AUGUST, 2003

8-1-03 - DREAM - I was walking home from Teutonia Ave. to 16th St. going west. The street  - Center - was rather dark. It isn't far from Teutonia to 16th St. - just from 14, 15, 16 - then south on 16th St. about 3/4 of a long block.

Along Center St. I was accosted several times by young black men, but I acted tough and they went away again.

I stopped at a bar on Center St. where they were celebrating Christmas. These people were singing Christmas Carols and having a good time, but at the same time, they were imprisoned here and weren't allowed to leave.

I seemed to be the overseer here to make sure these people were okay. All seemed well - they just couldn't leave where they were.

I walked further and headed down 16th St. and again was accosted by two black guys. They challenged me with a shovel and I grabbed it out of his hands and threatened to beat them with it - then tossed it back to them and they were astonished, they were stunned that I was that brave.

I then walked up to my house. Here too, I could hear Christmas Carols being sung and the light was bright inside.

I decided to go to some houses along Clarke St. towards 15th - where some older teens were imprisoned. I was overseer here too - and those kids were happy - yet still imprisoned in these circumstances. They couldn't leave and go elsewhere either.

I felt sorry for these people - they didn't know there was something better for them then this.

I woke up momentarily and had a vision of a white piece of paper that said "FICKLE ELECTRICITY".


8-2-03 - DREAM - Part of this dream was abstract. I imported 14 things I had missed out on from 1985, including two friends and incorporated them into my memories.

After I did that, the dream was more normal and I had a baby who shit his pants instead of going to the toilet, so I put him into the bathtub and gave him a good bath.

After I cleaned him up and threw away the dirty clothes and put new clothes on him, I tried to explain the changes I had made into my life to a couple of women friends who came to visit.

I tried to explain it to them by showing them a scrapbook of memories as to how changing a year's worth of memories made a difference in a person.

They were rather laughing at this concept and didn't believe it. That's why I had to show them what a difference it made.

Later I went outside and sat by a tree and saw that its base was surrounded by all the little twigs that had fallen off of it during the year and I was going to rake them off, then I realized that these twigs protected the tree's roots from the harsh winter to come.

So I helped the tree by making them into a friendly tree stump so it wasn't alone.

My son Ken was trying to throw away an old plastic toy box that was really colorful like a jukebox. I asked him what he was doing that for and showed him how you cold use an old toy box like that to keep all your old treasures of life in so you could take them out and look at them later.

I gave that box to my baby to use.

Those two women came by again, still laughing at me and asked me if I had won - I assured them that I had.

NOTE: 1985 was a traumatic year for me, the year I forced myself to move to Washington State all by myself. I left all my friends and family behind. I went back to Wisconsin in 1990, but those intervening years contained a lot of bad memories, as well as some good ones I'll never forget about all the new friends and family I met in Washington State, and in Illinois as well.

I woke up feeling like a new person, so relaxed, like the changes that were made in my memories during the night made me literally a different person


8-3-03 - DREAM - I went to a lecture hall to hear a psychic speak. I don't know who she was. She was a pretty woman, with short dark curly hair, in her 30's rather on the thin side.

In the beginning, she was talking about what it was like to be a medium and do channeling.

I was sitting quite high up on the roster of seats at first, but moved down closer so I was face to face with her.

Seated next to her was a quite chubby, blonde woman to hold her hand for a moment. The blond woman said, "Okay!" so the dark-haired woman laid her hand over the blonde woman's hand and in mere seconds their whole arms became one arm - of the chubby blonde woman.

She continued to talk about channelers being taken over - now as the blonde woman.

I was sitting within arms reach of her and she asked permission to hold my hand. It was hard enough to believe that the dark-haired woman was now inside the blonde woman, but I said, "yes!" just to see what would happen.

So she took a hold of my hand and in a moment, my arm took on the appearance of the blonde woman who still sat across from me.

But she didn't swoop in to take me over - she asked me to reach over with my other hand and feel the back of her arm, which I did.

It was apparent that I was seeing the blonde woman in front, but the back of her was the dark-haired woman. I could feel the difference in the texture and smoothness of the skin.

This too was amazing.

My right arm looked like the chubby woman, but I was reaching over and feeling the back of the chubby woman's arm and feeling the dark-haired woman's arm.

I could hardly believe it.


I don't recall leaving the lecture hall, but I found myself at home in a sky blue bedroom, listening to the radio playing country-western music. It was really nice, but I needed to go to the bathroom - obviously this wasn't my own house.

The toilet was extra long and had no seat on it, but I didn't have much choice.

So I sat on the cold front edge of the toilet and tried to focus on peeing but I could hear my husband giving some people a tour of the house.

I prayed they wouldn't come into the bathroom but sure enough they did - a woman - a man - and 3 little kids. They all walked in and walked past me like I wasn't there - they didn't even pay attention to me like they didn't see me.

I finished peeing, then stood up and pulled up my panties, then realizing I didn't have shorts or slacks, but my orange blouse was long enough so it looked like a mini-dress  - I was covered up enough to be decent.

So I started walking through the house with the women and the kids. The men went somewhere else. We then went outside to look at the yard. There were strange flowers outside that I've never seen before.

Some short white flowers actually looked like the petals were tiny bird feathers.

The kids were being kids and picked a couple flowers and the Mom started screaming uncontrollably at them.

At first I thought about what a bitch she was, then I realized she was overwhelmed with being the mothers of 3 little kids and understood what that was like.

I walked over to her and gave her a big hug, and she started to cry. I told her that she needed more sleep and she agreed.

She went away with her kids and I walked over to where 3 men in dark suits were sitting and we started to discuss the mother's state of health and that she needed more sleep, but the doctor's reminded me that the woman wasn't taking her vitamins either.

I started to agree and half woke up and discovered my heart was really pounding and that my neck was bent over and my throat was constricted and I was trying to breathe through only one side of my nose.

Though I was still seeing the dream, I was struggling to breathe and had to physically open my throat and mouth and breathe deeply.

My heart rate went back to normal, but as soon as I relaxed enough to get back into the dream, my throat would dry out and constrict and my heart would start to pound again.

I had to concentrate on breathing correctly and finally had to let go of the dream, though I started to see visions instead - lists of words all starting with the letter L, finally the name Julie Talk - then I realized the woman's name was Julie and I had been trying to think of her name for months because I've been dreaming about her in other dreams and could never think of her name.

