APRIL, 1993

4-3-93 - DREAM - I got on the elevator to go down to my office.When it got to the 1st floor, it stopped and the inner-door opened but the outer door didn't. Then the elevator descended to the basement, but the door there didn't open either. Then it descended down to the bottom which made the floor of the basement about 4 feet up. I tried to ring the emergency bell but it only buzzed weakly. I pounded on the door but there was no one out there to help me. Finally, someone out in the hall heard me and pried the door open. I asked her to bring me a chair to step on so I could get out and that's what she did.


4-3-93 - DREAM - I was at A-C and had just come back from being sick and I was behind on my work. Four women walked past me in the hall wearing long dark green choir robes. I went to my desk and opened a drawer. There were some impeller blueprints in there. I was supposed to have mailed them out and didn't. There was also a list of blueprint numbers. I hadn't yet gotten them made. I didn't want my boss to know because we should have been getting bids on them already and here I still hadn't sent them out.

People had been putting flowers in vases on my desk while I was gone and I had to move all these and then go and get the blueprints. On the way, I lost one of the numbers.

On the way down the hall, I passed T.M.'s office. He saw me and started to stand up to acknowledge my return but he couldn't leave his office because the 4 women in the green choir robes were sitting in 4 church pews lined up in front of his desk.

I went on down the hall past Mining Systems. None of the people there had anything to do and I was glad I didn't work there.

Coming back down the hall, I stopped in the blueprint room to get my copies printed but I had to find that last number.

I could hear people talking about some of their crazy dreams and they were laughing about them. I wondered if I should tell them about my elevator dream, and see if anyone could tell me what it meant.

I didn't do it and got back to my desk, looking for that number. I finally found it and at the same time, an engineer came up to my desk with a number on a piece of paper which was under 'LOCK' and the number 12. The number was 11011101. I told him I needed him to go to a hardware store and get me those 12 locks because it would save me untold hours of work with getting the impeller drawings to the vendors.

NOTE: the number 11011101 - 221 in binary numbers.

In the Bible concordance - 221 is Uri - which was the son of Judah who helped to prepare the tabernacle.


4-4-93 - DREAM - I was living in a small town, upstairs from a paint and hardware store. I was shown a series of products relating to the business, stacked up in black boxes.

My apartment was upstairs, the stairway was hidden and very few people knew how to get up there.

I was engrossed in telling some people about the products as I walked down theighway. I finally realized I was getting pretty far from home, so I let them continue on down the highway and I turned back to walk to town. walking on the highway was illegal obviously and I wasn't dressed for being outdoors.

A woman in a yellow station wagon stopped to pick me up at the same time another woman decided to report me to the police. I got int he yellow car and she drove me home. We could hear sirens coming. I jumped out of the yellow car and was headed across the parking lot towards the hardware store when the police car went by. I don't think they saw me at that point. I was hoping I could get in the door before they did.

Another dream? (I went to a high school reunion where picures of people were marked with stickers that said, 'DEAD' so we wouldn't hut anyone's feelings by asking, "How is 'So & So'.")


4-6-93 - DREAM - I was sitting on the livngroom floor crocheting a rug in white and then yellow. When it was large enough, it became a car which T.M. drove to put in his garage to keep it safe. T.M. drove and I sat in the back seat. We pulled into the alley where all the garages were yellow and white also. T.M. was able to maneuver the car very easily. I was told somehow that T.M.'s car was worth $63 million dollars.


4-7-93 - DREAM- T.M. was working to heal something on my foot, while I was removing what looked like a tiny, tiny, wart from the end of my thumb. We were both successful.


4-7-93 - DREAM - I was at north Division High School on 12th and Center which was like an apartment building. I went to look at some apartments which I had occupied previously and now other people were in 21-4, 19-4, and 11-4. These numbers were very important and I turned the numbers around like dates, 4-11, 4-19, and 4-21.

I was going to walk home then to my 16th St. house and on the way, I stopped on Center St. at a woman's center. I walked in and on some tables were knitted garments, put there for like a rummage sale. I looked at some of them and they were so beautiful. I checked one for size. It was 24, and I cheered out loud that they had my size.

