AUGUST, 1990

8-3-90 Meditation:

Q. Please tell me the status of politics in the year 2022.

A. A voice said, "I hope it burns to a crisp. Another voice said, "No 
one who is involved now will be around then. Another voice said, "Well,
they got along for a few minutes just then." ++++++++++++++++++++ 8-3-90 - DREAM - I was in my old house. I had 12 large white buttons to
sew onto my coat. I sewed on two and they popped back off. Then my
husband came in. He had 12 white buttons on his black coat that he was
wearing. His all popped off too. I was shown then that my thread was too
thin and that I needed to use thread that was spirally wound on top of
the straight thread. I then saw that there was a fire downstairs in the kitchen. Two types of
food were burning up and sending up yellow smoke. I then saw flames
curling up over the edge of the second story and I had to quickly get my
children and husband out of the old house and into the new house because
this house was going to burn to the ground. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-3-90 Meditation: Q. Please tell me about the axial shift. A. A voice said, "There need to be watchers. There need to be rehearsals
in the cities." I saw several people in a shelter. They were not wearing
coats, nor were they dressed for summer. Another voice said, "This has
been a showcase for this." ++++++++++++++++ 8-4-90 - DREAM - I was living in the New Berlin house. My job was to work
on plants that had something to do with a map and a computer. The man in charge was working in the ditch across the street. I had to find my shoes in order to go to work. I found four left brown shoes, one of which was not mine. I threw them all away and put on my blue bedroom slippers. When I left the room, my green slacks were way too long and hung over the slippers and I had to pull them up. I had on a long blue vest and a green top under it. The man's name was Bruno Klaus or Kaugh. I came back to change clothes and put on an outfit with the same color, but real short. Then I saw black people out on the porch roof and I had to tell them to all get back into the house. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-10-90 - DREAM - I was cleaning my house and it was almost done. I thought to myself; every day this must be done to perfection, then everyday as the people in the house mess it up, it must be done all over again. I looked at a catalogue at chairs. I picked out a blue recliner that a golden wing type piece of material on the back that made it look like it was flying. I told my family that we were buying that next. I was in the kitchen looking at my plants. Up on a shelf was a pussy-willow plant that had not yet sprouted it's leaves or flowers. I cut off two branches to place them into a vase of water, making sure the water was deep enough to they could take root. Then I went to the fish tank to transfer two goldfish into the vase also. I said that the water must be pure. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-10-90 - DREAM - I went to church and was listening to the choir sing. The communion was about to begin and someone pointed out to me that the names in the program had been mixed up and my name was supposed to be in the empty space. I told him that I was aware of that. They were going to ask for volunteers in the evenings and I thought to myself, "It is more important to stay home and work on my marriage." I went to the store to buy material to make clothes. I found a long table with a shelf under it with catalogs. I decided to get the catalogs. I was sorting through them as Tom, my son, came along. We both knew that we had to get back home because the UFO's were coming soon. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-11-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. There was an elevator next to the stairway. It had a door that opened on the 1st floor and in the attic, but none on the 2nd floor. I thought that it would be really nice if there was a door on the 2nd floor, but I realized that it could be dangerous because children might fall down the elevator shaft. ++++++++++++++++++++ 8-11-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. We had ordered 12 snowmobiles and they were about to be delivered. They each were assigned to specific people and we were to get ready to deliver them to the customers. +++++++++++++++++++++ 8-11-90 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "Look what just happened. This sort of thing doesn't just happen to the idle curious." +++++++++++++++++++++ 8-15-90 - DREAM - I was with a man and we were crossing a bridge together. I was near the edge and lost my balance. The man grabbed ahold of me, led me back to the center of the bridge. He said, "I'll take care of you!" and we finished crossing the bridge together. ++++++++++++++++++++ 8-15-90 - DREAM - I was flying in a car like a flying carpet, made of blue discs underneath me. I wanted my daughter to have one just like it, but when I tried to construct it, I had all the parts, but I had forgotten how they went together to make it fly. +++++++++++++++++++ 8-16-90 Dream: This took place in the future on a farm. TH and some other
people and I were getting ready for spring planting, but it was only
January or February. There was no gasoline or oil to run machinery so we
had to do it by hand. However, we had electricity and a television set.
