APRIL, 1992

April 1, 1992 - DREAM - I was living in a house on the zoo grounds. A woman came in and said that the giraffes couldn't find themselves yet because the grass hadn't grown yet. I was looking under a table on the floor for a magazine that had a clock on the cover, but I didn't find it. I then followed a man whose idea of meditation was to go to the grocery store to buy food.

I woke up, remembered the dream, went back to sleep and the last part of the dream repeated itself. I followed the man to the grocery store. His meditation was to shop for food.


4-1-92 - DREAM - My daughter-in-law Becky was in the hospital in a room with 5 men. They were exchanging blood from one man through a tube in his back to a spot in Becky's back. After that, they intended to do a transfusion with the guy on the other side of her. Becky was feeling faint and weak when they did this and the nurse told her that when she felt that way she should drink a sweet chocolate drink like a malt.


4-1-92 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "After she gets her hormone shot, she'll need to have her blood checked 10 times and I saw a bloody finger that had been pricked for testing.

NOTE:  Becky not only had back surgery... she had 2 vertabrae fused in 1992, then in 1999, she had to go back and have those undone and 5 done at once.  All the shots and blood testing were done over the years just as predicted.


4-2-92 - DREAM - I was two women who were twins. They were each going to have a baby. They were happy about it. I knew I was going to have a baby too. . . across the border in New Madrid, Spain.

I was in an old farmhouse and my co-worker Rochelle and her family were out in the yard barbecuing. I was told by Dan (my maintenance man) that they should check on the meat before it got overdone. By the time I got to the window to holler out to her, I saw her husband carrying her back to the house. she was sick and throwing up and they had already eaten the meat.

I turned around and saw that the house had accumulated a lot of spider webs, even where people had walked recently, so I took a broom and swept them down.

This was a very poor household. The floors were bare and worn with grey paint on and I swept them too.

I remember going upstairs to visit someone but can't remember who. I had to move things over on the steps because there was no room to walk. I picked up some toys belonging to the children.

At the end I took it upon myself the job of doing the dishes for all these people. The sink was so full I couldn't even get near the water. So I moved a big blue pot and an even bigger silver one so I could begin. The whole kitchen was full of dirty dishes.


4-3-92 - DREAM - I put a gold safety pin into my right ear to clean my ear and when I pulled it out, there was no head on the pin, I had only the shaft in my fingers. I was afraid that the head of the pin was stuck in my ear way down by the ear drum, but when I used a big bobby pin to dig for it, I didn't feel anything. Then I saw the gold head of the safety pin on the floor and hoped and prayed that that was the one I lost.


4-3-92 - MEDITATION - I was relaxing, hoping to sleep a little, and said my 3 'Our Fathers' and began to raise my vibrations.  I saw a large room, surrounded by a brilliant blue velvet curtain. A woman entered, dressed in blue and sat at a little table... like a card table at one corner. I was thinking it was like a real estate office and she was the secretary. Then a tall, handsome, man in a suit came in and went behind the curtain, followed by a shorter, balding man who stood by the woman in blue.

The tall, handsome man pulled aside a portion of the blue curtain and he was sort of standing behind a backdrop like the front of a marionette or puppet theatre. He said to me, "Isn't it nice to know there's always someone available to call when you need help?" I had to agree that it was. He peeked out from another gap in the curtain at the other two people as if to get their approval.

Then a man came down some stairs on the right and said to the woman who had gotten up from her chair and gone over to greet him, "Why don't you send her on up?"

I started to raise my vibrations to do just that when someone knocked on my door and I had to get up and stop meditating.


4-4-92 - DREAM - I was told to write a book for children called "LOVE". It is to be 15 pages long, with one sentence per page. I was given the pages which were clipped to a brown board on top of a closed calendar and it was noted that the calendar was clipped in an inch from the top and that a calendar had never been clipped so far down before. I am to use the pen name "Molena" and it was given to me by "15 1/2 Molena". A few examples of wordings were given to me but they are unremembered. each page should have an illustration behind the sentence that shows the action of the meaning of the sentence. The pages are square like the "Golden books".

I was then instructed to find the phone number of a man by phone named James R. Torsten and give it to another man by phone. He was to call him. I had the number and gave it to the man, but the man said he didn't need the second numbers, he would just throw it away. the names came from two completely different sources. One was white. One was brown and there were no phone numbers. I pasted them together, similar to a phone book. There were two to five names per letter of the alphabet...example... M one source, N second source, 0 1st source, P second source...The second source had no numbers they had to be obtained by other means and then written in and thereby the number for James R. Torsten had to be dictated to me.  His number was 549-6133


4-4-92 - DREAM - Everyone in our area who was tested for AIDS tested false positive. That included me.

I was shown a map of Finland on the TV news. There was so much snow on the mountains, a huge avalanche came down and cut through a dam and caused several towns to be flooded out and many people died.

Pakistan Avalanche Story - 1992

The Finland avalanche links were in Finnish so I couldn't read them. :-(


4-7-92 - DREAM - I was on a spaceship. We were getting ready to go on a little jaunt to explore some space property for a vacation.

