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Thank you for being persistent in getting your dream to me, which is obviously very important to your life. I am happy you have found a spiritual connection you can relate to.

I have had similar problems in connecting spiritually all my life with no religious background to speak of at all. I have searched for that connection all my life.

After studying many religions, I studied metaphysics and rather devised my own personal beliefs. Recently, I had a dream/vision in which I saw an Indian Totem with a hawk on top. The very next day, I saw a huge hawk land in my yard on top of a log. It sat there for several hours and allowed me to watch it before it flew away.

I believe that the event was specifically to tell me what my totem was.

The wounded bear might also be your name in a previous life. 'Wounded Bear'.

Indian names were usually given for events in one's life.

Again, as recently as July of this year, I met Joe Mason who is a partner at Great Dreams site, and has helped me to expand my awareness of dream symbolism.

Right after I met him, I had a dream of a Shaman with a table full of crystals, and in the dream, I needed to find about about him from Joe's computer. The next day, Joe told me he had a file about Dennison Tsosie, who is an Indian Shaman, whose wife bought a particular crystal which she put under her pillow. Suddenly he started having dreams and visions that are pretty incredible. I bought the book, and also put a crystal under my pillow which gave me instant visions and dreams like his.

You can read my experiences in a file called Dreams and Visions - 1997 - The Change. Dennison Tsosie's book which I highly recommend is called: SPIRIT VISIONS: The Old Ones Speak.

Following are some notes from my partner Joe Mason which he wrote to me earlier this year before I bought the book. There are some web-site links attached also for further information if you are interested.

Love, Light, and Joy


Subj: Spirit Visions, Again

Date: 97-12-24 13:00:10 EST

From: JMason4557

To: Dee777

Subj: Spirit Visions, the Old Ones Speak



A Book By Dennison and Teddi Tsosie

Dennison and Teddi Tsosie recently produced a book, titled, "Spirit Visions, the Old

Ones Speak." Dennison, a Native American, began to have dreams and visions in 1988, after his wife, Teddi, placed a Record Keeper Crystal under her pillow, without his knowledge.

The subjects cover crop circles, the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, Solomon's Temple, UFOs/ETs, comets, the Watchers, Joseph Campbell, Light People, Nostradamus, numerology, symbols, the Great Change, and other things. Dennison knew almost nothing about the subjects. He does not read or write.

Almost everything in the book has parallels to the material I have been gathering for seven years. It is quite incredible. For example, he drew some symbols that are very close to two "cruciform" crop formations that appeared in 1990. Few people knew about them, because the only report was in the small "CPR" newsletter from Pat Delgado and Colon Andrews. Very few people recieved it, but I was one. I thought it was strange that both of the cruciform patterns had the "heads" pointing south. In Dennison's drawings, he had one upside down, and then another right-side up. He said the first is how man is, and the second is how man should be.

I had several dreams about the patterns, and later had a huge dream-coincidence about one of them. Yes, it was symbolic of man/mankind. But, that's a long story.

Here are some examples from the book:

Page 79: "There's people called Light People who carry the flame of the Source . . . They are here to teach healing with the hands . . . Healers will work with light energy through their hands and will be able to do things you can't even imagine now."

"Do you know the names of the stars in the Pleiades? . . . Keep an eye on the stars in the handle of the Little Dipper; from them will come a message for all mankind to see."

Page 118: "The Grail is abundance for all Mankind, a time when all man will believe in the same Source. It is the return of Nature, the return of the Golden Age, the return of the Gods to Earth. Paradise regained. Mankind will be one with God."

"The Grail is also a bloodline. (1) There was a time when beings you called Sons of God and Angels walked on earth. (2) They were from another plane. They wished to manifest in physical form, and they combined with Mankind, to create beings who were half 'God' and half man."

Page 120: "There will be beings called Aloids that will come into existence at this time who will interact with Mankind and be accepted by Mankind. They will look more like humans, but they are what you call aliens. They are made from samples of human genetic material taken from earth beings."

"We call the Watchers planetary beings. They are associated with the regenerating of Mankind and oversee the resources on the planet, reassuring there will always be Mankind."

