2-2-89 - DREAM - I was given piano music to practice the scales. My husband got mad at me because I usurped the piano and kept practicing. His sister came in with patterns for baby clothes ... 5 boys and 1 dollie. I practiced the music which came with those too. He walked into the other room, angry. I followed him to give him a kiss, but he said not to bother him when he was talking. I left and was shown huge earth movers that were being sold. I was told that even as high priced as these were now, money was being budgeted now for their replacement - 2022.

I realized that by the year 2022, all of our money would go to the government and the government would be supplying all our needs.

I then followed my husband outside where he prepared to park the car for the night. He backed over the dog, "Coco" which never flinched or moved. He put the car in the garage and I closed the door on the bus we had.


7-6-95 - DREAM - A woman smeared stearic acid ointment on my arms and legs. It immediately made me astral travel to the year 2345. There were no wooden or brick houses. All the buildings were domed in bright red, blue, and yellow.

There were no people or vehicles in evidence. I saw an electric bus on the street. There were no cars.

I asked where the cars were and I saw shown one car and it was on the river.

I was taken to a hospital to be examined before I went home. I opened a book and found some weed seeds and brushed them onto the floor, hoping they would somehow find their way to the outdoors and grow.


11-5-97 Dream

I have recurring dreams (since childhood) about an organized and vast metropolis where there is much activity. Many huge buildings (not just tall but wide) with hundreds..maybe more..of floors . It is a central place where I have returned to often...each time exploring different aspects of it. There is also a vast arrangement of bridges, roads and highways around this area..

When I dream of the future, I mostly see a verdant and largely depopulated world, as if most of the humans have died off or left and nature has reclaimed the cities. There are some people left, obviously, for there are high-tension lines stretching through hundreds of miles of wilderness and clearings that look like pastures.

Here and there are circular lakes, which I usually take to be craters --- not from nuclear explosions, which are usually airbursts and which don't actually leave craters, usually --- that look like they were gouged by relatively small meteor impacts.

The cities, when I find them, are small and largely in ruins. There is no sign of war damage; instead, it seems like they were abandoned.

by (Eric O'Dell)



I was fully there, knew where I was, knew who I was, also had tactile sensations, smelling, hearing, touch, felt my feet on the ground, and knew I was thinking and interacting in this so-called dream.  I was as conscious in the dream as when I'm awake.

I was taken out into the open and I'm observing humans walking through fields. I'm absolutely thrilled with what I see.  I'm seeing green crops; the whole earth has been replanted, so that makes me know that previous to this new growth there had been a total decimation of the green planting of the earth. I don't know what caused it.

I looked up into the sky. I didn't see any clouds but it's the same color blue that I'm used to seeing. The green tones and the lighting are the same as I would recognize as being a late June day. The temperature I'm feeling would be about the middle 70's. The humidity would be about 80% moisture content. I'm wearing white clothing made of all one piece. I'm with somebody who is much taller than I am. I looked at him and I don't that person is human.  It is humanoid, however, someone who I know as one of the "Beloved Ones." I'm very familiar with them.

I look out into the front of me from a slightly elevated position. I look out into the crops.  The people I see who I think are humans are also all wearing white garments. I can't immediately think why they seem so small, but it is because the plants tower above their heads. The plants would be on the order of like seeing a field of sunflowers except these plants also have other varieties of crops that are a gigantic type of a form. I'm told by the person who is taking me to see it that the whole planet has been replanted like this. This whole process from the planting to harvesting will take us one season which I take to be about 90 days. The plants themselves will also nourish and replenish the soil and the harvesting will provide the food crops. The people really aren't tiny, it's just that the plants are so gigantic. Apparently there aren't any trees or long term plants. Short growth plants are the only ones which are growing right now.

I was told in detail all the particulars about the nourishment values and how the were planted and tended and how they were developed from pre-existing crops but these were a variation that maybe had not yet developed in that certain way. I don't know more about that.

