by  Dee Finney


2-6-90 DREAM of my grandson Brian:  Age 5. There were 3 angels standing outside his window. Then he saw a dragon outside his window and he could see the angels hovering overhead in heaven.


4-15-90 - MEDITATION - I was having heart palpitations and hot flashes. I was just too uncomfortable to do it well. As I raised my vibrations, I could see paramedics in white. They had just arrived to take care of me.

"Thank you God, Masters, and Guardian Angels!


1-14-91 This came from a conversation with my guide Babaji.

Q. I would like to know the difference between regular angels and guardian angels.

A. I certainly can tell you. Give me a minute until I finish up my regular chores.

Q. What is the purpose of a regular angel?

A. To honor and worship God and to serve Him. To winnow in the wind. To take care of babies and to sing.

Q. What does a guardian angel do?

A. A guardian angel takes care of children and people.

Q. Are guardian angels assigned to specific people?

A. A guardian angel carries out the wishes of the soul.

Q. Is there any competition between a regular angel and a guardian angel?

A. No! The guardian angel takes over on a gradual basis from a regular angel. A guardian angel is assigned. A guardian angel had been a regular angel first. It follows the specific requests of the soul.

Q. How many guardian angels does a person have?

A. The number of assigned guardian angels can be anywhere from one to five.


8-19-91 - Dream: I went to a baptism at a church. The baptismal baby was in a crib and Satan stood nearby watching. The baptismal dress lay on a counter and it was full of lace. The lace was crocheted into words and it began, "Angel's Beware". I began to read the baptismal words and Satan started to holler and run off. I stopped reading and he came back. I read the words again and he hollered and ran off. As soon as I stopped reading he came back. I read just the words, "Angel's Beware" and he just laughed. He went away and came back with a picture of an angel with blue wings. He showed it to me and just laughed at me. Then I read the words of the baptism again and he ran off hollering.


4-10-92 - MEDITATION - Q. Who or what is James R. Torsten? (549-6133)
A. "He is an angel of Light!"  
Q. Why was 'the teacher' to be given his name and number?  
A. To give definition to his life. He has experience much negativity of late and Torsten was given to uplift him.


4-17-92 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji and Archangel Raphael to go to the astral healing temple because of my left shoulder pain. I heard a voice say, "Plant a seed", I saw a bookshelf with many books being put on the top shelf, all the way to the ceiling. Then someone handed me a big, red ripe, red tomato.


11-11-92 - MEDITATION - Lord Altime is not the Archangel of the Ether element. They had to hold him back and restrain him because he had the right to Satan.

He said, "No, no, no!" Then they showed me a large band holding him back. Then he said, "He is to the 'right' of Satan!"


11-17-92 - MEDITATION - This is one of worlds truest words to be true: No women are allowed in a monastery.

"In politics, if angels came down and spoke through both candidates, it would be most illegal."


4-7-93 - DREAM - I was at North Division High School on 12th and Center which was like an apartment building. I went to look at some apartments which I had occupied previously and now other people were in 21-4, 19-4, and 11-4. These numbers were very important and I turned the numbers around like dates, 4-11, 4-19, and 4-21.

I was going to walk home then to my 16th St. house and on the way, I stopped on Center St. at a woman's center. I walked in and on some tables were knitted garments, put there for like a rummage sale. I looked at some of them and they were so beautiful. I checked one for size. It was 24, and I cheered out loud that they had my size.

I sat down at a table to wait for other people to arrive before they started a meeting, and I saw in a huge auditorium hall next door, some men were rehearsing for a church service. There was a long rope attacked to the ceiling and some people were hanging on the bottom, training for the service participation, they were swinging in long arcing ovals.

I thought to myself, "That the problem with churches. they take so long, because they have to go through certain rituals that are so time-consuming." I thought about that as a bad thing, but then thought, "Well, our church will have to have certain rituals too. All of them do."

I went to the door to watch the practice. These people came down from the rope, laughing. Their mother hadn't joined them. She was upset at what seemed like a waste of time to her. They were ecstatically happy for having tried it.

As I turned to go back to my seat, I heard one of the men ask about Ed and what his problem might be. I got back to the table and a loudspeaker overhead was broadcasting the men's conversation. I thought to myself, "I left too soon, just when they were talking about something that could have benefited me." The final analysis was that Ed needs to go to a doctor for an evaluation.

When I got back to the table, the clothes were all gone, and most of the women had gone into an adjoining room for choir rehearsal. The music was beautiful. Because I had left the women's room to see what was going on in the church, I had missed the opportunity to be in the choir.

There were a couple of women at the table who were now like me and they hadn't been invited to joint the choir either.

There was an attendance sign-up sheet on the table. I reached over to get it to sign my name on it, and my name was already on it. It said, "Dolores Finney, any time you leave before 8 p.m., be sure to sign the sheet first." I signed my name below it, thinking, "I didn't leave, I just went to see what the men were doing."

Just then, the door to the choir room opened up. All this time, the women had been singing like angels. A big black woman was standing in the doorway and she announced, "Welcome to the SHAIHAIS GOD". I tried to relate that to the many names for God in the Bible and finally determined it had to be a different God and woke up.


2-5-94 - DREAM - I was working in an office when I came across some sheet music laying loose and some other papers. I made up manila folders for them then went into an inner office to see 'the teacher'. and asked him if he wanted the music and the Angelic sigils filed by category or by individual names and where he wanted them.

I then went outside and I saw some little baby white ducks and then some larger maroon colored geese walking in and out of traffic. One the opposite sidewalk Becky's sister Judy was tending to some little children. A water trough was placed in the median strip for the ducks and geese so they'd leave the cars alone because some of the drivers were quite distressed.

I watched for a few moments and heard someone say that it wasn't good for ducks to be in the water all the time.

Judy looked over and saw me and asked me if I could help her with the children. I agreed and started to cross the street. There were some dolls and toys in the middle of the street, so I stopped to pick them up to take them with me. At that moment, Judy lost total control of the children and swore at me to "F__k" the dolls and toys and get over there. Meanwhile she ran down the street after an older boy.

I took the dolls and toys to the children and they sat quietly playing. It was getting darker outside so I found some lights in the building nearby and turned them on. Then the Father's came out from a meeting. They were all wounded Vets wearing deep blue velvet bathrobes decorated with silver patches. One said it was their first meeting and thanked me for taking care of the children.  Judy was gone and never returned.