I sat down at a table to wait for other people to arrive before they started a meeting, and I saw in a huge auditorium hall next door, some men were rehearsing for a church service. There was a long rope attacked to the ceiling and some people were hanging on the bottom, training for the service participation, they were swinging in long arcing ovals.

I thougth to myself, "That the problem with churches.they take so long, because they have to go through certain rtiruals that are so time-consuming." I thought about that as a bad thing, but then thought, "Well, our church will have to have certain rituals too. All of them do."

I went to the door to watch the practice. These people came down from the rope, laughing. Their mother hadn't joined them. She was upset at what seemed like a waste of time to her. They were ecstatically happy for having tried it.

As I turned to go back to my seat, I heard one of the men ask about Ed and what his problem might be. I got back to the table and a loudspeaker overhead was broadcasting the men's conversation. I thought to myself, "I left too soon, just when they were talking about something that could have benefitted me." The final analysis was that Ed needs to go to a doctor for an evaluation.

When I got back to the table, the clothes were all gone, and most of the women had gone into an adjoining room for choir rehearsal. The music was beautiful. Because I had left the women's room to see what was going on in the church, I had missed the opportunity to be in the choir.

There were a couple of women at the table who were now like me and they hadn't been invited to joint the choir either.

There was an attendance sign-up sheet on thet able. I reached over to get it to sign my name on it, and my name was already on it. It said, "Dolores Finney, any time you leave before 8 p.m., be sure to sign the sheet first." I signed my name below it, thinking, "I didn't leave, I just went to see what the men were doing."

Just then, the door to the choir room opened up. All this time, the women had been singing like angels. A big black woman was standing in the doorway and she announced, "Welcome to the SHAIHAIS GOD". I tried to relate that to the many names for God in the Bible and finally determined it had to be a different God and woke up.



I was given dates for earthquakes:

August 3rd, September 21st, 1 p.m.

Then I was told, "Do not send applications for jobs in Kent until you are ready to go."


4-10-93 - DREAM - I was starting a new job as an apartment Manager. The boss told me that he wanted me to move into apartment 508. So I took the keys and a man took me up there in the elevator.

The maintenance man was working on something right by the door. There wree decorations there like a lobby would be, with a fake tree. I was thinking that people would be impressed when they came to see me.

I used the key to enter the apartment. I wasn't impressed with it's size. I noted that outside it was twilight.

The apartment had furniture in it. I kept asking the maintenance man if the apartment was still occupied and where the people were.

The people must have been sleeping. I woke them up, it seemed because they came out of the next room. I apologized profusely for walking into their apartment unnannounced and explained that I thought the apartment was vacant.

I told them that I was supposed to move int it and I asked them when were scheduled to move. I assumed that I would do so by the first.

I was looking at the woman's doll collection. There were quite a few of them. I was looking particularly at the bride dolls which were unusual, because there was a lace panel in front of each one and I was wondering if the lace was hand-made by the woman or not.

NOTE: The lace is the veil/curtain between the bride (the Shekinah) and the perceiver.


4-11-93 - DREAM - I went to a bank with my husband. It had to do with a debt owed. I asked for an accounting of deposits and when I finally received the last page, the balance was $0.00.

NOTE: This was about 'karma'.


4-11-93 - (date mentioned - in a previous dream. I began to feel nauseous in the morning and extremely achy all over. I insisted that I had demanded that I stay healthy until Monday. All symptoms went away.


4-11-93 - MEDITATION - I raised my vibrations. I saw a woman very close up who looked a great deal like myself. It seemed as though she was holding me in her arms. Then she petted me on the cheek. I could feel it in the physical.


4-11-93 - DREAM - I felt like throwing up when I went to bed. Each dream referred to that and had a number. 11-27-49-51.


4-13-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office and setting up an elaborate bookkeeping system. The main object was to get a date stamper to stamp in the date of checks received in payment. I went to great lengths to demonstrate the practicality of this. The date stamper had a long handle like an old -fashioned ink pen.

At the end of the dream, I was being graded on my bookkeeping book, which also included hand-drawn blueprints of some big buildings I had done myself. My teacher, who was male and sat to my right, said I would get an "A" and he hadn't even seen the whole book or tested my math capabilities yet.


