APRIL, 2008


4-1-08 - The radio was on while I had this dream.

DREAM -  This scene was very familiar - I know I've dreamed it before.  The scene was a marshy area near a peninsula that stuck out into the ocean.

In the previous dream there was a tsunami that washed over us while we were on the peninsula.  This time, there was war preparations going on, and our fighters threw something like white pillows for protection across the marsh to the peninsula into the brush.  I and the others went over onto the peninsula where the fighters started stripping the leaves off of the brush which automatically made the branches of the brush into like a rope they could hang onto and shimmy down the hill so they didn't have to stand on the top.


4-1-08 - MULTIPLE DREAMS - I went back to bed at 4:30 a.m. and between that time and 6 a.m. I fell asleep and woke up again what seemed like 100 times and I was always in a large auditorium sitting in a pew like seat with people in front and behind me - though not in my row.  Each time someone called my name for some reason, and I would wake up, go back to sleep, right back into the auditorium, hear my name called and wake up, over and over.



4-6-08 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in Milwaukee which was brightly lit.  In the mail I received a gift.  There were three dress pins which represented the parts I and two friends had played in a stage play in the past.  One was IOSOUS - which was an all white mother of pearl pillar. One was a wide silver pillar with mother of pearl rings at the top and bottom named ISIS, and mine was a delicate white mother of pearl pillar with rings of gold at the top and bottom and labeled GLORY - an angel I had played.

Then two of my friends walked by who went up on a stage to dance a square dance together. One wore a silver dress - ISIS, and the other wore leather and he had wild reddish brown frowsy hair and he looked like Evel Dick from the Big Brother TV show, and they did a square dance together. I wished I could be up on that stage with them dancing but I didn't have a part in their play.

I then went home to New Berlin and I didn't find any people there - only 5 caged brown terrier dogs, and one white terrier dog running free with a butch hair cut on her head.  (My kids)!


4-6-08  - NAP DREAM - I was living in an apartment near downtown.  My Mom came to visit.  She sat on the bottom steps of the porch and mentioned that my ex-husband Jim was moving to an apartment down near 3rd street.  She told me who was moving into his house on Monday and I shouldn't start thinking about how much money he was getting for the house (something like $300,000)  (We only paid $14,000 to buy it in 1960)  (That's inflation for you) I know some other people who lived in that building so I already knew he was moving there.  It was no surprise.

I told her I didn't care how much money he was getting for the house - that it didn't matter to me.  Across the aisle from me was a bunch of noisy black teens and I was wondering how he was going to like living with noisy people like that.  One thin girl pulled herself out from the crowd and said she had to get rehearsal as she was an opera singer.  I began wondering how he would like the noise after living in the country all his life.  (But he worked in a factory for years, so I'm sure he'd deal with it.

I had to get ready to get off the bus then and put on my sweater because I had to walk a couple blocks after I got off the bus.  He wouldn't be alone for long.


A few minutes later, I was riding on a bus going downtown on 3rd street with a couple friends. 


4-8-08 - The moment Joe walked in the bedroom door, I had a vision of the number 1061

בכור bikkuwr {bik-koor'} from 01069; TWOT - 244e; n m pl AV - firstfruit 14, firstripe 2, firstripe figs 1,hasty fruit 1; 18 1) first-fruits 1a) the first of the crops and fruit that ripened, was gathered, and offered to God according to the ritual of Pentecost 1b) the bread made of the new grain offered at Pentecost 1c) the day of the first-fruits (Pentecost)

All Verses containing Hebrew Strong's Number H1061
Book Verses
Exo 23:16, 23:19, 34:22, 34:26
Lev 2:14, 23:17, 23:20
Num 13:20, 18:13, 28:26
2Ki 4:42
Neh 10:35, 13:31
Isa 28:4
Eze 44:30
Nah 3:12

4-8-08 - NAP DREAM -  It was 4 p.m. and my husband came home from work and said he was going to take us all out for ice cream.  The kids loved it when he did that and we all had fun. 

My Mom and my best friend were sitting on the steps watching me teach my daughter how to do some dance steps - 1, 2, 3 kick,  1, 2, 3, kick, etc.