EOD #1

LUCID DREAM #2 - I was taken again to see a crop field and it's pretty much the same as the first dream.  This dream is later in the year toward harvest, more like late August or early September. It's a little chillier.  I'm in the center of what looks like as far as I can see in any direction of this particular type of crop. The crop is approximately 30" high.  What it looks like would be one main stalk as thick as your thumb would be and reminds me of like hard bamboo and then the top 7 or 8 inches would fan out into a fan shape of branches.  Each branch is filled out with seed heads, and it looks a little bit like wheat, so that if you were to take your hands and make a draw a circle with your index finger and thumb it would make a circle, and go all up and down that column it would make that much of a mass of grain on there. The grain is smaller than wheat and smaller than millet, more the size of millet. I'm told that it has 18 to 20 percent protein.  It's a very short term crop, about 35 days from planting to fruition. I'm told that this plant is also taken from a current earth plant but has not yet currently been developed. I don't get the feeling they are hybrids exactly, they are inspired and are from earth plants and they also are for replanting.

LUCID DREAM #3 - A compound dream.  That means it is a huge compound or complex and I've been here many times in the past. I feel as though I actually work here, either at this current time or in a timeless time that is not yet or is now.  It was clear to me that there has been some change in the earth that makes the population of the earth very, very tiny, I didn't have numbers for it, but it would run about perhaps a portion of one percent of the present population was alive and well. Otherwise, I don't know what kind of devastation there was, but that this has happened.  We all work at a giant, well stocked, well organized complex.  It's not a sad place, but it very low technology; there is no apparent electricity or machinery or anything more complex than we would have found in the year 1860 in the past. I know that.

I worked in the kitchens and I have memories of teaching people how to dip a ladle into a pot of soup and pour it into a cup in order to serve it to the people. The work day is so full of joyousness.  I remember teaching them how to do the dipping and the pouring and the handing it over and doing it almost like a graceful dance. Everything we do and everything we participate in is filled with ecstasy.  The thing that's really interesting about it is unique. No matter how humble their job is, we all are aware of how few of us there are and how precious we are.  Each one of us have this deep into our soul, our preciousness and when we see somebody else, we are overwhelmed with this feeling of preciousness that just motivates everything you do.  You don't even conceive of being bored with menial tasks or anything like that.

I remember one episode recently to take Jim, my husband around.  He was going to be taken into a wood shop of some sort that he was going to be working in. As I was showing him past what was going to be the warehouse full of herbs and dried foods, the woman who came to greet us and Jim saw that there was everything there that you need. Everything is available to you. He was offered an herb drink  It was burdock tea, which I have only recently learned is a perfectly lovely tea that you can drink as a medicinal tea.  That was the tea that was being offered and he asked, "Can I please have something with caffeine?"  They looked at each other and I knew that this was going to take them out of their way and that this caffeine product was very precious to them.  But without a moments hesitation they went and brought it to him.  It was some sort of a tea.  It was not coffee, but it had caffeine.  He did not know at the time how rare that was but I picked up on how gracious and loving it was for them to just simply give away something that was so rare   They just wanted him to have it because they loved him so much.

Even in the dreams where I've been shown the destruction, it is an glorious opportunity to show our inventiveness and the true power of our humanness and so even where there were terrifying earth changes, it turned out to be an opportunity for me to show what a grand species we are or could potentially become. And often, I've asked when I've been shown different techniques for drying food or for storing things or doing medicine I've come against this whole idea of persons who have said they weren't the kind of person who would want to survive that kind of nightmares.

We've discussed how this whole thing is going to come about and come to the conclusions that: A - We're not going to be expected to see this nightmare of death and destruction, or B: - We're going to be of such mindset that we wouldn't be able to perceive hopelessness because we will be so involved in our work and so involved in the opportunity to serve that we also wouldn't be able to feel or sense the horror of what was going on.  I personally believe I would shut down and I think most of us would shut down.  I think there is something about our nature that makes us the people that were sent that could endure this.

My daughter has had dreams of a resettlement planet which included housing scenes, school systems, also she saw trees with little blue apples on them  My other daughter has had a whole series of dreams which told her about all types of weather phenomena to expect like tornadoes and floods, etc. and a recurring theme that seems to be real obvious in the sense that she has three children who live with her who are her nieces and nephews and she is constantly trying to make her brothers and sisters, the children's parents aware of the real dangers. Both of these people are in her real life, and apparently in her dream life she cannot persuade anyone to take cover or make plans or in any way protect themselves and so again and again in her dreams, she has to grab the children, leave the adults behind. There is nothing else she can do.  She takes the children and takes them to safety.

by Bonnie F.


