APRIL, 1995

4-1-95 - DREAM - Someone said to me, "We are going to teach you magic. We will begin by teaching you how to the tell the days of the week without looking at a calendar. "

Monday was light blue. Each day of the weeks was a different color. Three of them were wearing light blue clothes.


4-1-95 - DREAM - we were living on a farm. We were preparing it for living. I was doing the dishes and doing laundry at the same time. My husband was outside sweeping the ground, cleaning up all the old debris from the last year.

I had to go outside to another building to do the laundry. I didn't bother to put my shoes on. I was so tired I could hardly stay awake. I was wearing bright red socks and when I got outside, the ground was wet and tulips were coming up.

I heard Oprah Winfrey holler at me never to go outside barefoot.

I went back inside the house then and went to clean the public bathroom. I noted that it was a dingy yellow room and none of the sinks matched and a little pink one was too small, so I planned to have the whole room redone in white.


4-3-95 - DREAM - I was driving my car north twoards 16th and Center sts. The car's pedals were not working as well as I wanted them to. When I put on the brakes, the car didn't quite stop when I wanted it to. I spent some time at the gas station on the corner testing the capacity of the braking system going forward and backward until I was certain it was operating properly.

I was then in the car going to a music concert which when we arrived there was held in the parking lot with all the people listening to the radio. It was strange music, not the popular stuff I normally listen to more message type, maybe folk-like.

I noticed the car of a friend of mine in the lot, parked where it didn't belong, so I went over to it. There was no ne in any of the cars now.  I wanted to help out my friend so I picked up the front end of the car, which now became toy sized and dragged it to a place behind my own car.

At that point, I overheard someone say that there was blood draining out of the trunk of the car. I looked at it, but saw nothing. I was afraid they would accuse my friend of murdering a woman and hiding the body in the trunk of the car, but I was too squeamish to open the car trunk and look.

I was afraid my friend's car would get hit by another car so I picked it up and placed it inside the rear hatch of my own car.

I noticed during this time that our cars had an odd shape. They were silver and were shaped like long narrow, upside-down bathtubs similar to the old Nash Ramblers of the late 40's.

I went to get back in my car and a man got in the driver's seat and I was on the passenger side. I sensed a problem here, but I was thinking that the man was my husband or my fiance. I was also thinking that we had to leave quickly avoid a problem with the car in the rear of mine.

The man drove froward in the lot, but we were blocked and immediately surrounded by a bunch of blonde women. They jerked the passenger door open and immediately I knew they were going to abduct me. But they didn't take me out of the car. They all came close and one of the blonde women came towards me with a needle and hypodermic and some test tubes. She said, "This is going to stick a little", and jabbed the needle into my leg above the knee.

It didn't hurt though. She put the blood from the needle into a testing tube, and immediately got a reading. She said, " We have a 503 ___, 117 ___, non-pregnant female with ____ ____ (medical terminology)

I knew this test had to do with some kind of genetic principles regarding the family of which I was or to be a part of.

The head woman said, "Didn't we tell you to go to the doctor?" I said, "I've been to the doctor several times in the last year. "She said, "But not about this particular thing." The nurse said,"That's why we sent you that letter last year. You're supposed to keep it in the glove box of your car. "

At that point, I half woke and could still hear her talking in my head but didn't remember it.

NOTE: This was the last dream I recall where I was injected by someone.  For 10 years I had experienced injection dreams every three months and woke up feeling like I was going to die in the morning.


4-4-95 - DREAM - I was cleaning someone else's home where we were all going to work and play. I was caring for the children as well which some were from my own family. All the white people were looking to criticize what I did, but I did it the way I thought best. Someone asked my my religious principles. I said I wouldn't tolerate weak religious, 'wimpy' I called it, stand but preferred a strong moral stand.

At the end I was in the inner-city explaining to someone that it was important to stamp-out poverty and was stomping on roaches running in the street.

I was in the recreation room of my apartment building and talking ont he phone to an older couple who were Grootemaat managers themselves. They wanted to come over and inspect a one and two bedroom apartment but especially to see the Swiss Chalet Meeting room we were advertising. I kept telling them we had just a plain meeting room and not to expect anything different. They were telling me that we were advertising a Swiss Chalet room and if it wasn't they were going to report me to the better business bureau.


4-5-95 - DREAM - I was watching some kids play in a cave made of snow. Some men were coming through a tunnel to get the children when a snow avalanche came and covered the children, then another avalanche covered the men. The men were able to get ut but the children were not found.

I was at a house that caught on fire in the back. There were about 6 little children. We goto them all out safely and then the fire went out by itself. They were too poor to repair the damage, so just covered the damaged portion with a sheet of plastic.

I was walking down a road and a red station wagon rolled over into a ditch. I opened the passenger door and a bunch of men came to help the people ot. They only had broken bones and bruises. No one had died. They told me to call the police so I ran across the street to call 911. The cop asked what city I was calling from. The man standing there said it was city #70. So I told the 911 guy it was city #70. The man on the phone started telling me how to do CPR and do emergency first aid and I told himt here were 6 men out there already doing all that.