2-25-95 - DREAM - Someone gave me a white pager that received messages printed on the front. The person said that for me to have seen the message, I would have had to be in the light.

I found an old abandoned angel statuette in the livingroom. It had on a blue dress and was female. It was dirty and grubby so I took it into the bathroom and began to wash it off with warm water. I cleaned it off and when I washed her face, she came to life, smiled at me, and then kissed me on the cheek.


6-22-95 - DREAM - I had a job in an office. I was tested and given a review. I left the office to take care of some business and when I came back ... two women were playing and singsong tape of how bad a housekeeper I am.

I went to the director to complain about them. They played the tape so loud, I could hear it way out in the hall.

Then a man came into my life. He was very good looking. I wondered if he might be interested in me, but then another man asked for a date. I eventually turned him down after thinking about it for awhile. Then the original man came along and said that the second event had been a test set up to check my real feelings. He said that by evening tonight, everything would be all set for a permanent romance and business deal combination for him and me.

I was then given a piece of paper which had a ritualistic prayer on it to pray to an angel/entity named 'MYLIXION' (sp?) to finalize this transaction.  The man's name was Elkinson and he was a basketball player.

NOTE:  I never did the prayer and Joe showed up in 1997 ... 24 hours after I told the Universe I was ready to meet someone.


9-27-97 - Dream - I was shown by an angel/entity that each individual is born with a specific symbol signifying how many days it is from conception to what you are supposed to do. And you can also tell what a person is supposed to do by looking at this symbol and you will also know how many days it is from conception.

In both Joe's and my case, it was 45 days.

The angel/entity was upset because someone had told someone in advance what I was going to do because they knew this secret of the shape/symbol system. Nobody was supposed to know this.

The symbol for 45 days was a ratcheted partial circle. The 4 took up a certain portion of the circle and the 5 took up another different certain portion of the circle.  

Another angel/entity came and told me that each word spoken has a sound and a color with a nuance of tone according to how it is spoken.


1-20-98 - VISION - I saw an e-mail page - It was addressed to "featherworks", "big circle", and many, many three letter names or initials which might be "angel names".


2-20-98 - VISION- I lay down to take a nap and I saw something fly by like a dark angel. The voice said, "And here's the news." A screen presented itself and one the screen I saw what looked like 3 huge winged planed, shaped like dragonflies more or less with long swept back wings which were disjointed. Then the next scene came up and showed me that each joint on the previous plane was a stealth bomber or some kind of bomber like we used in the gulf war. and I knew war was imminent.


4-2-98 - EXPERIENCE - After 5 a.m., A very thin faced small E.T./angel? type being wheeled in a vehicle of some sort with a flat wheel in the center with many spokes. I could tell it was very heavy to push.

I began to see instructions that Joe and I were going to OSTRALLIS to save it today. In the instructions I saw two words ll/\ll and //Mll which meant wings of light.

The instructions were lengthy. It was going to take 9.5 hours. The vehicle was a two seater with the wheel in the center of the floor.

I fell asleep and dreamed that I got a lot of mail from a man name BOYNE and that I was to study it.

NOTE: I did get 4 complete books by e-mail download from a man named BOYNE the same week.

I then saw the ships take off and there were a fleet of hundreds of ships which were going to OSTRALLIS. The ships took off at 6 a.m.

I heard the words  AU KUNG GA

I heard: "Save your dreams. Use our own method without filtering the words."

At 6:15 a.m. There was a huge earthquake in Australia.

I was extremely tired all day until 3:30 p.m. when the 9.5 hours were past.


6-1-98 - VISIONS - (I was laying behind Joe who was sitting on the edge of the bed reading a book)  Dee heard, "Let us teach her the basics of lion training."

Dee went into a dream and found herself standing in the hallway of her old apartment building between apartments 111 and 105 which were across the hall from each other. A man came into the hallway, and went into apartment 111, to talk to Bob, the painter, (Bob is always dressed in white) The man started to tell Bob about an apartment in another building where people had just moved out. He told Bob about all the holes in the walls, and how badly it was trashed. He asked bob for an estimate of the cost to repair it and paint it white. When Dee realized what the man was there for, she opened the door to 105 and walked in, then woke up.

NOTE: Joe mentioned that the number 111 is one of the numbers associated with Helios, the Sun from the "Magic square", based on the number 6. Dee realized that apartment 105 = 6.

Dee then  heard, "I wonder how Richard L Lewis is feeling? and something about this grandmother.  I saw an accounting page. I held it in my hand. The 5th line down said, "You are authorized to Angelfire". After this I heard a song, end of the line of verse was about Babylon."


7-15-98 - SPECIAL MEDITATION FOR AUG. 28, 1998

This was a special meditation about the dire prophecies for Aug. 28, 1998.

I called my angels, personal guides, Metatron, Babaji, and all other entities who would be interested in the question.

These are the responses:


"Isn't that gorgeous?"

"Isn't that beautiful?"

"Oh, how glorious"

Foreign words - "Bit it ma, bit it ma" (Might be American Indian)

"Do not fear it"

"Do not worry about it"

"There will be much of world importance that day, there is nothing to be alarmed about, however"

"Everything is stable as it should be"

"There is nothing to be concerned about"

"Everything will be harmonious"

"There is nothing of world-wide import to be alarmed about"

I saw a pulsating hole in the ground, surrounded by green grass, but there was nothing coming out of it.

"This is to give you assurance. There is nothing to be alarmed about."

"There is much to worry about family values"

"There is much to worry about the crime rate"

"The article looks good"

I asked specifically:

Q. Will the Pole Shift happen on Aug. 28, 1998?"

A. ' "We would contact you if there would be a pole shift on that date."

"There is nothing to be alarmed about"

"There is nothing going to harm you"

I stated: "There are many people afraid at this time because there have been dire prophecies of something disastrous going to happen on Aug. 28, 1998."

"You would be told in advance"

"There s nothing to worry about"

"There will be fires that day, but that will not be unusual"

"There will be storms that day, but that will not be unusual"

"There will be windy weather that day but that will not be unusual"

"The oceans will be wavy, the sand will be warm, the sun will

be shining. That also will not be unusual".

"There will also be earthquakes that day, and that also will not be unusual."