There were several rooms on the passenger floor. There were 9 people in our section...3 people per seat. They were like bus seats...three on a side...three across from me on the other side and three on the seat on the end between us.  There were other sections on our floor and you could go to other sections by going through a solid door into a hallway and then into another sealed section.

On this trip, we were waiting for a space prince and his sister to come and inspect our ship before we took off.

I them both in the corridor. She seemed pretty at first glance but then opened her mouth to reveal buck teeth with rubber band braces holding them down.

In the roof of our section was a window through which we could see other sky phenomena and other space ships coming in. I could see rocket flares in the sky where rockets were coming in. Some of us were quite scared and I accepted the care of a very young child and warned him that there might be a time that he might have to pretend he was dead and hold his breath if I told him to.  He agreed that he would be able to manage it.

My mother and father were in another section there. Prior to this I saw a spaceman who we captured and we tried to kill him with a surgery bomb, but he escaped from us. The bomb was useless and never went off.

We were terrified of what we were about to experience but some women astronauts got into my section and assured me that there was nothing to worry about and that we wouldn't get hurt.


4-7-92 - DREAM - I was in a house sorting laundry, picking out the red clothes to wash. the date was the 19th.

I was then on the phone with a woman whom I believe was in Cincinnati, who sent as a set of the original C.D. materials and we were cleaning up the charges for that. I told her that we had a very much appreciated her digging out those materials for us.

When I got off the phone, I was in an office where four men worked. They weren't speaking to each other. To communicate, they left little notes on the windows that faced out from their desks and we'd have to go read them. There was one in each direction. One window high up had a sign that said, "Board Room' in brown and a little note said, "Don't leave any notes here."

I went to the kitchen then because I had caught up on all my work, but didn't want to be idle so I began to wash down all the counters, wiping off all the pink soda marks, leaving behind the white counter. I heard the family coming home from shopping. I thought to myself, "I don't like it if they question why I'm not working at my desk and accuse me of derelict of duty, and I wouldn't like it if they tease me for cleaning up the kitchen, but wouldn't it be nice if they appreciated what I did for them?" and at that point I gathered up all the blue hot pads to use when dinner was cooked.


4-7-92 - MEDITATION - I called the spirit of Torsten (means Hill Stone - 547-6133) (This could mean 'precious gem or a great generator of energy)  a man came and dug two forkfuls of cooked white cauliflower off of a cauliflower head. Somehow that didn't seem right, so I called him again and this time, a fork came down from the top into a similar looking vegetable, but it was purple, and he said, "When there is no affection...there is Love!"


4-8--92 - MEDIATION - I called Babaji and James R. Torsten.  A voice said, " I could have locked and closed the door!"  I then saw myself wearing an old fashioned peasant type dancing costume with a blue jacket, and a red, white, and blue pin striped flared dress, and heard the words, "I'm dancing!".  A voice said, "Bill should go!" I saw a white curtain open with a red light display in brilliant red in a pin ball type cabinet. I then saw Tom in a room with Christmas decorations and red and white lights. It was all lights, the tree, the snowman, etc. Solid red and white lights. A voice said, "it's going to cost $100." Tom said, "I know that."

I asked about the 8th of September and three women came out of a room on the left. One was short and very buxom. They were all wearing long red and black checked flannel nightgowns or robes and sneaking down the hall towards me.  I asked about the 8th of September again. The three women were now seated and said, "In 1993?" I said, "No! 1992".  They said, "It'll be put off a year. It'll just go from one aggression to another.

The next scene was a huge calculator set into a ceiling. I asked,"Does this involve Michael McGee?"  They said, "Yes! It does!"

NOTE:  Michael McGee was a black politician in the city of Milwaukee who was using threats of violence to create change in the city to force the people to accept blacks as equals. He threatened that the change had to be made by 1995, but by then, he had been arrested for violent acts against the public and his major threats were never carried out. He had lost face in the public eye by then, though he had a radio show on a black station. I never listened to his rhetoric.


4-8-92 - DREAM of my son Tom -  Tom was in a room and a man with a white robe with long hair and a small beard. Tom recognized him as Jesus. Tom immediately dropped to his knees and bowed and said, "Master!"  The man in the robe put his hand on Tom's forehead and said, "I want you to do something!"  Tom looked up and Jesus pointed to a man who Tom recognized as a man he works with. Jesus said, "Go help that man!"  (He didn't indicate what kind of help the man needed). Tom woke up then and he kept his awareness about the man and talks to him frequently to see if he needs help with anything.


4-9-92 - DREAM - I was at home and lacerated my left foot. It didn't seem very bad so I didn't do anything about it. However, as the day went by, the cut seemed deeper and deeper and wider and wider. If dirt got into it I cleaned it out, but figured it would heal on its own. I put on white shoes to hold it together because my foot was nearly severed in half, if I didn't keep the shoes on.

