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4-1-10 -  I was outside my current house in California, walking along the road, heading for home.  I noticed that a plow of some kind had come by and pushed my mailbox back about 10 feet, taking a swath of dirt with it.  I was surprised that had happened, but liked that it was further off the road, but then the mailman came (my current mailman) and he was forced to get out of his truck in order to get the mail to the box, which was not exactly the good way to deliver the mail fast. 

As we talked about the situation, I saw some brown cattle loose on the road and wondered whose they were.  There were probably about a dozen of them.  I've never seen cattle this particular color brown around here, so figured they escaped from somewhere.  As I was looking at them, more of them appeared and I was a little intimidated by how many there were and that they were in the road, so I pretended to know them and called them to come with me onto the farm which was across the street to get them off the road.

All the cattle followed me onto the farm.  There didn't seem to be anyone there at first and the house looked small and deserted.  (not like in real life)

All the cattle were safely now in the grass of the farm, and I saw a thin woman coming from further over on the farm, and I told her she had a new herd of cattle, which pleased her a great deal.

I left her to deal with the cattle at that point, because they were just eating grass that never got mowed and they seemed happy and content and were safe there.

So, I went back home to my apartment, which was in a city somewhere, the people I recognized as from Milwaukee.  However, the situation was not normal.  Apparently, my husband and I had been arrested the night before for hugging in the hallway in front of my apartment which wasn't illegal that I knew of.  My boss, who was an attorney/judge as well as apartment owner let us go and I was happy for that.

I then went down into the basement to inspect it and see if the maintenance crew was working.  I came to a doorway to the outside where I saw someone dressed in white sweeping the concrete pad outside of dust.

That someone turned out to be a man who looked like President Truman.  I started following him up the stairway to the first floor, and on the stairway there was a photograph in a frame of a dark colored battleship.  He stopped at the photograph and patted it and dusted the face of it off, so I asked him if he had been on that ship.

He turned and smiled when I asked him that, and I knew then he was the President and I woke up.


4-2-10 - DREAM - 1:30 a.m.   I supposedly was in highschool and there was a meeting at 3:00 p.m. at the school, where everyone had to meet  and from here, some seniors were going on a weekend camping trip.  I hadn't planned on going because of my food allergies which would make it difficult to eat normally, but the closer it got to the time to leave for school, the more excited I got to go on the camping trip anyway.

I knew that some parents from down the street on 16th St. were going to be there and thought I could make the meeting more fun for my parents to introduce them to each other.

About 2:30 p.m.,  I and my Father went outside to go to the meeting.  I don't know why my mother didn't go.

We went out into the street and instead of a car, our vehicle was more like a small streetcar, high up above the ground, and he door was on the back of the vehicle, not on the side.

So my Father opened the door and climbed up - it was about three feet up and because the vehicle wasn't moving he did it very gracefully.

Then it was my turn to climb up.  I didn't have any trouble getting up into the vehicle either, but my Father was already driving, first backwards out of the parking space and then hurtling down the street and by then I was still hanging on with both hands and couldn't reach behind me to close the door. I was literally hanging out into space, hanging on for dear life as we practically flew down the street.

I told my Father to slow down because at this point, I couldn't let go with my right arm to close the door behind me and sit down in the seat which was in front of me down an aisle.   My rear end was still hanging out the back end of the vehicle.

Instead of slowing down, my father took his eyes off the road, and reached around behind me to close the door for me, and as he did, his left arm slowly turned he wheel of  the vehicle and we started careening left off the road.

Ahead of me, I could see we were going to hit a tree and some really big rocks off the left side of the road, and our vehicle was turning around as we went flying through the air off the side of the road. 

By then, I was able to crouch down with my arms around my knees and ducked my head down and it felt like we were a cannonball and we slowly turned while flying through the air, and I readied myself for the crash as we flew backwards toward the rocks.

And I woke up.


4-2-10 - DREAM - 7:30 a.m.  I was visiting an old woman I think was my grandmother.  As I was going through the house, I was hearing things, like on a radio, about different people and things that were happening to them, like the son of a famous movie star getting a ticket for drunk driving, and later on I heard that the same movie star's son got arrested and it seemed that the things I was hearing were coming true.


4-3-10 - DREAM - I was in a room somewhere with a young woman whose child had a serious disease of some kind. 

I was going to do a television show about this disease and perhaps ask for money for research for the disease.

Then another woman came in.  She was blonde and very large.  She had a family member with the same disease and she was going to speak about her experiences regarding this disease as well.

When the woman came in, before I could even talk to her, she took a pitcher of cold water and dumped it over my head, so I couldn't do the TV show.

My husband than asked me if  I wanted to go see a movie and I agreed to it.  He said he would take me to his favorite movie theatre.

When we got to the movie theatre, it was a one story building as I recall with a small parking lot, not like the mega structures some theatres are these days.

When we walked into the building, we were in a small sitting room with all older people like in the waiting room of an old age home.

I can't recall the conversation here, but apparently I wasn't going to enjoy the film either.


4-3-10 - DREAM - I went shopping with my husband and bought some fresh food.

On the way home, we were going through a neighborhood near home, taking a shortcut, and workers had dug out the ditches and put the dirt all over the road so we couldn't drive on the streets.   I deducted that it must be spring by that.

So, I got out of the car and decided I was going to walk home, so my husband and I split up and I started walking,  taking the longer way home on foot.

I was carrying the paper bag of fresh vegetables, which turned out to be potatoes.   After a few blocks, the potatoes started slipping out of my grip and I stopped by a white car to adjust the package.

On that car was also a package of vegetables and my package and the package on the car got caught together because those vegetables were in sticky plastic.

When I picked up my bag, the plastic bag got stuck to mine and I ended up picking it all up instead of just mine.

The woman who owned the white car came running out and said I had her celery.

I agreed that I probably did have her celery but when I picked it out of the bag, a whole big package of bakery like big bear claws came flying out and landed on the ground.

I apologized  and said that I hoped she could eat them anyway because I couldn't.

I again started walking home, deciding I would research my food diet on top of my white stove which looks like a white table.


W. S. Sadler & Co.

4-4-10 - DREAM - I was with 3 other women and we entered a very large church from the left back door.  The church was darkened but full of people. Only a couple of candles were lit up in front.  Two of the women stayed in he back of the left aisle with the hands clasped in front of them, and I and my companion woman went down the aisle together in tandem - walking up the aisle with our handles clasped in front of us.  We had to climb several steps that were on the left and stand on a platform, awaiting our turn to be confirmed. 

We then went into a small ante-room where several people were sitting on chairs - maybe it was like a baby crying room, or a room where old people went to cool off or something if they couldn't handle the crowd.  But we stood up on this platform above them, with a door between us and the church, waiting our turn.

The woman I was with was a tall blonde, buxom, and she was not happy being cooped up in this little room, and talked out loud how unhappy she was to have to wait.  I shushed her, telling her the room was not soundproof, and we could hear the pastor confirming the first two people.

We then opened the door and went out into the church side of the door, still on the platform, my companion fell off into the aisle below it and crashed into he seats with a huge noise.

I looked to see if she was being helped, and it looked like a couple people were attempting to see if she was okay, but she was a very large woman, with a will of her own and she didn't like being coddled.  Even when I got down there to her side and helped her sit up slowly in case her neck or back had been injured.  She didn't want our help, and when she stood up, she called up to the pastor and said to him, "I really don't like the use of the letters  ccc or ss in the ceremony because it sounds too Nazi and snake-like." 

Whether we finished the ceremony or not, I'm not certain, but in a few minutes, we were in a large schoolroom, where a man in a grey tweed suit, looking like they did in the 1920's was showing us around the area where his companies displays were, and he said to me, as he showed me a pamphlet with fancy writing on it, and told me, "and then I went to work for W. S. Sadler and Co."

I woke up at that point, wondering who my new boss really was.  Apparently a Bible Missionary College, started about 1883 in Illinois to do nursing and philanthropic work with a Bible based missionary status.

1913 Faith and Fear : or the Mind in Health and Disease, WS Sadler, illustrated. ...

W. S. Sadler wrote a book about headaches, backaches and constipation in 1936

W. S. Sadler wrote a book named The Theory and Practice of Psychiatry in 1938

W S SADLER) [n|1938] Diet And Food Values With Key To Weight Control

W.S. Sadler wrote a book named Living a Sane Sex Life - a non-fiction book in 1946

W. S. Sadler wrote a book named Emotional Conflicts in 1948

 A death notice from:

4/61 Spencer, Edna Earl W 1919/09/29 Currituck F Eva [Mae] Sadler W. S. Sadler
[Wm. Selby Spencer]  listed W. S. Sadler living in the Valley Mansion in 1835, followed by two other men named Sadler.


Sadler Meets the Sleeping Subject

[The sleeping man was W. S. Kellogg]

After the Sadlers graduated from the American Medical Missionary College they set up medical practice in La Grange, Illinois. This is where Sadler had settled in a “country environment.”

He wished to remain there. He also opened an Institute in downtown Chicago where he could have a practice in the city, maintain close contact with the medical profession, and be helpful in training other physicians. His purpose was to open a center for Physiologic Therapeutics, an area he felt was not adequately covered by the medical schools. Sadler’s concern was in the prevention of disease, and not merely medical reaction to disease that has already appeared.

Sadler’s practice went well for two years. He had many cases of surgery, more each month, “without loss of a case.” He and Lena decided to buy their own home, rather than continue to lease. Advertisements from the La Grange newspaper for 1908, 1909 and 1910 show Dr. William S. Sadler and Dr. Lena Kellogg Sadler with office and residence at 96 Sixth Avenue in La Grange. Their office hours were before 9:00 AM and between 3:00 and 5:00 PM. They also advertised hours in the Reliance Building in Chicago at 100 State Street from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

I must now introduce Harold Morrow Sherman, sports-fiction and movie screen writer, and avid pursuer of spiritualism and psychic phenomena. Sherman becomes important to our investigation because he is the only person on record to whom Sadler gave significant details of his first meeting with the Sleeping Subject. (Other evidence has now appeared. See Addendum.) Sherman also created a disturbance within the ranks of the Forum. This disturbance has been described as a rebellion but it did not develop to those proportions. Sherman first appeared in Chicago in 1941 to make contact with Sadler through connections with Harry Loose, a Chicago detective and later Chautauqua lecturer. Loose himself met Sadler during World War I, as a patient of Sadler’s.

Through that contact Loose later became a member of the Forum, learned much about events in the early unfolding of the Revelation, and about the strange activities surrounding the Sleeping Subject.

Through notes circulated by Martha Sherman, Harold’s wife, and through letters written by Loose to Sherman, we know Sherman attended a Chautauqua lecture by Loose in Marion, Indiana in the summer of 1921 where Sherman was employed as a newspaper reporter for the Marion Chronicle. Sherman was fascinated with Loose, and his detective experience, and had requested a private audience with Loose. Beyond that the two men did not meet again until many years later, in 1941, when Sherman was on a writing assignment in Hollywood.

~100~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation

Just before traveling to California for his movie writing contract, Sherman had a sudden interest in contacting Loose and, through a police chief in Saginaw, Michigan, found his address. They exchanged letters in which they shared their common interest in psychic phenomena. Loose urged Sherman to contact Sadler in Chicago. Sherman and his wife also recalled a contact they had made in Marion many years earlier in which they met a Dr. Merrill Davis and his wife Josephine.

They remembered that Jo had an uncle in Chicago who was a physician and psychiatrist and who also was a serious investigator of psychic phenomena, but the Sherman's had not developed contact with the uncle at that time. After inquiring of the Davises they discovered that Jo’s uncle was indeed, William Sadler.

They asked her to write a letter of introduction. They took this with them on their way through Chicago to Hollywood. In July, 1941 they stopped at 533 Diversey Parkway, Sadler’s home, where they introduced themselves.

They did not tarry on that initial contact but, on their return from California in May, 1942, rented an apartment at a hotel across the street from 533 Diversey where they intended to make a serious study of the Revelation.

In a later chapter I shall discuss the series of events which led to the disturbance among the ranks of the Forum. Here I wish to concentrate on the episode which caused Sadler to describe his first contact with the Sleeping Subject.

Sherman published this account in his 1976 book he called How To Know What To Believe. Chapter 4 was on The Wisdom of Harry J. Loose, while Chapter 5 described his experience in Chicago and the Revelation as Pipeline To God.

This chapter in Sherman’s book was filled with acrimonious remarks about Sadler because Sadler would not reveal details of the presentation of the Revelation, and because he felt Sadler had an obligation to include material in the Revelation on psychic phenomena. Only after Sadler was dead, and Sherman no longer felt a concern about legal suits, did he bring his public attack upon Sadler.

His deep emotional feelings strongly biased his report, but within that context he was faithful to the account Sadler had related to him back in 1942, as he best remembered it.

Sherman used pseudonyms in his chapter, perhaps out of the same concern for lawsuit, but I shall replace them with the real names as I know them in the following quotation of his account.


On August 20 our friends, H.C. and Mary Mattern (real names) were on their annual tour of a big city firm for which they did the cleaning and preserving of leather-upholstered office furniture. We had planned to introduce them to Dr. Sadler on their arrival and planned to arrange for their membership in the New Revelation Forum.

It was an evening appointment, and we found the doctor to be in an unusually amiable, talkative mood, disposed to give us a more complete version of the origin of the paper than we had ever heard before or since. As soon as the long session was over, Martha and I crossed the street to our apartment at the Rutledge Hotel and worked into the early morning to make a detailed written record of the information that had been imparted.

9 - Sadler Meets SS ~101~

This was Sadler’s account, as recorded by Sherman.

About thirty-five years ago when Dr. Lena and I were young physicians together, we decided to move, but the place we had in mind was not yet available. We were directed to a furnished apartment in the neighborhood, which we took for several months until our place was ready.

We had been there about two weeks, and some of the tenants had apparently learned we were physicians, because one of them, a woman living directly below us, rapped on our door about 11:00 P.M. as we were in the act of retiring. She said, ‘Will you please come downstairs with me? Something has happened to my husband. He’s gone to sleep; he’s breathing very strangely; and I can’t wake him up.’

