8-23-89 DREAM: I was sitting in a restaurant waiting for dinner to be served. It was twilight and I was sitting by the window. I saw a pinpoint of light, high up in the sky. It went around the curve of the clouds, then go straight along the edge of the clouds. I looked away but when I looked back, it happened a second time. I looked away and when I looked back, it happened a third time. I asked the woman I was with if she had seen anything but from her position she wouldn't have been able to see it. I was almost afraid to look again. By then the lighting was wrong and I couldn't see outside because of the darkness. Then I began to feel apprehensive like I was being watched and that maybe they were coming to get me.

by Dee


: 2-7-90 Dream: I and the children were in the house practicing flying. My husband asked what we were doing. I said we were getting ready so that when the UFOs came, we would be ready and just then three little pink UFOs came out of the sky, flew right through the window into our livingroom and did a loop the loop.

by Dee


:4-13-90 Dream: I went outside and counted 21 jets way up in the sky leaving short white trails that gave away their position. They were heading East.

I went back into the house to tell someone about it. I went right back outside and saw a green circular light come up over the Northeast horizon. It looked like the moon hanging in the sky, but I knew that the moon always came up orange or yellow and then turn white. This round light stayed green.

I knew that when UFOs come everything turns hazy and you don't know what you're doing and you lose time.

I was imprinted with a list of instructions numbering 12 or 18. If they were followed in numerical order, they would be meaningless and nothing would happen. They had to be followed in reverse order.

I went inside the house where there were two other women. The three of us were to sit down together to write down these instructions in reverse order so they could be followed.

I then was looking through pads of colored paper . The instructions had to be written on fresh paper with no other marks on it and it had to be on the right color paper. I felt as though this was a test, but the three of us were to do it together.

by Dee


9-17-90 Meditation:

Q. Are there any UFO people here?

A. I saw four television sets like in a television studio. There was a different picture on each one. The scene zoomed in on the far left one and the man on the picture said, "We are here because of the hostilities."

by Dee


: 3-26-90 Dream: I was leading a group of people and preparing them for a UFO landing. I was night and everything was peaceful. The UFO came and hovered above us. It was large sized and was shaped like a wing (somewhat like the Stealth Bomber) It had many windows with light coming from them. The UFO occupants slid down gold colored poles like firemen. The commander and I met and we went off by ourselves. He asked me why I chose t olive on earth. I said to him that the reason was, #1 The freedom to hear, #2 The freedom to see, #3 The freedom to act, and #4 The freedom to think. He said that could be found in the Universe (which meant the situation would be more favorable in light of earth experience. I responded that the importance was freedom of SELF. This provides the greatest opportunities with all the energies available and the difficulties to overcome and be their master. I took the commander to the basement and showed him our gas furnace (it was a small unit) for heating the house. He asked if I had ever heard of using condensers with water for heat transference to produce heat. This was an energy source I was unfamiliar with.

by T.M.


: 1. SHARED DREAM: I have been living with this damn repeating dream all of my life, and now most recently I am shocked to discover that three of my brothers share this memory in detail!

On a summer night we were playing after dark out on the front lawn: in our family home in Holladay, Utah, in a suburb south of Salt Lake City.

Coming in from the Southeast was a huge flotilla of disks; one: saucer broke away from the armada to hover right over the top of us at an altitude of about a hundred feet. We panicked and ran inside the house into the kitchen to hide under the kitchen bench storage place that Dad had built to put folding chairs. The Grey-like aliens found us and took us outside where their ship was on the ground in what we call the triangle space in our acre-sized backyard. Some of us including my dad were taken aboard and here the memory tape snaps. Brother Bruce claims that he refused to go on board and was left there crying as his family was abducted. Bruce likewise confirms my memories that this invasion affected not only our family, but was an event that changed the population at large in the whole valley - many were taken. MASS INVASION! This happened in the late Fifties, early Sixties. Reports that I have read indicate that many saw this event and is a classic UFO case.

2. REPEATING DREAM: Later I was abducted from my bed and sperm was taken by a taller spindly Grey-like - female.

:3. NO DREAM: At age nineteen I was obsessed to go up into Hughes Canyon on the face of Mt. Olympus which is a prominent mountain in the Wasatch Front east of the valley. I spent three nights alone. On the third night I was pinned to the ground by a pulsating electrical field. I lost time and consciousness. Later I confessed this experience to my Mormon Clergy. My Bishop declared me possessed by the devil. These reactions by those I trusted wounded me deeply. Ultimately I left the church. Understand that this event is NOT a dreams

Kent Steadman



1-2-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. on the corner of Clarke St. There was a round, orange UFO in the sky, way up in the clouds. It was almost invisible. Someone said that there needed to be a way to track the UFO's because they could become invisible.  I told them to look at the kites that were flying overhead and the strings that went from ground to the kites. The kites were twirling and undulating. I told them that if they would watch the kites, they would know where the UFO's were because the UFO's followed the kite's movements.

by Dee


8 June 95 - DREAM - "I am writing this dream a couple of days after having it so it is pretty vague. It was in a dream, and an alien race (or races) were in it. Young people were entering some kind of chamber (on an assembly line) where they would become "fuel" for someone or something. They did this willingly, and it was a race against someone or something else for "PEACEKIND." The older generation did not participate in this "race" - it seemed to be too great of a change for them, and they were indifferent to the younger generation's participation.

"I was also on this assembly line (although I was not a part of this race), and once I understood what was happening, I jumped off of the assembly line. (My brother) was also in the dream, and at one point we (?) had guns and were shooting some people in an attempt to stop whatever was happening...???" End of dream log. (like I said, vague)


12 Oct 95: part of a dream, "...I was also supposed to read Calvin and Hobbes or some other cartoon in the newspaper today?..."

REALITY: (from diary) "Well, I read Calvin and Hobbes today and guess what? It was about aliens taking over our world. Many of my dreams I reviewed this morning (in this book) had to with aliens or upcoming great changes. Dreams I had in the past...dealt with warring alien factions..."

PS: I forgot exactly what the cartoon said, but I am sure that it can be located in any public library.

by anonymous


12 Jan 96: "A Klingon(?) or Worf(?) from Star Trek was a representative from an alien race. They were threatening the Earth, and they said that something bad would happen if we didn't listen to them. Data (representing something Good) prophesied the future and it said that our future was good and nothing bad would happen if we didn't listen to them. The bad alien was upset because he knew it was true." End of dream log.


.8 Feb 96 Dream - this is the dream that I was looking for! It contains GOOD = BAD aliens, cats, mark of the beast, etc.

"...There were people (or a person) from the future talking to me and others...my present military commander was trying to explain, but he did not know. Someone similar to miKron (maybe miKron on Spirit-WWW) began to explain it.

"They could not tell exactly what would happen (I believe that they were from the year 2013). We (I) had to change to survive. Photon-like particles (I interpret as Photon Belt) cause the Great Changes as well as a consciousness change. There were 7 primary projections of this energy into the time-space continuum from the future (2013?).

"It was mentioned that the power of our thought of LOVE could change everything. My wife's aunt's mind had changed, and she was affecting my wife or my wife was affected also. She may have been trying to kill me.

"Aliens (the good ones) looked and acted like helpers, but they were not. They convinced some of us to give them our energy (to fight the bad aliens). They then sent us to prison and eventually to our death. The good aliens and the bad aliens were ONE IN THE SAME. We went to the good ones because of fear of the bad ones, but this was their plan so we would go to them.

"We were put in prison by our Government. They said it was to protect us, and it was for our safety. It was really to control us. We were naked. People needed a CARD (this reminds me of the mark of the beast) to go ANYWHERE - we were controlled in our every move.

"People could not remember who they loved. People must find loved ones all over again. Some could not talk to others (they did not realize we were there). An example was that my friend forgot that her husband loved her. I wanted to tell her, but she could not see me. We had to think of WHY we went there (the movie...) before we could go anywhere (we were like frozen or locked in a car or something).

"People had to meet others and "hook-up" to figure everything out. ONE WAY WAS THE INTERNET, and another was face-to-face meeting. A confusing part was searching for a cat. There were looking through about 100 cats before the "REAL" one was found. All of the rest were an illusion.

"The leader (of our country?) had dark hair (maybe Steve Forbes) or somebody...He was in charge of the prison. I was the leader of the people, and the rebellion against this evil authority. One note which I cannot place is "would not change." I do not know where this goes in my notes as I am writing this days after my dream. The repetitive theme of the dream was to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!" End of dream log.

by anonymous


4-25-96 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I looked out the window to the East and saw light flashing in a wide band like lightening in a cloud. It was getting closer. As it got closer, the light took on the shape of a flying craft, not like a circular UFO shape, but a shape which I compared to the movie 'War of the Worlds', the metal has a shiny soft look like a satiny velvet. To my shock, a beam of light came out of it and shot to the ground somewhere off to my right behind the next house. Whatever it hit was totally pulverized. The debris fell like hot snow into the surrounding land. we all ran outside as it passed on by to the west. People outside wanted to collect some of the stuff and we hollered, "It might be radioactive." But people collected it in bowls and kettles to take it home. It had a strange greenish white cast. I could still see the craft passing on to the west, shooting those beams of light down and things exploding where it hit. Then we saw another craft farther to the south. It too was also going from East to West and we were frightened.

The dream took on an odd weird quality and I was climbing on a roof and precariously balancing while I was trying to get back down. From there on I was with other people in a bar/stripper scene of which I took part. However, then it was back to the UFO craft and we saw another one coming.This one was not shooting. It was larger and it seemed to be watching what was going on. We hid underneath part of the house in case they stated shooting again.

by Dee


7 June 96: "I had a dream where I was outside our house in front of the kitchen window. I looked up into the sky in the southwest, and I saw what I believe was an alien spacecraft (it could have been a secret US aircraft, but I do not think it was).