"All will be well. There will be nothing to worry about."

"That will be all"

I stated: "Thank you very much! I appreciate your help".

There is no need to check that specific date again.

NOTE: On Aug. 28, 1998, I had what I call a BLACK VISION -

I had a black vision this morning, which is a little ominous. I have not figured out the portents yet. Here it is:



I couldn't read the rest of the list, but then saw a page which was a lot of written things by Dee777 (ME)

That was followed by these:





At least it ended with a wish for good luck. All I have to do is figure out what it's about.


7-18-98 - DREAM - I was in a house where people came to get advice. I saw a crystal table out in the hallway. People used to get advice from angels out there. The table was moved into our room and the table was turned around so that there was a seat where people could sit and get advice. The angel came in and sat on the end of the seat but it seemed she was too big to sit there.  It also seemed that I was going to take over her job and that's why the table had been brought inside.

There was a huge dinosaur carcass and human beings had eaten all they could off of it. They were going to turn it over to the dogs and the cats. We were finished with it.

A girl came in from a date. She had requested dinner and dancing and he just wanted to use her for a model and she was all disappointed. So, I took her in my arms and hugged her and we started to talk about it.

There seems to be a lot of young people.

While I was laying in bed thinking about the dream...I saw a stack of book I received but they hadn't been opened yet. One was about cats and dogs, pharmacy, medical, and the smallest one was called BASIC WAVES.


7-23-98 - VISION - It seemed I was getting ready to go to a meeting. Two hulking men stood on either side of me and held up the hem of a type of flounce on my dress around the shoulders. It looked like angel wings. The dress was red and white pin striped and was short, kind of like an apron.


10-6-98 - DREAM - I had 8 separate dreams. Each one was short and seemingly on the computer. The first 7 each was about a separate aspect of a person. The 8th part was the instructions that put the 7 parts together and the spacing between the words described  the sacred geometry of how the 7 parts were put together.

When I woke up, I was disappointed that I couldn't remember the parts, only the concept that I had read in the book of Revelations about the 8th belonging to the 7th.

NOTE:  Revelations 7: And the angel said to me, "Wherefore dost thou wonder? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carries her which has the seven heads and the ten horns. 8: The beast that thou sawest was, and is not, and is about to come up from the abyss, and will go to destruction. And the inhabitants of the earth - whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world - will wonder when they see the beast which was, and is not. 9: And here is the meaning for him who has wisdom The seven heads are seven mountains upon which the woman sits; and they are seven kings; 10: five of them have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a short time.11: and the beast that was, and is not, is moreover himself eighth, and is of the seven, and is on his way to destruction.

In a writing by Joe Mason, he states: I had a very long dream-coincidence experience with the "11:11" concept. Some of it is quite incredible:

Unlike Solara, in my case it is about Revelation 11:11, where the two olive trees/lampstands/prophets stand up after 3 and 1/2 days of being dead, and a great fear falls on those who see them. It is the mid-point of the seven chakras, and means that humanity will make a leap to the Heart chakra, en mass. In the Egyptian depictions, it is the swallower beast's snout cutting across the pole that supports the balance beam, positioned between the 3rd and 4th nodules of the seven, as is the top of the judgment seat, where Thoth is sitting in the form of a baboon. The swallower is the beast that goes to perdition in Rev. 17:11. It means that karma will end, or be negated in the new cycle, when everyone has reached the Heart chakra level.

The Navaho sand painting called, "The Pollen Path," also is thought to be related. It has a rectangular enclosure with a cornstalk within it. There are seven markers from root to blossom. Footprints show the path along the cornstalk. A bolt of lightning from above strikes at that point, (i.e. the heart chakra level) and a pair of twins descend. (see Joseph Campbell's book).

The Hopi creation myth depicts three chambers underground, where animals develop into humans, and progress upward, with the help of Spider Grandmother. Then, she comes again, this time assisted by birds. (the descent of the Deity into the field of time, according to Campbell. And feathers represented Truth to the Egyptians). Seven humans are shown ascending to the surface and sunlight. The entire shape is like a plant, with the leaves at the surface.

Continuing with the dream:

I fell asleep again and had a dream in which I was in the backyard of my 16th St. house and the snow had fallen during the night and was about a foot deep and was heavy and wet. I knew there was a path under the snow and there was a person behind me on the right who needed to walk on that path. So, I got a shovel and began shoveling the snow on the path. The first few shovelfuls were so heavy, but then I discovered something that put a big smile on my face. Each shovelful became lighter and easier because the snow was melting ahead of me, and the green grass began to show and the sidewalk path became dry and walking on it became easy.

I immediately went into another dream which I knew was a repeat of the first dream and I new that the details of the dream itself weren't important but that each detail described an activity of a human being.

It began where I was standing in front of a bank of 4 elevator doors that were dark green. I was trying to decide which elevator to use; the 2nd or the 4th. They went different speeds, the 4th being faster than the 2nd. However, the 1st elevator came down and it was full of engineers. None of them knew where to go, but their supervisor said, "Don't worry, Dolores will tell you where to go. We immediately got on the 2nd elevator and went upstairs to a large office area. In this area, all the aspects of a person's life were planned out. All the purchase orders and blueprints were brought for the plan of what your life was going to be like. I began to run the blueprints through a desk-like machine. when they came out, they were relief maps of where the person was going to live. These maps were of the United States and each succeeding map was larger but of a smaller area of a mountainous part of the country. They were dark brown and mountainous.

The other activities going on, I was instructed to give four odd objects to a woman who would have to use her imagination and tell everyone else what the options were for the possible use of each item. Another woman was given a typing project to do. She was ready to do it, but she remarked that since their project was known well in advance, she could have been given the project much earlier and not waited until the last second, that the timing of the activity could have been planned and regulated to make it easier for her to accomplish her activity.

Then I went around a corner and there was an ocean there and a girl was sitting in the water. Her blueprint was floating on the water next to her. I moved the blueprint aside. The beautiful water was pristine and clear but on the bottom of the ocean, on the sand were two worms. One was a simple worm which could crawl over to her and bit her if she wasn't looking. The other one was coiled like a snake and had it's head up in the air looking around to see where he could cause a person to lose track of what they were doing.