From: starzwish

I have two visions that I will share with you today. Understand that I do not claim to be of any religion in the world today, when it comes to an inner teacher I have always seen this as being Jesus Christ. Just of no religion in the world today. I see inside myself as no one knows the real true religion and when the day come for us to see this then we must be able to discard all things in which we think are true.


Jesus Christ took out a map to show me. As he unnrolled it he showed me a line in which ran from 1/4 from left hand top to about 3/4 bottom right hand. About 1/2 to 3/4 of the way down he pointed to a particular place. That in which I percieved as being a river. At this point I perceived him showing me that the fish in this place would become ill. Spreading illness amoung all the fish in all the waters. For anyone that partakes of this fish will become ill.


The Day becomes night. I then see what this is. I then see a large volcano. After this I see a bridge , a giant wave is about to flood through it. Then I am taken somewhere above our earth. There are two beings, made of pure white light. They both turn to look at me, then they turn back to what is in front of them. A big round circle. In which I percieve as being our earth and everything connected to it. At the very top center something like white glowing fire spreads evenly around covering the whole earth leaving a clean clear pure earth.

With all the love


Ken MacLean wrote:

My Lucid Dream

About 3 or 4 years ago I had what I am calling a lucid dream, but it was really more like a teaching. It went like this: I was on a space ship orbiting the earth. As I looked down, I could see that the earth was literally turning inside out, every cell of it was in a myriad of colors, and there were patterns of Light within these colors. I was told by a voice (which I heard, and felt a presence, but could not see the being speaking), that the earth is going through a complete transformation, and it will not even be remotely the same place it was in a few years time.

Looking down at the planet, I could see and feel in every cell of my own body that that was true. Then the spaceship started accelerating, and as it did, i literally felt like i was turning inside out. The voice told me that the earth and everyone on it would be going through the same transformation, and that it was not to be feared (it was something that was going to happen to us, if we stayed in our bodies, we agreed to it before coming in). My head felt fuzzy and I experienced a distictly uncomfortable feeling.

While accelerating, the windows in the ship blacked out a little, so it became difficult to see the earth outside the windows of the ship. After a while, the ship slowed its accelerating and resumed normal orbit, and when I looked down at it, it looked and felt totally transformed, like every atom, wave and particle associated with it was NEW. Even the space around the earth was totally new and different. The ship landed and we got off. Stepping onto the surface, it looked like the land and the oceans were primordial, but filled with glowing patterns of Light. It was totally amazing. There was a picnic table there ,and I and the being narrating it sat down and began to talk. Thats when the dream ended (time to go to work). I had woken up twice during the dream, and each time I laid my head back down, I immedialtely was taken back into this dream. I am a very light sleeper and this has never happened to me before, or since.

I have been studying a little hyperdimensional geometry, and this "inside-outing" is what happens to 3 dimensional objects when they are translated into 4 dimensions (or higher). A good example of this is the Klein bottle, an impossible shape in 3D, but not in 4D (or higher). A torus in 3D is an example of an object which turns inside-out, and which is self-sustaining. It is theorized that consciousness itself is an inside-outing process. So basically, the point of all this, is that I have been experiencing this feeling of being turned inside-out off and on since the dream. For me, this is actual physical, cellular evidence of the Planetary Shift!

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this.

-- Ken MacLean


8-22-05 - VISION - I was laying on the couch with my eyes closed, and I found myself standing in a living room somewhere in front of a coffee table.  Someone threw some newspapers down on the coffee table, but they were upsidedown so I couldn't read it or see the photo. So I picked up the newspaper and turned it around. I couldn't read the text under the picture, so I asked for the date of the newspaper. The number 2301 became very clear under the photo.  

The photo was of a cluster of small houses, which were all round with a white dome-shaped roof on every one of them.  The cluster of homes was rather small - no more than 12 houses - with a wonderful green lawn around the area and blue sky with the sun shining. 


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