"It was doing some pretty spectacular maneuvers in the air, and I watched it for about 15 seconds or so. I thought that they might come down and meet me or something - I do not think that they did. I went inside the house through the back door, and I kind of felt light-headed (almost like I was going to faint). Everybody was wondering what was going on, and I told them that I had just seen a UFO." End of dream log.

by anonymous


30 May 1996: "I had a dream in which aliens were coming or something - a part of a secret plan of some sort. Some may already have been here." End of dream log.

by anonymous


9-20-96 - DREAM - I went out to my Father's cottage. We were looking toward the lake. I made a comment about the possibility of seeing UFO's. He said he had seen a huge wing shaped UFO. I asked him if he had managed to take a photo of it. He said that photos couldn't pick up the image of a UFO for some reason. I was disappointed to find that out. I went out on the porch. As I was going down the stairs which faced east I heard a shishing noise and from behind me came a huge bird wing shaped UFO that was so huge it stretched from as far left as I could see to as far right as I could see. And as it went it shape shifted into what looked like a huge U.S. transport plane with double tail fins on the back.

by  Dee


4-20-97 - DREAM -: I wanted to first say that I have never dreamed in the past about UFOs which is why I am posting this here in the hopes that it may help someone. I dreamed about hiking with a group of people in a mountainous area with lots of pine trees. I remember looking up at the sky as the sun was setting and to my amazement I saw a small thin silver disk hovering just over the horizon by the sun. I turned to the person next to me and asked, "where are we again??" and they replied to me, "Paul Bungeon National Park Stupid.."  I reminded myself to remember where I saw the disk. Then when I turned back to look at the disk again, I noticed that it began to move slowly and then it banked off to the right and I saw a reflection from the sun as it did so and just seemed to disappear in the flash of the reflection. Then later that day more people began to gather around this one small valley in the park we were hiking in. Some people had gone down into the valley while others just stood around the rim. As it got darker, I remember looking up at the sky and seeing several quite large ships slowly descending down from directly overhead. They were circular craft with multicolored lights only on the underbelly of the craft and concentrated in the central region. The largest craft had descended into the small valley where the: people there had all formed a large circle in the floor of the valley where I assumed the ship was going to touch down. At that point I woke up.

by anonymous


6-12-97 - DREAM - : My husband and I were driving down the street in a truck. I saw two small circles in the sky. I thought they were space ships. I told my husband to pull over but he refused. A few minutes passed and the ships got closer they began firing laser beam arrows in the sky, they were not aiming at anything in particular. We were now pulled over in a dessert like surrounding. The ships began to land, I did not want to get out but my husband did so I reluctantly followed. We stood outside the truck and watched as the ships doors opened. An alien, small and frail with large black eyes, telepathically asked us in the ship. We entered the ship. Inside it looked like a hospital with aquariums all around. In the aquariums was a gel-like substance holding different types of things. One contained a human fetus. The ship seemed to move up in a vacuum movement and my husband and I were now in space suits inside the ship. It was understood that this was so we could breath. The aliens pulled my husband aside and asked him for information on how the human wrist moves. He realized they wanted this information so they could invade the earth. He refused to help but in fear they would kill us he eventually began to give the info. While he was with them I saw a dog on board, it was a dalmatian. I began to do obedience with the dog , sit, down, stay.....An alien in a human body, a woman, came over to me and was interested in what I was doing. I explained to her. Everything was communicated telepathically. There were other aliens in human bodies inside the ship. They were not in the same suits as my husband and I were. Next, they sent us back to earth. We were dumped in a building, as we walked outside we saw friends of ours waiting to pick us up. They did not ask where we were and we did not tell. The next day I was shopping in a clothing store and as I looked around I could pick out which humans were actually aliens. They all knew I knew who they were.

by: Lorna Mason


6-28-97 - DREAM - This was a dream sequence that included being in a classroom with a large number of people.  We were all being taught that aliens were all around us and it's time to give up our denial and doubt. One speaker said, "the aliens have Merkabas all around the Earth."  That was it.

NOTE:  After I woke up, all I could remember was that it was a 3 syllable word that started with 'M' and I began trying to find the word. I looked in the dictionary, did a net search, etc. Then one day on an e-mail there was a post abut Merkaba and I recognized that as the word I had head in my dream.  (Definition of Merkaba)



7-2-97 - DREAM - : About a month ago I 'dreamed' I saw an invasion of ufo's outside my south bedroom window. With the 'regular' ufo's was a large black tombstone shaped ufo. I had the feeling it was a war machine as it was very frightening and had things on the front that I felt were weapons. My mother then stood in front of me and said 'don't look' and tried to cover my eyes.

At this point I woke up and sat up on bed looking out the south window when I knew that by then they would be at the west window. That's the most surprising thing...I never looked out the west window.

The next morning my 18 year old daughter excitedly told me that she had watched a ufo light show out her window that night. She didn't see any specific shapes.

by Suzie


7-14-97 - DREAM - I made a journal entry of a dream I had because it was so incredibly strange. (since then I have had 2 other similar dreams) : I dreamed that I looked out the window of my home, but for me, it was an East facing window, and I saw 3 alien spacecraft descending into the field across the road.

Even in the dream, I was excited, frightened and awestruck... but nobody would look... I tried to tell people in the house... but they would not listen and they would not look.

Then the setting changed... and I was inside a huge area... I was a spectator and none of the participants seemed to notice me, but I was in constant mind (non-verbal) communication with the aliens. They wanted to show me... but I still don't understand: .. anyway... what I saw were several varieties of beings, some seemed wholly human... others less so.. and there were bodies.. 4 bodies.. human-like, but very very thin and finely constructed... and their skin was waxy grey/white... and other, more human looking beings were dancing around, tossing these poor bodies about... and I was ashamed for the behaviour I was seeing and tried to explain to my unseen guides that we aren't all like that... but they already knew that part... they also wanted me to understand that there were many varieties of "aliens" too.: then the setting changed again and I was back with frightened humans who were packing survival gear & heading to wilderness-type places to hide out and wait.. because they didn't know WHICH enemy presented the greater: danger.... so were trying to elude ALL beings they didn't understand. I felt very torn, because I felt I couldn't really make these people understand that there wasn't anyplace to run/hide... and also that I was in the impossible position of translator/mediator.

It seems that more and more of these kinds of dreams and experiences are happening. I had never had anything even near this type of experience before and that is why I am now searching for others who are undergoing similar dreams and contact.

by Victoria


1991 - DREAM : I had a dream a few years ago about a strange shaped UFO. In the dream I was at a funeral at a church. I went outside and saw a UFO coming slowly across the sky shaped like a huge pine tree. The UFO droned ominously and I felt it was a death/war machine. I felt terribly frightened by it.

What was worse was that the man I saw in the dream who was emphasized in the dream died not too long after that.

by Dee


April - 1997 Dream #1: (dream occurred in April) I was walking home and came across an apartment complex where the male residents of the place were busy building and digging. The buildings surrounded a green area in the middle, where a large pool had just been built. All the women and children were at the pool. I visit, then leave to continue home. A small boy follows me along the road. My town is in a river valley and the road is along a ridge. It is getting dark and the stars are coming out. The small boy says, "Look! I see the comet!" I look ahead of me, in the sky, and see a strange spiral shaped object in the heavens. To my left is the comet. Also in the sky the stars are a strange sparkly diamond type glow, an almost unearthly like glow.. I tell the boy, "No, the comet is over here." I look at the spiral object again (looks like a galaxy swirl) and wonder about it. At that time, down in the town I hear helicopters, black helicopters. I hear them talking over their speakers, but don't see them. Suddenly all electricity in the town goes out. All you see in the valley is complete blackness with the sound of helicopters. I start to panic and know I have to hide. I wake up from the dream at that time, AND I get the feeling I don't know what it is I am hiding from the most, the helicopters or the spiral in the sky as I felt it was bringing something.


Dream #2. (Occurred in July) I am with my family driving out in the country. We visit several places and head to a small town to get gas for the car. It is dusk. When we get to the small town, which is really a place in the road, EVERYONE is outside looking up into the sky. Across the road from this town is a farm field. I look up and see the sky filled with hundreds of small golden objects. There is also an eclipse of the moon going on at the same time. Two army helicopters are in the sky, explode, and fall to the ground. To my amazement, NO ONE is watching this spectacle of fire and explosion. They are mesmerized by these objects in the sky. I thought to myself, this is really strange because these helicopters crashing and burning was enough to cause a sight. When I awoke, I realized that perhaps the small golden objects were UFO's because everyone was watching. Also, the sky was filled with sparkly diamond type stars again.


Dream #3. (occurred in September) It is winter, one of the worst winters we have had. I saw blizzard winds and snow up to the thighs. I was trying to get to work in this snow. THEN, it was spring. I was with my mom and my children driving along a country road. It was getting dusk. I look through the back of the car and saw THAT SPIRAL again!!!! Next to this spiral was a cluster of those sparkly type stars again. My mother was driving and I said over and over, "Stop the car! We have to get out of the car and see it because it's coming!" She finally pulled over the side of the road where three black and white cows were grazing peacefully.

by anonymous


April 30, 1997

I wanted to first say that I have never dreamed in the past about UFOs which is why I am posting this here in the hopes that it may help someone. I dreamed about hiking with a group of people in a mountainous area with lots of pine trees. I remember looking up at the sky as the sun was setting and to my amazement I saw a small thin silver disk hovering just over the horizon by the sun. I turned to the person next to me and asked, "where are we again??" and they replied to me, "Paul Bungeon National Park Stupid.."

I reminded myself to remember where I saw the disk. Then when I turned back to look at the disk again, I noticed that it began to move slowly and then it banked off to the right and I saw a reflection from the sun as it did so and just seemed to dissapear in the flash of the reflection. Then later that day more people began to gather around this one small valley in the park we were hiking in. Some people had gone down into the valley while others just stood around the rim. As it got darker, I remember looking up at the sky and seeing several quite large ships slowly descending down from directly overhead. They were circular craft with multicolored lights only on the underbelly of the craft and concentrated in the central region. The largest craft had descended into the small valley where the people there had all formed a large circle in the floor of the valley where I assumed the ship was going to touch down. At that point I woke up.

by anonymous


Lorna Mason on June 12, 1997

My husband and I were driving down the street in a truck. I saw two small circles in the sky. I thought they were space ships. I told my husband to pull over but he refused. A few minutes passed and the ships got closer they began firing laser beam arrows in the sky, they were not aiming at anything in paticular. We were now pulled over in a dessert like surrounding. The ships began to land, I did not want to get out but my husband did so I reluctently followed. We stood outside the truck and watched as the ships doors opened. An alien, small and frail with large black eyes, telepathically asked us in the ship. We entered the ship. Inside it looked like a hospital with aquariums all around. In the aquariums was a gel-like substance holding differnt types of things. One contained a human fetus. The ship seemed to move up in a vaccuum movement and my husband and I were now in space suits inside the ship. It was understood that this was so we could breath. The aliens pulled my husband aside and asked him for information on how the human wrist moves. He realized they wanted this information so they could invade the earth. He refused to help but in fear they would kill us he eventually began to give the info. While he was with them I saw a dog on board, it was a dalmation. I began to do obedience with the dog , sit, down, stay.....An alien in a human body, a woman, came over to me and was interested in what I was doing. I explained to her. Everything was communicated telepathically. There were other aliens in human bodies inside the ship. They were not in the same suits as my husband and I were. Next, they sent us back to earth. We were dumped in a building, as we walked outside we saw friends of ours waiting to pick us up. They did not ask where we were and we did not tell. The next day I was shopping in a clothing store and as I looked around I could pick out which humans were actually aliens. They all knew I knew who they were.


July, 1997.

I found myself outside walking around looking at things with other people. There was a tall white building which everyone including myself, stopped to look at. I looked at the people's faces and noticed that their eyes were emitting green. My thought was that they were being invaded and I started to feel frightened. I found myself hiding in the building trying to get away from something unknown. I began holing myself in layers and layers of rooms trying to get to the deepest part of the building to feel safe. All of sudden, I heard a voice to look outside the window. I found myself looking out a window and in amazement, seeing thousands and thousands of spaceships flying low over the sky.

by anonymous


November, 1997

I found myself outside during the day traveling around sightseeing and meeting people. My husband was with me driving a jeep. Everywhere we would stop at a place, a person would come up to me and tell me that I was going to be initiated tonight on board a mother ship. I would be overcome with terror and tell each person that I didn't want to go and see the Greys. All of the people told me that it was going to be all right and that I was not going to be seeing the Greys. As nighttime drew near, my husband drove me to an isolated place, away from the town, for me to be picked up by a ship. I panicked again about going and my husband turned to me and said not to worry, everything was going to be all right. A small ship came and hovered above me, I found myself being lifted up into the air onboard the ship and then we took off for the mother ship.