4-5-95 - MEDITATION - I saw a colored map of a portion of a larger map. At the bottom, a blue section was emphasized. (I saw the word 'STRIKE' appear, but I couldn't read the name of the city because it was blurry. I said, "It's too blurry, I can't read it!" The map shifted a little, zoomed a little, but was still too blurry. I said, "It's still too blurry." The map shifted again and finally I could read "Port Angeles" at the top of the section map.

The word 'STRIKE' had appeared at the bottom of the section map. That section then would encompass the Olympic peninsula. The word 'STRIKE' had appeared in the area of Macon County in or near the Skokomish Indian Reservation, near the Cushman Dam or in the Eastern part of the Olympic Forest in that area.


4-6-95 - DREAM - Colors of flowers in the dream were red, and yellow. I was downtown and went to a woman's center where a woman pulled out some Tarot cards to do a reading on me. They were just regular cards. She pulled a 7, topped it with a 4, then a 6, and then a C.

I said that it meant nothing to me. One of the women seemed angry. She said I should stop dieting, that I was starving myself.


4-6-95 - VISION - A man showed me a blue covered book. I saw the word 'SHOCK' ... the the title of the book, 'AMERICAN INOVATION!'


4-6-95 - MEDITATION - About STRIKE .  

I saw many financial papers ... one signed by a person named M _____. The pages were messed up and numbers missing. So, possibly the Skokomish Indian Tribe has financial problems.  I also got the date April 20th.


4-7-95 - DREAM - Similar to one I had earlier, that it was my duty to go to the Engineering school and tell them how important it was to teach about the "Loess" or the land when a building was built on it.  Example: What happens to the land when it is used?"


4-7-95 - DREAM - My daughter Jeanne lived with me and my son Mike did too. one night, after I was already in bed sleeping, I woke up to find the bird cage in my room and the birds had escaped and were chirping.

So I called my daughter and questioned her about the reason. When I did that, I discovered that my son Mike had not come home. My daughter said that he probably went to sleep at his Dad's house. So, we spent a long time on th ephone with my ex-husband because he no sooner answered the phone, he fell sleep and we spent a long time screaming into the phone to find out if Mike was there. Mostly all we heard were snores.

Finally he woke up and told me that mike sometimes took a job at night washing bar glasses to earn a little money.

By this time, my other sons had shown up and so had a salesman with a unique pair of shoes.  It was a platform of leather about 2 inches high, that perfectly fit the bottom of the foot. It had a thong for the center toe, and the were unique in that they didn't flop off the foot. I insisted it wouldn't work, so I put them on and the DID work. It was amazing. Then he told me I should eat bacon for breakfast.

In the meantime there was a lot of household activity. The kids were playing and I wanted to get more sleep. Finally I had to make breakfast for everyone. I was going to heat up some cheesecake buns for the kids and for a special treat, make bacon too. The stove was already on, the pan was ready to go, and I couldn't find the bacon.

Just as I woke up, I saw a sign that said : THE DOLORES GRAD SYSTEM and it was t ohave been for breakfast and sell the leather shoes.


4-8-95 - My UFO abductee group had a meeting with MUFON leader Ted Lewandowski from Chicago. When I went to bed that night, I had this dream:

DREAM: Ted Lewandowski took me to the best place to see UFOs in New Berlin, Wi. He drove me to the top of Prospect Hill. He wanted to stop at the gas station, but there were people there so he didn't stop. At the next driveway there was a man half buried in sand, waiting for cars to park there to chase them away. I pointed that out to Ted, and he said, "Ah! I see you are becoming aware!'


4-8-95 - DREAM - I was on 16th St., taking care of a young girl. I was supposed to go home, but the girl had to go to another babysitter, so I walked her there. It was a big green house up the street on the other side. The house looked totally different inside than I expected it to. There was a big empty dark spaces around the edgs and the rooms they lived in were in the center.

There was a teenage boy there who was very quiet and to himself. I decided to start a conversation with him. He had some large books there that had pictures like the Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur on them. One of the books was called, "The Devil Within."

I asked him about the book and he opened it for me. Inside the book, he had a magazine-like booklet, and it had 5 articles in it about the grey aliens.

The boy was quite manly for his age and he put his arms around me while I as looking at the alien book. I felt very secure and there was an attraction energy going back and forth between us.


4-8-95 - DREAM In the next dream, I went to a church where there was a big church organ. An ugly little man was playing the most gorgeous music. I sat in the back near the organ to watch him. It took alot of skill and power to play that organ, so when he finished the music and stood up, I applauded him.

The man turned to me and started to make admiring glances and then very sexual glances as though he wanted me and he did, he became handsomer and handsomer and younger.

While he did that, I saw the young man from the previous dream come up the aisle. He looked at me and I was going to call him over, but he saw the oganist making passes at me and sat down by himself. He was too far away to hear me call his name, "Wayne!" and I ended up sitting alone too.

I then saw some little silver jewelry findings on the seat next to me. I picked them up and clenched them in my hand and woke up with my hand clenched in the same manner.

NOTE: Jewelry findings are the hooks, chains and metal pieces that the jewels are attached to.


4-8-95 - MEDITATION: Specifically for the word STRIKE for the Olympic Peninsula.