The next day, my Father was taking care of a baby and her left thumb got a tiny pin prick. He handed me the baby and commanded me to take her to the hospital for treatment immediately. I took the baby and needed to change it into clean clothes from brown pants to white ones. When I tried to change the diaper, the baby got a grip on those pins so hard, I couldn't wrestle them away from her.

I thought about her small injury in comparison to mine and knew that if she needed treatment, I certainly did. the only problem was, my severe laceration was healed over already the way it was cut and the only way it could be sewed back together would be to cut the wounds open and then sew the foot shut so it could heal. The other alternative was to keep my white shoes on.

NOTE: This was about emotional and psychological problems I was dealing with about my failed marriage and emotional trauma I was suffering from due to that.


4-9-92 - DREAM - I was on my way to school and decided I should visit my son Ken who was staying with some other people. I was crossing the street and the man of the house came out on the porch and waved to me. He was wearing a yellow shirt.

I went upstairs to the porch, the upstairs again to the next level where my son was laying in bed. He was sweating profusely under a brown blanket. I asked him how he as and he showed me that he was flat, but very wide. There was no depth to him. I was very concerned, but he said, "Now! Don't you worry, if I need to use any of my limbs, I merely need to put pressure on that area, and it pumps up the muscles to become powerful. He then demonstrated how he could put pressure on various areas and pump them up. He was then extremely muscular. Then he showed me a room next to his where if a muscle got pumped up too big, he merely went to that spot int he machine, put the limb in and the machine released the pressure until it was normalized.


4-9-92 - MEDITATION - I saw a stack of black calendars that were closed. I heard, "The end of the ____ testing is April 22nd and 23rd."

NOTE: I don't know what that referred to but assume it was something about myself.


4-10-92 - DREAM - I was in a small town. A three ring circus was coming to town and everyone was excited about it. The front runner salesman went around putting up posters and selling advance tickets. Many people paid a lot of money for their tickets. Then, that night the circus trailers pulled into town and lined up along the road next to a big field and said that they would set up early the next morning.  Then the people bought more advance tickets. Night came. The people went to bed anticipating seeing the circus the next day. Morning broke and people came out of their houses and walked out to the field where the circus was to be held. They couldn't believe their eyes. All the trailers were gone and so was their money. And where were the circus people? A hundred miles down the road, pulling the scam on the next town of gullible people.


4-10-92 - MEDITATION - Q. Who or what is James R. Torsten? (549-6133) A. "He is an angel of Light!"  Q. Why was TM to be given his name and number?  A. To give definition to his life. He has experience much negativity of late and Torsten was given to uplift him.


4-11-92 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. Our property was on the side of a big hill. There were trees growing on the upper portion of the hill. In between the trees was planted a garden of reddish colored plants set in such that it made a big red heart, and the top most plant was the plant that was the most perfect with the leaves in the shape of a heart. It was so beautiful and so outstandingly breathtaking that I made a special trip out into the yard to look at it. There was a narrow doorway through the trees where a person could look through to see the garden and it could be seen from a long distance away because it was so high up the hill. When I saw the garden, I was so taken a way with its beauty. I thought we ought to perhaps widen the doorway so more people could see the garden.


4-11-92 - DREAM - I was in the New Berlin house. I gave my son Michael a white book which was akin to a bible title Dynamic ______. The book had been given to me, but there was a price to pay for having it. Inside the book, I signed it over to him, then wrote down the list of payments to be made. Underneath that, in pencil, the price I had ultimately paid for the book.

I looked over to another room where Asa Buchanan (from One Life To Live TV show) and his daughter Vicky were arguing over the cost of something. She was refusing to pay it. There was a secret trap door built under the big brown desk he sat at and for punishment for her refusal to pay the cost, he took a big board and hit at the floorboards until the floor with the secret trap door gave way and I saw Asa Buchanan, the desk, his daughter, and then ultimately, the house fell down into the huge smoky cavern below.


4-12-92 - DREAM - I was working in an office. I was asked to get some copies made of some blueprints for a man who was trying to become the CEO of our company. There was something about him I didn't like, but I couldn't quite put my finger on. He was a shrewd business man and had been CEO of other companies and I wondered why he changed around so much. Then I found out that he wrote his contracts in pencil and there were tiny bugs crawling all over them, that he underbid jobs just to get them, and then he negotiated for the other side and would charge too much and wouldn't even come down a couple dollars and would cause the people who might buy his product to rebel and go on strike against his company. I saw a full page newspaper ad about him being in charge of a cosmetic company and I went to see him in his office. I saw that he changed his hairdo to suit the person he was talking to, so that they would like him. He had hundreds of photographs of himself ready to mail out. He thought he was quite a handsome man. I saw on the photographs a man who was overly tanned, swarthy and terribly wrinkled from over-exposure to the sun. He looked very familiar to me. His name was H. Ross Perot and his running mate's name was Walter "Heist"!

NOTE: H. Ross Perot ran for president in 1992.


4-13-92 - DREAM - I went from my house in town to a farm where R.T. lived. He was mowing lawn in neat little rows between and around buildings. He allowed me some space to grow roses on his farm.

