APRIL, 1990

4-1-90 - DREAM - I was at a house and my Mother, Father, and brother came to visit. My Mother carried my brother in as big as he was and laid him on the couch where I was sitting. My brother was sleeping but he kept kicking me until I finally had to sit on the floor.

My Father leaned over the couch backwards and sat on the sofa behind mine. A small purse-size phone rang and my Mother ran upstairs to snwer it. I knew it was 3 a.m. and nobody ever calls at that time unless it is a death in the family. I was trying to figure out wh died and I guessed that it was my Grandmother. My Mother didn't come back down, so I went upstairs to see if she was okay. My Father disappeared and my Mother said that he had come upstairs to check on the phone call and then went to the drugstore.

I didn't meet him on the stairs so I couldn't figure out how he got past me. I asked my Mother if she was okay and she answered that she was.

NOTE: My grandmothers passed on many years ago.


4-1-90 - DREAM - Cannot remember the rest of the dream except a small girl child was about to miscarry a baby. I set her on the toilet to avoid a mess and her stomach popped open and a folded up monster baby popped out. It appeared that it might be a white chicken. The dream voice said, "This is a test #LP3/2 designed to test your savvy!"

Boy! I wish I could remember the rest of the dream!


4-2-90 - DREAM - I was living and working in a new place. Everything that I was to do and all my responsibilities were written down so I wouldn't forget them.


4-2-90 - MEDITATION - I was asking about the correctness about a person who was my teacher's teacher.  I raised my vibrations, intending to ask questions about this person and I saw a very fat woman wearing a pale blue and white dress. She lost her balance and toppled over backwards and fell on her butt. I was then taken down a long hallway to meet a man. (I got interrupted here by a telephone call in the physical)

When I went back into meditation to continue the questioning, I was told that the person was tested and did very well, that on the first one she got 50% right!

I then saw her in a flowing white gown. The voice said, "This is what she used to look like. "

I asked if the teacher and the Master Amatamaji were the same person. The voice said, "Did you ever eat Rice Krispies and Peanut Butter together?"  I answered, "Yes!" The voice said, "It sticks to the roof of your mouth doesn't it?" I said, "Yes!"  The voice said, "That's what it's doing to me!"

I asked to see the two people together. The voice said, "I'm sorry, I cannot do that at this time!"

I then called Amatamaji myself. When she appeared, she had long black hair and a beautiful face. She said, "We will be getting acquainted."

I asked her if she and the teacher were the same person. She answered, "That is far from the truth!"

I said, "I would appreciate it if I could see the two of you side by side."

Amatamaji said, "That would be quite inappropriate at this time. That dear soul is quite troubled right now!"


4-3-90 - DREAM - I was moving into a school. The man with me had a machete type knife. He sliced the school into 1/4 and 3/4 and the electric lines leading to it in 1/4 and 3/4.


4-4-90 - DREAM - I was about to pop the clutch on a car for a quick start and going to teach a baby to do something about going to a television studio where they were casting the parts for a scary show. We met the stars of the show, then went to a Catholic church and sat down waiting for the mass to start. Then I heard some noise. Someone was knocking to get in.

I went towards the door to see who was there and suddenly a huge blonde man was trying to break through the door. As I ran back up the aisle to get away, I heard a ovice say, "And who should we cast in the part of Steven?"  Everyone said he was too scary, so the director said, "Okay! We won't have him be coming in!"  Everyone signed a breath of relief.

I made myself wake up.


4-4-90 - MEDITATION - I called the Master and asked if I should call some particular person on the telephone and ask questions about a particular situation.

The Master said, "Everyone is being tested. Your test is to keep your mouth shut and stay out of it!"

I took a break, then went back to meditating. As I was raising my vibrations, two women were helping each other as I was working on the process. As I raised my vibrations, the second woman was checking off the number of times that I did it. When the fourth time was completed, she handed the checklist to the other woman and said, "Blessings be on you!"

I then saw a man standing there giving instructions. He told me to divide my time in half. (I'm assuming he meant half for myself and half for others)

I then saw two men then came into my apartment like they were touring it. One had ona  red T shirt with a white jacket over it. The talled man who was about 7 feet tall had on all light colored clothing. The shorter one had a gold colored can of beer in his hand and said, "We're just going to have a can of Kingsbury here!"

I protests and said, "No! I don't want you to drink any beer in here." He said, "It won't hurt anything!" I repeated, "I prefer that ou don't drink in here!'


4-6-90 - MEDITATION - A woman walked down the hall of my apartment and the door opened as she passed it. Two round tour vehicles came to the door and people began to get out.

Barbara Mandrell came in. She said, "Hi! I'm Barbara Mandrell and this is my Mom!"  The Mom said, "I have a daughter Caroline!'


4-8-90 - MEDITATION:  I was told, "The one question you can never ask and get an accurate answer is: "What time is it now?" because by the time you ask the questions, it is no long that time."