Three women were on my left. Three men were on my right.

A voice said, "A hole will go through the mountain. It will affect all the mountains.

I saw a man go from green grass into a snowfield. He went upward through the snow, wading deeper and deeper into the snow. Then a white sign appeared and the man took a trowel and dug a hole in the sign and dug dirt and stones out.

I saw something sticking out of the hole. I reached in and pulled it out 6 o 7 long fluffy blue and white feathers.

A voice said something about the Indians I can't remember.

A man went off to the left and one went to the right. The man on the left said to the man on the right, "Close the door, Bill." The man on the right closed a door and the vision ended.

4-8-95 - MEDITATION : Specifically for the word STRIKE for the Olympic Peninsula.

I saw an Indian wearing modern clothing.

I then saw a country scene in front of me.

A gold retriever appeared and ran across the screen in front of me.

I got the pun/analogy/symbol:  GOLD N RETRIEVE ER


4-10-95 - VISION - I saw the island of New Zealand shifting. It moved north and west and attached itself to Australia.


4-11-95 - DREAM - I was in a huge school on Teutonia Ave. My mother and my Aunt Doris was in one room. The light had gone out or my mother and before I could get there my Aunt Doris had rewired the plug for the lamp. I looked at the thick copper wire Aunt Doris had used. The wiring looked perfect, but I was afraid to plug it in for her, so my brother Marty plugged it in. It worked fine.

Meanwhile I met a man at the lunchroom and we got into a discussion about religion. I told him there was an additional gospel he needed to read that hand't been accepted into the Bible. I told him I would get it for him from the library. I walked over to the library and discovered that the only book they had was the Bible and not one other book or manuscript. So, I told the librarian I would go to the main library for what I wanted.

As I was walking back, a dark haired boy came up from behind me and sprayed me and some others with insecticide. I eventually determined that it was only water since it dried out immediately and there was no damage. He had grabbed the spray because there were bugs in the apple trees.

So I took him aside and explained to him the necessity of having bees in the apple trees for fertility and to make the apples.

While I did that, something went wrong in the school. I came back and we found out that a master electrician named Elizabeth was there. She had come with a tool truck that was 4 semi trucks long ... like at rain coupled together. She showed me a paper that had 50 work orders on it. She said I was responsible for all the wokr having to be done, but there was no way for me to do it alone, so other people would have to come in and do it.

Then she said she would take me to dinner and we all got into the tool truck. Iwas very despondent aabout so many work orders having been written. She told me that if they didn't get done, there was another woman in the next building over that was ready to step in and do it, that she aleady had a cleaning cart in my building ready to go.

I was determined that no one would take over my building, and it would be more likely that I would take over hers.

So, I sat in the cab of the truck feeling despondent and let Elizabeth drive.

NOTE: My own confirmation name in the Catholic church is Elizabeth.

She headed East, then turned left and went north. We went quite a ways and the road got narrower and narrower. Out truck was wide and the turns got trickier and tricker. Finally, at a hair pin turn, the road was washed out completely and she came to a stop.

We all got out of the truck and a huge semi had crashed into the back end so our truck was going nowhere. We couldn't back up either.

There were semi trucks already backed up for a mile behind us.

I walked to the front of the truck and Elizabeth was standing at a Podium, ready to give a speech about the dangers of traveling north on this road.

NOTE: Aunt Doris passed away in 1998, and my mother had several strokes in 2000 and didn't recover her sensibilities again, though she was healthy otherwise.


4-11-95 - MEDITATION - Q. Please tell me any information about the Washington State Community you owuld like me to know today.

A. I saw a green and black print quilt up over my lap. A voice said, "You have to go back to the day after Sandy passed away."

NOTE:  Sandy passed away in 1981. I offered to go to Dallas, TX to take her place and was told that they didn't need me there.

4-12-95 - MEDITATION - Q. What do you mean when you say I should remember when the day after Sandy passed away?

A. The voice said, "That you should call on her for help."

Q. I don't remember Sandy's last name? What is Sandy's last name?

A. The voice said, "That is okay. She is standing here, waiting for you to call her."

So, I called Sandy's name as well as Babaji, and Marta for help with the Washington State project or Earth Changes.

I was shown on a big flip chart with lists of things. I couldn't read it, but they continued to show me flip chart pages, one after the other.

Then they showed me people of many ages, but then they showed me a huge room with children playing.  

I told them that it was already in the plans to include all these things.

NOTE: Many of these things are on this page: SURVIVAL


4-12-95 - DREAM - The names and types of race cars were all highlighted, recorded and cataloged.

There was lots of cleaning up going on at the New Berlin, WI house. One thing I noted was that the house had too many stairs, that the rooms should all be on one level. Then I was in my West Allis house and hired a young couple to clean that and it turned out wonderful. They even washed the windows so I could see out clearly.


4-13-95 - MEDITATION - I saw an alien map.  I had seen this same map bit by bit over a 5 year period. This was the final map.

The voice said: As long as you are within the 1st 2 lines you are doing all right.

NOTE: This is the UFO landing pattern in the State of Wisconsin. This path is used when the UFO intends to land at one of the underwater alien bases under Lake Michigan.