I went over into the food cafeteria-like area. The boss showed me the refrigerator which was not only full of food, but had secret panels with controls behind them for various aspects of the whole operation. Each panel could be opened and adjustments made if you only knew where they were and what they were for. It was left up to me to find those control panels and make those adjustments for the others.


12-15-98 - DREAM - (I went to bed arguing with my own thoughts and calling myself 'obstinate and stubborn', but that's the way I am. I don't write anything down unless I 'hear' the voice...not my own thoughts.)

This started off with a vision of two pages spread in a book. It was way too large and too wide to capture the whole thing. The only thing I really got was an angel? with wings sitting in a rowboat in the wide expanse of the sky, and stuff on the ground, but what I don't know. They refused to repeat, so 'the hell with it'!

Then the noise started, too fast to comprehend, so 'the hell with it'!

It ended with web pages about the Star of Bethlehem and then a 3 dimension brown and blue picture of a sky and stuff on the ground.  The voice said, "Lebanon should be in the foreground, the sky in the background, and 'something' I can't remember on the ground.

Pisses me off because it's so stupid.


9-1-99 - DREAM - The dream I had right before it, people were trying to go up a road on a mountain and 12 black coal briquettes were rolled down toward the cars which they had to get past.

I walked past those people up the hill and came to a place where the road narrowed on the side of the mountain. The mountain was actually collapsed down on the road and I heard a woman's voice whining, who had caused this to occur. She cried as she spoke, "I didn't mean for this to happen."

9-1-99 - 1ST DREAM OF THE NIGHT! I was living in a house with my 1st husband but he was married to someone else and they were getting a divorce. I understand that he was moving out and the rest of us were staying.  However, at 5:30 a.m., the cable went off and the TV went blank.

I was upset about that even though I knew we could still watch videos on the set.

I went out to confront them and he stood there telling me that he couldn't afford to pay for two households and he was going to have to pay the rent $10 at a time.

I was upset about this, then realized I managed the building and hand't been to the office yet though I had lived here for a week. I felt guilty about this because people slid notes under the door which needed to be read and the boss had probably been looking for me.

As I walked down the hall, a woman behind me told them to take my name and address down off the wall and put up a symbol in it's place like hers which was for 'the craft'. It was a 7 with extra short arms on it and it was black.

As I walked down the hal, I took my name and address down ... each letter was made out of gold. I carried them down the hall cupped in my hands.

I noticed that the previous manager had decorated everything for Christmas even in the dark places and had knick knacks everywhere, even on the elevator.

I knew I was going to have help with my name letters while I got the key for the office, but when I got there, the previous manager had taken the south wall down and little girls were playing int he room. I asked them all to leave so I could work and started to see how the previous manager had decorated the office. He had a huge padded chair like a throne and two fish tanks with one missing on each one but decorated inside for Christmas.

There were some angel costumes hanging from the ceiling made of asbestos and guaranteed fireproof.

I faded out of that dream into the roadway one presented first.

9-1-99 - A Series of Visions -

I heard a loud bell-like noise in my right ear and a page flipped up in front of me with the headline, "Oh Gee!" with writing below it I couldn't read, but there was a stage of some kind pictured at the bottom.

Another page flipped up and a voice said, "They called you  "Betsy" (means 'Beloved of God')

Again there was a stage with the number 7 all the way across the edge.

Another page flipped up with a stage on it. People were crouched down on their knees and elbows as low as they could get with their hands over their heads in self-protection. The voice said, "The taxpayers!"

I then saw a series of small green cards. The first one had someone's name on it in green, but the line above it said, in red

'The second coming"

A second card had the date 2-2-2222
A third card said 2-2-2022
A fourth card said 2-2-2012
A fifth card said 2-2-2002


October 21, 1999 -  DREAM - I was in an apartment, wondering about the dreams I had had about ancient mexico and discovered that my maintenance man had written a play about ETs and how humans had morphed into little short white suited ETs which flew off to save another planet from destruction.  There were songs in it like a little pretty one about angels having their souls saved, and another one that was cute with a black man singing his deep voiced  'boom boom boom boom' under the other voices.  I had it written in a black loose leafed folder and was carrying it around, trying to keep it from prying eyes while getting ready to submit it to the same guy that Michele's book was taken from for the HBO movie.  It came to my attention that I had been keeping receipts and records of business that had been going on, but hadn't written it in a book and neglected that part of my job.  I then got a new TV set about 12" and plugged it into the back side of another 12" TV set and I was going to use that to watch this new play I was writing.


11-16-99 - DREAM - I and a group of friends were going to rent a new apartment downtown ... a really nice one.

We got there and it had a really nice balcony ... a large one but there were veils across the doorway so we couldn't see that until we pulled the veils aside.

I had some errands to run and I drove onto the freeway near 9th St. I got out on the freeway and there were no cars there but me. It was a scary feeling to be out there all alone. I was nearing an exit near 12th St. when one woman in a car passed me. I figured I'd getter get off the freeway until I knew why nobody was out there.

After I existed the freeway on 12th St. where there was other traffic, I found out that an important dignatary was expected in town so they were keeping the way free of other cars until he passed through. I was surprised that there was no warning signs.

When I had to travel back in the other direction I went to the wall where there were buttons to push like alert alarms direct to the police station to alert them that I was going to use the freeway again. I pushed them and pushed them over and over and nobody was paying any attention to the alarms. How would they even know when the dignitary arrived?

I decided I would take the public bus then, so I called the bus company to find out the schedule. I was shown a yellow map of the city and the bus route to the south. They wanted only safe bus drivers and they showed me that one driver had received 17 drunk citations along the route and had slewed off the road 3 feet no less than 3 times.

So I went to a place where they rented horses to people. A little girl wanted to ride and they helped her to get on the horse but she got on wrong. She faced the front of the horse instead of facing the horse and placing her left foot in the stirrup and swinging her other leg over, but a female helper helped her get on the horse safely anyway by actually bodily picking her up.

But then I was shown by a man that she was like pulling a chariot behind her and she was going way too fast. We were like flying in the air like angels watching her on the road. She came to a left turn and the chariot went 3 feet off the road on the curve but it didn't tip over so she was okay.

There was a scene where I was heading back towards the apartment building and there wee two men who wanted to drive me then.

Along the way were potted flowers I could choose from and take with me. One man wanted to drive me home but he was tall, dark, and scowling and said that the flowers had to stay where they were and I couldn't take any with me.

