*integrating and weaving these new energetics into the fabric of NOW life*

The Angelic Council of Light 
 Daphne' Karan Danis

24 September 2013


We have here at this time a rectification of circumstantial "errors" as it were. There are # codings and frequencies and harmoniques that are currently being # facilitated and web-woven into the vaster schema of the transitioning NewWorld/TerraNova. This is requiring patience, surrender, fortitude, magnanimous acts of HeartCourage and DivineTrust. 

Essentially what went before ceases to curry favor, or get results. The old modus operandi is in-complete in its functioning, as an out-of-tune engine hobbling along on only 40% of its cylinders. The juice-thrusts of the patriarchy are lessening and hemorrhaging. That being said, there are great and new opportunities to step up in the present time-moment and articulate from the place of Divine Integration that which heretofore has been controlled in the interests of Self-Service and fear.

You see this time and again being played out upon your world stage, as efforts at domination and global bullying are being questioned and thwarted in certain circumstances. This shall continue, and escalate, as more and more people start to hold and anchor the higher frequentials, and Higher Heart-Song and energies. This is reflected in your physical global landscape, as well. People holding the higher calibrations and activations are being continually called to various places on the map to literally ignite grid codings in certain key nexus points and places. There is a DivineTiming and exquisite symmetry to all of this, as it's calibrated inter-dimensionally and trans-harmonically.

All are called to be in their "port of call" or service now, that they may activate those latent and ancient genetic lineage template structures that allow for the unfolding and transmutation of the artifice and malice surfacing now in the compromised timeline structure (as we had to proceed along a 2nd Ascension pathway-timeline).

As we move into the November gateway, expect the intensification of the outer pressures to build upon the inner person. Nothing less than your diamond-heart can bear the intensity of the heat and crushing pressures those who have signed on to be wayshowers are now feeling. 

The light codons are increasingly amplifying and pushing out all which is un-integrated, unbalanced, and distorted. You are being asked to step into and embody nothing less than your full-blown Angelic Masterful Wisdoms of Many Varied Hues and Forms. Nothing less will suffice. You ARE this. Have Faith. We do in You, and you are a grand, if amnesia-challenged, physicalized version of us.

Adona'i Pax Christos
The Angelic Council of Light

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