4-15-95 - DREAM - I was on 20th St. My ex-husband Ed stole my ring of keys to my apartment building. There were 12 keys on it. In order to get the ring of keys back, I would have to shovel the snow all the way to where he lived which was several blocks down. I knew it would be exhausting work, but I had to get my keys back. So, I took my shovel and went out into the snow. To my surprise my sidewalk was blown free of most snow. But when I got down to the corner, the snow was piled deep. I was determined to get my keys back so began to shovel. I didn't go more than a foot and found my keys buried in the snow. Then, not only did I find my keys, but I found the keys to 'his' building too. There were 45 keys on his ring. I was determined they would have to buy his keys back, I would not just 'give' them back.


4-15-95 - VISIONS/VOICES -  I Woke up . A telephone rang in my ear. A very formal female voice said she had a very important call for me. So I waited and another person came on my inner phone nd said that the job opportunity I applied for wanted me and that there were 6 alternatives within the job to choose from.

I listened to the first three choices and said I didn't want the job, that I would stay here, basically because I didn't feel well. They came back and said, 'YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE JOB!" I said, "I can't handle it if I'm not well."  They came back and told me that there was room for Joe to move into the basement, that Joe could do the job and all I had to do was ride along.

Then three men came into the recreation room door. Each was tall and thin. They introduced themselves as they came in ... "I'm Mr. Red!" "I'm Mr. Blue!" "I'm Mr. Green!"

They proceeded to wave their arms around and redecorate the room just with the wave of their hands.


4-15-95 - DREAM - There was a sale promotion  going on from McDonalds. I was on 16th St. I opened the door, saw a horrendous brown car wreck outside and on my door step with a huge gift ppack from McDonalds plus a yellow gift certificate to go get more. I was going to serve this to my children gladly. I went upstairs and from the upstairs window, observed a sales crew going down the street. I tried to avoid being seen, but they found me, gave me the sales pitch (they were in training for sales) and gave me another whole gift pack of McDonald's foods and another yellow certificate and they proceeded to load me up with more of their stuff. I was really enjoying this and the salesman was piling fress baked cookes in front of me. The cookies were so sticky, they stuck to my hands. So, the clerk and I played a game in which I protested that they had an inferior product and laughingly, he gave me more product to take home. So, I took all this free McDonalds stuff home and put it out on the table. Before I oculd even call my children to dinner, some old Russian women came in and crawled up on the table with the boxes of chocolate cookies, pies, and pastries. It was such a disgusting thing to see them crawl right up on the table with the food . I thought to myself that they would be sitting on the toilet the whole next day, shitting chocolate, and that I certainly wouldn't want to participate in this event and left the kitchen.


4-15-95 - This was not really a dream, because I was semi-awake. I knew I was laying face down on the bed. It seems to be about the lessons of life.

Behind me on the wall was a hidden camera, and a man in a sort of control room. In my mind, I saw the operation going on. Each thing a person did, a window would open up and they would video tape or film everything you did and your reactions to what happened. Then the window would close. Then another window would open and another opportunity would present itself, same opportunity, and they would film your reaction to it, to see how you handled it, to see if you did it better or worse. Then the window would close. This filming was done of everything you did from morning to night and each time you failed an event or could have done it better, it was offered to you again until you were successful.


4-16-95 - DREAM - There is going to be accelerated contact between aliens and humans in the future, especially if you have contacted before.


4-16-95 - DREAM - I was in a huge school. A man there wrote me a thank you note for helping him pass a test and told me how much he had enjoyed spending the time with me.

I had absolutely no memory of doing so.

I had to go to the bathroom. When I stood up to go there, I was so weak I could hardly walk there and it was down a huge flight of steps in the basement.

When I came back up, I couldn't find my keys.

Then I saw a copy of a test done in multicolored pencil that my so-called friend had taken. I didn't remember taking that test.

The parents of a student came along the hall and wanted help finding a particular room. I couldn't remember where it was. They acted like they knew me, but I couldn't remember them. Someone else helped them find the room.

Then I took a rolling chair and dragged it down the hall with me in case I needed to sit down because I was so weak.

I needed to find the office where I worked. I got all the way down to the other end where there was a stone seated theatre that looked familiar and I knew I had gone too far, so I turned back hoping to find the office on the way back.

When I went the opposite direction, huge concrete hallways ran off in different directions like ant tunnels. I was hopelessly lost.

I was going past a couple rooms with pretty red-flowered drapes in the doorways and a woman asked me if I was coming to a meeting. I didn't know about the meeting anda sked her where it was. It was behind the red draped door I had just passed.

So I went inside and sat down at a huge table. As I did, I discovered my keys in a pocket.

I was given a copy of a multicolored rainbow painted test that had a score of 100% on toop, but there were two math errors on it. After I sat down, the President of the company admonished me for claiming 100% on the test when there were two errors. I knew I had never seen the test before, at least I didn't remember taking the test and I knew I wouldn't lie about it.

I was getting really worried that I was losing my mind. Then the told me I was the head of the school besides. I was just beside myself with anxiety over the whole thing.