4-8-90 - DREAM - I began an affair with the Prince of Wales (Prince Edward) It was lovely and sexual. I was 51 and he was 20 (or 22) I woke up feeling very loved and loving.


4-9-90 - MEDITATION - I was told, "When cooking in oil, set the utensils aside on a plate. I saw two forks with food on them set aside on a plate. (To drain?)

I then saw about 24 white dice mixed with lettuce. The voice said, "Put them into two different banks. Twelve moved into each 'side'.

I then called Master 300,030.  The voice said, "Who are you calling?" I said, "Marcus!" The voice said, "That number doesn't work here."

When I was raising my vibrations, I saw myself coming up the front sidewalk of the building I lived in. I was dressed in a maroon coat and hat with a small girl child. The voice said, "It is time to start working. We didn't now when you started that you were going to be so beautiful!"

A voice then said, "Oooo hooo! Can I have this?"  I saw a male figure come and he grabbed a wrought iron curved bar witt hooks on it that I found this morning in the apartment building. . I asked, "What is it for?" The man said, "It hangs on the wall. The Great Horned Owl fits in there."

NOTE: The owl characterizes heightened observational skills and developed awareness coupled with sharpened perceptive abilities, wisdom resulting from high spiritual enlightenment.


4-10-90 - DREAM - We were running a service business out of the garage of our 16th St. house. I was in charge of the accounts. A new girl came to be trained and that was my job. I told her that all accounts were address to #801.  She said that she had heard that no matter how much was thrown at me that I could handle it and that I was said to 'have it all together!"  I was pleased with that compliment.

I was then outside with some children and I noitec that they were playing on the train tracks. I knew that a train would be along shortly and I grabbed them and pulled them off the tracks. Sure enough, a huge black train was within a few feet of us. But thet rain was moving very, very slowly and the driver, who was white and had white hair and a beard leaned out of the window and waved to the children and smiled.


4-12-90 - DREAM - This was along experience with my husband Edward. There was a very emotional confrontation when I told him we couldn't be together anymore. He was devastated and I stayed with him and comforted him and told him how much I loved him, but that we couldn't be together anymore. I was prepared to give up everything I wanted to stay with him, when he suddenly left the room. I found him talking on the telephone with his head inside a brown paper bag. He was talking to his brother Larry.

When I tore off the paper bag, he had no head, and I had to look through many layers of colored papers before I found it. Then, when I tried to tell him that I would stay, I found him packing his clothes. He told me he was leaving, that he and Larry were putting in a bid for an apartment building in ______.  

As he left, I put on a pair of underpants that were "Y" shaped but upsidedown. They were skin tight from waist to thigh and were white with red roses on them.

I woke up feeling emotionally drained.


4-12-90 - MEDITATION - I called T.M.  He came, speaking with an Irish brogue accent. We were in my new bedroom. He said, "I will help you with your application." My closet was a large white tiled room and there was a secret back door that opened into a dimly lit tunnel , but there was light at the end.

I then heard my own voice and I said, "My name is Pollyanna!"


4-12-90 - MEDITATION - I wasn't feeling well. I worked on the chakras feeling dizzy and my heart was acting up. I pulled in the color green. I saw a woman dressed all in green. She was carrying a black purse and had black hair. I saw her leave the building I live in. I immediately felt better.


4-13-90 DREAM: I went outside and counted 21 jets way up in the sky leaving short white trails that gave away their position. They were heading East.

I went back into the house to tell someone about it. I went right back outside and saw a green circular light come up over the Northeast horizon. It looked like the moon hanging in the sky, but I knew that the moon always came up orange or yellow and then turn white. This round light stayed green.

I knew that when UFOs come everything turns hazy and you don't know what you're doing and you lose time.

I was imprinted with a list of instructions numbering 12 or 18. If they were followed in numerical order, they would be meaningless and nothing would happen. They had to be followed in reverse order.

I went inside the house where there were two other women. The three of us were to sit down together to write down these instructions in reverse order so they could be followed.

Sandy sat at the end of the brown table and I sat next to her at the end. The other woman sat adjacent to us on the left side.

I then was looking through pads of colored paper . The instructions had to be written on fresh paper with no other marks on it and it had to be on the right color paper. I felt as though this was a test, but the three of us were to do it together.


4-14-90 - DREAM - I was going to wash clothes. They were all soaking in the bathtub upstairs. I picked out all the red ones to wash first. Then I set aside the red-orange, pink, and brown thread to take downstairs also.

As I went downstairs, a group of women were about to convey an award to my daughter for something. Then my daughter and I were going to go see a movie titled, "Woman ____". As we drove along, we were in a car driven by a man who was going too fast. We started to into a curve to the right. The driver couldn't make it and we went flying off a small cliff to crash as I heard 4 perfumes being announced with French names meaning North, South, East, and West.

As I woke up, I was told to raise my vibrations to recall the names, but I couldn't remember.


4-15-90 - MEDITATION - I was having heart palpitations and hot flashes. I was just too uncomfortable to do it well. As I raised my vibrations, I could see paramedics in white. They had just arrived to take care of me.

