AUGUST, 1993

8-1-93 - DREAM - I met a woman who had the pattern to a knitted hat (a round tam) which included a coded set of 4 stanzas of poetry, which done correctly would end the world. she had already made the hat which was red-purple with a fuzzy royal-blue thread woven in it. She told me to go ahead and make the hat. However, I didn't have the code to tell me at which stitch to begin the first word, nor do I yet know the words to the 4 stanzas.


8-1-93 - MEDITATION - I was getting nothing, then all of a sudden I was in a half-dream state. I called Fubi-Quantz to ask him about my participation in Eckankar.

I found myself trying to take care of a boy. I pulled him up to sit on my lap. His white hair stood up in a little horn at his forehad. I said he acted like he was dizzy and laid him back down again. I stood him up agan on his feet and held him up so he could walk, but as big as he was, (about the size of the 5 year old) he still couldn't walk on his own two feet.


8-2-93 - DREAM - My daughter as going to school and was supposed to graduate from the 12th grade. She didn't want to go to the ceremony because she didn't have a gown to wear like the other girls.

I prayed to God to give me some kind of sign and a red hangar fell off of the clothes rod in the closet onto the floor. I took that to mean that he waned her to weear something red. So I picked out a shiny red, long-sleeved blouse and put it on her.

On her, it came to the floor. I took a blue belt to cinch it at the waist, then proceeded to remodel the blouse so it looked like it was made for her. Later on, when she walked across the stage to get her diploma, the dress looked brown and there was a row of white flowers all across her shoulders. She looked beautiful.


8-2-93 - DREAM - I and my family went to dinner at a restaurant at Brookfield square. We had been shopping for eyeglasses for my husband and my daughter Jeanne. We spent some few minutes eating our dinner and trying my husband's eyeglasses on. Then I wanted my daughter to try hers on and she refused. I said, "It'll only take 5 minutes." She said, "I don'thave 5 minutes." At this point she stood up to leave. I got so angry, I hollered at her, "You mean to tell me that I spent an hour and a half on you, and you can't give me 5 mnutes?"

She shifted her eyes to lookat someone behind me. I turned to look and it was T.M. just sliding into the booth behind us with his wife and a young woman. He was wearing a light blue shirt.

T.M. smiled and I must have turned 3 shades of embarrassed for getting caught raising my voice to my daughter.

I turned back to my table and began gathering up what was left of our chicken dinner so I could clear the table off and get out of there before T.M.'s wife saw me.

My husband, seeing T.M. said snidely, "I suppose now we're going to have to sit here until 7 o'clock."

At the same time, I could hear my other kids running around between the tables screaming and laughing. I had most of the table cleared, but I couldn't let the kids run around screeching so I had to get up and go get them.

I went across the restaurant and got them. There were 4 girls, all teens, all dressed in identical, yellow suits.

I admonished them, "You are young ladies and you will act like young ladies."

They said, "Yes, Momma!"

I made them all hold hands and I walked them back to the table so that T.M.s wife could see what wonderful children I had, the finished packing up the leftover food. I glanced up at T.M. once more time. I was so embarrassed and he just smiled.


8-3-93 - DREAM - I was at A-C. The men were all dressed in light blue shirts and sitting at work benches or desks in rows. They were waiting for an inspection. I looked over into an alcove and saw a huge 20 foot statue of the Captain from Gilligan's Island. (Alan Hale, Jr. as Jonas Grumby (The Skipper) (Date of death - 2 January 1990, Los Angeles, California, USA. (respiratory failure due to cancer) On one of the tables behind me, lay a body covered over with a sheet.

NOTE: I hadn't known he had died when I had the dream.


8-4-93 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "I don't know if you are purified enough to have another job during the day and still get your work done. I recommend that you keep your job one more season."


8-5-93 - DREAM - My husband was getting his hearing checked. I saw a calendar and saw that on the 9th - school started. If not August - then September.


8-5-93 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed came back and we got married in a church. I could not stand up for the ceremoney with all the others because I had just had a baby. He kissed me very lovingly on the lips and I was happy.