 Everyone was laughing at us because either she or I couldn't start off on the right foot or count to 3 at the same time, but my daughter was adorable just watching her try.

Now that my husband had said we were going out, I looked at what my friend was wearing - a tight fitting wool suit with a fur collar that showed every curve she had.

I was wearing a cotten red-flowered dress that housefraus wore back in the day that you didn't have to worry whether you did something that got you wet or a little dirty.  The dress looked nice on me but not in comparison to the looks she got when she went out in public in that suit.

I decided I would go upstairs and put on a dress that would put the guy's eyes out when they saw me - a slinky tight dress that showed every curve I had that even her suit didn't show.

I ran up the stairs and met the maintenance man in the hallway outside my bedroom.  I asked him if Bob was up there.  He turned and here came Bob the Painter out of the Master bedroom.   He had an eye for women and he could tell me which dress to wear so I could outshine my friend and her fancy suit.


4-9-08 -

I headed for the back door of the house and a big fat black man whose face was all beat up and his right eye beat shut came out of the house, mumbling, "I had 55 apartments but the guy only wanted 50" and he walked past me, going elsewhere.

Jeanne continued to scream that Bob was hurt and I opened the book door and there was a bathroom with a big old-fashioned tub in it and Bob was sitting in the tub.

Jeanne now screamed at me, "Don't look, don't look, its too awful! It's his knee!"

Bob's legs were really hairy like a grown man, but he appeared to be about 10 years old.

I could clearly see Bob's knee.  It had a blood red cut on it about 2 inches long. I knew that even if it needed stitches, it would be fine, and I woke up.

No idea why I dreamed that.


4-9-08 - DREAM - I was committed to a mental hospital - I don't know why.  As soon as they gave me a shot of something I started to feel angry and I became destructive and self-destructive.  Nobody tried to stop me.

They brought me some food and I used my hands and threw it at people, including the doctor, the nurse and the other patients.

I had the will to start things but not to stop them.  I was like a non-stop destructive machine.

Instead ofo drinking water from a cup, I missed my mouth and poured it down my neck and onto the next patient and dropped the cup on the floor.

I was good at messing up the bed clothes and pillows. Even the mattress ended up on the floor.

I motivated myself around the place like a drunkard. There was no large dayroom, so I just went from place to place tearing things up, knocking things over, leaning on people I liked and running away from people I didn't like which was usually male.


4-10-08- DREAM - I was visiting a women's group near Edgar Cayce's place in Virginia Beach, VA,
near the ocean.
The women were taking care of 7 black and white keys (similar to piano keys)  to make sure they
were in good condition and to prevent them from opening before they were supposed to. 
The center of the keys had a slot in the center of them that would be damaged if they were
opened at the wrong time.
There was a young dark-haired woman in this group who was waiting for Ryan
(from All My Children TV show)
to return from a long, lengthy trip and she was staying with these women until Ryan's return.
(note: I looked up the meaning of the name Ryan - it means "Little King")

Meaning of the Name Ryan

Name Gender Origin Meaning Similiar Names
Brian  male  Celtic  strong  Bryan, Bryant, Briant, Briand 
Marianne  female  Old French  little Mary  Manya , Marianna, Mara, Marian, Marisha, Marilyn, Maire, Marion, Marrion, Mariana, Mariann, Mary-Ann, Maryanne 
Ryan  unisex  Gaelic  little king  Ryen, Rian, Ryanne 
I had to be honest with the woman and tell her that Ryan had gotten married last year. 
(He did that on the TV show)  (I believe this also could refer to the Biblical Jesus)
(I also believe this young woman was waiting for Jesus return)
(When I looked up the meaning for the name Ryan, the name Mary and Miriam are
the feminine version of Ryan)
She burst into tears and I put my arms around her and held her while she cried.
She didn't cry too long, but when she did I saw that she had almost broken open the keys
with her tears.  They were starting to open on the ocean side and I had to quickly repair
them with pink sealing wax.
I was told in the dream that the keys were part of the Zionist Movement and had to be held
together with until the proper time for them to be opened.
As the dream ended, I saw a King of Hearts playing card.
end of dream.
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4-11-08 -  I feel like crying and it feels like major deaths coming.  I've experienced this before and its always been a terrible plane crash that made me feel this way.