The next thing I remembered after getting on board the mother ship was  seeing a man who looked familiar to me. I knew who he was but didn't recognize him at first (until few weeks after this dream being that of my friend who died December, 1997). Beside the man, there were several other humanoids dressed in dazzling white robes around me. The man and I were then instructed by these humanoids to each go to a room, to take off our clothing and to relieve ourselves in a pot; Then we were to each put on a white robe. We came out and then two humanoid guides on each side of the man and me, walked towards a double door entryway. As the door slowly slide open, I could see down the aisle that there were a group of people dressed in robes like the man and me and were sitting in chairs. In the front like a stage, I could see several figures dressed in high priest/priestess outfits, wearing some kind of a headbands around their heads and crystal necklaces around their necks. As the man and I started to walk through the doorway with our guides behind us, I was awoken abruptly back in the physical world. I received a thought sort of echoing through my mind for me to be prepared the next time.  Probably to finish out my initiation.


by Linda


Dream: 12-7-97

l was swimming in the ocean etc, then was on the boat sunning, and while looking at the clouds, l saw a whole lot of little ones moving all in one direction, l knew then that they were ships, on the boat were two young boys who were beamed up, then l was beamed up, now at this stage there was a loss of time, cause when l became aware again, l was in a room on the ship by myself, and l knew they were Pleiadians and l knew they were taking me to a safe house, l looked out the round window and saw we were moving just a few feet above ground...

Then it stopped and l got out and there were three Pleiadians waiting for me at this house, two men and a women, they were all older than me, and one was very familiar a English TV actor....

We had a meal, then l looked out the window and saw heaps of little ships buzzing about looking like ships, and l said can everyone see them, and they said no.... not yet..

l awoke feeling very happy that at last l had been beamed up...and l asked Metatron what it all meant, he said "it was a test run" so that test run was ascension of spirit, and the next one will be both body and spirit....

Well that is it, l have had lots of dreams of ships but have never been beamed up before, so that was a major step for me..

by Karen



From: lostsoul59@yahoo.com (Dan J.)

A long time ago I had a startling dream, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on my grandmas be surrounded by aliens. One of the aliens spoke to me and said "You will be saved." The only thing I could think to say was "saved from what?" He then told me a date and year. The date was August 5th. The year, however, is long forgotten. The date was that of the end of the world. How it would end, is in the mind of my friend, the alien. The next thing I know, i'm walking down the side of a country rode, and i get a ride from a man driving a car. He takes me to his work, which seems to be an old farm shed with small troughs filled with different colored m+m's. And then I woke in a cold sweat.


From: drmlink@ipa.net (Bryon Smith)

Hieroglyphics & Space People 1/23/98

In this dream between 6 and 7 AM this morning just before I got up I thought I was in my own bed at the house where I grew up. Upstairs room and I saw a plaque with gold hieroglyphics on it. The clearly the image became the more I saw how similar yet different it was from Egyptian hieroglyphics. There were many new symbols on the writing along with mixtures of the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some of the markings were of full size beings, people, and images of human looking beings with animal’s heads. One of these figures was drawn showing it carrying a staff that had a huge loop on the top end of it. At the bottom of the loop there was a small cross like thing. I looked closer and saw it was a figure of an Ankh.

Suddenly I realized I was dreaming and wanted to see more about these writings to learn their meaning and origin. I held on tight and called out for my wife to come quick. All the while I was observing the images I was seeing in my dream so as not to loose contact with my dream state.

Then I saw men who appeared to be on a journey and they were dressed in Egyptian type garment covered with robes, headdresses and trimmed with gold. These men were of royal origin and they were on a quest of some kind. The man in front who wore the most gold and had the fancy headdress was carrying a paper with writing on it. This paper was mostly held in his left hand. In his right hand he had a small flat gold object that was similar to a Popsicle stick in size and shape and on one end it had a round flat disk.

On the paper on the top of the first page was a list. This writing was not in hieroglyphics but I did not recognize the script. The first two lines had turned dark while the rest of them were still bright gold in color. Then he touched the third line with the disk end of this gold object in his hand and like magic the third line also turned dark. Then I realized he was crossing off things on a list. Things that either he was searching for or things he had found. Perhaps he was crossing off events I do not know. I do know the first page was the only page that I saw that had these lists on it. The rest of the papers were filled with writings.

Then I looked up and thought I saw a chandelier on my ceiling and this light had many lights around it and all of them were changing shapes at the same time. Then I told my wife as I knew she was setting beside me. "I have seen into another world and there I saw alien hieroglyphics and these beings were not of this world."

Suddenly I realized I was still dreaming and thought I had woke up and was back home in my own bed. Later I really did wake up and realized that even my thoughts that I was awake were also a dream. It was so vivid and real.




The New Mythology: Angelic, Apocalyptic and Alien Dreams

by Maureen B. Roberts, PhD

As Jung has discussed, particularly in his book *Flying Saucers*, a 'metamorphosis of the gods' occurs at the end of each astrological era and since we are now passing into Aquarius, a new mythology is emerging and being articulated in apocalyptic and prophetic dreams and visions worldwide. What seems to be happening at present, as we shift out of Christian-dominated Pisces, is that the angels and demons of Christian mythology are being superseded by more morally ambiguous UFO and alien dreams. Significantly, I've had only a few 'angel' dreams, but many dozens of UFO ones. The following includes some examples of both.

A passage Rilke's 'Second Duino Elegy' resonates with a dream I had recently of two 'species' of the angelic hierarchy:

But if the archangel now, perilous, from behind the stars took even one step down toward us: our own heart, beating higher and higher, would beat us to death.

The angels are further described as 'mountain-ranges, peaks growing red in the dawn of all Beginning, pollen of the flowering godhead, joints of pure light, corridors, stairways, thrones, space formed from essence, shields made of ecstasy, storms of emotion whirled into rapture . . . mirrors, which scoop up the beauty that has streamed from their face and gather it back, into themselves entire'.

I like the Blakean sense of immense energy here (compared to the often tame and listless portrayals of angelic beings one often encounters). In the dream I had, I saw two levels of the angelic hierarchy, firstly (as an anonymous Voice described in the dream) the Thrones, three of whom appeared standing behind a distant mountain range, above which their immense androgynous forms, clad in flowing robes, towered in shimmering apricot gold, as though they, not the Sun, were the source of the gentle light of dawn. I then looked up into the sky and saw at cloud level a gracefully whirling mass of Cherubim, who simply cannot be described. The sense was of immense power and delicacy, beauty, dancing, higher innocence, speed and agility, and interfusing, interweaving energies, all delicately golden and amoebic-animal-human in form, awesomely beautiful and powerful. They whirled ecstatically to an unheard music. I stood watching them and was completely lost in the vision - it changed my life and after I awoke I could scarcely do a thing for days. How stagnant and tame the angelic hierarchy has become when diluted into doctrine, empty ritual, or belief. These powers were vastly alive, overpoweringly real, staggeringly powerful and terrifyingly beautiful beyond words.

Steven Spielberg, incidentally, achieved (compared to these dreams) an admirable glimpse of this in his portrayal of the terrible beauty and potentially destructive energy of the Seraphim that were released from the Ark of the Covenant at the end of the first Indiana Jones film.

Next, a couple of my UFO dreams that relate to the emerging 'alien myth':

(a) Purple Gyre Dream:

There's a certain resonance between this dream and Jung's UFO dream (recounted in his autobiography) of the alien object looking at him through a telescope, which led Jung to wonder whether he was dreaming the UFO, or whether it was dreaming him! If UFO events are the synchronistic manifestation of archetypes, one would expect a mirror relationship to exist between our dreams (the psychic plane) and the outer manifestation (the physical realm).

In the dream, I was parked at the edge of a canyon and had gotten out of the car to wander about. From the sky descended a UFO in the form of a purple spinning top, about a foot across. It landed on the hood of the car, still spinning, and exuded an intense aura of sentience, benevolence and innocence (reflecting on it later, it reminded me of the little red will-o-the-wisp sphere in Close Encounters). The spinning top then rose from the car hood and, hovering above the road, began projecting huge movie picture images of scenes from human history on the cliff faces of the canyon opposite. No other folk were around and I was left pondering whether the projected film images had any message or meaning.

(b) Cosmic Hand Dream:

The backdrop of this dream is a familiar one in many UFO dreams I've had -a night sky across which many UFO lights, which are distant and appear as stars milling about, are forming coloured patterns. As I look up at the sky, I hold my hand before my face and begin tracing with my finger a design, the shape of a hand. In the background, the UFO lights group together and take on the exact shape I am outlining in complete synchrony with my hand movements.

Reflecting on this later, I was struck by the interdependence of the UFO activity and my own action, as though each is mirroring or projecting the other. Archetypally, this would represent a synchronicity between the two realities. The 'writing hand' motif seems to suggest that we are still the authors of our own destinies, regardless of how powerful or controlling these archetypal events might appear. Paradoxically, we are shaped by the myth that is emerging - and we are simultaneously forgers of the myth.

Undoubtedly, the above all relates to Jung's axiom: 'the reality of the psyche', hence the need to honour and accept the reality of another's experience. After dealing with several UFO 'abduction' cases in private therapy, I'm struck - in all instances - by the sincerity and humility of the folk involved, and by the genuinely traumatic nature of what they've experienced - which usually takes place in a kind of waking-dreaming hybrid state. I'm also struck by its blatantly archetypal nature - women giving birth to alien hybrid"Wise Babies" (a transposition of the Virgin Birth motif?) - people receiving the equivalent of stigmata. (Jung relates an intriguing instance in his Flying Saucers book of a guy who received on his arm a centered circle mark, or basic mandala, after an alien encounter).

Other 'theories' accounting for UFO phenomena are, in my view, either naively literalistic (e.g. the recent Heaven's Gate tragedy), or assume that what's happening is purely inner, or personal. Jung's angle seems to be the only one that fits the bill of what is actually happening by bridging outer and inner, personal and mythological, physical and psychic. Personally, I'm fascinated to both observe and experience - largely through my own dreams and through relating to abductees - the emergence of a new mythology that's transposing all the old themes - gods and devils, star-beings and wise teachers descending from the sky - into a new context and form. When you're in a myth, you usually don't recognize it as one (do fish feel wet?), so we all have our work cut out for us if we are to contribute to and reflect on its development.

