AUGUST, 2002

by Dee Finney

8-1-02 - DREAM - This seemed to be Midieval Europe.  I can't remember any dream that went with this.

I was like an observer. There were two women outside of a castle. Both were wearing floor-length white dresses of a brocade-tye material. I donn't know what material was called back then. There was a design in the cloth, so perhaps it was silk and something else - it was shiny material. The women may have been mother and daughter. One woman said something, but I can't remember it.


8-1-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office and got a promotion. Instead of being a secretary, I was going to be the boss.

I as preparing for an airplane flight - a business trip maybe - because I was taking folders of work with me. I needed to put it in something. I was looking through the various briefcases my boss had in the office. Each one held a variety of folders - some larger than others - some were so large they were on wheels so he could pull them through an airport rather than carry them. I jest needed a plain ordinary briefcase, but he seemed to have been using it himself because there weren't any that size.

My friend Alice worked in this office. It seemed she was the receptionist. She was the only one who could answer a specific phone that sounded like a tinkling bell.

I was really excited about the promotion because I was going to sit behind the desk like the men do, instead of in front of the desk like the secretaries do when they take dictation.

It was the end of the day and we were ready to go home. To lock the door to the office, there was an odd lock - rather than locking the door itself - a rod was pushed through underneath a board - a threaded nut was put on the end of the rod and then a padlock was affixed so the nut couldn't come off. I didn't have a padlock, so I affixed a small wrist-watch to it. (Don't ask me - I don't get it either)

I then went outside, but on the way I went to the bathroom with another woman. We both had to go so bad,  neither of us made it to the potty before the pee started coming out. She peed on the floor before the got all the way seated. I wasn't so bad, but I don't think I peed on the floor or in my clothes.

I was trying to pull up my pants then and 3 men came into the bathroom before I was done with that and they couldn't wait either.

One of the guys took one of my notepads from my purse. It only had a couple of pages left on it, with some mathematical problems on it. He said he couldn't figure them out and I ended up throwing the notepad away.

I was planning on going shopping on the way home and could pick up a brand new notepad on the way home. I needed ne boots for the trip too because the heels were worn out.

I planned to buy ankle length shoe boots for my trip on the plane. I knew exactly what I wanted. I was really excited because this was my first airplane flight and I was flying to California with my sister in 24 hours.

I woke up as I walked down the street towards the store.



8-2-02 - DREAM - OMINOUS - THE ELEVATOR MEN - I was living/working in an apartment building.  All my own children were there, sitting around in a dimly lit livingroom, except my son Michael who was in the kitchen working. The kitchen was immaculately clean except that there was a massive water flood in the middle of the floor. MIchael said that my daughter had spilled the water. I went to the livingroom and asked her politely and quietly if she would go to the kitchen and m9p up the water she had spilled. She sat there like she was deaf and didn't move.

She needed to be punished, but she was too old to just scream and yell at, so I did what any civilized mother will do - TURN OFF THE TV. I noted on the clock that it was 10:30 a.m.

As I walked through the apartment, I thought it would be nice to listen to music on the radio while I worked, but I was unable to tune the radio so it would be heard by everyone.

I went into the bedroom and saw that there was massive dust under the bed. I grabbed a dust mop to remove the dust, but the mop was too small for the job, so I got a big wide squeegee to wipe the dust off the floor. That worked really well.

I went towards the kitchen again, which was already clean, but right next to it, on the wall, I saw that the toilet was missing, an odor control electrical unit was missing too. That meant I needed to call in real maintenance men.

I looked around the amount of work to do was massive and overwhelming. I felt like I was the only one making an attempt to do any work to straight out the problem.

There was so much stuff sitting around on the counters and on the floor, one could barely move around. I twas all usable and good stuff, but there was too much of everything.

Then I noticed that all the plants were turning yellow and dying. So my first priority was water them. So I headed for the sink to water the plants and my attention was called to some little girls who were playing dress-up with adult sized jewelry. They had large clip-on earrings like clamps. They put them on their ears, but when they tried to take them off, they just pulled on them without opening the clamp - everyone who has ever tried that knows how much that hurts., so I had to take the jewelry away from them.

On a table nearby were massive amounts of pearls and beads which all needed to be sorted. All I could think of was that it would be best to just sweep them into a large box and clean off the table in one fell swoop and sort them out later.

I was trying to fix something while walking around and underneath the metal plate, all the threads were too short to work with and all I could think of to do was to pull them all out and start over. While I was doing this, I went outside and looked at the garden, everything looked like it was growing well, but nobody had thinned the plants so there was room to grow, there was just too much of everything. I couldn't even walk between the rows because there was just too much there.

Back inside the apartment, I saw the same everywhere - there was too much of everything everywhere.  It was so overwhelming that the only thing one can do is just take your and and sweep it into a box and start over.

Just at that moment, the odor to the bosses office opened. Inside it was hushed and quiet, but I knew there was an executive meeting going on. The men inside who all rant elevator companies were having a meeting, planning on how to take everyone upstairs at the same time. These men were all wearing black suits and all I could think of was that it meant 'DEATH!'



8-4-02 - DREAM - This dream was short. there was a man whose daughter's name as Kama. He was making a cross country trip and a discussion of the price of milk from one end of the country to the other ensued. On one end of the country, it cost $4.92 a gallon and on the other end it was $1.98.

NOTE:  I looked up the meaning of the name Kama. One says it means 'elephant'. Another says it means 'sought after'. Another:  'desire', Another" 'sensuality'
Another:  true fulfillment of desire, Another: pleasure or sensual gratification  


8-4-02 - DREAM - I was with a group of women at my job. One cute dark-haired girl wanted to go on a date, but hadn't had one in a long time. It seems she had been married previously and let her hair grow long.

My mother, in a phone call, suggested she have her hair cut, then said she would write a letter about it.  (My mother always said that older women should have 'short' hair.  She didn't like long hair on married women.

Before the letter arrived the girl went and had her hair cut and she looked really cute. In no time at all, man presented himself to her and there was a contest. There could no date unless he won the contest. It was simple - he only had to answer one question that was written on the back of a paper plate.

He answered the question correctly and instead of just going on a date, he asked the girl to marry him. She was so stunned. She couldn't believe he really wanted to marry her, so she kept asking him, "Are you sure you want to marry me? He would answer, "Yes!" and try to reassure her he really mean tit.  But she still couldn't believe it and would ask him again,"Are you sure you really want to marry me?" and he'd say "Yes," again.