Channel 4 came on with the weather and the woman said it was 78 degrees.
+++++++++++++++++ This was the dream of a neighbor on 8-16-90. The year was 1998. There
were masses of people in the city; standing in line. It was way overcrowded
and there wasn't enough food to distribute to everyone. +++++++++++++++++++++ This was the dream of another neighbor also on 8-16-90. The year was 1998
and the locale was Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There was a racial war going on
in the inner city and areas towards Lake Michigan. +++++++++++++++++++++++ 8-14-90 - MEDITATION - Q. "Please give me information about the Pope's demise." A. "He must take pills. It is good to take them." A. A voice said, "You will marry good." I saw the convent on 35th and Center Sts. There was a woman on a yellow
bicycle on the corner and a woman from the convent came out to get her. There seemed to be alot of excitement going on. I called the Pope to come to me and he came. I said, "Are you sure you don't mind coming up here?" He said, "No! I don't mind." I went over and gave him a big hug and said, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I then saw a father and a little boy. The little boy separated from the father. A woman came along and said to the father, "Do you see that little boy? Do you mean to tell me that you can't take care of the little boy?" I saw a catalog with yellow pages full of sale prices and the heading said "PIONEER" on it. +++++++++++++++++++ 8-16-90 - MEDITATION - (I wanted to know more about the Pope's demise.) There was a tie in with Thomas. I saw a short man topple over backwards over something like a row or rocks or stones. A voice said, "I thought he was on the air, waving!" I saw a woman sitting in an audience. She seemed very confused. A man took a coat which was lined with white flowers and red on the outside. He put it around her shoulders. I saw an open book like the C.D. (Conscious Development) book. A little white pamphlet was put inside it between the pages. It had a figure and writing on it that said, 'SCORPIO' I saw a man and woman sitting by a kitchen table, wearing robes and slippers. They were very happy. I saw a woman standing by a chalkboard to write. She had on white slacks and a blue and white top. She said, "The problem is that you don't know who you talk to." I saw a shell or book opening up. Someone said, "We are looking for evidence of gas pipes in the closet." I saw a seed planted in the shell and it began to sprout and grow green leaves. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-17-90 - DREAM - I was in my house and a robber came in and took my money. The robber was careless and laid the money on a table and when he wasn't looking I took most of it back and shoved it into my bra. The robber never even noticed. My husband came home and threatened to kill me. I tried to keep out of his way by cleaning and sweeping the rug. But the rug was full of holes and tearing. Then I spotted a filing cabinet with a hidden drawer with books hidden in it that I hadn't seen in awhile. I didn't want my husband to know about them so I let them stay hidden. I wanted to run away to Seattle before I got hurt, but my children were each worth $100 and there were 6 or 7 of them. Nevertheless I feared for my life. I couldn't leave yet because I had been robbed, but as soon as I got paid again I was going to get on a train and head for Seattle to save myself. +++++++++++++++++== 8-17-90 - MEDITATION - I saw a little girl laying on a bed, looking very happy. I saw a woman dressed in a dark blue skirt and white blouse getting on an elevator. She said, "I know no fear. I don't know what fear is." I found myself asking for a green envelope. I was handed a green envelope, and there were 4 golden ones behind it. I saw a brick house. A voice said, "I don't know what to do", and I saw the house turn around in a circle. +++++++++++++++++++ 8-17-90 - MEDITATION - I again called the Pope and Holy Christ. A voice said, "I have a Master lock and it is silver." I saw a magazine rack full of magazines. A voice said, "Would you call?" I saw two sets of keys. One was my own ring of apartment keys. The other was a set of two keys. I asked, "What is going to happen on August 30th?" I saw a newspaper. A voice said, "I alter the statement." I saw a woman dressed in dark blue going from left to right. She was very happy. The voice again said, "I alter the statement." Another voice said, "It is quiet in here." It felt like a bedroom and I saw two large dressers. I saw a square white wooden leg of furniture. The bottom edge was chipped out and there was a gold key above it. A voice said, "This is an extremely valuable piece of information." Another voice said, "She didn't realize she didn't win!" I saw a drawing of a dinosaur with a figure like Barney Rubble in front of it. I again asked, "What is going to happen on August 30th?" I saw a naked woman, like a Playboy picture. I saw a stubby fat pencil and somebody was laughing and said, "Okay!" A man named Mark said, "I called you last night. I called you at 800!" I saw a