They offered to help me and the man acted like he had a relationship with me. I couldn't remember anything and felt scared about my sanity and woke up.


4-16-95 - MEDITATION - They asked me if I knew where Belgium, WI was. I said, "Yes!" and saw a circular thing come down with what looked like angel hair sparking down. (This town is north of Port Washington, WI)


4-17-95 - 3 DREAMS - First I had the dream, 2nd dream, I told someone the dream, 3rd dream, I explained the dream again.

DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house and the clocks werre running backwards. To me, that meant that I was getting younger. I went to school on 12th St. which was my high school, but it was like a shopping mall. My 1st husband Jim was with me. He chose some amber bells which had square holes cut out ofo the glass all around like a checkerboard. The furniture he chose was hard wood, totally all wood except for his chair which had just a little brown plush cushioning where he sat. I approved of the desk chair because the seat tilted slightly toward the desk.

The furniture I chose was all plush maroon and I chose cobalt blue dishes to eat dinner from. I knew I had to go on to collee and he also had to go to school, but it was in different directions, so we separated on 12th St. and went in opposite directions.

NOTE:  Boy! That was certainly the truth of the matter.


4-18-95 - DREAM - I was in a large house in the country. There were people there I didn't know, coming and going. On the wall was a dual picture of the 12 Apostles, the top one was of them all in a large pool ... bathing together and the lower one of them was of them all standing together.

An older man came along and in a sing song voice said, "Oooo, I didnt know they were all gay!"  I felt very incensed at the slur against the Apostles and at the nasty remark about being gay.

At that instant, information started coming into my head ... I don't know if I was awake or asleep.

"The world will change to an astral planet on August 27th, 2004."

"A General DuFal will be defeated in battle that same year."

Continuing the dream ... I made coffee in a metal aluminum pot, then later thought ... "I should have made it in a glass pot."

I had some coffee left over then in a big glass bowl, added some ater t oit so it looke clear. I added two goldfish to it. The fish writhed and jerked around. I thought I would die. I thought to myself, "That's what caffein does to us also."


4-19-95 - VOICE - "We are going to give youa series of events for you to record."

"China and North Vietnam will side together against the U.S. for making nuclear weapons."

"There will be a war in Guatemala with 7,000 deaths."

Then they showed me a handwritten list of 25 events to come, none of which I could read. I asked them to please make it clearer.

They said, "You will be afraid of the final warnings, so we have brought a holy woman into the community.


4-21-95  - EXPERIENCE - I was half awake, yet dreaming. My inner telephone rang. A person came on the line who said that her friend had been desperately trying to reach me for several days and I should call 1-800-751-7512. I called the number mentally and it brought the people into the room with me.  It was Andrea, her friend, and Andrea's little child about age 5.

I was still laying in bed and they busied themselves cleaning my room, making the bed around me.

They didn't get to Andrea's problem, so I told them to tell me it, because I had other things to do. Andrea said she had a realtionship problem, that she was a 'basket' person, that she had contacted a woman from my class _____ (woman's name) who studied ancient religions who told her that the religion of 'basket' people lived only until the year 1500.

I decided to kid around and say, "Ooooo! I had weird people in my class, huh?" and we all laughed.

At that point, I was sitting on the edge ofo the bed and Andrea who looked Polynesian and her child sat on a chair in front of me and the other woman sat next to her.

They just faded from view and I woke up.


4-21-95 - DREAM - I was in a city. I was working in an apartment building. I did something there to help people. Then I went to school to help someone. At the school, the stairway railings were coming apart. I put my hand on what was left standing and it went crashing down. I said to someone, "That one had my name on it!" and just barely managed to keep myself from falling down the stairs.

Afterwards, when it was time to go home, I left the school to catch the bus; someone from a big grocery store asked me to take a cart full of food half way to the elderly building I was passing half way to the bus stop.

I didn't want to leave it there with no one to guard it, so I asked a woman passing by to find a young person to take it to the elderly building. The cart itself was part of a project named out in capital letters and it was the last project. i asked her if she could arrange to get the food to the elderly building by some young man regularly.


4-21-95 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my house and cats of varous colors were taking turns sitting on my lap. I also had a parakeet or parrot which answer the phone when it rang. I got up off the couch and went towards the kitchen and an orange cat came behind me laughing. One of my sons had a map of the U.S. and in the west, it had some granules of some kind which was supposed to be the sign of an insect invasion.

NOTE: Fireants are really bad in California ... also killer bees are coming north.

I saw a woman in a wheelchair who needed some help to elave the building so I held the door open for her.  When she left, I was standing on the porch with only a short cotton house coat on and no pants, so I needed to get some clothes on.

For some reason, I couldn't move. I then saw my ex-husband Jim standing way back by a door and super-willed my lefgs to move and walked back to the house.

He was gone, but I went to my bedroom and found that all the rooms had been changed around. I went to my closet and all the clothes were gone. So, I went downstairs to see if a bedroom had been made up downstairs. When I got there, a black haired husband was there with an older man with red hair. That guy had a big lump of a cyst on his forehead. The red haired guy stood there and told me that I (a female) didn't make any decisions and had nothing to say without the man's permission and that all my clothes were gone so had nowhere to go.