It was surprising because they didn't now each other at all. Finally she said, "Yes!" to him.

Meanwhile, I was standing there with the paper plate, which actually was two paper plates face to face with a double layer of gorgeous red maraschino cherries listening between them and the plates were held together with 4 pieces of white tapes in the 4 directions.

I remember working on a computer in here with a letter from Nancy - but I never got to read it.

The next day, the letter from my Mother arrived with the instructions for how the girl should get her hair cut, and a list of demands of things she wanted to happen after she died. I read the list which had nine items - things she wanted various people to have. None of the people were familiar to me, nor were any of the items which I figured my sister must know about because I never heard of them. Most of them were about specific books about Wisconsin.

Also in the letter she gave the instructions for the contest and she wrote the amount of money the haircut would cost. It was something like $38.95 or something like that.

The girl then said her feelings were hurt because my mother knew how much the haircut cost, but I couldn't figure out why because my mother had suggested it in the first place.

But then events moved on and the man who was proposing to the girl had to go through a formal ceremony to propose and get married, and he had to wear a white uniform to do this. The instructions were written in a magazine which I got down from a shelf in the closet.

In short, he had to get down on one knee and make a vow, then on his way towards the girl he had to genuflect twice on one knee, then at the end, he had to bend over and take the girls hand and kiss the back of it, similar to how an old-fashioned gentleman used to greet a woman.

While I was reading the instructions, I was picturing this process in my mind, but I was hearing an audience teasing the couple about what they wee going to be doing after the ceremony and she embarrassingly said, "I have something to do!" and everyone giggled like they all understood what it was but nobody wanted to say and we all knew that they had to consummate the marriage.


8-5-02 - DREAM - I saw the world hanging in the sky like I was out in space. There was a white track around the earth that looked like a jagged square - as if something had hit the earth and dragged along the surface as it revolved. It wasn't a perfect square.


8-5-02 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI.  I walked past a stadium or music bowl that was shaped like a bowl. It was very fancy. I was told that the concert was sold out and each ticket cost $15,000. I figured to afford those tickets, you really had to be someone. the people who had bought the ticket had their names engraved on the outside of where they would be seated. As I walked by there were 3 Michelle's of somewhere in a row, a Jerome of Lancaster, and several others. I seemed to be lucid at this point and hoped I didn't have to remember all these names.

I knew it was Labor Day - the 1st Monday of September at this point, but as I walked there was snowbanks along the sidewalk and it was cold.

Ben, from One Life to Live TV show came running to of the building with some kind of long gun and he handed me one too to protect myself with. But I told him that my father didn't want me to carry a gun thought we had them for hunting. We walked together until we reached my 16th St. house and we hung the guns on some spike racks on the inside of the garage wall.

I then went to an apartment building where I was manager. I was p on the 4th floor with Beau - the Chief of police and Ben as well from One Life to Live TV show.

All of a sudden, Beau yelled, "Oh no!" and went running down the stairs. I could see flames leaping into the air , reflected in the tall windows of the stairway window.

Ben ran down those stairs and I ran to the next stairwell. There were no flames reflected in these windows, so I started running down these stairs. On the side of these stairs was stacks of boxes of food stored like the people were getting ready for a famine.

I grabbed a bag of candy as  I ran by one of the stacks and came out of the building a the bottom of the stairs.

As I stood there, I could see that there was nothing going on and I looked across the street as a bird flew by and pooped a big white glob on a ladder propped against the building across the street.

Ben came by, having left the building by the other stairway and saw the bird poop at the same time  I did. We both started laughing at the same time, because we realized that the flames we had seen were like memories frozen in time in the windows and there was really nothing going on.

Just then, some people walked by, dressed in Green Bay Packer green and gold. Ben said, "I can see that nobody should ever say anything bad about the Green Bay Packers and I agreed, "No! In Milwaukee, you don't dare EVER say anything bad about the Green Bay Packers!" and we laughed again an stood there with smiles on our faces, knowing that everything was okay.


8-6-02 - DREAM - I don't know where  I was in this dream, but it sure couldn't have been on earth.

I was in a small dressing room with some young women. They were exceptionally beautiful, like beauty pageant contestants. Their faces, arms and legs looked human, but when they took their clothes off their breasts were tiny and their mounds were huge and colored pinkish gold.

One of the women, when she posed, had an extended mound up her her body almost to her breasts. It rather reminded me of a chicken that can extend their crop when they strut around to attract a mate. They were beautiful women facially, but that other part disgusted me.

I don't know why I was working here. I had a desk in a huge office that had glass windows to the hallway. Maybe its that same apartment building I started working in last week, because I keep having waking visions of being there even during the day.

The rest of the dream was rather unremarkable. I was working in the office, seeing the people walking by out in the hallways and greeting each other cheerily, which made me feel lonely as I was all alone in the office, the boss being out of town.

I was going to go to lunch with a couple of the women, but when I started walking to the restaurant, I decided toe at in the office and I sat at the desk with some small baggies of scrambled eggs and consoled myself with the fact that I was losing weight.

Later on, I met these same women again and a couple of strange buys that didn't seem quite normal. One was skinny and was kind of sickly and needed medication for a possible panic or anxiety attack.  He was wearing a suit that was the ugliest shade of green I've ever seen.

His companion was dressed differently, but odd as well . He was rather handsome, but his full beard looked like brown wool, rather than human hair. That made him look a little scary, besides the fact he was wearing an odd winter hat with the flaps tied on top of his head.


8-6-02 - DREAM - This was a duplicate of a dream I had earlier in the week. I was with some people where we followed a road to its end, made a left turn, then a right turn, and went to a house on a hill. Every door we went through created aloud slamming noise, so I heard the 'slam sound numerous times. I don't recall how the dream ended. I rather slipped out of it while it was still going on.


8-7-02 - DREAM - I was in an underground place like a cavern. It was pure white down there. We each had 2 bedrooms, we called them 'cells'. the beds were on wheels. They had soft mattresses on them and each cell had one small dresser as well.

I was down there with two men who each played the part of my husband but at different times. There were Master buttons - one pushed to open  up a cell. the other man's cells were labeled KEY-KING and GOD-KING.