However, there was another man like a guide who showed me that I could have my choice of flowers and replant them when I got there.  So I decided to follow the guides advice and not go with the dark man. (He was like Dr. Ben from One Life to Live... dark skinned like an Italian ... not a black man)

I got back to the apartment building and discussed making the down payment on the apartment. We wanted the new place because it was much brighter than the one we had, but one of the men who was going to make the down payments didn't have cash and I didn't either. I only had a check but I could get cash the next day if the landlord had to have it. Then I realized that there was no panic over it because we weren't moving in the same day, we would move on the 1st so there was plenty of time to make the down payment.

I went out on the balcony again and found that the veils that we had to push aside were purple. However, I already had my furniture packed.  There wasn't much and it was small ... a little telephone table, a little 3 legged stool, and a goblet.

As soon as I sat it down, another dark haired woman wanted it for herself. I went and grabbed it but I couldn't carry my furniture around while i was working so someone made a space in an empty apartment and stored it n there for me until I was ready to move into my own lace. It looked real nice and tidy in there and it made me happy to see it there even though I didn't have very much.

I then realized I was carrying another woman's baggage and it was too much to lug around with me, so I opened the case and found that she had MY purse, so I grabbed my purse and closed the case and decided to carry my own bag but not hers.

I then caught a glimpse of an old dark skinned hunchbacked woman in a mirror. I realized that it was my own reflection and got upset. I could see I wasn't standing up straight.  So I straightened up and my back straightened out and I was taller immediately. I looked at my reflection again and now I looked like Marilyn Monroe with blonde curly hair and a white dress.

So I held a small mirror to look in which reflected my back ina larger mirror and that would keep me standing straight and not slump over and look like an old hunchbacked woman.

I then realized that my friends were waiting for me at a restaurant way at the north end of the city. They were patient and would wait for me, but it was time to go and woke up.


3-17-00 - EXPERIENCE - I was sitting at the computer and thinking about the real life situation of a woman whom I took to the astral healing temple the other day. I didn't write about it because I didn't want to have to explain a real person's life since this is about dreams. During the healing experience, three female looking angels appeared, two of which picked the woman up and the third one healed her. She is suffering from a life threatening disease which most people die from but seems to be on the road to recovery after massive surgery.  She had told me that the doctors couldn't figure out how she got this disease.

During this experience at the computer, I was thinking about this woman's situation and wondering about it's cause when I suddenly had an eye open vision of a portion of a dream which I didn't write down in this journal because it was extremely gross and nasty with a lot of blood in it.  This is the scene I saw in front of me while thinking of the other woman.

I now feel I know the cause of the woman's disease and it fits scientific real life situations which I've heard of before about toxic shock syndrome that women get and die from.


7-7-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were in the country, on our way somewhere. We got to the top of the first hill and we got out of the car to take a break.  Joe lay on the grass and I  was standing up so I could see over the other side of the hill.  I looked over and saw that the whole world was covered with water that was blowing in the wind.  In every direction there was water ... covering everything. It wasn't all that deep because I could see what was below it, but the people down there must have been devastated to be going through that flood situation. I never was able to get Joe to get up and see that view though.

We met a blonde woman who was driving a red car. She looked familiar but I can't remember her name. She was going to the same place we were but drove a lot faster than we did. She promised she wouldn't drive 100 miles an hour anywhere except on the straitaways, but as soon as we started off again, she took off up hill faster than anyone I ever saw.  The only problem was, she passed everyone going uphill, driving on the left side of the road, going into the ditch on the left side of the road just as she came to the crest of the hill in case someone was coming the other way and would crash into her.

We were going up a hill that was even steeper than the mountain pass roads in Idaho, but our car went steady and strong up the hill. We reached the top only to find out that because she had pulled into the ditch, she couldn't get back on the road and pulled off about half way up. She was okay so we weren't going to worry about her detour.

When we got out of the car, I looked around a building and saw that about a block away was a temple I recall seeing before and found out that we were in Santa Rosa, CA.  I was wearing a long white dress, and Joe was wearing white pants and shirt.  We went into a building where there were a lot of drunk people hanging out and played the part of angels to them.  On the street also there were people who had mental problems and we played the part of angels to them also.

It was a good feeling to have other people come to the belief in angels.


7-11-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this was ... a place I've never been to before. It seems I was moving in and cleaning up other people's things, dust-mopping the floor between and behind the legs of furniture.   I picked up a ceramic or wooden, perhaps even plastic statue of the Madonna which was about 3 feet tall. It had a small string of Christmas lights draped over it. I placed it into the closet which was huge ...more like an attic, since Christmas was past.

When I was done with that, I found a book list which had been hand written and planned to type it up so we had a nicer copy of the list.  I went to a room where there was a grand piano and for some reason planned to type the list on the grand piano like it was a typewriter ...

The man who had originally written the list was sleeping upstairs. He was a friend of my husband who then came into the room. My husband was like a composite guy, not exactly like anyone I've known before, yet he was my husband.  He asked me for a parts list which he had been working off of to build something on a car or machine. I had seen the list and found it underneath him. He had actually sat on it.  When I located it, I was acting like a 17 year old and teasing him to make him laugh because I was afraid he'd be angry. There was another guy standing there watching ... maybe a friend or relative of my husbands.

The a man walked in who actually owned this building and he acted like he might have left something behind and I told him I had found the statue of the Madonna, so I went to the closet/attic to get it.  This took a few minutes and when I came out with the Madonna, I was holding it head high and the room I went through was crowded with other Christian statues, like one sees in catalogs ... the tall, thin, colorful ceramic statues of Joseph, the angels, the wisemen, etc. but these were all as tall as I am.  They were people size and when I went past them with the statue of the Madonna, it was as if they came alive and bowed to each other. And I too bowed to them and pretended to have the statue of the Madonna bow to them in return.

I then gave the statue of the Madonna to the man who resembled the actor who played Whitley Strieber in the movie "Communion".

After that I went outside and saw that we had three cars, a yellow convertible, a green car, and a red car.  These were not like normal cars, but narrow and long, more like large replicas of old fashioned toys.

It was more like I was in toyland than in a real place. Yet everything worked and looked real.


