur AFB* This facility is located in Grandview, A large civilian internment facility has been built on this facility, and base personnel are restricted from the area.

Michigan : *Kincheloe Correctional Facility* (Formerly Kincheloe AFB with B-52 sized runways). Has five large prison buildings able to house 5000+. The facility has about 500 prisoners at this time. Location: 20 miles south of Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Locks) at the eastern end of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. *K.I. Sawyer AFB* Large construction program has been going on under the name of "Operation Gateway". The closure of K.I. Sawyer AFB (another SAC facility) and the transition to an international airport for "over-the-pole" flights to Russia have marked this as a prime location as a detention and deportation terminal to the Gulags of Russia. High security is in place with a large portion of the base closed to civilian view.

*RACO Field* Location: 20 miles south of Marquette, MI in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. Raco field is an interesting facility. The above ground runways form a perfect triangle. Few buildings appear on the surface, but ventilators can be seen. Civilian workers report that a subsurface facility exists. Patriot intelligence gathering patrols have been stopped and turned back from the area. No publicity exists indicating what the role of Raco Field is, although something IS there. To observers, it is an "inactive WWII base." Location: 15 miles NW of Kincheloe Correctional Facility on hwy 28.

*Bark River* A large construction operation is ongoing in the Bark River, MI, area. Locals are tight-lipped. The facility is off the main highway in a wilderness area. While most of the locals say that the construction is associated with the ELF (extreme low frequency) project of world-wide communications, others suspect FEMA is involved. (note: the ELF grid is located 100 miles NE of the Bark River area)

Location: 20 miles west of Escanaba in the upper penninsula of Michigan. *General observations* Railroad beds and bridges are being rebuilt. It is observed that newer bridges are built stronger for what may be heavier transport. Reports of "highways to nowhere" are also coming in. The Upper Pennisula is a prime location for detention facilities. Only five highways access the entire penninsula, while huge runways and military complexes in remote isolated areas appear across the area. Canada and Russia are due north. Incoming flights via Gateway would be virtually unnoticed and unrecorded.

*Bay City* Sits on Saginaw Bay which connects to Lake Huron. Prisoners may be brought in by ship from either the United States and Canada. This facility has high fencing, barbed wire and guard towers. *Grayling* Camp Grayling Michigan National Guard Base. Detention facility. Guards towers, razor wire. See the photographs at *Southwest area of the state* FEMA Detention facility *Central part of the state * FEMA Detention facility *Detroit * FEMA Detention facility

Mississippi : *Hancock County* - The NASA facility at this location has two camps the first being located at the end of Kiln road at Waveland, and then the next road after ammo road at the Post Office. The second camp is located in the center of a rest station back from the Interstate. Inmates from the Hancock County jail claim they have worked details involving the delivery of food to these camps under the supervision of U.N. Guards. One individual claims that one of these camps is full of Europeans, Men, Women and children all within the same compound. He said that the U.N. Guards stationed there were severely beating the prisoners who appeared to be involved in forced labor. Though it is impossible to verify this information at this time I did hear a recorded interview with this inmate, and he sounded very sincere.

Nebraska : *Scottsbluff* WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated. *Northwest corner of state * FEMA Detention facility *Northeastcorner of state * FEMA Detention facility *South Central Hastings area* FEMA Detention facility

Nevada : *Elco * There is a prison facility 10 miles out of Elco. *Wells * Camp is located in the O'Niel basin area, 40 miles North of Wells, and West off HWY 93, 25 miles. *Winnemucca* Camp is located at the I-80 mile marker 112, on the south side of the road and 3/4 miles off of the road. *Wells/Winnemucca* Camp is located near the base line of the mountains. Reno Nevada PLUS 150 miles east south side of road if your headed west, 150 yards off the road.

New York : *Ft. Drum* located in upstate New York, probable location for Eastern area processing of people, located near the St. Lawrence river and access to Lake Ontario. Both waterways may be used for transport. Located very close to Canada. *Watertown* FEMA Detention facility *Albany * FEMA Detention facility *Buffalo * FEMA Detention facility

Ohio : *Cleveland * FEMA Detention facility *Columbus * FEMA Detention facility *Cincinnati* FEMA Detention facility *Lima * FEMA Detention facility

Oklahoma : *Oklahoma City* Tinker AFB, This is a civilian detention facility, all base personnel are prohibited from going near the area, and the area is under constant guard. *McAlester* WWII German/Italian POW camp being renovated. *Will Rogers Air Port* This is a newly constructed FEMA facility, and it is believed that it will be used as a primary processing center for prisoners West of the Mississippi River.

Pennsylvania : *Indiantown Gap Military Reservation* Located North of Harrisburg, Pa. Used for WWII POW camp and renovated by Pres. Jimmy Carter. Was used to hold Cubans during Mariel boat lift. *Camp Hill* Camp Hill Pa located off I-15. Sits across the navigable Susquehanna River from Harrisburg. Close to Cumberland Army Depot and the Camp Hill Correctional facility. *Crossville* WWII German/Italian POW Camp being renovated.

Texas : *Ft.Hood* Ft. Hood has a newly built concentration camp, constructed complete with towers, high fencing, and barbed wire. *Mexia* WWII German/ Italian POW camp being renovated. *Amarillo* FEMA Detention facility.