I went back home and found out that his younger brother was going to pay him a visit, so I went back to the farm to tell R.T. the news so he could be prepared. Nobody prepared me for what he had done. The entire farm was painted lemon yellow with the exception of the roofs of the coffee carafe shaped storage building which was bright yellow.

I was amazed and surprised. It was beautiful, but I told him that he had to have a contrasting color. I tried to think what would be best and I imagined some red or some brown, but it would still be too much yellow. The only color that was suitable would be green, the way it was supposed to be.


4-13-92 - DREAM - I was in the back seat of a car being driven by my painter B.G. We were on the way to work and we stopped to buy gas. A big white car pulled up next to us and a swarthy man got out and came over to B.G. and started harassing him for some money. He looked like an underworld character. I got mad and grabbed the guy's tie and jerked hi head into the car and hung onto the tie real tight. I told the man, "If you don't stop bothering B.G., I'm going to tie a knot in your tie around the door post here, and then we're going to drive down the street with you dragging alongside."

The man looked genuinely scared and was pulling back. I let go of his tie suddenly and he flew back and ran back to his car.

I looked on the floor for my brown purse and it wasn't there. I knew I didn't have any money anyway. B.G. said, "Let's get out of here quick!" and we drove fast out of the lot, merging with cars coming from the right with their lights on.

Instead of going to the right. . .to work. . . we went the other way. . .just to get away from the bad guy, and I thought to myself, "I'm going to have to get a regular job on the west side and get away from here." I planned to find my Employment section in the newspaper immediately.


4-13-92 - DREAM  - I was in an auditorium with my daughter-in-law Becky. We were in the last row. Some kids were going to perform. I was handed a microphone and a piece of paper and I guess that I was expected to sing along. But when they started singing, I didn't know the words and by the time I found the words on the paper by listening to Becky, it was almost over. I was glad to get out of there.


4-14-92 - MEDITATION - I was raising my vibrations. I saw myself in a large cement basement with a man who was preparing to do photographs. A heavier man with white hair came in and said to me, "This is for my book."  Then another white haired man came into the room with a buxom woman with dark hair in an upsweep hairdo, wearing a black evening gown, low cut. He had her by the hand and he was holding her right hand up in the air. She had a big smile on her face.


4-14-92 - MEDITATION / DREAM - I was distressed because I was alone at 2:30 a.m., so I called several masters for comfort. TM came. He said, "I want to show you that I'm for real and unzipped his trousers to prove his sexual self-discipline and as soon as he did that, I set out to undo his self-discipline. I cannot recall how it ended, but I enjoyed my part.

My next memory was of myself, sitting on a couch naked in front of the TV feeling very sexually aroused. I had a white sheet held up to my right side so people couldn't see me if they looked in the window.

There was a mirror attached to the wall, up high so I could see my back door which opened up through a long hallway to a bar connected to a men's gymnasium.

I glanced up once and saw a young black man in the mirror, but he retreated. I wasn't afraid. No one had ever bothered me.

Suddenly then, a young woman came rushing in, followed by several extremely muscular men who had been working out in the gym, followed by drinks at the bar. They had encouraged her to help them gain entrance to my apartment so they could rape me. I grabbed the sheet and drew it around me and went to the door and managed to deadbolt the against them. The girl remained in my apartment and I told her to dial 911. She ran for the phone and I thought she had dialed the number, but when I saw a guy come up to the front door, I didn't trust her and dialed 911 myself. The operator came on and asked for my address. I was extremely upset and I laboriously managed to come up with S61 W19525 L _ _ _ Rd. She had it on her screen anyway and realizing how upset I was, she said, "Okay! I know where you are. The Sheriff is at your door."  The Sheriff and several women came in. I had to answer questions, sign my name on some papers. It was at that point that the young girl's name was Nancy and she was a rape counselor and she was the one the guys had egged on to gain access to my apartment. The other woman's name was Carol. She said that I would be scheduled for rape counseling the following week. The Carol wanted me to go into the bar and identify the men who had tried to enter my apartment. I was reluctant, but she said that I had to. I indicated to Nancy to come along because she had met the men in the bar and knew who they were. She said, "No! No! I can't! They could do me in and indicated with her hand that they would slit her throat.

So, I put ona brown, floor length wrapper that had little yellow flowers all over it. I was still barefoot and I saw in the mirror that I had long blonde hair, tied back with a blue ribbon. I was very thin and I held my head high with dignity. I felt very beautiful. Together, Carol and I went down the long hallway to the bar. The place was crowded with businessmen in suits. The men I was looking for were all seated at a big round table. I could tell which ones were the muscle men because the suits didn't hide their big muscular shoulders and arms. I said to Carol, "Okay! Tell them to take off their clothes." The men got all indignant and upset. They wanted me to identify them with their clothes on. I knew that was impossible, because I had seen them with their clothes off, tanned, and rippling muscles.

While they were protesting, I saw that a couple of them were barefoot and had tanned feet and I noted that to Carol but that wasn't good enough.