The other man had a wife or ex-wife named Judy and he kept her picture in his top dresser drawer.

When we left there, we went up tot he parking lot and there I met my brother John who had arrived in his own car. He parked right next to my two cars. I had two short cars, a black one and a yellow one, which I parked right behind each other, so I still took up just one space.

I woke up, got up, went to the bathroom, then went back to sleep and the dream continued with the same people.

My sister told me that she had been in the underground cavern as well, but there was different levels to it. That made sense to me. (She is a Jehovah's Witness)

I was getting ready to send out some home-made christmas cards. There were about the size of a smallish post card. I asked the man who was playing the part of the KEY-KING if he would like to send out some cars and he said, "Yes!"

The list of names were not regular names, but initials and numbers like ST-01, ST-02, H1, H2, etc. The list had about 25 of those designations on it.

There was a discussion then about socks, and then about what was in or top dresser drawers.

I spotted a man's wallet in my top drawer which I immediately hid, and then went to the closet and found some money my Father had given me and hid that too so nobody would know I had it.


8-8-02 - VISION - I saw this twice.  Note that there are no big black patches over the eyes.


8-8-02 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building and had misplaced my mailbox key, so the owner gave me a key to open the Master lock so I had access to all the boxes. I opened the main door and inside my mailbox was two duplicate keys to my own mailbox. I took one of them, leaving the other one inside the box in case I lost the original, then placed the other one on my key ring which had seemingly dozens of keys.

I commented to the landlord that I felt successful because there were no bills in the mailbox. He said that having no bills was not a sign of success.Then we discussed my old method of paying off credit card bills which was to pay off the smallest bill, then use that money to make a larger payment on the second one, etc. until all were paid off.


8-8-02 - DREAM - I was standing in my kitchen, and I could hear the voice of "Our Miss Brooks", the teacher who used to be on TV. She was talking quite fast and she said the word PESARA, exactly where I would have used it in the same sentence. I then went to the doorway to listen more carefully. Her voice was coming from the radio, but I was afraid that if I was seen the voice would stop. (That's a dumb thought) but then I woke up.


8-9-02 - DREAM - I and my family was living in the country, but there were two side by side apartment buildings on our road.

A heavy wind came up and I saw out the window that part of the tree on the far side - way on the right - fell down and then 1/2 of the tree fell on the ground.

I wanted to go see it for myself so I put on a winter coat that was sky blue. After I had it on, someone told me it was a man's coat. It was really too big on me, but I liked this coat and wore it anyway.

Now that I was ready to go outside, a little boy, sitting on a stool, wanted to go along, but he wasn't my child, so I didn't know if I should take him along or not, but it seemed that his mother was willing.

So, we opened the door to go outside and we couldn't go out, because the door was blocked by a man in a red paid jacket and beyond him on the sidewalk was a cop talking to a man who looked like a criminal in a flapping winter coat and hat - rather evilish looking. I heard someone way he was injured.

My daughter pushed her way past the man in the red plaid jacket and ran outside with her white dog Coco (part poodle - part terrier)

They ran out into the street together and I saw them go down the street and into another building followed by the man in the big flapping coat. I knew instinctively that he was going to try to hurt her, but she was wise and tricked him into thinking she was going to stay n the building.  But she popped back out a close-by door, followed by the white dog and another dog which was an Irish setter type dog whose name was Veronica.

My daughter came home with both dogs and I was going to say that she could bring Veronica into the house, but then she said that Veronica was homeless, so I hugged the dog and welcomed her into our home with lots of hugs and love.


8-11-02 - DREAM - I was sitting at a piano with Elton John to my left. He was playing 3 notes at the lowest end of the piano. It was hauntingly beautiful. He was so melancholy about something and was getting emerald green pickle stains on the keys.

I suggested that we collaborate on a song and played a few notes a little higher, but still at the low end of the piano. He liked it and suggested that I write a movie. I said, "I don't do movies - just books!"

I was looking out the window then, it seemed like early spring, but the rain had made everything icy because it was cold. I was talking on the phone to my friend Michele and describing the weather and telling her how dangerous for postal trucks, because they drove standing up, when a huge army vehicle went by.  It was as long as an 18 wheeler, but was more like a war vehicle that would do huge damage.

Then another army vehicle came by. It was a limousine longer than any I've ever seen in my life. It turned silver after it drove by and went to the baseball stadium which was newly built down town around State St. I knew it wasn't the President of the u.s., so I said it had to have someone in it like the President of the Army.

Right after it went by, I saw a black limousine coming from the north, also going to the baseball stadium.  This limousine was equally long and I told her there had to be at least 12 guys in there.

My husband and I were going to go shopping downtown, but knowing there was going to be a lot of traffic coming to the games, he decided he'd park at the top of the hill and we'd walk to the store from there.

But where he wanted to park on top of the hill, I could see that there was a tunnel underneath and someone had built false rooms under there also and it wasn't safe to park there.

While I was waiting for him to park the car, I said "Hello!" to a white-haired man who was mowing his lawn - which seemed odd, because kept going over the same track over and over and he was about a foot below the surface of the lawn already.

But he acknowledged that he knew me and just then a guy walked by with a dog that looked like a long-haired Dalmatian dog, but it was all curled up in his arms like it was sick.

I followed him into a house there where the people were just waking up and standing in line to use the bathroom. While they were standing there, they were talking about the Dalmatian dog they were going to get, but they didn't see the dog being taken back to of the house because it was sick and they didn't know they weren't going to get it. I was secretly hoping he would find them another dog.

I was wondering why my husband was taking so long and I looked into another room in the house and saw that they were getting ready to take pre-wedding photographs. The bride was standing in the corner behind a green chair, but I didn't see the groom.

A woman came out of the room who looked like my aunt Ruth. She said it would be great if I could do her a favor and pick up $25 worth of Christmas gifts for her. I said that would be easy to do since I was going anyway and could pile them on top of my own. I was thinking in my mind what I could buy for $25 dollars and thought of decorative pins of roses and diamonds.


8-12-02 - DREAM - I was moving back to Juneau Village as Manager. I was gong around the apartment, looking in the closets to see what the other people had left behind. On the closet shelves were various sizes of large clear vases and pitchers half filled with clear water. I thought that  was pretty neat.