Utah : *Millard County* -Central Utah- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facility. *Skull Valley* Camp William property - west of the old bombing range South/southwestern portion of Camp Williams This camp was discovered by a man and his son who were rabbit hunting, they were discovered and apprehended. *Utah Lake* 15 miles south of Saratoga Recreation center 200 - 300 yards off the road Black wire 40 to 50 feet tall, made to look something like a golf driving range. *Cedar City* East of Cedar City Utah - no more data -Washington: *Okanogan County* Borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people who will be used for slave labor. This is probably one of the locations that will be used to hold hard core patriots who will be held captive for the rest of their lives.

Wisconsin : *Ft.McCoy* Located in Western Wisconsin 30 miles East of LaCrosse between the point where 90 and 94 intersect. REX 84 program, Emergency Custodial Facility. *Central part of the state* FEMA Detention facility.

Wyoming : *Park County* -Hart Mountain- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facilities. *North Central part of the state * FEMA Detention facility. *Southeast part of the state * FEMA Detention facility. Southwest part of the state * FEMA Detention facility East Yellowstone - Manned facility Investigators were apprehended by European soldiers , unable to identify the language used by the foreign soldiers, American government helped clear the situation.

Civilian detention centres in Canada

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999
From: Fay Lindley Taylor

Thanks for all the work and information generation. Canada has civilian detention centres in Northern Alberta and Northern Quebec. Canada's Emergency Planning Order, put through as an Order In Council right after the October Crisis as a replacement for the War Measures Act, is just as devious as the U.S. ones. This Order appeared in Canada's Media for one news slot and then was immediately pulled. It was discussed in more detail in the Alberta Report, but never discussed in the House of Commons. It is not well known even among government bureaucrats in Ottawa.


http://AZWEST.NET/user/slim/ (a download of 3903 K)

Pictures of detention camps in the US and webpages on this subject

This site is on the Michigan National Guard base in Grayling, Michigan

This site is in Nashville, Tennesse
(Note: scroll to the right ro see the whole pictures)

This photo is the south east (?) corner of a prison complex at Fort Devens in AYER Massachusetts. The photo does not show what is under ground and apparently the under ground part is extensive. Photo is part of series that show most of 1/4 mile long (?) structure and fenced area.

Maps showing the locations of the Camp Sites

Executive Orders And Laws relating to National Emergencies Laws

From the ARK list... Most of the members are in the US - There are over 500 people on this list.

Subject: More Bad News.
Date: Mar. 16, 1999.

One of my friends asked that I contact another person who seems to know a lot about this situation and here is the response I got back.

Hi John,

A friend of mine that lives about 70 miles to my southwest met some hunters 2 years ago that had been hunting along the Canadian border. These hunters told him that every half mile along the border they ran into military type bunkers and the area around each had vibration sensors mounted in the ground. Later on, this same friend ran into a electrician that had helped lay the wiring to the same bunkers. A good twenty years ago my mother had a dream that herself, one of my brothers and I were on the run to get into Canada and we came to this no-man's land along the border and she was killed trying to get across with us. (end of dream) I will be finding out if it has been cleared off this summer.

The bad news letter you sent last night was a real doozy and eye opener. I sent it to a few people. One person, with the username alphithewolf has some friends in high places wrote back that they would verify it one way or the other. Here is a reply from another person I sent it to from Oregon...

Actually, both of these women are from Oregon.

H F wrote:

Hi O,

If you don't want me to send stuff like this, just say so. This came in from another list.

Actually, I'm quite interested. Depressed, but interested! I forwarded it to a friend of mine who is a retired Air Force officer and very active in politics, and whose opinion I respect tremendously. He said: I am very afraid that this stuff is true. Sigh. Thanks for sending it.

Regards, O

He also has info about the trains they are getting ready to transport the prisoners.

While on the Skywatch list, it came out that some fellow living in a town near Portland, Oregon where railroad box cars are manufactured had accidentally looked over some new boxcars and found shackles mounted on the walls. Enough to hold 147 people was the count. Then on the Millennium3 list, it came out that some woman, working for FEMA in Bellingham, WA, accidentally got off the elevator on the wrong floor in the building she works in. She headed down the hall to where her office would be and went in to find the floor piled in heaps with all sorts of fetters, shackles and leg irons. What does FEMA want with that stuff? There are lots of mails going around now about all of the shutdown military bases being refurbished into detention camps and temporary holding camps.

There was one web site, and I didn't bookmark it, that showed a new batch of holding pens just out of Las Vegas that is positioned right up against a railroad spur just like cattle pens only these were enclosed with cyclone fencing and razor wire leaning in at the top and a guardhouse at the entrance.

Have you ever heard of the red and blue list? I will send it in another post. The fellow responsible for sending that post is in prison now (it has been said) and had about 8,000+ people on his list.

A transcript from


GMN Ed. Note: We have no way to verify this story, but we can say that we began seeing these reports 20 years ago, and they are coming in much more closely together now, and are more detailed and more insistent. We know, of course, the New World Order crowd is up to no good. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearm ed. As watchmen of Israel, we feel it is our duty to pass these reports on, no matter how unpleasant they are.