Whitley Strieber's accounts in his *Communion* books add further fuel to the mythic/archetypal angle. As well as recounting a great wealth of shadow confrontation material, Strieber's recurrent and disturbing journeying into the woods (recounted in *Transformation*) - in a sort of dreaming awake state - is a common feature of abductees' night wanderings. Equally significant is the moral ambiguity of the aliens and Strieber's intense emotional ambivalence (symptomatic of archetype activation) - inscribed by the poles of fear and love - toward them. Notably in this respect, the "Visitors'" primary method of communication with him is, as one would predict, symbolic or theatrical. Strieber's dream of a huge eye (as God/Self/soul) looking down on him in the woods is in this light understandable.

Accounts of a couple of disruptive apocalyptic dreams, one Strieber's and one mine, might help to shed further light on the potentially destructive and creative potential of these activated archetypes. Strieber had a dream in which a vast nuclear plant exploded when masses of pipes that lined its walls erupted with water and sent people screaming off in all directions. I had an almost identical dream, except that the pipes were underground and shot steam into the air before the plant blew up. (Water is of course a symbol of unconscious forces). Strieber also dreamed of the moon exploding and of the resulting fragments destroying the Earth. In a terrifying dream I had recently, the sun was darkened and in Ptolemaic fashion fell out of the sky toward the Earth as people scurried about trying in vain to brace themselves for the impact. (The darkening of the sun symbolizes the fading of a conscious dominant, an exploding moon the destructive power of unconscious forces, or the dark side of the feminine, currently manifesting as the Earth's violent upheavals through self-purging weather patterns through which she is attempting to cleanse herself of the abuse and pollution she has suffered).

As a related postscript, a few months ago I dreamed I was in a large, two-storied house in a room of which a vast collection of exotically coloured, mysterious rocks - collected by New Ager Katrina Raphaell (note the surname!) - was displayed on shelves. I picked up one of these rocks and immediately began to levitate vertically. When I got near the high ceiling I automatically inverted and landed feet first on this upside-down floor. The dream suggested an inversion, or reversal of perspective, which had something to do with the way matter, or rather spirit incarnate in matter, a central theme of Saturn-dominated Aquarian consciousness, is perceived and understood.

A recent dream shed further light on this prophetic shift of awareness: in it, twin clear quartz crystals, whose upper facets had a gold aura, were growing upward out of the side of my face. In the dream I was simultaneously watching this as a double, and said to the other me, "This is the next phase of our evolution, so don't worry about it." After meditating on this, it seemed that the dream was a kind of alchemical coniunctio, a union with matter which produced an antenna-like amplification of my own energies as I worked in union with the crystals. We were one in the sense that we were each (quantally non-local) manifestations of the same universal Energy. Hence I see the energy not as flowing from one point to another, but rather (in line with physicist David Bohm's view of the 'holomovement') as the manifestation, or unfolding of the one Energy into different points in space-time. The double-antenna formation of the crystals also brought to mind the strange glyph for Uranus, co-ruler of Aquarius, which looks like a sort of TV antenna with 2 parallel vertical bits, hence Aquarius is dominated by the communication/frequency metaphors of 'waves' and 'vibes'. At present Saturn, the other co-ruler of Aquarius is in Pisces, so there's a tremendous focus on the unearthly Neptunian 'spirit' immanent in very earthy Saturnian matter.

In relation to the previous discussion about the synchronistic mirroring of physical and psychic, for a few days after I had the dream, the same side of my face was aching and I wondered if it was about to sprout the dream crystals! The new mythology that our age is birthing, then, is essentially holistic; in part, this means that all phenomena - dreams and outer events, matter and spirit, science and mysticism, dark and light, conscious and unconscious - will increasingly be seen not as separate dualistic opposites, with one inevitably privileged over the other, but instead as mythic movements and moments inscribed between the poles, or ends of a continuous and limitless light spectrum of consciousness, along which psyche is implicit in matter, matter in psyche; in which it is no longer a question of which is mirroring which, but more a search for the meaning and sometimes wordless message that underscores the whole.

Text c.1997 Maureen B. Roberts



Here's my dream I had of the February, 1998 solar eclipse. Now that I know I've been involved many many times with the ETs (per your reading of me), this comes as no surprise to me. A note here to say that two of my male friends from 20 years ago were involved.

February, 1998

I found myself outside watching two of my male friends I had not kept in touch with for many years(whom I've known from 20 years ago, one I got in touch with recently and the other I hadn't yet) framing a house. They were up on the roof with hammers and nails. It was a beautiful day out. My friends and I talked about the upcoming solar eclipse. All of sudden the sky started turning dark as the sun was being covered up. My friends and I paused to watch the spectacular event. I noticed UFOs flying about in formation while the sun was covered. It was communicated to me that they were there for a prophetic reason.

by Linda


1/1/98 I dreamed the ET's had invaded

Posted by V. Susan Ferguson on January 01, 1998 at 17:06:13:

My Dream

Around 4 am in the early hours of the 1st day of January, 1998, I had an intensely real and compelling dream. I dreamed that Earth had been invaded by ET's.

I was in a city and living in a place that had a flat roof. In the darkness of the night, I could see from my roof the giant ships of light landing in the distance. There was an intense, thick, fog like fear pervading the Earth because none of us knew what would happen and we were all afraid.

The first thing that did happen was that the ET's neutralized any source of power, meaning all electricity and any means of communications. Thus no one had lights, telephones, heat, television, computers, refrigerators, ovens, pumps, etc. All forms communications were completely suffocated.

And so we stood out on our roofs and in the streets looking at the immense black sky in fear and wonder. The shadows in our houses drove us out of them.

After a while we began to notice each other, the other humans beings who were also looking at the sky, people we had never spoken to or perhaps even noticed for years.

The sight of other humans, as opposed to strange ET's, was somehow very comforting to us and we began to speak to each other for the first time. We were bonded in our mutual uncertainty.

With virtually no communications, we had no way of knowing our fate. All we had was the company of our species, our neighbors.

When I woke up, the dream seemed more real to me than my waking reality. Feeling shocked and a little frightened, I immediately asked Inanna and Thel Dar what the dream meant and if it was a prophecy.

All they said that the ET's simply could not allow us to continue to destroy and poison the Earth in the pursuit of "consumption".


Posted by anonymous on January 14, 1998

I thought I would share an invasion dream, one of many I've had. In this dream I was in a small town, and the edge of town with a bunch of people that I was getting to know because of all the strange events. We were peeking out from under a row of trees, watching an event unfold. First we saw a stream of jet fighters, many many flying in a stream like a flock of birds way off in the distance. Then suddenly out of nowhere there were hundreds of saucer ships flying at incredible speeds. We all ducked back into town in order to avoid being seen. Then the scene changed and we were all walking along a dirt road, because it was not safe to be in town. We saw a whole group of downed pilots walking towards us. I asked them how the war is going?

What war? One said. That's when I blew up, and started yelling at them, that they were a bunch of pussies who had sold us all out with their silence and their cover ups, and that it was insane to still pretend that nothing was happening.

The came after us and we all ran. Then the scene changed again, and we were back in town. But the dream was very dark at this point. It was very difficult to tell who was a real person and who was alien, because they could shape shift.

The dream began to spiral downwards from here. So I woke up, a technique I've taught myself when dreams get too intense.

I have had many invasion dreams since the 70's. Each one different. Almost like different scenarios are being played out in my head by an outside force. That's what it feels like. Sometimes even when I am awake these days, it is like I can almost feel it out there. Some dark force trying to land, trying to get at us. But it can't yet. And that's where I like your dream.

I think as long as we turn to each other, help each other out of our troubles, they won't be able to do these evil things. They won't have any place to land.


Posted by anonymous on February 23, 1998

In this dream I am a part of a ufo research team, I'm not in real life. We are at some city investigating reports, and we are having a philosophical discussion on whether aliens are benevolent or basically evil in nature.

After just a little while I spot a large saucer ship moving slowly toward us from only about a mile away. It is like one I saw in my mind's eye in 1992 when I thought we were about to have mass landings because of missing time and some very strange events and memories.

I say to my friends "Oh shit, here we go, check it out, check it out, check it out," and they all do and by this time it is close enough to catch a really close glimpse at the radiating ray like structures on the underside of the saucer. It then veres off and moves out of sight, but is replaced by two smaller saucers flying in a figure eight pattern. They are almost flying overhead. My friends seem to be taking readings with some sort of instruments, I don't get a good look because I'm too freaked out about being this close to saucers. One friend seems to be taking pictures.

The scene then shifts and we are in a lab at some college I think, and the people on my team are all college age kids. We are still discussing who is inside the ships. Everyone is very excited about the data. I then tell them of the incredible feeling of deja vu I'm experiencing again, like this whole thing has been played in my head many many times before. One smart alec on the team disagrees with me that they are hostile toward us, and I tell him, look your job is to analyse your data, it's my job to tell all of you when they're here, and who they are. At that moment I get the feeling again, and look out the window and sure enough there is a hovering ship not more than a 1/4 mile away between two buildings on campus. I say to everybody, this has all happened before, this is where this ship changes shape, and as if on que, it changes shape from a saucer to a sphere, very geometrically, then it starts spinning really fast, and a loud and very scary hum occurs, and triangular plates fly off in all directions, a few hit the building we are in and thud against the wall.

All that is left is a kind of blackish mass, with kind of ridges. It suddenly falls to the ground and there is a huge bang that shakes the building. We are all scared to death, but we look down to see if there is a crater, which there is not, but something odd peeks out of the sandy soil.

It seems to be like clay, only alive. It suddenly shoots out of the ground, and starts flying at the window, flying back and forth in a pendulum like action. Each time the markings on it change. I put my right hand up to the window and with my mind project a protective energy. It comes and then stops a few inches from crashing into the window. Some of my friends duck behind me. It does this three or four times, and then I project an extremely firm energy, and this time it stops only an inch away, but the markings turn into an ET face sort of like ET in the movie, when the kid surprises him in the corn field. It then backs up and then speeds away.

I turn to my friends and say, I think that settle the argument.

I then wake up.


Reply to: A very strange ufo dream... posted by anonymous on February 23, 1998

My sister always hogs the bathroom, so I go on the side of the house frequently............my dream is exactly like real life....I knock on the door, she bitches that she's almost done, I go outside to whiz, except this time while peeing and looking at the stars, like I always do, I see a ufo, semi-concealed, behind a tree in my backyard.

In my dream, I am totally overcome with the the most overwhelming fear and dread, its so bad, I can't move, or think, just stuck there frozen. Its an indescribable feeling, and the dream is so real, its completely terrifying!

I just stand there, and I can see something inside the ufo, and it begins to drift to right, silently, and very slowly. then it seems that my vision magnifies, and I get a close-up of a grey. it doesnt do anything, just sit there, and stare right back.

The feelings I had described before are now doubled. then after what appears to be about 5 seconds, the grey un-magnifies, and I'm seeing the ufo, but I can make out the grey, in some kind of window, still staring, and all I can think is, it has absolutely no good feelings for me, everything is cold and evil. not hatred for me, but the way you feel when you step on an ant. just so cold! like its looking thru me!

It just keeps going, and drifts away, but until it gets out of my view, its still staring, and I'm too afraid to move, like moving may provoke something I dont want to happen. after its out of site, in my dream I run back to my house, and wake up before I get there.