I went over to the north building and discovered that the owner was renting out all the 1st floor apartments for a men's jail. These weren't criminals, they were all male-divorced drunk drivers.

I went back to my own apartment where the first thing I did was scrub out the bathtub and then put away all the bedding and nightwear I had.

I had a white sweater box. I opened it and inside was a collection of pale grey and white letters "NO" that I had been collecting that Joe had said over the year.


8-13-02 - THE JOB - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in the Executive building of A-C in West Allis, WI.

I had a job working for A-C as well. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 7:30 am. I had just gotten up and was trying to get to work, but was communicating with friends on the phone at the same time.

Rather than eating a decent breakfast, I swigged down the last of last nights open bottles of beer and wine and then laughed about it.

I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror while I brushed my hair. It looked like the women did in the 40's.

One of the women I talked to on the phone told me her name was DISPORA. In a moment, she was in my house talking to me while I was trying to get ready for work.

I had originally put on a winter coat, but it was too warm for that and I ended up with a layered look, a pink and yellow shirt with a yellow blouse over it, with a blue sweater over that.

I tried using one of those little AVON sample lipsticks, but it was soft so I threw it across the room to one of the little girls there and went looking for the regular large size lipsticks.

Meanwhile DISPORA had been cleaning my house and had shoved everything I needed into various drawers so I'd never find them again. Nothing was where it belonged.

But I didn't have time for that - I had to get to work, so I just went out into the hallway. There were many other women just heading out to work also. They were all wearing spring coats.

I decided I'd follow them down the steps instead of using the elevator and when I did, on the stairs were stacked folded sweaters which had large numbers on them. They were green sweaters with red numbers on them. I was looking at them upside down as they were facing a way from me, but I recognized 84 and 87 right on top.

I got outside and directly across the street, about 100 guys were trying to get into the front doors of the A-C factory building. (They once employed over 25,000 people but had sold off portions of the business, moved some divisions to the south for cheap labor and no unions and then basically going downhill. Even the pension plan went bankrupt in the early 80's.  (That's when I worked there)

These guys were trying to get in the building to go to work and had been locked out. If they had been allowed to work, they wold have been fine, but being out on the street, they were starting to riot and it was getting ugly. What had started as anger over trying to get to work, the men were turning against each other - black against white.

Some of the guys had been scouring the neighborhood for sticks and there were many of them laying on the ground, ready to be used as weapons against each other. The men were getting angrier and angrier as I walked by, trying to avoid getting hit with a stick that they were now beginning to pick up and threaten each other instead of the company.

I attempted to walk by them so I wouldn't get hit by flailing sticks, but I ended up in a fenced-off place that was made of black sticks in a rough fashion similar to what the men were going to hit each other with. the fence was like a blockade, just to prevent people from going from one place to another.

So I had to go a different direction to get to work and her I was walled-in by other people who were selling cheap, congealed goods, and old left-over food, like cold oatmeal.

One woman was actually cooking something where I could smell its wonderful aroma, but she had it half hidden so I would be tempted by its wonderful smell. I asked her if I could get through that way and she said, "NO!"

Suddenly I realized I was dreaming and that I wanted this frustration to end and forced myself to wake up so I could go to work for real.


8-14-02  - VISION - I lay down to take a  nape. I started to think about Chandra Levy, So I told myself, "I don't want t think about Chandra Levy. So I tried to think of something interesting to think about and couldn't come up with a top worth meditating on. All of a sudden I had a vision of a portrait picture of Chandra Levy, followed immediately by a portrait picture of my best highschool friend Nancy Felber/Laird. She looked exactly like she did in highschool, except the picture was grey and white - not in color.

That astonished me, but I let it pass and slipped into a dream.

iN the dream, I was in a big house with some other people. I can't remember what we were studying about, but my brother wired up two bombs and he was going to set them off to destroy everything about it. So my brother and I ran upstairs to an upper level to go outside the building. Obviously, this building has a lower level entrance and an upper level entrance.

When I got to the upper level entrance, I saw a man from our church (Leo Buchhino) I think he passed away many years ago. He was just leaving the house ahead of us, which puzzled me why he was even there.

As I walked outside, I recognized the front porch of my New Berlin house (172nd St) The front hand-railing was falling off and it was dangerous to walk down the stairs. My grown sons were there and I demanded that they fix that railing immediately. I told my son Tom I'd pay his time and for the material and he said, "Okay!"


8-15-02 - DREAM - I was in an outside room in the yard and a man came to my desk and said, "Here!" Read tis weather forecast. We're going to test you to see how you do at weather forecasting.

So I took the script and knowing the camera was rolling, I was stumbling on the words I was reading because I hadn't had a chance to read them or rehearse before the broadcast started.

So I started to speak from what I knew instead and took a big long measuring tape to hold it up for everyone to see. Like I was saying, it was going to be a loooong stretch.

When the broadcast was over, they played a video of my broadcast back. I looked really good and where I was holding up the measuring tape, I was looking right into the lens of the hidden camera, which was in a darkened booth.


8-15-02 - DREAM - I was making a web page abut Star Wars Database and Hans Solo


8-15-02 - MICHELLE DREAM - She was seeing tow pair of men's hands - closeup while they were sitting at a conference table. One had a southern accent, one had a Jewish accent.

They started talking about the possibility that if Iraq sent a biological weapon into Israel, they could attack Saddam Hussein with a nuclear bomb; that nobody could blame them for retaliating.


8-16-02 - DREAM - CHRISTMAS - It was two hours to Christmas and I was helping get ready for it and preparing excitedly for the event.

But at the same time, there was another group of people who didn't appreciate the joy of Christmas and were trying to stop it.

They started building walls out of cardboard and foam bricks in the hallway of our building as though that could stop  Christmas from coming.

They had the wall built up about 3 feet when my husband appeared with a small snowplow and I got on it with him and he plowed down the hallway and plowed down all their walls and we headed outside and continued plowing a clear way so people could celebrate Christmas.


8-16-02 - THE UFO - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building. It was old-fashioned wit high ceilings and rather narrow rooms.

I was in a bedroom which faced the street and could see a wide expanse of the sky. The sky was pure-blue except for one round cloud. All of a sudden, the bottom of the cloud shot down pillars of light all around it, similar to the large one in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but many more of them.

I started screaming for everyone to look and then started hollering, "Where's the camera?"

