APRIL 2011


The coincidence/ synchronicity of this and the details are just too close to deny that something was going on beyond physical knowledge.
On March 31, 2011, I had a nap dream while Joe went out to pay the rent. I didn't even know I was dreaming to be honest.
Joe walked into the house very quickly an3333d said, "I just heard on the radio about the accident."
Before I could say anything, Joe actually walked into the house and I said, "What accident, Where was it?
Joe said, "What are you talking a bout? You must have been dreaming!
I guess I was and we dropped the subject to put the groceries away.
On April 1st, I was sitting at my computer, looking at a box of vegetable seeds I hadn't yet planted, trying to decide what to plant next, and the more I looked at the seeds, the more depressed I got. By now, it was the same time I had the nap dream the day before, but I wasn't thinking about that any longer. I decided to take a nap instead of going outside to plant seeds.
I couldn't sleep, so started to meditate. This is what followed.

4-1-`11 MEDITATION - I asked who or where I could get the money from for our community center. I was about to go through an open doorway in my vision, and someone came from behind my right shoulder, and closed the right side of a double glass door, and took a silver key and locked the door. He stood there with his hand on the key and said, "It has been determined that the door is closed until.... and I could see a bright sunny farm in the distance through the glass in the door. No date was given.

The man was tall, but not a solid form and seemed to be silver


I was depressed all day, because I didn't know if it meant 'NOW, or in the future. I was completely devastated. I told several people what I had seen, and it was suggested that I meditate on it.
Following is the next meditation.


I asked why the door in the previous meditation was closed and locked to the farm.

A male/female couple sat in front of me. The female looked over towards the male who was on her right. He was holding something in his right hand next to his head that looked like it might be an airplane fuselage of silver and white, but I couldn't be certain, so Ii said I couldn't really see it well. So, he took the object, and moving it like it was attached to a stick, moved it over right in front of me, but it didn't look like an airliner fuselage, it looked like burnt out airplane struts, or a burnt and broken crane struts. Now it was too close to recognize its shape and there were too many struts to figure out exactly what it was.

either way, it still doesn't make any sense, that an airplane (unless its chemtrails) should be the reason why I shouldn't grow food.

Today is now 4-2-11 - and I was busy with stuff all day and didn't watch any TV until I was ready for bed.

The local news out of Sacramento came on and showed a horrible Boeing airplane accident. The plane took off from Phoenix (where our farm community is planned. After it was about 34000 feet in the air, a seam separated and part of the roof tore off the plane, and the plane losing pressure, all the oxygen masks dropped and people scrambled for them, praying not to die. The pilot safely brought the plane down at Duke Air Force Base which is just north of Scottsdale where we were planning on building the farm/community.
In the film one could see wires and airplane struts sticking out of the hole in the plane every which direction.
Guess where the plane was headed?
Sacramento, CA, and the flight path from Phoenix to Sacramento goes right over our house.
How's that for coincidences/synchronicities?
I should have remembered that I always get depressed before plane accidents, but I forgot that little detail at the time.
300 Boeing flights were cancelled because of the accident so they could all be inspected as a safety measure.
Sometimes, this kind of stuff freaks me out. I wish 'they' - the spirit guides, would give more details instead of making us guess for answers.
Years ago, I used to dream every plane crash in the nation before they happened, but they never told me where it was going to happen. In one month sixteen F-16s crashed and I told spirit to quit telling me about airplane crashes. Still I dreamed all of the big crashes in advance anyway, but not the smaller ones. I was glad for that favor.



4-1-11 dream -  was working at a large company and I was in charge of doing the bookkeeping for income.  The income was recorded twice - once in recipes on paper, and then again in actual cash.  I was asked to keep track of other paper income, which came in 5 times a day in 6 separate packets.

That method kept th encumbers smaller and easier to keep track of. 

I also was shown that a lot of souls were being transferred in and out, and I could see the numbers floating by, ranging from 3 to 7, and an alarm went off if too many 7's came in a time because that would unbalance how things were done on earth.

all of a sudden, an alarm went off in my own house and the sound was so shrill it actually woke me up. 

4-1-11 - DREAM -  I was outside, and looked up into the sky and noticed that the clouds were all going one direction, but objects in the sky were going the opposite way of the prevailing winds.  I didn't see anything ominous at the moment, but just the fact that things could come through the sky opposite from the wind was startling to me.


4-`-`` - MEDITATION -  I asked who or where I could get the money from for our community center.  I was about to go through an open doorway in my vision, and someone came from behind my right shoulder, and closed the right side of a double glass door, and took a silver key and locked the door.  He stood there with his hand on the key and said, "It has been determined that the door is closed untie.....  and I could a bright sunny farm in the distance through the glass in the door.  No date was given.



I  asked why the door in the previous meditation was closed and locked to the farm.

A male/female couple sat in front of me.  The female looked over towards the male who was on her right.  He was holding something in his right hand next to his head that looked like It might be an airplane fuselage of silver and white, but I couldn't be certain, so I said I couldn't really see it well.  So, he took the object, and moving it like it was attached to a stick, moved it over right in front of me, but it didn't look like an airliner fuselage, it looked like burnt out airplane struts, or a burnt and broken crane struts.  Now it was too close to recognize its shape and there were too many struts to figure our exactly what it was.

either way, it still doesn't make any sense, that any airplane (unless its chemtrails)  should be the reason why I shouldn't grow food.