I sat down and meditated and asked for a picture and saw Rex (from One Life to Live television show)  holding a large size baby in his arms.  He kissed him on both cheeks and I got from spirit that it meant "Kiss of Death"

I then saw a map of the entire middle upper midwest.

Then I saw a map of Wisconsin with a big black square block over it and the black square lifted up and landed in Lake Michigan.

I then saw something red and white which I couldn't remember what it was.

Lastly I saw a big long blue and white and silver can that said PICS   GIANTS  on it in two rows.

4-11-08 - 1:30 p.m.  I meditated again because I got so tired sitting on the sofa, I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I asked what the red and white object was and I saw a long thin red and white candy striped (like a barber's pole) come alongside the blue and white can from the earlier vision and the front end of the can blew off in a huge red and black explosion.   It was horrible.

I then asked what country has red and white missles and thought about going on images to look and I saw what looked like a giant-sized pencil - the color of which was yellow-tan with an eraser on the end.  Someone was standing on the eraser end - dressed in dark blue baggy slacks and what looked like grey dancing slippers on their feet.

I was then told this is what they call a "False Flag Operation"  to make it look like the Chinese did it, and then I was told, "Those in charge of this operation will head for Dodge as usual.

I then saw a photo of a military man in uniform.  The picture was black and white, but I could easily see that his uniform was from the 40's or 50's. He wore a flat topped hat and medals on his chest which told me he was an officer of some rank.  He was an older man - not a young soldier. The name Dean Suoru was under the photograph. 

I then saw two magazines.  The one in back was TIME magazine and the one in front was a little shorter and had the word PLEDGE on it.

I was told that other cases like this have been done before.  In regard to other cases like this - they held it over his head and forced him to do what he did.


NOTE:  I found the name Suoru on the internet with regard to a few people, a company, and what seemed to be a chemical or drug.  I did not find a person with the name "Dean Suoro" either on the web or on  even checking the military names they had available.  I did find some few people with the last name Suoro, one who changed his name to Snow or they couldn't read the name - they were in a variety of states, but there was no further information on them, except the Suoro/snow person was a gardener as his means of making a living.  He was 47 years old in 1930, so its not likely he was the military man.

I checked on the San Francisco Giants baseball team.  Their next date for flying to St. Louis is on the 17th April - which is next week.
I checked on the New York Giants football team.  They do play in Green Bay, WI but the 2008 schedule is not published yet.

Here is their 2008 schedule and a write up for them vs the Brewers:

On the whole, the Giants' season series last year against the Milwaukee Brewers was close. Broken down series by series, it wasn't close at all.

This year would appear to be a mismatch, as the Brewers, widely regarded as contenders in the National League Central, confront the Giants, unanimously considered destined for last place in the West, in a three-game series. But as last year proved, things can go either way -- or both ways, at different times.

The Giants were 5-4 against Milwaukee last year, but their confrontations started with a three-game sweep by the Brewers from June 18-20 at Miller Park. But San Francisco returned to Milwaukee a month later and won two of three, outscoring the Brewers, 21-11.

Then the Brewers came to San Francisco from Aug. 24-26 and lost three in a row, helping extend a five-game losing streak that knocked Milwaukee out of first place and temporarily thrust them below .500.

Of course, it's a new year for both teams, and the Giants will be intensely curious to see how their pitching holds up in this series.

Jonathan Sanchez and Kevin Correia, their starters in the first two games, are trying to establish themselves as legitimate members of the rotation. But they'll be facing a powerful Brewers batting order in a ballpark that favors hitters.

Then, in Sunday's series finale, Barry Zito will again try to recapture the magic that made him an ace. Zito has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with his fastball, which he has elevated and is 2-3 miles an hour slower than he would like. A strong effort against the Brewers would go a long way toward righting Zito's ship. But finding smooth sailing at Miller Park, where he was 0-2 with a 12.54 ERA last year, will be a difficult task.

