When you work with spirits, you never know for certain that what they tell you is true. Make note below that I was deliberately lied to about the Anti-Christ.  I make no claims that anything on this page is true. It is only what I and others experienced. We claim no true prophecies on this page.  Take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

9-8-89 - Meditation: Q. "When will the Anti-Christ be revealed."

A. "1991". "When he is 29 years old, like Christ was. He will be prominent for 3 years, also like Christ. He will be revealed in Ethiopia."

Q. "Should I move or stay here?"

A. "Right now, you don't have any option. You shall stay where you are for the moment."


10-18-90 Meditation:

Q. Will the Illuminati be involved with the Anti-Christ?

A. The voice said, "I appreciate your questions." The voice said, "The Anti-Christ already is." The voice said, "Yes! As much as anybody is."

Q. Will the Illuminati finance the Anti-Christ?

A. The voice said, "It already is."

Q. What country is the Anti-Christ to come from?

A. The voice said, "He resides in Europe."

Q. What country was the Anti-Christ born in?

A. The voice said, "You cannot know yet."


7-29-90 Dream by TM - I was with a man and he pointed out a young boy who seemed to have blonde hair. The hair changed to short black hair. I was told that the boy was the Anti-Christ. I looked at the boy and saw a passionless stare. His dark eyes looked through you. I made the statement that this boy, the Anti-Christ was a direct descendant of Akennaton and Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt. Wherever I went the boy followed and would watch and seem to consume whatever I was doing or saying. Increasingly, with his presence I sensed danger, life threatening danger. He never smiled but was extremely intense. As I moved about and coming in contact with people I attempted to warn them of the Anti-Christ. I came upon a group of people, one of which was a Catholic Priest. Again I attempted to warn the Priest and others not to come under the influence of the Anti-Christ. The Priest remained unmoved by my pleas or warnings. Others in the group seemed also to be oblivious to the spiritual danger that was to be potentially threatening from the boy. While this dream continued a sense of turbulance surrounded and eminated from the Anti-Christ boy in ever-increasing strength as the sense of danger grew. (This was symbolized and simultaneously experienced by a strong thunderstorm actually going on in the physical). Finally, I saw a giant antenna being erected. It was very, very tall. This meant world-wide communication that would be used by the Anti-Christ. At the precise moment of the dream realization of the Anti-Christ's wordwide impact I also thought that death to myself could be a possibility for being a witness to the truth, lightening struck in the physical so close, it must have struck my own house.


12-12-90 Meditation:

Q. Please tell me about the Anti-Christ

A. Voice said, "St. Paul wrote about our future."

Q. Is there a reason we should be afraid of something coming from the area of the North Star?

A. Voice said, "No! From the East and the West."

Q. Is there a UFO coming from the North Star?

A. Voice said, "Yes! It is."

I saw a bunch of policemen investigating all the people who were around me to make sure they were okay. I also saw a woman being put into a 45 year exile and she is 40 years old. It has something to do with the Middle-East.

I saw a man on a stage call a blonde haired woman up on the stage with him. He led her past a baby grand piano. He told her, "I want you to slay my wife". The blonde woman went over to the far side of the stage where the man's wife sat and bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

I then saw seven entities or Masters standing in a row. The one on the far right (my left) said, "This is something terrible".

NOTE: REV 12:12 - Rejoice, O heavens! You citizens of heaven, rejoice! Be glad! But woe to you people of the world, for the devil has come down to you in great anger, knowing that he has little time.

12:13 And when the Dragon found himself cast down to earth, he persecuted the woman who had given birth to the child.


3-8-91 Meditation: This was a general meditation. The visions were continuous and flowed like a dream.

A woman appeared and asked why I hadn't called her. A door on the right opened and I saw a brilliant white light on the ceiling. I walked inside. In the room were 4 single beds, one on each wall. There were also four men there, one assigned to each bed. I decided to sit on the bed right by the door. The man assigned to that bed, reached under the bed and pulled out a baby which was a year or less old. He placed the baby on the bed with me. He said, "Here is the Savior - The Champion!'

The men in the room were roughly dressed, swarthy types, like blue collar workers.  