So, as I sat down in disappointment, Carol came over to me and hugged me and started kissing me all over my forehead, the top of my head and my cheeks and indicated that henceforth, she was going to be my best friend and was going to take care of me.  I suddenly realized that Carol was Lesbian and she had her own motives for being nice to me. I thanked her for her help, which was next to nothing and headed back to my apartment through the crowd of men. They were all watching me and I kept my dignity and my head held high.

Carol trailed behind me, trying to come up with interesting ideas that she could do things with me the following week.

I had my own agenda and discouraged her. A couple of old men wanted to interview me and wanted to know who I knew in New York. I made up stuff and named people I had seen on TV and whole interview turned into a farce of make-believe and even the men turned out to be phonies. They just wanted to talk to me.


4-14-92 - MEDITATION WITH SOME SPECIAL TAPES - I saw an old man. He told me that the tapes were worthless and that if he wanted to learn to be psychic, he could write the words out and read them to himself. I then saw a square box with a white form wrapped around a black square. I knew that the black square was the old man. My vision then zoomed in on the black square. I took the outer black cover off and began re-tuning the inner coils of the black tubes inside to accept the teachings on the tape. As the tape went on, my ears honed in sharply on the spoken words behind the singing while I alternately saw the white form around the black tube which I continually tuned as the words were spoken.


4-14-92 - DREAM - I was on the phone, explaining to TM how the process of the tape (see above) had worked. TM was joking about the girl's red dress had gotten taken away, and I said, "yes! Your'e right. The girl took off her red dress and it was put into the washing machine and it turned white."

Sitting with me, on the floor, was the comedian Bill Murray. I was holding his right hand with my left. On TM's phone line, a man named Ross butted in and Bill Murray told him to hang up his extension and that he'd get right back to him.

On my end, the other phone rang and I heard M..B. put a message on the answering machine that she was going to call H.'s Locksmith supply. I had a message to give to her about that from my boss Tom, so I had to wake up to do that in the physical.


4-15-92 - DREAM - I had three more yellow dreams. One was of a yellow layer cake which was chewed off in one bite as the left half was just slightly more than half and the right half was just slightly less than half. The frosting was chocolate brown on the top and between 7 layers.

The second one was of 7 brilliant yellow grilled cheese sandwiches set out in the rain, so that when they were picked up, you could see 7 sandwiches with the lines of brown toast between them.

The third was of the cheese smeared on a piece of tablet paper so that the left half was slightly more than half and the right half was slightly less then half with blue lines running through it.

I also had a blue dream where Barbie dolls were being remodeled. Their hair was like blue iris flowers and in that case too there was more on the left than on the right.


4-15-92 - DREAM - I was in a recreation room where there was video game of bowling. It used a real bowling ball which you bowled into a gold box. The movement and spin on the ball caused the computer to activate and the direction of the ball registered on a row of four videos on the left side set of panels. When the ball reached the pins on the top row the computer registered which pins had been knocked down and a series of dials on the right side registered the score, what was left to knock down and if it was a two player game had spaces to register the second person as they bowled.


4-16-92 - DREAM - I was in a big courtroom and there were many judges or officials there up in front Lyndon Baines Johnson came in and LBJ kissed full on the mouth like he was in love with him. He asked me to do something for him I had  silver key and let myself into the back room which was a long hallway behind the podium. There was a young man sitting on a chair back there waiting for LBJ. I just got out of there as quick as I could.


4-16-92 - DREAM - I was with some judges. I had sent a note to one of the female judges and was waiting for a response. She came to me with it and said she could make out one of the words. It was the word 'TWIN'. Shew as wearing one of my green skirts. I was also wearing a green and blue plaid skirt which I took off and stapled shut at the top and packed into a box which was going to be put away in the attic. She took off her green skirt and similarly packed it away. She made a remark about the word ' TWIN' and said she had been concerned that she had been wearing my clothes for 3 years and missed something. I laughed and said, "I get a lot out of my clothes, don't I?"


4-16-92 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji and James R. Torsten - I heard in response, "The time is not right".


4-17-92 - DREAM - I was in prison and I had to learn the rules of discipline, learn how to signal that I wanted to go to the bathroom, how to treat the other inmates, the rules of respect. I worried how I was going to get enough to eat so I wouldn't get sick from low blood sugar.


4-17-92 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji and Archangel Raphael to go to the astral healing temple because of my left shoulder pain. I heard a voice say, "Plant a seed", I saw a bookshelf with many books being put on the top shelf, all the way to the ceiling. Then someone handed me a big, red ripe, red tomato.


4-17-92 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house and I was on the telephone with T.M. We were having a wonderful discussion about the future and our relationship with each other. It was a Friday night and the time was 5 minutes to 5. I was surprised that he was still in his office and surmised that he had driven himself to work. We had just agreed that our relationship would work out fine when someone ... a man ... with a soda can came into T.M.'s office and sat down.

T.M. set the phone on the desk, but didn't hang up. I listened, but there was no voices heard. I waited and listened until 5 minutes past 5. I wanted to talk more and he reassured once more that everything would work out fine, and I didn't want to hang up because it was Friday and I had a long weekend to go through alone, but I finally did.