The following is the edited transcript of the January 22, 1996, airing of Blueprint for Survival, with host Steven Quayle. Steve's guest was "Mr. C.," a former military officer working as an inspector for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. C. has personally inspected many of the mysterious military sites that are being erected around our country. His experiences, insights, and warnings are a sobering wake-up call for those of us who haven't seriously undertaken our required physical preparations to defend ourselves against the coming dark age, under "The New World Order." Read and heed.

SQ: My guest tonight is "Mr. C," a former inspector for the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Mr. C, give us a little background on yourself. How many years were you in the military and what are some of the things you did as you traveled around the world for the U.S. Government?

Mr. C: I was in the military for 22 years, and later went to work inside the government at one of the highest levels. I am a holder of the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, three awards of the Joint service Medal, all the Vietnamese awards, as well as the Joint Meritorious Unit Medal. When I retired a couple of years ago, as the equivalent of a Field Grade Officer, I was awarded the Secretary of Defense Civilian Service Medal. I've been around world in thirty-seven different countries, have spent more than fifteen years overseas, and can converse in five languages.

The infrastructure is set up

The infrastructure is set up. They have concentration camps set up for resisters and dissidents. The "resisters" are those gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons, and the "dissidents" are the Christians, Patriots and Constitutionalists. These camps are set up, and I have seen them.

It's not so much what I learn while I was in the government, but rather my understanding of government, as to how it operates, i.e., the budget system, etc., and being able to put bits and pieces together. The average person doesn't know how the government operates; but if you know how it operates, you can see that most of what they are doing today is absolutely unconstitutional.

SQ: Ladies and gentlemen, I've asked Mr. C to deal specifically with the prison camps and the government's plans for dealing with the non-New World Orderites: Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, or whatever you call yourselves.

Feds Police Not Exempt

Mr. C: First of all, the New World Order intends to double-cross the Federal Government people. All of you federal folks out there who are listening, I want you to know that I was a Federal official for thirty-one years. They will double-cross you. Under the New World Order plans, no American will be allowed to have weapons, and no American will be in any position of authority whatsoever. When you have finished your work for them, they will double-cross you. Be advised of that and understand it.

I briefed an FBI office on this, and one of the younger FBI fellows asked, "Do you mean to tell me that they are going to replace us with foreign cops?" That's right, I told him. Then he asked me for a copy of the Vampire Killer 2000 book.

I have briefed several other VIPs, and one State Police Commander asked me a final pertinent question: "What are they going to do with us American policemen?" I told him they intend to take his gun away from him and put him in the same prisons they'll be putting the rest of us into.

Slave Camps

With that prelude, I will now go into the infrastructure that has been set up to incarcerate and execute Americans, and the locations used for these purposes. I have seen these facilities myself and have taken pictures of them. I have traveled about a hundred thousand miles around the country over the past two years, taking pictures. I can piece these things together. The average person will have a piece of the puzzle, but he won't be able to piece it together, unless someone is able to explain it and show it to him.

There are people listening who are new to all of this, but they will be able to say, "Wow, I saw one of those down the road!" or, "Hey, I saw that happening!" And their own experiences are the pieces that they have to the puzzle. For example, I was briefing a Chief of Staff to a Two-Star General, and I told him during the briefing that he would get a piece of the puzzle. When I got about one-third of the way into my briefing, he said, 'You know, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has taken over the Army Reserves." I told him, "yes, that's part of the puzzle, and it is unconstitutional for them to do that. A bureaucracy cannot control military forces."

There are two massive prisons at Camp Buckner, North Carolina, built side-by-side. One was built earlier, and the other was built only last year. The thing is about a half-mile square, is barb-wired, and has a helicopter control tower in the middle of it. (They plan to use helicopters for this whole strike force.)

Every military base has a stock-ade. At Seymour Johnson AFB you will find an empty. barb-wired Federal prison camp. There is another prison camp in Virginia, not too far from Warrington.

Everything that is being done in places like Bosnia or Somalia is going to happen here as well.

Transfer Points

They have also set up what I would refer to as "transfer points." They have rail, ground and road transfer points. If you know what to look for, you can see them. For example, they are setting up "berms" alongside the roads, which are used to hide the choppers as they land. there is a berm set up at the prison facility near Warrington, Virginia, and directly across from it is a loading dock that is becoming overgrown with weeds. But when it is time to use them, the weeds and growth will shield everything but the rotor blades of the choppers from the road -- no one will be able to see what the choppers are unloading. Across the road is a railroad track, and across from the railroad track is the quarry. About a mile from there is the jail. If you know what to look for, you can spot them.

Death Camps

There is a death camp at Beech Grove, in the southeast quadrant of Indianapolis. There are ten maintenance barns at the Amtrak repair facility, that have received so much attention from Linda Thompson and Mark Koernke, that they have set up an open house tour of the place on the first Saturday of every month. You've got to know what you're looking for, if you get to go through the tour as I did. (An Amtrak guard told me that the guards there have even been issued black uniforms. He had his in his locker.) It is a 129-acre facility with fences on the outside, with the tops leaning inward. The second fence on the inside also has the fence tops leaning in. The windows of the buildings have been bricked up. Hence, you have three levels of security, for an Amtrak repair barn! There are three 25-knot helicopter wind socks (which are not the correct ones to use for chemical spills; you use 10-knot wind socks for chemical spills). These buildings, of this old 1910 facility, have had $6 million in repairs and upgrades. There are high security turnstiles, high security lighting, and signs which mark red and blue zones (we'll discuss the colors shortly). One of the barns is large enough to put four boxcars into, and there are vents on the top of the barn.