4-2-11 - dream -  I saw a bright blue rectangle and the words SUSTAINABLE LIVING

ii then saw in bright yellow,  LEMON AIDE

******4-3-11  dreams 

I had two dreams.  The first one was seeing a witchy looking woman on a stage.  I don't know who it was. I saw her twice.


Dream !2  - I was working on a computer page.  There was a large space object - very round - apparently planet.


Further down the page were what looked like duplicate pictures, and I was deleting those duplicate pictures. There were so many of them, I started to worry I was deleting too many so stopped deleting them.

end of dream


5-5-11 - DREAM -  don't know where I was living, but I met a man I took a great liking to, and I made him a belt of be3autiful snake skin leather and I wanted to give it too him.  Inn order to do that, I needed to stop a date I already had with the wife of the TV oil billionaire  Mr. Crumpet.  So I called her up on my video phone and as soon as her face appeared on my five phone, she said she was coming down with a bit of 'something'.  It sounded like a cold or the flue.  she said she was very disappointed that she couldn't come over to see me as she had planned.

My own throat was feeling a bit scratchy myself as I was talking to her, but I had to get to know this man a lot better before I met with her again, and we both apologized to each other and said good night for the evening.


4-4-11 - meditation -  today IS THE RED STAR DAY.



4-5-11 - dream -I was working in a very large place.  We trained a new girl t run the cash register and afterward I told some others, "It was like she was born holding a cash register.""

My husband was there. He was also working in the same place.  He had a doctor appointment the next day at 8 a.m. and he had to take his time card with him and punch in at the doctor's office so it was like he was on the clock even while at the doctor's office.

The next scene took place in a kitchen that had a lower ceiling. There were gnats crawling on the ceiling,  and I told a mullato colored girl to 'get them as soon as you see them and get them  all, so they don't spread."

4-6-11 - DREAM - Jesse vessel Ventura was the grandfather in this dream. He spoke with a gruff voice just like he does on TV or on the radio.  It seems that the land was at the top of a hill with the land being below and everything was green.

He drove me to our new house on a brand new road that had never been driven on before.  The road had yellow stripes on it at the intersections and marks were on the road that made it feel like we were rowing a boat, not necessarily driving in a car, but we moved forward - not backward.

At the house, which I didn't see the outside of, a family of young boys was helping carry things inside and everything was draped in white.  We cautioned them not to drop anything and they were careful.

In another scene, a woman was making stuffed teddy bears, and she was having trouble putting the arms on it, so we were trying to design the body of the bear easier to attach the arms differently rather than putting them on last. 

OTHER REFERENCES TO JESSE ON OUR SITE,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fop=310d6b9d7f8c3bf6


4-6-11 - MEDITATION  I saw the words  9/11 plane highjacking. I immediately knew it didn't mean the planes that hit the twin towers or the Pentagon, but something else.

The second thing that happened was a statement about someone in charge of being 'overjacked'.

I then went into a dream where I and a young man  went into a corner office where someone was in charge of a petition again something being 'overjacked'.  On the floor in that office was scattered lots of aluminum cans crushed and tossed onto the floor instead of in a wastebasket by someone who wasn't being paid attention to.

At the moment there were five people standing and waiting for the guy in charge of that office. 

I heard him saying something on a telephone in an adjacent office, and then saw him out the window drinking a can of soda by himself, and I thought I might volunteer to pick up all the cans if he had a large plastic bag to put them in, and was standing there waiting for him to come back into the office and meet with us so we could help him.

I think that was Jesse Ventura.


4-7-14-7-11 - DREAM  - Today was the first day of work and we were going to meet in the lobby of the community building. 

I saw there was just a touch of snow on the ground and nobody wants to see that happen. 

It was 6 a.m. and the whole work crew would be here to meet before we started our jobs for the day.

It seemed I was probably the oldest one there, and I didn't even know all the names of the people gathering.

One of the newest girls wanted to know the name of one of the newest guys who had to have been at least 7 feet tall.  I didn't even know his name yet myself, and I felt awkward not to know, but he jumped right in and said with a southern drawl, My name is Dwayne", and he smiled.

I said to the girl, "That was a little awkward, but thanks for asking!" smiled at the girl and the guy too. 

I then moved over to the kitchen counter which was nearby and started lookiing at the recipe book that had a picture of every meal we served.  Lots of them had a large slab of meat on the plate, and one of the guys came over and saw the recipe book and said, "I can hardly wait to eat enough eggs to make me throw up!"  and I laughed.  That was hardly the point of eating a meal, but some guys do maybe. 

It was exciting to get everything running smoothly, and a full belly tended to make people happy.


4-7-11 - DREAM -  I was in Milwaukee, WI, way at the East end of Capital Drive where it curves around  and North Lake Drive ends. 