I ran into the next room to get the camera, while everyone was looking. The camera was laying on the bed - a polaroid type and was still in a used state and wasn't ready for another picture yet. While I quickly struggled to get the camera ready, the UFO shot a donut shaped object down out of the center, which shot down and out of sight.

Just as I raised the camera to get a picture of the original UFO, it too shot out of sight in the direction of behind the building.

I was stunned that I missed the shot with the camera and vowed I'd always have a camera ready to go.

Just as I thought that a wide streak of bluish cloud appeared in the sky where the UFO had been and there was no way to see anything high up anymore - then the green shade on the window started flopping so I decided I would raise the shade all the way to the top. To raise a shade, you have to pull it down to release the spring, but when I did, the spring didn't release, it just kept coming down and eventually covered the whole window.

I was kind of mad at the shade and was contemplating ripping the whole shade off the window, when the whole window zipped down in size so it was about 3 x 4 feet in size rather than the 6 x 12 feet size it had been. The shade still covered the whole window.

I knew this was a manifestation of the UFO and started jumping p and down o the bed shrieking with pure joy and glee. My shriek was so loud and piercing the glass broke in the window. Rather than falling down in shards like it normally would have, the glass evaporated and I kept right on jumping up and down on the bed with glee.

That episode ended, so I jumped off the bed and ran down the stairs t in the hallway and ran outside, hoping I'd see something in the sky n another direction.

When I got outside, there was still that wide streak of black cloud in the sky, nothing else, but at the same time, from the next block over I could hear teenage kids shooting off some kind of red flames or fire crackers up from their cars as they drove along hollering out the car windows. They were rather cheering loudly about having seen the UFO, but then their cheering turned ugly and they wanted to blame someone for having brought the UFO into manifestation and I hear them saying, "Let's go throw pennies at her - she's a witch."

At that point, my husband came out of an apartment down the hall where he had been visiting and the two men chased the teens out of the building, admonishing the kids for accusing me of being a witch just because a UFO appeared in the sky.

The kids left and I realized a lot of time had past and it was now 5 minutes to 12 and it was Christmas and the party down the hall was over and everyone was leaving just as I arrived.

So I asked the people who had been feeding the people if I could help clean up and that's what I did until I woke up.


8-16-02 - DREAM - I was living in the country in a house similar to my own, but everything was different.

I went outside. The sky was heavy with rain clouds and the air was heavy with humidity. The driveway was to the left of the house and there was a black car in the driveway. I was barefoot and walked through a deep puddle on the black-topped driveway, feeling rather kiddish for doing that. I looked across the street where there was a large grassy area. There was a baby buggy by the side of the road and behind it were some tall black stakes of some kind. I couldn't figure out what they were for.

I turned and went back to the house (which I really didn't look at) and spotted a skateboard laying upsidedown by the driveway. It only had one wheel on the bottom but I picked it up and took it inside the house through the back screendoor and leaned it up against the wall in my son's bedroom, wondering if it had anything to do with that murder case I had heard about on the radio.

I knew my son didn't own a skateboard, but he'd probably know who opened this one.

I checked my phone for messages and heard the voice of Lorna (our daughter-in-law) telling me she was planning a dinner gathering/meeting for her AVON sales group the following Monday at a local restaurant.

I immediately decided I wouldn't go because I wasn't interested in selling AVON, but then she said she was going to make it like a weekly social gathering and I got more interested and thought I might go anyway.

I slept so long, I was dreaming about writing my dreams down in my journal - I had so many I ran out of paper.


8-17-02 - DREAM - I was observing a long web page with a series of crop circles. they were all depicted with a series of solid lines, dots and dashes.

Perhaps this is the way they are actually formed by the circle makers.



8-18-02 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. My boss had a crush on me and was always watching me. The feeling was NOT mutual, but I couldn't help but see him watching me.

During the lunch hour, some girlfriends and I had a hugging feast and he was watching.

Afterwards, I went to some singing rehearsals where some young women were trying out for a job.

The boss came by and said, "it's not enough to be 'good' anymore you have to be a superstar.  (Like American Idol show)

He said t me, "Come with me, "I have something for you!" He then handed me a huge Minnie Mouse statue about 3 feet high. Minnie Mouse was wearing a bright red dress and had huge black ears. She was holding an old fashioned telephone in her hands AND she was a lamp.

My boss said, "lets put it on the desk in the office!"

I thought we'd put it right in front of the office, but he said, "Let's put it way in the back."

My boss was still hanging onto the telephone cord and I was holding Minnie Moue and we didn't exactly follow the same path to get to the back of this huge office and I took the center aisle and he took the far right side and he was forced to come to the center as well and we had to walk on some large puzzled that some people were putting together on the floor.

The boss took Minnie Mouse and set her right in the center at the back of the room and turned o the lamp and said, "She is bright enough to light up  9 football fields."

I was truly amazed that he gave me this gift.



8-18-02 - DREAM - I was living on a farm owned by my Father. I wanted to see what was going on out in the barn, so I walked out there, taking a shortcut through the garden. (I don't know if the garden was strawberries or trilliums, but short like that)

I reached the barn and all the doors were closed - there were several sizes, for people, for machines and for animals.

I looked back away sand saw that someone had opened a "people' door. So I went over there and climbed 3 or 4 steps up to a higher level which had been cleaned and remodeled.

On the floor was a blue multi-colored carpet  - similar to Oriental. Against the back wall was a huge Christmas tree and in front of the tree were hundreds of dolls and and the tree was also hung decorated with angels and doll toys.

Looking at the tree was a group of young Mexican children from the neighborhood.

My friend Alice was there overseeing the tree and the children.

Over a bit were a table with some magazines, on top was a copy of the National Enquirer. The cover showed Jack Paar with his smiling face and in the background was either Rosie O'Donnell or Rose Ann Baar. They were going to do a show together. The comment was made that they were amazed because Jack Paar didn't like to appear in public anymore.

I started back to the house, again going through the garden. This time, I looked closet at the garden and saw that someone had cut my green and white bathrobe into 1 foot squares and put a section into the bottom of every planting hole. At first I felt anger that someone had ruined my bathrobe, then realized that the plants couldn't grow without a bit of that cloth in the hole, so my anger dissipated.

As I was walking through the garden, I heard a child crying behind me. I turned and saw our granddaughter standing there, (younger than she is now). She was holding a small vase in her hands and it was full  of sand.