11-14-00 - DREAM - My husband drove me to a house somewhere to deliver something ... I can't remember why ... but I walked in and everyone standing in the livingroom had pure white or pure white blonde hair.

I greeted the woman who seemed to be in charge and said, "Is this the blonde's club?"  I was teasing of course.

She grinned back and looked at me and asked me if I'd like to join. She said she was 77 and asked me, You are 62?"

I was reluctant to admit I was that old, but said, "Yes!"  

She said, "Then you can join us."  The women all welcomed me and while they were talking I could hear bells echoing off of their voices.

One woman said, "We're not angels", and I said back, "But you are all angels ... I hear bells ringing while you talk."  and I smiled broadly at them.

Other women were having a discussion and I stepped back against the wall and looked around. Several women were keeping records on large pieces of white paper which were stacked under a table near the couch.  The first woman on the couch was crocheting a huge round tablecloth, which was intricate.  I noted that it was worked on at various times because the thread she used was different shades of white ... sometimes almost beige ... and as she worked it just kept getting larger and larger. I knew I could do that too.

I also noted that they had a collection of triangles, some of which were really large.  I knew I could contribute to that too because I had some of my own.

I saw my husband dawdling at the door, wondering when I was going to leave, and I saw other husbands outside as well. I was curious what these women did in the group ... I hadn't found out yet, and I was hanging around until I did.


12-29-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but it seemed I was in a small town. There was no conversation. I placed a numbered peg into a box. I was number 7. When I put the peg in the box, I was at the upper edge of the box. The picture was then pulled back to show that the box was larger than I first saw and there were more numbered pegs than I thought and not only was I not the only number 7, I saw another number 7 over to the left which seemed to be on the same level as my number 7 which was on the right. From this higher perspective, I saw that the numbers went all the way up to at least 49 and that pegs were not only placed in the spaces like I had, but on top of the other numbers, so that other people with a number 7 could place their peg on top of mine, and a number 9 could place their peg on top of another number 9. There were both left and right numbers, not in any particular order though. I didnt' see that there was any sort of order, just that the numbers seemed to be placed in order ,


12-29-00 - DREAM - (This dream analyzes the above dream.)  I was in my New Berlin house with my family in the livingroom. The telephone rang and it was 'the teacher'.  He told me that my dream was about 'seraph accounting' (which I knew meant angelic)  and that it was about the left brain and right brain.  I was writing this down on a very small piece of paper. Under that, 'the teacher' said that if anyone asked who he was, I could say his name was Le Rou ( I was thinking Le Roy which means 'the King' ) and that for short I could call him 'h.h.h.h.h. '  I hung up the phone and at that same moment, my old friend Virginia Reed came in. She was SO happy.  She told me she had met a new man and wanted to tell me about it. Meanwhile the men in the room (my husband and son Ken) were trying to listen to some classical music on a radio and kept interrupting her.  She said that the man had read her horoscope when she met him.  I waved my finger under her nose, teasing her about being naughty because she was a very strict Christian before. She laughed and said, "No! He says we are naughty when we don't look at our horoscopes!"  She was serious when she said it, so she didn't get that I was teasing her to start with. Then she said that they went bicycle riding and he helped her tie up her bicycle with a green length of cording.

At that point, I wanted to hear more about her getting married and the men kept interrupting, so I got up off the couch and took her by the hand and said we should go outside and talk.  So we went through the long hallway towards the back of the house. It was strewn with small toys. I could see that my kids were still quite young. One of them was being smart mouthed, and I flipped a wet rag down his back for it.  Just before we got to the back door, I saw that we had built on an additional room and I opened the door. It was already lit inside. I grabbed Virginia by the hand and dragged her inside. I said, "Let's hide in here. It can be our hideaway room."  I heard the men coming down the hall behind us, on their way to the garage where they always gathered to tinker on the cars and talk shop.  I tried to quickly close the door so the men didn't know we were there, but the lock clicked as the door shut, and one of the men opened the door and saw that we were inside.

I told him that we wanted to be alone and talk, so he closed the door again and locked it somehow so the kids and the rest of the men couldn't open the door and disturb us.  I saw then that the room was furnished with old furniture. I chose a big old golden brown leather couch to flop down on and she chose the brown, red, and yellow plaid couch to sit on. I said, "Okay! Now tell me more about getting married."  She said, "No! I was trying to tell you about the 'upliftment of women'.

I then started to wake up again, thinking about the 'seraph accounting' and remembered that I had tried to tell Joe about the 'seraph accounting' while we were in bed and that someone had gone through the house and turned on the kitchen light and that I had asked him if he had gotten out of bed and gone into the kitchen and turned on the light and he said , "No!"  Did I dream that too? When? Or did I wake up somewhere and that happen and then went back to sleep and dreamed about Virginia?  No! because the teacher' had called me on the phone in the same livingroom Virginia came into.  I'm really confused ........


1-4-01 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that had a series of paragraphs linked from numbers at the top. The numbers were  3 1/2 - 300 - 214 - 314 -  They were all related.

3 Abaddon {ab-ad-dohn'}

of Hebrew origin 11; TDNT - 1:4,1; pr n m

AV - Abaddon 1; 1

Abaddon = "destruction"

1) ruin

2) destruction

3) the place of destruction

4) the name of the angel-prince of the infernal regions, the minister of death and the author of havoc on the earth

214 alalazo {al-al-ad'-zo}

from alale ( a shout, "halloo"); TDNT - 1:227,36; v

AV - wail 1, tinkle 1; 2

1) to repeat frequently the cry "alala" as soldiers used to do on entering into battle

2) to utter a joyful sound

3) to wail, lament

4) to ring loudly, to clang

300 Amon {am-one'}

of Hebrew origin 526; n pr m

AV - Amon 2; 2

Amon = "builder"

1) a king of Judah, son of Manasseh, and father of Josiah

314 anaginosko {an-ag-in-oce'-ko}

AV - read 33; 33

1) to distinguish between, to recognise, to know accurately, to acknowledge

2) to read

I stopped working on the page to straighten up my apartment that I had just moved into, because I wanted to impress my neighbor when he knocked on the door to visit. I knew my neighbor was still at work, that he would come over to visit after he got home. It was too early for that yet, but I wanted to be ready,

In the kitchen, which was large, I had a huge radio and an equally large old record player that played 33 1/3 size records.