Then I started to relax again and started seeing a tall bug waving his two front arms twisting together over his head and realized my throat was constricting again and forced myself to fully awake in order to breathe -

Sleep ended - have to breathe instead.

Then I lay there thinking that I missed my son Ken's birthday and that my son Tom's birthday was coming up in a few days. It wasn't until I was fully awake that I realized that I was way off on my dates - this is only August 3rd and Ken's birthday is at the end of September and Tom's is at the beginning of September. I wonder if lack of oxygen caused my thinking to be that skewed.


8-3-03- DREAM - I was tall and thin, living in a large apartment with a girl who was very much like me. We had two boyfriends who we argued over and they argued over us too.

I also had a young male baby and I had to have a blood test to prove he was mine.

After that I realized  I had actually given birth to 7 children and that was really something to be proud of.

I put the baby down to play amongst his toys to play. I could smell perfume a this point and wondered where it was.

I wanted to make sure the baby couldn't get to it.

I saw a pink cigarette lighter close to the edge of the table so I moved that back so he couldn't reach it. I turned around and the baby had already grown tall enough to almost sit on a chair by himself and was eating a chocolate cookie or brownie with a cherry on top. I decided to let him have that, because  I needed time to get dressed. I couldn't walk around in my robe all day.


8-4-03 - VISION - I saw a 4-sided pedestal - somewhat like a CD carousel - but names were on all the shelves instead.


8-5-03 - DREAM - I was looking at someone's diary about ET events in the year 2000. I decided it should be saved, so I copied it and saved it on my harddrive.


8-5-03 - DREAM - NIGHTMARE - I was on the verge of divorcing my husband, but still living at home.

My daughter-in-law Becky said that my husband had given her a check from one of my old checkbooks where the account didn't even exist anymore and she went to the store and bought $75 worth of cat food with it. She said that the store knew that the check was no good, but that they would honor the check because they knew I would make good on it and they would hold it for 14 months.

I was stunned, not only that the store would honor a check they knew was no good, but that they would sell her stuff, knowing she wasn't me, but stunned even more that she would participate in such a scam against me and then still pretend she loved me.

Then she admitted in front of the people that my husband was writing checks in my name on other bank accounts where I had boxes of checks in the dresser drawer and giving the money to charity in my name when he knew there was no money in the bank to back it up. So people thought very highly of me and him for giving them all this money that I didn't now about and didn't even have.

When I confront my husband with these facts, he just laughed and waved a checkbook in my face just long enough so I could read the name on it. It wasn't even my checkbook. It said, "Write to print" on it. (My friends business)

I told this to some women who were sitting at the table - wearing black. They sympathized with me and acknowledge that cops and courts didn't hold husbands accountable for such things while you were married and you would be forced to honor such checks even though you didn't write them.

Then I walked over to where my husband was standing and in front of another female relative which I didn't know, I said, "Our relationship is over - Its done and I spelled it 'DUN', knowing it was spelled phonetically and not the real way - just to be funny.


8-6-03 - DREAM - I was living in a large apartment building in the downtown of some big city. I was a middle-class black woman - looked about 20 or so years old in the mirror.

The phone rand and a man from the FBI asked if Miss La Diu was there. I said, "yes! She's here!"

So I changed my voice and talked to the FBI guy - "Ya! This is Miss La Diu". I spoke like a cheap street chick.

The FBI guy told me he was coming over to talk to me and that I shouldn't go anywhere. I said, "Okay! I'll be here".

I went to hang up the phone, but it didn't quite make it onto the phone and I heard someone talking. "I hear noises in there like something is going on."

So, I knew that there was a wire tap on the phone and even though I wasn't talking on the phone could still hear what was going on in my apartment. I didn't know how far away they were from the apartment building or if they were right in the next apartment, but I couldn't take a chance.

I looked into the mirror on the wall and the whole wall changed appearance - it shape shifted and blurred and became like a water glass portal and I saw the real me in the mirror. I looked like a stunning black goddess - dressed in a gold lame' gown.

Then the mirror shape-shifted back to a regular mirror and I had to change myself into the cheap street girl - Miss La Diu and escape the building so the FBI couldn't get me.

There were piles of clothes in the apartment , all over the floor and different size shoes. I picked out a smaller pair of high heel shoes, then picked up a sharp knife and paired off parts of my feet like my flesh was made of cooked potatoes and stuffed my feet into the smaller shoes. There was no pain - I wasn't made of human flesh.



I was copying some financial records in an office that had to be double-checked.

The boss gave me a stack of paychecks and told me to hide them until payday. They were on the desk, but hidden.

I was driving down the street and came to a car without windows that a homeless couple and child were sleeping in.


8-8-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large apartment building. I managed the place and supervised the maintenance crew. At the end of the month, its always a crunch to inspect apartments that are vacated and get them ready for the next person. Sometimes there is less than 24 hours to repaint, carpet, and clean a place even when the tenant pre-cleans as he/she leaves.

In this case, I had a rival who wanted my job and wanted me to look bad so they could get my job.

On a Sunday night, the new tenant got permission to throw a big party in our ballroom/dining hall and planned to move into their new apartment a couple of days later.

Before the party, these people walked around and did their own inspection and wrote up a report and turned it into my boss, who was my Aunt Ruth who was very much like "Our Miss Brooks", from the old TV show.

The report was not only very critical of the work to be done, which we already knew and were prepared for, they made it seem that I wasn't doing my job.

While I was in the dining hall/ballroom making final inspections, the report was given to my boss, so that when I went back to the office, my boss literally jumped on me as to why the work wasn't done.

Mind you, this was 4:30 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon when normally the office isn't open when she confronted me with the inspection papers, which had just been filled out about a half hour earlier.

I pointed out the time written on the report vs what time it was at that moment and the amount of major work to be done in that apartment that needed to be done - then she realized what was going on and felt bad that she had confronted me.

In the ballroom, I was watching a group of people sitting on chairs, all dressed in powder blue outfits, dancing with their feet in unison like a dance troop - anxious for the party to start.

I was given a plastic sheet by a workman that was the shape of a woman including details of her face which I was supposed to use as a mold to create a plaster cast for a statue or something. I was told it was 72 inches, so I needed to be careful with it. I promised I would.


8-9-03 - DREAM - I was in a large house with some other people.

I saw an egg-shaped container with the pictures of some beautiful fish on it, like Brook trout and sunfish, etc. Each fish had a number under it like a zip code - one number was 56019. the other numbers were similar.