I took it out of her hands and saw that it was broken into sharp shards at the top and she had been trying to communicate through it. So I took it from her so she wouldn't hurt herself again, planning to give her a different communication device in the future.


MICHELLE DREAM - The Jewish man said, "But he hasn't done that and if he did do that, it would kill 1/2 of our people."

The man with the southern accent said, "But what if it was a 'controlled' attack. What if it was 'CONTROLLED?"

The Jewish man then said, "What nuclear weapons?  like he didn;t know about any nuclear weapons.

The men with the southern accent said, "With these", and threw him a set of keys.

"A biological or chemical attack could be done in a controlled way"


8-19-02 - DREAM - I was in an apartment I hadn't been in for some time. (I can recall the last time I dreamed of being in this apartment and had to get my mail.)  

I hadn't gotten my mail in 6 weeks and was afraid my electricity and telephone would get shut off.

The woman across the hall heard my lament and ran into her apartment and called the electric company and talked to a woman she knew personally and was told I shouldn't worry about it.

The woman said she had a key to my apartment and had been using my bathroom every day since I hadn't been there. The woman was very nice, but I decided I'd better get my locks changed anyway.

I was in the apartment and a black woman who looked similar to Whoopie Goldberg with no makeup was there. She looked in the mirror and said, "I'm so ugly!" All I could say to her was, "awwwww!"

Then I said, "Some black woman are soooo beautiful that white women want to be like them and have to lay n the sun for hours to reach the level of sun tan that the black women have naturally."  The black woman agreed and felt better, though I hadn't indicated that I was referring to her personally.

I had to change clothes to go get the mail, so I went to the closet that was long and held tons of clothes I hadn't worn in a long time. In fact, I had lost weight since I last wore them. I picked out a flouncy skirt that was bright pink with yellow roses on it. I was able to slip it on over my head without even unbuttoning the waistband and it was loose on me.

I then chose a lavender blouse that matched some flowers in the skirt. The buttons were extremely tiny, like there should have been a pearl attached to them or something. because it had short sleeves, I put on a long sleeve yellow blouse over that, which matched the yellow roses.

I then had to find the mailbox key, so I started searching coat pockets in case I was wearing a coat the last time I got the mail.

In one coat I found an old grocery list. In a heavy brown winter coat I found a pair of glasses in a glasses case, which I was happy to find.

Not having found the keys, I went to the kitchen counter and there I found several large rings of keys that had been laying there since the last time I had been in the apartment.

I picked up the keys and saw the mailbox key and got so happy, I woke up.


8-21-02 - DREAM - I had been hired to manage a mall. I had just moved in as I also lived here. It was a Sunday and there was waist-high snow on the ground. Outside there was no traffic moving, no people, no shoppers - all the stores were closed, yet I was expected to get something done. As it was, it should have been dark outside but it wasn't The sun wasn't shining but it was light outside. It may have been cloudy as the sky was greyish.

I tried phoning a supplier and didn't really expect to get an answer, but the phone transferred to his house. I apologized for bothering him because it was pas t 6 p.m. I told him I'd call him on Monday, that I hadn't expect anyone to answer and hung up.

Outside in the parking lot, a white 2 seater airplane was flying back and forth waiting for instructions of what to do, and a grey 2 seater airplane had just landed in the parking lot and managed to taxi over to the building.

A guy who was in the building said that they wanted a large pallet of something moved by these airplanes. I could understand how a helicopter could move a pallet, of whatever this was, but how they expected two small airplanes to move this pallet I don't know.

The one plane had landed and we waited for the other pilot to land also.The snow was so deep, I don't know how anyone expected anyone to do anything, but the pilots were willing to do what they were paid to do.

The pilot of the grey plane landed his plane and then walked over to where I was standing by the white plane. I hadn't explained to the pilot of the white plane what was needed yet either. I was waiting for the other pilot to arrive.

The snow was crunchy as I waked on it, which meant it was really cold out, though I didn't feel cold. The pilots were wearing fur covered parkas, including fur lined hoods on their parkas.

I was just about to explain but the boss wanting the pallet moved, when the pilot of the grey plane said he had to go to the bathroom first. He ran over to one of those construction area 1 seater toilet booths and I woke up while we were waiting for him to come back.


8-21-02- DREAM - I was in a large school-type building. Groups of people were rehearsing for some kind of program that was going to be taking place. I ended to ask an important question and didn't see anyone who would know the answer, so I went outside - it was dark out - I walked around to the back of the building where the library was.

There were teenagers and young men hanging around in the lobby. One guy who was wearing a black sweater with silver threads in it and black pants was telling stories to the other people standing around him. ON his lap, he had sparkly sugar like he had eaten a bunch of donuts.

I told him what I needed to do and he jumped down from his perch - a low pillar or something and offered to show me to the library. I assumed he was the librarian or it least a teacher.

As we walked up the stairs to the library, I saw large murals on the walls, like big  forest scenes -

I don't recall how this ended.


8-22-02 - DREAM - I was working in the apartment building. I was doing office work upstairs but hadn't been in the main office on the 1st floor all week.

Where I was, there were dead mice and mouse turds all over I had to clean up. There was even a dead muskrat hanging floating in one of my fish tanks. I knew I had to get that dead carcass out of there, but I was afraid to touch it. I had fish nets to get it out but was too squeamish to do it. I tried to convince the maintenance man to do it for me - the next time  I looked, it was gone.

Then I went to the basement to check on the maintenance man's work. That seemed to be going okay. The boss was down there kibbitzing with the men.

I told him I had to take care of something in the office and grabbed the keys and ran upstairs, not telling him I hadn't been there at all.

The lights were on in the office and a girl was working on a magazine sorting machine which was jammed and she figured out why. She said it was the fastest magazine sorting machine in the world. The problem turned out to be, she couldn't keep up with it. It filled the bins faster than she could empty them all by herself.

I couldn't figure out why we were in the magazine business to start with, where we were supposed to be renting apartment.

I saw that in this office the plants in the fish tank here were overgrown too, and that was my job and I didn't want anyone to know I was only working upstairs and not in the main office so I couldn't say anything.


8-24-02 - DREAM - This place seemed like my New Berlin house, but more like it was in 1960 then it is now.