blinding sun beaming up through a dark crevice that was opening up. A voice said, "We need to change your luggage rack. We need to see your vehicle." +++++++++++++++++++ 8-18-90 - DREAM - I had a baby who was being fed and cared for in the livingroom. He had deep blue ink stains around his mouth and when I looked inside his mouth, the roof of his mouth was even deeper blue. I had to make sure he was well taken care of and his clothes kept clean. I went to church to see John Enkerburg (sp?) He was very popular for taking strong stands on issues and sticking to them. My two youngest sons were in the audience too. In the audience most of the people sat to the far right. I was wearing a light blue robe and was cutting off the imperfect edges in the middle. I check to see if he had a wedding ring on because I was interested in having a relationship with him. I knew he would write to me. Then I saw that he had a wife. She was on a speaking tour and was going to Tacoma, WA. John Enkerburg show for the day was to prove that there were Russian prisoners of war in Leavenworth, Kansas. ++++++++++++++++ 8-18-90 - MEDIATION - I heard a female voice say, "You need to go to a different specialist than the one you are going to now." I called the Master Ruby and saw her coming down the hall towards me. I heard an angry male voice say, "We are taking steps to rip it apart." I saw Ruby making an adjustment with a key or hairpin in a lock. A voice said, "He is such an idiot!" I saw a person covered with a quilted blanket. (A protective covering.) A voice said, "He's broken up several times in the last few years. Beautiful moments!" I saw a beautiful park setting with a bright sun shining. I heard a voice ask, "Are there any connections?" I saw a man with white shoes. He walked all around a large object. He said, "No I don't see any!" +++++++++++++++++++ 8-19-90 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was invited to see the house next door at #3. I had to go east to get there. It was blindingly bright with white snow to get there. I had to go around the back and was surprised to see a bar where I expected the kitchen to be. I went upstairs and there was a huge room with a piano and a library high up on the wall with antique books one of which was a huge green Bible. I said I wanted to read the Bible, but I couldn't reach it. So, I had to go back home, but there was a river there and three kids with 4 wheel race carts and they were spinning their wheels to throw up mud so I couldn't go back either. +++++++++++++++++++ 8-19-90 - DREAM - I had a new 50 gallon fish tank and I took all the fish from a small 5 gallon tank and put them into it. The larger green fish acted like they had forgotten how to swim because the small tank had been too small for them, but at least they were able to separate themselves from the black fish were hovering on the bottom. I mistakenly put oatmeal into the fish tank instead of fish food, but it wasn't wasted. Little black bugs crawled all over it and it fed them. I was cleaning the livingroom and there were raisins on the floor with bugs crawling all over them. I yelled at my kids to pick u all the raisins and keep the floor clean. Then I went into the kitchen and saw my daughter eating raisins and wondered how she could considering all the bugs I had just seen. I was getting ready to go to the grocery store. Everyone was ready except my son Bob. His clothes were too light colored to go there. We were sitting in the car and I saw in the mirror that I had no makeup on, so I began to put eyebrow pencil on and I drew the right eyebrow into the shape of a goldfish. As I began to draw the left eyebrow into the shape of a goldfish, my son turned on the windshield wipers of the car and wiped the goldfish off my eyebrow instantly. I wondered why I had even bothered in the first place. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-19-90 - DREAM - Two applications had been submitted for a camp up north. It was taking awfully long to be approved. Winter was coming and it was getting too cold to camp outside. I told my daughter that she would have to move back into the house from the tent where she was practicing camping and we had to take the tent down and put it away because we had to divert the water from the stream which was going by and it would be flooding the campground she had made in the yard. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-20-90 - DREAM - I was in a car going down a highway when a yellow car came along, got my attention and sped away in front of me. We immediately sped up to chase after it. +++++++++++++++++++ 8-20-90 - MEDIATION - I saw someone hold out a sheet of paper towards me and the voice said, "I have a letter for you." ++++++++++++++++ 8-20-90 - MEDITATION - I was working on bringing my mental faculties back and a big fat woman came and said, "That's what they say... RAW!" I saw the upper portion of a doorway, it was full of cigarette butts. There was a hole there that needed patching. A voice asked if they could come down. Another voice said, "No! You must come up!" I called Master Ruby. I saw two people bring in a black woman with short hair, wearing black and red. She was in a wheelchair. I asked about what Rays were in force. A voice said, "This is where the answers are! 19FM. I saw city street with sunshine beyond a shadowed fence I was behind. A voice said, "Multiply by the power of 10 and 73." I asked about the Rays again. I saw a man come in, dressed in a black robe over clothes. He asked, "Do you love her or not?" Another man came in, (familiar but unremembered who) He asked if I wanted to fill out an application for something. There were two sentences which remained unclear about relieving the pressure and getting some information through a machine. A man's voice said, "I have not repented since then, religiously." I saw a lake. A blue towel was over someone's head. Another voice said, "I have an important two way street." I asked about 19FM. Master Babaji, who I was working with said, "I am giving you a letter to read." I saw the number 30. I asked, "Will there be any violence in the US because of the Iraqi and Saudi Arabian war?" There was a man there inquiring about the same thing I was. He said, "I am pulling out!" I saw a young black boy come in and grab something and run out. I saw a big fat woman lying in a hospital bed, wearing lime green. I saw a picture of an ancient Asian man. He said, "Not in Boston, New York, San Francisco, or Cleveland." I asked, "Will there be an violence at all?" The voice said, "Stay away from the Russians. That's where the pollution is." I saw the colors yellow and orange in squares. This was our protection. There were 4 red sections and 3 orange sections... like a checkerboard. I heard a man say, "Come on in and take a load off your feet." Another man said, "No! It's just my heart!" I asked about the date of the next Ray. I saw a man taking off his coat preparing to give me the information. I saw someone slice through 3 red apples in a row with a knife. They had been withholding the information. I saw a man pick up a brown wallet and open it up to show me a pile of numbers inside. The numbers 29 was on top. A voice said, "We are putting in the application with the others." Another voice said, "Your application is driving me nuts." He got out a big brown book like a Day Timers calendar and turned to a page towards the back. The page was blank. :-( +++++++++++++++++ 8=20-90 Meditation: I was told to go to the 10th level. There was a woman
in front of a panel of judges. She had not been able to meditate because
of some discrepancies in using meditation and going to other levels. The
woman said that she had been led astray by others. She was looking for
permission to do so again. There was a trial going on to see whether she
would be allowed to meditate again and get information. A voice said, "Bob has! James not!" I keep going to a room way to the far right. I saw a woman dressed in pink, hopping on her right foot. She said that the other one fell. NOTE: Once you get beyond the 4th dimension, there are other factors
involved in whether you are allowed to continue up into the higher
spiritual levels. One criteria is always LOVE. You can go up there if a
spiritual guide takes you, but you can never go alone without the LOVE. +++++++++++++++++++ 8-22-90 - As I was raising my vibrations, Billy Hoffman introduced himself to me. I held a conversation with him. He said that he had a bunch of copies of stuff at home, that he wasn't going to give me. I got onto an elevator and two thin black men and a white woman got on the elevator with me. The black men were at least 7 feet tall, wearing black pants and silk shirts with a black, red brown and white print... similar to Giraffe markings, but smaller. The white woman stood behind my right shoulder. She was wearing a black skirt and white blouse. They all carried attache cases of medium reddish brown. The men set theirs on the floor. She carried hers safely. As I reached the high mental level, a white woman came out of a room, leading a black man by the hand. She cheerfully said, "Hi David!" I found myself calling my son instead of a Master as an error and a voice said that they were going to throw a monkey wrench into the information. A man who gave me some keys yesterday was standing to my right, wearing reddish brown pants and white shirt. He was now locked out and was waiting for me to let him back in. I found a brown coin purse at the top of the stairs. A voice said, "Are you aware of the value?" I then saw a calendar or radio dial flip from 18 to 19. I then saw a copy of a race car magazine. It was placed in front of me by a woman and a man who came with me was given a copy also. I then called Master Babaji and Jack (TM's cousin) I was then asked,"Where is a good place to put this where HE won't get it. IT was something which would be seen. Babaji suggesting putting it on the corner of the bed. It would be seen there. I said, "No! It would be better to put it on the shelf in the closet, way up high!" Babaji then had a conversation with a woman who was eating dinner. She had skipped a meal. He wanted to know why she was