We slipped into our bathrobes and went down to her apartment, where I saw a medium size man, approaching middle age, asleep in bed, breathing very fitfully. He would take a couple of short, quick breaths for a time, and then would hold his breath for a long time, long enough for any normal human to have gotten black in the face, but nothing happened. I took his pulse and was surprised to find it was normal. I then tried to arouse him with every known method, even to sticking pins in him — but failed. His wife seemed to be a somewhat nervous and superstitious type. She was frankly frightened, even though I assured her that he seemed to be in good physical shape, despite his peculiar actions.

We sat about and waited for him to return to consciousness, during which time his body gave several violent jumps and starts. Finally, after about an hour, he awoke and looked around and saw us. We had propped him up on pillows, and he now turned to his wife and asked, pointing at us, ‘Who are these people?’ She explained that we were doctors she had called in when she found she couldn’t awaken him, and he said, ‘What’s wrong? What happened?’

I asked him ‘How do you feel?’ He said ‘I feel fine.’ I said, ‘What have you been dreaming about?’ He said, ‘I haven’t been dreaming at all.’ I said, ‘You have been jumping about on the bed.’ He said, ‘I don’t know anything about that. I can’t understand it.’ I told him I would like to keep him under observation, to which he readily agreed.

I made him promise that he would come to my office the following morning for a complete physical exam. This he did, and I gave him every test but found him to be in excellent physical shape. I got his family history, and there were no cases of insanity or epilepsy among any of his antecedents or present relatives. In my investigation of psychic phenomena I have witnessed many so-called trance states, but this phenomenon he experienced seemed to be something different. Most of the trance cases I had contacted were those of emotionally unstable or hysterical women. But here was a hard boiled businessman, member of the board of trade and stock exchange, who didn’t believe in any of this nonsense and who had no recollection of what happened during these strange unwakeable sleep states.

I told him I would like to keep him under observation, to which he readily agreed. Nothing happened for several weeks, and then, one night, about the same time, his wife called us and said he was having one of those spells again. We went down, and I gave him some more tests and tried new ways to rouse him — all to no effect. His labored breathing; his sudden breaking off and then no breathing at all would have been alarming had not his pulse remained strong and even throughout. The whole thing was baffling. When he awakened, he was, as before, unconscious of anything having transpired.

~102~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation

This sort of experience was repeated at different times of night, until the fall of the year, when we were able to move to the residence of our choice. This man’s lease expired that same fall, and he moved into an apartment house in the same block so he could be near us(1).

One night, when we were called to his new address, as we sat by the bedside, Dr. Lena noticed that he was moistening his lips as though he were preparing to speak. She said, ‘Perhaps he wants to talk to us. Maybe if we ask him a question, we will get an answer.’


Except for this portion, I reproduce Sherman’s account in Chapter 18. We must keep in mind that this is Sherman’s account, written some thirty-five years after his session with Sadler, and that it may not be exact in every detail.

However, the description is so clear, based on detailed notes he made that evening with his wife Martha, it probably well reflects what Sadler had to say. The account is highly informative, for it places Sadler in circumstances which, through research of Sadler’s locations, permit us to identify the location and time of the first SS contact. It is also informative in other important respects.

This meeting with Sherman took place in 1942. About thirty-five years ago would place the contact about 1907, within a year or two. They were young physicians. This would make the contact after their graduation from American Medical Missionary College in 1906.

The place they had in mind was not yet available. They took up temporary residence in a furnished apartment. They remained in the temporary apartment for several months.

This sort of experience was repeated at different times of the night, until the fall of the year. This means the first contact probably was in the spring of the year. If so, the Sadlers moved into the temporary apartment in the spring.

Note that there was no communication from the man until the fall of the year, when the man moistened his lips, whereupon Lena suggested that perhaps he wished to talk. This led to the onset of the strange communications.

Note also that these episodes were repeated at different times of the night. They could be in the late evening, in the early morning, or at any other time during the night. But always they were after the man had fallen asleep. Furthermore, they came randomly and unexpectedly. The episodes would arouse the wife from her sleep, whereupon she would contact the Sadlers, who would arrive and observe.

The episodes continued through the summer months, until the Sadlers were able to move into their place. We know Sadler had returned to Chicago, or the Chicago environs sometime in March, 1904. He had reestablished himself with the Life Boat Mission; his name appears on that letterhead with a date of August 31. We are uncertain of his exact residence address from independent evidence until 1906. However, a letter to Willie White dated March 9, 1904 shows his activities.

As I wrote you some time ago, I have read all the (White) communications that I know of, to the family here. There is a very much more settled state, as the

9 - Sadler Meets SS ~103~

result of it. I have had an interesting time, I assure you, since I came to B.C. I have done the best I could, and am very sure it is not all done, for there is lots of work to be done here. I am very sorry I will have to go to Chicago in a couple of weeks and leave it. The whole Class are going to live with Mrs. Sadler and me in Chicago. We are going to rent a place on the West Side.

Thus it appears that he rented a house in La Grange (West Side) in March, 1904.We know from the La Grange City Directory that Sadler had boarders and renters. Lena’s sister Anna lived with them during the entire period of their residence in La Grange. A newspaper advertisement dated 1907 shows a Harry W. Rose providing instruction in shorthand from the address at 38 Calendar Avenue. The La Grange City Directory shows Smith Moses Kellogg, Lena’s and Anna’s father, living with them in 1906, and their mother in 1907. An Emma B. Kellogg, a trained nurse, also lived with them in 1909, but the identity of this Emma is uncertain, except that she probably was a blood relative. A newspaper advertisement for February, 1907 shows the Sadlers operating with office hours out of the same residence. In 1910 a Miss Francis Given was listed as a boarder at 56 South 6th Avenue, together with Sarah Willmer, a close friend to Anna Kellogg. Sarah later married Edward Van Bond, active in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. The Sadlers kept a busy household.

In a letter to Ellen White dated March 23, 1905 he makes remarks which confirm the residence in La Grange. For some time I have been going to write to you, and in a recent visit with your son, Eld. J. E. White, after I had told him of our experience in moving out of Chicago into the country, he told me he thought I should write and tell you about it, so I made up my mind I would.

“For some time” would take this back to at least the first of 1905 or even into 1904. They were definitely out of Chicago. The suburb of La Grange was one train stop from Hinsdale, where the Church, at the ever persistent urging of Ellen White for the country, was establishing a branch of the Chicago Mission. According to that same letter the hope was for the Hinsdale operation to take patients in about May 1, 1905. The Life Boat Mission also moved on that date, since the owners of the Chicago building had doubled the rent on them. This same Church policy had relocated the Chicago branch of the American Medical Missionary College to Hinsdale the previous year, where the Sadler’s wished to continue their medical education.

Between April, 1904 and March, 1905 Sadler wrote on letterheads from the Chicago Life Boat Mission, where he is shown as Treasurer and Pastor. We have a letter dated November 21, 1905 from 38 Calendar Avenue in La Grange. In other surviving letters Sadler continues to date from that address until February 7, 1907. Sadler does not appear in the La Grange City Directory until 1906; there is no independent confirmation for his residence in La Grange for 1904 and 1905. Lack of listing in the La Grange City Directory in 1904 and 1905 may be due to

~104~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation

many different possibilities. Putting all of this together it seems he leased a single family dwelling at 38 Calendar Avenue in La Grange and moved into that residence on the 1st of April, 1904.

Since he did not purchase a personal residence “that was not yet ready” until 1908 he could not have met the Sleeping Subject until after he moved from 38 Calendar Avenue into the temporary apartment. If Sadler took yearly leases, and if he signed the first lease on his departure from Battle Creek about the end of March in 1904, the lease at 38 Calendar Avenue would come up for renewal on April 1st each year. This time would agree with the move into a furnished apartment in the spring.

Sadler owned only two properties in his life. The first was at 56 South Sixth Avenue in La Grange; the last was at 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago. When did he purchase the first, and when did he move into it?

My search of records at the Cook County Courthouse in Chicago, with the kind help of Harold Wolff, revealed that Sadler signed a Property Sale Agreement with Susan A. Beatty and James T. Beatty on April 4, 1908. This was filed for record on April 9. Following is the text of that Property Sale Agreement.



This Memorandum Witnesseth that Susan A. Beatty and James T. Beatty hereby agree to sell and William S. Sadler agrees to purchase at the price of sixty two hundred fifty ($6250.00) dollars the following described real estate situated in Cook County Illinois:

Lots three (3) and four (4) in block three (3) in Leiter’s Addition to La Grange in section four (4) Township thirty eight (38) North Range twelve (12) East of the third principal meridian Township North Range East of the third principle meridian. Subject to

  • (1) existing leases expiring, the purchaser to be entitled to the rents if any from the time of delivery of Deed

  • (2) all taxes and assessments levied after the year 1907

  • (3) any unpaid special taxes or assessments levied for improvements not yet made, also subject to a Trust Deed to Frank L. Borwell to secure payment of three thousand (3,000.00) dollars with interest at six (6%) per cent per annum from March 30th, 1908 which matures on the 30th of March 1913. Said purchaser has paid one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars as earnest money. The balance to be paid as follows: $250.00 on the first day of July A.D. 1908, $1,000.00 on the first day of February A.D. 1909, $1,000.00 on the first day of February, 1910 with interest at the rate of six (6%) per cent per annum payable so biannually. A good and sufficient warranty deed to be delivered to the purchaser when $3250.00 shall have been paid on this contract when a conveyance is to be made, subject to the trust deed to secure payment of $3,000 herein described, with interest at the rate of — per cent per annum payable semiannually, a complete merchantable abstract of title or a merchantable copy, brought down to date or a merchantable guaranty policy to be furnished within a reasonable time. In case the title upon examination is found materially defective within ten days after said Abstract is furnished then unless the material defects be cured within sixty days after writ


9 - Sadler Meets SS ~105~

ten notice thereof the said earnest money shall be refunded and this contract is to become inoperative. Should said purchaser fail to perform this contract promptly on his part at the time and in the manner herein specified, the earnest money paid as above shall at the option of the vendor be forfeited as liquidated damages including commissions payable by vendor and this contract shall become null and void. Time is of the essence of this contract, and of all the conditions thereof. This contract and the said earnest money shall be held by/for the mutual benefit of the parties herein. In Testimony, whereof said parties hereto set their hands this fourth day

of April A.D. 1908.

Susan A. Beatty

Jas T. Beatty

William S. Sadler

7- No. 4184294 Filed for Record Apr. 9 A.D. 1908, 9 A.M.


The property consisted of two combined lots. The house was a single family Victorian dwelling, recently built, styled after neighboring houses. La Grange was then in a building boom. The house was located directly to the rear of the La Grange Town Hall, but has since been razed to make room for a parking lot. The Town Hall still operates, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Agreement showed the terms of payment by Sadler over a five-year period until March 30, 1913. The mortgage was held by a Frank L. Borwell, who ran a wholesale dry goods business in Chicago.

Thus the date of the Agreement agrees with our estimate of the expiration of Sadler’s lease at 38 Calendar Avenue. However, as Sadler stated to Sherman, he could not move into the house because “it was not yet ready. Examination of the Agreement shows the reason. Three conditional clauses were included in the Agreement. The last two dealt with unpaid taxes or special levies. The first contains the clue to our understanding. Occupation was subject to existing leases expiring. Sadler could collect the rents from those existing lease(s) but agreed to not move into the house until those leases had expired.

This explains his need for a furnished apartment. He probably stored his personal household furniture until the fall of the year, when the house became available.

Given this information we can date his meeting of the Sleeping Subject within one or two weeks. If, as was common, his lease on 38 Calendar Avenue was made at the beginning of the month, in April, 1904, it would have expired at the end of March the following year. He continued to renew the lease until he stopped four years later, in 1908. This was the date of his purchase of the Beatty property. If they immediately moved into the furnished apartment, and the woman came knocking on his door about two weeks later, this would have been about the middle of April, 1908. That was the date he first met the Sleeping Subject.

No other date in Sadler’s life meets the conditions he described to Sherman. At no time in his life after that event did Sadler live in a temporary furnished apartment.

~106~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation

• They were young physicians.

They were living temporarily in a furnished apartment, until their house was ready.

This took place about thirty-five years before his meeting with Sherman in 1942.

• It was in the spring of the year.

Sadler’s move to La Grange probably was late in March, 1904, with yearly or bi-yearly leases on the house at 38 Calendar Avenue.

We do not know the address of the furnished apartment. However, the house at 56 South 6th Avenue and the one at 38 Calendar Avenue were no more than three blocks from one another in downtown La Grange. One was on the west side of La Grange Road, the main thoroughfare, (then called 5th Avenue) and the other on the east side. It is highly probable that the apartment house also was not too far away. As Sadler stated, it was in the neighborhood. My search of United States Census reports for the neighborhood in La Grange in 1910 failed to reveal an apartment location that suited Sadler’s description, “in the neighborhood.

According to further remarks by Sadler the lease of the apartment of the Sleeping Subject also expired in the fall and he moved into an apartment “in the same block.”

This desire of the Sleeping Subject to be near Sadler became a part of both their lives, for several decades, and is a clue to an important understanding of the strange behavior of the man, and why he was not a trance spiritualist subject.

  • 1. The possibility exists that this particular sequence is confused. Sadler may have mixed events between his move to 56 South Sixth Avenue, and his later move to north Chicago, or Sherman may not have recalled correctly.


9 - Sadler Meets SS ~107~


Note: Some of these addresses are business, not residential






The Sanitarium, Battle Creek, MI

Muessling, references by Sadler, others



Rear of Pacific Garden Mission, located on Custom House Place

LH: Chicago Medical Missionary Association

J . H. Kellogg, Superintend, W. S . Sadler, Secretary, A. P. Grohens, Trea s. W. B. Holden, Pas tor H. E. Brighous, Pas tor


1926 Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL

The Life Boat

W. S. Sadler, Editor


1926 Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL

United States Census Report

The center of SDA Miss ion operations in Chicago. Included a dormitory with more than seventy other residents.


971 Howard St. San Francis co

Letter to W. C. White

LH: California Conference 301 San Pablo Ave. A. T. Jones , Pres . M. H. Brown, Sec. W. S. Sadler, Supt. Young Peoples Work


995 McAllister S t. San Francisco

Letter to W. C. White

LH: California Conference


~108~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation






995 McAllister St. San Francisco Phone: Page 3012

Letter to young people.

