Arrival of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse



Important Information on Energy Influx July 7-18,1999

The Earth will be receiving a tremendous influx of Energy beginning at midnight Saturday July 10, 1999. This has been described in the Bible as The First Horseman of the Apocalypse.

In January of this year, Mother Mary, (channeled by Rev. Pam Wade, at LifePathway in Southern Indiana), told us about the influx of Energy that would be coming to the Earth this year. It is import to balance and align your Twelve Energy Centers in order to prepare for this energy.

What follows are excerpts from Mother Mary’s Message channeled June 19th and 20th. This describes the Four Horsemen and what their Energy will mean for the Earth, and us. I hope you will take the time to read all of it, and that it will resonate within your Being. It is a time of HOPE, JOY, LOVE and TRUTH. Long awaited upon the Earth.

**Be aware that there is a Sacred Moment that will occur at midnight Saturday, 12:00 plus ONE SECOND; it will be like being in the VOID; the moment prior to Creation. Honor that moment, say a prayer, fill yourself with Peace and Love and Light. For that which we are holding during that Sacred Moment will set the tone for our experience during the Energy of the First Horseman. Too, we are here to help Humanity and our actions affect All of Creation. Let us rise to the occasion, and lift the Earth and Humanity into the Age of Spirit with Love and Light.


And so as it begins, you begin to understand and receive the Spirit of each and every Horseman that moves and becomes part of your Being. The Horsemen are not things that will descend upon your Earth. The Horsemen are known to be Openings, and Gateways and Thresholds of Energy, which will offer unto you, the ability to bring about the Change that is sought by All of Creation.

***With the coming of this First, that will be identified for your recognition, and for your recollection, as a Horseman. With the Energy of this First Horseman, you have your greatest challenge, the greatest challenge that you, as individualized Lights and portions of Love, and Love of God in action, will receive. You have the challenge to surrender, surrender all of your Fears, surrender all of your Doubts, surrender all of your obstacles and hesitations, and all things that would stand between you and the fullness of the Face of God.

For you are asked, with this Conqueror to conquer your entire Being, to bring about the Balance of your heart and your mind, and your Soul. To bring about the ridding of Fear and draw it not back to yourself. For Fear is Darkness attracted to the Light, and your Light shines so brightly, that it is sought by Darkness.

Not only sought because it is desired by Darkness, but sought because Darkness fears, fears its removal from the Face of the Earth, through the Shining of the Light. But we say unto you that Fear will understand and Fear will become Whole as you will allow it be within your Being, for only through your own surrendering unto Total Love, Unmeasured Love, Non-judgmental Love, can you awaken within yourself the courage to be that Conqueror.

And then, then in that awakening, you will understand that it takes not Courage, for Courage is only required where Fear exists. Courage is only required where an obstacle remains, Courage is only required when you feel you have not the ability to call forth on your Total Power of your Total Being.

The Power of your Being is the Re-union of Spirit, the Re-aligning, Re-harmonizing and Re-membering, the re-joining of each part of the Whole of the Being. Knowing that that which you call brother, that which you call sister, is indeed a part of your Being, as it is a part of what has been called The Body of Christ.

And this Re-membering is how there will be what is termed a Second Coming, it is the only way that it may occur, it is the only Truth that lies within that. That all be joined, that all of the Members of the Body be returned, and brought back into balance.

So then, your challenge exists with the first of the Horsemen, to conquer that part of yourself which still exists in Fear, which still exists in Doubt, which still exists in the limitations which you place upon your physical Being, upon your mental thinking, and upon your ability to Love.

These things are those things which you must come into harmony with, you must come into harmony with your Being, returning it to the Balance. So that you no longer think of your body as a limit or think of your body as an obstacle, or think of your body as a part to be overcome that you begin to return to the Balance and the Wholeness that it can be and that it is. So that you begin to recognize that where you are there are multitudes joined with you and united through that Light of Love that runs through the Heart of the Creator.

Therefore, you conquer through the Conqueror, you conquer your Fears, you conquer your Doubts, you conquer your Guilt, your conquer Shame that you have learned to be. You conquer all of those things which have been taught unto you by those whom you perceive to be wiser, by those whom you perceive to be all-powerful, and you learn through that conquering. And each and every time that you conquer a part of your own Being, you strengthen the Whole Body.

So then, how will you serve the Whole of the Body? How then will you be for the Whole of the Body? Will you be one who is always in need, or will you be one who supplies the needs? Asking yourself, you can align then, with your part within the Re-Creation, and align then within the need for your Being. And you can know then that all things are indeed equal within the Eyes of the Creator, within the Heart of God, all things beat equally, the coming and the going of the pulse, the being and the knowing of Creation, that all things are indeed in harmony.