There was a wild profusion of wild flowers around which my father had planted. There were way too many to give individual attention to, so they pretty much had to make it on their own.

I was driven here in a rather large red car by a woman named Patricia who had a young son about 12 years old. I had never seen her before, but she was not new to the neighborhood.

She talked about having seen my Father's flowers before and that she'd like to replant a tree.

There was a class of 8 boys in the basement of the garage. I was supposed to be their teacher. It was like an old workshop. there were a lot of drawers of parts of old stuff down there but there was no text books and no tools so the boys just sat around and talked and horsed around like boys do.

The boys sat around pretty orderly until Pat showed up, they they started getting rowdy.

I went through the workshop and turned on a small light looking through the drawers to see if there were any hidden tools or any parts I might recognize. I planned to tell the boys to make anything small they liked that could walk and talk.

Pat said she had a text book for this class but hadn't brought it with her, then started messing around with one of the older boys.

The rest of the boys got really rowdy then, so I started yelling and told them to stand u and stand on their own two feet.

Then I apologized. I told them I was sorry there was no text book and I was sorry there was no tools, so they may as well go home.

I woke up pretty upset.

NOTE: I dreamed of being in this same place within a the last couple of months.


8-24-02 - DREAM - This was one of those frustrating dreams where everything keeps going wrong and yu never get to do what you planned on doing. I couldn't even write this down, but Patricia from the previous dream walked in and I recognized her and I said, "I remember you from last night", and she smiled and we hugged.

All my kids were in the dream, and it was similar to real life. Nothing went right, there were toys everywhere. A little neighbor kids was playing with little red soldiers all over the floor and started throwing them at everyone else.

I finally decided it was time to wake up because I had to keep going to the bathroom and both toilets were full and I knew I was dreaming.


8-25-02 - DREAM - I was visiting some people and had brought my original dream notebooks along so people could read them.

While I was there, there were other people there who were interested in dreams and also kept dream journals. We were provided with black college type notebooks to write in.

In the morning I wrote my dreams down and then went to breakfast. Where I came back to the bedroom, another girl had turned a page after my writing and wrote 16 pages of stuff.

I had to confront her about writing in my book, then because she had written so much, I said that one of us should tear out our pages and put them in a different notebook. Since I had less pages to rip out , it made sense that I should be the one to start over, so I asked our host for a new notebook.

Meanwhile, I went to the library and looking on the shelf where my notebook journals were being kept along with other dream books people had written. I looked through the notebooks and one was missing.

I decided right then that all my dreams should be typed on a computer and then also saved on a computer disks (Mine are on 2 computers and 2 CD disks and a server for safekeeping just in case of fire, extra copies are in a different building as well)

I then went back through the house and a little baby girl was on the stairway and got sick and threw up all over the stairway. I started to clean her up when some bad guy decided to rob the house too.

So I grabbed the baby and ran outside with the baby and ran around outside of the house with her and then came back in the house through the front door because they caught the bad guy.

By then we had all new clean clothes on the baby so everything was okay except the missing dream book.


8-25-02 - DREAM - I was living in a house with my kids who were teenagers and younger.

The doorbell rang and there stood 3 young men who had grown up in our neighborhood.

I smiled and said, "It must be Wisconsin Day!", like I was in California.

As they came in the door, I gave each one a hug. I saw then that Michael Lupo was wearing a white sailor's uniform. My impression was that they were each going into a different branch of the armed service and had come by to really say, "Goodbye", that they would be leaving soon.

I told them to have a seat in the livingroom while I went to get them something to drink.

I went into the kitchen and discovered that we didn't have anything cold to drink. I decided I would put 3 bottles of beer into the freezer for a few minutes and meanwhile I would take them a bottle of red liquor to sip. I don't know if it was cherry or strawberry, but I guess it doesn't really matter because I couldn't find a glass to serve it in anyway.

By now I was feeling guilty that I didn't have anything to serve the guys before they left. I kept searching for something anything at all - and all I was finding was empty containers that the bottles used to be in - not even an empty bottle.

By then, I could hear my daughter Jeanne telling them one of my dreams to entertain them  - I could hear her say - "It didn't even matter that she might have black tits, it was the realization that she didn't like kissing him that was important.


8-26-02 - DREAM - I was awake when the dream started and the words 'farm' and '1870' kept coming into my head over and over and I didn't now why. Then I slipped into the dream.

I was living with some people in an old farm house. It was rather rustic, but they had a lot of stuff anyway. I could tell they weren't poor, it just wasn't shown off.

I was obviously working here too. There was quite  group of people, of a variety of ages and relationships.

Apparently the man who owned the farm had died. They were Christians. Once I turned on the lights which were difficult to get to behind the chairs, the widow showed me some book shelves behind the chairs where she had put many, many little books of Christian teachings to give her husband 'assurance'. I was impressed by that.

The sheriff came into the house followed by a couple young boys. I didn't know if a crime had been committed or not here. I went outside with another woman who worked her and was taken down the road where she said the old man had a secret entrance to his farm, other than where we had just been.

As we drove along this one lane black-topped road, alongside the road was a railroad track and a couple guys were on a two-man railroad car that pulled a single railroad car that held a cut-p tree that was cut into square blocks - in other words, the bark was taken off on 4 sides, leaving rounded square blocks. The tree looked like it was a redwood and one tree filled this entire railroad car.

My driver then crossed the railroad tracks at a point where a dirt crossing went over it, and we passed a huge black tunnel opening that automatically told me 'gold mine'.

I had assumed that we were going to drive down another road hidden on the other side of the tracks, but I was fooled. Once we passed the mine entrance, we entered a house of stone and wood and this was obviously how these people really lived. The furniture and rugs were opulent, the stone walls were decorate with heads of mounted animals they had hunted and there were oil lamps on the walls, so I would assume there was no electricity here.

We were met by an older distinguished looked man who took us through the house from room to room. Out the windows, I caught a glimpse of the railroad tracks, so we were close by the tracks, just behind some trees when I thought had been a rock cliff - that was actually the house.

We went through several of these large rooms and I thought we were at the end where there was a huge tiger skin mounted on the wall.

To my surprise, the man pushed right through the center of the tiger skin which was hiding a narrow doorway.

Beyond the doorway, we came into an office. The room was large but not opulent like the house. It was crammed with files, dark grey ones, desks, oil lamps on the walls, and old fashioned typewriters It was so crammed with stuff, I smiled and remarked, "This reminds me of home."