Pitching matchup
SF: LHP Jonathan Sanchez (1-5, 5.88 ERA)
Although Sanchez always has wanted to start and the Giants have believed that is his destiny, he actually has performed better in relief (3-2, 4.40 in 52 appearances) than as a starter (1-4, 7.27 in eight games) during parts of two seasons in the Majors. Sanchez possesses electric stuff, as his 95 strikeouts in 92 innings reflect. But he frequently has struggled to repeat his delivery, which has impeded his progress.

MIL: RHP Carlos Villanueva (8-5, 3.94 ERA)
The Brewers made a tremendous statement about their faith in the 24-year-old Villanueva with this assignment, which manager Ned Yost referred to as, "monster, mega Opening Day in Milwaukee." Villanueva was the surprise of 2007 Spring Training and won a spot in the bullpen, but this time had to battle his way into the '08 starting rotation with a 2.62 ERA in six Cactus League games.

Right-hander Keiichi Yabu is the fourth Japanese-born player in Giants history. Left-hander Masanori Murakami (1964-65) and outfielder Tsuyoshi Shinjo (2002) are two more. The other isn't so obvious: outfielder Dave Roberts, who was born in Okinawa ... Shortstop Brian Bocock recently was named the Harry S. Jordan Award winner for being the top newcomer in big league camp at Spring Training ... Friday will mark Sanchez's 61st Major League appearance, but only his ninth start.

 Buy tickets now to catch the game in person.

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KNBR 680

Up next
Saturday: Giants 4-5-08 - (Kevin Correia, 4-7, 3.45) at Brewers (Manny Parra, 0-1, 3.76), 10:05 a.m. PT
Sunday: 4-6-08 - Giants (Barry Zito, 0-1, 7.20) at Brewers (Ben Sheets, 0-0, 0.00), 11:05 a.m. PT
Monday: Giants (Matt Cain, 0-0, 0.00) vs. Padres (TBD), 1:35 p.m. PT

Chris Haft is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

The San Francisco Giants will play both Chicago and Milwaukee in July, 2008

4-12-08 -   JESUS RULES THE ROOST!   DREAM - I was moving into apartment 209 again at Juneau Village Garden Apartments.

When I was in the office, getting my keys, I met the man who lived in 211.  He was tall with black hair and a black mustache very impressive to look at (if you can picture Clark Gable type)

We started to talk a bit and he went with me to look at how maintenance was coming along with getting my apartment ready.

When we walked in the door, the apartment was in shambles. The previous tenants had even ripped up the carpet when they left.

I told them to keep ripping out the brown carpet and I would paint the floor white.

That made their work easier so I and the man went back to the office together and continued to talk.  He wanted to know what I did during the day.  I said, "I run"

He said in a booming voice, "I RUN GREATDREAMS.COM."

I said, "When did you start GREATDREAMS.COM?"

He answered, APRIL!"

I knew I started in November, but I forgot to ask him what year.

I looked over at him feeling incredulous that he could have GREATDREAMS.COM when we had

He was sitting back, relaxed in hisi chair, and his face was actually glowing.

I thought to myself, "Is this the God Jehovah?  Or is he maybe Jesus without the beard?"

I was stunned and turned back and there were three eagles in black body bags laying on the table with their feet hanging out.  The body bags were 4 to 5 feet long.

I could see that two were really dead but the third one was still breathing.  I told the man that the third eagle was still breathing, and the man's voice boomed, "NO" and the eagle stopped breathing.

The man got up and said he had some things to attend to and handed me his business card with GREATDREAMS.COM on it.

After he left the office, I called the phone number on the card and a woman's voice answered. I assumed it was his wife because GREATDREAMS.COM was upstairs in apartment 211.  ( would be in apartment 209)

I asked her if she could perform a web service for me and she answered, "No! We only do accounting!"



I met another man - I will call him Arthur to keep him separate from the other man.

Arthur asked me if I would go to dinner with him. I hesitantly said, "yes! because I didn't really know him well.  He said, "Then you will have to hypnotize the woman who runs the office and keep her calm until 4 p.m.

so I went to the woman. She was beautiful.  I will call her Alice, but she actually looked like ______ from Wheel of Fortune TV show.