I turned off the record player and turned on the radio and turned the station so it exactly matched what the radio in the bedroom was playing.

I then heard the elevator door across the hall open and close and someone walked down the hall and knocked on the door next door.  I was thinking that it was too early for the neighbor to be home and he wouldn't knock on his own door, but then I heard a key in the lock of the neighbors door and the door opened and closed.  

I started to get a little nervous.  Was that him or wasn't it?  I had only one thing left to do and that was to hang up my coat in the hall closet by the front door of the apartment.

I opened the door to the closet and it was almost empty. That is, there was nothing in it but hangars, and hooks, but no rod across the closet to hang a number of hangars on.  So, I took a hangar and hung my coat on it and hung it on a hook in the center of the closet.

I then closed the door and went to my bedroom. I lay down on the bed, and as I fell asleep in the dream, I woke up in the real world.


6-2-2001 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but I came down a long hallway full of people and ahead of me, standing against the wall was a man I've known since I was 18 years old.

I looked into his face and his third eye burst into a huge pulsating star.

Then the star grew until his entire face was a huge pulsating star.

I looked into that pulsating star and I could see into the sky and saw there 5 pulsating stars which formed a 5 pointed star.

I went up closer to him so we were face to face and as I looked into the star, I told him to look into my eyes, into the colored part.

At that point, I could see in his face a reflection of what was written in the colored part of my eyes. On his face was written a printed prayer which I began to read.  

As I read the prayer to the other people, they began reciting it too, as they knew it better than I did. It was a blessing for the world.

I went up closer to the man again who was wearing a maroon colored robe.

I got down on my knees in front of the man, and then I could read on the bottom hem of the robe, that the prayer was from the Angelus, in Loyola, France.

The dream then continued when we left there, we went to the man's house. I had a husband also, who looked similar to the airforce guy in  the television show ......    The man's wife was mad as hell that he had been gone so long and she didn't know where. She started to swear at him and left the house. I could hear her walking away down the street swearing like I've never heard before.

My husband started to laugh, 'another one down the street' or something similar.  It seemed that the man had a wife a week because no one could stand that he would leave the home without saying where he was going and show up the next morning with strangers from God knows where.

We were going to make breakfast, and there were yellow and colored boxes on the table where the wife had bought dinner from some restaurant and brought it home for herself. I opened the box to see what it was, and there were two sunfish laying on their sides in the box which were cooked. One was at the 6 o'clock position and the other one in the 9 o'clock position. She had eaten the others.

Off to the side then, I saw a humungous fish tank, with 5 different colored fish in schools swimming around. The woman who was raising them was training them to do something. I could see lots of other fish in the tank as well, and I remembered my friend Michelle's fish tank, whose fish were always having babies. I remarked that I should get my own fish tank back out and get some fish.

I went into another small room in the house like an ante-room by the front door. There were 12 Italian firemen in uniform singing something fabulous in Italian. They came to the end suddenly and sat in silence, listening. I said, "It seems that you are expecting the cops or a fireman to be at the door. I opened the door, and there stood a tall policeman, coming to tell the guys to get back to work.

I was standing there and the policeman threw a yellow towel over my face and he was playing with the outline of my nose through the towel, and the guys were laughing. He said, "I'll bet you can't guess where you are.  I was worried he was going to punch my nose or something, but I laughed back, "Yes I do, I can smell the garlic through the towel."



6-15-01 - DREAM - I was with a man in a race car. He was showing me how great it handled. I wasn't paying much attention. At first we were on an old road and he was always straying off the side and then pulling back into the road. Then the pavement became black like it had just been paved. We were driving really fast and eventually he ran off the road into the snow.

The snow was so deep, when he pulled back into the road, we actually made a tunnel under the snow. It was kind of amazing. I never saw this person, just assumed it was a male because of the race car.

He wanted to go somewhere so I dropped him off and decided to go downtown shopping. In the beginning, the car was like a river-boat and I was just going along with the flow. The freeway was actually a river at the point and I was sitting on the passenger side of the car.

I decided I'd better take control of the car and slid over behind the wheel. It was rather fun driving this boat/car. As we neared downtown, the river freeway turned into a real freeway and the traffic was really bad and fast. The freeway was contained between two high walls.

Traffic was backing up along the right side and several cars passed me, racing. I could see the smoke ahead where they spun their tires to get ahead of everyone else. But then tragedy struck and I had to pull over and stop along the right side of the freeway because all these women who had been racing to get ahead were now laying in the road. There were women's bodies everywhere on the highway, dozens of them. Se we all had to stop and wait for their bodies to be cleared out of the way.

Meanwhile , in the car, I had a Christmas-themed craft book. I was looking at all the drawings which could be enlarged to bigger than life-size to use for home or lawn decorations like Santa Claus with gifts, angels, candles with flames, etc.

I decided to go tot he craft store and buy poster paints and make some of these Christmas decorations. When I got to my house, I was living with other people. I hung a big quilt on the wall and was painting on the fabric. One woman was admiring the color orange I had used, but I could see that the fabric was making the paint disperse and spread out too far and the colors were vibrant enough for me. So I decided to paint on a large piece of cardboard instead as the quilt didn't work.

Down the hall, I could hear all kinds of people singing from behind a closed door. Others were going to that apartment to complain about the noise. since I was manager, it was my job to tell them to quiet down the noise. But I picked up my cardboard and took it with me. I knocked on the door. When the door opened, before I even saw who was there, I took my big piece of cardboard in hand and walking in the door and said, "Let me join you."


6-23-01 - DREAM - I was looking in the Bible and saw a sentence with the words Orion and Delphi in the same sentence.

Then I had a bird carcass in my hand and a knife in my other hand. I cut the birds left wing off and then said, "oh my God. This might have been an angel." I then pasted the wing back on the bird using it's own fat and told it I was sorry I had removed it's wing.

NOTE: See Delphi_oracle.htm


6-26-01 - DREAM - I was looking at what looked like a search page for what looked like the word, "PENULTIMATE".

I lucidly tried to save the file and made myself wake up and lost it. It seems related to the number 21 of the Hebrew language.

PENULTIMATE Next to the last. The next to the last member in a series, such as the next to the last paragraph in a letter or the next to the last syllable of a word.