LH: San Francisco Medical Missionary and Benevolent Society Branches include: Visiting Nurses at same  address Hydropathic Dispensary and Christian Helping Hand at 916 Laguna Street The Sanitarium at 1436 Market St. Vegetarian Cafe at 755 Market St. Helping Hand Mission at 641 Commercial St.



2315 Jackson St. San Francisco Phone: Scott 440

Letters to W. C. White

LH: SFMMBS LH reverted to California Conference on 10-12-1903 Last recorded date in California


Enroute to Battle Creek from Chicago

Hand written Letter to W. C. White Phone: South 113

LH: Chicago Branch Battle Creek Sanitarium 28 Thirty-Third Place (Arrived in Chicago 12-22-03 from the west coast.)


Sanitarium Battle Creek

Letter to W. C. White

LH: Sanitarium with his name hand written below list of medical staff.


~109~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation






Sanitarium Battle Creek

Handwritten Letter to W. C. White

Written on Sanitarium LH but reveals that Sadler has begun work at Mission in Chicago. Lena still in Battle Creek, suffering from pneumonia.


Life Boat Mission 436 State St. Chicago Phone Jackson 286

Letter to Ellen Whit e

David Paulson, Chairman E. B. Van Dorn, Super.W. S. Sadler, Tres. W. S. Sadler, Pastor Missionary staff includes Lena


Life Boat Mission 436 State St. Chicago Phone Jackson 286

Letter to Ellen White

David Paulson, Chairman E. B. Va n Dorn, Super. W. S. Sadler, Tres. W. S. Sadler, Pastor Missionary staff includes Lena


Same as above — Phone Harrison 4772

11-21-1905 to 2-19-1906

38 Calendar Ave La Grange, IL

Letters to W. C. White

Hand written


472 State S t. Chicago

Letter from W. C. White

W. C. White at Sanitarium, Napa County, California


38 Calendar Ave La Grange, IL

Famous Letter to Ellen White

Typewritten, no LH


38 Calendar Ave La Grange, IL

City Directory

Sadler listed as Editor.

Residence shown as single family dwelling on old city maps. Now a commercial building.

Anna B. Kellogg, sister to Lena, listed in CD at this address for 1906. Smith Moses Kellogg, father to Lena and Anna listed in CD at this address for 1906, 1907.

11-24-1906 Newspaper advertisement: WANTED - Girl for general housework; m us t sleep at home. Apply 38 Calendar avenue.


100 State S t. Chicago

Letter to W. C. White

Personal printed LH


38 Calendar Ave La Grange, IL

Letter to W. C. White

Personal printed LH


~110~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation






38 Calender Ave La Grange, IL

City Directory

Sadler and Lena listed as Physicians with offices in Reliance Bldg, Chicago.

Henry W. Rose, stenographer, listed in CD a t this address , and also newspaper advertisement at this address. As a result of the lecture on shorthand given in the city a few days ago, Henry W. Rose now has a class in that subject which promises to be most successful.

Anna B. Kellogg, sister to Lena listed in CD a t this address in 1907 and 1908.

Mrs . S . M. Kellogg listed in CD at this address for 1907.

Late 2-1907

Newspaper notice shows Sadler and Lena as Doctors at the 38 Calendar address , (Phone 1571) and 100 St. street, Chicago, Phone Central 257.


56 S. 6th Ave. La Grange, IL

City Directory

Sadler and Lena listed as Physicians with offices a t 100 State S t, Chicago

Residence shown as single family dwelling on old city maps, directly to the rear of La Grange Town Hall. Building was razed to make room for Town Hall parking lot.

Photograph of 66 S. 6th Ave shows large Victorian home. Photograph of corner lot on 5th Ave in 1905 shows large Victorian home. Map plan shows similar Victorian structure at 56 6th Ave.


Newspaper announcement shows Sadler purchasing property from James T. Beatty. Exact date of newspaper notice is un known.


Newspaper notice shows Sadler and Lena as Doctors at this address (Phone 98) and 100 State St. in Chicago, Phone Central 4356 .

9-1909 9-10-1910

Newspaper notices show Sadler and Lena same as above. Phone numbers same as above.

1909 to 1913

City Directory same as above for Sadler and Lena.


~111~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation





All following are shown in La Grange CD at this address:

Anna B. Kellogg listed as Trained Nurse for the years 1910 and 1911. As Mrs. Wilfred C. Kellogg for 1913. There a re no listings for Anna B. in the years 1908, 1909, 1912. Emm a B. Kellogg listed as Trained Nurse in 1909.

Mrs. Frances Given listed in 1910 as Trained Nurse.

Sara M. Willmer listed a s Reader for the year 1911. Sara M. Willmer be came Mrs. Edward Van Bond in 1912. Van Bond was active in Chicago SDA Mission; refer Miss ion LH above.

Mrs. Edward Van Bond listed a s Reader for 1913.

Smith Moses Kellogg listed in 1909 and 1910 a t 46 S. 6th Ave., but a typographical error. There was no 46 S. 6th Ave. Should be 56 S. 6h Ave.

Through 6-14-1912

100 State St. Chicago

Letters to and from W. C. White

This address changed to 33 North State S t. in 1911 by Chicago rearrangement of street numbering system . Sadler continued to use this address for his medical business until he moved to his permanent address at 533 Diversey Parkway in 1922.

Newspaper report dated 1-3-1914 shows , James F. Slapak has purchased the Dr. Sadler property at 56 6th St. and has taken possession. His wife,  Wilhelmina Slapak, is a physician and surgeon, and will practice in La Grange.


1449 N. Dearborn, Chicago Telephone Superior 8715

Chicago City Directory

Business address at 32 N. State S t. Phone Central 8110.


No address given Phone: Highland Park 1000

Chicago CD

No reason known for lack of address


No address given Phone: Highland Park 384

Chicago CD

No reason known for lack of address


~112~ The Birth of a Divine Revelation





2-1915 thru 6-1918

2146 Lincoln Park West, Chicago Phone Lincoln 2304

Chicago CD

Same Phone as Lincoln Park West Address

10-1918 thru 11-1921

2748 Pine Grove Road , Chicago

Chicago CD



2748 Pine Grove Road , Chicago

United States Census

Listed at address : Dr. William S . Sadler, Head Dr. Lena K. Sadler, Wife William S., J r. Son Anna B. and Wilfred C. Kellogg lived in an adjacent apartment with their daughter Emma Ruth. May Daly, a nurse, with her daughter, Eleanor, are listed living with the Kelloggs.

Many of the households at adjacent apartments and neighboring addresses had live-in maids. This address had four apartments .

9 - Sadler Meets SS ~113~


533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago

Preface to his book: Race Decadence


6-1922 to death

533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago Phone Div 5430

Chicago CD and Telephone Directories

Chicago CD was discontinued in 1929.

W. S. Sadler wrote a book named The Practice of Psychiatry in 1953

Science, Anthropology and Archaeology
in The Urantia Book.

What is its significance?
Ken Glasziou

Part I: Introduction--Expectations
"Let There Be Light"--A Cosmic Overview
Part II: Urantia Book Statements that may fill Missing Information Gaps
Part III: Who Wrote The Urantia Papers?
Part IV: Science Topics of Interest in the Urantia Papers
Part V: Contentious Materials
Part VI: An Index of Archaeological and Historical Information found in Part IV of The Urantia Book

1. Introduction—Expectations

The expectations of readers about the content of The Urantia Book are manifold. Some may expect that the revelatory status of the book would be verified by the accuracy of its science content. Others may believe that if only the science community embraced the book, exciting new scientific discoveries would eventuate. Some are emphatic that a revelatory status carries the guarantee that all of its assertions, scientific or otherwise, will be divine truth. Many consider that even a single error nullifies any claim to be a revelation. So what does the book itself say?

On page 24 we read: "The existence of God can never be proved by scientific experiment or by the pure reason of logical deduction. God can be realized only in the realms of human experience...Those who know God have experienced the fact of his presence; such God-knowing mortals hold in their personal experience the only positive proof of the existence of the living God which one human being can offer to another. The existence of God is utterly beyond all possibility of demonstration except for the contact between the God-consciousness of the human mind and the God-presence of the Thought Adjuster that indwells the mortal intellect and is bestowed upon man as the free gift of the Universal Father." And on page 1106: "Reason is the proof of science, faith the proof of religion, logic the proof of philosophy, but revelation is validated only by human experience. Science yields knowledge; religion yields happiness; philosophy yields unity; revelation confirms the experiential harmony of this triune approach to universal reality."

You're on your own? Not necessarily.

The book, then, throws us back upon our own resources. What benefits we derive from it will not come from any "divine dictation" status we may wish to assign to the book. Like everyone else, we are expected to progress via the normal pathways of personal experience with an indwelling God-presence and through conforming our will to the dictates of that presence. And the basis for our decisions will still be an act of pure faith, unsupported by confirmable miracle or any other confirmable supernatural means. In other words, we must not expect to find absolute proof of the revelatory status of the book within its pages by means other than personal experience with our indwelling God-presence. The book terms this our Thought Adjuster and reminds us that Jesus' Spirit of Truth is always available to guide us into all truth. Both are referred to in the Gospel of John where Jesus says: "If a man loves me he will keep my word: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him and make our abode with him." (John 14:23)

A consistent and logical universe philosophy

What then can we gain from the science and physical cosmology in The Urantia Book? What is its purpose? The book itself tells us: "The fact of religion consists wholly in the religious experience of rational and average human beings. And this is the only sense in which religion can ever be regarded as scientific or even psychological. The proof that revelation is revelation is this same fact of human experience: the fact that revelation does synthesize the apparently divergent sciences of nature and the theology of religion into a consistent and logical universe philosophy, a co-ordinated and unbroken explanation of both science and religion, thus creating a harmony of mind and satisfaction of spirit which answers in human experience those questionings of the mortal mind which craves to know how the Infinite works out his will and plans in matter, with minds, and on spirit." (1105)

Even if some of its science is now outdated, there can be no doubt that The Urantia Book provides us with a synthesis of cosmology, philosophy, and the theology of religion that is unequaled in its extent and scope. It provides us with an overview of our universe careers never before provided on this planet. But it has had to do so within a fixed set of universe laws in respect to revelation. One of these is that the free will of mortal beings such as ourselves is sacrosanct. Not even the indwelling Thought Adjuster, a fragment of God himself, can control or annul our free will.

What is free will? Freedom from threat of retribution?

What constitutes free will? Can I make a free will decision on whether I will, or will not, murder my neighbor if I know for certain that to do so will inevitably be punished by my own execution—if not in this world, then the next? I think the majority of us would say, "No—I only have a truly freewill decision available to me if there is no threat of retribution." The Urantia Book tells me that my eternal universe career is dependent on my free will eventually becoming coincidental with the will of the Father. If I consciously and irrevocably reject the Father's will, my destiny is to become as though I had not been. (37) Knowing that for certain, how can I make a truly freewill decision? Am I not in a similar position as when pondering on whether to murder my neighbor—full knowing that to do so will inevitably bring the death penalty? It seems to me that, as a human being, I can only truly make a freewill decision to comply my will to the will of the Father provided there is room for doubt that I may be under the threat of retribution.

Logically then, if I am to have true free will, I cannot be provided with unequivocal knowledge that to elect not to conform my will to the will of God ultimately will bring about my eventual annihilation. Logically also, neither can I be provided with such knowledge in a revelation that I know carries absolute divine authority. So, in order that our human free will be unencumbered, certain knowledge of unacceptable consequences must be forbidden—our decision to conform to God's will must be made in faith. If this is a universe fact, then, to protect free will, authoritative revelation impinging on free will cannot be provided. There must be room for doubt. Urantia Book readers may perceive that the rebellion of Lucifer makes sense only if he doubted that the eventual consequences would be his own demise. (603) Lucifer, too, had to have free will.

"If we had reason for faith, then it would not be faith at all, it would be logic. Faith can only be unreasonable." (B. Appleyard)

Not Inspired?

The mandate given to the revelators is outlined on pages 1109-1110. There we find: "The laws of revelation hamper us greatly by their proscription of the impartation of unearned knowledge. Any destined to be outgrown in a very short time. Accordingly, future students of such a revelation are tempted to they discover errors...we are not at liberty to anticipate the scientific discoveries of a thousand years...the cosmology of these revelations is not inspired...." Permitted though is the: "reduction of confusion by the authoritative elimination of of known or about-to-be-known facts and observations ...restoration of important bits of lost knowledge...the supplying of information which will fill in vital missing gaps in otherwise earned knowledge ...presenting cosmic data in such a manner as to illuminate the spiritual teachings contained in the accompanying revelation."

The question that now arises is how the revelators could fulfill their assignment without contravening the laws of revelation? We need also to be aware of an additional restriction—they had to use the best of human sources wherever possible and they inform us that approximately three thousand such sources were utilized, two thousand being used in Part 4. If we allow that the final drafts of the papers were received in the mid-1930's, and only minor editing allowed subsequently, then we can expect that most science material will be at the mid-1930's level of knowledge and that much of this may contain error. We can also expect that, despite error, it will be put together in such a way as to give us a clear overview of universe cosmology. How could it be otherwise if such a cosmology must: "synthesize the apparently divergent sciences of nature and the theology of religion into a consistent and logical universe philosophy." (1106)

Because of the book's acknowledged error content of its 1930's science material, it would appear to be much more productive for those with a science bent to look for material that might fit the mandate that permits the reduction of confusion, co-ordination of knowledge, restoration of lost knowledge, supplying of information to fill vital missing gaps and the presenting of cosmic data to illuminate the spiritual teachings.

"Let there be light"—A Cosmic Overview

The Urantia Papers were first received at a time when most people had an extremely limited view of the enormous extent of the universe and no knowledge of its purposes. Even today, we have yet to come to terms with the knowledge that our planet is but one of billions of planets that may be inhabited by beings similar to ourselves. In well-informed scientific circles many people hold the view that we may be alone in the universe.

And behold! There was light

The Urantia Papers provide us with a cosmic viewpoint that not only dispels our loneliness but also provides us with a detailed concept of an adventurous and exciting universe career spanning all eternity. In doing so, it provides a reason to find value in our present circumstances whatever they may be, and an incentive to make spiritual progress in this our earthly life (including the knowledge of how to do so). Further, it provides the knowledge to eliminate the fear of death because of its promise of an ongoing and highly desirable existence in which unselfish service to our fellow beings motivates us, protects us from boredom, and assures us of continuing worthwhile and meaningful activity.