I was still standing there with only this short pink house coat on and no pants and I wasn't about to let him, a man I didn't know, tell me what to do, so I super-willed a little handgun to appear in my hand and I shot them both to death. I walked to the door then with my daughter and the police came and I just stood there and waited for them to take me away in handcuffs.


4-22-95 - DREAM - I was on National Ave. at 124th St., the border between New Berlin, WI, and West Allis, WI. I was going to go look at a second 60 acre farm with hopes of purchasing it. The first 60 acre farm was already purchased.


4-22-95 - DREAM - I was with some people in a small office. I was told that AOL (America on Line) was being copied by a woman named Mary, that no one else was fast enough to do so. I as very excited about that. I told the woman messenger that I was writing a book on AOL and that the Continuing Education school was teahcing a course on English and writing.

A new man named Michael was hired and he sat down at a desk to my right. My computer monitor was on his desk and he moved it over closer to me so he had more room to work. One the screen was a picture from Vue Print. Michael asked me if the picture was mine and I replied that Vue Print hadn't been activated yet, but he could go ahead and activate it if he wanted to.


4-23-95 - DREAM - I was telling someone that I knew a man who made predictions and I had them in writing. So I finally found the book they were in. Each prediction was on a page in a 3 ring binder and below it, people signed each page as a witness to it. I began to read the book but it was stupid stuff so I didn't recall what they were. I woke up knowing that's what I was supposed to do.

NOTE: I did that and still have the 1995 predictions in the same book ... witnessed.


4-23-95 - DREAM - I was in an office and we needed delivery instructions for something. I was told we could use Alice's daughter's delivery instructions. There were three of them. Two close together and then one a little farther apart.

(Alice's daughter Carole will have 2 children close together. This could be Michael, (Alice's son .. and then a space of time equal to it, and then another one ...)

NOTE:  It was her son Michael. Carole still only has one child. We believe she miscarried one though, right after the other one.


NOTE:  The Oklahoma bombing occurred on April 18th, 1995.  It was predicted in a series of dreams 45 days earlier.

4-24-95 - MEDITATION - I saw all the children from the Oklahoma city bombing. They were being cared for by the adults. They all looked happy and calm.


4-24-95 - DREAM - I saw an ad/article in the newspaper that Juneau Village Garden Apartments was sold to a man named Schlenker through Louis Gral Co.

I delivered a baby girl later on and my daughter was very upset so I had to hold her and comfort her along with the baby so she would know I wasn't leaving her.

In a cartoon, the loors were tarred and papered and nailed with tasks every 6 inches .. the full length. A big deal was made about the average of the board length at 15" which was the average between 10.2" and 20".

NOTE:  Juneau Village Garden Apartments was sold in mid-1996 to a group of men. I eventually worked for one of them as well.


4-24-95 - MEDITATION - I heard a beeping sound like a door buzzer.

I saw a scroll of words and names come down like out of a fax mahcine. No names or words related to each other until I saw, "Relax and listen to music." and then... "Frank Sinatra should relax.

Frank Sinatra had a heart attack in January of 1997, died on May 15, 1998.

Sinatra, outspoken `Chairman of the Board' of American music, dead at 82

By Jeff Wilson

The Associated Press


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Frank Sinatra, the brash young idol who became the premier romantic balladeer of American popular music and the "Chairman of the Board" to millions of fans, has died of a heart attack. He was 82.

Sinatra, who had not been seen in public since a heart attack in January 1997, was pronounced dead at 10:50 p.m. Thursday in the emergency room of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said his publicist, Susan Reynolds.

It was not immediately clear whether he suffered the heart attack at home. But his wife, Barbara, was with him when he died and the rest of his family arrived a short time later, said a source who spoke on condition of anonymity. Reynolds said a private funeral was planned.

"Ol' Blue Eyes" was a master craftsman and ranked as one of the most influential singers in this country's history. With more than 200 records, his music led the evolution from Big Band to vocal American music.

"Frank Sinatra was a true original," entertainer Mel Torme said today. "He held the patent, the original blueprint on singing the popular song, a man who would have thousands of imitators but who, himself, would never be influenced by a single, solitary person."

"He just had a natural grace," added Betty Garrett, an actress who appeared with Sinatra in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "On the Town.

The blunt, often aggressive son of Italian immigrants communicated across generational lines with love songs filled with a rare mix of vulnerability and verve -- from "Strangers in the Night" to "One For My Baby."

He refused to compromise -- "I'm going to do as I please," he once said -- and his trademark song was "My Way."

Sinatra made almost as much news off-stage as on. Through his Rat Pack and organized crime associations, he was a cultural phenomenon who endured setbacks and scandals to become a White House intimate.

His hairline receded and his waist thickened over the years, but Sinatra's light baritone only grew deeper and richer. He had a lavish lifestyle, four wives and some associates whose names could be found in FBI crime files. But for each story of Sinatra's punching someone, there was another of loyalty and generosity to friends and strangers. He always thanked his audiences for listening to him.