They're only going to handle category 1 and 2 (red and blue) people there; there will be no "green" people handled. This facility will be used for execution and maximum security. That facility exists, and there are others around the country. Primarily you have to look for facilities with new fences (Ed. Note: particularly fences with barbed-wire tops that lean inward).

Prison Transfer Centers

SQ: Let's talk about the prison transfer centers. Obviously there is one at Oklahoma City, one at Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma), etc.

Mr. C: First of all, there are helicopter pick-up-points. If you'll notice, some of the rest stops on the Interstate Highways have been barricaded; those are set up for a different purpose. Here, you must have an operational mindset in order to understand what they are doing. Look for new fencing, hightech equipment, squad car gates, high-tech lights, etc. There are intermediate points, such as airports, with brand new metal fences around them, and buildings located down into woods, etc., where you can't see what they will be doing.

I've talked to a General Officer who has been to Oklahoma City and seen the Federal Transfer Facility there. I have pictures of it and have put the pieces together. They were forced, in April, 1995, to declare the facility, and they held an open house on April 4. On April 7, they admitted that they had a prisoner airline with twelve 747s operating out of 38 cities, with "feeder lines." These feeder lines are the 3,000 black helicopters that Bush signed over to the Treaty on Open Skies. The feeder lines will feed the transfer facility from the intermediate sites, if there is a declaration of martial law in a "national emergency" (and they will cause this to happen -- there will be more "Oklahoma Cities" and "Arizona derailments," etc., until they can declare a national emergency.)

They will, at that point in time, bring their goons out of hiding (the foreign troops that they have hidden, by the thousands, in places all over the country). You can see these goons now if you're watching for them; I have many first-person reports, from all over the country, and I have even seen them myself, and taken pictures of them.

There are individuals who live in the mountains, who call themselves Russian "journalists." They are moles. These goons will come out of their holes, and they have lists of names of people in their respective territories who they are to start picking up.

Helicopter Communications

To control these helicopters, they must have a control network, where they can communicate without going through the FAA. I'm a pilot myself, and that's how I've figured this out. All around the country they have AWOS (Automatic Weather Observation System) towers, built by Scan Corporation. These are little towers alongside the road, which have a spinner on top with a couple of little canisters hanging off; sometimes they have a fence around them. It gives you a terminal weather forecast, all the weather information that the helicopter pilot has to have to operate. To access the terminal weather forecast on that tower (which has a telephone number) he has a cellular telephone system. There is a telephone number on the cellular telephone system that they can use to call the tower in the area they will operate in. The pilot must know the weather forecast at the terminal area he is going into. They call in on the cellular system and get the information they need; they do not have to call in with their chopped accents to the FAA Flight Service Station to get the weather forecast. Just last year, they banned all scanners from the cellular phone frequencies. You can understand what they are doing here; you can't hear the chopper pilots calling in to the AWOS towers.

"Red" list

The Category I "red" list includes those people who are to be picked up before unobtrusive preparations for martial law have taken place. They've got to pick off the leaders up front. You will be taken from your house, sneaked past the Sheriff's Department and the State Police, and taken to the cul-de-sac. From there you will be flown to the intermediate point, where you are loaded onto a big 64-passenger C-47 Chinook helicopter, all black, unmarked and illegally operating under the Treaty on Open Skies. Then they will fly you to one of the aforementioned 38 cities, where you will board one of those twelve 747s (or a 737, or a 727).

"Red" list

The Category I "red" list includes those people who are to be picked up before unobtrusive preparations for martial law have taken place. They've got to pick off the leaders up front. You will be taken from your house, sneaked past the Sheriff's Department and the State Police, and taken to the cul-de-sac. From there you will be flown to the intermediate point, where you are loaded onto a big 64-passenger C-47 Chinook helicopter, all black, unmarked and illegally operating under the Treaty on Open Skies. Then they will fly you to one of the aforementioned 38 cities, where you will board one of those twelve 747s (or a 737, or a 727).

I know a General Officer who flew on one of these 727s, and it was flown by FEMA pilots. They are using our own people to pull this thing off. They have to use some of our own people now, because they can't get enough foreigners into position.

You may be taken straight to a camp -- you may not go to the Federal Transfer Center. When you are picked up on a "red" pickup, you will stay on the red route: you will not be taken off the red route. When you are red listed, you will be taken to a red camp. I'm not exactly sure whether they go all the way to Oklahoma City and then back to a death chamber, but you will be executed. there are no re-education plans for people on the red lists.

"Blue" list

At some point along the line, martial law will be declared. Then the blue lists will be picked up. The blue lists comprise those people who are maximum security risk, and who might be "re-educated."

The bunch that is doing all of this is operating out of the highest places in the Capitol of the United States. Every base has been covered. They have thought of everything. They've hardened the electrical company power facilities. If you go to York, South Carolina, you'll see that the fence tops are turned inward at the York, SC, Electrical Power Company yard. If someone is going to steal telephone poles, you would think that they would turn the fence tops outward. Any big fence you see that has been built recently is a possible detention/detainment facility, and they can execute there.. They probably have some sort of accountability program in order to insure that the right people are knocked off.