Dream #2: The night I had this dream, I woke up about 2 a.m. I could not fall back asleep. I really couldn't. I turned on all the lights in the section of my house, put the tv on , got a baseball bat, and just freaked out the whole night, afraid to close my eyes!

I dont think I was abducted, and its only a dream, but it felt real, and recurred exactly the same way three times.


Joe - 3-3 -98 REPLY - Re: A very strange ufo dream... posted by anonymous on February 28, 1998

Hi: I feel as if its kind of a warning, or that I saw something I shouldnt have. in the dream, I can't move, and for some reason, I can't think to.

I tried to become lucid in the third recurrence, after studying how to do it, and it stopped. I've suffered from sleep paralysis a quite a few times, but never felt it was related to an abduction experience! I still dont think I ever was! You seem to have been through that though.

Maybe I just have a good imagination, I've been looking into the phenomonon of ufos and abductions since I was in 5th grade. Still, I've never had dreams so frightening. the only other times that I've had alien related dreams, they were in weird places. places I dont think an abduction could ever happen!!!

1. In my 1st other dream, mass ufo sightings in broad daylight in brooklyn, I'm with my family, and everyones hiding with me in the apartments basement. I see the ufos, on top of the building, then we all run to the basement

2. I'm hanging out in the woods with about 5 friends, and we see a ufo, but nothing else happens! it just floats away, and we just keep hanging out. not to elaborate that much, or this will turn into a short story, but I often go into the woods alone at night, I dont know why, I guess the solitude, and for about two weeks, when I was in high school, I got kicked out of my house. I would sleep there, and it is kind of a strange experience to those not used to it, but never saw or heard anything out of the ordinary!



3-30-98 - 40739 - DREAM - I was watching a UFO web page of stories people told about their experience, then the pages were rewritten and I remembered the story from a previous dream. There were no two stories nor two experiences alike. I clicked on the last line and found myself inside of a huge UFO. There were hundreds of people in it, and I could tell from where I was that it seemed round shaped. The unusual thing was that it was carpeted in powder blue plush velvet material. There was someone piloting the ship who obviously didn't know what they were dong and it began rocking ominously. Each person had an assigned place, even from generation to generation, and each person had to get to their own assigned spot in case something went really wrong, and everyone scrambled to get to their own space.


Undercover Mission Again 3/30/98
From:dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

Giant Gray Alien

Dreams last night I was an under cover agent. Along with a few other people. We entered a large building. It looked like a government building filled with agents. It had office rooms, it had other very large rooms. It had many hallways going all directions.

My friend and I searched many rooms. Not finding what we were searching for we decided it must be hidden. We return near the door were we had entered. A few yards down the hallway was another hall to the left. There first door to the right. A hidden elevator. We managed to enter and used the elevator to go into the lower levels of the building. We discovered a hidden maze of rooms below ground   level.

Once again we begun our search for whatever it was we were searching for.

Occasionally we would split up and each go a different way. We would remember where we had started and always return to that exact same location to regroup. On this particular search I discovered military personnel in some of the rooms. A discussion was going on concerning  the bombing of some F-117’s. In one room there was a colonel having a conversation with several other officers. In the dream I actually heard his name. There I also overheard the name General Thompson or Thomas.

I do not recall all names exactly since I did not record the dream the moment I woke up.

I saw a film of some of these black airplanes being destroyed. Though I over heard the description as being F-117’ s these black airplanes were triangular in shape, similar to the shape of an SR-71 but more triangular in shape. I do not believe I have ever seen this particular type of aircraft before.

In another room I did encounter some of the new pilots of these aircraft. I understood they were very new type of high-tech aircraft. There were very few pilots who knew how to fly them. The pilots who were being selected to fly the new aircraft were all Top-Guns. They were watching training films of this new aircraft. Some of them were so new to the new aircraft, they were making comments how they had only heard rumors of the aircraft but had no evidence that it really existed until now. They were amazed.

As I was returning to join my friend I heard voices across a large room and down a hallway where I saw an officer passing from the right to the left. I heard more conversation but could not understand what was be said. I watched as another man lead a very tall gray alien being with long skinny arms and legs across the hall from the left to the right.

The alien must have been at least seven feet tall. From where I stood by could not tell if the alien was naked or if it was wearing a skin tight gray suit. The way it moved indicated to me that it was either ill or disoriented. It was being led by the human by the hand.

When they had gone from view I returned to join my friend to tell him everything I had witnessed.



Ufos JESUS in clouds with Sphinx

Posted by Amanda on March 15, 1998

I saw lights going up and down I saw the sun shining bright I was looking out towards it.Then I saw thousands of ufos in the sky. Then I saw JESUS in the clouds arms out stretched towards me with the sphinx below him. Then a hand reached out a gave me a diploma with a red ribbon around it I reached out and received it. Then a hand with index finger calling me beckoning me to go their way .


3 U.F.O.s 4/20/98
By Bryon

In this dream I was with someone telling them of a U.F.O. sighting along a gravel road I took them and pointed out where the first U.F.O. had been sighted and described how when we came over the hill a second U.F.O. was hovering over the top of some trees. We stopped our vehicle there and got out. While I was describing the encounter a third U.F.O. different from the first to came across passing from North East toward South West. We observed this but this U.F.O. or saucer shaped craft moved more like an airplane and it made a low humming sound as it passed over. I could see lights and vents on the craft. There was an unusual flat area on the back of the craft with vents in it. I took it to be the engine area of the craft. The craft moved at a consistent rate along a straight path in the direction I have describe.



Date: 98-04-23 15:29:54 EDT

I've been staying out at my grandmother's. Everyone else was in S. Carolina for a wedding and she isn't doing real well, so I went out there and stayed. There is some problem with the phone lines, so I was unable to log on while I was out there. I made a couple of guerilla raids into my apartment to get email, but couldn't stay on long. Another weird dream last night.

It was night. I was out on the front lawn at my grandmother's with my friend Tom (the guy that is in the tee shirt business). We were talking and looking up at the stars. Then we were quiet for awhile. Then I saw a weird white light moving across the sky. It moved in a wobbly kind of way, reminiscent of a sine wave.

I spoke to Tom to tell him to look at the light, but he wouldn't respond. I tried to get him to look at the light, but it was like he was in a trance. Then I saw to bright amber lights come out of the west and climb quickly toward the wobbly white light. I was yelling at Tom to look. I wanted him to see it, but he wouldn't respond.

The lights met over my head, but very, very high up and there was a blinding white flash of light. When I could see again, there were no lights. For some reason, which I can't explain, I got up off the ground and started walking for the front door of my grandmother's house. I saw three cars driving down a field behind the house ( a field which doesn't exist in reality, but did about twenty years ago). I got to the house and went inside.

Once inside I noticed that the house was different. It was the inside of a house that I had never seen before. It was an old big house. For some reason I went through the house and turned off all the lights. When I got to the side of the house that was opposite the side I came in (ie. the back of the house, where the field was before I came in) I looked out the window at a grey day. I was looking down a city street at a row of apartment houses. Out in front of the apartment houses I could see children playing on the side walk. There were no cars in sight, not driving down the street or parked on the side of the street. Large flakes of white ash were falling all around the children.

I walked on and continued turning out the lights. Then I went back outside and it was my grandmother's front yard again and the sky had the light of predawn in it. I heard a persistant buzzing noize, which turned out to be my alarm. I woke up and that was the end of the dream.

That was at 5:30 am this morning and it was predawn, whether that is significant or not, I don't know. The dream gave me an eerie feeling that persisted through most of the day. The whole day has seemed somehow unreal to me. I only started to feel normal again around one this afternoon.

I have had a lot of dreams over the past year or so, with lights in the sky, moving steadily or wobbily, high up. I always knew, in the dream, that they weren't planes. About half the time I see the lights when I am in familiar surroundings from my childhood and teen years and the other half of the time I am in places that, while wholly unfamiliar to me, seem as though they are familiar.

All of the dreams that have the strange lights in them occur at night (dream night). However, quite often, something else of significance ususally happens in daylight. I shift between day and night and back again sometimes.


Subject: ufo abduction in my dreams.....
Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998

I just found your site..... and read of "dream abduction". I want to share my abduction-by-dream with you.

I went to sleep. a vivid DREAM began----------I "awoke" to find myself on a table like that of a medical examination table.

I was surrounded by "people"...three or four of these people: they looked just like these aliens that I see drawings of.

I could not move. then...one of these beings picked up an instrument and it looked like a circle of wire that was attached to a long handle...maybe a circle of wire about three inches in diameter.

He began to pass this circle of wire, over my naked body..like making passes over it...like of a cook basting a turkey...but several inches away from my body.

Suddenly he acted startled!! In an amazed tone....he yelled out.."why , you have been already been treated by yet another group of our people"!! {! ! !}

"There is nothing that we need to do, here...you are up to (???)...{harvestable??....Initiated??} level..from that implant. ---AND...While you are up here..in our ship...we might as well purify your AURA"

This being then continued to pass this instrument over my body..in a more purposeful manner... evidently..I have had an IMPLANT of some kind, put into my ETHERIC body..at one time..by these "aliens" "etheric"...not "physical"........... This is why, I feel...that no one can find many of these implants under examination afterwards!

They are in our spiritual bodies....but because of the one-ness of these two bodies..there WOULD be times where wounds and scars would be seen, on the physical body.

And now this being was somehow DEGAUSSING...my etheric body...maybe cleansing it our negative or conflicting vibrations..brought about by living on the earth...sending disruptive emotions up into this body.....I feel...that this is the body that they brought me up there..with OBE. I often astral travel..to places on the earth and to Spirit realms..I have seen many Heaven scenes and my relative's heavenly homes. I was taken to a great healing center, for newly arrived souls...from dying on earth...once. So they took me OBE..to implant something in my etheric body.

Recall the chinaman with his pigtail?! This is what God and the Angels are supposed to grab..to pull him to heaven, after he dies. No chinaman is ever to cut off his pigtail hair....how could he be taken to heaven, if there is nothing to grab?!!

---THIS is the reason ...I FEEL...that these implants ARE put into our etheric bodies, in the first place! these aliens..are making sure that the people in their charge will be pulled up into THEIR worlds..after they die!! After the physical body dies..the etheric body will be free to be pulled up; by that implant.

----I continue my dream..........

Then this alien says..."Well, now that we have got your aura purified...I will give to you our CARD....so that you can come visit us and visit our world......WHEN you are out of your body..and AFTER you DIE" {this is a QUOTE..exactly!!}

I saw this being then reach out to me with his arm..in his hand he had what looked like a business card! he stuck it into my body, below my face...it went right into it.....


I guess I got AN IMPLANT after all, from these beings!!! as this card will be there until I die..and afterwards......

end of dream.

But...often, from then on..at least for awhile..I would have "dreams' of seeing alien landscapes..and dwellings!!

---and...I felt the calming and steadying affects of the aura cleansing..for months afterwards... in my daily life... -----I wonder who the ORIGINAL aliens were, that put the First implant into my etheric body??!!


Live An Incredible Life!