It makes little difference if, in this picture of our potential cosmic careers, some of the physical details of the material cosmos provided in the Papers are based upon outdated mid-1930's knowledge. For example, the overall picture, as it specifically affects us, would be virtually unaltered if a Big Bang view of creation, perhaps 15-20 billion years ago, turned out to be correct (but it probably won't).

This work will concentrate upon those items of scientific knowledge imparted in the Urantia Papers that appear to come within those categories defined above as being "permitted." Even though some of these appear to be "unearned" or "prophetic," it will always be found that someone somewhere will find a way to avoid either classification. The inevitability of this reaction is beautifully described by author Bryan Appleyard, in his book entitled Understanding the Present (Pan Books Ltd., London, 1992). In researching material for this work, Appleyard interviewed prominent academics in fields such as— philosophy of religion, zoology, history of science, physics, mathematics, etc. Included were such notable figures as Roger Penrose, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University and Stephen Hawking, Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. The book covers a wide range of issues, and is well worth reading by anyone wishing to get a layman's grasp of subjects such as quantum theory, logic, computers and their limitations, and artificial intelligence.

On being open-minded

Appleyard works as a newspaper columnist, a job that requires him to interview protagonists holding opposing views upon many of the issues fortuitously related to science material mentioned in the Urantia Papers. He states that he feels obliged to make up his own mind, hence argues at length with the protagonists: "The pattern is always the same," he says, "no matter what the issue. Each side advances arguments arising from a basic conviction one way or another. But the arguments themselves are almost always irrelevant, a distraction designed to persuade but not really believed in as such. What is believed in is the basic conviction, one way or another...the beliefs will be held because of the irrational demands of temperament, upbringing and self-interest and they will, therefore, be irreconcilable." The author cites an interview with Stephen Hawking, who, in a recent book, had used an important quotation from philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, in order to trivialize modern philosophy. Appleyard told Hawking that the quotation was taken out of context, and, read correctly, had a quite different meaning with immense and profound implications. Appleyard says, "But he (Hawking) simply would not listen. ‘I do not think so' was his only response."

Fact, faith, prejudice, or obsession?

Appleyard's observations concerning the opinionated intransigence of human nature will undoubtedly apply to many who dedicate themselves to debunking the revelatory status of The Urantia Book. But it will also apply to fundamentalist readers of the book who are dedicated to upholding its status as infallible divine truth.

The book itself tells us that our acceptance of all or part of its text as revelatory cannot be other than an act of faith. A thorough study of what Appleyard says should inform opponents of the book that their opposition is also an act of faith, rather than an act of knowing.

On that pessimistic note let us press on to enumerate observations upon what appears to be prophetic information in matters of science and cosmology in the Papers. In presenting this work, there will be occasion to mention omissions and shortcomings in the recently published critique by Martin Gardner entitled Urantia: The Great Cult Mystery (Prometheus Books, 1995). Despite his knowledge of what presents as unimpeachable statistical evidence for multiple authorship of the Urantia Papers (documented later), Gardner has persisted with his claim that the Papers are the result of editing by Dr W. S. Sadler (and perhaps others) of materials emanating from the mind of Wilfred Kellogg, ostensibly during sleep. Since he is the author of a number of books, Gardner should be aware—undoubtedly is aware—of the enormous amount of research necessary to produce the wealth of scientific, archaeological, anthropological, historical, sociological-historical, biblical-historical, theological, and philosophical materials in the Urantia Papers.

The Urantia Papers, revelatory or not, are a work of intense and arduous scholarship, beautifully written, a work that would require many years of toil for even a gifted scholar. There is no possible way that such a work could derive directly from the subconscious mind-meanderings of a sleeping subject. The statistical work already mentioned has provided evidence that Dr Sadler was not a major author.

In a short acknowledgment—but not a whit of further information—Gardner identifies a Seventh Day Adventist, Iola Martin, as the source of his speculation that Wilfred Kellogg was the "sleeping subject." In a letter to me, dated May 30, 1993 (original available), Gardner states, "I do think both Lena (Sadler's wife) and Bill Jr. (their son) had a hand in the writing. Wilfred had no skill whatever in writing, although his wife Anna collaborated with Lena on a book about nursing."

Bill Sadler Jr. is known to have prepared the "Table of Contents" for The Urantia Book, but there appears to be no evidence whatsoever that he participated in the writing. Wilfred is acknowledged to have been incapable of writing the material supposedly pouring forth from his subconscious sleeping mind. Statistical evidence shows that Dr Sadler could only have contributed minor editing. What then is left?

Some alternative hypotheses

The article in this survey on archaeological information from Part 4 demonstrates dedicated scholarship by its author(s) in seeking out the names and locations of villages and towns in first century Palestine and other parts of the Roman world. More than one hundred and fifty items are catalogued, again demonstrating that the Urantia Papers cannot be the subconscious babblings of a slumbering human mind. If these Papers are not what they purport to be, then they are the work of a group of erudite men and/or women, probably all distinguished scholars. The difficulty with this latter hypothesis is the complete lack of evidence for any such group in the face of recognition that the successful maintenance of secrecy regarding their identity and participation would have been an exceedingly difficult achievement. Added to that, the high idealism demonstrated in the text of the Papers, together with the dedication to honesty and truth advocated therein by their authors, makes it difficult to comprehend how the Urantia Papers could have been the secret work of a group deliberately engaging in a conspiratorial deception.

Personally I am not overly concerned with who wrote the Papers nor how they got here. My interest is in the truth to be discovered therein. For me, these papers contain higher spiritual, theological, philosophical, and cosmic truth than any other work I have ever read. Again for me, that is a revelation. In my mind and with the passage of time, the science content, evolutionary history, etc. in the Urantia Papers have diminished in importance. What has become paramount is their revelation of the true nature of the Universal Father and what that implies for my present life on this planet. A long time prior to finding the Urantia Papers, I had already learned the basics from experience with dedicated and forward looking Christians, as well as from Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu literature, and from the essence of the Fourth Epochal Revelation that many Christians have discerned by reading between the lines of the New Testament. The Urantia Papers go forward from the highest truths I had previously encountered, and also present a new dimension of breathtaking enlightenment regarding what lies beyond our present stage of mortal existence.

I believe After examining logically conceivable alternatives, the hypothesis remaining is that the Urantia Papers are what their authors say they are—a revelatory gift to the people of this planet designed to elucidate, interpret, and augment previously revealed knowledge relating to our individual cosmic destiny, and to hasten social progress towards a planetary destiny which the authors nominate as the Age of Light and Life. That is what I conclude, but with the knowledge that this is an act of personal faith. The decision others make is up to themselves.

A Service of
The Urantia Book Fellowship

Interestly enough, My computer's screen is sitting on top of the Urantia book as I'm typing this, so I can read the screen better. :-)



4-4-10 - DREAM -  All I can recall is seeing the words  eight eight eight and raising them up with my hands - elevating them.


4-5-10 - DREAM - In the brief dream/vision I saw a lot of words and the word 'eighth' being pushed down.  I knew it was about a man.  As I woke up, I saw very clearly the man who was the eighth son, and he looked like a desert type man with heavy clothing (not a robe) and he wore a very small yellow conical hat on his head (a soft triangle shape)  He had a beard and a lot of hair. His clothing was very heavy like when it gets cold in the nighttime, made of wool.  He was not smiling. He looked very Jewish in my estimation.

Here is an eighth son:


Asher was the eighth son of Jacob, and the second of Jacob's two sons by Zilpah, Leah's maid. The other son by Zilpah was Gad. When Jacob blesses his 12 sons in Genesis, chapter 49, he said that Asher would have a life blessed with an abundance of food and delicacies befitting a king (Genesis 49:20). Asher made the journey with Jacob and the family from Padan Aram to Canaan, and then later to Egypt. The Tribe of Asher increased in size from 41,500 to 53,400 adult males during the span of two censuses described in the Book of Numbers.

In Deuteronomy 33:1 and Deuteronomy 24-25, Moses, in his blessing, also predicted prosperity for the Tribe of Asher. The Tribe of Asher failed to drive out the inhabitants of Phoenician towns in the area of Israel that the tribe had been allotted as its inheritance (Judges 1:27). In the Song of Deborah, which is featured in Judges, chapter 5, the Tribe of Asher is reprimanded for not helping out during the struggle against a Canaanite king (Judges 5:17).

The tribe, however, did participate in the expulsion of the Midianites and Amalekites from the Plain of Jezreel. In Revelation 7:7, Asher is among the Tribes who are promised the Seal of God for 12,000 of their members. The name Asher means "happy."

The question is then, why is he being pushed down?

The Number Eight

In Hebrew the number eight is hnm# (Sh'moneh), from the root Nm# (Shah'meyn), "to make fat," "cover with fat," "to super-abound." As a participle it means "one who abounds in strength," etc. As a noun it is "superabundant fertility," "oil," etc. So that as a numeral it is the superabundant number. As seven was so called because the seventh day was the day of completion and rest, so eight, as the eighth day, was over and above this perfect completion, and was indeed the first of a new series, as well as being the eighth. We consider the connection between 8 and 7 in another section.

Eight by Itself

It is 7 plus 1. Hence it is the number specially associated with Resurrection and Regeneration, and the beginning of a new era or order.

When the whole earth was covered with the flood, it was Noah "the eighth person" (2 Peter 2:5) who stepped out on to a new earth to commence a new order of things. "Eight souls" (1 Peter 3:20) passed through it with him to the new or regenerated world.

Hence, too, circumcision was to be performed on the eighth day (Genesis 17:12), because it was the foreshadowing of the true circumcision of the heart, that which was to be "made without hands," even "the putting off of the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ" (Colossians 2:11). This is connected with the new creation.

The first-born was to be given to Jehovah on the eighth day (Exodus 22:29,30).



















4-5-10 =  VISION  - I saw a television screen that was pale blue.  In a light pale blue were 4 short word structures

#1 was clearly  Planet X

#2 was what I thought said Springfield S  (though the Springfield could have been something similar to that name)

I don't know what 3 and 4 was unfortunately.

I didn't find anything of substance about that.


4-6-10 - DREAM 1 - I was in New Berlin. WI.  My 1st husband asked me to move back home with him and his girlfriend, so I did. 

The first thing he did was ask me to play tennis with him, and his girlfriend was standing right by his side.

The odd thing was tha they had light green lightbulb size eyes, not people eyes.  THE LIGHT BULB SONG  THE LIGHT BULB SONG

DREAM 2.  I was again in New Berlin, WI. I was living with my 1st husband as in dream 1.  Again, they had light green lightbulb eyes.

I went outside and saw that the road into the subdivision was just dirt - and only as wide as a track wide enough for a bright orange electric meter reader vehicle could use, not wide enough for a car or truck.

I sent a letter to my other husband, (IESOUS) who was in prison, telling him how I was going to handle paying the bills.

The prison officials let him come home then, and we discussed the letter I had written about the bills, and I told him there was nothing to worry about.   (He had normal people eyes)

I wondered how the neighbors in the subdivision could get out of their houses to go shopping or go to work, then figured perhaps they were living in a hotel until the road was repaved.  (The road in front of the house was normal)

As I was standing there watching the bright orange electric meter reader vehicle come down the single track from the east, a very tall, thin, dark-haired woman came running out from the subdivision and ran past the house.  I didn't know who she was, but she had normal people eyes.


4-7-10 - DREAM - I was working on the third floor floor of a very large square building, that had hallways that connected all the way around on the third floor.

When it was time to go home, I realized I didn't have a ride home, but at the same time, when I was walking down the hallway, I spotted a really large chubby built man and wondered whether I would go to bed with a guy like him and decided I probably wouldn't because he was so much bigger than me.

I got all the way down to the front door, and realized I had forgotten my coat and would have to go all the way back and get it.

Just then I spotted an old friend coming down the sidewalk on a small orange vehicle like a golf cart.  It looked like Murray B. from highschool.

I realized that the vehicle he was driving was too small for two people so I couldn't ask for a ride home. 

Murray must have been reading my mind because he suddenly appeared in a really nice black car to take me home in and because I had forgotten my coat, he drove the car with me in it all the way to the third floor and around the building to get my coat.

That made me start thinking about whether I would sleep with him if he asked me, and decided I would because it was evident that he really loved me the way he watched out for me.

NOTE;  I know that the little Jewish man represents ROVE, who is a light being.


4-7-10 - NAP DREAM - This dream only took seconds to have.

I was in a house, with a couple of women and children.  There was a young woman in trouble or hurt - it seemed to be about a blueprint - I recall seeing a piece of paper that was large and square.

Knowing that there was another woman outside who could helped her, I called her on a cell phone or walkie-talkie to come in.

I saw the other woman, dark-haired, and chubby - come to the door but she didn't come in.

She hollered through the door at me, "Why don't you answer your phone?"  (I never heard it ring)

Suddenly a voice in my head said, "Call the ONE who is quoted in Lessons!"

NOTE:  It just came to me who that was - the ONE.  Duh - I didn't get it before.


4-8-10 - DREAM =  I was the observer of a rainbow-colored beehive of aliens factions.  There was a hierarchy of sorts to the beehive. Each faction was a different pastel color and no two were the same size either.  They were represented by little colored squares and came and went from the beehive - just like a bee might do, and they could only re-enter the beehive when there was a space available to them.


4-8-10 - DREAM - I was returning as Manager of Juneau Village Apartments.  I came into the office to arrange to get a 2-bedroom apartment set up for myself.  I left my husband outside in the car while I went into the office.

Some of the time I sat at the desk, waiting for the paperwork to be processed, I sat next to a little blonde girl about 7 years old.

I told the woman on duty (who wore white) that I had been manager previously from 1984 until 2 years previously, and was actually living in the building 2 months ago as well for a couple of months. 

There were two women on duty - the other woman also wore white and both of them were so sweet and kind.  Apparently there was always two women on duty in the office - so that when one woman left to show an apartment or take care of something, there was always another one there to take care of residents of new prospective residents. 

The office itself was much larger than before and had such a soft wonderful smelling ambiance, which I commented on to them.

This was a Sunday afternoon.  Two women went to the back of the office to gather the appropriate paperwork, and I wondered why it was taking so long, and when I finally went to look, the older woman was gone, and the younger one was eating lunch and reading a book, which surprised me.