4-14-93 - DREAM - I was helping soemone with something. when I was done, she gave me a check for $155.22. I couldn't figure out why it was such an odd amount. Later on, I was helping out again and right at the end, she gave me a second check and it was for the same amount, $155.22.


4-14-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office and the lady who lived down the road from me drove me home. The next morning, I was getting ready for work and was running late. I was taking care of and had custody of a mixed parentage little boy. He had some really neat black and tan shoes on, but he couldn't wear those to school because the other boys would steal them, so I made him change into some plain black slip on shoes.

I, myself was late and my husband/companion was waiting for us out in the car to drive us to school and work. The doors where I worked were locked at 8:30a because it was too unsafe to leave them unlocked, even during the day, so the only way to get in was with a key. I grabbed a red shortie coat to wear to work, but my keys were in the pocket of the aquar blue coat I had worn the day before. I reached for my blue coat and there was snow still on the right -hand pocket edge that hadn't melted. I grabbed the silver keys from the left pocket and stuffed them into my left-hand pocket of the red coat.

I grabbed my son and he put on a brown jacket and we ran out to the car.

On the way out of the house, I dropped my black purse into a bucket of light blue bleach water as I went by it. That delayed me again, because I had to fish it out, and drain it of all the bleach water. I opened the purse to look at the contests and there were some letters in it that looked slightly smeared, but still readable. I left the purse in the hallway to dry.

When I got outside, the lady down the road wasn't ready for work either. she was wearing a brown coat, and I had to step between the muddy ruts left from the snow melting because there were no plows in their area to plow off snow.

I finally got in the car and we headed for school and work. I was now wearing a long brown coat and I remembered distinctly putting on the short red coat that had large black barred buttons on it that rubber band clasps slipped over.

I was puzzling over this as my husband was driving up a long, heavily curved road along the mountainous hills. We got ot the intersection where a larger highway was. The roads were so curved here, that the road to the right was obscured by a curve. I was concerned that we might get hit by soemone from that side and I was on that side.

But my husband looked for traffic the best he could and took off up the curving highway, picking up speed as we went.

A boy on a bicycle was ahead and also a green tractor and I was concerned we would hit them, but they pulled off to the right to go down a different road to another valley.

We were still picking up speed and had gone around several curves quite fast and I knew we weren't going to make the next curve, because we were going too fast.

My husband said, "I have it up to 560 horsepower now and we started to fly up off the edge of the mountain road into the air.

As we flew off the edge and spun around in space, in front of me, I saw the first page of a book. It said, "this is the story of Timothy Russow and Annisa Yossow" as they elave their Seattle home on a regular day for their jobs in Tacoma."


4-14-93 - MEDITATION - I saw the number 1-602-242-2442

I had a vision of myself when I mentally called the number

Earlier, when I meditated on this number, I saw a heavy set woman


4-15-93 - DREAM - I was told if I called 1-602-678-7890 I would be very happy.

NOTE: Area code 602 is in Phoenix, AZ


4-15-93 - DREAM - I was in a hospital, laying on an operating table. I had surgery on my legs in which steel supports were put in my leg bones all the way from my ankles to my hips. Then they pumped air into a hollow in the center that tightly inflated my legs. I was told that I would never have to worry about having weak legs.


4-15-93 - DREAM - I was doing my locksmith dispatch job and answered the phone. The man said he had been shot and needed the locks changed. I asked him if he had called for medical help and wether he wanted his wife locked out.

Then I heard his wife talking in the background and coming closer. She was talking to him with a mean sounding voice. She said to him, "You didn't think I meant what I said, did you?" He rather mumbled something, then I heard her say something from a little farther away and then I heard a gunshot.

I heard the man moan and fall.

The woman came on the phone then and said, "He didn't believe me."

I said, "Where are you." and she gave the address. It was a W by S address and I thought she said Hwy 24, but she talked too fast and then was gone.

I asked on the radio if anyone else had heard her give the address because I didn't get it all so I could send the police and an ambulance for help.

A woman came on and repeated the address. It was like a Muskego address.

