June 13, 1994 - Dream
A spiritual leader (or proclaimed to be one) was speaking of oneness to the people of the world and how we were all part of it (one). Then he turned into this giant serpent-like creature and was going to destroy us.

Immediately, I was on the back of a dragon-like creature. The serpent said he was more powerful than the last time we met (?), and it was getting ready to breath a destructive substance on us, but the dragon breathed a defensive substance against it, and nothing happened. Maybe this is the anti-christ (?) - maybe he will speak of oneness to deceive people and then expose his true self (?).
by anonymous

March 3, 1996 - Dream

I was in a somewhat darkened building on an upper floor. Someone informed me that I was to become the Anti-Christ. Upon receiving this impression, I became very agitated with the realization that being the Anti-Christ was the anti-thesis of everything that christ represented. This perception of being Anti-Christ was very troubling and that state of consciousness remained with me for the entire dream experience.

I thought clearly of references to the Anti-Christ in the Bible's book of Revelation. One could readily sense the spiritual damage the Anti-Christ would sow among man.  I even dwelt upon a past Anti-Christ that existed 2,000 years ago. He became the most hated, reviled and despised human being in history. The entire thought of Anti-Christ and it's meaning was overpowering.

From the higher level of the building, I descended some wooden stairs to the first floor. The first floor seemed to be located in the South or Southwest corner of 72nd and Greenfield (near the AC headquarters - the spiritual work center for me)  72 = 7 + 2 = 9

D.F. came to me at the 72nd and Greenfield location and asked for a charge number that would be used for all work associated with Anti-Christ activities. D.F. was going to be a full participant for these activities. She was requested that at the very least she should provide the charge number representing some good, i.e.  3, 7, or 9, not 4, 6, or 8.

Note, although D.F. had requestion the charge number, she was actually going to provide it.

Further, to asking for a "good number" D.F. was advised that the 1996 was 7.

(1+9+9+6 or 1+15=1+6=7)

D.F. was using the dates 4/29/1996 and 4/30/1996 to obtain the charge number.

(4/30/96 = 7=7=14 = 5  and  4/29/96 = 4+2+7 =4)

The reason for wanting "good numbers" was to counteract the overwhelming negativity associated with Anti-Christ activities.

I am not aware of what the final number was to be used.

Lastly, someone other than D.F. advised me or the impression entered my mind that the Anti-Christ activities would last for three years. Using the figure 3 and adding it to the year 1997, the resulting year was going to be the year 2000 AD.  Thinking this over, I realized that the period of time, 1997 through to the year 2000 AD was correct.

With the understanding of the time spanning 3 years, someone again (unknown) informed me or intuitively the thought entered my mind that the Anti-Christ activities would be miracles, healing, teaching, etc. so as to mislead the people.

EOD   (Note:  It is one thing to BE the Anti-Christ and it is another thing to be thought of AS the Anti-Christ)

by anonymous

We are living in the days of the Anti-Christ - but he will not win. He is as doomed to death as the rest of us - but sooner.  He'll get his before we will. 
See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/prsdeth.htm
He is under the Tecumseh curse.  See the new dream I just posted on this page yesterday.

Bryon Smith <dream-link@dream-link.org> wrote:
The Anti-Christ 11/4/2004 8:28:38 AM

I was with several others seated on a patio behind a house overlooking a beautiful lake.  The patio had several round tables on it and some of the tables had typewriters on them.  There was a man talking to us and I took him to be our teacher.  He was talking to us like he was trying to teach us something.  A young woman typed something then quickly pulled the paper from her computer and hid it.  The teacher wanted to know what she had typed but she would not say.  Everyone was curious.  The teacher decided it was her right to keep information from us.  I watched her and she began to cry.  I said “If the message was that important it is good that we should all know what she wrote.”  The others agreed.  The young woman got up and began walking among us as she cried.  Then I saw she was very much with child when she came near me.  I reached up and put my hand on her belly.  I told her we should know what she wrote.  It became clear these things that were being written were messages people were receiving in dreams and in visions and night visions.  She had received a message and she typed it up but didn’t like what she had seen or typed.

The teacher went to his desk and she followed then sat upon his lap.  The typewriter on his desk began to type by itself.  I got up and stood at the desk watching.  In a moment it was done.  I pulled the paper from it.  It was about two inches from top to bottom, but a full page width wide.  I turned it over and read.  There in bold italics it read “anti-Christ.”  I read the words out loud then as I sat back down again I handed the paper to the guy on my left.  The woman continued to cry.  Then she said “I saw the burning buildings.”  And I said “I know, I saw them to.  I have been seeing them for sometime now and when I saw them I also said it is the work of the anti-Christ.”

High level prophetic warning dream.

Bryon Smith


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