Amos 3:7

SQ: I'd like to make a statement here, before Mr. C. continues. I'm not here to entertain or to be

a "talk radio personality." I'm here for one reason; and that is because the Living God has instructed me to shout it from the roof-tops. God is giving His people warnings. there are those people who want to go to prophecy conferences to see when the rapture is going to come (which I believe is not going to come), and hear all the peaceful prophets prophesying good news and glad tidings. I believe that Mr. C, who is also very much a man of God, has the same charge by the Holy Ghost: to warn you people out there, Christian and non-Christian alike, how this is going to happen. God doesn't do anything without revealing His secrets to His servants.

Mr. C: Amos 3:7; that's right! Sometime back, around 3:00 in the morning, He said to me, "If you will call upon me, I will show you great and wonderful things that thou knowest not." I said, "Okay Lord, let me see what they are. "

Sound the Warning

Anyway, if you suspect that you may be on the red list, if you have had black helicopters over your house, or if you've been involved in these kinds of things, you need to have some form of communications, such as a cellular telephone. When they pull this thing off, they will have a limited time to pick up people.

They have routes to run

However, they can't get everyone at the same time, so you need to have a recall roster, and It should be set up like a pyramid scheme. In other words, if you experience an attack on your place and you can somehow get on the phone you may still perish, but at least you can get the word out to someone down the road.

Once they declare martial law you'll know it's on, but there are guys who won't get any advance knowledge.

SQ: In your opinion, how long will it take from the time they launch the red list to the declaration of martial law? Will it be hours or days?

Mr. C: Probably days. I have no providential guidance on the time interim, but there will be a time in time.

SQ: One thing that the listener: need to see is that there is not going to be some future event where the invading troops are going to show up - they're already strategically placed here! Everything that the supercomputers can add to the equation has already been added in. They've already determined how many people are going to die, on. both sides. They've got it all figured out. They've got every stone covered - with the exception of the Rock that was cut out without human hands.

CALLER: Well, what chance do you two guys think you've got when all of this comes down?

SQ: I can put my hands in my pocket and thank God that He made me a man. I can yell out at the top of my lungs in prayer, that God's people will rise up. I may not have much of a chance, but I'll go down in history as someone who tried.

NOTE: Of, By and For the People newspaper is in the process: of obtaining the entire transcript Steve Quayle's interview with Mr. C

[America's Bulletin did not provide an address for Of By and For the People newspaper, so if interested, please write them at the address below. - GMNA Ed.]

From <>

Archive web site at

Now there is a related story that has got almost no media coverage and which might very well be part of this plan for the Takeover of America.


I have covered this issue previously and these are more information on this website in this related link:

Contrails - Poison from the Sky

I've included this below because, as you'll see below (see "Clinton Plans Training for Firefighters On Terrorism") with all the talking of training the firefighters to respond to acts of domestic terrorism and the use of chemical and biological weapons, and the plans to install sensors to detect the use of such weapons (see "U.S. installs sensors to detect nonconventional attack" below), either the US government is gearing up to a real or perceived threat of such imminent action or, through deliberately creating through the media the expectation of such horrible acts, they may be preparing the public to accept the imminent declaration of martial law after such an act of terrorism that they would themselves commit. A quite provocative statement, for sure, but not such a remote possibility.



SF Gate

Read also: U.S. installs sensors to detect nonconventional attack (Published in the World Tribune, Tuesday, March 16, 1999)

Here is a relevant excerpt:

WASHINGTON [MENL] -- The United States, acknowledging the increased prospects of a chemical or biological terrorist attack, is installing sensors around the country to detect nonconventional weapons and accelerate the response of authorities for the evacuation of victims. The Energy Department has launched an effort to use advanced sensors and computer networks that can identify and locate biological and chemical weapons within minutes, according to a statement submitted to the Congress. The system would also alert authorities so it could respond to such an attack within minutes.

Read also this:

Mock war, real snafu

by Katherine Dougan 03-14-1999


Friday evening the Williams family sat down in their Oxford living room and popped a movie into the VCR. Then the power went off -- a total blackout in all the neighborhoods surrounding the Anniston Municipal Airport in Oxford -- and what sounded like a war began outside.

"We know we live near the airport, so we expect some noise. But we don't expect a war to be going on right next door to us," said Debbie Williams of Lane Ave. in Oxford. "A big explosion went off, and our couches were vibrating -- everything in the house vibrated."

Ms. Williams and some other residents near the airport received no notification that Army Special Forces were going to be conducting wargames at the airport and Alabama Power was going to cut off their electricity.

The Army didn't even notify the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department, Sheriff Larry Amerson said. Oxford and Anniston police were notified.

Residents near the airport heard what sounded like machine gun fire, saw the fiery-red flash of explosions, and saw silhouettes of what looked like paratroopers dropping out of the darkened skies. Louise Strope, who also lives on Oxford's Lane Ave., got no notice. She said her pet monkeys were nearly apoplectic because of the noise. "Not knowing anything was the biggest thing," she said. "If I'd known, I could have got them sedated."