Freestone Wilson




4-9-98 - DREAM - I was somewhere where I was seeing a white jet trail way up in the sky and a triangular UFO or plane glinting in the sun. Suddenly it blinked out and I saw a huge plane flying behind it. It had had a spotlight on it which it had shut off.

Later on some guy came to question me about it. Later on I was picked up by a woman driving a silver two man bus or something and we were driving in a tunnel. She said I was going to have to testify to what I saw.

by Dee


Subj: More UFOs 4/10/98

From: dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

I was standing on a submarine similar to WW II subs and watching 7 UFO’s moving across the sky. I could see their con trails and the one on top zipped over the second one and started slamming into the ones below it. It did this until only the two UFO’s, the first (itself) and the second were left to fly out of sight. The moment they passed behind a mountain I saw a rocket fly up into the sky behind the mountain and fall to earth near the water. I saw and even heard the explosion from the rocket. (I think they were in the North and flying West but I can’t be sure as this was a strange dream.) There was a lot more to the dream and how I got here to this place but I don’t have time to record it all now.

As I saw this I was calling into the Sub through the back door, for my brother to come out and see this event. While I called a large jet airplane came and followed the same path. It was leaving a huge smoke trail and appeared to be on fire. It was loosing altitude and headed for the mountains. I called and called for my brother to come out and see these things but he didn’t come out until after the airplane crashed and was on fire on the mountain.

Then when he came out I told him the story and he started asking questions about how big the UFO’s appeared to be and how far away they were and I said they were just a little bit larger than the brightest stars. I pointed where I saw them in the sky and told him of the jet airplane that crashed in the mountains. It was a sign of some kind I just knew it.  While I was telling the story the sub backed away from the place and I saw a building in this water. I should call it a shack as it looked like a dump. Someone lived there. Then suddenly the sub went under water with us standing on the deck and we had to swim to find something to get up on. My brother was ahead of me now swimming to the West toward a boat or log or something. There was tall grass growing in the water and I saw something swimming just under the water after me.

Several times it was close enough that I was able to kick it back with my feet. Then when I got up with my brother again that something came out of the water and was a strange child-like dwarf like little person.

We went to the shack and someone opened the door. It was a women who looked like some kind of Gypsy. She smiled at us and said "said please come in" she has something to tell us.


It has to do with another message or sign from heaven. Watch the news with care my friends. Every light in the sky that I saw has a meaning.

Airplanes that crash are symbolic of events that deal with the things that people do. This was a passenger jet that I saw similar to a 747 or 707. It was in the distance but I could see it fairly clear. It was a light colored airplane. It is large enough to affect quite a number of people.

The UFO’s battling in the sky may also represent the powers of the heavens at war. Spiritual and supernatural conflict being implied.



6-30-98 - DREAM

I then went outside and walked around the house to the front. I saw my family standing on the lawn about 30 feet away. As I came around the front of the house, I saw a huge yellow UFO appear in the sky suddenly. I stood there in awe with my mouth hanging open. I hollered to my family to look.

As we watched, the yellow UFO morphed into a rocket shape and a big American flag appeared and waved in the wind. We were so shocked, we couldn't believe our eyes.

Then a big rocket appeared in the western sky. It was going upward, but getting closer and it seemed ominous. Then another rocket appeared and crossed paths with the first rocket and instantly a huge silver flat faced balloon shot up out of the 2nd rocket and the balloon had the face of an astronaut on it with an American flag behind him.

My family was in awe and stood there with me, mouths hanging open and then, not knowing what else to do, we started to applaud.

Just then, another UFO appeared in the southern sky. As we watched another spacecraft appeared. Again, an American flag shot up from the 2nd spacecraft like it had confronted the 1st one and won. Again, we applauded heartedly.

As I sat there, an astronaut appeared on the lawn up on the hill behind the house. He was in black and white -...not color like the rest of the dream. It was Wally Shirra. I don't know how I knew it was him but I'm as positive about that s I know my own name. He was wearing one of those puffy white spacesuits like they wear in outer space. It had black bands around the upper arms, and waist, and by his ankles. I saw his face clearly, so I know he was not wearing a helmet.

NOTE: On 7-22-98 - Astronaut Alan Shepherd died of leukemia.

He began to speak to me. I was in awe but tried to answer his questions. (I can't remember what he said.) When I tried to talk, my lips could move, but my teeth didn't come apart and I was mumbling like I was half asleep.

I was so discomforted about speaking to the famous Wally Shirra while mumbling, I finally said to him, "I feel like I'm half asleep". He said then, "Oh! Then I won't bother you, and he evaporated.

I was so disappointed. I felt like I had chased him away by being rude. I felt really bad. But then, I wanted to tell someone about my 'dream'.

The scene changed and I was at a large school. As I walked across the schoolyard, there were many children playing there, and I picked up things that were dropped and handed them back and patted heads and smiled at them.

Off to my left, all of the female teachers were playing a game of baseball. They were all wearing white tops and black longish shorts. As I got to the school door, the double doors closed and I saw that there were no handles on the outside to open the doors. However, when I tried to pry the doors apart in the center, I discovered that the doors pushed inward very easily.

I stood there in the hallway, looking for someone I could tell my Wally Shirra dream to. The teachers came in from the baseball field and they were all now wearing long shimmering robes of multicolored purple, blue, and rose. They were talking together amongst themselves and some of them were dispersing to up a stairway, so I ran amongst them hollering, "Ladies! Ladies! I want to tell you about my dream. It was about UFOs!" They were all instantly interested and wanted to hear my dream.

There was a large conference room there, so I entered it and found it to be full of the male teachers sitting on the floor facing the front like they had just been lectured to from the podium. They were all dressed in longish black shorts, and white nubby cotton tops.

I told them that I had something to tell them and they all moved back to make a square opening in front for the female teachers to come in.

For some reason I wasn't shocked but as the female teachers filed in, they were all wearing pajamas and robes and were crippled in one way or another.

The tallest woman had no hair and was on crutches. She seemed to be referring to the light I had been helping to repair earlier, and told me that if I needed parts to repair anything, there was a junk yard on 108th St. that carried all kinds of parts and could probably get me anything I needed.

NOTE: Interestingly enough, 108 is the number of Goddesses in the Hindu religion.


9-11-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge mansion. We were told that when the Old Father died, we were going to get a great inheritance. We were told about the great riches and the wonderful rooms and shown examples of  all this. It seemed that the mansion was like a museum because everything was so valuable. It had a sense of great awe about it. I didn't really care about all the riches and stuff, all I really cared about was getting into the huge library on the 3rd floor that was under lock and key. There were 3 huge doors in a row up there and they were locked. I knew beyond that there was a dark library with thousands of books...not little books like we use, but huge giant tomes two feet tall and 3 inches thick, all bound in leather and gilt in gold on the edges of the pages. I just wanted to get in there, that's all I wanted.  This place was really ominous. We were in awe just to be here. It seemed like it had magical qualities like the singing stones. When you pressed on certain stones, they played glorious music.

In this one huge circular room, these stones were placed which were hollow underneath and when you pressed on them in the right order, the sound boomed out like a grand organ and reverberated around in echoes.

The address of this room was 18031C and we discuss that you had to be in the certain section of that room only. This room was a large circle, and the circle was divided into sections, both in rows and each row in sections. Each section had it's own address, and in this case, this sound could be made only in that one "C" section.  I pressed on the stones in this pattern:


*        *



It is the tones in the movie Encounters of the 3rd kind. (which I've seen 25 or 30 times)

At one point, we were going to a park-like area of this property and we had to climb over railings and go through a maze and ended up in an indoor swimming pool. The air was heavy and thick. It was like going into the old-fashioned Natatorium where there was no air conditioning and the air was heavy with humidity and smelled of Chlorine and this place was all white.

My friend and co-worker C.H. was leading us in our little trek. She told us that she felt wonderful in this place that the heaviness of the air made her feel safe and peaceful. I asked her why we couldn't just to outside in the fresh air and sunshine where all the other people and animals were.  She said it was too dangerous out there and I saw black people out that direction. They were all out in the sunshine. It seemed to me that was the better place, but she didn't think so, but I wasn't going to argue with her and tried to feel calm and peaceful in the heavy air inside the white room. We were still following a narrow balcony type path around the area where the pool was supposed to be, but I never did see the water.

I was also in an area where there were some communications being done between computers cross wide expanses of areas which seemed both indoors and outdoors at the same time. It was like being outdoors even though we were inside of a huge area where we couldn't see the walls or ceiling but knew they were there. I seemed to be in control of this and everything was fine here.

The last scene was inside a mansion and I seemed to be the manager. We had just been told about all the treasures. It seemed it was time to take our pick of the treasures and I chose a huge yellow bound book which was propped up ona small table flanked by big crystal stones.

I clutched the book to my chest as some maintenance worker brought in an entire room of huge old fashioned lamps of a variety of shapes and ceiling lights. They wanted to know where I was going to put them and I told them we still had 5 empty apartments upstairs or 6 or 7, but 5 for sure. They began carrying the ceiling lamps and other lamps u there to the empty apartments. I quickly looked at the lamps to pick out the one I wanted for my own to put with my treasured book.

I took my book and walked into my apartment where my children and my Father were all sitting on stools which were against each of the four walls.

I was still by the door, sitting on my own stool and feeling a pressure on my stomach. then it seemed like something warm, wet, and then hot was running out my bottom and it wasn't pee.

I started to feel afraid as the feeling got stronger, wet and hot on bottom. I looked down and a trail of blood was running down my legs onto the floor.

I was thinking, "Oh! My God! My period." Here I was with all these boys and my Father.

Then more blood ran down my legs, hot and wet and I thought I was going to bleed to death. My fear was rising and the pressure was getting stronger on my stomach.

Having given birth to six children, I recognized this feeling, I knew my water had broken and I was going to have a baby.

I called out, "Mother!!!! Mother!!!!"  As I did, a stronger gush of water came out of me. This was no normal birth. No human being ever had this much fluid come out of them and live. I wondered why I wasn't passing out. Finally . one huge gush of fluid came out of me and flooded the entire room 4 inches deep. I was shocked. All I could do is scream, MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!"

NOTE:  Strange coincidences occurred after I had this dream. I got out my tape of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind to watch to match the tones. Then I watched the movie STARGATE. The model of the Stargate hanging up on a table as a model had the same pattern as the room I was in that made the stones sing.  I also had a dream in which I was told that the ETs I work with are from Zeta-Orionus.  Also, the beasts of burden from the above dream was very similar to the beast of burden in the STARGATE movie.  (Read RA story from Edgar Cayce)  STARGATE movie said that this other planet was in the K___gian galaxy. (I haven't looked that up)

9-12-98 - DREAM - I was about to have surgery on my throat to have a device inserted in my neck so that it would always be open and speak the truth about UFOs. When I went to the hospital to have the surgery done, I took all my children with me. To demonstrate how easy the surgery way, the doctor and I convinced the children to have the surgery too. The surgeon used an automatic machine which was like a sewing machine or a lazer type which created a pattern across the neck of the person but extended about a foot on each side of the body as well so that the pattern was:
______ ______ ______

At one of these points, the tube was inserted in the neck like it was a tonsillectomy.  The surgeon did all the children so that when it came time to me, I declined the surgery because it was no longer necessary since the children already had the truth.