Another woman appeared. She was dark skinned like an Indian from India. I asked her when the child was born. She was very upset and didn't want to tell me.

I then saw a curtained contraption hanging from floor to ceiling. It was for room 308. The curtain opened from floor to ceiling. One of the workmen entered the livingroom and said, "I see trouble here."

I made the man take the woman to the front door and put her out on the porch. I said, "If she doesn't want to cooperate, then she can leave." I told him to tell her, "There is no room in the Inn."

I told the man to tell the baby that, "We're never going to give him up."

I told the man that they should not expect the Second Coming of Jesus to be a rough looking derelict.

I told the man, "The world will rock with surprise when they find out who the Anti-Christ is."  

The man began talking about the Christ. He said, "He is definitely a son of the Southern Conventionalists."


3-8-91 Meditation: This was a special meditation to follow up on what I had received earlier that day.

Q. Concerning my meditation earlier regarding Jesus and the Anti-Christ...is it the truth or is this just a test?

A. A man came and said, "You are not getting anywhere and I can see why. You should be calling Babaji." I could see a couple other people standing there. He said again, "Yes! You must call him."

Q. I called Babaji and said, "Without you we are nothing." I asked Babaji to review everything that had been given to me so far, to see if everything is all right.

A. He said, "You must put aside one tooth for what you are about to receive." I saw a mouth close up with all the teeth. He said, "We must rename you. We will call you Terri."

Q. Was the information I received about Jesus and the Anti-Christ correct?

A. Babaji said, "You have a psychologist tell you one thing and I tell you another. Yes! It was all right."

Q. What about Deutoronomy, Chap. 18: 8 - l3 ?

A. A voice said, "There are many, many gifts. I'll tell you what. I'm not going to go into it right  now. I'll tell you what. You catch all these prime ministers and authors and you tell them what the truth really is."

I saw a little girl standing in front of me waiting for me to tell her what I knew. Her mother doesn't want her to bother me, but she wants to know.

I saw an open Bible. I wanted to turn the page over, but it was stapled down and I had to turn it back to where it was.

Deutoronomy Chap: 18: 8 - 13: "No Israeli may practice black magic, or call on the evil spirits for aid, or be a fortune teller, or be a serpent charmer, medium, or wizard, or call forth the spirits of the dead. Anyone doing these things is an object of horror and disgust to the Lord, and it is because the nations do these things that the Lord God will displace them. You must walk blamelessly before the Lord your God.


3-15-91 - Meditation: I never accept what the voices give me without challenging them, questioning them. Thus I did this meditation to get answers. These answers might be wrong too. Take nothing as etched in stone.

Babaji said, "It's been so long."

Q. Has the Christ child been born again?

A. Babaji said, "He most assuredly has."

Q. Where was he born?

A. Adam-Mashic - an Ethiopean town.

Q. Yesterday I was told that the Christ child was born in Israel. Is this correct?

A. Babaji said, "On the border."

Q. I saw the Christ child with red curly hair. Is this correct?

A. Babaji said, "Yes indeed."

Q. What is my  part in this?

A. Babaji said, "You will keep tabs on his growth."

Q. The woman looked like she was an Indian. What nationality was she?

A. Babaji said, "Ethiopean."

Q. Isn't the Anti-Christ of the most consequence right now?"

A. Babaji said, "Yes indeed."

Q. Is he already in an important office?

A. Babaji said, "Yes, He is."

Q. Yesterday I was told that the Christ child has Jewish parents.

A. Babaji said, "Yes! Ethiopean Jew."

The next morning I meditated on the same subject and asked the same questions.

Q. Has the Christ child been born?

A. Babaji said, "Every morning you look on the calendar and count back."

Q. Count back to what?

A. Babaji said, "The day of conception."

Q. When was the day of conception?

A. Babaji said, "When the moon struck the harmony with the planets."

Q. When was that?

A. Babaji said, "At the last conjunction."

Q. What country was he born in?

A. Babaji said, "For the love of human kind he was born on the borderland. He does not want to be known as a particular race, creed, color, or nationality."