I then went to the basement to finish washing clothes. I got upset because I wanted everything perfect and someone had left two washcloths at the top of the steps. When I reached the bottom of the steps, I heard the dryer running, and I saw that everything was washed and hanging dry from copper pipes along the ceiling. What I saw was a lot of blue mittens and blue and white work socks.

I announced that henceforth, anything that wasn't in the hamper wouldn't get washed.

I saw my daughter-in-law Karen preparing a fish for dinner over in one corner. I put the couple of blue things that I had in my hand into the washer and it was finished.


4-18-92 - DREAM - I had three separate dreams about studying some books called Hector's Design. I could never remember the names of the books or the author from the first two dreams though I had swore at the highschool I was attending that I was going to score an 'A+' on the exam. There were only 2 sets of books in the library so I was going to share the studying with a boy who was also going to take the exam.

In the second dream, I was so upset about not remembering the names of the books or the author, I went up to the teacher's desk and copied the information off of her desk and then I still couldn't remember when I woke up.

So, in the 3rd dream, I finally asked a man in a blue suit, "Who is Hector?" and he told me that he designed farms and farm communities and that he would get me a book that was an overview of the subject and then I could dig into it deeper.


4-17-92 - MEDITATION - Q. What is wrong with my shoulder and what should I do about it?

A. "Use blue ointment".


4-19-92 - DREAM - I was looking for property for sale, but everything was so expensive, it seemed quite impossible that we'd ever be able to buy anything. Finally, the real estate agent said that he knew of an entire town that was for sale and the price was only $26,000. He said that we'd have to jump on it quick before some big shot speculator found out about it and the price would go way up. He said that the town was built around a lake that was 40 feet deep. He told me that we should go look at it right away.

When we got there, I knew immediately why it was so cheap. All of the people were poor blacks and all the white people had moved away. There was even a big brick school that had people living in it. The lake was choked with weeds because nobody took care of it.

The opportunity was fantastic because all it would take was someone who cared and a lot of hard work and it would be a wonderful place to live.

I saw a car full of white kids, all dressed up in suits ready to go to school for the 1st day of school. The youngest boy was crying because he was scared to go to school with black kids, but I knew that by the end of the day, he'd be smiling and happy because he'd have a whole bunch of new friends.


4-21-92 - I heard a loud noise outside, then had this dream:

DREAM - I had two dreams in which someone tried to sell me 5 shapeless objects of lemon yellow.

I lay on my back and felt pain in my shoulder.

DREAM - Someone came to me and tried to sell me the lower half of an orange carrot.


4-21-92 - MEDITATION - Q. When is Wesak this year?

A. It is gradually changing because of planetary influences. I saw the dates May 8th and then May 7th.


4-21-92 - MEDITATION - I was raising my vibrations and watching doors opening up and heard ' August 1st thru August 27th".  I asked, "What is happening then?"  A. "This is the 1st time we will be starting an earthquake."

Actual result: An earthquake of M 4.2 occurred on August 26,1992 in Daixian,apart from Taiyuan about 140 km. An other earthquake of M 6.0 occurred on August 31,1992 in the margin of North China (East longitude1 10.3 degree ,North latitude 43.9degree).

West of the Red Rock valley region, along the Montana-Idaho border, the frequency of recent seismicity decreases markedly. Only two events in the Leadore, Idaho region (figure 12) have sufficient data to permit fault-plane solutions. The 28 August 1992 earthquake is notable because of its lack of associated events and its magnitude of 4.0.

The MS = 7.3 Suusamyr earthquake of 19 August 1992 was a large, thrust-type earthquake in the northern Tien Shan of Kyrgyzstan, an intracontinental mountain belt in central Asia.

Mount Spurr in Alaska August 18 1992 eruption. The earthquake activity did not change in the days or hours before the eruption and scientists did not issue a specific warning before the eruption occurred. ]


4-22-92 - DREAM - I was taking over a white house I had just bought. There were many apartments in the house and there was a good side and a bad side. Before I even moved in, I evicted everyone who lived on the bad side. There were men, women, and children. They looked like poor whites. Some official went to the top floor and herded them all out at once.

I then went to inspect the building and met the people on the good side of the house. They were very nice people, some from every nation, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

I looked at the plumbing facilities on the bad side. The people just used buckets underneath the toilet seats and didn't have plumbing. My comment was, "At least they didn't have bugs."

I went to my apartment, one that was very familiar and have been in many times before. When I've been there, it had many wonderful rooms, living quarters, that any person who would ooh and aah over. I always had loved looking at it. NOw that I owned it, I thought to myself what a good time I would have furnishing it, a piece at a time as I could afford.

But, when I went to look at the rooms, to my dismay, the rooms were full of furniture, unmatched, and just setting around any old way like an antique storage room.

I looked at the furniture, and there was nothing wrong with it, but it was of varying styles and wasn't coordinated and nothing stood against the walls where it belonged. So, that would be the first thing I had to do, was to look it all over, sort it, try to coordinate it, and put it where it belonged.