I had stopped to visit someone there and while I was standing on the sidewalk, a small postal vehicle went by that we knew a woman was driving, and she was making all kinds of noise with her vehicle, and then she drove around the corner onto Lake Drive where there are no houses or buildings, just park on one side, and the beach on the other side except for the gun club at the far north end.

I went inside to visit these people , and when I came out, the front glass doors and windows of the lobby had been broken out, the sidewalk looked burnt to a crisp, and yellow signs with large black letters were ripped apart and flung on the sidewalk.

I walked down the sidewalk towards the other end of the building, where there was another office behind glass windows and some black teens were just about to break that window too.  I begged them not to break the window. I said, "I really like this place, please don't break this window.  "

One of the teens said, "I really like this place too," and he didn't break the window.

I then walked to the parking lot where my car was parked, and I realized I didn't have my purse though my keys were in my hand.  Then I spotted my purse laying on the ground open and some contents strewn around. The purse and wallet were both open - seemingly with nothing inside and both were dark blue.  (My real life purse is red and my wallet is purple)  and then I spotted a large video camera laying next to my purse, which I didn't even own.  So whoever had grabbed my purse had left the video camera there.  So I tossed it all into the car andd got in to drive away.


4-7-11 - DREAM - I also remember visitng a family, and we were sitting on the sofa, and the woman asked me how I hold my mouth while meditating.  I told her there were several ways depending on what kind of meditating you are doing, so we practiced several ways of holding the mouth.

Her little boy came into the room then and told me I needed to go home and clean the house, and I thought that was a good idea.

I also remember being in my ho9use which had toys, including building blocks all over the floor, and I recall seeing a whole family of dogs in the garage of several kinds, and one brown and white dog had three puppies that were three weeks old.  I told myself to come back when they were five weeks old and see how they were doing.

It felt like all those dogs had been mine at one time, but I know they weren't my real life dogs.   In any case, all the dogs got loose while I was walking through the garage, and I left them in the hands of a black man who was there.


4-8-11 - meditation -  I was attempting to meditate and I got a flash vision of a magazine by the name of ARIZONA.

I have a whole lot of them  in the attic, so I'll get them down today.


4--11 - NAP DREAM -  This dream is the missing portion of RA-SUN's dream from 4-8-11, in which he was supposed to go to a football game, and instead became a warrior dressed in white, when the Japanese Princess came to Seattle.

I was given a photograph of two very beautiful women who were partying in the area of the football field where the cheer leaders gather.  The two women were sitting at a table laughing uproariously at a joke someone told. 

Meanwhile one of the women had had a baby, who was white skinned, but was deformed in such a way that it had a black snake skin wrapped around both wrists and ankles.

It's name was given to me as Jason Parker.

The football team was yellow.


4-10-11 -  FOUR DREMS

#! was cartoon-like with a little boy dressed in a red outfit that need his clothes changed.

#2 was a little boy dressed in orange that needed his clothes changed - also cartoon-like.

#3 was a real man I was observing wearing bright green clothing - he was on a stage.

#4 was a man wearing bright blue clothing - also on a stage - I only remember him using the words kick-ass.  He was very enthusiastic.


4-10-11 - NAP DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my house somewhere I've never lived before.

On the kitchen table I had a good size fish bowl with five goldfish and a black goldfish in  it.

The one goldfish was much larger than the other goldfish, so I decided to make another fish bowl for the larger fish.

I used a really nice round glass bowl that was bigger than the other one, and using a net, I managed to catch all the fish at once, or so I thought. 

When I looked again, I couldn't see the black fish or the large goldfish. 

Then I spotted one lone goldfish back in the first bowl, but it didn't look big now that he was alone so I couldn't tell if he was bigger than the other fish at all.  So I left him there alone.

But I didn't see the black fish at all.   I couldn't figure out where he went.

Then I went back to the sink to wash some brown-rimmed dishes that were the size of medium size cereal bowls.  My neighbor had bowls with the exact same pattern and she left two of them at my house and they were the same but smaller than mine and there were two in the sink. When I put the bowls all together the smaller bowls were on top but almost tipped the whole pile over because there were now too many bowls in the pile.

While I was running the water down the drain, I saw the black fish swimming down the water trough behind the sink.  He had grown really large down there but he was too far over for me to reach him and get him back.

The only man I knew who could get that fish back was a man who drove a bright blue car.  That man was Murphy's father, so I asked Murphy who was playing with my kids in the house to have her father stop in when he picked her up from playing so he could retrieve my black fish.

Murphy and no other kid could look down the drain to see the black fish, but the littlest blond girl named Vickie could see down the drain because she was so little, so she verified for me that the black fish was still down there and swimming safely until Murphy's father came to get him out of the drain.


4-10-11 - DREAM -  I was on a farm somewhere and they were having a party. Some famous old women were there that I've seen in the movies, but can't remember their names.

When the feast was over, we women went into the kitchen to do the dishes.

On the way, my son Michael came out of his bedroom and barfed into the sink. He said he was on day 2 of a day flu.  He went back to bed and we continued on into the kitchen.

The plumbing for the sink was of very fancy old iron, but there was no sink installed.  The leavings of the meat platters were all on the floor, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, beef, pork - all we could see were the bones - there was no meat left.