The man smiled and said, "This is where the real work is done."

I was shown the files and obviously these guys knew what they were doing. One file I was shown was of a machined casting and all the paperwork was in the file, drawings, purchasing papers, inspection reports of the work. Just this one file was more than three inches thick. I wondered who the purchasing agents were and who bought the machinery and parts for whatever they made.

But my thoughts were interrupted by a huge Collie dog which bounded into the room and ran right over to me and jumped up into my arms.

The old gentleman apologized and said he was sorry. Now that the old man was dead, they were going to have the dog put down.

I replied, "Oh no!" Obviously, the dog is mine now." I called the dog Molly and we hugged like we had always known each other. The dog lay down on the floor and it seemed to rather change into a huge yellow labrador - but mountain lion type dog and no longer had it's long Collie face like it had in the beginning. That confused me, but I accepted it non-the-less.

When the dog lay down, it made some whimpering noises that sounded almost like 'carpet tack's. I looked on the carpet and there were numerous carpet staples sticking up and not pounded in all the way. It looked like the boys had been playing with them, so I got a screwdriver to pry them out so the dog could lay down.

I made a comment about the boys not being able to follow rules, and then just did the work myself.

We had to go to work then and the old man left and I was alone with my woman driver and some other people.

The place was heated with a wood stove and I decided I would burn some kitchen garbage and asked for help on how to operate the stove lids - I didn't immediately find the tool to lift the lids off the top of the stove.

But when I did, I pulled out two folded, unbound blue men's workshirts someone had thrown in and they hadn't burned.

The woman asked me if I wanted to go to the store with her to get some groceries.

I told the woman I would go with her. At this point I realized I wasn't myself, I was a country-western singer and I had to change clothes and look the part, clothes, makeup, sexy look and all in public.

The clothes were all there in huge drawers in a dresser. I pulled out a tight pink sweater and tan jeans. I was wearing a pink sweater and an ankle-length grey suit skirt - very old fashioned - office type wear.

I then pulled a white lace strapless boustierre - corset to wear under the sweater and slacks. I obviously was not afraid to change clothes in front of people and struggled into the lower half of the boustierre. Then I asked the woman to help me get into the top half and hook me up the back.I went into the little bathroom there for that part.

The woman said I would have to lay down to get the proper fit for the top, so I lay down on a 1/2 small cot and rolled over and woke up in the same position - feeling a little out of sorts for not being the country-western singer that I was on the other side.


8-26-02 - DREAM - I was managing a large apartment building in Milwaukee. I was also taking care of a baby boy for someone. I put the baby down for a nap and finished cleaning the apartment floors.

I then went to check the building. There was a great many people going through the building like they were on a tour.

I thought I locked myself out of my apartment, and asked someone who lived in the building to let me back in because the door locked behind me, but when I looked at the lock, my Master keys were still hanging in the lock.

So I went back into my apartment. I picked up the phone and Chuck the attorney was on the line, pretending that he wasn't who I knew he was. I heard him say, "Chuck! Are you here?"

I chuckled and hung up the phone.

I went to the bedroom to take a nap when Joe the maintenance man came by. He said, "Let's move to another state!"  I was startled by that and asked him why he wanted to move. So I asked him why. I can't remember his exact words, but it was basically that he had given up trying to get his girlfriend back and he was ready to move on.


8-27-02 - DREAM - I was with my mother-in-law Lucy and father-in-law Emil in their farm house. (They both passed away in the late 1970's)  We were in the kitchen.

She had a huge gas stove with two ovens, but there was a table on the top, no gas burners.

I made some dough for a loaf of bread. She had made some bookie dough and used a cookie press to make one long cookie about 1 2feet long which lay in a long piece of foil slightly longer than the cookie and about 3 inches wide.

Inside the oven, she had stacked numerous chunks of baked goods, on plastic plates, all frosted, and a big tray with roast beef on one end and a chunk of ham on the other end.

The bread dough raised nicely and I thought about brushing the top with butter before baking it.

I suggested that she should turn on the oven and she did, but she didn't take any of the stuff out of the oven and everything started melting. The ham actually slid down out of the pan into the drawer below, which also looked like it was full of plastic dishes.

I quickly grabbed hotpads and removed all the goodies on their plastic plates to the table above the oven.

Immediately people came to eat it all.

Finally, the bread was done baking and I took it out of the oven. I really wanted my father-in-law to like the bread I baked. I noticed that instead of a loaf, it was like baked in a 3-layered spiral.

I thought about how to slice it - it would look like large spiral. It would have been better to serve it as a sweet cinnamon roll with frosting on the top, but it was supposed to be bread.


8-28-02 - DREAM - I was looking at a tall pile of 64 sentences, which I couldn't read. I noticed there was a small boy hiding outside of the door to where I was.

I ran out and grabbed the boy before he could run way and dragged him back into the room. "They" wanted to teach the boy Spanish so he could read these sentences even if they were jokes.


8-30-02 - DREAM - I went to a school at night where there were 3 glyphs which were going to be activated. I didn't see  these glyphs close up but each was identical to the others and were 4 lobed in appearance but had a value of 9.

In the dream that made sense.

However, before these glyphs were activated, there were some other activities going on which I either couldn't or didn't want to participate it.

In the one case, a blonde woman was ushering in hundreds of people into a lecture hall. I didn't realize she was a teacher, but when they were all seated, she admonished them to pay close attention to the lecturer because she was going to ask questions of them when it was over and each one would be responsible for the right answers.

I wasn't allowed in this lecture hall because I wasn't a member of this group. It wasn't religious, but somewhat esoteric and secret - though both men an women were in the lecture hall together.

I didn't ask and couldn't determine what kind of group this was - obviously these people had paid some price to be there.

I was expected to spend the night at this school, which was run by a woman who was the person who was going to activate the glyphs.

I didn't want to spend the night with this woman and finally at 11 p.m., I told her I was an hour late to meet my mother and I didn't give her any opportunity to ask me why or what for and I rushed to the door.

Just as I reached the door, the glyphs were activated and I was seeing like a web page that was bright blue around the outside and white in the center where text would be.

After I woke up , I wondered if these glyphs were activated at 11:11 p.m.

IS THIS IT?    Image by Steve Alexander