At that point, I noticed there was papers and junk on the floor, so I picked up a brand new broom that still had the wrappings on it (which were also thin white paper)  and started sweeping the floor.

Just then an older man came into the office and commented, "Oh! We have a new member of the crew!"

I smiled and said, "Yes!"  and woke up.  I felt really peaceful.



I've never had a specific dated dream about 2011. I got these visions this

I was awake, but closed my eyes - very relaxed.

I saw the date, written very small on a black background - 2011 written in

I said to spirit: "I don't know anything about 2011."

I saw the words: WHATDOYOU? on top of a deck of pink playing cards face
down with the word DREAM in very large letters between the WHATDOYOU? and
the cards.

I said to spirit:, "I've never dreamed anything about 2011."

Immediately I saw the cards again, the first half turned over with numbers
on them - and the rest were still face down. The first row of cards 6 were
face up.
The second row - five were turned up.
The third row - four were turned up.
The fourth row - three were turned up.
The fifth row - two were turned up
The sixth row - only one was turned up.

There were no face cards, just numbers like dates.
The only number I really saw was 11.

Anyone want to guess what this meant? I hate to guess myself and have it be

There were two number crunchers who responded

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Some kind of a "countdown"? I'm just flat out guessing here, but that was what popped into my little pea brain as I read your message.
His Harper

Numbers usually fit more than a single way.
For example there were six rows.
Also, they add up to 21, could that mean 2/1 or 6/21 or some such combo?
You'll have to get the answer; it won't be right any other way.

Dee's dream visions about 2011 set off my number crunching bells.
I saw a 777777 in it --

<< The first row of cards - 6 were face up. ... (1 + 6 = 7)
The second row - five were turned up. ... (2 + 5 = 7)
The third row - four were turned up. ... (3 + 4 = 7)
The fourth row - three were turned up. ... (4 + 3 = 7)
The fifth row - two were turned up ... (5 + 2 = 7)
The sixth row - only one was turned up. ... (6 + 1 = 7) >>

It reminds me of a concept about the chakras that I saw in a
Joseph Campbell video. The idea is that a person who reaches
the upper chakras, has the choice of moving on to another
dimension of reality or staying on the earth plane. If the choice
is made to stay, the person comes back down to the fourth (heart)
chakra, and the seven chakras take on an arrangement that can
figure as 888 --

3 5 ... 3 + 5 = 8
2 6 ... 2 + 6 = 8
1 7 ... 1 + 7 = 8

Certain crop circles may be suggesting such an arrangement,
for example, this colorized graphic --

This is a photograph of the formation --

Easton Royal, Wiltshire, 2007

The chakra colors and numbers are indicated by this graphic --

An interesting date in 2011 is November the 11th, or 11-11-11.

One hundred years ago on that day, 11-11-1911, an unusual
event happened --

The Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11

"The Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11 was a cold snap that affected
the central United States on Saturday, November 11, 1911. Many
cities broke record highs early that afternoon. By nightfall, cities
were dealing with single-digit temperatures on the Fahrenheit scale.
This is the only day in many midwest cities' weather bureau
jurisdictions where the record highs and lows were broken for the
same day. Some cities experienced tornadoes on Saturday and
a blizzard on Sunday."

In my theory, this is a possible symbolic event, like a portent of
terrible times coming in the 20th Century. Another possible
symbolic event happened 155 days later, on April 14, 1912 --
the sinking of the Titanic. That event was predicted in a book
called, "Futility," 14 years prior --

Futility Or The Wreck Of The Titan

The days between dates can be determined using this page --

Calculate duration between two dates

World War I was declared on July 28, 1914. That year had been
predicted decades before by a lay preacher as being the start of
the Apocalypse, based on the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the
Book of Daniel.

An armistice was signed, ending the war, at 11 AM, on the
"eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918. This is celebrated
each year on November 11th, as Armistice Day or Remembrance
Day. Note that the armistice was signed exactly seven years
after the Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11.

Most of you probably know that Dee and I have been keeping
track of the "11:11 coincidences" for many years. A collection
of reports start on this page --


The triplet numbers, such as 777 and 888, are also reported by
many as appearing in coincidental ways. The number coincidences
can be verified via a google search. Biblical connections are
explored in this article --

Bible Prophecy Numbers of 111-222-333-

After I heard Dee's dream, I remembered that the date, 11-11-2011
had a possible 111 relation to the Mayan end date, December 12,
2012. There are 406 days between, which is 1 year, 1 month,
10 days. This can be pictured as 1110.

From the Great Blue Norther of 11/11/11, to the Mayan end date,
it will be 101 years, 1 month, 10 days. This can be pictured as

Coincidentally, it was originally reported that the Mayan end will be
at 11:11 AM Universal Time on the Winter Solstice, December 21,
2012. More recently it was rounded up to 11:12 AM. See --

Earth's Seasons - Equinoxes, Solstices 2000-2020

The years-months-
days format may also be indicated in Revelation
9:15, which tells of the four angels released after being held ready
for one year, one month, one day, and one hour. That can figure
as a 1111.

As I was composing this e-mail, another number coincidence
popped up. As noted above, there will be 406 days between
11-11-2011 and the Mayan end date, December 12, 2012. This
also figures as 58 weeks. The coincidence is that I read an
article last week that included the numbers 58 and 406 --

A Hope for all Humankind through the New Jerusalem - chapter 2


<< The Gematria of the name "Noah" is 58. Noah "walked with
God" (hithalekh et haElohim) – talked with God as "thou – Atah.
The deepest inter-subjective relationship is the Atah - "I-Thou" -
relationship, as taught by the philosopher Martin Buber in his
classical book "I and Thou", and God is essentially "the Eternal
Thou". Atah is the first Name of God, as is expressed in any
Jewish benediction: "barukh Atah YHWH our God the Master of
the Universe who… ". The most important divinity is "Atah", and
the other Holy Names are just titles. And behold, the Gematria
value of the word "Atah" is 406, that is seven times 58 (58 x 7 = 406). >>
[End of excerpt]

The article is a portion of the works of Dr. Yitzhaq (Isaac) Hayut-Man,
a scholar and professor in Jerusalem involved in many unifying
projects. The article is part of a book that explores the Book of
Genesis in depth, including the meanings of the original words.
His great insight is that the Book of Genesis is prophetic and
meant for our times, where the reconstruction of humankind-Adam
takes place at the end of the Sixth Millennium, corresponding
to the Sixth Day of Genesis.


<< Subj: Visions about 2011
Date: 4/8/2010 9:39:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I've never had a specific dated dream about 2011. I got these
visions this morning.

I was awake, but closed my eyes - very relaxed.

I saw the date, written very small on a black background - 2011
written in white.

I said to spirit: "I don't know anything about 2011."

I saw the words: WHATDOYOU? on top of a deck of pink playing
cards face down with the word DREAM in very large letters between
the WHATDOYOU? and the cards.

I said to spirit:, "I've never dreamed anything about 2011."

Immediately I saw the cards again, the first half turned over with
numbers on them - and the rest were still face down.

The first row of cards - 6 were face up.
The second row - five were turned up.
The third row - four were turned up.
The fourth row - three were turned up.
The fifth row - two were turned up
The sixth row - only one was turned up.

There were no face cards, just numbers like dates.
The only number I really saw was 11.

Anyone want to guess what this meant? I hate to guess myself
and have it be wrong. >>



I had another vision while trying to go to sleep.
I saw a young man sitting in a kitchen on a yellow wooden chair at a yellow table.
He was eating dinner off of yellow dishes.
On this right - which was on the left of the picture
in a black rectangular box
was the word Terrorism
and below that word
was at least 30 dates
which tells me that someone is going to deliberately poison food as an act of terrorism.
If we remember last year, there were quite a few incidents where people died from eating normal foods, like lettuce, spinach, peanut butter,
Evidently this is not a new concept:
NOTE:  Someone commented that with all the yellow in the dream, the food poisoning could likely come from China.
NOTE: 4-19-10 -  They just announced recall of hamburger because of e-coli.  They don't know how wide-spread it is yet.
NOTE:  4-25-10 - There was another incident where e-coli was found in a cities drinking water. All the schools shut down the water systems and brought in bottled water to drink.  Everyone else went on 'boil your water' alert.  (Apparently no one hurt in that incident)

4-9-10 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment on the second floor.  I had three friends who were sisters who worked at a bar. Each one wore a uniform of vertical fine stripes - one wore light green, one wore light blue, and one wore pink.  I thought about working at the same bar they did, but I noticed that each one's face had very fine wrinkles on their faces - also vertical and there were thousands of them.  It must have been a really hard job todo, so I had to think about it again.

I was talking to my friend Michelle and waiting for the school bus to take Ian to school.  I was sitting in the car in the back seat.  Finally the school bus came to pick Ian up, and Michelle and a brown and white dog got back in the car to drive back home.

I was then in my new house with my husband and looking in the dresser drawer for something t o wear because I didn't have any clothes.  I had to wear his clothes.  (Jesus said, "I will teach women to be men", in the book of Mary Magdalene.
I picked out a bright green thin T shirt, I knew could be seen through unfortunately, and a brown pair of jeans.  Thats what I'd wear until I did the laundry.

I wasn't dressed yet, and my husband's friend came over and I could see only part of him sitting on a kitchen chair, with a big beer bottle in his hand. They started talking about work for the day.

I was standing in the bedroom with just a blue blanket around myself, still picking out my clolthes, and didn't know how to get past the man with the beer bottle so I could go to the bathroom which was through a door next to the beer bottle man.
4-10-10 - YOU GOTTA LAUGH - This dream is about a group of TV stars, from two different families on the same station.  (This station is currently not being seen on our television station.  We don't know the reason.  Both men in the dream are named Jack - one from each show.

DREAM.   I was in a high-rise business office, overseeing a meeting that was supposed to start and conclude quite quickly as soon as some documents were signed.  Jack from "As the World Turns" was the only one sitting at the desk (not in the seat of authority)  waiting for the others to show up.  He wanted to get home because there was a family gathering going to happen with three sisters and two brothers. 

I understood his anxiety to want to get the meeting over so he could get home.

While we were waiting for the others to arrive, I made sure there was plenty of water in the fish tank that was taller than it was wide.  The fish tank sat rather precariously on the edge of the sink - the water was rather warm to the touch, and it needed some more water added.  The fish in this tank were rather small - like guppies.

By mistake, I took a drink of the fish tank water -  it was rather sweet tasting, and I think I may have swallowed a small fish that was floating on the top of the tank.  I added some water to the tank, then turned my attention to Jack who wanted to go home after the meeting.

I turned and found myself in the house of Jack, from "The Young and the Restlass" - who was waiting for the others from the family to arrive so they could have a leisurely dinner and enjoy each other's company.

Jack was looking out the window and I heard him say, "It's so nice to be able to live in the country and have a quiet afternoon at home."

Just then, I saw a freight train go by on tracks that were not very far from the house.  (One could have thrown a rock from the house to the train)

Just as the train went by, a dump truck came off the highway and starting dumping gravel on the driveway about a foot deep.

No sooner did the dump truck go by, when a huge 100 passenger tour bus pulled into the driveway and pulled in front of the house.

So much for a quiet afternoon at home with the family.

Note -The three sisters in the night sky are the stars comprising the orions belt namely Alnilam, Alnitak and Mintaka. Alnilam is the star on the left under Betelguese the alpha star in orion constellation, Alnitak is the middle and Mintaka the star in the right side.

Some folk know them as the Three Kings, or the Three Sisters.

If you're facing northeast, look to the left of Orion for the bright pale-red star Aldebaran, the eye of Taurus the Bull. If you look through binoculars and place Aldebaran on the extreme right edge of your field, you'll see a large V-shaped grouping of stars filling your field of view, with Aldebaran at the one tip of the V. If your skies are dark enough, you can see this star cluster, called the Hyades, with the naked eye.

three sisters

Aurora, Orion and the Three Sisters

Submitted by: at Sun Apr 3 00:34:01 2005 UTC

The geomagnetic storm of Nov 7-8, 2004 created spectacular auroral displays over the Oregon Cascades. Wave upon wave of light rippled overhead. The bright red and yellow front of light seemed to come to a stop over the Three Sisters volcanoes as Orion rose in the East. Nikon FM2 w/ 20mm Nikor at F 3.0 and about 15 seconds using Provia 400F pushed 1.5 stops. or

NOTE:  It came to me that if I combined the 'Jack/Jack' dream to the 2011 dream which contained a deck of cards,  the Jack = 11, so Jack/Jack would equall 11/11.

The dream above was about three women who were probably the three sisters.

MORE:  MEDITATION:  i was in a room and a toy red fire truck about 3 feet long flew through the air and set down on a table right behind me.

I then was in a rather dark empty dance hall watching who I thought was Mrs Obama dancing with a tall, thin, young woman - her oldest daughter -   they were dancing sideways -  and a pair of young men were standing behind them in tandem.  The two women twirled and became a frothy, lacy pale green cloud and merged with the two young men on the dance floor.

I then saw a long document on white shiny paper with very fine print on it and 3/4th of the way down the page was the words, very clear "The grail".

I then went into a dream, and I was with my young cousin Robert and another boy and I started telling them my dream about the two Jacks -

and suddenly, in the room was Dr. Robin Falkov (Hoagland's girlfriend-partner) tellng me she had heard the story about Jack from the Young and the Restless telling the audience that he had had a dream while this was all going on, and while she was trying to tell me Jack's dream, I was trying to tell her the dream about the two Jacks and she started confusing me, and I woke up, trying to remember what I saw in the right order.
The Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, or GRAIL, mission is a part of NASA's Discovery Program. It is scheduled to launched in 2011. GRAIL will fly twin spacecraft in tandem orbits around the moon for several months to measure its gravity field in unprecedented detail. The mission also will answer longstanding questions about Earth's moon and provide scientists a better understanding of how Earth and other rocky planets in the solar system formed.

Scientists will use the gravity field information from the two satellites to X-ray the moon from crust to core to reveal the moon's subsurface structures and, indirectly, its thermal history.

The measurement technique that GRAIL will use was pioneered by the joint U.S.-German Earth observing Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, or GRACE, mission launched in 2002. The GRACE satellites measure gravity changes related to the movement of mass within Earth, such as the melting of ice at the poles and changes in ocean circulation. As with GRACE, both GRAIL spacecraft will be launched on a single launch vehicle.