I was shown that these same images were to be moved to a square box which would be sold to people in stores.

It was important to move the images from the egg to the box and keep them in the same order so I was helping with that.

I turned the egg around then to see was on the far side and to my surprise, it was the image of a tall, thin, old black man with white hair, dressed in clothing like a slave. I looked at the image closer and it became animated and spoke to me. It said, "Abraham Lincoln was my grandson!"




8-9-03 - Here is my Superstring Dream from August of 2003. I think it is appropriate to relate this as it makes me think differently about the subject than others might.

8-9-03 - DREAM - My friend Kimber came to visit at the end of the day and brought with her, a truckload of furniture she had bought at yard sales and painted white for my kids. (Kimber is actually younger than any of my kids, but in the dream, she and I both had baby girls) The baby girls were dressed in little pajama outfits with feet in them.

She brought a couple of large upright dressers, a couple smaller dressers, a desk and a red leather chair painted white. Everything was newly painted white.

After we went to the living room, Kimber brought in a silver washboard she played as an instrument, and she was really good. She entertained us for a few minutes while our little girls were sleeping on chairs in the living room.

Then the little girls woke up and began to play with each other. They played with blue hobby horses, but I saw twin hobby mules standing there too.

Then the Patriarch Asa (from One Life to Live TV show) came to visit.

He dragged a long thick string/rope behind him. The rope wasn't coiled, but was white, string like - like a loose coil - about 30 to 50 feet long. (hard to estimate length) It was one continuous loop.

When he pulled it through the hallways, he dragged torn, white pieces of paper through the hallway as well. After he passed through, I had to finish pulling the rope/thick string through the hallway myself and pick up the ripped up pieces of paper.


The name Asa means 'healer'.

I've dreamed of Asa 19 times over the years. In an earlier dream, he spoke to me

1-27-00 - I had gotten up and typed up the dream where my spiritual teacher, T.M. and I went through the fabric of time and space through prayer and chanting. I was thinking about this and I heard a voice that sounded like Asa. . . the Patriarch of the One Life to Live TV show I watch every day. He said, "This is what you've been waiting for. This is the discovery. This is the turn!"

It's on this page: ANCIENT HAND SIGNS

which was one of those once in a lifetime type dreams.



I saw more of those same zip codes from yesterday   - all in the same farming area of Minnesota. I was told that's where a lot of the EM food manipulation experiments were going on.

I was looking in a mirror - I was a dark-haired girl making sure my hair was just right before going out into public. Then I walked out into a hallway and was stopped by a wizened old black man who anted me to help find his daughter. Her name was Mary Merdre.

I was sitting in a car with this same girl and my Father. The car was running and the garage doors were closed. The garage was filling up with fumes, so I told them I was getting out of there and getting some fresh air. The other girl said, "I don't mind the fumes."

So I opened the garage door on the yard side, then walked around the garage and opened the alley side doors with a key to let the air blow through.

As soon as I did that, I heard voices - several people talking to my Father - people who had come into the garage through the yard.

I went through the garage to see these people and saw that two of the women were my rivals. Both of them had babies. One of the women sat on the car with her baby. I didn't get a good look at her baby because the other woman walked right up to me with her baby. At first glance the baby had a beautiful blue eye on the left. The baby turned her head and I saw that the baby had 3 eyes in a row. The two outer eyes were slate blue and the center one was a muddy brown. Then the baby turned her head a little and there was a second head turned backwards attached to this head and I could see red energy lines flashing between the two.

Then the baby turned to look at me with its 3 eyes and I could see the red energy lines flashes around it. It was amazing, but hard to look at.


8-11-03 - DREAM - I had just moved to a new apartment. It was a huge place. I was the only one with a sense of responsibility. At the end of the dream I realized I was Viki from One Life to Live TV show.

My kitchen was 20 strides wide. I counted them as I used a push-broom across it that was triangular shaped. There was so much junk on the floor my mop was worn to just a stick before I was done. There were tiles and stones loose and I was to replace them as well.

Before I was done, I had issued 15 requests for help and none were done.  There had been a huge celebration the night before and there were soda bottles, booze bottles, some not drunk yet, so I pushed them into a corner for later. There were stacks of round cakes with gooey frosting on the counter. I tried to give a couple away to a black woman but she didn't want them. She said her kids were used to stiff, crisp frosting on their cakes in the east.

I was stacking up laundry to wash, towels, blankets, shirts. I don't know why it was such a mess, but it was.

There were a lot of people here who could have helped, but they were to busy standing around talking with each other.

Dr. Ben was there, before he became Dr. Ben, with his dark-haired girlfriend. She had a brain tumor, so he was waiting for her to die before going to school to become a doctor. His whole life was on hold, waiting for her to die.

Meanwhile he just stood around, miserable, arguing with her because he couldn't break off his relationship either because she was sick.

I had to go from room to room to gather up the laundry and pile it up before I took it to the basement to wash.

Nobody was around when I was done cleaning around noon, but I didn't have any quarters to do laundry.

I went to borrow quarters and was walking through the hallway of the building when I discovered that the whole front door of the building was smashed in by some thugs as they ran by.

So, I had to run and find the maintenance workers to fix it. I saw too that my own apartment door had been knocked off its hinges and the lock broken.

When I walked into the front door, and found my husband's clothes all stacked in piles on the counter, along with their triangular hangars. There were leather jackets and jogging suits in red violet and blue. I picked them up to carry the to the closet to hang them up in order - thinking - that might have been good enough for the old place, but not for the new place.

Then I had to cross the parking lot to borrow quarters for the laundry and not getting any from anyone, as I was coming back, I could hear everyone standing around cracking jokes and laughing instead of working. They were so loud, I could hear them all the way across the parking lot.

Now, all the laundry was filed in stacks in the parking lot and I had to leap from stack to stack to get across the lot, to tell the workers to stop standing around and get working. There was a lot to do.

Finally I asked Dr. Ben to take me to the bank to get some quarters and his driving was horrible. The roads were worse, full of huge holes and he almost hit a kid on a bicycle who was coming towards us.

My own husband had wanted to cuddle with me during my laundry gathering but he kept losing attention. I wondered if this guy was any better.

Not!!! Not when I had to ask for help 15 times and not getting it.