I easily hypnotized her and told her to relax and rubbed her temples with my fingertips and said, "Just relax"!  She lay there smiling the whole time.

The phone rang then and it was Norman who I normally would date for dinner. He said sadly that hehad to fly to Seattle for a lung transplant.  I said, "Okay!' sadly and pictured him doing well in my mind.

(Norman died waiting for a lung transplant from emphysema)

It was almost 4 p.m. and Arthur was sitting in his car waiting for me - he had been sitting there the whole time actually.

At 4 p.m. I let Alice out of her hypnosis and she immediately ran to Arthur's car and jumped in and he couldn't get her out again.

I don't think he tried that hard to be honest. He started to drive away but I pointed to a blue crocheted cord between her and my car, so he couldn't take Alice to dinner without cutting the cord or dragging me and my car with him.

Somewhere within that dream, I was working in an office, slipping some papers to a purchase order that was a memo to a factory that was colleting copper prior to be given a large order for something made of copper.

Later at the end of a TV show from March, I saw the headlines  COPPER THEFTS!"




4-14-08 - MICHELLE'S DREAM - Michelle was in Lowell, MA, picking up her daughter Amanda from school.   They were walking down the sidewalk and had to cross the street.  As they crossed the street, they both began singing a popular song from the 20's about traffic.  The cars looked like big blocks of yellow cheese - not like real cars.

On the other side of the street, they were having a hard time walking forward, so she turned around and walked backwards (in time?).  When she realized she couldn't see where she was going, she turned around and discovered she was on Wessex Street.

At that point she was in front of a house where a woman had three parrots on her front steps.  A Blue and gold one, a pinkish/white cockatoo, and a green one - all very colorful.

Michelle started talking to the parrots and the woman told her to stop,  A few feet further on, there was an African Grey parrot sitting on a telephone pole that was cut in half..  She started talking to the parrot and the woman yelled at her not to talk to the parrot or it wouldn't come home.

A few feet farther on was a huge old Oak tree with colored shirts hung all over it like they were nets.  There was a black woman up in the tree and about six black children under the age of 10.  They were all trying to catch a baby who was also climbing in the tree. The baby was about two years old.

There was two black young men in their 20's standing there watching as well.

The baby fell into one of the shirts and the woman and all the children came down and went behind a chain link fence.

Michelle applauded the black woman's efforts and the thinnest one of the black men yelled at her to stop applauding.

Michelle asked why and he answered, "The woman was trying to catch the baby because the baby stole cigarettes so it could smoke?"

Michelle was astounded and asked, "Why would a two year old baby smoke?", and the black man said, "Because its a Shawnessy and Shawnessy's are bad people."

Michelle got mad and said, "My mother was a Shawnessy and they weren't bad people."  There is an obvious difference between that Shawnessy and our Shawnessy's." 

The black man wondered what the difference would be between Shawnessy's that was obvious, and Michelle injected what she thought was a safe answer to the man,  "Our Shawnessy's were Indians".

The black man said, "Black people are better than Indians because we were slaves".

Michelle said, "I don't know why you think blacks were better than Indians because they were slaves?  Indians didn't have a choice in the matter, the white man just killed the Indians".

The black man didn't quite know what to say, and Michelle continued walking over to a house where her daughter was going to be after school. When she got there, there was a teen age girl there who was going to let Amanda into the house.  It was the law that people were not allowed to raise their own children for some reason, and Amanda loved being at this house, because she had her own room, her own TV, her own video games - she had everything she wanted at this house.  Amanda just said, "Bye Mom" and ran into the house. 

The teen age girl started walking away from the house, and Michelle asked her where she was going.  The girl said, "I have to go meet my boyfriend."

Michelle said, "You aren't going to leave my daughter alone while you go visit your boyfriend and she went and grabbed Amanda by the hand and took her to her own house even though it was against the law.

Michelle's ex-husband was there and was aghast and Michelle would break the law and bring Amanda to her own house.  Michelle said, "I don't care what the law says, nobody is leaving my daughter alone so they can go see their boyfriend.  My daughter needs to be made to practice her violin, and study her schoolwork, not just watch TV and play video games."