I decided I would go to bed instead, and entered a bedroom with a very high fluffy feather bed, and as I went into that bed, I woke up in my own at home.


4-10-11 - DREAM - I was with my husband and he was taking me to see a movie, but he didn't want to take me all the way there because it was too far and out of his way.

I somehow ended up in a theatre that was just a large half darkened room and no one was in this room but myself and three black women, who helped me get through the room quickly without falling over the chairs that were lined up in the room.  We actually seemed to be walking through the chairs, not over them, and I was holding onto the arm of the biggest black woman who held her arm out specifically for me to hold onto.

We talked about the film, which was just cuts from other films and spliced together. We hadn't seen it, we just heard about it, and it didn't sound good.

The black women sat me down in a waiting room where people were waiting to be picked up by bus to go somewhere.  I didn't particularly want to go anywhere by bus, so I went into a bathroom and hid from the others by myself.

Eventually, someone came to get me, and I was driven by car by a man through some countryside, along corn fields that were irrigated by wide swaths of water running in wide ditches, but I saw small cactuses along the side of the corn fields as well, which doesn't seem to make sense to have cactus, corn, and water together. I've never seen that before.

We finally got to the farm and I was glad, because that whole car ride made me very nervous.

At the farm, the grass had just been mowed, but not in neat rows like one would normally see in a field that was going to have hay made.  This grass was cut in every imaginable direction like it was cut from the air by someone who had no idea of how to mow grass.  I have no idea how it was done.  It was just messy - and very unusable from what I could tell.


5-11-11 - DREAM - I was in a small shaker town, all built by hand. I observed as th e men created the shaker boards, and built the houses in this town.  All the yards had little wash lines hung between them.  Each house was painted a different color. Everyone got along well with every other person. They all shared with each other.

I was told by the electrician that if all the household plugs were used at the same time, it would cause a brow-out condition in the home which wouldn't be good.

Inside the homes, the people used a lot of used articles to live with. They were cheaper and colorful.  It seemed to be a very happy place overall.


4-13-11 - dream -  I WAS INSIDE A HOUSE THAT MY FATHER WAS BUILDING.  My Father died before it was finished, so I went upstairs and saw that there were boards on the floor that had bright silver nails sticking out of them every two inches all the way down the board.   So, I went downstairs and told some local teens that someone needed to do something about the dangerous nails sticking out.

I left the house for a few moments, and five minutes later, I heard a loud noise and when I turned around I saw that the boys had completely pushed the house off the lower floor and the bottom floor was covered with a dark green tarp for a ceiling.

The house wasn't livable with only one floor with a tarp ceiling, so I went apartment hunting to another building my Father had built.

In the apartment building, was a series of apartments that no one was living in so I took a look at them.

In a row was a kitchen, livingroom, kitchen, living room, and a glassed in bathroom on the end.

The kitchen and living rooms were square and only about 10 feet across.  Not very large, and there were no bedrooms to sleep in. 

The lady and man who were showing me the apartments couldn't figure out why my Father built the apartments with no bedrooms and only one bathroom on the end.


4-14-11 - DREAM -   I was high up in the air, looking out a large window from a control tower.  I was looking over a train track that had what looked like an interurban train that goes both directions on the same single track.  It was bright yellow and was several cars long.

It was raining really hard and the train was going too fast for the weather, and the tracks started to come loose from the ground.  This was coming more and more often as the train went quickly along.

The controllers were in another room, seeing the same thing happen and they started yelling into a radio, "Stop the train, stop the train!"  But the train wasn't stopping.

I went into another room where food had been served the night before to a crowd of people.  One of the large dishes was potato salad.  The potatoes were bright blue and bright red and still had the skins on the potatoes.

I knew that the sauce that held the potato salad together was old and wouldn't be safe to eat anymore, so I started washing the potatoes off, intending to make fresh potato salad because I knew the potatoes were still okay.

I also decided it wasn't good to use the coffee that was in a very large pot, so I washed out the coffee pot and dumped out the old coffee and grounds to use fresh grounds.




Dream @1 was ET related, but I can't remember any of it, and it drifted off into a game of balls of light, like it was a war in space.


Dream 2 was about cleaning up for a party and there was an old pillow that was crumbling like it was made of old packing material.  (I've forgotten what they use for pillow stuffing) 

I was vacuuming that up, and one of the guests came with a cold and a cough. I didn't want her to spread it around so I went down the hall to where Dr. Gupta lived and asked him if he had a cough drop, which he gave to me in a little white box.  It was bright pink.  I told the doctor I would pay him back, but another neighbor laughed at that like nobody ever paid the doctor back.

I told the little girl to  suck just half of the cough drop and she could finish it later.

The girl's mother came into the room then, claiming to be sick also, and her answer was, ''I need a drink really bad".

I let her leave, and finished cleaning up for the party.


4-16-11 - NAP DREAM      - My husband drove me to dinner, but instead of parking in front of tithe restaurant, he parked behind it. 

I went up on the back porch of the restaurant, and there was a light brown horse laying on its side looking very sick, and it had vomited some cookies that were still in a plastic bag. 