4-22-01 - DREAM  I was in my house cleaning.  There was an incident with a cake which I was moving frosting from one part to another and another woman was begging for the frosting and I admonished her.

At the end, I was on 17th and center, watching a woman making her way down to 17th and Clark, to see what she was going to do with a car we knew was parked there.


4-24-01 - MEDITATION - I asked to go to the healing temple and got frustrated because of outdoor noise. A voice said, "Don't throw that at Don williams, you have a husband to take care of."


4-25-92 - MEDITATION - I heard ' Loops ' I heard "Zapharias Cathedral 549-4900, I heard "why was Murphy's negatives fictitious?"  I heard, "Oh! You're going to have a baby."  I heard, "You didn't tell us you were pregnant."


4-26-92 - DREAM - I was in an office and I found an old small desk that no one was using. So I refinished the top so it was shiny and smooth so I could write on the top smoothly and then had a telephone installed with a line draped over the wall directly to T.M. so we could talk directly.

Then my Father came home from the hospital. He had had a heart transplant. He saw my newly refinished desk and gave orders for it to be put into his bedroom upstairs so he could write on it.

I was so disappointed to lose what I had just worked so hard on. But then, when my desk was removed to be installed in my Father's room, in it's place my Father put his big desk which had even more space to write. I was so pleased at the surprise.

My Father came down then and wanted to take the family for a ride in the car. He tried to drive the car but he couldn't get it going. He had just had that heart transplant and I was afraid it might be rejected while he was driving, so I asked him if he would like me to drive. He agreed, but it was just him and me in the two seater vehicle.

I asked him where he wanted to go. He said, "Howell and Kinnikinnic, a street in New Berlin and then back to Howell and Kinnikinnic. That was to facilitate repairs on the car.

So I got behind the wheel. I had great difficulty finding the brake pedal because I was too close to the dashboard, so I moved the seat back and then headed out National ave. towards New Berlin.

I was driving along too fast for conditions, passing people and getting back in my lane just in time. My Father commented on the size of the hills alongside the road. Big wooden fences had been erected on them at the tops so they looked higher than they really were and I told my Father that they had just been remodeled.

As we got farther and farther out into the country, there were white lines alongside the pavement for guidance and I somehow missed a right hand curve in the road and ended up driving in a field alongside the road on the left.

I needed to turn the car around and get back on track, but now the car wouldn't restart. I was in K-Mart and there were lotus shaped flames on the wall and on a big brown table, but even though I put the car directly over the flame, it wouldn't start.

My brother came along to rescue me and asked me if I had driven over any white lines with the car, because white lines were put around everything to protect them from harm.

I had to admit that I had driven over a white line when I was driving too fast. So, my car wouldn't be able to be started again until some adjustments or amends were made and then my car would start again.


4-26-92 - MEDITATION - I was taken by a woman into a room with a huge table in the center. I said, "Oh, a room full of diamonds."  A voice said, "Hah! I takes 50 years to prove a diamond."

I asked, Q. What is the significance of April 17th, 22, and 23rd for T.M.? A. Christopher Columbus was for April 23rd.  Q. I said, "I'm sorry. I'm not sure if I understood that correctly. Did you say Christopher Columbus?"  A. "I'm sorry, but I never repeat myself."

Vision: I saw Martin Luther King, Jr, bigger than life, standing behind a podium on a stage, ready to make a speech. His body was all sparkly with energy pulses so I knew he was on another higher level. I wondered who he was going to speak through.

This could also refer to this: 1-15-90 - Meditation - While I lay there, this thought came to me, "Martin Luther King is the reincarnation of the Jesus Personality."

NOTE: This was NOT the Second Coming of Christ.


4-26-92 - I saw some lines and dividings across the screen of my own life that meant to me that there were being some changes made.


4-26-92 - DREAM - I wanted to call my friend Alyse on the phone on the wall after I listened to my Father ranting and raving like he always did. He had just come home from the hospital and he was out in the garage with my Aunt Cora and my mother and my Father was telling my Aunt Cora that the things she did proved that she was mentally retarded. I was so upset that I wished they would take my Father back to the hospital. I explained this to Alyse after the phone went through recordings of other people on the line including my daughter-in-law Becky and some other women. Alyse said, "I was done with that years ago."  and I knew that her mother had died many years ago. I also realized that my Father had died 18 years ago and I was still dealing with the things he said and they were still disturbing to me.

I was looking out into my yard and A-C was the next building over and I wanted to talk to T.M. , but his boss walked into the building so I knew that was impossible.

There was another girl I thought of that I'd like talk to, but I saw her zipping by out of the A-C building, carrying a bay dressed in blue She was on roller skates and went by so fast, before I could call her name, she was gone out of sight.

I felt bad that I had no one to talk to about my experiences.

NOTE:  In 2001, I still don't have anyone to talk to about my experiences.  :-(


4-26-92 - MEDITATION - Energy that is not used by you, continues on to be used by others.