I got off the phone and had to get to my other job. Everyone else left and went different directions. I couldn't get a ride from anyone.


4-15-93 - MEDITATION - I kept seeing scenes with people dressed like Egyptians with the big triangle headgear . Then I finally saw a man come into the room, carrying a huge brown corrugated item. It was about 4 1/2 or 5 feet high and about 6 feet wide. It was either a container or a small portable stage-like thing where a curtain would open and reveal something inside.

(I got interrupted by a phone call)


4-16-93 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. I was practicing the piano and coule playe asily without effort. I knew I could teach others to do the same.

There was a house that was more beautiful than mine that I wanted to get into. I had the teeth part of the key and my son had kept the handle-part of the key. When I put the two pieces together, we had the whole key to enter the house.


4-16-93 - DREAM - I was at work in Elgin and I finally typed some letters I had been asked to type before Christmas. I was too afraid to show them to my boss to have him sign them because then he would khow how far behind I was. So I signed them myself and put them in the mail.

My boss was looking for incoming mail, so I opened a huge package for him. It was a sleeping bag/quilt/blanket. It was multicolored and he was very happy with it.

I was then working at my desk and had a map of Europe. I began drawing thin purple lines radiating out from one central point from one country to cities in several other countries. These were the lines ICBM Missiles would follow. Two countries that were going to be hit were Turkey and Afghanistan. The originating country was not very large, to the north of Afghanistan and to the northwest of Turkey.



4-19-93 - DREAM - I was trying to have a relationship with a duck, who told jokes all the time, a ping pong ball, and a large monkey who did everything for everyone else and there was nothing anyone could do for him, so I let him lay down with me and kiss me! Yuck!


4-19-93 - DREAM - I was singing harmony with a man who sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,
Who is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored,
who has loosed the fateful lightning of his terrible swift sword
His truth is marching on.

In the beauty of the lilies, Christ was born across the sea,
with a glory in his bosom, that transfigures you and me
As he died to make us holy, let us live to make men free,

Our God is marching on.


4-20-93 - MEDITATION - I asked Babaji and T.M. to help me take the souls of othe children to the place in the spiritual world where they belonged.

DREAM - I worked with all ages of children in various settings. I told one teenage boy that he would recognize me when he saw me again today. I was teaching them at a high school.

At the end, I was with a man who was taking photographs of each individual child, and each child smiled, as the pictures were taken.

NOTE: This was my job as Director of Casualty.


4-20-93 - MEDITATION - I asked to go to the Akasha past to the last lifetime shared with T.M. (It was dark outside and many people were running around, carrying burning torches)


4-20-93 - MEDITATION - I asked to repeat above meditation. A female master told me they had something else to do and it would have to wait until next time.


4-21-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office and given a project to work on. Imade a phone call, talked to the man and made arrangements to make a financial deal in which my boss would have to pay nothing for a service rendered.

I then went to the library where I had to renew my loan on a couple of program tapes I was using. The dates had to be recorded at the bottom of two wooden paddles.

They were marked 4-30-93. The man I was with, changed one tot he farther future date, but for some reason, the other paddle board flipped off the counter onto the floor. I knew I had to find it, pick it up, and change the date to a future date, or one of my tapes would be up on 4-30-93. I wasn't planning on returning them, so one would be overdue on that date. I went around the whole counter picking up everything on the floor, including other pieces of wood, green yarn, white string. Whatever there was. I actually, cleaned the floor of the library. The paddle was not there.

I had a white piece of paper on which my daughter had written the instructions in red on how to accomplish any specific task easily. I tried to show it to two men who were considered experts/masters at their craft. I was awed by the brilliance of the concept and had tried it myself and it worked.

I showed it ot the men and tried to explain it to them. It was now simplified to "THINK ABOUT IT!"


4-21-93 - MEDITATION - Q. Will there be an physical consequences to the May 21, 1993 eclipse of the sun and moon?

A. Maybe this is just the preliminary.

Maybe this is just the beginning of what is to come.

NOTE: This was just a partial eclipse.


4-22-93 - DREAM - I was preparing for a long trip to Washington Sate. I had my car repaired in the shop and got that back. They gave me the key, then I went to the grocery store where I picked up my license renewal.