GRAIL's principal investigator is Maria Zuber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. Zuber's team of expert scientists and engineers includes former NASA astronaut Sally Ride, who will lead the mission's public outreach efforts. Up to five cameras aboard each spacecraft will allow students and the public to participate in GRAIL’s mission of lunar exploration. Each GRAIL spacecraft will carry the cameras to document their views from lunar orbits.

GRAIL will support NASA's exploration goals as the agency plans to returns humans to the Moon. In 2008, the agency will launch the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, to circle the Moon for at least a year and take measurements to identify future robotic and human landing sites. The orbiter also will look for potential lunar resources and document aspects of the lunar radiation environment. After a 30-year hiatus, LRO represents NASA's first step toward returning humans to the Moon. GRAIL’s high-resolution gravity measurements will complement LRO’s high-resolution observations of the lunar surface.

4-11-2010 - DREAM - I was working on the 8th floor of a large office building, apparently as an office clerk, secretary.

One of the men I worked for was Jack (from As the World Turns tv show) He was doing something important and then left in a hurry to do something else, leaving his wife Carly and myself in the office alone.   (The meaning of the name Carly is 'Free man')  (The meaning of the name Jack is 'God is gracious')

Carly was making copies on a copier machine and when she left, I noticed that there was a fire in the copy machine, somewhere down in the gearing.

There was no one around I could call for help, so I followed the protocol for fire situations, I started to holler, 'FIRE, FIRE, FIRE", and allerted all the other secretaries on my floor that they should leave the building.

Everyone rushed for the elevator, and I stood in the hallway, pulling on a cord that rang the main alarm bell.  As I woke up, I was still pulling on this cord that just kept coming out of the wall, and not alerting the fire department.

I woke up briefly, remembered the dream, then went back to sleep and found myself again on the 8th floor of the same office building.

Now, there was something wrong with the elevator and the door wouldn't open. 

I had a long stick in my hands and was trying to pry a folding door aside and was making only slight progress when the maintenance man arrived, and then Jack (from As The World Turns) arrived back at work to help fix the elevator door.

While they were working, they pried open a trap door into the attic.  I was watching them work, and they moved a very large piece of 8 x 8 ft square board and secured it behind some black holders, then came back down into the hallway.

That's when I noticed that the maintenance man was Beau (from One Life to Live TV show) and he was dressed like a diver and when he jumped down from the attic, he crossed his arms acrosss his chest like a woman might do to protect herself from getting hurt, and I noticed he was wearing some really strange rubber boots like a skiier does in the Olympics and he leaned way forward in those boots like the men do when they jump off the long ski jump.  He then walked down the hall leaning forward like that.

At that point, Jack was still working on something in the office, and I was doing some work, getting ready to send flowers to someone who was in bereavement.

A young man came into the office and he came over to me with one of those little cards that someone attaches to a bouquet of flowers for a funeral.

The young man said, "My family received this in 1952 and I wanted to come and thank you for doing that. The name Brickman was on the card and it was written apparently by myself in my scrawling penmanship I had when I was in 8th grade at that time.

He sat next to me on a bench, and I was being very sympathetic to him for the death in his family and asked him who had died. 

He didn't answer me right away, but sat there looking sad, and I said to him, "I was just about to send out another card just like that, but the flowers died."

The young man never did respond and I went outside to water the flowers, and went behind the building and turned on the water spigot.

I noticed that the water was running really hard and that someone had completely relandscaped the area and that nothing was growing at all, not even grass, and there was a dirt bridge built over the waterway that the water was running under.  I immediately turned off the water before the bridge collapsed and I would have no way out of there.  There was no point running the water where nothing was growing at all.

NOTE: There are three 8's evidenced in this dream.

#1 -  I was living in my current house, watching TV, and my friend Bob the Painter came in and sat on a chair to watch TV with me.

On the screen was a man, who was wearing socks, and they showed us the sole of his foot, and on the soul was a large pale yellow flower with lace around it and I looked over at Bob the Painter who was also wearing socks, and sole of his foot just had white lace across the sole.

I asked him if he wanted some new socks like the guy on TV.

#2 - I was outside my current house and walked inside.  By the door sat my daughter on the floor with a bunch of kittens and the mama cat.  The kittens were really tiny, probably on their feet for the first time the mama had brought them out and the little girl was smooshing them down to pet them but didn't know how.  I said to her, "Be gentle!  Be gentle!"

My intention then was to go on the internet and IM my friend Marilyn and tell her that the kitten were okay, that the mama cat had had them in the house and she just now brought them out for us to see.

#3 - I was in the livingroom of my current house.  We had just moved in.  My husband was tall, and wore a hat like Indiana Jones always wears in his movies.  That symbol told me he was an adventurer, author or a publisher of books - (probably one of my spirit guides)  and somehow I knew he wrote about or published books about Nicola Tesla.

indiana jones hat

He had just come into the house and the door was still ajar, and I heard someone knock and I called out, "Is someone there?"  and I saw through the opening of the door a pale yellow van out by the road, and a man's voice said, "I just wanted to know if you were okay!"

My husband said, "Yes! Thanks!" and the man left.

My husband now picked up a bag of groceries and set them on a table in front of me.

I said, "Did you just go shopping?"  and he reached into the bag and brought out a large orange box of "Corn Flakes" and it had a picture of an athlete on the front of it (the current box shows a bowl of corn flakes)  He said, "I thought you might like to have these!"

I was laying on the sofa or the bed then in the livingroom, and still wearing that brown author's hat, my husband sat next to me, and wiped his chin across my eyes, and I could see my own face, and when my husband moved his head away from mine, my face glowed and glistened and I beautiful beyond words. 

I have to admit that my husband looked like Rick Forester from The Bold and the Beautiful TV show.
4-11-10 -  VISION -  I saw the word MOON in light blue very small on the upper left hand cover of a dark blue book,
I saw the word MOON two times larger in light blue on the upper left hand cover of a dark blue book.
I then saw a beer can in the middle of the cover of a dark blue book, indicating we were going to feel like we are drunk.
Then they said they could tell me more, but there would be a price to pay, and I said, "No! It wouldn't be worth it.
Then they showed me May, August, and November.
I said, "Don't show me anything else. I don't want to pay the price."
Then a blue sheet with light blue words on it started downloading in front of me, and again I said,"Don't show me anything else. I don't want to pay the price." and I couldn't read what it said on the sheet.
Then an angel started singing to me with the most glorious voice I've ever heard, and it was about the glory of the moon.

I then saw my spiritual teacher from 1981, and she said she wouldn't want to pay the price either.

I then went into a dream, and I was in the bathroom of my current house.  A woman walked through the bathroom, and I told her she looked twenty years younger, and she smiled and said, "I know! It was worth it!"

I then went to do my laundry and I noticed that the directions on the lid were washing off, so I rubbed it, and eventually, all the instructions came off in small pieces - all the glue came undone.

It's not eclipses:

During the year 2010, two solar and two lunar eclipses occur as follows:

2010 Jan 15: Annular Solar Eclipse
2010 Jun 26: Partial Lunar Eclipse
2010 Jul 11: Total Solar Eclipse
2010 Dec 21: Total Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon dates 2010

Year Month Day Time Day of week 2010
Jan 30 06:19 Sat 2010
Feb 28 16:40 Sun 2010
Mar 30 02:28 Tue 2010
Apr 28 12:21 Wed 2010
May 27 23:09 Thu 2010
Jun 26 11:32 Sat 2010
Jul 26 01:38 Mon 2010
Aug 24 17:06 Tue 2010
Sep 23 09:19 Thu 2010
Oct 23 01:38 Sat 2010
Nov 21 17:28 Sun 2010
Dec 21 08:15 Tue 2010

That's okay, I won't forget how to do laundry, as long as the machine keeps working.


4-13-10 -  Three dreams in a row where I was supposed to go on a date, and I didn't really want to go.  In the last dream, we were just kids and had to wear roller skates, and several of the kids had playing cards for suits and they were spades.  None of us could remember how to roller skate.


4-13-10 - DREAM - I was living alone in a one story home.  I woke up in the morning, and didn't notice it right away, but it came to my attention shortly afterward that while I had been asleep at night, someone had come into my house and lined up all my jewels, by color, in long lines across my linoleum floor.

I stood there, contemplating what I should do about it.  I thought about going next door and telling the girls I knew they had done it.  I also contemplated going out and buying a gun to protect myself with.  But I knew nobody was trying to harm me because I slept through the whole thing, but why did they spend all that time lining up my jewels while I slept?  I realized then that I didn't lock the doors at night and didn't feel the need to do so.

Then, my old friend Robb came to visit and I showed him all my jewels.  I just kept walking around looking at the jewels because they were so pretty and there were so many of them.  Some of them were even laid out in patterns, not just single lines.

The telephone rang and because I was so far from where it rang, and I really didn''t hear it myself, Robb answered it saying,  "John!" 

 called me to talk on the phone, but I had another phone near to where I was standing and it was my friend Michelle. 

I started telling Michelle about the jewels being lined up all over the floor and while I was telling her that, Robb left the house and drove away.  I realized too late I could have asked him to take me to the store to buy a gun.  I didn' have my own car.

My friend Marilyn lived around the corner on another street, but I didn't know her phone number.

I thought about picking up all the jewels and putting them into the bottom file cabinet drawer but I didn't want to mess them in big piles when they looked so pretty where they were.

I woke up trying to figure out what to do.


I went into another dream, where I was observing people from a high perspective, lining up at gates like my jewels as a bus station.


4-14-10 -   I had three dreams in a row that I was crocheting a deck of cards, starting with the King in Red and in each dream, when I was done crocheting the deck, there were some cards messed up at the bottom - mostly face cards, but some numbers as well.


4-14-10 -11:30 p.m.  DREAM - I  was again working with the cards, and I saw that I had missed a couple cards, and moved my hands to cake care of that, when my perspective pulled back from the cards so I was farther away, and I saw that there were way more cards than I thought there were, and as I tried to figure out where to start working with the cards, my perspective pulled back even further, and it looked like it was going to be impossible to secure all the cards like I was trying to do.  The harder I tried to figuure it out, the more cards Isaw that I couldn't even get to, to secure them.

NOTE:  I was listening to the internet radio in the afternoon and he was talking about our economy about how it is all balanced between countries now - not just the United States, and that is a house of cards.

Remember what happens to the house of cards - it always ends up falling down.


4-15-10-  In the dream my son Michael was sitting next to me upstairs in New Berlin and was were an adult. 

Michael told me that he needed two bedrooms for all his stuff and that he needed to keep it secret.

I told him that he didn't need to keep it secret, but to keep it in his bedroom.

The scene changed, and I was standing on the corner near my Father in front of a drugstore window. On the window, a little a sign in the lower corner was some instructions on 'how to access the internet'. 

My Father was sitting on a stool, and he told me that he had been asked to be a coach for the basketball team.

I asked him if the season had started yet, and he pulled out a microphone that looked like was for a ham or other portable radio he could talk on, and called someone he could get the starting date for the basketball season.

end of dream


4-16-10 - DREAM - I was with Madonna and my friend David.  Madonna was demonstrating how to put on makeup.  She put on so much makeup, even the makeup cases wore makeup, and the woman who helped her even put makeup on the light switches.

It was pretty disgusting to be sure.


4-16-10 - DREAM -  I was in an apartment I've lived in in dreams before where the laundry was in the basement which was public and very large concrete blocks, with public washing machines you had toput quarters in, and it closed at 10 p.m.

Apparently we had just moved in, my kids and I.  The kitchen was pretty messy.  There were  3 coarse dark green blankets on the floor with dried leaves on the floor so the dried leaves were in the blankets too.  I saw 3 pairs of the dame color rubber soled booties here and there on the floor and tossed them on top of the blankets to be washed aswell - and anything else dark green I saw - could be washed all in one load.  (Those were big washers)

While I did that, I was cleaning up the sink, and eating a baked or barbecued fish filet of what looked like cod fish.  It was really good after I peeled the carkened crust off the edges.

I lost track of my fish filet while Iwas getting the laundry together, and someone finished off my fish filet when I wasn't looking.

I gave instructions for my son Ken to take the laundry to the basement, shaking out the blankets of theleaves, and picked up the brom to sweep the leaves out of the kitchen out onto the porch before their Dad came home.


4-17-10 - DREAM - This was another grid dream.  I was working with a rainbow grid and it wasn't exactly pretty. It had a lot of 'dark' in it.  I was trying to make the words of Revelation in front of me fit into the grid and could only get so far and when I got to the word 'everyone' I couldn't get it to fit into the grid.

Dream 2:  I was again working on the rainbow grid, trying to get the word 'everyone' into the grid, when water began to rise ominously and it covered everything b below the word 'everyone' and it stopped rising at that point.

Dream 3:  I was working in an office, writing a short book about the grid and this particular verse of Revelation where it meantions 'everyone' and was putting pictures on each page to demonstrate what the page was about. I was getting the pictures from magazines and books.  My boss liked what I was doing and gave me high praise for it, and gave me time during work to complete the book including researching in the businesses library.

Dream 4:  I was back to working on the grid itself, wondering why the word 'everyone' was where the water stopped rising, and why I couldn't get it to fit, so I looked in the Bible myself where I thought the word was, and it wasn't there.

Dream 5:  I went to the company lunchroom and didn't want to sit alone, so I looked around to see who else was there and would ask if I could sit with them.  I discovered that every chair in the lunchroom was also a potty chair even though there was a bathroom in the corner.  I figured it was because so many people had to go to the bathroom at the same time.

When I sat down with the woman at a table, she started showing me things she had. One of which was a Christmas ornament.  It was an odd shade or reddish orange, and had the word 'lenticular' on it and was supposed to be a kind of 'light'. 

I know the word 'lenticular' is a type of cloud that hangs over mountain tops usually.



I'm not sure which house I was in.  It could have been in New Berlin, or in Milwaukee.  We had a lot of visitors, including Erica from All My Children, and my daughter.  I don't recall who the others were.

We were in the livingroom, and I was taking care of a baby about 1 year or less old, who was wearing a corduroy white one piece overall with a shirt under it.  He needed to get ready for bed, but I had trouble undoing the metal buttons that held the straps onto his overalls. It seems I put the baby down with his clothes on for that reason.

Then Erica came into the room, looking for a book about Walkins.