I was afraid the horse was going to knock me over if it moved, but I noticed there was a feeding bag there for the horse, and more cookies in plastic bags.  I couldn't figure out why the horse would eat cookies in plastic to begin with, but I didn't want him to knock me down, so I tried putting the feeding bag thing over his nose anyway.

The horse jumped up and ran down into the parking lot, and there was a man dressed in a red jacket sitting on the ground in the center of the parking lot, and he seemed to know what to do with the horse, so I let him handle the situation.

Somewhere on the porch, I saw the date 1968, so It must be related to that.


4-17-11 - DREAM -  There was a man in a parking lot similar to the one from yesterday.  There were no cars in the parking lot.  He stood in the center of the lot, next to a line of 10 to 12 spiky black plants that had a name I can't remember, and each plant represented an event of some kind.

Wondering if its related to the horse from 1968 from yesterday.

NOTE: there IS A MOVIE FROM 1968 CALLED death rides A horse 


4-17-11 - DREAM - I was making a Christmas angel Doll for a woman and it was so cute, but she kept making changes to it to suit herself and wouldn't stand still long enough for me to give it to her, so I eventually made it into a lamp and put a small lamp shade on her head standing on a golden pole by the wall outlet.  It was really cute.

NOTE:  The line of black flowers evidently mean deaths.

Famous people have died, not the I knew any of them personally, also 340 people in one tornado. But Osama Bin laden was killed by US military troops as well.  The date of his death is not really known - the US evidently killed him at least a week before they announced it.  However, it might not really have been Ben Laden - it could have been one of his brothers.  Its a very big controversy right now.


My friend Sandy was found dead in her sleep this morning.  She lived in Detroit, and she fought so hard to get over her depression.  I'm praying it was natural causes.

Indian Guru use Baba died on 4-24-1


4-18-11   DREAN   - I was in a house somewhere I've never been before.  There was a party going on and it was just young men at this party.  The house was a mess, but the party was being held in the center of other room with a wire fence around them and they were playing some kind of ball game with large red balls - smaller than a bowling ball, but larger than a soft ball.

Several of the balls got out of the fence and they dared me to throw one of the red balls into the fenced in area.  I tried several times, and every time I threw the red ball, the ball would dive to the floor before it hit the fence.  I got very frustrated that I couldn't throw the ball over the fence into the area where the boys were playing.  They laughed at me because I couldn't throw the ball high enough to get over the fence.

I tired of that game and being taunted about my inability to throw the ball well, so I went through the house into another room that was like a formal living room.  The front window had three curtains hanging to the floor across a very wide picture window.  

The drapes were made such that they brown flowered curtains hung to the floor on the side panels, but the center panel was shorter and hung in a swag and only went down part way down the window. 

I didn't particularly like the drapes in the center because there was no privacy in that room, and while I was looking at the curtains and thinking about the lack of privacy, a beautiful, tall, blonde woman appeared in the center of the window and stood there looking in the window at me.


4-18-11  DREAM - apparently I had been upstairs somewhere in a large building in a neetubg wutg sine oeio and wgeb it was iverm I was wakibg diwb tte staurs with abitger winabm and we were stiooed bt a tiybg bkacj winab wgi stiooed ys abd sge wabted ti jbiw uf ciykd takj ti ys abiyt nedutatubg wutg ys,  U tikd ger tgat we were giubg ti dubber abd we ciykd takj ti ger katerm abd sge agreed abd tge drean drifted off in my LUXOR 3 ball game like it did a few days ago.


4018011 0 nedutatuib 0 U was tgubjubg abiyt nt fruebd /sabdt abd nedutatubg aftreer dubberm abd akk if a syddeb a briwb girse aooeared at nt rear sude diir,


4-19-11 - NAP DREAM -  I was in a house near where I currently live in California.

The guy I was with wanted to play a joke on a friend of his, so he said, "Let's get some fuel oil delivred,"  so I said Okay!
So he looked on the internet and go the name of a Fuel Oil place way out east and he had me call him on the phone.

I dialed the number and asked if he could deliver some fuel oil, and the man said, "Sure!"  I asked him if he knew where Modesto, CA was, and he said, "Yes!"

I said, "Okay!  Take highway 30 out of town ... - oh wat, I forgot what street you have to take next."

I looked out the window and saw wha tlooked like a furnace top with a point on it outside in the yard, and not long after there were 5 of them.  They actually looked like the tops of missiles sticking out of the ground.

I never did get back to the guy on the phone to finish giving him the address of the house I was at. 

jthe guy walked into the structure where there was some electronic stuff insidee, and I hearfd him ssay to someone else, "Don't turn on the missile!"  and somebody must have turned it on and I heard a noise like . 'fffft", and the man vanished instantly.


NWe la


4-20-11 DREAN I was on a large farm in spirngtime, and in the orchard which was flooded with 18 inches of water, the farmer took his tractor with a very large grass cutter behind him, mowed the lawn in the deep water, and as soon as the water settled down from the big wave it created, female ducks would come and toss little patches of yellow feed, lay an egg and the little tiny yellow duckling would pop out almost instantly, flating on the little yellow pathcff of feed.  It was so adorable, I watched many of the ducklings being born this way.