At the end, I saw a thick book like a telephone directory and there were multiple symbols like "The Earth, the planets," etc. and all the people would have to do is point and click a mouse and the truth would come forth from those who had the surgery.

by Dee


9-17-98 - DREAM - We were deliberately hiding some ET information from the people because they wouldn't be able to handle it. I could see a series of symbol shapes that represented this information but I didn't know what the symbols meant. When arranged side by side they seemed to form a wall between us and them.

by Dee


Drafted 10/13/98

Special Service Duty

I was standing in what appeared to be afternoon light with some other people and talking to a friend of mine who I can’t identify when a military officer walked up to me and drafted me. He handed me a camouflaged coat that had something in the pocket and told me to come with him. Several other civilians were also drafted along with me. Several, perhaps 4 or 5 people were with the officer and they were dressed in camouflaged uniforms with no name tags.

We followed the officer to a buss and there were about 15 or 20 of us total that got on the bus. The bus was about the size of a large school bus. I sat on the left side of the bus in a seat by myself and was looking the jacket over wondering why in the world some officer would come draft me for a job. A man of my age, out of shape and who had all ready been classified as 4-F. In an inside pocket in a black lining on the right side of the jacket I found a small but very packet medical kit with all kinds of things, some which I could not recognize. It was in a zipper pack and I zipped it up and put it back in the inside pocket of the jacket. Then I started to look on the right side of the jacket and found some papers but before I got to pull them out and look at them the C.O. started giving us a briefing as to what our mission was about and what we were suppose to do about it.

The bus went down a highway for awhile then turned off on a dirt road to the left. It went several miles down that road and finally pulled off into a field. This area was a small low-land covered mostly with grass. There was a fence around it and the gate was open. There were hills on both sides of the area where we stopped. There was a small drainage ditch on the left of the buss, to the left of this small field where we stopped.

The C.O. called off orders and was telling each member of the team what positions they were to take as quickly as possible. He paired me up with one of the other men who were in uniform and told us to take the North side of the hill near the road where we had come in. I put my coat on and headed out the door but when the C.O. said we were after a person who was some kind of crazy killer hold up in the woods I looked and saw that I had no gun. I looked over at my uniformed partner and saw that he did have a side-arm. He saw me looking as we walked and I said "good, you have a gun." Then he started to run through the field which had tall grass like vegetation on it. I ran along trying to keep up and that’s when I started talking to myself again wondering why in the world they would draft someone of my age and out of shape like this to be on an important mission such as this. I couldn’t even keep up with my partner.

We ran through the field we could see that some vehicle had driven through the tall grass and had mashed it down. When we got to the next hill my partner circled around to the North but keeping me in sight he moved near the top of the hill then crouched down low in the tall grass. He then signaled to me with his left hand to stay low and he pointed just over the top of the hill toward something. I moved near the top of the hill and was a few yards to my partners left. I could see he was looking at something or someone over the top of the hill so I raised up to see and there right in front of us was the crazy man we were to capture. The man was dressed in full camouflaged uniform. His face was unshaven and dirty as if he had lived in the woods and been un-kept for quite some time. He was seated in a kind of Yoga position with his eyes closed but as I rose up and saw him he opened his eyes and upon seeing me he jumped up and ran toward the South West across the noel of the hill. My partner and I both took after the man and chased him to an unpainted or very faded trailer house setting hidden among some trees near the back side of this higher land. He ran into the trailer but my partner ran in right behind him and subdued the man on the floor to the right of the door before he could arm himself. We had taken him completely by surprise.

I then looked up around the room and was shocked and amazed to find several dead alien bodies laying on the floor and across a table in front of me. Several severed alien heads lay upon the table. These heads looked as if someone had cut them from the bodies. I saw two dead aliens laying to the right of the table on the floor. They had been killed in a saucer crash evidently. Then when I looked to the far left of the table there I found a live alien that was tied to a chair and some kind of device placed right against its right eye. This device appeared to be tugging at the eye as if trying to extract something from the alien being.

At that moment the C.O. and several of the others came into the trailer. The C.O. offered some information about the crashed ship to the South of the trailer. Something like it had crashed there and this man had discovered it before anyone else could get to it.

Now there was something in the information that left me wondering what was really going on there. The reason why certain civilians were called in to help. The reason why only certain other enlisted people were being used on this mission. It was almost like the C.O. had discovered that some of his people could not be trusted. Like the crazy man himself was part of an elite team that had gone A.W.O.L. and was conducting tests on the aliens against the orders of this C.O.

I turned to look at the alien one last time and it hit me. This alien was so much like the friendly E.T. in the movie E.T. that it was frightening. It was a "friendly alien being" that was being tortured by who ever this crazy man was. I also had the strong impression that this crazy man was not alone that in fact there were several other members of his group who were not there at that location at the time we took it.


Comments welcome.



10-27-1998 Dream

I was walking along in an apartment complex that I grew up in. I visit there often in dreams I realize now, and each time I am in a field in between buildings that is really not there or isn't as big. At any rate, I heard something so I looked up. Initially I think I heard an airplane, but when I looked up I saw a huge UFO orb. It was very bright even in the daylight. It had a bright center and then an aura around that but neither were symmetrical. I was really enthralled with this - I was looking up and running to keep it in my line of vision and I  accidentally fell backwards on the grass. About that time it dropped  something on the grass very near me. At first it looked like a big crystal. I thought it was beautiful but didn't touch it for two reasons.

First, I remembered reading something Drunvalo Melchezedek (sp?) wrote about touching objects from the 4th dimension before you are ready and two I feared it was hot. As I looked, my intuition told me that it was  about to do something and that I better run. I did run, and fast, but it was like I was still there beside of it. Instead of spitting some thing out, it sort of divided like a cell but very quickly. On the ground next to it was a crystal looking bug. It didn't really have wings - but it looked sort of like those june bug shells that they leave (the hollow ones in the shape of the whole bug). It was crystal clear, but looked sticky like it had to cure before it was ready to do its business.

I never figured out what that business was, but it scared me so i ran home. Soon I figured out that the authorities wanted us to board our selves up in our homes and not come out under any circumstances. We, my husband and I, were in our home (but not a recognizable one) with  our two dogs and cat. There were soldiers in the street. We were  running low on food and I knew i should have prepared. Oddly enough, wild animals were looking in everyone's windows because they were hungry too.

We had to board up our windows. We looked out and saw a brown dog and felt sorry for him. THe government people were running those bug spraying trucks up and down the street and this upset me. I hate what they put in the air. We let the brown dog in and locked the door up  tight. Then I realized we might starve because I only had $3 and I couldn't get down to pick up my next government check (I am not on welfare so I don't know why I dreamed this). Finally we got the OK to go outside so I went after my check. I figured that the bug stuff must have killed what ever it was - I don't even know that it was bad except for my intuition because they didn't tell us anything. I seemed to be in a down town area with tall buildings and gravity was not a problem as I was halfway up one in the air. I saw one more bug but didn't know if it was dead. I went on about my business and arrived at  the welfare/check office. The lady gave me my check and said that they would issue me my last one on August 24. I contemplated this and realized that I would be able to reapply a year after that date.

by Nicole


From: dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

To: Dream-L@eagle-net.org (Dream Link)

Batteries Included 11/12/98

A dream of Miniature Living UFO’s

I was in the back yard of the house where I grew up with some of my friends, many who I had never met face to face but knew them as my friends. We were watching the stars on this night and they were so very clear. We saw one bright red star and as we watched it changed colors.

Moments later a bright white star literally moved in the sky and flew near the red star, then changed directions and flew away in the blink of an eye. One of the people called out "Look a UFO" and they pointed toward it.

As we watched these brightly lit starts started to become larger until we saw they were not stars at all, they were little flying saucers. As the first bunch came near us a small one about a foot across and about 4 or 5 inches thick lead them. They changed shapes and colors until they were cute little disks the color of some jelly fish I guess. A semi-transparent light blue in color. Three larger disks about a foot and a half across but the same color now followed the smaller one. The small one flew right up to us and we all sat down on the porch floor and watched in amazement as this small thing flew up to each of us as if looking us over. One of them said "it’s alive, it’s not a machine." As it flew up to me and touched me and the person next to me right on the forehead I said "I wonder, are the batteries included ?" Some of my friends chuckled at my remark.

The larger disks hovered only a few feet away during this time and while we had been watching these disks many more of the same type and color had come down all around us without our even knowing it. Some of them were behind things out of sight some were near the ground some were in the limbs of the trees and behind the trees. Then the three that were hovering above us over our heads started to pull away back up into the sky. The small one spoke to me and I believe the person next to me. The two who had been touched on the foreheads. It said a name but I refered to that name as being its father. It said that "father" wanted it to go with the others now. I told it, "then you must go and don’t get father mad at you." With that it departed to join the others that were leaving.

We all got up and walked around in the back yard and this is when we saw the others that had been hidden all around us. Many of them flew in pairs and some of the pairs flew in pairs.

Two of us walked down to the ally and we were looking up at the others leaving when we saw 4 much larger orange disks glowing in the sky above us. Then these came down to us and they were at least 2 feet across and there was only 4 of them that we could see. These flew within a few feet over our heads and I heard one of them speaking to me. Now during the dream I understood the voice clearly but at the moment I can’t remember exactly what the message was. Perhaps I will remember it later.


It has been my experience that when UFO’s, lights in the sky and things like this are observed they are of supernatural significance. They are some of the signs in the Heavens so to speak. These little UFO’s are living things.

This dream messages or Night vision was crystal clear and a real experience to behold. It supports other information that I have received in my UFO investigations. Not all UFO’s are what they appear to be. If a flying trailer like that pulled behind a big truck can fly over the trees in Rainsville, AL and a Huge flying triangular UFO can appear and vanish into thin air and two reporters who went to experience the beings behind these events were overcome by a powerful spirit and the sound of a powerful rushing wind, then all is not what it appears to be. Ray Griffin himself said "The UFO’s are real, but they are not all what they appear to be." He was right. If we go searching for some solid evidence for every UFO sighting or encounter and base our understanding of what is real and what is not real on these things then we have certainly missed the point. A UFO doesn’t have to be physical to be very much real.

The scriptures referred also to the angels in heaven as the stars of the heavens. When war broke out in the heavens and Lucifer and his followers were cast out of the heavens it was said that "…a third of the stars fell from the heavens." Even Lucifer himself was referred to as the Bright and Morning Star before his fall from grace.

What we are being shown in this dream is another clue as to the signs in the heavens. It is saying the angels are among us even angels that we are not aware of. If we can be aware of even one then there are hundreds of them all around us. For some of us they have come to communicate with us. They have come to "touch our minds" and this is frequently very much a supernatural psychic telepathic experience.

These "UFO’s" are in reality angels who represent the Lord of Light, the Lord of the Heavens. Following the first wave of angels will come angels of warning, the color orange. I saw 4 of them. If I could remember their message I could tell you what they are and what they represent.