I asked Erica what type of book it was, paperback, hardcover, or a pamphlet or was it in a folder.  She didn't know.

I said, "Well!  sit down and I'll tell you all about Walkins, because I AM ONE!"

My daughter sat down to Erica, and she said very snidely to me, "I suppose you were knock, knock, knocking on the Lord's door?"

I had planned to tell her the truth, but instead I was going to tell her this!

"The highschool I went to had a three-story gymnasium with glass walls and roof and the alien UFOs used to come down through the glass walls and roof interdimensionally and go into the building of the school, and thats how I became a walkin."

None of that was true, and I don't know why I was going to say that, perhaps because of the snide remark she made to me?  I don't know!


4-18-10 - DREAM - THE KITCHEN -  I was just moving into this kitchen.  This was the largest, most beautiful kitchen I've ever been in.  The painted part of the walls were mint green. The light fixtures were regular light bulbs behind white and clear circular globes with flat bottoms.

I've never seen so much furniture in my life in a kitchen.  It was light tan like maple.  There was enough to seat an army in it.  There were also lots and lot of cabinets, deep ones with wide doors for great accessibility to the shelves inside.

The people who were helping me were black skinned and brown skinned mostly.  The furniture movers were white.  They complained that when they brought in the furniture there was a wet broom plastered against the wall.

I had seen that broom, it was almost six feet tall, with no handle on it.  I've never seen a broom like that in my life.  Ijust let it stand there against the wall todry.

I was sweeping the floor with a regular broom, and directing the women where to put things.  At one piont, a brown skinned older woman was sitting down with one of the littlest children and she complained that she had hurt herself.  I went over to her and kissed her on the cheek and said, "Let mekiss your boo boo!" and grinned, and she grinned back.

There was a little boy eating a bowl of cereal on a counter and Itold him, "You spill it, you have tolick it up!'  and he looked up at me timidly and said, "Okay!"  He knew I was kidding.

There were two mirrors in the kitchen, both of which I just aquired recently from Sherry's house across the street after she passed away.  I commented that I had never had a mirror in the kitchen before and we discussed where to put them.  There was plenty of room between the counter and the refrigerator.

I don't recall seeing a sink or a stove, so I don't know where they were.

I was so busy sweeping the floor down towards one end, I finally looked outside a door to a balcony type porch where I saw some livingroom furniture that was antique sitting in the rain.

I quickly went out and grabbed it.  One chair looked like my Mom's.  It had wooden arms and a brocade seat on it.  Itold the tallest black woman to please dry it off quickly.  Then I brought in another large livingroom wooden and brocade chairand told her todry that off too.  Ihvae no idea who let them stand out in the rain.

The little kids in this dream were really cute, probably Mexican.

NOTE:  Wondering if this is the kitchen in Scottsdale, AZ after we move?


4-18-10 - DREAM -  I was in an area where there were large garages, painted pale green where lots of car/auto/ work was going on.  My husband was in one of the garages, and sowere my kids, but there were lots of other people around too like it was at a fair grounds for auto enthusiasts or something.

I went into my husband's garage several times to see what he was doing, and then the last time I went there, he was standing outside with a bunch of men and it was darkened inside except for filtered sunlight from windows.

I started to feel afraid of the other men, but met my sons and I felt okay again.

We watched as a big plane dove down out of the sky at a really steep angle, but then it leveled off at a lower level and didn't crash as we feared it would.

I started talking about the local aliens I knew were in the area at some point, but first, before it got totally dark out, I went into one of the garage where they had been serving food and they were shutting down for the night.  I asked if they could still sell a cocacola as I thirsty and they poured me a small glass of it and charged me 55 cents.  I gave them the dollar bill I had in my pocket.

I thanked them and went back outside where I met my son Michael, and we went upstairs in one of the garages because I knew the aliens were coming in that night.

When we went upstairs, in one of the rooms we went past, was a very large sized man laying on a mattress that was at least  3 feet thick.  He looked like a movie star I've seen (one of the old time famous ones who got fat in his old age). We had a short conversation with him.  He had a plate of scrambled eggs in bed with him (same as I did outisde the dream as I was sleeping after eating only half of my breakfast)

So, we went into another room that Michael had a bed in up there.  It was a really large room with the bed at one end.

We knew the floors were 6" thick concrete but there were indentations here in there in the concrete that weren't so thick.  I could hear creaking in theh floor when I walked on it too which meant to me that it wasn't all that sturdy.  We intended to drill down in one of the indentations to see if we could peek downstairs and see the aliens when they arrived.  (They were probably the Zetas that wear black uniforms)  See: 

Michael was doing all kinds of exercises to make noise, which he said was normal for him so nobody would be suspicious.  He then told me to get onto the bed so it would look like we were going to sleep in case anyone checked on us.

I had no sooner lay down on the bed when the door opened up and a woman in a black dress appeared in the doorway to check on us.  Then she stood right by the door watching us which rather freaked me out, so I got up and left the room by a different door and as I ran down the hall, every person I met (which were all bosses I had had at Alllis-Chalmera (A-C)  I told them, "You don't want to go down there right now", and they knew exactly what I meant and turned and ran out the way they had come with a look of intense fear on their faces.



I was working in an office for Erica Cain (from All My Children) She brought me a scribbled short handwritten letter in thick dark grey pencil, I was supposed to type and send out.  It was scribbled really badly and Iwasn't sure the wordswere sepelled corectly either, but it said,  "My Dearest Lamplighter",  I am sending you these ..........   "   I figured I'd get the right spellings from the package that was attached.  I couldn't believe that someone's name was actually Lamplighter.....

J. R., also from All my Chldren came into the office and started talking about pregnancy and that his wife/girlfriends stomach was going to get terrible stretchmarks from being pregnant.  I told him he should buy some Cocobutter she could smear on her skin that would help to prevent stretchmarks.

He said he used something else that worked, so I told him to go buy some.

He asked me what I had used when I had kids. and Itold him I never needed anything on my skin because I stretched really big when I had my kids and I didn't need anything.

He said he was going to go to the bar and get some, so I told him to wait for me to go to my room and get some money and I'd go with him.

He waited for me to run upstairs to my room and grab some money out of my purse, then we went outside and down the street to his black and gold car and he drove to the bar where I ordered a small drink.   I barely had two sips and he wanted to leave, so that's all I got out of the glass.

Back in the office, another girl said she needed a drink and I told her I had only gotten two sips out of mine, so we agreed we would go to the bar together so we could drink the whole thing before leaving.  She said the same thing had happened to her when she went to the bar the last time.

4-20-10 - 55555 portal?

DREAM -  I had this dream twice

Someone gave me five 1/4 moon-shaped pieces of gemstones 5 times - and each piece hooked on to the previous one, and each set of five hooked onto the previous 5 pieces five times.

Thus there were 25 1/4 moon shaped pieces made into one grand hoop and placed on my wrist to wear. 

These gemstones didn't have a real color, but had I been able to really see them, they would have been moon color as well.

In my mind, I could not logically make sense out of wearing a bracelet that large as each individual piece was at least 1 inch long.  As I visualized this bracelet - it would have had 5 arcs of 5 gemstones.

After I woke up from this dream.  I had the same identical dream again.

Joe and I determined that if we start from this month's 1/4 moon which was April 8th, and counted 25 months of 1/4 moons, it comes out to May 8th, 2012. 

A reader suggested that 2 x 55555 =  111110


4-20-10-  VISION  i was laying on the sofa, and heard a telephone ring once in my right ear.  It sounded so real, I thought it might have been the physical elephone, but I only heard it in my right ear.  So, I said to spirit, "I'm ready for the message. "

I instantly saw a white box (cube)  with a large fluted glass vase standing on top of it with a single lily flower in the vase.

Then the entire thing, including the cube, toppled over and rolled sideways 4 times.

The only thing I can relate it to is the poleshift.


4-20-10 - VISION - I saw the name  David L. Griffin, followed by pictures of three different Victorian houses that were very old.

Later in the day, Rove asked me, "Hey Dee! Did you look up the Rosicrucians yet?"   I said, "Yes!  because I've looked them up dozens of times, but I did ii anyway,  with David L. Griffin not only in the Rosicrucians but in the Golden Dawn group.

Here are links on my own site:


4-21-10 - DREAM - I was working on a computer and looking at bright blue links that said EGYPTIAN.  At the same time, there was a big file on my computer that was a page of links for Lee Chin.  It was so big, I was told to take it off and I could save it on a floppy disk.

I'll have to take a look at it.  I haven't gone there myself in quite awhile.


4-21-10 - DREAM -  I was baby sitting some kids, including my own about two blocks west of my own house. 

My kids were making a mess, shooting water at the ceiling with a hose through an open window.  They had also put something with a mesh through a fan, and those little pieces were all over the place.

There were a couple babies in a room in cribs all by themselves, standing up hanging onto the railings, wearing only diapers.  I was told it was plenty warm in the room, that they didn't need any other clothes on.  It was quite warm in the room, but I know when you lay down it can get quite chilly at the same temperature.

Then a delivery man came (a Mexican guy)  he said there were 20 kids at my house on 16th St. and they were causing a ruckus.

So, I had to run down there and make those kids go to their own house, which I did.


4-22-10 - DREAM -  I was living in what was apparently a prison town because when I looked out the window, I saw a man wearing an orange prison jumpsuit go by on a motorcycle.  Someone in our house also had prison socks that an orange prison symbol on the sole of the foot.

One of the women in my house went to pick up a gown for an event that was coming and it was rose colored.  Whether it was rented or just borrowed I don't know, but she laid the dress out on an ironing board and the two sides of the dress were extremely unbalanced and cut differently from seam to seam and also crooked.

When the woman who was in charge of the event came and saw the uneven hem, she was extremely upset. 

I told her that it was easy to cut the hem even and just have a short woman wear it, or a taller woman would just have a shorter dress.   That wasn't the answer she was looking for but it was easy to balance the two sides of the dress for someone else. She was a very short woman herself, so I didn't see any major problem for her.

I went outisde to look at a rock garden, and that was built several feet below grade level, and if one went down there to look at the flowers, one would have to use a rock climbing passage to get back out because it was too far down to climb directly out of.  I saw one of those prison socks down there too.


4-22-10 - NAP DREAM - I was alone in my Father's house, sitting in the diningroom, facing the windows.  (south)

All of a sudden I thought I smelled smoke, and immediately I thought about the refrigerator, so I ran into the pantry and opened the refrigerator door, but didn't smell anything, so I closed the door and went back to the diningroom.

Again I smelled smoke, so again I ran into the pantry and opened the refrigerator and didn't smell anything in there.  But, this time, I didn't go back into the diningrom, but went through the ktichen toward the parlor and as I passed the other diningroom door, I saw the reflection of flames where I had been sitting.

So, I ren to the living room, picked up the phone and instead of dialing 911 for the fire department, I called 411 and a man on the phone with a deep strong voice said, "What can I do for you now?"  and I replied,  I have a fire here!  "  and woke up.

NOTE: I think it means metaphorically,  'my pants are on fire!"  hahaha

MEANS:  I'm so enthusiastic about the project I'm working on -  I AM on fire!


4-23-10 - DREAM -  I was working for a group of engineers who were designing a series of objects that had serial numbers such as 1-50-70. 11-50-71, 1-50-72,  1-50-73, etc.  but I didn't know what they were.

When the day was over, I went about my second job which was to take care of the building I worked in and lived in.

I walked down to the last room on the floor, and discovered a handsome blonde man working at a desk and was surprised to see him.

He asked if I was working late, and I responded, " Always!"

It seemed that he was also an engineer, and he started asking me questions about what I was working on, and I mentioned the numbers, and he was very curious about what it was we were workiing on, and I had a tough time getting out of describinig exactly what it was, in case he was a spy.  I really didn't know anayway.

We kept talking, and he was curious why I was still in the building so late, and I told him, "I live here too." and he replied,  "So do I."

Because he was in that room, I couldn't do what I had planned to do, so I went down to the first floor where I found my husband working on a plumbing problem in the public bathroom.  Evidently, in the pipes, the water ran either too fast or too slow, but never properly every time.

I left that problem to him, and I set about to clean the bathroom, which included a very large bathtub that was really nasty looking with crud - which I didnt' know what it was.  It seemed that something was falling apart, or people were leaving things behind - like weeds or something - it was brown stuff. 

I was using a wooden scrub brush and a lot of scrubbing powder to clean with.

While I was doing that, three young, short women - black, brown, and white I believe, came in to smoke cigaratees.

The girls sat on the edge of the bathtub where I was working and I had to ask them to move over so I could continue to work.

I woke up remembering the numbers, but I can't identify what it was the engineers were working on.


4-24-10 - DREAMS - I spent what seemed like hours working on a web page of city names and state names bringing them together with another web page of city names and state names and then a third web page of city names and state names, matching them with each other, until I reached the point where I didn't want to dream any more  and forced myself to wake up.

As soon as I fell back asleep, I was seeing scenes of fire trucks zipping back and forth across long distances of grass going to fires.

I then found myself living with a woman named Mary, but she weas sick for  3 days, so sick that she couldn't even crawl out of bed.  At the end of the third day, she got up and left the house and by then I was sick with the same thing for 3 days and I couldn't do anything but lay down, so I was watching TV all day.  I can't remember the names of the shows, but it seemed like they were old reruns.

Then, just as I was starting to feel better, Mary came home.  At first, she was a tall woman in a bright blue slim fitting dress, with black close-cropped hair, and I apologized for not cleaning up the house - there were blankets all over the floor because I had been so sick I couldn't stand up.

Mary sat on the edge of the bed and now she was wearing a bright green dress and looked a bit older. 

I went over to Mary and said, "I wish we could have been friends." 

Mary responded,  "I know!  I understand!" 

We then went outside where I found mounds of clothing laying there and I started to pick it up but it was falling to pieces because it had been there so long.   Mary was with me, and she said, "Be careful.  My jacket is under there."

I finally reached the point where I found a jacket that belonged to a man.  It was made of felted grey wool and the sleeves were covered with what looked like soot all the way up to the elbows.  I didn't care though, it looked so warm and comforting, I put it over my shoulders and felt comforted by it because it was so warm.

I woke up then, and a voice in my head said, "Watch for Mary J. Blige's new song, 'BURNER!"