The "invasion" was part of a special training operation conducted in Anniston, at Fort McClellan and at the airport in Oxford from Tuesday until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Hershal Chapman, a public affairs officer at Fort McClellan, said he "put out a public service announcement to all media outlets saying there would be noise."

But that statement did not mention how extensive the operation would be, that part of it would be conducted at the airport, or that residents' power would be cut off.

Barbara Ashley, from the public affairs office at Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, N.C., said the operation involved about 800 soldiers, from the 75th Ranger Regiment at Fort Benning and the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment from Fort Campbell.

Rest of the story at:


OAKLAND, Calif. - Hundreds of U.S. Marines stormed ashore at a former Naval air base near Oakland as controversial urban war games moved to the San Francisco Bay area.

About 100 protesters gathered outside the former Alameda Naval Air Station demanding a halt to "Operation Urban Warrior" as military choppers and massive Hovercraft disgorged soldiers and equipment in a mock military landing.

The joint Navy-Marine exercise, which began with a limited operation in the coastal town of Monterey on Saturday, is designed to give soldiers practice in urban battle tactics and anti-terrorism exercises.

Military officials say the operation is crucial to preparing U.S. soldiers for modern confrontations everywhere from Sarajevo to Somalia, and they add that it is also good practice for emergency disaster relief operations.

But the Marines have run into opposition from peace groups and environmentalists, who say Urban Warrior is a wasteful and potentially dangerous diversion for bored military brass.

"We need to send a message that practicing war games on our own civilian population is not acceptable," protester Rob Smith told reporters outside the Marines' landing area on Monday.

Reacting to earlier criticism as well as a vote of no confidence from the California Coastal Commission, the Marines redesigned Saturday's operation in Monterey to avoid any possible disturbance to whales, sea otters and endangered birds living in and around Monterey Bay.

Monday's Hovercraft-and-helicopter landing went off as planned, however, setting the stage for a week of manoeuvres in facilities around Alameda and Oakland.

The Marines arranged limited public viewing of the war game operations, and the week will end with a public exposition that will include flight demonstrations, tours of Navy ships and displays of military hardware.

For some observers of Monday's landing, the Marines' arrival was a welcome reassurance in an era of earthquakes, fires and civil disturbances.

"If this really happens, we need them to protect us," area resident Nick Leras told reporters. "Without having training, how are they going to do it?"

(C) Reuters Limited 1999.

Do they have the legal instruments allowing for the unfoldement of such a Takeover plan? They can shut down and seize the entire country if they wish - see the Presidential Executive Orders list below. All they need is an "emergency" and manufacturing a national emergency situation is a piece of cake for them - think of the Y2K situation for instance, although it would make much more sense to create a fake emergency in early spring to execute their plan than in the dead of winter...

United States Presidential Executive Orders

The following Presidential "Executive Orders" have the force of law. All it takes is an emergency, of any type, to be declared by the President to activate these Executive Orders which were signed into law in the 1960s under President John F. Kennedy. The United States of America has been under a STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY since 9 March 1933, under the War Powers Act. Think of the possibilities should the President ever decide to act on the authority Congress and the Senate have already given the Chief Executive / Commander and Chief.

Presidential Executive Orders

A Presidential Declaration of National Emergency cannot be appealed. Federal Register did authorise Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to operate existing bureaucratic departments together with the (regional) governments to manage the United States. This status changed 3 June 1994, when President Clinton issues Executive Order No.12919 transferring all Executive Orders authority to "the President's Security Advisor.."!

Executive Orders become law if not voided by Congress within 60 days after issuance. Congress has never made any effort to rescind an Executive Order. Listed are examples of previous Executive Order's issued in the recent past:

#10995 - Seizure of all communications media in the United States. #10997 - Seizure of all electric power, fuels, and minerals, both public and private. #10998 - Seizure of all food supplies and resources, public, and private, all farms and farm equipment. #10999 - Seizure of all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and waterways. #11000 - Seizure of all American population for work forces under federal supervision, including dividing families as necessary according to governmental plans. #11001 - Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities, both public and private. #11002 - Empowers the Postmaster General to register all men, women and children in the U.S. #11003 - Seizure of all airports and aircraft. #11004 - Seizure of all housing and finance authorities, to establish Forced Relocation. Designates areas to be abandoned as "unsafe," establishes new locations for populations, relocates communications, builds new housing with public ('tax-payers') funds. #11005 - Seizure of all railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, public and private. #11051 - Provides the Office of Emergency Planning complete authorisation to put the above orders into effect in times of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis. #11490 - Combines Executive Orders #11001 to #11005 and #11051 into a single Executive Order. #11921 - F.E.M.A. is authorised to develop plans control energy, prices and wages, credit and the money supply to U.S. banks in the event of a 'National Emergency.' Congress may not review a President's decision to enforce a 'National Emergency' for six months. #12656 - The National Security Council given authority to determine requisite emergency powers (increased domestic surveillance, isolation of communites, restriction of movement for groups and individuals in the USA, control of airspace, use of the national guard to enforce laws and seal borders). #12919 - Signed June 3, 1994, by President Clinton. "National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness" delegates authorities, responsibilities and allocations of F.E.M.A.'s Executive Orders for the confiscation of ALL PROPERTY from the American people, and their re-location and assignment to 'labor' camps. This Executive Order also supersedes or revokes eleven (11) previous Executive Orders [from 1939 through 1991] and amends Executive Order #10789 and #11790. The declaration of a 'National Emergency' by the President may immediately lead to the implementation of all or part of these provisions and if he so desires he may implement martial law, suspend the Constitution, nulify habeas corpus and all other personal liberties and rights.