Michelle's ex-husband left and her current husband came home and saw Amanda.  Amanda was his daughter too and he was aghast to see that Amanda was there and asked why.  Michelle explained all the details again about the girl leaving to go visit her boyfriend and she stated again, "I don't care what the law is, my daughter needs good care and discipline for her life."

Paul said, "That's the law"!

end of dream


4-17-08 - DREAM -  Equifax -  Eisenberg - moving - forclosures



VISION -  SPAIN AND PORTUGAL -  Portugal was green, SPAIN was all yellow -  but they were reverse like in a mirror or on the wrong side of the ocean.

DREAM - My husband and I were walking along a road early in the morning, but he got ahead of me and went into the house beyond a very high metal fence.

I was on the outside of the fence where there was a green packing box - wax coated - like the type you see refrigerated food come in.

I called to him and come see what was in the box but he was too busy with what he was doing in the house. 

I finally got over being timid and found that the box was a 1/2 case of butter all wrapped in pound chunks.

I dragged the box of butter all the way to the house.  On the way there, I was walking over scraps of fabric, scraps of and rolls of burlap, all kinds of scraps of carpeting and fabrics.  I was so excited.  Since it was in the road and there were no people around and some of it looked like it had been driven over, I assumed nobody wanted it even though it looked like it had fallen off the back of someone's truck as it drove along.

Outside the house, I saw beautiful stuffed animals someone had made - one was a write rabbit as large as a horse, and other stuffed animals, all very large and plush.  I went inside the house because the door was open, and inside there wasn't much furniture and no carpeting on the floors, but I saw a beautiful white stuffed rabbit that someone evidently had made with a great deal of love.  I oohed and ahhed over it because it was so beautiful.

All of sudden, from a back room, came a man pushing a middle aged woman in a wheelchair.  He said to me, "My wife wanted to see who loved her stuffed rabbit as much as she did." 

I felt so bad for her.  Here was a woman with serious problems, who couldn't walk, but had so much love in her heart that she could create such beautiful things.

I asked them why they were in a house with so little furniture.

He answered, we are giving everything away because we have lost the house in foreclosure.  We have nowhere to take any of these things, so take anything you want.  We can't take it with us.  Then they turned and went back into the back room again.

I wondered where my husband was, but while I was wondering, I was looking at some of the other beautiful things that were still in the house.

I found a set of beautiful crystal clear plates that were about 16" across and in the center of each one was hand-painted a type of food with a bug on it that would be appropriate to being on the type of food it was in the field.  These were so exquisitely painted, I remarked that I wanted these plates.

Then my husband came into the room, pulling a whole lot of baby equipment with him, everything one could use for an infant about to be born - the whole layette table, bed, stroller, buggy, you name it, it was there. 

I felt terrible that this family was giving away all their possessions, but he had said, they had lost the house and nowhere to live and nowhere to take all their beautiful things.  All I could do was take what we could use and treasure it like she had.

It was so sad. I just wanted to make sure I got that 1/2 case of butter.  The food was more important than any of the 'things'.

Somewhere in that dream, probably before we were walking down the road, I had been learning how to do a man's job, putting connections on water pipes so that they didn't leak.  I had a supervisor, making sure I did it right, because unexpected loss of water was not going to be tolerated on this job.


4-19-08- NAP DREAM - I was in an apartment building, not going anywhere special, but walking in the entrance hallway, when Kendall from One Life to Live TV show came along carrying her youngest son who was crying and crying and crying - worse by the minute.  I don't know if she was carrying wrong or what.  On the show, they carry the bigger infants facing away from them which I always think is stupid because kids like looking at their Mom's faces and feel safe, but they do the reverse so the kid never gets to see their own Mom.

I took the baby from her and he was wearing an outfit with suspenders on it, so I held him by the suspenders so he was swinging in the air gently and he went right to sleep. 

One of my friends came along, so I went to her apartment, and sat on the sofa next to her, and told her she could help watch the baby sleep peacefully and he was.  I sat there with my right leg crossed over my left and he lay in the crook of my leg with his head against my knee and he slept perfectly peacefully.