8-12-03 - DREAM - I was walking along a city street with someone - a guy -and we spotted an odd thick white cloud coming along behind a tree. It was really odd shaped and didn't look like a real cloud does. The guy said, "Do you see that? Do you see that?" real excitedly.

We walked over further so we could see the cloud better and the cloud started moving in our direction and actually came down the street at tree level.

The guy said, "Maybe it'll pick us up. We can catch a ride."

As the cloud came floating slowly down the street it started to look like a string of cardboard boxes we could jump into.

The guy grabbed the first one and jumped in, but I didn't jump far enough and missed the box he got into, but I managed to grab onto the next box and climbed in.

Once I was inside the box, it was obvious I was inside a cubicle of some kind and I walked into the hallway beyond it where I promptly ran into a woman I knew. I greeted her politely and kept walking down the hall, passing other cubicles along the way where it seemed there was work going on. It had the sense of being in in engineering place where men were putting electronic things together.

I don't know how I got here, but I ended up in the backyard of my Father with that same guy and my Father's boat was there.

The boat was beige, which was normal and I thought it could use a fresh coat of paint. So I asked the guy if we had to sand the paint off down the bare wood before repainting it - thinking that if we just painted over the paint, it would perhaps peel off back to the beige paint and look even worse.

The guy looked at me as if to say - "are you stupid or something" - but didn't specify if I was stupid to ask the obvious that had to be done or stupid to suggest too much work.  and I woke up.


8-13-03 - DREAM - Arnold Schwarzenegger as a political candidate made a short speech about saving something in Missouri.


8-13-03 - DREAM - I was in the middle of a rivalry between 2 ex-husbands. One was on drugs and I saw him inject himself with something in the hip and roll over and go to sleep. The other one was mad and went on a rampage in the hotel where we were and was dropping sugar, dolls, and perfume down the long hotel stairway. I gathered up some of the evidence in a towel - intending to keep the perfume for myself.

One little girl was crying because her mother refused to cut her hair. The poor little thing desperately wanted her hair cut off because she had so much of it. I commiserated with her and tried to soothe her, but I couldn't cut her hair and tried to sooth her, but I couldn't cut her hair against her mother's wishes. She really had a lot of hair - it was like a huge blonde mop on her head.


8-14-03 - DREAM - I was seeing several pages of separate paragraphs like a record of something that happened. At the right of each photo of a layer of seeds. The photos were fine until the last 3. There were no seeds in the last 3 photos.  (famine?)

NOTE: I also found a biblical quote about seeds.  "Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not. And to seed, as of many, but as of one. And to thy seed which is Christ."  Galatians 3:16 KJV


8-15-03 - DREAM - I was looking at a page about an English UFO group that was getting smaller - like it was on a diet. It used words like 'ye olde' and lost 16 pounds. It was written in brown ink.


8-16-03 - DREAM - I was seeing crop circles that represent chakras - the 12 pointed flower.  (I had been working on that all day)


Also: .What are Chakras?


8-16-03 - DREAM - My car was parked in the dark, on top of a hill, near the intersection of a 3 lane boulevard. It was as though I was sitting there waiting for a basketball game to end that one of my sons was playing in.

As soon as I moved my car, another dark car  I hadn't seen before, moved his car out of my way and parked again on the other side of the boulevard - again in the dark.

I made a right turn onto the boulevard and now the air glowed red around the car though I see any streetlights. I hoped I wasn't in anyone's way - but  I didn't see any other cars. But all of a sudden there were 2 cars to my left and the 3 of us were hurtling all the way down the highway side by side.

The road ended in a garage where the cars were going to be repaired and the oil checked etc., and the 3 cars were side by side in this garage as well.

We all went into the garage office to wait for the work to be done.

I was sitting there alone - I don't know where the men went. I decided I would call someone on the phone, but when I picked up the receiver and dialed 1 - a young girls voice asked for Kayla. So I started calling for Kayla and there was no answer, so I asked the girl if I could have Kayla call her back. She said, "No! Thanks! anyway and hung up."

I decided not to try to use the phone again and just sat there.

It felt like I was sitting in a hospital room and was really bored. I spotted some colorful, unfinished knitting and decided I'd play with that while I waited and started pulling on the yarn - an entire unfinished afghan came into view, but at the same time I saw a woman peeking in the door. She said, "I'm not supposed to be here, but I came to see you."  She was a chubby, red-headed woman. She had massive long curly red hair. she seems familiar - like someone from TV, but I don't know her name. I want to say Rose Ann Baar. but I'm not sure. I also thought of Joy Bahar - both are comedians. But this woman seemed sad.

While the woman sat there, we started taking about gardening. She said she was waiting for a truckload of mulch to be delivered.

I was sitting right by the window. I think I was on the 2nd floor and saw a truck - a green one - come down the street and park in front of the building. I told her it was there, but she ignored me and the truck turned around and left again.

When it turned around, the truck dropped some mulch in the street, so I ran downstairs and grabbed the spilled mulch to put on my own garden.

I saw a plot of bulbs I thought were rose bulbs - but now that I'm awake they looked like lily bulbs. I put what mulch I had gathered onto these bulbs.

It seemed I should move these bulbs onto a higher plot, but they weren't rooted I the soil, and decided to wait another day before replanting them higher on the hill.

Meanwhile - I watered the garden and saw the water going down what looked like gopher holes. It was going down really fast. The holes were really large, so I looked into one and discovered that there was an underground lake or something under the garden and there were gigantic lily bulbs bobbing on the water that were at least 3 feet across each and there were dozens of them under there.

None of those were rooted either and the soil of my garden above the lily bulbs was a barren mound of soil. But there were more lily bulbs, ready to grow, right underneath the surface. There was an old man there and I started to tell him about all the lily bulbs that were ready to grow - but in secret -

and woke up.


8-17-03 - DREAM - I was in a house cooking Thanksgiving Dinner or a very fancy Sunday dinner. But the guests didn't arrive on time. I roasted a huge turkey, with stuffing and made mashed potatoes.

Then I got sidetracked by my orange cat who wanted to be fed. I put a plate on the floor to feed it, the noticed there were six more orange cats in the house who decided they were going to feed themselves and they took over the turkey carcass without my knowledge while I was putting the 1st cat outside.

I saw it was 11:11 on the clock while I was doing this.

I went to the back door to put the cat out and saw this huge green army tank coming along the road and run up my lawn.

At the same time I saw a huge green oil tanker truck in front of it, also on my lawn and a guy got out of it and started spraying a huge pine tree next to my house with oil.