Yeah! [8x]

Oooh… Let the Piano Man Play [2x]

I’m callin you in the middle of the night
Before we have a little problem
You You You, Me & You, You You
And it ain’t gon be no foolin around
Between him & you
You you you you you you you
Him and You girl

I know lotta girls who don’t need a man
But I need this one (I need this one)
And I know you might need you a man
But you ain’t gettin’ this one (ain’t gettin’ this one, no no no)

See I can have anybody baby I ain’t stressin’
But what I done for him I consider him an investment
Tryna take my man is like Tryna take my money
And Tryna take my money well
Just ain’t haven’t it

I don’t know it all, but I tell ya what I know
Never let a girl cook in your kitchen
All up in your fridge, and next will be the stove
Never let a girl cook in your kitchen
When it all gets hot… everything drops
Eyes on your man, hands on your pot
If she runs in to help, tell her stay right in her spot
Never let girl cook in your kitchen

See I’m Sorry but I’m have to shut them burners
Down down down so we can keep it cool
Cool [8x] yeah
See I don’t need no extra ingredents
Theres not enough cabinent space for
Two [8x] yeah

Now I can have anybody baby I ain’t stressin’
But what I done for him I consider him an investment
Tryna take my man is like Tryna take my money
And Tryna take my money well
Just ain’t haven’t it

I don’t know it all, but I tell ya what I know
Never let a girl cook in your kitchen
All up in your fridge, and next will be the stove
Never let a girl cook in your kitchen
When it all gets hot… everything drops
Eyes on your man, hands on your pot
If she runs in to help, tell her stay right in her spot
Never let girl cook in your kitchen

I know what you saying…

I seen it all before (seen it all before)
And I’d rather show you out (cuz I really dont want you around)
There’s the door just let you walk up in this kitchen?
Girl you got me twisted

I don’t know it all, but I tell ya what I know
Never let a girl cook in your kitchen
All up in your fridge, and next will be the stove
Never let a girl cook in your kitchen
When it all gets hot… everything drops
Eyes on your man, hands on your pot
If she runs in to help, tell her stay right in her spot
Never let girl cook in your kitchen

Yeah boy… I know what you saying…

NOTE:  I got this e-mail today:  Note the 333 connection.

Events and The Final Appeal to Our workers of light

By Christ Michael and S333

Apr 23, 2010 - 11:08:58 AM


Christ Michael and S333 appeared tonight and gave the message below.

Love to All


Message received 23 April 2010

Events and The Final Appeal to Our workers of light

We have provided a series of messages over the last few days to keep you informed about the state of events and to keep the momentum of the communication between us alive. We can say with assurance that the days ahead are going to be full of surprises. We keep these messages to a degree non specific for we do not intend to alert the dark ones of our agenda. There is a heightened state of events unfolding as we give this message and manifestation on your plane should take place very soon. Do not be distracted by what appears to be a lull for there is no lull. The earth is moving constantly now and this you witness from the daily reports of earthquakes and continued volcanic disruptions.

Yes dear ones almost everyday there is a quake strong enough for the media to report. Be also aware that there are those which they don't report. For you see if man is to be brought into the knowledge of the frequency of earthquake activity, he will start to question and ponder the reason for this. He will begin to open his eyes and ears and be more vigilant to what is going on in his surroundings. He will question the truth of things which for too long he has accepted as status quo. Certainly, the dark ones will keep man in the shade of ignorance for as long as they can get away with doing this. Their time is up in any event. They are in their final moments. I am sorely tired of their sordid affairs and mindless games as you are.


No major damage or casualties have occurred since the earthquake which struck China. This is mainly due to the mother's compassion and her efforts to relieve her pain in those areas that she knows will cause you on earth least distress. She does cry too dear ones. Every time she turns to ease her pain she knows that her momentary relief may cause you ones who she considers her children, pain, suffering and even loss of mortal life.

We say again to you that the movements are going to increase with rapidity. We remind you of the messages we gave weeks ago where we spoke of catapulting events. Well these events are ready to realise themselves on the planet. It is imperative that you ones who serve, prepare yourselves now, emotionally, spiritually and some of you in areas which will suffer distress, physically.

We ask that you please relinquish any attachments you may have formed in particular to physical possessions. They are worthless dear ones. There is no guarantee that they will be saved or that you will be able to return to your places of abode. We ask that you go with the flow. We remind you during these times to focus on the bigger picture, the context that you have been given a long time now. This will assist you in handling the inevitable trauma and catastrophic events that will unfold before your very eyes. The new beginning is here my children.

You may be thinking, well, they've said this before. Yes we have but the time is now. We were preparing you then and are preparing you now for the grand finale because this is where we are. The mother is breathing her final breaths and will shed her final tears in the coming days. She will be allowed to have her rest.

As your Father who has taught you, who holds you in the palm of His hand and who loves you beyond your wildest imaginings, I ask that each of you stand in the Mighty I Am Presence and remember with the force of your soul who you are and why you are here. I want you to feel the depth and breath of my eternal strength permeate your entire being. I want you to absorb me and live these moments in the strength of the Mighty I Am. Do not just say it but feel it, be it, because my dear ones you are going to need it.

You have to carry that torch for me. You are the ones who must rally at the sides of your brothers and bring upliftment. I will give you the words. You cannot cry when they cry but must harness that strength and might and be leaders and shepherds unto my fold.

Do I ask much from you dear ones? Perhaps, but I ask that you remember that you desired this. That is why I urge that you see all things as eternal and immortal. See death of the mortal flesh for what it is and be at peace with who you are, that which I created, the soul which sings the song of eternal bliss. Come into your power and move in it. I want you to feel me within as you have never done before, that as you walk the path ahead in service you will be me. Yes my children, I am asking that you to step outside your human form and unify with the power you hold within. Believe that you can do this and you shall. Pour your effort into this and you shall accomplish. I believe in you.

Do not be afraid little ones at the power behind this message. I do not give it to you to inspire fear but to help you prepare yourselves for what is about to unfold. Walk placidly in the days to come, knowing that you Know, feeling what you Know, being what you Know. Be kind to yourself by recognising and living within your power. Do not cheat yourselves of the benefits of that which I bestowed to you upon creation. Harness the tinsels of virtues which decorate your immortal being. You must have the strength of the lion yet the gentleness of the dove, the awareness of the eagle and the will of steel. They will be your saving grace and that of others in the days ahead.

Little ones of mine, soon we shall meet again, we shall walk side by side and you will be reminded of things long past. We cannot say anymore wait but for a while, for there is scarcely any while left.

My seal I place on these my words.

Your ever present and loving Father

Christ Michael Aton




4-25-10  i had 4 dreams - two of which were identical to two I had a couple months ago.

in another dream, my father was my husband, and I served him baked breaded fish that the kids had already eaten the centers out of. Then we were each given Christmas gifts for services well performed by a woman who looked like one of the characters on the Young and the Restless who has been imprisoned for the last several months by an evil woman.  Her name on the show is: Janna.

Janna means:  God is gracious. 

I was glad to get the gifts, which were Christmas tree ornaments in bright red, because I was planning to move to another house by Christmas and I had no Christmas decorations.

The job I had done for her was rather a joke though as I was trying to deliver yellow cylinders to a passing truck, and when I missed the truck, I ran all the way up the hill after the truck and found out at the top of the hill that it was all a joke and there was no truck.  It was an exercise in futility so to speak.


4-26-10 - DREAM - I and a companion whom I didn't see, left a building in our whtie pickup truck and turned right to go up a narrow driveway to go visit my mother-in-law.

The driveway was icy in winter and was mostly blocked by a larger white pickup truck which was coming out the drivwsay.

The other pickuptruck had to back up a bit and move over a bit so our truck had room to stay on the icy driveway as we passed it right side to right side.

We had to go past a red diamond shaped mesh fence to get to the house.

We stopped at the door to the white house and entered by the kitchen door.

There was no one in the kitchen which was long and narrow.  It had three windows that I recall, and on the windows were red and white kitchen curtains.

At the end of the kitchen, we turned right and entered the livingroom which was packed with people celebrating Christmas.

We had seen no other cars parked outside, so perhaps they all lived there. 

We were greeted at the door by someone who was a relative of my husband.  Apparently I had already met everyone except one woman who was beautiful, dressed in a mint green and gold slim dress witt a gold belt.  She looked like she was nine months pregnant.

I said to the woman who had greeted me at the door,  "And, who is this?" indicating the woman in the mint green dress.

The greeter woman acted all surprised and embarrassed that I didn't know the woman in the mint green dress, but she introduced me and told me she was the wife of _______  who owned a big business somewhere in town.   All I can remember is that his name wasWilliam.

The woman herself told me she was a nurse and smiled brightly as me.

I woke up instantly to a TV program that was on and they werre delivering a baby in the show.

I was very disappointed that I had been dreaming the TV show somehow.  Considering that, there still was a lot of symbolism in the dream.


4-26-10 - DREAM - i spent about 2 hours playing games with beautifully dressed women (though they weren't quite so beautiful, I told them they were beautiful and they became more beautiful, then changed to children and we played wild, rough and rowdy games, chasing around a large living room, the children kept changing and we'd get wilder and crazier.

At the end of the dream when I knew I was awake because I could hear my years screaming in the real world, Rove came in and started talking to me and he told me that was all my imagination.  though I know I was inputting here and there to 'change' things, the whole scenario wasn't my imagination because I didn't start it - I only inputted change to make things better here and there.

Nevertheless, it was fun, fun, fun!


4-27-10 -   I had three dreams in a row where I was digging up every other flower section out of 14 heart shaped flower gardens.

In dream four, I was digging up flowers to take them to a very large long hospital I could see in the distance.  I don't know why we parked so far from the hospital. It comes to me that it was a VA hospital. 

(There are 172 hospitals, 399 outpatient clinics and 126 nursing homes)



4-27-10 - VISION -  I saw two playing cards, both had the letter K (for king) on the upper left hand corner, but neither card had a person's face on it, both of them had 12  clubs on it, one card was red and the other card was black.

Twelve Kings is an Akkadian term meant to symbolize any kind of alliance. The most famous example is in the Kurkh Monolith, where an alliance of eleven kings are listed as twelve in the Assyrian document as fighting against Assyrian King Shalmaneser III in the battle of Qarqar.  After MAHA DATHIKA 's death AMANDA GAMANI, his son, reigned nine years and eight months.

Kings 4:7
New International Version (©1984)
Solomon also had twelve district governors over all Israel, who supplied provisions for the king and the royal household. Each one had to provide supplies for one month in the year.



4-27-10 - NAP DREAM -  I went to a dentist's office where the dentist took care of children.  I sat in the waiting room with a little black boy who said his name was Uriel (not the archangel's name) he pronounced it YOU RYE EL -  he said he was 4 years old, and he wore clothes that were a little too large for him, blue jeans and a long sleeved yellow pull over shirt.  The dentist's office door was open, and I could see the dentist working on a child and I thought to myself, maybe I should go to a dentist like this.

In the waiting room we were sitting on a sofa and across from us was a largeTV set, so I turned it on so Uriel could be entertained.  It was very loud, but I don't remember seeing any picture on the TV.

At that point, a whole group of little kids came in with their guardians (like a pre-school class) and I asked one little boy, who was a Down's syndrome child how old he was because he was a little bigger than Uriel, and he said he was "two".  So I asked a normal looking child how old he was and he said, "two", and he was bigger than Uriel also. 

Then I asked one of the guardians how old he was, and he said, "60" though he looked 20, and I asked the other guardian how old he was and he said, "a thousand", and he looked 40ish.  I knew he was kidding.

Then a woman came in and sat down on my left and separated Uriel from me.  I didn't like that and I reached over to get Uriel to move over to my lap and she told me he could sit where he was, but I didn't like that, so I picked up Uriel and sat him on my lap, as which point, he started talking very dramatically, moving his lips around very dramatically, and started quoting from the Bible about the sun and the moon -

unfortunately, the phone rang, and I've forgotten what Uriel said.


4-28-10-  DREAM -  I was working in an office with my friend Alyse.  Evidently it was a Thursday because she said to me across the desks, "Remember! You promised me that on every Thursday you would take your Lecithin."

I looked at her, and remembered I had made her that promise, so we got up from our desks and went over to a long length of light tan colored file cabinets, where she produced a long thin key which she used to open an intricate set of locks that were embedded inside a box near the top of two cabinets that were linked together.  She had to unlock both locks in that box in order to open any drawer in the whole file cabinet.

She said to me, "I promised my parents that I would find out who my ancestors were by having the dna tested on the money they gave me."

I didn't see her remove the money, and supposedly my Lecithin was in one of those drawers too, but from there we went to a lake cottage somewhere, where when she unlocked the front door, two women came rushing out the door -  I'm guessing to use the outhouse!.

end of dream

Note:  I'm guessing that you can't get ancestry dna off of money unless nobody else had ever touched it, because in Joe's ancestry dna testing, they only test a male that has the same surname as the family line, so Joe wasn't even eligible to get tested because his lineage was down through two women, his mother and his grandmother.  That was despite the fact that he resembles Patrick Henry very strongly - they discovered that his Henry line was NOT related to Patrick Henry even though the family story for generations was that they were related to Patrick Henry.  Everyone was very disappointed.


4-28-10 - VISION - I saw a tapestry of president Obama - wearing a black suit.  He was sitting on a chair, looking up at the ceiling with a huge smile on his face - so happy I could see all his upper teeth.


Photo by: splash news online

UPDATED: Reports out of Washington, DC:  PRESIDENT OBAMA in a shocking cheating scandal after being caught in a Washington, DC Hotel with a former campaign aide.

A confidential investigation has learned that Obama first became close to gorgeous 35 year-old VERA BAKER in 2004 when she worked tirelessly to get him elected to the US Senate, raising millions in campaign contributions.

While Baker has insisted in the past that "nothing happened" between them, reports reveal that top anti-Obama operatives are offering more than $1 million to witnesses to reveal what they know about the alleged hush-hush affair.

Among those being offered money is a limo driver who says in 2004 that he took Vera to a secret hotel rendezvous in where Obama was staying. 

An ENQUIRER reporter has confirmed the limo driver's account of the secret 2004 rendezvous.


4-29-10 - DREAM - I was looking at what looked like a shopping cart and at the top was a series of what looked like super long string beans, but very thin, and they were for energy.  But when I went to the checkout, there were no beans in the cart at all.


4-30-10-  I forgot to write down my dream and then forgot it completely.