The word for "blood" in Hebrew is "Dam" - Daleth and Mem. Aleph by itself not only represents the "Ah" sound, but also the element of air, or breath - so "Adam" is seen as blood with the breath of life - the man created by God. There are many other such hidden meanings in the Bible - using letters as numbers, using a "cypher" so that the last letter of the alphabet corresponds to the first, the penultimate letter corresponding to the second, and so on, and hidden abbreviations. Scholars have spent many years finding meaning in these, and the Talmud is a body of writing which largely consists of commentaries - the "hidden meanings" - on the Torah. Even today, Jewish scholars are researching such hidden meanings

Each Hebrew letter corresponds to a number; most Hebrew bibles actually use the letters to indicate chapter numbers and verse numbers. This means that every single Hebrew word has a numeric value, and scholars have long been fascinated by entirely different words that have the same numeric value as each other. A simple example: the word for love is Ahebah (Alef-Heh-Beth-Heh), which adds up to 13. The word for unity is Achad (Alef-Cheth-Daleth), which also adds up to 13. Thus there is a correspondence between love and unity. The art of finding words with the same numeric value is called gematria - the concept is vaguely similar to numerology (where a person's name is reduced to a number, to indicate their personality), except that gematria is usually conducted on biblical names and the names of angels

The symbolism of the trident, and eventually the number 216, which is 6 x 6 x 6. It also became related to the number 21, as the penultimate letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is shaped like a trident. This is said to be related to the Holy Spirit.


1-19-02 - DREAM - I planned to read something - and a woman appeared who had blue eye shadow all around her eyes. she rather hovered like an angel as she talked to me. As she spoke, her whole face glowed light blue. She said, "As you read, look for the truth - I was shown a magazine article then and as I scanned it, there were holes punch in the paper every so often and it came to me is that how I would determine where the truth was. 


3-7-02 - As I was waking up, I heard a voice singing, "Earth angel, earth angel, won't you be mine", and I started to cry to feel so loved by those in the spirit world.


3-17-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office and Juanita was working with me. I don't know why she was doing this except maybe jealousy that she wanted my job. She would get close to me, and try to burn me with the hot end of a lit cigarette.

I tried to write a letter of complain to my boxx about her behavior, but she kept interfering with me doing anything. 

The boss came into his office and immediately got on the phone wit his wife so I had to write the letter. I tried to devise a way to write the letter in small pieces and would get them together at a later date. 

I then went to the garage and met some people there who had problems.

An older, white-haired woman came in with her daughter who was strapped down flat on a cart that held her whole diet as well. The girl was to weak to even sit up and was pale and listless. Her feet were clamped to the table so she could do nothing for herself. 

We looked at her diet. It was Cocoa Cola and whips of red licorice. everyone thought she was so lucky to be on a diet like that, but I new better. It was the 'cause' of her problem.

We all felt sorry for her mother. She looked like an aged-angel - a long-suffering woman. 

I needed to get to the other side of the garage to go to my car and write the letter about the cigarettes.

Half way across the garage, I saw a large brown briefcase laying with the name of a friend on it printed in gold. (It was E.R.) I turned around and looked into the car near it. Inside the rear of the station wagon, my friend was sitting. I don't know whether he was waiting for me, but it was a strange place to wait. 

I then went over to my car, and tried to find my original notes about the cigarettes and couldn't locate them, so I'd have to write them again. 

I started walking back across the garage to where the girl was suffering and saw the garage at a distance.

The garage was humongous. There were at least 1,000 people on the lower level of the garage - walking around, but 1/2 up the garage was a large webbing hanging - all the way across the garage. Above the webbing at least another 1,000 people were walking around on the webbing. 


3-27-02 - DREAM - This was house and city of a non-place. Nothing was familiar except the dead people and my son Ken and Stephen King.

I had been watching my son Ken walk by every so often, cleaning his ears with a yellow tissue that he had pointed on the ends. He did it so often, I thought perhaps he was having a problem with his ears. I called him over to me and he looked more like my son Bill now. I looked into his ears. They looked perfectly clean and no sign of infection. 

I then discovered he had been pushing the tissue into his ears too far and the ends had broken off and formed a yellow rope down in this ears that completely blocked them. So, I proceeded to pull this yellow rope out of both of his ears. Now they were really clean and open too. 

The next morning, I woke up in bed, feeling really good. I was living in a house with other women and their kids. I told them I was going to whip through the house and clean the whole thing  in one day.

There were puppies and kittens laying all over my bed, but when I walked across it, they all bounced and scattered.

I overheard one little boy say something about being a winner and I told his Mom that was the kind of kid I would want on my team and she beamed a big smile.

Then Joe came and offered to buy me a new washer and dryer to do the laundry. I didn't really need a new one. I told him I needed a dishwasher in the kitchen so it wouldn't take me so long to do the dishes. It seemed we were remodeling the house and the kitchen didn't even have a sink. I had to carry the pots and pans into another room to wash them and that was pretty inconvenient.

I went outside then and was working with some other women taking care of some very small children  - I mean they were like miniature size kids. They played and acted like normal kids but were VERY small. 

I saw a whole groups of young girls, about 24, coming along the sidewalk. They were all dressed alike in pink/bronze angel costumes with wings taller than they were. They all went up the stairs into the school which looked like a Catholic parochial school. I saw all the little girls angel wings from the back as they crowded into the doorway. I had to follow them into the school door and watch them rehearse the songs they were going to sing.

So I ran up the stairs into the school and just beyond the next doorway, just prior to the room where the angels were going to sing, all my deceased aunts, grandmother and Great Aunt Cora were standing in the doorway. They were all smiling and reached out to hug me. I reached out to greet them saying, "You're all so beautiful, you're all so beautiful."

Just before I reached the door, my beautiful relatives turned into Catholic Priests. 

I knew instantly if I entered that room I'd be dead. That instant recognition of death staring me in the fce scared me so much, I turned and ran, screaming, "No! No! I'm not ready to die yet!"

I ran out of the school, down out to the street, where I saw a man standing, scrubbing big silver pots. I thought it was a priest giving out communion. I rushed over to receive communion from him and when I looked in the silver pot, I saw that there was just spaghetti scraps on the bottom of the pot. Eating spaghetti would put me in the hospital and I realized that communion wafers are made out of wheat and I couldn't eat one of them either. I looked up at the man and I'll swear it looked like Stephen King. (the author)