Q. What are his parents?

A. Babaji said, "His parents are good people of Jewish extraction of the common line."

Q. I said, "If I cannot be correct, I'd rather get nothing."

A. Babaji said, "That is agreeable."

Q. I was told that the Christ child was born in Israel.

A. Babaji said, "On the borderline. His parents are very quiet and subdued.


9-18-89 - Meditation: Q. When will the Anti Christ come to power?

A. September 21, 1991. I then saw a picture of him. He appeared to be a small man, wearing a white short sleeved shirt that looked sweaty and wrinkled.


10-4-89 - Meditation: Q. "Master, what do you know about the Anti-Christ?"

A. "He is poor. He will come to power in 1991 in a coup. He is an officer in the army. He is not Christian. He has a beautiful, darker skinned wife who dresses modern.

( I then saw the woman with a brown dress with a double row of buttons down the front. Her hair was black and worn piled on her head towards the back.)


10-5-89 - Meditation: Q. "Master, why did the information you gave to me last night differ so much with the information you gave to someone else several years ago.?"

A. "I lied to you because I felt that you were trying to usurp my power."


10-5-89 - Meditation: Q. "Master, why would you lie to me?"

A. "You aren't supposed to know anything about the Anti-Christ.

Q. "Master, there should never be any lies in mastership."

A. "When you saw the lady in brown, it should have showed me that it was false because because the feet weren't shown."

Q. "I can't see your feet now either."

I saw a woman with feet and high heeled shoes. The body was slim but I couldn't see the head.

Q. "I want to see the head and body too."

A. "You saw my face yesterday."

I recalled seeing a fat face the day before.

Q. "I am trying to trying to help people who want to know about the Anti-Christ now." (I couldn't recall her answer)


June 13, 1994 - Dream
A spiritual leader (or proclaimed to be one) was speaking of oneness to the people of the world and how we were all part of it (one). Then he turned into this giant serpent-like creature and was going to destroy us.

Immediately, I was on the back of a dragon-like creature. The serpent said he was more powerful than the last time we met (?), and it was getting ready to breath a destructive substance on us, but the dragon breathed a defensive substance against it, and nothing happened. Maybe this is the anti-christ (?) - maybe he will speak of oneness to deceive people and then expose his true self (?).
by anonymous

March 3, 1996 - Dream

I was in a somewhat darkened building on an upper floor. Someone informed me that I was to become the Anti-Christ. Upon receiving this impression, I became very agitated with the realization that being the Anti-Christ was the anti-thesis of everything that christ represented. This perception of being Anti-Christ was very troubling and that state of consciousness remained with me for the entire dream experience.

I thought clearly of references to the Anti-Christ in the Bible's book of Revelation. One could readily sense the spiritual damage the Anti-Christ would sow among man.  I even dwelt upon a past Anti-Christ that existed 2,000 years ago. He became the most hated, reviled and despised human being in history. The entire thought of Anti-Christ and it's meaning was overpowering.

From the higher level of the building, I descended some wooden stairs to the first floor. The first floor seemed to be located in the South or Southwest corner of 72nd and Greenfield (near the AC headquarters - the spiritual work center for me)  72 = 7 + 2 = 9

D.F. came to me at the 72nd and Greenfield location and asked for a charge number that would be used for all work associated with Anti-Christ activities. D.F. was going to be a full participant for these activities. She was requested that at the very least she should provide the charge number representing some good, i.e.  3, 7, or 9, not 4, 6, or 8.

Note, although D.F. had requestion the charge number, she was actually going to provide it.

Further, to asking for a "good number" D.F. was advised that the 1996 was 7.

(1+9+9+6 or 1+15=1+6=7)

D.F. was using the dates 4/29/1996 and 4/30/1996 to obtain the charge number.

(4/30/96 = 7=7=14 = 5  and  4/29/96 = 4+2+7 =4)

The reason for wanting "good numbers" was to counteract the overwhelming negativity associated with Anti-Christ activities.

I am not aware of what the final number was to be used.

Lastly, someone other than D.F. advised me or the impression entered my mind that the Anti-Christ activities would last for three years. Using the figure 3 and adding it to the year 1997, the resulting year was going to be the year 2000 AD.  Thinking this over, I realized that the period of time, 1997 through to the year 2000 AD was correct.