I managed to get back to the very large farmhouse witho9ut having to wade in the deep water, but that was quite a hike because the farm was so large.

I went into the building, and within moments, a very handsome young man sked me to marry him and I said , "yes!"  When questioned by others why I had said, "Yes!" so quickly, I said, "I've been in love with JOhn Bocheck (sp?)  since kindergarden."

The two o fus went into the farm store, and he bought me an engagement ring immediately and I didn't care what it looked like, I was just o in love.



i WAS AT  DREAM I was living in a house or  apartment, workikng on a computer screen on the logo for the community.  I pretty much knew what I wanted, which was two white pillars on either side of a doorway with a person standing in the center between two mountains and the sun rays coming up in the background.  But I ddin't have any pillars and they ha to be the right size.

I glanced down at a newspaper and saw that someone was selling two 53" pillars at an art sale on Appplegate Rd which was on the south side. 

I thought about calling her up to see what the cost of the pillars was, and then figured that 63' WAS TOO OSHORT ANYWAY BECAUSE A50" WAS ONLY F FEET SO 53"  INCHES IS ONLY 5' 3" TALL, AND A DOORWAY IS MUCH TALLER THAN THAT.






4021-11 dream  I don't know where I was, but it seememd like Wiconsin.  On the farm where I was, there were trees that looked like tall oaks, but the flowers on the tree were about a foot long, shaped rather like Irises, but were all pale pink.  They were gorgeous.  Some littlel girls, runing around playing were all wearing spring dresses with a similar flowered pink pattern on just like the trees.

Some boys came along and got really rough house play with theh girls and started tackling them like one would in wrestling, so I had to stop them from playing and admonished them that it wasn't nice to tackle girls wearing dresses, because girls couldn't play rough while wearing dresses.  They all seemed rather disappointed.

My husband came along then, and showed me that he had dug up one of the baby trees that was blooming, and told me could plant it at home. 

I was sittng in the car then, and could ehar a machine running that distrubed my consciousness for some reason, so my husband went over th to metal work shed that seemed similar to the one we have in California, and talked to the man who was also running a machine of some kind, and then we left with the tree to go home and plant it.

We stopped at a house which I thought was on the corner of Greenfield Ave. and Calhoun Rd, but I guess it wasn't because the wife of the house kept saying that she loved living in Kendall, and she said i ttiwce, so I told her she wasn't living in Kendal, and her husband said it was.

So I asked a passing neighbor what spe cific town we were in, and he said something else.  (I can't remember what he said.)_  I thought we were in Greenfield, or Glendale, and neither one would be correct either. 

I saw the woman's phone number which ended in 841 but I can't remember the whole thing, so that doesn't help.

Joe woke me up to tell me he was leaving then, so that's all I remember.







other dreams about a gas stove,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c0cee9712ef5fe08&hl=en&rlz=1R2ACGW_enUS361


4-23-11 0  U was gavubg triybke skeeoubgm abd nt eyestuggt was wirse tidatm abd U was katubg ub bedm asjubg fir nt etesugg ti get betterm wgeb U gad a vusuib if a nab ub tge neduyn bkye ybufirn cine abd get nem abd ge oyt ne ubti tgt bacj if a veguckem abd ge saudm :/dib;t oabuc/1:  U dib;t wabt tiy ti oabuc,:  abd tgeb a screeb aooeared ub fribt if nem abd U fekk ubti a drean,

DREAN  I was ub a car abd U was druvubg, I was giubg eastm abd U wabted ti naje a keft tyrb at gugggwat 199 abd tgere were tii nabt carsm si U was firced ti gi fartger eastm abd tgeb tge wubdsguekd nived iver ti tge rugtg sude if tge carm abd U started ti get scared tgat U was kisubg cibtrik if tge carm si U oyt ib tge braje abd oykked iver ti tge sude if tgeg irad,

U sinegiw git ginem abd started ti tekk ntg gysbabd *Hun( abiyt wgat gaooebedm abd ge was giubg ti sut diwb bext ti ne ib tge sifam abd U was najubg riin fir gun bext ti nt jbuttubgm abd ge git nad becayse U wasb;t najubg riin fir gun abd ge stinoed iyt if tge riin,

U dudb;t gav etune ti stat yoset wutg gun becayse itger tgubgs started giubg wribg tgeb tii,  The television was on, and somehow when I pushed a station button, it changed to channel 7,  but channel 7 was an audio station like a radio, and there was no button to change it back, so I was stuck with two guys talking about the news.

Then, suddenly, a box of packages of colored threads all spilled out onto the floor, and I had to gather them all back up so I had all my colors.

I woke up and then the phone rang and dream time was over. **************

4-24-11 -  DREAM 1 -  I was unknitting every other word on the front of a sweater, and then expected to knit them back in, which I knew was impossible to do, but it was expected of me.

As it turned out there were 4 black horses, 5 geese, and then I guess, 4 calling birds - and a partridge in a pear tree like in the Christmas song.

I went into an office where there were tiny little fish tanks with black goldfish in them.  the tanks were so small, there were 4 black goldfish in each tank, rather standing on their heads because the tanks were so tiny, so I had to get more tanks so each fish could have its own tank and be able to swim laying flat they are supposed to.