The fumes wafted over to where I was standing just as I spotted a fake red-tinsel type Christmas tree with a red bell hanging from it hanging in the larger pine tree.

I quickly ran back in the house and closed the door so I didn't have to smell the oil fumes, but I still had to deal with the 6 orange cats in the house.

I started herding them towards the back door, but any cat owner will tell you, there is not easy to do - they have a mind of their own. I asked my son Tom to help with this.

Meanwhile, there was a woman hiding between the sofa and the wall in the living room who was afraid of cats.

There was a famous blonde guy now who appeared as a guest. I can't think of his name and on TV a woman was introducing his wife, who was a dark skinned Hindu woman. Her name was Ariana Tragagansama.

I was rather shocked at who he has chosen to marry as she had her hands up by her face and at first I thought she had no arms, as though her hands came right out of her neck. I had to look twice, and then saw she did have very thin arms.

I felt shocked but I needed to feed my guest, knowing the cats had eaten a great deal of the turkey. So I asked him if he'd like a cold turkey sandwich or hot turkey on a plate because I couldn't put the turkey on the table.

He said, "I would like hot turkey with trash smashers," meaning mashed potatoes.

I knew I could put it into the microwave to heat it up, but first I had to go to the bathroom and woke up.


8-18-03 - DREAM - I was walking through a building like a school. I came to an intersection where two hallways cross and written on the floor was a message about two orange UFOs.


8-18-03 - VISIONS -  I saw two IM's one after the other about extraterrestrials. One was about the orange UFOs, the other had the word OMNI on it.

I then saw a big black book - titled OMNI - and below it  said it was about extraterrestrials.



8-18-03 - DREAM - I was living in a big house with some other people. I wrote a letter to someone and wanted to mail it that same day. so I needed to put a stamp on it before the mailman came because he was making his last trip. Stamps could be put on the envelopes together, but the most one could use was 3.

We were having a class, studying how to do things like other people. Here again you could be scored on up to 3 things and top score was 58 - 19 1/3 for each thing.


8-19-03 - DREAM - I was working for Ralph, the Jewish judge. There was the issue of sleeping with the boss, which it seems I had done in the past and regretted. Now I wondered whether it was expected and thought about whether it made any difference now, since I had already done it once.

I know that videos had been taken of innocent women had been taken and made to look like they were nasty women. I was appalled that men would do that t other people.

Someone gave me a double layered vase - like a bowl in which lily bulbs were laid in the bottom and on top, so that the flowers would come from under the water and near the surface.

I had to fill the bowl with water in the bathroom so water wouldn't spill everywhere. Later I saw that other women with similar lily bowls were planting theirs in a light-green outhouse, so I knew I wasn't doing the wrong thing.

I got a phone call from a young man who lived on the corner on 16th St. and be casually and innocently asked me for a date. I thought it would be a nice change to go on a date with someone innocent, so I said, "yes!"

On the afternoon of the date, I saw him coming up the sidewalk towards our house, so I headed for the door.

I opened the door as soon as he got there and to my dismay, I started getting other visitors at the same time, including some of my sons. so this new guy stood next to me and I introduced each one as they came through the door.

The last one to arrive was Dr. Troy from One Life to Live TV show and he brought a whole busload of good looking guys, but knowing what kind of person Dr. Troy was, I whispered to him, "Are there good guys or bad guys?" He whispered back, "They are mostly coke heads and cocaine addicts. I suggest you send someone out to get some ...  and I thought he was going to say 'ice cream'.

The only person who had come in a car was the innocent guy named Cliff. I wondered if he would feel used or put upon if I asked him for a favor instead of going on a date with him. and I woke up.


8-20-03 - DREAM - I went shopping and I put my purse down while I was looking at things and forgot about it. I left one shop to go to another one and spotted the empty brown wallet laying on the counter in the jewelry store. I was devastated, grabbed my empty wallet and ran back to the first store to find my purse. I found out there that my purse had been stolen by a young man named Danny who was a nephew of Irv. Everything was gone, my keys, money, credit cards, everything.

As luck would have it, word got around about my stolen purse and all of a sudden I spotted my brown purse laying limply on the floor. I picked it up and discovered there were two quarters, a few nickels and some pennies in it. But I grabbed it, grateful to have anything back.

Then gradually I started finding more and more things. I found my keys laying on a counter, the credits cards were found on another counter and people who heard abut the theft started giving me money, so much so I ended up with more than I started with. I was given a second purse too  - a black one and now I had two full purses.

All was well that ended well.


8-20-03 - DREAM - I was at home in a large apartment. Lots of people were around and I told them the story of the purse theft and how people had helped me. Now the story sounded like an adventure rather than a tragedy. People were gripped by the tale and listened intently.

A young woman came in for a job interview and she was wearing a really beautiful red and white print dress. She started telling us that she had always wanted to take care of children and how much she loved to get down on the floor with the children.

She started to sing a song about crawling on the floor which just connected of the words 'crawling on the floor, crawling on the clean floor of the school. I whispered to someone sitting next to me, I don't think I ever saw a real clean school floor. I looked back at the woman and she was wearing a different red and white dress and neither of the colors were bright - they were dingy colors for crawling on the floor.

We wish her well and her new endeavor and I went back to picking up things as I walked through the house.

I noticed that the boys, my sons, had closed the doors on both ends of the apartment and found that it was cold on one end and dark on the other. They had turned the lights off and pulled the shades down  on the one end. On the other end, they had opened the windows wide and were playing loud music. When I opened that door the wind blew through the hours and made the whole thing cold, so I closed it again to save heating costs.

The boys were getting ready to do something new and discussing whether one younger boy was big enough to wear the light green plaid shirt of an older boy.

I opened all the buttons and handed to him, giving him permission to wear it, acknowledging that he was growing up and becoming mature enough to wear it.

Then I went back out of the room to entertain the guests and woke up when I went through the door.



|         |        |         |
              end time -  year ended in 04

I asked to see it again so I could the whole date, but when I saw it, the words were too blurry to read.


8-21-03 - DREAM - I was looking on my computer for a picture of myself to send to my daughter's computer, but I didn't have one.


8-21-03 - DREAM - I was riding in a car with someone and we were too close to the car in front of us and almost hit them when we came to the next stop sign. Then I noticed that our car was pale green and so was theirs - Then I noticed that the car in front of them was also the same pale green and so was the car in front of them. All 4 vehicles were the identical color.