"Why does Mankind fear so much when there is nothing to fear? They create their own fears when none are there. That's a lesson yet to be learned by him."

Page 130: " . . . certain symbols, like the cross, the triangle, the square, and the circle, have a lot of power, and if used properly, they can manifest things you want . . . The serpent or dragon had a very powerful meaning."

"The human body is a reflection of Mother Earth. We humans have certain points of spiraling energy that go in different directions, either clockwise or counterclockwise. We call them Chakras. (3) The earth also has such points . . . There are certain places on earth, such as Stonehenge, as well as many other sacred places, that relate to these points. Some of these places, if seen from above earth, form the shape of a dragon. These points relate to and are connected to certain stars and receive energy from these stars. The star pattern also forms a serpent or dragon."

Page 131: "Another powerful symbol is the Tree of Life. (4) It is directly related to man's spiritual connections to the earth and the Creator."

"The old earth religions and the ways of the primitive peoples, the spiritual practices and teachings, are what kept the world in balance. We must learn them again if we are to survive."

"There are still many things that exist on the earth plane that are yet to be discovered, such as the Cup of Christ - things which people's belief systems will manifest."

"As people come to believe in something, when the belief energy is strong enough, it will be manifest." (5)

"Our history is all wrong. Our beliefs are all wrong, and things must come about to shake our belief systems before new beliefs can come in."

I could go on, but you get the gist. If you want the book, call (USA) 1-800-643-0765.

If Dennison's sources and others are right, the new ideas need to be shared with those interested. I do think this is critical to bringing about the positive change. One of my dreams showed this as being like gravity . . . each believer adds their small part to the whole. Dreams of atomic or nova explosions may hint that "critical mass" has been reached, that will cause a sudden, dramatic change.

Other dreams show it as being like "voting." One woman had a dream where a wave in the ocean stoped, and reversed direction. She wrote a poem about it, called, "The Tide Is Turning."

Voting passionately,

Joe Mason



(1) For information about the Grail and the "bloodline" meaning, start at:


There is a briefer account in a book review, at:


(2) Very ancient Sumerian accounts speak of the Sons of God and Angels. The Bible also has verses indicating the same concept. Some information about this is at:

http://www.earthportals.com/Earthportals/Portal_Market/alone.html (Zecharia Sitchin)

http://www.pacificnet.net/~valis/grimoire.html (Myths of the Near East)

http://pubpages.unh.edu/~cbsiren/sumer-faq.html (Sumerian Mythology FAQ)

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http://www.sun-angel.com/abraham/ (Abraham Hicks)

http://www.lightshift.com/ (Lightsift 2000)


End of References

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Date: 97-12-23 19:26:29 EST

From: ShoutnBear

To: Dee777

Here is my dream to register.


This may be also catagorized under "animals", but the outcome is spiritual (catagory 1). Here it is (it happened several times in late October '93 or '94).

I am walking through a thick forest. It is daylight, but it is very dark due to the thickness of the forest. I can hear a river or stream on the other side of the trees, but there are no other sounds, all the birds are silent.

The quietness alerts me, and I proceed with caution. Something tells me that I need to go on.

I finally reach a small clearing by the river. There is a large boulder on the river bank. An old man, Native American, is sitting on the boulder, legs crossed. His eyes are closed, he is meditating. I hear him speaking to me, but I don't understand the language.

Suddenly, I find myself running further down the path...I feel a sense of pure urgency, a panic similar to a fight or flight response. There is a loud sound, like gunfire, and I fall down and am unconscious.

This is the second part of my previous dream:

I awaken back in the clearing. In the place of the man, there is a large bear. I notice that he is wounded. He lets me get close to him, to tend to his wounds. He has been shot with a gun...

Here a part of the dream seems to be cut off, forgotten. But at the end of the dream, I am always with the bear, and I make my home near the forest...

I had this dream repeatedly for several months. Since this dream occured, I have found out that I have Cherokee in my family, from my great great grandmother. I have become much more spiritual and in touch with NA customs and beliefs since this dream. I feel like this was a sign to me about where my spirit lies, religiously (At the time I was frustrated by trying to find a religion that suited me). Please tell me what you think...

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail to: dee777@greatdreams.com