I went innto the mian office of the apartment building thne, whereupon they started giving me more work to do, though at least I didn't have to do the rentals.

Now they expected me to deliver all the mail by hand to all the residences, which menat i would have ot speak to each resident every day, and they in turn could engage me in conversation, and possibly book the main room in the communiity center for private events. 

I accepted the job as necessary.

For some reason, I had a whole collection of tiny horses, which I took with me o nmy rounds with the mail, and when I got to the back door, I found a shelf where someone had left some fancy folders.  I picked up the first one, and there were papers with the name of someone like Jane Knapp and another woman who apparently lived together.  I didn't know what apartment though. I would have to find her.

 met a couple men at the back door.  I've forgotten what they did for a living, and I don't recall their names, but there were tow of them.

On the way back, I came to apartment four, and a short Jewish? man came out the door and he was rather angry, that someone thought he taught demonology in his calsses.   He was right by the firie door so maybe thats why they thoughth that.

I had a conversation with a man about newspapers then, and I asked him ifi there wasa place to get free newspapers and he scoffed at me and admitted that there wasn't.  However, I needed a copy of the newspaper every day so I'd know what was going on every day.  There was also a smaller paper I needed to get.


4-25-11 - DREAMS -  I had this dream multiple times, each one in a differetnt gymnaisum, which was very large.  In these gymnasiums, people by the hundreds, all shapes and sizes and body builds lined up and while they were walking past, some kind of air pistol knocked them down,and they were bieng divided into various groups and factions for something.   None of these people were old, all were relatively youn g and I noticed that some of them were more muscular than others with lower body strength for running, jumping, etc.

At the end, Mikki was in the hospital, apparently nothing was wrong with her, but we were awaiting the assignment of her numbers to see which group o r faction she was in.

I then went into an office, to type a letter about these numbers, and I noticed that there was an orange watermark on the paper dated September 1, 1994, and I addressed the letter, Dear TEd, and then I typed up a letlter to whoever this Ted was, and gave him the number of the people that had pariticpated in these groupus.  The number was so long, the print had to be made very small to even fit on the paper.  The number was way longer than billions, so I couldn't really say how long the number was, it took up several lines on the paper non-stop.


4-27-11 - MEDITATION -  I was meditating on healing my eyes, and a man dreessed in tight shiny blue suit (An Arcturian)  said, "So not anic"  and then he put me in his car with a screen in front o fme, and then I went int oa dream of some kind, but I can't remember the dream.

My eyes are so much better the next day - it is iamazing.


4-26-11 - DREAM - I was living on the same block with 4 couples.  We all knew each other veryh well, and worked together. 

My husband decided to start a new advertising TV show called 12 on 12th St.

I didn't think it was a good idea, but this was his business and he was excited.

At some point in the middle of the night, something happened that wasn't very good, an argument, or something, and everyone was outside with spotlights on them and something was wrong, but I didn't know what.

Just before I woke up, I was wishing this very familiar hubby man good wishes, and telling him not to work so hard.

I know all these people well, but don't know their names.


4-26-11 - DREAM - I was somehwere in the suburbs of Milwaukee.  I was friends with other suburban women who wanted to work but had litte kids at home and couldn't workf ull time.  So I made some suggestions what women coudl do, and suggested that we all work together, and each woman could use her skill and we'd make appointments and then each woman coujld go out and use her skill in sales or makeup or something while the other women looked after her child.

I then went into the city to meet someone, and I parked too far east of where I was going and decided to walk the rest of the way.  I was walking west on a street on the north side of the city.  I came to 48th st. which had  lot of truck traffic and I still had to walk further west.  Why I didn't drive right to the place, I don't knw, but I woke up while I was standing ont he corner of 48th and something St.


4-28-11 - DREAM PORTIONS:  I went into a room where there was a bookcase with thick large books, about 8 inches wide by 2 1/2 feet tall and wide.  They all had titles on them starting with R 51 and R 65 with numbers after them.  I knew they were all about drugs of various kinds.  (I'm told those are cancer cures)

Further on in the dreaam, I was outside with a pristine piece of cloth I had woven myself of pristine white and heavily starched.  It was so beautiful, and then a breeze came up and it started floating htrough the air like a kite and when it started coming down it hit a man whowas riding a bicycle.

I was called into court to explain what happened, and they asked me if I had ever been in court before, and all my momories came back about how many times I had to go to court and be a witness for my second husband Edward.


4-28-11 - DDREAM - I spent a lot of time evaporating spots in front of my eyes, which I think is self-healing.  I also was looking through a magazine, picking out pictures of bearded men I liked.

In another scene, a tall man came in with a group of white baloons and let them ascend up a light pole in the livingroom. I was very imrpessed by it until I saw that it onlyh looked good closeup, because from a distance, it was happening only in the corner, not in the whole room.

In the next room, I had to admonish my small daughter and son to sit still and behave themselves while we were driving in the car.

It seemed like a totallhy healing dream.