Then I noticed that a trash truck going the other way was the same pale green color and the trash truck parked in the next block was too. I couldn't figure out how coincidental that could be.


8-21-03 - VISION - I saw a bright white folder or magazine with the title _____ ______ Commission.


8-22-03 - NAP DREAM - I was working on some kind of project with some woman. At the end Donna Podlesek and I were walking together in a parking lot and we were stopped by a woman who was impressed with our tallness. The woman asked Donna what ethnic background she was from because she is a natural blonde. While I was waiting to talk I was trying to avoid getting run over by a black BMW which was only about a foot away from me and keeping pace with us for some reason.

I keep thinking it means 'death'.


8-22-03 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere with Todd and Blair from One Life to Life TV show

First I was shown the importance of fried potatoes in a black iron skillet. These were all exactly the same size slices laid in a perfect circle. I put salt and pepper on them to fry them.

Then Todd and Blair came in the room and Blair accused Todd of trying to give away or sell her gold bead necklace. Todd denied doing so and said, "Why would I try to sell your necklace?" at which point Blair produced the necklace.

The necklace was made of reddish gold beads, all identical  -in 12 strands of about 100 beads on each strand. The strands were connected on one end and seemed to be threaded on gold wire, rather than on string and would lay flat against the throat when worn.


8-24-03 - DREAM - I was hired as an accountant and all round go-fer type position at a gas station at a large intersection on National Ave. in New Berlin, WI.

I got there at 8 a.m. but my formal job as accountant didn't start until 9 a.m. I had to be trained to do their bookkeeping because it was different than anyone elses.

This station was large and they had pumps on both sides of the road. On the north side of the road, they also kept a herd of horses for people to use.

The woman who hired me was very familiar to me, but I can't think of her name. I had known her for a long time so we were friends and she trusted me implicitly.

When I got there, she gave me a ring of keys to everything, including to their vehicles in case  I needed to move them in my job.

Since I was afraid of horses and would have to be trained to walk with them, she told me I could start my job by sweeping the floor of the garage on the north side of the street.

So we crossed the street together, which had a lot of traffic, including big semi-trucks. At this intersection, which looked newly paved, one of the streets went on a diagonal, and went southwest. Otherwise the main traffic went west.

After we crossed the road, dodging the vehicles on the street, the woman went to do her chores with the horses and I messed around with stuff on the desk in the office. It wasn't a fancy office and records were kept on yellow legal pad, starting on the back page, and moving forward through the pad so the latest information was always on top.

I kept track of hours of chores done in simple numbers like 1 and 2 in a list. Everything was always on the top sheet so anyone coming in the office could look at it and see how it was going.

One of the younger guys who worked there did come in and check the hours worked and made a copy of it on his own legal pad, so there were duplicated books of the records I kept.

later on, my husband came to visit and I showed him the new vehicle that the owners had purchased. It was a yellow Volkswagen bug - pulling a huge live-in type trailer behind it that was white. The yellow Volkswagen couldn't handle pulling such a big trailer, so none of the wheels were actually on the ground - it just rather hung off the front of the trailer in the air.

There was a big white van there that was hooked in front of the Volkswagen that pulled the whole thing.

I offered my husband a ride in the new vehicle if he wanted to see what it felt like to ride in it. I showed him that I had the keys to the vehicles. The keys to this one were huge silver keys, not little skinny ones.

After work, I went home to where I was staying while I worked at the gas station. It was a huge place. The rooms were immense.

I saw the big boss coming down the hall. It was President Clinton. I didn't want to have to speak to him, so I ran across the hall and climbed under the covers in bed in the dark.

He followed me into the room and he seemed very familiar with me being then and he gently caressed my back through the quilt on top of me.

I tried whispering, "Hi!" so he knew I was awake - and woke up.


8-24-03 - DREAM - This had to do with my finches. I saw the date 1989 - as a starting date.

I had some kind of container that had a cake shape on it that represented the start of raising the finches. (Rectangular shape)  I embossed or stamped this care shape on the container.

Then I was shown that there should be 3 cake shapes on this container and then a white one with many celebrating candles below it was embossed also - like it was celebrating winning.


8-24-03 - DREAM/VISION - I was contacted by a man with a super low voice who said his name was Ralph, a Korean master. His voice was super-low - sounded fake to me, but reminded me of the very low voices of monks I've heard on CDs of Monks chanting.

He showed me a piece of paper that was pointed on the top and had a picture of a low growing tree, but very wide - a type of cedar or yew. The design on the paper, including the tree reminded me of a Z.

He aid he was reminding me that there were Korean Masters. He did not specify north or south so obviously was not recognizing a division of the country.

He showed me the tree on the paper twice which had some information on it but I couldn't read that part.



8-25-03 - DREAM - I was working in a large office which was part of a large apartment building but also had business offices in it. I obviously had a lot of tasks in this office.

It was the birthday of one of the girls who was also my friend - like was given a gift was also my friend - She was given a gift by Bob the painter. She opened the box, which was about the size of expensive chocolate - Inside were the figures of white flying Pegasus and white horses which had a hint of purple in their fur. They were really beautiful. There were 7 or 8 of these Pegasus horses in this box.

Then she gave me a gift in a box which was the same size. It was wrapped in double paper that looked like a live scene in the country with meadows and trees around it. It almost looked like a live scene.

I opened the box and it had a layer of chocolate pecan turtles in it. Yum!

I thanked her, then realized we were part of a country western singing group. I think there were 8 of us in the group and we sang in a country western type bar/dancehall with just a piano.

All of a sudden people started coming into the office for counseling for various reasons. Then, two country western singers in full costume - with hats, sheep lined jackets and all, carrying their guitars came in and wanted to look at an apartment.

I wasn't dressed for that and would need to take them up to the 4th floor where the executives worked, so I had to change clothes.

I wanted to talk to these two guys and have them listen to our singing group because all we had was a piano player and they had two guitars.

One of the guys said they had just bought a house on e-mail and they needed to look at an apartment so they had something to compare it to.

I asked him to explain why he wanted to look at an apartment again, so he repeated that he had brought a house and needed to look at an apartment for comparison.

It was my job to show apartments, not question their reasons, so I told them I would have to change clothes first.

For some reason, I had to walk the entire length of the building to put on a pair of slacks that were dark-dark green or black with little gold fleur de lis on them.