Once, in the early 1950s, his career appeared to be over, and he came back with a movie performance in "From Here to Eternity" that brought him an Oscar for supporting actor. He retired to much fanfare in 1971, but found himself unable to stay away from the microphone.

Sinatra said he never took voice lessons except to extend his range, and never learned to read music. In his performances late in his career, he would read lyrics. Yet his phrasing and timing rarely faltered.

His signature songs included "Night and Day," "Young at Heart," "One for My Baby," "How About You?" "Day by Day," "Old Man River," "New York, New York," "Come Fly With Me," "Strangers in the Night," and, with daughter Nancy, "Somethin' Stupid," a No. 1 smash during the rock era. Twyla Tharp choreographed a program called "Nine Sinatra Songs."

His movie credits include musicals -- "Anchors Aweigh," "On The Town," "Guys and Dolls," "The Tender Trap," "High Society," "Pal Joey" -- and grittier fare, such as "The Manchurian Candidate," "Von Ryan's Express" and "The Man With the Golden Arm," which brought him his other Oscar nomination.

He received the Kennedy Center honor in 1983 and was awarded the Medal of Freedom by his friend President Reagan in 1985.

"Sinatra's endurance has become a rallying point for many people who feel that their sacrifices and hard work are no longer honored, their values demeaned, their musical tastes ignored and sneered at," Pete Hamill wrote in New York magazine in 1980.

"They don't care that Sinatra got fat; so did they. They don't care that Sinatra moved from the New Deal to Ronald Reagan; many of them did the same thing, for the same basic reason: resentment at being ignored by the Democratic Party. They had overcome poverty and survived two world wars; they had educated their children and given them better lives; and sometimes their children didn't even care. But it should never be forgotten that Frank Sinatra was the original working class hero. Mick Jagger's fans bought records with their allowances; Sinatra's people bought them out of wages."

Sinatra had new success in the '90s with his "Duets" album and its Grammy-winning sequel, "Duets II." They combined him with a wide array of fellow singers, including rocker Bono of U2, Barbra Streisand and Julio Iglesias.

Bono paid tribute to Sinatra, saying, "Rock 'n' roll people love Frank. He has what we want: swagger and attitude."

Francis Albert Sinatra was born Dec. 12, 1915, in a tough, working-class neighborhood of Hoboken, N.J. In the difficult delivery, his left earlobe was torn off and his throat was scarred by forceps; the doctor thought him stillborn. His grandmother shoved the 13-pound baby under cold running water and signs of life quickly emerged.

Sinatra's father, Martin, was a boxer and member of the fire department. His mother, Dolly, was a nurse who became a power in local Democratic politics. Francis, their only child, spent much of his early life with his maternal grandmother but was spoiled by the entire family and lavished with gifts and fine clothes. He soon learned to fight off the envious kids in the neighborhood and became the leader of a gang that specialized in petty thievery until his mother moved to a nicer neighborhood.

In 1933, Sinatra went to hear Bing Crosby and left the theater determined to be a singer, but not a Crosby copycat. "What I finally hit on was more the `bel canto' Italian school of singing," involving the smooth connection of notes, he wrote for Life magazine in 1965. "It was more difficult than Crosby's style, much more difficult."

He picked up what jobs he could, and as a member of a quartet won the Major Bowes Amateur Hour in 1935. By 1939, he was singing with bandleader Harry James, for $65 a week, but soon joined trombonist Tommy Dorsey, who had a reputation for showcasing singers.

Sinatra, free to experiment with style, became fascinated with Dorsey's breath control. "He would take a musical phrase and play it all the way through seemingly without breathing, for eight, 10, maybe 16 bars." Sinatra finally discovered that Dorsey snatched quick breaths through the side of his mouth, and he vowed to learn to play his voice like an instrument.

He began swimming and running to improve his lungs, and learned to breathe in the middle of a note without breaking it. He was the first popular singer to use breathing for dramatic effect, and learned to use his microphone to enhance his voice. It also was important, he would say later, for a singer to realize he was telling a story, and place his pauses accordingly.

Like Crosby, Sinatra was influenced by jazz. However, his phrasing, hitting certain words to make them more meaningful, was more like jazz phrasing -- and was more exciting and appealing to young people.

Dorsey's new singer quickly attracted a following, and by the end of 1941 Sinatra replaced Crosby at the top of the "Down Beat" poll. He broke from the band in 1942 and, with a series of concerts at New York's Paramount Theater, burst into the nation's awareness in a way that was not matched until the arrival of Elvis Presley in the '50s and the Beatles in the '60s.

His appearances created such hysteria and fits of swooning that newspapers turned to psychiatrists for explanations. Fans smeared lipstick on the home of the hollow-cheeked, bow-tied singer. The Paramount, and New York City's police, came in for an even bigger dose of Sinatramania in 1944, when 10,000 kids jammed the ticket line and an estimated 20,000 others piled into Times Square, breaking windows in the crush.

4-26-95 - DREAM - I went to a tenant meeting and my boss Marjean came. A tenant falsely accused me of dating a tenant and Marjean fired me right on the spot. I bravely stood up and sarcastically waved and said, "Bye all!" and walked right out the door.