"Thank you God, Masters, and Guardian Angels!


4-15-90 - DREAM - I was in 20th St. school, dressed in a clown suit that was 10 times too big for me. I had to gather it all in and hang onto it to keep iton. I tried on my friend David's orange pants and they were more than a foot too long for me. I had to take them back to him. He was in the 5th or 6th grade on the 2nd floor. I had been in the 8th grade room on the 3rd floor.

I looked at myself in the mirror and my clown costume was getting shorter and shorter and I was admiring my legs because they looked so much thinner than I thought they were. Finally my costume was like a micro-mini dress and I ws still admiring my legs but I knew I had to wear something that wasn't so revealing in school.

I then was riding a bus to work at A-C. I was living way down near Cudahy or South Milwaukee, and I could just get on one bus and stay on it until it got to A-C. My name was Mary and I was hired to work the 3 to 12 shift. The woman who was fired was very sloppy in in her work habits and her desk was so dusty, it looked like had never been dusted. I was to replace her.

On the way home, I got on the buss on 70th St. and stayed on it until it took me all the way to the other end of the line to 'Vesta?" St. Still, I lived farther than that and all I had to do was figure out was how to get from my house to the bus line.


4-16-90 - DREAM - These were close ups of things being arranged and rearranged, but I don't know what.


4-19-90 - DREAM - I had a long sexual dream with women. I called up IRS and I told the man I would be divorced soon. I said to him that I was thinking that Imight want tomarry again. He said, "You will~ In June."


4-20-90 - DREAM - I was setting up a new ship sailing office in the back room of my previous ship sailing office which was originally set up on 8/18/89. This was a reorganization of the previous management. Whereas the last organization was set up with all of us in the front office, I was now moving all my brown furniture to the back room and Dennis and his crew was to remain in the front by themselves.

I checked the old organizational book to make sure that everything had been set up correctly, so that thenew office would also be set up correctly. Then I began moving the furniture. Everything was brown  . . . all the sofas, chairs, and office furniture. There was no other color except that I told a girl helper that I wanted all the children's black shoes to be in their own bedrooms.


4-21-90 Dream: We were moving our spiritual house away from 16th street before the end came. We had a map prepared as to where we would be moving to and were in the process of having the map shrunk down so we could publish it in a little pamphlet so everyone would know where we were going to be.

There was a rumour going around that Tom was leaving Philadelphia and going West because his son had a bad tooth, but when I looked at the tooth myself, it was black yethad no cavities. The root was dead.


4-21-90 - DREAM - We were running a children's counceling service in our house and we allowed children from the neighborhood t ocome in and play and use our attic to store things for safe-keeping.

One day two little girls came to the door, fightings over a possession that belonged to one of them. They were from Brooklyn it seems and had such poor diction they could barely pronounce their own names. IAETTA and CARMINE. Once I determined what their names were, then we proceeded to help them speak better English and we washed and combed their hair and cleaned them up so they didn't look like little ragamuffins.


4-22-90 Dream: I was at my New Berlin, WI house. I had just picked some tomatoes. They weren't quite ripe. I had 9 of them. My friend 'A' told me that she was going to give me the first tomato off her tomato plant. They were perfect and very big - at least 1 pound each, but she was going to give me only 1 tomato. Then she told me that her first picking would be equal to 3 bushels. I didn't want to tell her, but when my tomatoes were ripe I was going to be able to pick 30 bushels but I didn't want to hurt her feelings by not accepting her first tomato. Then I knew that when we moved to the farm, I was going to have to can 300 jars of tomatoes every year.

I went back towards the house and I heard a radio announcement saying that the astral level was 9 miles high, yet when I got to the house I couldsee that it was built on a piece of land, made of sand that was onlya foot thick and it was very fragile and underneath it was all hollow. (Note: I have dreamed that beforein exactly the same spot)  (Note 2: I dreamed this again in January, 2000 )


4-23-90 - DREAM - I was in my store-front office. I had had a discussion and a meeting with the County Suprevisor for my area. T.M. called on the phone and told me that he didn't have time to talk to me because he had to go help Alice, that he would call me on Monday. I thought to myself, "Today is Monday!"  He hung up, then the maintenance man came and explained why he hadn't been able to pay me and asked for my grocery list. (He borrowed money from me earlier)  Then Scott from the warehouse came in to use the phone and he was leaning over me as though he really liked me. I thought to myself, "I thought that he just got married this weekend, . . .maybe it's next weekend."


4-30-90 - MEDITATION - I was asking about a future place of residence.

I heard "Sheriff's county sale   . . . go forward . . . 85  . . . next year."

I saw some stores on the left and asked if I should go shopping there.

I heard "I paused to see what was written on the gravestones for centuries." I saw a black girl kneel downon one knee in front of a gravestone.

I then saw a black man at my feet on the right and the voice said, "He's only been with us for 3 years."