We are standing here on the very edge of a powerful supernatural experience and we need to keep our eyes and ears open. We need to be open to the heavens and to the truth. We must share our information about these things with each other.




11-24-98 - DREAM - I was upstairs in my bedroom. A young girl was with me who might have been my daughter, but I was taking care of her. My other kids were downstairs playing. I heard a noise or something which made me look out the window. In the sky I saw a small white light about half the size of the moon. I leaned over  farther and saw like a necklace of light...a circle of light, then a heart shape of light, then a circle of light, then a heart shape of light, and then a circle of light. In between was like little stars of light. It was really cool looking and I leaned over farther and saw a huge UFO over the house shaped like this:

Just as I saw the UFO, I heard the doorbell ring and I hollered to the kids, "Don't answer the door," but I was too late, one of them already had. One of my kids hollered up the stairs, "There's a little French girl at the door selling magazines."

I said, "Don't let her in. Close the door."  He hollered back up the stairs, "She wrote you a note."

A long 4 page letter flew into my hands. I couldn't figure out how it managed to do it, I had to surmise that he had run up the stairs and slipped it under the door and it had somehow become airborne. Otherwise, it could only have manifested out of thin air. Anyhow, there it was in my hands, this long letter the French girl couldn't have written in 5 seconds, much less half an hour. A letter that long, as good a writer as I am, would have taken me an hour to 2 hours.

I started to read the letter which was in a variety of styles of handwriting from paragraph to paragraph, some written, some printed but no two paragraphs had the same style of writing or printing. It was like they used every Font of a computer, yet it was hand-written.  

The note started off explaining how she was from Biloxi, Mississippi and she was alone and was supporting herself by selling magazines. I KNEW she was from the UFO and some ulterior motive for being here.  She went on and one about it which I can't remember. I never got to read it all because it became silent downstairs after I heard someone say, "Let's go outside."

So, I immediately started shouting,"Don't go outside, don't got outside," because the UFOs were over the house, but there was no answer. I hollered, "Don't go outside," louder and louder but nobody answered me. So, I ran down the steps of the house as fast as I could to find the kids.

I didn't have my glasses on at this point for some reason and everything was blurry, but I could see someone sitting on the couch, lounging and reading a book. He was wearing a black and blue flannel shirt. I went closer and closer, not recognizing him because of my eyesight and finally asked, "Who are you? I can't see you!" He said, "I'm Tom. I'm just sitting here reading."  I said, "I've been hollering down the stairs, not to go outside. Why did'nt you answer me?"  He said, "I didn't hear you, I was reading."  I said, "Where is everyone else?"  He said, "They went outside."

There was terror in my heart at this point but I ran towards the back door and down the stairs. I could already see there was water outside and it was dark out. I went out the door, more frightened than ever, and saw that there was so much water outside, it had completely flooded the basement and was a foot deep by the basement window.

As I walked through the water towards the gate of the yard, I saw the kids out in the alley, playing in snow. I said, "What are you doing out there?"  My daughter said, "We're making a way for the water to run off."  There were no UFOs in evidence and that sounded perfectly logical and I woke up.

by Dee


12-20-98 - DREAM - Someone called me on the phone and voiced concern that I seemed to know an awful lot of information. She was concerned that someone who was up to no good was giving me the information and they were concerned for my safety. (The name Cynthia Turnage Meriweather was mentioned) I didn't think I knew all that much and went about my business. I went into another room where a young man told me that he had a visitor in his room. He didn't know who she was or what she wanted so I decided to just walk in unannounced and see what was going on. When I went into the room there was a woman laying in the bed and when I asked her a question, she flipped back the blanket and there was a young man, perhaps as young as a teen and a very young girl maybe about 3 years old or less.

It was the young girl who was the most vocal and told me I was in trouble for knowing too much. She too said the name Cynthia Turnage..this time the last name also started with Meri____ and I started to say Weatherman instead.

I left the room and I again got a phone call from the original woman. She now had her Father with her and again they voiced concern for my safety and again said the name Cynthia Turnage Weatherman like a website I was at the other day about radar.

I then went outside to use the outhouse and as I was going across the yard a light flashed on the ground at my feet. I looked up in the sky and two large lighted flying craft. They were going in different directions. One was an airplane. I wasn't sure what the other light was. I said to someone, if they had seen the light on the ground? They said they had. It seemed to a signal of some kind. I went into the outhouse to pee and guess who showed up to take her turn right after me!  Cynthia Turnage!

NOTE: I don't know Cynthia Turnage and have not read her work. There is next to nothing on-line about her. But, I understand she believes in the Zechariah Sitchin version of E.T.s

by Dee


5-7-99 - Short nap dream - I was at a house with several balconies and porches. The gist of the dream was that the story of the aliens was going to be released soon and everyone would be told about it.


5-11-99 - DREAM - I was sitting ina recliner chair with N.M. I had invited him for dinner, and I had invited another man to dinner the following evening. N.M. was going to get hamburger and the other guy was going to get steak. I hadn't purchased either one because it was winter and was icy out and I didn't want to go out in such weather.

As I was thinking about that, a small helicopter appeared outside the window and I could see he was aiming a camera at me. (Dejavu of the helicopter experience I had in Milwaukee in 1996)

I couldn't see the man because the sun was reflecting off the round dome window of the helicopter. But the helicopter turned somewhat and then I could see him very clearly. I smiled broadly for his camera and he grinned back.

But I soon got tired of that and started to get irritated at his intrusion of my privacy. So I jumped up off the chair and went to the window.

To my surprise, buried in the ice below the window as two small aliens, wearing green hood suits, kind of chartreuse green.

The helicopter started to pull away and I could hear what sounded like numerous aliens talking in their own language. It was high pitched, almost like birds chirping but with more rounded tones.

I was really shocked and excited. I knew my son Tom was in the building. He was working at washing the walls in the hallways for the painting that was going to occur tomorrow. I was so excited, my mind was going 1,000 miles an minute, thinking about what I was going to say.

I opened the door and saw that Tom had washed most of the old paint off the walls from scrubbing so hard and the underpaint was red, white, and blue.

I knew too that I was too excited to tell the story and that nobody would believe me anyway so I went back to my own apartment, opened the door and woke up.


5-11-99 - DREAM - I was sitting ina recliner chair with N.M. I had invited him for dinner, and I had invited another man to dinner the following evening. N.M. was going to get hamburger and the other guy was going to get steak. I hadn't purchased either one because it was winter and was icy out and I didn't want to go out in such weather.

As I was thinking about that, a small helicopter appeared outside the window and I could see he was aiming a camera at me. (Dejavu of the helicopter experience I had in Milwaukee in 1996)

I couldn't see the man because the sun was reflecting off the round dome window of the helicopter. But the helicopter turned somewhat and then I could see him very clearly. I smiled broadly for his camera and he grinned back.

But I soon got tired of that and started to get irritated at his intrusion of my privacy. So I jumped up off the chair and went to the window.

To my surprise, buried in the ice below the window as two small aliens, wearing green hood suits, kind of chartreuse green.

The helicopter started to pull away and I could hear what sounded like numerous aliens talking in their own language. It was high pitched, almost like birds chirping but with more rounded tones.

I was really shocked and excited. I knew my son Tom was in the building. He was working at washing the walls in the hallways for the painting that was going to occur tomorrow. I was so excited, my mind was going 1,000 miles an minute, thinking about what I was going to say.

I opened the door and saw that Tom had washed most of the old paint off the walls from scrubbing so hard and the underpaint was red, white, and blue.

I knew too that I was too excited to tell the story and that nobody would believe me anyway so I went back to my own apartment, opened the door and woke up.


5-13-99 - DREAM - I was in a city and some strange stuff occurred which I can't remember Night came and all the people were laying prostrate on the ground but holding hands and singing..."Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.. Glory, Glory, Glory...Hallelujah, etc. While they were singing I was seeing a star chart bouncing in the sky like /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ - I thought to myself, "Oh my God, A UFO!" I shouted to everyone... "Look!" and pointed at the sky, but as soon as I did, there was no star. This happened a couple times.

then I saw the star cluster where the UFO had come from. It suddenly turned sparkly and golden and became a gold sparkling wooly spider, like a tarantula and it like crawled eastward across the sky.  One man who looked like Sean Connery in the "Last Crusade" when they were searching for the Holy Grail. He grabbed my hand and dragged me up the street towards the East, running as fast as we could.

Hew as telling me he was going to have to teach me something...in German. As the spider followed across the sky, the man hid himself under a piece of paper. When the spider stopped, he again ran until we came to the next intersection.  He asked, "What should we do now?" I said, "You may as well start teaching me to understand German so I understand the basic language."  I knew that wouldn't help me to understand the big words I was going to have to memorize later.

All this had to do with the date 8-18-1888 which I had seen just before this dream started.

NOTE: As I was typing this, Joe showed me a chart of the fly by of the satellite named Cassini which is coming in towards earth and flying back out to Saturn. It's coming in to earth on 8-18-1999


5-18-99 - DREAM - I was in a huge office building. There were three little kids with me. Two boys and a girl. We were just sitting there, talking to each other. The boy across from me was somewhere between 6 to 10 years old. He was telling me that the ETs had done surgery on his left eye to change something in the rods behind the eye so he could see certain things other people couldn't see.  While he was talking, I had some little strips of beef or something brown and I was trying to arrange them to say a word. I turned around to arrange some layered brown trays that the ETs had planted seeds in. There were 7 of them. I thought to myself that I could water them and take care of them and I turned around and the beef pieces were gone. I looked at the little boy sitting next to me. He had just eaten them. He looked at me as if to say, "That was good food! Is something wrong?" I felt like laughing. Whatever that ET experiment was, it was now being digested inside that little boy.


4-15-02 - DREAM - I was outside in a yard somewhere with Michelle. I saw golden-orange lights flash in the sky and make a formation. I told her to look at them, but then figured they were a light-show from a park. Then the sky filled with huge tropical fish. They were so beautiful and I knew they were UFOs. 


8-9-04 - JOE'S DREAM - I was driving down a road at nighttime.  I saw some flashes of light up in the sky, so I pulled off the side of the road to watch and see what was going on. There were some D shaped craft at war with some other shaped craft which I can't remember. They were all shooting weapons at each other.

Other people were stopping on the road near me by a big field. we were all excited and scared as more and more people stopped to watch.

the D shaped craft won the battle and came down and landed in the field.  All the people gathered together were arrested by the beings which came off the craft and taken on board.

I thought to myself, "I sure hope this is a dream because this is scary!"

All of a sudden I found myself in a huge room where the people were being separated. The peaceful people were put over on one side of the room. The aggressive people were put on the other side of the room.

The beings who captured us were human-looking, but large and muscular, wearing black skin-tight uniforms.

It seems that as the peaceful people were taken out of the room, I was holding onto a bow-shaped handle in front of me. The aggressive people who weren't cooperating were left behind in the 1st room.

The rest of us were moved down a long high hallway into another location. It seemed to curve around as we went.


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