With the understanding of the time spanning 3 years, someone again (unknown) informed me or intuitively the thought entered my mind that the Anti-Christ activities would be miracles, healing, teaching, etc. so as to mislead the people.

EOD   (Note:  It is one thing to BE the Anti-Christ and it is another thing to be thought of AS the Anti-Christ)

by anonymous


9 Sep 96: "It was something doing with the Anti-Christ appearing or working in Bosnia. Conflicts in Israel and Iraq were being used as distractions to the real threat in Bosnia." EOD.

by anonymous


Subj: Invisible Dragon Beast Returns 12/27/98
dreamlink@earthlink.net (Bryon Smith)

Invisible Dragon Beast Returns 12/27/98

I found myself in a very large house that has one of those entry rooms that is HUGE and there was some children playing in the house but now something was wrong. They were all hiding like something had frightened them nearly to death. I saw one boy hiding alone in a room just off of the big entry room and I asked him what was going on. He told me that he had seen a monster in the entry room. I asked him what kind of monster it was and he said it looked something like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He said it was looking at the children like it wanted to eat them all and they ran to hide. He said when it was looking around the room he stood real still in that double doorway but when it turned toward the others who were running to hide he moved quickly away from the door closing both doors so the beast could not see him.

I walked out into the center of the room and not seeing anything out of the way I suspected they were not dealing with a physical monster. The boy walked out a few steps into the room and swore that he had seen the thing standing right there in the middle of the room. I showed him there were no holes in the building where a beast that size could enter or exit. Still he insisted that he had seen it and so had a few of his friends who were still in hiding. Once again I looked around the room and knew that something had taken place there. I told the boy there was only one beast by similar description that I knew of who looked like that and who could enter and leave like a ghost and that was the devil  himself.


This building could have been the White House for all I know. It was huge and most of it was white even inside. It had huge staircases that lead up to balcony and doors where all about the place. In the spirit a long time ago I have seen the dragon like beast this boy described. It is one of the symbols of the devil of course and in the case where I saw it, it was the symbol of religion. In the context of that night vision I was shown how the devil himself had made the paths for all of the denominations to follow the image of Jesus but not Jesus himself. In one way it can be rather complicated to understand but in the way of Paul who described this phenomenon in 2 Corinthians chapter 11 we read in verse 4.

“For if some one comes and preaches another Jesus than the one we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you submit to it readily enough.”

You see the devil used religion and the name of God to have Jesus crucified and as it is with organized religions powerful people in high places can proclaim almost anything in the name of Jesus or God and literally have people put to death, one way or another. In this reality we live in nothing has changed except technology. The beast existed then and it exists now. Over the years God has used night visions to show me some of the terrible monsters that live inside the churches and who influence them to do the devil’s work. Yes I have seen this monster with my spiritual eyes in a powerful night vision the very night after certain Baptist church members threatened to kill me for exposing the devil among them. If I don’t miss my guess the dragon like beast these children saw was the same beast.

There is a prophecy that is being fulfilled in three stages and it involves the beast taking complete control of the holy place. In other night visions that I have analyzed for others and one in particular who came to me from a man who said he never dreams and has no interest in them. He told me that he had a powerful “dream” which in fact was a night vision but he couldn’t tell the difference. He saw a great and powerful dragon like beast like a “T” Rex and he said the “T” Rex wanted the two men out of his house so he could enter it. There beside the beast was a large white pyramid. Inside the pyramid was two men who were the witnesses for the Truth. In three stages the beast had the two men removed and then took its place there leaving it’s head where the capstone would be at the top of the pyramid.

This huge building could very well have been the White House and no one needs any explanation to know the beast has been living there for quite a while now. The beast is into government and religion and won’t be happy until he takes over the world. He has tried twice before by force and they call his men “Anti-Christ.” Napoleon and Hitler were the first two and we are told there will come a third anti-Christ. According to the prophecies we are told there will be another Great War but the third anti-Christ will offer peace and according to the scriptures there will be peace under his rule for right at 3 and a half years before the great tribulations start.

Enough of my ramblings if someone else wants to share their thoughts about this strange dream please do so.

by Bryon

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