So then, allow yourself to serve as fully, allow not yourself to gaze upon another part of your Being and consider it to be weak, you would not cut off the hand nor the foot just because you felt it did not serve you. No indeed, you would strengthen it, and you would heal it and you would return it to the balance, return it to the Whole.

This is what you are asked to do with the Energy of the First Horse-man, you are asked to conquer your Being, to conquer your Fears, and to conquer all parts of Creation, within yourself. Recognizing yourself in others, and recognizing how another is a part of you, and how then, if that one is in need of being healed, then it is your part to supply the needs.

So recognize then, fully, are you one who needs or are you one who supplies the needs? It is asked of you that you learn to supply the needs of the Whole, that each and every one learn to recognize the other parts of the Body, so that the Body of The Christ may be returned. May be returned to All of Creation to shine forth and to bring about The Changing of the Age.

We ask then, in the coming of the Second Horseman, why would it appear and said to be a time of war, a time of nation rising against nation? This allows the Fears to be washed away, this is a time upon your Earth when the Fear and the Light battle within you. This is the time upon the Earth when Doubt takes hold, when Doubt hangs, looms above you, and Fear tries desperately to again control you. When those who you have thought to be wise, bring about within you a Guilt, a Shame, so that you will be slowed.

And we say unto you, ride with the Energy of the First Horseman; allow that River of Light to carry you as it unites with the Energy of the Second, so that war will be no more within your Being. So that you may surrender up, sacrificing all of your Fears, for this is a time upon your Earth that you are asked to do so. You are asked to sacrifice, and you are not asked to sacrifice upon a physical level, of your physical Being or of things of the Earth.

You are asked to sacrifice up only, only your own Fears, your own Doubts, you own Hesitations, your own obstacles. And these things bring about the Energy of the Second Horseman, for they bring about a war within you, a battle. But you may win that battle with a uniting of the Energy of the Two Horsemen to carry you. Carrying you in that River of Light, that River of Love, moving you, always increasing, widening, expanding, unfolding. Then you bring about the energy of the Third.

And these times upon your Earth as you delineate time, have been revealed unto you so that you may know them, so that you may prepare yourself. And this is why this time has been given unto you before the Energy of the First Horseman, so that you may prepare yourself.

And each and every time that Energy begins, it is desired of All of Creation that you unite your hearts and your minds and your Beings so that you may remember and reawaken that Union of Spirit that serves you, so that you may draw from and give unto the Whole of the Body, the whole of the Energy of the Christ.

And as that Third Horseman comes upon your Earth, in its designated time, it brings about the opportunity to return unto Balance, the opportunity to recognize the Whole of Creation that you may know, that you may receive Balance within your Being. That all parts of you may be in complete harmony, that your physical may respond to your mental, that your mental may respond to your emotional and that all may be united by your Spirit through the Power of Love.

For this is the Power that brings about the Horseman, this is the River that you are asked to step into, the Power of Love, the flow of Full Love. And oftentimes those who walk upon the Earth are fearful of Love. And we say unto you, this is so, so wrong of a thinking, for how can you be fearful of that which will take away all Fear? Unless you are desiring of allowing Fear to control your Being, then too, so shall you remain upon the banks of the flow of the River. You are asked to step into Full Love, and return into Balance, full and complete Balance within your Being, with the Energy of the Third Horseman.

Then comes the Energy of the Fourth, so that you may know the Death, the Death of all Fears. Just as my son showed unto you, through his own physical death, that you may know, that you do not have to lay down a physical body just to receive the Fullness of Spirit. So that you are not required to give up a life, that you may know True Life, it can be realized and this is the Understanding.

This is the Understanding of the Fourth Horseman, that it brings unto you the removal of the Fear and the Power that Death has over your Being. So many of you even look upon Death as a time rejoicing, but we say unto you, why rejoice? Why rejoice? Because it is no different that what you are now, your Spirit is the same. You may feel that it is a freeing of limitation, but we say unto you with the first three Horsemen, you may release those limitations.

So then, recognize the fullness of Life; recognize the Life exists complete. There have been many who have come from their physical Being into a world that you define as Spirit. And this has been done so that you may have assistance, so that you may be served, so that you may know through their existence, the power of their Spirit to continue.

For each and every one of you knows that within your heart, the Body of Christ exist that same individual Light, that was embodied upon your Earth. And through your knowing of that Light, you are then more closely awakened and illumined to that which you define as Spirit, because you know, through your own Heart and through your own Being that they continue to exist.