4-29-11 - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere.  I was called to an apartment where several ittle dark black kids lived, the oldest one was about 7 I thought until he handed me a molar tooth that had fallen out of his mouth.  I offered to put it into the medicine cabinet in that bathroom for him for safekeeping.

I had originally been  called to thiis apartment by the fire department, but there didn't seem to be any evidence of a fire where I was.

When I wentn into the bathroom, I saw a large cat litter box in the corner with a cover over it that was so tight I couldn't figure out how a cat could use the litter box.  I didn't smell anything, but when I walked into the bathroom I kept running into cobwebs with my face and upper body.

It came to me that no adult my size had been in this apartment or I woulldn't be running into cobwebs with my face.

I was worried that no adult had been in this apartment at all.  So, I wetn across the hall to find ut who had called the fire department in the first place.  I was concerened that the adults had been off doing drugs instead of taking care of their children.

The woman across the hall gave me a name and phone number which I have forgotten.  For some reason, the name Wabash sticks in my mind, but thaht could be wrong.  I wanted to know who the parents were.  Who was responsible for these kids. That was the important thing to me.


4-30-11 - dream -  i was being taught to predict the weather through the use of what looked like an almanac and astrology symbol method.

I woke up and went back to slelep, and found myself in seemed to be a hospital setting and they weren't going to let me go home until I had another urinalysis test - a small one apparently.  But, while I was sitting on m the edge of my bed getting ready to go home, oneof my old bosses, the engineer who worked as the head of drafting started cutting a slice in the heall to the next room whiich apparently was going to be a door.

When the door was made, I went into the next room and discovered that they were putting in five more phone lines, and they were hiring me to head up a new department of 'weather watching'. 

The new boss came into the room and introduced himself to me and gave me a welcome package from my new job, and on the cover wer its logo, on top of bright red shiny folder with wide swaths of wide blue and green lines, and in bright yelloww it said European Eyewatch, the months, June, July, August, and below that  "Jeff Rense in much smaller letters, who has a popular radio show  ( and on the air waves as well.

I decided to use one of the phones there to call my friend Michelle who sounded very much like my sister, and as soon as I dialed her number, one of the other lines rang, and apparently she already had my new number, because when I said Hello, she was on that line as well.  I told her about my new job to watch the weather in Europe.

and then I woke up.


4-30-11 -  I was going to godiwbtiwb ti wirjm abd git ub nt carm byt ti get tgerem U gad ti naje severak keft tyrbs,  Nt car refysed ti tyrb keftm bi natter giw nycg U tyrbed the steering wheel.  /tge car seened ti fught me every ich of the way.

I finally managed to get it out onto the street and by then the car was making grindingnoises underneath and it sounded really bad, so I turned left again to get the car back into the parking lot.

I managed to get the car stopped and into a parking place, but when I got out of the car, I ended up with the steering wheel in my hands.  That car was just not oging to go where I wanted it to until I got that car fixed.


4-30-11 -  DREAM - I went downtown to work, evidently I hadn't been there this week, but I had dmy keys and let myself in the north door, once I got past some school kids north of the building. 

I was shocked to find that instead of apartments, there were shops there, a jewelry shop, a hair cutting place, what looked like an old fashioned store like in the old days where you could buy all kinds of goods one would need in the home.  It wasn't really a hardware store, but one could buy fabric, towels, sheets, etc, but on a small scale.  The store was very deep, not just wide.

As I wwalked past there, a very tall man, I thought I recognized as Jack the attorney from All My Children, came up to me and pu this arm around my shoulder.  He seemed to be abou 9 feet tall.  He was extremely friendly and seemed like he loved me even though I was never that close to him before.  He kept his arm around my shoulder as we walked and we had to go through a door that was way too small for both of us to go through together, and even I had to duck down to get through it.  But we managed to get through it okay. 

I went on towards the other end of the building, intending to go t othe manager's office, which I was even though I wasn't currently living there.  But on the way, I noticed that the maintenance roomw as open, so I peeked in and there was a really shoft guyh working at a workbench, and I said 'Hi' to him, and told him my name was Dee and I was going to go intot he Maanger's office, and I just wanted him to know I was there.  I asked him his name, and he siad his name was Tony".

I then gto to the other end of the building and I emt a very large man who was even taller tan the first one. He was at least 10 feet tall, very muscular, wearing casual clothes and carrying books.  He said he had been sitting out in the parking lot reading his books on ohw to make steel.  I told him that I used to love to visit a foundry wehre steel was being made and hearing all the loud noises that went on in there.  I found that very exciting.  He went on his way, still reading the book while he walked.

at the end of the hall, where the hallway turned right, there was a big hole in the floor where a swer grate was supposed to be, but wasn't there, and the hole was usrrounded by tricycles that three year olds would ride.  I got all upset that the hole wasn't covered up and kids played around it.  Then some really little kids came along, and one little boy jumped righth into the hole and freaked me out.  So, I wanted to go ba ck to the maintenance room and tell Tony i wanted that hole boardedup when it wasn't being worked on, but when I pushed the button for the elevator, the door opened up and the elevator wasn't there at all, just the brick stucture where the elevator was supposed to be.  I didn't see any wires in the opening either to show that an elevator was actually in that space.

I woke up very upset.