Finally, we lay the baby in a crib to finish his nap and I went out into the building again where there was an auditorium.  I was just mosying along and President Clinton came walking down the side aisle, and stopped where there was a poster hanging on the wall, with the lower half torn off where the date of a past event used to be.  He stared at the poster for a long time, reading the words on the poster and saying out loud that he'd really like to see that event, when it was actually over already.

I chuckled to myself, when he got to the bottom of the poster and realized there was no date on it, but he didn't know it was already over like I did.

I then went outside and decided to see a movie and in front of the theatre where the line was waiting, some people went through the line selling tickets for 5 bucks so people didn't have to stand in line.  We gave him our $5 and the guy selling the tickets, ripped the ticket in half, gave us the stub and we could walk right into the theatre. 

Once inside the theater, you could go straight in and find a seat, or go up a stairway to the balcony.  I decided with a little reticence to go up the stairway to the balcony, hoping there would wouldn't be any lovers up there necking.  I just thought that by being up there, I could see the screen better and more clearly.

When I got up there, there was a huge giant of a man laying crossways across some steps which really was the upper end of the theatre above the seats.

There were a bunch of rows of seats, and then then a bunch of rows of steps above them - not really a balcony at all.

I was forced to sit several rows in front of the giant of a man, not wanting to be anywhere close to him in case he decided to stretch his legs out in front of him rather than crossways in the theatre.

The movie was about to start and suddenly I had a vision of bright red over-size magazine - with a woman's face on it.  First I thought it said

APERITIF, but then it became  AFTER.







Hi all:  I don't even know where I was in this dream, but am going to try to research the location using google-earth maps right after this.
4-28-08 - DREAM - I was in my office talking with a friend named Carol H, who taught me everything I ever knew about being a secretary.  While I was on the phone with her, I could hear a man speaking Russian in the background whom she worked for.
NOTE: In real life we didn't work for anyone Russian. I worked with her in the 70's.  She could be deceased by now as she was quite a bit older than myself.
Back in the dream, another woman, a man, and myself went to Carol's office when she wasn't there.  Her office was very narrow, with one very large computer and a printer at the end of the room. (I have a 19 inch screen and hers was twice to three times the size of mine.)
We went into her office and turned on her machines and I spent some time trying to access her files on the computer so we could retrieve what she was working on that day.  Meanwhile, the other woman was working on getting the printer working and finding the discs the voice was recorded on so we could make a copy.
The man pretty much just stood there, making sure nobody bothered us.
At one point, I could see an older military guy in a brown uniform across the hall in another office, seeming very agitated and talking on a phone.  I was surprised that he wasn't shooting at us and he left - and I don't know where he went.
Finally, we had access to Carol's files and the other woman found the disc she was looking for which was larger than the ones we use for CD's and it was in a yellow and white case which the disc fit into and the whole thing went into the machine to copy.
When we were done, another man showed up who reminded me of Donald Sutherland  - the actor- and he was going to get us out of there safely by helicopter.
As we ran out of the office, the man we were with was talking to the other man and I heard him say, "In the last meeting with the Russians, it seemed they were circling left and we were circling right. This time we will know exactly what they are doing."
We ran down the hall and out the back door of this building which was made of old concrete block and stone.  There were old men sitting on the stairs outside that we had to get past and the concrete block and stones were tilted in places and I remarked that it looked like there had been an earthquake there.
As we ran down the stairs as fast as we could, I was all excited because  I had never ridden in a helicopter before and we were going to have a wild escape ride.
I woke up before I saw the helicopter or the land behind the building, but I knew the building was near a river.


4-30-08 - DREAM - I was working for a long time on a computer, putting up multiple pages about a life I could have lived in Wisconsin and Washington State with a different man than I did. 

4-30-08 - NAP DREAM - I was reading a paperback book and about 1/2 way through the book, the page said , "MEDITATION" and then went on to say that I should join their metaphysical group.  On the page were cartoon genies like Alladin's lamp and fairies, etc.  I wanted to read what else the book said, and people kept interrupting me, and insisting that I go to dinner with them in a large group of people.  I was going to do that, but I really wanted to get back to my book and see what else the Genie had to say in the book..