A chilling and frightening list indeed! Would another L.A. type riot qualify for a national emergency? Would a financial emergency or economic collapse such as savings and loan, bank, real estate, insurance, general government economic and financial about war...would that qualify as reason enough in the future for a President to act by implementing these powers?

What can the citizens of the USA do about this? You must demand that Congress end the 'National Emergency' begun in 1933, you will once again restore the U.S. Constitution, and regain your rights, freedom and property. It happened in Germany now it is happening in the United States of America. This 'Declared State of National Emergency' is the single reason why the President has these powers! What we don't learn from history is bound to repeat itself.

Wednesday (11/12/97) THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary NOTICE For Immediate Release November 12, 1997 CONTINUATION OF EMERGENCY REGARDING WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION

On November 14, 1994, by Executive Order 12938, I declared a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons ("weapons of mass destruction") and the means of delivering such weapons. Because the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, the national emergency declared on November 14, 1994, and extended on November 14, 1995 and November 14, 1996, must continue in effect beyond November 14, 1997. Therefore, in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing the national emergency declared in Executive Order 12938.

This notice shall be published in the Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.


"Since March 9, 1933 the United States has been in a declared state of national emergency." - 1973 Senate Report 93-549.


A nanowire prototype from Israel is eerily similar to one of Brinkley's prophesied events...

by Peter P.

A recent technological breakthrough by two Israeli physicists and a chemist, in which strands of DNA were incorporated into a working electronic component, is eerily similar to a prophesied event seen by psychic and author, Dannion Brinkley. Brinkley, after being struck by lightning in the mid-70s, reported having a near-death experience (NDE) in which he was shown a series of prophetic visions by what he termed "light beings."

Each vision, or set of visions, was seen in a so-called "box," which Brinkley wrote about in his 1994 bestseller, "Saved by the Light."

The Box-12 vision read, in part, "I watched as a biological engineer from the Middle East found a way to alter DNA and create a biological virus that would be used in the manufacture of computer chips."

According to Brinkley, this breakthrough would lead to the oft-prophesied miniature data-storing computer chip, placed under the skin of each human being and containing their entire life-history -- the so-called "Mark of the Beast." As Brinkley describes, without this implant, you wouldn't be able to do anything in the civilized world, enter any electronically controlled building or receive any governmental support. In his vision he saw that this microchip, once implanted, could also kill its host by dissolving itself into a poisonous compound after receiving an electronic command the moment he or she passes near an electronic control point if that person is considered a threat in any way to the System. It was also explained that this prophecy would come to pass only if humans eventually refuse to heed the warning signs of such an impending world dictature and do nothing to prevent it.

The nanoelectronic breakthrough, by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology researchers, is described as a nanowire prototype. It consists of two gold electrodes, linked by a chemically-bound synthesized DNA strand 'scaffolding' with attached silver grains used to pass a current.

It is an almost threefold improvement over existing technology used to make computer chips and the researchers speculate this can be used to make computer memories.

Brinkley's "Box 12" vision was prophesied for the late 1990s.


Breakthrough Will Lead To Next Leap In Emerging Nanoelectronics...

by Martha Molnar

Embargoed for release: February 18, 1998 from the American Society for Technion in New York, NY and the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have used strands of DNA, the biological molecule that makes up genes, to assemble tiny particles of silver into a conductive wire 1,000 times thinner than a human hair. The research, reported in the February 19, 1998 issue of Nature, is an important step toward the next quantum leap in electronics miniaturization. Making that leap is the ultimate goal of researchers in the emerging field of nanoelectronics.

The nanocircuits of the future will consist of wires, transistors, and other components with dimensions measured in billionths of a meter. (One nanometer or a billionth of a meter, is about the length of five carbon atoms laid end to end.) By packing many more components closer together, scientists could produce computer chips that are much faster than today's and far more sophisticated.

Scientists have already used DNA to assemble minute nanoparticles of semiconductors and other electronic material into crystal-like lattices and other orderly structures. But nobody, until now, has made a working electronic component.

"Our wire actually passes a current. This is the first demonstration of self-assembly of any functioning electronic component," said physicist Uri Sivan, who conducted the research with Erez Braun, another physicist, and chemist Yoav Eichen.

Wires are the foundation of any circuit because they link circuit components to each other and to the outside world. The Technion team constructed their prototype nanowire between two gold electrodes separated by a narrow gap of 12 microns, about one-tenth the width of a human hair. They synthesized strands of DNA that linked themselves together to form a kind of construction scaffolding between the electrodes. Since DNA by itself does not pass current, they finished the wire off by attaching grains of silver along the scaffold by a process similar to photographic developing, forming a silver wire connecting the electrodes.

The Technion wire is 100 nanometers wide, an almost threefold improvement over the existing technology used to make computer chips. The standard process, using photolithography, reaches the limits of miniaturization at about 250 nanometers. In principle we could have wires that are 100 times narrower than that, according to the researchers.