So then a healing, a healing of the need of death will occur, so then the Earth and All of Creation may receive the Opening of the Seven Seal, for All of Creation aligns and becomes Whole, in that opening. The Seven Seals which have been spoken of, do not exist entirely upon your Earth, they open throughout All of Creation, so that All of Creation may be aligned unto then.

But that time will come, not until you have awakened to the Fourth World, the Fourth World as defined in the Vision. As defined in the seeing, is that time, that Age of Spirit, for you to know that all of Life exists within you, throughout you and forever held within your Being, and forever moving within that River of Love which you are asked to enter into. This is why was given unto you, the symbol of Baptism, so that you may know how to be filled, how to be cleansed, how to be washed whole and complete in the body.

And so we say unto you that the time upon your Earth, which unfolds, is for you to receive, is for you to utilize. Come soon, very soon, the changing of your seasons, and in that changing, you will be aligning with the New Energy upon the Earth, because the Earth is aligning with a New Energy.

For you will see upon your Earth, the Renewal of that Opening of the Heart Center that it is, the Opening of the Lotus, the Opening of the Flower of Life as you begin to bloom, as you begin to unfold each and every petal. And yes, your Soul will respond to this, and yes, your Being will require of you, things that you thought to be beyond your capabilities.

And this is why, this is why we have said to you so many times, that it is a time of bringing into Balance, all of your Being, so that you may be prepared in wholeness, so that you may be prepared and complete, so that you may recognize and received.

For in this Time you become an active part of the Change upon the Earth, and the Change becomes an active part of your Being. Your Spirit uplifts through your prayers let your words be the words of the heart and let your heart recognize the remembrance and the Re-union of Spirit. Let your prayer be the Truth of the Being of your heart, let your Soul express so that all aspects of yourself will know.

Begin this preparation as swiftly as you can, for in that Time of Renewal, you are offered a Window of Time, you are offered a Threshold upon which to cross to enter into the Beginning of Change. And as in that Celebration, let there be much Joy, let there be songs, and let there be music, so that your heart may be uplifted.

And if you will, focus your thinking upon the re-joining of all aspects that have been separated from the last time, the last time upon your Earth, when this Opportunity was offered unto All of Creation. Remember the separation that occurred then, remember the shattering of the Energy and of what was perceived to be Hopes and Dreams.

For it is the Opportunity for you to Re-unite within your Earth, and upon your Earth and within your Being all of those parts and all of those aspects. So then, return them into Harmony and Alignment within your and see them in your Mind’s Eye, through the Eyes of God. That you may know, that you may feel the Re-membering and the drawing close of all of the Energies that await you.

For these Energies will unfold before you and serve you, just as they did. And this Time upon your Earth, it is known that you will move forward with the Power of Re-Creation. We have said unto you that the time is now and it awaits you, and if you move as swiftly as it does, then you become as fulfilled as you can be in the Energy and the Light and the Understanding of the First of the Horsemen.

So that you may be returned to Wholeness, so that you may enter into this Time of Change, with your Complete Being, with all Aspects re-united, and re-joined. So then it is given unto you, this opportunity to utilize the Energy of the Earth as she enters into a Changing of Seasons, so then allow the changing within your heart, your mind and your Soul, to be complete so that you are prepared and you are ready.

Know that as that Lotus unfolds acrossed your Earth, and from within your Earth, you will see in Truth and upon you physical realization, a pattern, look into that pattern and see it within your Being. And more will be unfolded for you in that Understanding, but not in this moment, and not at this time. For that Pattern will be strong within your heart and that Pattern will show unto you, the aspects of the Flowing of that Energy and that River of Life which awaits to flood, waits to flood all of your Earth.

For no longer is it necessary to utilize Water, and no longer is it necessary to utilize Fire, or no longer is it necessary to destroy the physical Being of the Earth. It is only necessary for you to re-create within yourself the realization, the realization of the Age of Spirit upon the Earth.

So then we say unto you, as it unfolds, allow it to open within you, the same Pattern, that your Earth shows you, pay close watch to that. And know that those points that will be given unto you upon the Earth re-align all aspects of the Energy that was, to bring it into Wholeness and Completeness. So then you become Re-awakened, so then you become re-membered, so then you become re-joined, re-joined in the New Creation that you have become.

And we say unto you, awaken now and begin the unfolding process, for more will be known, and more will be given, and more will be shared. And at our next gathering, let it be known unto you, and all who would hear, that you will have the opportunity to welcome, welcome most strongly, the Energy and the Presence of that Horse-man and that which ushers it in. So then, we say unto you, open your hearts, your minds, your eyes and your Being to receive. And in that receiving, awaken, and allow your illumination to shine forth. Amen