The clerk at the checkout kept trying to give me gold medallions, but for each one, you had to play a game and it was holding up the whole line. Finally, I told to just give me the keys and quit trying to make me play all those games.

When I got back to my car, I was trying to drive it lying down in the front seat, wearing high heels shoes and it wasn't easy. I finally had to sit up, kick off my shoes and actually sit behind the wheel. The traffic was extremely heavy.

I finally got to my desination and I wanted to look at the pictures of the graduation ceremony that took place a couple months ago. The ceremony itself was exquisite, the girls were all dressed in pastel flower gowns. They were lined up according to color, like a pastel rainbow.

There was no males in any of the pictures, but there were 4 generations of women, including a new infant. We were all wearing pastel gowns. Both Grandmas were drunk and grinning ear to ear while holding the baby. We were all so happy. I showed all these pictures to Ed's mother in Washington when I got there.


4-23-93 - DREAM - I was in Washington State, looking as a small farm to buy. It was about 2 acres, very intensely gardened. I saw grape vines, berry bushes, vegetable patches. It also had a small area of hay cut. Someone suggest using it for a paddock for a horse or two. I knew that as soon as a horse or two would be put in that spot, the grass would be trampled and it would be nothing but mud.


4-24-93 - DREAM - I had an old grey sweater that I needed to trash out, but it had huge golden hearts for buttons. So, as I removed the buttons to save them, there wree two men in the room chanting, "Love, Dolores, Love, Dolores"


4-25-93 - DREAM - We had a new baby just born. She was born 9 months to the day of another baby girl, named Emily. The baby weighed 9 lbs. when it was born and was almost the same size as the other one, and they were both dressed in pink dresses, so they looked like twins.

We also had an adopted chiense little boy. He was under two years old. All 3 children had coal black eyes.

I had never taken care of twins before and these kids were a handful, because everyone went away and left me by myself with them. Both the little girls kept crawling under the Christmas tree, trying to ptu the pretty lights into their mouth.

The Chinese boy just wandered around, not knowing what to do.

All 3 needed to be fed. I carried them all to their crib and put up the safety rails, to lay them down, so I could get their bottles for them.

When I came back, one of my bigger kids had come home and put the safety rails back down because he didn't think it was good to pen the babies up.

I was pretty upset because i didn't want them endangered.

I also remembered at that moment that I hadn't telephoned anyone in Washington State yet that I had the babies.

What a handful they were, but they were beautiful.

NOTE: In 1997, we had a granddaughter born and they named her emily.


4-27-93 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. A big black bear came out of the kitchen into the music room/parlor. I was afraid of him and opened the front door and he went out into the front hall. I slammed the door so he couldn't hurt me.

Then my daughter and her friend came out of the kitchen and went into the front hall where the bear was and began frying hamburgers on the floor. I was afraid for them because of the bear and ran into the hall. The bear was curled up on the floor under the hatrack chair.

I grabbed the spatula, picked up the two hamburgers and got the two girls out of the hall, slammed the door on the bear and went to the kitchen. There, I pressed the spatula on the hamburgers to squeeze all the fat and blood out. It was disgusting to see all that fat run out, yet I said, "That's the way I like them best."


4-29-93 - DREAM - I was riding a white motorcycle, headed for home. I was going a little too fast and I had to go through a narrow path in heavy crowds of people, so it changed to a white tricycle the same shape.

I went back to where I used to work. The swarthy man in charge wanted to know where I had been because he was going to fire me. I told him I had been there 3 times this week. He just hadn't seen me.

I went down in the basement where I had been cleaning. There wasn't much left. But there was a huge fish tank with beautiful baby fish in it. The basement had to be empty before I could leave, so I began netting the fish to take them home with me.


4-30-93 - DREAM - I was pregnant and the baby inside me was lively and kicking and moving a lot. There was woman with me and she was also pregnant. Suddenly, her water broke and right after her, so did mine. I was quite distressed and took off a menstrual pad I was wearing. There was some writing on it, but the water from the birth canal had blurred it.

Then the baby was gone and I knew somebody had taken it and the other lady's baby was gone too.


#2 Dream - I was pregnant again.