I met the maintenance crew supervisor along the way and found out that it was Friday and that the maintenance crew had reached an agreement to work Monday thru Thursday - 10 hours a day, so there was nobody there to work maintenance.

Then I had to walk the whole length of the building back to take the two cowboy singers to the 4th floor and I spent the whole time walking back thinking about whether to take them up the central stairs or the central elevator or the north elevator.


8-26-03 - DREAM - Vague - Someone came and aligned white horses and what seemed like diamond shapes in a pattern that was similar to the Flower of life - in separate arrays of patterns.


8-27-03 - JUNK DREAMS - My husband wanted me to go upstairs with him and then he jumped on my back and crushed me with his weight so I could hardly walk. I wanted to go upstairs but the stairway was like a small tunnel that was really too small for me to squeeze into though I thought I could if I tried. But then my daughter was upstairs throwing white clothes down the stairs. Finally she came down and I just sat down and held her on my lap.


8-27-03 - NAP DREAM - I was trying to go to sleep, but my mouth was hurting - an airplane kept flying over back and forth ,a truck was banging and clanging in the yard.

Then I had a vision of a large raccoon on a table top, stealing a child's toy block - or maybe he was just playing with it.


8-28-03 - DREAM - I was in charge of scheduling for a large conference which was hosting groups of people.

There weren't enough groups to fill out the poster, so I eliminated one group from each section.

Then it seemed the Native American consciousness was missing. There was nobody there to take part in the groups.

So I had to remove Native American Consciousness from the roster.

NOTE: Now I feel guilty - I should be working on my Apache page.


8-29-03 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. The telephone rang in the living room but I was in the kitchen, so my husband answered it. Then he called me to the living room, saying that the man on the phone had said something about finches.

I had to crawl under two long desks/tables to get to the phone. When I said, "Hello!" the guy on the other end said he was from Oregon and he heard I had some finches for sale.

Around the telephone were at least a dozen green and yellow long neck finches that looked like ducks to me - but they were really beautiful.

The guy wanted to know what kind of finches I had for sale. He started listing off Latin names for them.  I said I really didn't know their Latin names and I would have to look up the current rates for their price and call him back.

So I asked for his phone number. I didn't quite understand what he said, so I asked him to spell it.  I remember it as 'WAIT A BIT'.

So I will. :-)


8-29-03 - DREAM- I was upstairs in my house cleaning for Christmas. There were a lot of ornament hangars on the floor and a lot of nails. I wanted to just brush them off down the stairs to get them out of the way, but I knew that wasn't a good idea so I told my son Tom to be sure and pick them all up.

Then I found 4 large bags of what looked like flower petals to decorate for Christmas. I had never had any before, so I was excited to have them. So we went downstairs then and had the bags of Christmas decorations in a shopping cart. Tom and I were going through them and equalizing the bags so they were even and all the same size.

Joe's ex-wife Debbie wanted to take one of the bags for herself saying that they were easy to come by and I could get more any time.

I argued that I had celebrated Christmas for 40 years and had never had Christmas decorations before and I wasn't about to give them to her.

We were shouting at each other over them. She was determined to take one of the bags away from me.

I opened a 5th bag then and inside it looked like there were 2 silver toasters laying side by side with 2 blue plastic tumblers on top of one of them. The tumblers were two sizes, one inside the other but the same color.

I asked what that might be. Debbie said, "That's what Mr. Spanos puts in the crack in the safe to keep the dogs from falling in."


NOTE: Spanos in Alex Spanos - owner of the San Diego Chargers. He's been in San Diego for 40 years. He is negotiating with San Diego for a bigger stadium. He came from Stockton, CA (which is about 25 miles from home)

Oddly enough - The San Diego Chargers are on TV playing a game tonight.

Later, I found out they lost!

The word 'Charger' is another name for a 'white horse'. The symbol on their helmets is a bolt of lightning.  The bolt of lightning is a symbol on the Pollen Path which strikes at the 4th chakra marker on the corn stalk.  See:


8-30-03 - DREAM - THE MODEL PLANET - I was given a white ball and upon this ball on a diagonal, I was to lay a strip of what looked like bacon. There were words on this strip - the date 1-11-00 appeared twice. The word FOCUS appeared many times. The other words appeared to the right and left of the dates and FOCUS words and represented the continents and islands. Once the ball was finished - the same thing was done to a book cover on the front and back.

I didn't understand why the word FOCUS was used so many times - but it made me stop and think about it a lot.

NOTE: I don't find anything significant with that date on it.


8-30-03 - DREAM - I went to have dinner with some people. I was asked to join them, but once I got my plate, I had a hard time finding out where they were seated. By the time I found them, they were already done eating.

Then I and my sister went to park our cars in a special parking lot. One guy said he had paid big bucks to be in that lot - we hadn't paid anything and when we started to get out of the car - a group of ruffian-looking men appeared. The Leader said he had been hired by the Queen to oversee the parking lot and make sure nobody parked in the wrong place.


8-30-03 - DREAM - My husband asked me if I wanted to go for a ride and find the canyon I had dreamed about.

In my dream, we had driven up a canyon and found a house to buy, and I knew exactly how to get there in the dream, so I was anxious to do this and find that house.

So we got in the car with all the kids and my husband drove. He was showing off his driving and kept slewing around and ending up in front of various churches. We ended p getting out of the car at one church because it looked like something was going on in there.

We went inside. It looked like they were having a little - books, Christmas candy, etc. and then they were getting ready for a huge banquet in the church hall itself.

We all sat down on a little sofa. The rest of them were seated on another sofa behind me.

There were two other women on the sofa to my left. We were watching all the activity by not participating.

Finally, I looked at some book shelves directly in front of me. I saw a government stamp above them that said 43 cents , so I assumed that what these books were selling for.

I picked out 4 books from a pile of books that were about 8 x 16 inches tall. They were all dark covered and all fantasy like the hogwarts and flying cute witches, etc. I wanted my daughter to look at them to see if she wanted them, so my son and daughter exchanged places. My daughter said she had already seen the books.

I opened one of the books - it was about little ducklings walking in a row. There was no text. The action in the pictures told the story. There were few pages in the book. They were for little kids. I thought they were cute and I was going to buy them along with some fancy chocolate candies in the shape of Santa Claus and animals of various kinds.

An older white-haired woman stood up and started speaking. She was asking the women if anything new had occurred in their lives that week they wanted to discuss. Nobody had anything to say.