4-27-92 - DREAM - This was more like an astral experience.  The girl from 218 came into the apartment and was looking through my drug bag for some kind of pain killers. She didn't find any, because i don't have any. I didn't yell at her or anything, but when she left, I get up out of bed to go see if she had closed the apartment door to the hallway. As I made my way to the door, I found gifts that she had left behind relating to East ... a big bunny rabbit, a basket of eggs and candy and some other more valuable gifts I couldn't recall.

When I got to the door, another tenant said that the police were down at the end of the hall with a girl manacled to some bars and asked if I could come down and identify her since she was hysterical and couldn't talk and she had a screaming baby with her that no one could quiet either.

I said, "Wait a minute, I need to get a robe on and went to my closet and pulled out a muumuu type dress I think was black and white, but not sure. (I don't really own one)

I went down to the end of the hall and found the girl crying her heart out hysterically on a bed and her baby doing the same on the bed next to her.

I simply asked her, "Where are you from?" and she responded simply, "From the South of france, and I don't know where I am."
I said, "We'll help you."  I leaned over to pick up the baby and the people behind me said, "Nobody can pick him up, he just screams all the louder."

I raised the baby to a sitting position and he stopped crying, eyeing me warily.

I asked the mother if I could pick him up. She said, "Yes, but he doesn't take to strangers very well."  

I picked him up then and held him at eye level and he broke into a big smile.

Everyone oohed and aaahed at his reacting to me.  So I talked some baby talk to him and he just kept right on smiling. The mother was so grateful, she stopped crying and became calmer too.  

I told the police that everything would be all right and I would take care of things, so they left.


4-27-92 - DREAM - My mother-in-law called and told me that Ed had escaped from prison in Illinois. I turned on the radio to hear that a man in Illinois had gone over the wall of a prison and disappeared.

I knew that he would come to my house to hide out. I called my mother-in-law back to confirm her news. She told me then that Ed had been paroled. I still felt he would try to find me.

NOTE: I was in hiding from him during this time


4-28-92 - DREAM - I was making preparations at my 16th St. house to make it into a group home. There was a lot of work to be done and people volunteered to help and it included taking down some old gnarled trees to make way for new communication lines.

I had an appointment with a judge who was going to come by a give final approval when I saw E. King coming along the street. (A man who lived in my building)  He was bringing home decorations for his house and was being followed by more and more people as he went along. I went out to the sidewalk to greet him and the others, saw him demonstrate his singing voice and thought, "What an ego problem." and ignored it as did everyone else. As he moved on to his house which was next door to mine, I carried the frame for an antique mirror that he was going to have installed which would be one foot thick.

The front stairs were icy and the wooden boards of the steps were loose and sagging. I saw that E. King had a beautiful black woman at his side and knew that I could no compete with that.

I carried the mirror frame inside the house and took a tour. The livingroom was festooned with strings of Christmas tree lights and the diningroom had a big round brown table decorated with a pyramid of little cute stuffed animals.

There was another hidden livingroom beyond closed off by glass doors and carpeted in light blue. There was no furniture in it and no one had gone that way, everyone having gone upstairs to the bedroom.

I didn't want to become an E.King groupie, so I went back to the front door to keep my appointment with the judge. As I got to the door, someone who I didn't see said, "That's what's good about the board of judges, they are impartial and fair."  I was glad of that and went back to my own house.

NOTE: I wondered if E.King represented the second coming of Jesus Christ.


4-29-92 - DREAM - I was given a big plate full of mashed potatoes by a female relative (Gertie B.) The masters put a gold seal on top of the potatoes which looked rather Aztec or Mayan. It consisted of four intricately etched vertical ovals side by side, with 2 horizontal ovals above and 2 horizontal ovals below.  (It was wider than it was tall)

Afterwards, I wrote her a long thank you letter. We were going to visit her, but wondered if I should take my children with me. My daughter was around two years old, dressed in pink, but her face sometimes appeared beautiful and sometimes ugly and my son Mike was 6'4" tall. I didn't know if they would be welcome.


4-30-92 - DREAM - Somebody said, "Look at the treasure you have," and I washed cooked onion slices down the drain.

DREAM - I was at a boys camp run by priests. They had their stone buildings so built up no one could get near the lake and we wanted to walk along the shore. There was a passageway window built into a high stone wall and we opened a door that blocked it and looked through. Boys on the other side were playing baseball and other games with balls. It seemed that that they had 10 tries to get the ball to the goal, but none of them were able to do it. The number 10 was consistent throughout this portion.

I wasn then in my 16th St. house in bed and the door buzzer rang. I went to the intercom to see who was there. No one answered, but I could hear yelling and hollering nd glass breaking in the backyard.

I wondered if I should call 911 for help for the people, but decided to look out the window first. My own window didn't have a proper view, so I went into the bedroom on the right to look out. I had to wade barefoot in knee high snow to get to the window and saw out on the street, a man throwing rocks and bottles at a car and people were screaming, so I knew I had to call 911 to help them.

NOTE:  It seems that the ball game might be consistent with the Mayans who had a base 10 numerical system.