having problems eating. She answered, "Because I was always running away." He wants her to eat. Babaji then referred to someone with a TV show. He said that she had a very heavy schedule. Babaji told a man wearing a black and white vertical striped shirt that he can't help him. Billy Hoffman said that he wanted to take the information that he wont give me to the 7 Mile Fair. (That's in Milwaukee) I said, "No! You can't do that It will surely cause tragedy." Babaji reached for a brown telephone on the table in front of me. A woman standing to his right, picked up a white phone and said into it, "Can I call you back?" I asked Babaji if he would give me the number he was just going to dial so I could give it to TM. He said, "You are both precious!" NOTE: I had to stop here to go to the bathroom. In the elevator on the way back up, there were many colored marbles of various hues laying on the floor around the edges. A man who was with me said that he had trouble getting there because he was stuck. I again asked Babaji for the numbers that he had been about to dial. He said, "yes!" It was Jack I was about to call." Babaji said, "How could a number join us?" Babaji said, "TM needs a companion!" I explained to him that TM had forgotten the numbers he had been given. Babaji said, "Oh! America!" Babaji said, "I am going to watch you to make sure that you are right. Don't worry Dear!" I heard the ringing of a telephone. I heard TM say, "Let's see what that is.!" We were talking about some kind of difficulty. Babaji said that it was hard to tell when somebody has it. I again asked Babaji for the number. He seemed to be stalling for some reason and took his shoes off. He said, "I just did that 20 minutes ago." I asked for the numbers again, and he answered, "I have to guard this." I asked for just the last four numbers. He said, "7275". I again asked for the numbers. He said, "I just did that." I saw a silver spoon flip upsidedown and on the bottom was the number. The first 3 digits were 883. I asked Babaji to confirm the numbers and asked him to please call the country club and let me know. I went into a dream-like state. I was in the corner house on 16th St. I was communicating with the woman upstairs. I sent my kid to go play upstairs because her kids were making too much noise down in my house. They were so quiet up there I had to go check to see what they were doing. They were in the bathroom. (It looked like my own house) When I went upstairs, I heard her refer to her husband as Billy Adams and I realized that Billy Adams and Billy Hoffman were the same person. I got my son and made him go back downstairs, but then her kids followed us back downstairs. After a few minutes, I heard snoring over in a corner. I went to check and her little chubby blonde kid had messed up the phones so that the white receiver was on the brown phone and the brown phone receiver was on the white phone. We couldn't use either phone that way. I was decorating for Christmas and I told Babaji that I was going to go all out this year for Christmas. Babaji wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. I saw that I wanted to work for Spiritual Communications. He said that was a big wide subject. I couldn't decide exactly what kind of communication to ask for. I picked the ability to call for an answer to any question that I had to get an answer. He said that that would be my gift for Christmas. +++++++++++++++++ 8-22-90 - MEDITATION - I was pulling in mental energies. They looked like small particles and came in quickly. I then began to pull in Powers. They looked like heavy thick syrup, and flowed in slowly. I then began to pull in Virtues. They were small, slowly moving tear drops. +++++++++++++++++ 8-22-90 - DREAM - I was in my apartment cleaning it up. A man was in the bedroom sleeping. My ex-husband walked in unannounced to bring me some things that I thought I had stashed in the closet. I grabbed them to put them in the hallway so I could get him out quickly and so he wouldn't see the man in the bedroom, but suddenly the man walked out into the room too. Then I saw that we had a newborn baby and he was perched in his carrier on the edge of the sofa. While I was trying to deal with the anxiety of this, a young man appeared in the doorway asking to see an apartment and several other men were out in the hallway arguing over who was the manager. I grabbed my key ring to run out into the hallway and claim myself as manager and let the men work out their own problems. On my key ring was a wooden spoon and a meat mallet. I took these off the key ring before I went out to claim my position. +++++++++++++++++ 8-23-90 - DREAM - My husband and children and I were going to a concert. The weather was bitterly cold...below zero. At the spot where I wanted to park my car was a big pink vehicle. So I put the pink vehicle in another place and put my light green car there. Later on I expected my car to be damaged by the person in the pink car, but when I went to check, the pink car was gone. The green car was frozen over, covered with ice. It was so bitterly cold out, I didn't go to the concert. +++++++++++++++++ 8-25-90 - MEDITATION. Q. What can I do to be rich? A. I saw a school room with Dick Tracy pictures on the wall. I then saw a school room with building blocks to make houses. Then I saw two witches, dressed in black, come in and put witches shoes on me. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-26-90 - DREAM - I went to dinner with some friends. We were served very little vegetables. I told my friends to be sure to eat them all. I was walking down a road and came to a high hill. I began to walk up the hill and accidentally tripped a hidden wire which triggered an artificial torrent of water which would flood the area. My children and I hurriedly climbed the hill to the top and I noted that even the hill was artificial. I was at work and went home for lunch. I closed my eyes for 5 minutes to nap and 4 hours went by. I was afraid I would be fired, so I decided to go look for a new job the first thing in the morning. My daughter came home and we were discussing material things and I remarked that other women had nice apartments, clothes, hairdos, and makeup and I didn't have any of those things. She said that I should make up my mind what was most important to me and then do that. As I was sitting there, there was a baby crawling at my feet. It was my daughter baby. The baby looked like female Indian. It was beautiful. I remarked that I hadn't even had a chance to see it yet because I was so busy working all the time and I wanted to get to know the baby. I was in a taxi-cab, sharing a ride with two men. We headed up a steep hill and the driver stopped just short of the top. My destination was at the top and I planned to continue on to that house. But as soon as the men got out, the cab backed all the way back down to the bottom and I knew that if I wanted to reach my destination at the top, I would have to pay the price and do it all alone. There was store window nearby and the manikin was wearing a beautiful shimmering light blue dress. I told my daughter that that was what I wanted. I had a box a potatoes and I was going to peel them, quarter them, and put them into another box. An elderly woman was watching me and I wanted to look proficient. As I began, I saw that under the potatoes there was a dark grey rabbit multiplying and having babies and the baby rabbits were trying to escape out a crack at the bottom which I had to prevent. Then as I started to peel the potatoes, they became pears and were very squishy and I tried real hard to impress the woman with my proficiency and it was very difficult. I was at my New Berlin house. My next door neighbor asked me about my husband because she had never met him. I knew that he had been in prison and was tough and mean, but I loved him and I wanted to be with him. She asked me to mail a letter for her. I saw the address on it. It ended in 33. I didn't want to give my husband my address directly which was 2821, so I thought if I sent him a letter using her address which was 2933, he would figure out where I was. That way I wouldn't have to feel guilty for being emotionally weak, wanting to see him and he could find me on his own. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-27-90 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house, sleeping. Someone came, yelling that there was a fire. I woke up, but I was too tired to get up and run for safety. Finally, I forced myself to get up and went to the front window where there was a plume of smoke going up. A strong wind started to blow from the east and big black clouds few across the sky. We became frightened as it got darker and darker and windier and windier. Finally we hid ourselves as the house shook and trembled. When it was over, I went outside and round myself in a horrible mess of broken houses at a city intersection. Laying dead was Edna Klosterhuber Mrs. Zussman. (These are real people, now deceased) +++++++++++++++++++ 8-28-90 Dream: I was at my apartment (3035) sitting in my livingroom rocker,
relaxing. I was wearing only panties. (That was how I was dressed because
of the heat) I heard a loud male voices talking in the hallway just
outside my door. When I got up to go see what was going on, covering myself
with a small blanket, there was a young man standing inside my apartment
talking through the door to men outside the door. I looked through the
peep hole to see four men outside who looked like my sons. The man inside
protested, but I opened the door to let them in. But the men were not my
sons so I closed the door again, trying to make sure that the door was
locked securely. The young man's name was Jimmy Dougherty and I thought
he was a good friend of my ex-husband. The young man was in the livingroom
sitting in my rocker. I went to the bedroom to get dressed and the young
man went to the bathroom. I was worried that he would bother me in my
state of undress but he didn't. He went back to the livingroom while I
finished dressing. When I was done I went to the livingroom to ask Jimmy
what he would like for breakfast. I saw that my apartment door was open.