In electrical tests of the nanowire, the Technion team discovered a potentially useful property. Under certain conditions, sending current through the wire turns it into a kind of one-way switch called a diode. The wire remembers which way you ran current through it the first time. The polarity of the diode -- which direction it passes a current -- represents a piece of stored information. Perhaps we can use that to make computer memories, the team members speculate.

The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is the country's premier scientific and technological center for applied research and education. It commands a worldwide reputation for its pioneering work in communications, electronics, computer science, biotechnology, water-resource management, materials engineering, aerospace and medicine, among others. The majority of Israel's engineers are Technion graduates, as are most of the founders and managers of its high-tech industries. The university's 11,000 students and 700 faculty study and work in the Technion's 19 faculties and 30 research centers and institutes in Haifa.

The American Technion Society is the university's support organization in the United States. Based in New York City, it is the leading American organization supporting higher education in Israel. Technion societies are located in 24 countries around the world.

Technical Backgrounder: How to Build a Nanowire

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology scientists Erez Braun, Yoav Eichen, and Uri Sivan used a bottom up approach to building their wire: They assembled small particles of matter into a wire, like masons cementing bricks into a wall. To do it, they harnessed the remarkable information-carrying properties of DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid.

DNA, the stuff of genes, stores the information cells need to live and reproduce. But to nanoengineers, DNA is the stuff of dreams because it has the power to bind molecules or tiny particles of matter to specific addresses spelled out in its chemical code.

The linear DNA molecule resembles a twisted ladder. Each rung of the long, stringy molecule represents a pair of chemical subunits called bases. There are only four kinds of bases in DNA: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. The bases are complementary, meaning they bind to each other with lock-and-key specificity: Adenine only pairs up with thymine, and guanine with cytosine. Unzipping the DNA ladder leaves two complementary strands which will zip right back together in the same way under the right conditions.

The Technion scientists use short sequences of DNA called oligonucleotides and long DNA ladders to create a self-assembling scaffold to guide the construction of the silver nanowire. First they deposit two gold electrodes on a small glass plate and coat each with one of two types of 12-base oligonucleotides. Each type has a different chemical code, a unique chemical identity.

DNA by itself won't bind to gold. The scientists use a chemical subunit called a disulfide group to anchor the oligonucleotides to the gold electrodes. The disulfide groups bind strongly to gold, acting as a kind of glue between the DNA strands and the electrodes.

Then the scientists use lengths of double-stranded DNA to span the distance between the electrodes. A 12-base single-stranded tail hangs off each end of the spans. There are two kinds of tails, each complementary to the other oligonucleotide on the electrode. That enables the spans to straddle the distance between the electrodes, forming a scaffold for depositing silver.

To bridge the gap between the electrodes, the scientists deposit a droplet of water laced with the DNA spans across the two electrodes. Then they use a tiny glass tube to create suction on one end of the droplet. This induces a river-like flow that stretches the DNA spans across the gap, allowing the tails to bind to the complementary oligonucleotides on the electrodes.

DNA by itself is an insulator and won't work as a wire. So the scientists use a chemical process to deposit silver along the scaffold. The first step is immersing the glass plate in a solution of silver ions, made up of silver atoms with a net positive charge. The ions arrange themselves along the DNA, attracted there by the negatively charged DNA molecule. Then they use a chemical called a reducing agent to convert the silver ions into stable, electrically neutral grains of silver metal. The grains of silver are then used to catalyze the growth of metal silver to form a conducting pathway for electricity -- a wire.

There are a number of other information that I also wanted to include here but I can't find the original emails in which I saw them. In a nutshell it was the reported observation of military trucks transporting loads of Martial Law posters dispatched across the States for an imminent declaration of the same, the reported hoarding of food for the elite in vast underground compounds in Nevada whose existence was revealed by someone who worked there (it was also reported that someone heard about a convoy of vans loaded with food supply driven from LA by drivers who were ordered to get off their vans (at a truck stop on the highway) immediately taken over by military personnel who brought back their vans empty the following day - it happened just a few weeks ago). Also military chaplains across the US reportedly told to the leader of their national association that numerous high ranking army officiers confided of major soul searching because they cannot stomach the mission orders they'll soon have to execute...


Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999

When I was little, growing up in Kentucky, I was afraid of the dark because that's where the Boggieman lived.

The Church said he was the Devil. The TV said he was Communism. My dad thought he was Republican.

Now I'm all grown up, and so has the Boogieman. The Devil became abortion clinics, gay people, the new age or just "liberals."

The John Birch Society of the 60's grew up too and became the "patriots" of the 90's and boogieman communism became "the new world order," "the secret government," "the United Nations," - etc. Now it's multiple choice.

When I was little I was afraid of little green men from Mars. I grew up and found out they were grey, not green and from God-only-knows where.

When I was little the BIG BOOGIE was The Bomb. The Big Boogie grew up to and became "Earth Changes," Y2K, or just 2001!

Now that I'm older, wiser, and have a peaceful heart, I don't jump at my own shadow anymore.

When I was little I was afraid of the Dark. Now I look at Death and laugh, and the Dark is Afraid Of Me!

I Am Michael