I went back to my New Berlin house and Marjean came there. I explained the situation to Marjean and told her that I hadn't had sex in 4 years and it didn't bother me. She hired me right back with a raise.

After that I was laying in bed at my 16th St. house and there was a whole bunch of people around. The telephone rang and a man asked for "Annie" on the 313 quiet line. I took the call and the man whispered, "The burning isn't over yet, marjean is sending her managers to the Bahama's and you aren't going to get to go." I told him that it didn't bother me. I honestly thougth about it ... "I don't fly, I don't like water."  so why would i care. I oculd feel grateful not to be asked.


4-27-95 - DREAM - I applied for a job in which I went to a personnel office to take a typing test. Typing was like playing music on a piano. When I was done, the woman said it was obvious that I didn't need to practice. There was an organ there she asked me to play.  I woke up before I got to play it.


4-28-95 - DREAM - This was a relaxing dream. It was like early morning and everyone was either in bed, just getting up, or laying down to rest. I helped a couple up so they could have breakfast. Then I laid down to rest. A man who was a guest ... a smaller man ... about 5'7" tall ... came out of the master bedroom and gave me a gift of black bedroom slippers with 5" high heels. I looked at them and thought they'd be too big, but he slipped them on my feet himself. Then I figured they'd be impossible to walk in, but when I got up they were extremely comfortable and I walked down the street in them to my next assignment.

I later came back to this place and lay down on a bed. I was wearing a hospital type gown. I had to get exactly centered in the bed. They told me my heart was too tense on top, the muscles held too tightly and I was going to do mental surgery on myself to loosen a tendon on one side of the heart and reattach it so it wasn't so tight.

I was just starting the relaxing process when I woke up.

NOTE: This is interesting, because for several months ... can't remember exactly when, I was having tightening pain across my chest from my left shoulder down towards my heart , and I'd have to stop walking, take a deep breath, and relax ... This was quite embarrassing when I was showing apartments to strangers.  I eventually went to a chiropracter and he healed the problem with some hot vibration machine ... It only took a couple of treatments... It was a problem with a tight tendon.


4-28-95 - DREAM - I arrived at a place to start my new job. I happened to arrive there at the same time the head man did. He said he was the oldest man there. We rode up the elevator together to the top floor which was the 8th. As we neared the top floor (only the floor moved) you couldn't lean on the walls, because we were moving past them. The walls were painted sky blue and I thought "how appropriate". The vault at the top which was dome shaped was pure white and I suggested to the man it would be appropriate to paint little stars in the white part. He just laughed.

We got out of the elevator and along the right side were written over little alcoves along the wall, the names of the retired people who belonged to the golfing association.

On the left side were lined up hundreds and hundreds of chairs each one with a brochure and a name tag, starting at A, by the elevator, ranging up to Z by the man's office at the far end.

The people were just arriving. They were mostly 8th grade girls as I could see, but there wre a few older people too. They were all there to be tested before they started high school. I could hear them murmuring to themselves about how worried they were about not passing the tests.

When we arrived at the office, there were tables and chairs blocking the way, so I helped to move their things aside so we could get into the office.

The old man showed me where to hang my coat in an alcove to the right, where the file cabinets were. There were ancient records books on top of the file cabinet. They looked hundreds of years old.

He said I would be helping "Aggie" to start with and she'd show me what to do. I figured I as going to be like a 'go-fer to start with.

I hung up my coat, then prepared to go into the main office. Someone had opened the huge oak doors to his office and there was brilliant light pouring out of the door. I was really thrilled to be starting to work here.


4-30-95 - DREAM - I was back in the building from yesterday's dream. I was being orientated it seemed. One woman asked me to care for her baby and I said, "Yes!" Then others just assumed I would care for their children as well. None of these babies wore clothes or diapers and none of them had genitals that I could see.

I felt cold and asked a man if he could turn the temperature up a little. He said it was 73. I figured that was probably warm enough. I didn't really have to do much, mostly just lay down with the babies and make sure they didn't hurt themselves or each other. They all seemed to know who I was and even though they were infants, they could talk.

One little one said, "Aye Yi Yi, Dolores!"

Used steel was    brought into this place in trains that only had 3 cars behind, so I knew the train s weren't coming from very far away. It was processed for re-use for something.

All ofo the oldere people kept journals of things that had been said or done and then studied them to see if they could react better in the future.

I went into a diningroom area and I noticed that I was wearing all my own gemstone rings on my left hand, but on my right hand, I was wearing rings that had little blue see type stones surrounded by hug shiny gold shields.

My Great Aunt Cora came in and wanted to see the ring. She insinuated that I had stolen them from her perhaps. I said I got them from the GoodWill and then felt guilty. I really don't know where they came from.

Everyone was getting ready to go home then, (all the workers). The boss lady changed into shiny black leather pantsuit with a gold belt.

She smiled at me and while pointing at a sign that said, "POWERHOUSE", she told the others while smiling, "I'm hoping we can talk Dolores into working here every day from 5:30 to 8:30. (This woman must be Aggie)

In my mind I was thinking it was a long way to go just to work for only 3 hours. I was thinking it was in Waukesha, WI. I was hoping they'd evenutally want me to work full time.