I looked into the livingroom and it was almost empty. The television set
and stereo was gone, the fish tanks were gone, the sofa was gone, and the
chair was gone. All that remained was a couple of end tables. NOTE: I was extremely depressed after this dream. It was determined in
meditation that the valuables taken from me by the man or men in the dream
were energies, powers, virtues, capabilities, and abilities, etc. I had to meditate longer than usual to pull all those things back from the
astral and mental levels. I could see them coming back in form of particles,
and flowing fluids. When I was done, the depression was gone. ++++++++++++++++ This is what they look like: 8-22-90 - MEDITATION - I was pulling in mental energies. They looked like small particles and came in quickly. I then began to pull in Powers. They looked like heavy thick syrup, and flowed in slowly. I then began to pull in Virtues. They were small, slowly moving tear drops. ++++++++++++++++++ 8-28-90 - MEDITATION - Q. Please tell me what the new Ray is to be? A. What is this? He showed me a T shirt, predominantly red and whitish crosswise stripes ++++++++++++++++++ 8-28-90 - While I was still raising my vibrations, a voice said, "What are you doing here? How did you get here?" I heard my locksmith bosses voice also and he said, "I think you should make an appointment too." I saw a bowl with potatoes and carrots in it. A voice said, "I hope my loyalty counts." ++++++++++++++++++++ 8-29-90 - MEDITATION - While I was transferring my consciousness, awareness, and sight to the high mental plane, I saw a hand press button #4 in a series, then 1, 2, and 3 disappeared. A voice said, "Mastership can sometimes feel cruel and unfeeling." I asked about a shield for the time period. I saw a man sitting lotus style on a bed with a white plate on his lap. Around the rim was a red and yellow checkerboard. In the center was a green parrot with a yellow beak. A woman sitting on his right was giving instructions. Her name was WANDA. I decided to work on the Pope Paul demise. A voice said, "The last 75 decades. (A decade is 10 years) Babaji said, "I will be getting back to you personally." I saw two white scales ... end to end. The right one tilted up to the right. I heard Pope Paul's voice, "I am conducting an investigation." I saw a pregnant woman with her breasts, stomach exposed. A voice said, "There should have to be this heavy pronouncement. I saw a person press down, very, very hard on their abdomen. A voice said, "Answer the bell at your front door." A woman in red came in and said, "What are his names?" A voice said, "He wears his robes down to the floor." A voice said, "It is on my shoulders." A voice said, "I am going to extract it little by little." A voice said, "I have nothing against dancing." Q. Where are we going to live in 1997? A. A voice said, "Did you hear that? did you hear that? Right here on the surface of the earth." A voice said, "X-ray #5." 8-30-90 - DREAM - I went into labor and delivered a new baby, but nobody noticed, so I hung white newborn baby shoes over the stairway, leading to the basement. I thought about hanging keys there, but they would have hit people in the head, and that wasn't the effect I wanted. I was given a promotion in my job and was moving into a huge office. I wanted the sun, the window and the door all in line ad when they recarpeted it, I wanted real wall to wall carpeting, not inlaid. I made a phone call to someone I used to know who moved to Colorado. I asked how they happened to end up there. The woman said that they had gotten a job with W. company and when it folded, they all stayed there.
(I don't know what the W company was) +++++++++++++++++ 8-31-90 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "Learn to sell for investment purposes." BACK TO DEE PAGE BACK TO MAIN INDEX