All of a sudden, the woman next to be decided to get up and I had to stand up and put my coat on and it was like Bear fur - light brown. It had a few bands of light brown leather near the top for decoration. It was really beautiful.

Next thing I knew I was in a car with the woman. It was like being in a car inside an airplane. She had to drive forward inside the other vehicle so she could see where she was going. She said she was a crazy driver.

I assumed she was taking me home and the others would get home by themselves or with their Dad.

She shook her head at the 16th St. address. She said, "Nope! That's not where we are going."

I said, "Why!? Are you kidnapping me?"

She just smiled. Then the other woman I had seen on her left appeared next to her and she leaned back and smiled at me also.

She was right about crazy driving. She drove really fat, passing everyone else on a high rise bridge and then on down a busy street.

She said, "I know you understand how it is to wind down after a long day with the kids, so we are going to stop at "Pieces of 8".

We pulled into the parking lot of a large bar. There were lots of people standing around outside. Every person had a big circle on one cheek that said 7 and an 11 on the other cheek in another circle. (These the women)

Then I looked again and the men all had 8 on their right cheek and 11 on their left cheek in these big black circles.

See:  8-11-99 - ECLIPSE

NOTE: Revelation 17:11 - "And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition."


8-30-03 - MEDITATION - I was focusing on the date 1-11-00 as suggested. Some dark haired people appeared.

One woman said - "We were wrong about 1-11-00 - add 7 months.  (That makes it 8-11-00)

Another very large woman said, "Correlate it with the bank."


8-31-03 - DREAM - I was sitting in my room at my typewriter and someone handed me a copy of a letter of intent for a book. It was a one page letter done on the letterhead of the University of Florida, Miami. Down the page, above the signature was a photo of an man who looked very extraterrestrial.

Seeing that letter prompted me to write my own letter of intent to Michelle, because the extraterrestrial from Florida was writing the same book I was. I hoped I was farther along than him and could get my letter to her first.

Whether I didn't have the proper paper for letterhead, I went to the store to get some and while I was standing at the store, waiting to get waited on, I was the strangest thing.

Across the street from me, there were some men working on a couple of mattresses. It looked like they were trying to shred them because they were pulling out the stuffing out of these mattresses.

All of a sudden someone yelled, "Here he comes," and like a baby being born, this man was born, he was thin with really short hair on his head and long ears. He popped out of the mattress and zipped across the street to sit in the chair in the store where I was buying my writing paper from.

End of dream

After I woke up, I was trying to describe this guy and he was thin with short hair and elongated ears with earring holes at the bottom with silver earrings in. Suddenly I knew who this was. He was one of the extraterrestrials from the South Sea Islands that have the statues along the shore - he could have been Viracocha.


... He learned that these ancient symbols were known to the Incan people as traits of their god - Ticci Viracocha ...

I then got invited to dinner at a restaurant with my family. When I was first served, the dinner looked wonderful. It was a fish dinner with the best types and cuts of fish and I could hardly wait to eat it, but I kept getting interrupted by family members - babies dropping their spoons on the floor, people asking questions . . Every time I turned back to eat my dinner, a waitress had removed part of my dinner because she thought I was part of my dinner because she thought  I was done. I was getting angrier and angrier that I wasn't getting to eat my dinner. Finally I stood up and said, "I'm not paying for this dinner, you didn't even let me eat any of it."

I knew someone else had paid for it, but I needed to let the restaurant know that their service was bad because I never got to enjoy it.

NOTE:  This dream about the fish dinner is about the story of Jesus and the fish - vs the churches.  Just think about it for a minute. You'll understand what I'm saying.


8-31-03 - DREAM - I went home and Joe was looking at large moving trucks so we could leave town. He kept coming home with trucks with cabs that were too small - only for 2 people. I told him we needed a truck that had more seats so we could give other people rides too.

All of a sudden I saw him in a big truck. This truck looked too small also, but then I noticed it wasn't a truck for us to move out with - this truck was moving his Granny Zora in to live with us.

Men and other family members started moving furniture off the truck. I thought they were going to move the stuff into the garage for storage, but no - they were moving it into the house. Granny Zora was going to live with us.

I saw Granny standing in front of her bedroom dress mirror with candles lit on either sides and she blessed herself. I could see her from the back but also saw her face in the mirror.

The women started handling me beautiful hand made things that Granny had crocheted over the years. Everything was beautiful. Everything was being laid out on the lawn so everyone could see it and then a formal blessing was done over all these beautiful thing she had created herself - all her fancy crocheting, all her sewing supplies, needles, threads, fabric - everything was blessed. It was wonderful.

But then I thought if everyone lies antiques so much, I should go buy antiques too - I always did find them charming. I knew exactly where a store was on 76th and Greenfield.

But then all these people had to be fed and I told Joe that we should go to Kohls and buy some food and every relative Granny ever knew or was descended from her was there by now and we had to feed them.

Debbie, Joe's ex-wife said we'd have to get three 30 pound piles of hamburger to grill hamburger outside. I agreed it would take at least that much.

I no sooner said that when Granny and a bunch of serving people started bringing out plates and platters of cookies.  - the pan type - made in layers and bakes and then cut into pieces. They looked fabulous. I thought, "Oh good! They are giving dessert to all these people."  I was tempted to try one of the chocolate ones myself.

I no sooner thought that than the serving people began bringing out big platters of homemade goodies like Kolachies and German bakeries with yummy fillings in them.

People were gathering at tables all jammed together to feast on all this food. I could barely get through between the tables.

I finally got to the last table and was going to ask him if I could get through because his table was offset from the others, but when I got there, he stood up from his table so I could get through. I think it was the extraterrestrial guy from earlier. Viracocha.


8-31-03 - MEDITATION - VISION - I saw the Voltar ET guy giving a lecture to a classroom of young men. I was the only female there.

VISION -  I was sitting at a typewriter. I thought I saw a bug on my typewriter, so I took a swing at it. To my shock there was a tiny orange breasted finch on my typewriter. One feather from its tail was dislodged. Then I saw that the finch was laying eggs inside a little cage where the keys come up. And tiny little chicks were hatching almost as soon as the eggs were laid. They were so tiny and so cute - and adorable. I got so excited, I told Joe to come and look at them.

NOTE: Getting orange breasted finches to breed hasn't been easy. The ones I bought died soon after I got them, but eventually, I managed to get a lot of orange breasted females - but no males so far.