I then was getting ready for work. It was winter and I was trying to find my outdoor winter clothes on very short notice. I found pairs of mittens in dark blue and a light blue snowsuit with a white fur collar that my children had outgrown and gave them to my daughter who was standing nearby. I told her to give them to the grandchildren.

I know I started at 2 p.m. and it was already 2 p.m.

I could only find one brown glove and one long shiny white glove. I was wearing green pants and I found a red jacket to put on. I then discovered that I was already at work and took of all these winter clothes. I went to the second floor and found my desk. All the purchase orders had been done, all I needed to do was record the information.


8-7-93 - DREAM - I was examining my new house and came to an area towards the back when I discovered 24 tiny brown rabbits just born. Next to them, just born were 12 kittens in two sizes, a few days old to a few hours old. Someone came along and killed all the rabbits, but I still had to deal with all the kittens, the colors of which ranged from white to dark and grey.


8-7-93 - DREAM - It started in my apartment building and makeing sure everyone had the right keys to the right mailboxes and apartments. I was given money to pay the paperboy by several people and that was my responsibility.

I took the money to a schoolroom where people from my building were gathering. I was not the teacher, but supported the teacher's work and handled his money. In fact, I carried his wallet for him. The teacher was late to class and so were some of the students, but I was busy doing the preparations.

I was marking up a photograph which was the earliest of a series of pictures of old people in my building going on a bus to the funeral of another one of my tenants. I wrote on the photo, the names of all the old women who had been in the bus after the photo was taken, then I looked at the picture of the woman in the casket and of all the women who were there, including one who crawled right into the casket and laid next to her to have her picture taken.

I then showed the photo to my daughter just as the teacher came in and sat at his desk. I handed him his empty wallet but I had the money to take care of, which was a large amount of bills.

A younger woman came in all excited and said that we were all going to get uniforms to wear to class. That upset me and I said that in that case, I would probably be out of it, because not only was there a lot of work to keeping up the uniform nightly, but there was the cost of the uniform too.


8-7-93 - DREAM - I was in a grocery store, then was taken on a tour of the egg warehouse, where eggs were candled and washed. We had to wear sanitary clothing including white socks over our shoes so we didn't bring in outside contmination. We came to the egg-laying room, then where the hens were kept. One man asked if he could have a tiny chick to take home and care for. He wanted to sneak it out, but he was given permission to do it. But hew as afraid and the longer it took him to decide to do it, the bigger the chicken got. Finally, when a man picked up the red wool contained the chick was under, he had ahold of the hen who laid the egg that the chick came from which was attached by an umbilical cord and he took the whole thing away.

We then went to a room where they were demonstrating that a glass could be used to break a bottle. I volunteered to try because no one else would. Each time I hit the bottle with the glass the sound of crunching glass was evident, and I had to be careful not to hit the bottle too hard.

However, the longer it took me to hit the bottle, the larger the bottle got and the harder I hd to hit it. I then was using a silver knife and then a red handled , red bitted axe.

I was hitting harder and harder but the bottle got bigger and bigger, grew appendages, had wires in it holding it up, but I could never get it all. At the end, I knew that if I could get this glass bottle to fall down and break completely, all evil would be gone, and I hit it harder and harder, but I couldn't quite catch all it's now appendages held up by iron wires. I was working so hard at it to rid the world of the evil, and I could see I was very close and as I did, an evil man stood there chortling that I couldn't quite get the last appendage.


8-8-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I got up for work, knowing I was late, but I didn't feel well. I could breathe all right, but I had a stuffy headcold starting and my neck glands were very swollen. It was 9 a.m. and my husband wasn't up out of bed either in the other bedroom. So I went to wake him up and he said he didn't feel well either and wouldn't be going to work.


8-9-93 - DREAM - We should grow our own herbs for healing, including marijuana.


8-10-93 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. There were some girls there who had no hair. They were absolutely bald. That's all they were concerned about. One was from apartment 327. The others were from 108, 208, and 308.


8-14-93 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere, supposedly at home. I saw a huge, bigger than human, yellow rabbit go by, going down towards Wisconsin Ave. He was going to participate in a parade. I wondered why no one else was going.

There were some things going on relating to Ed, perhaps coming back. The suddenly a drunken man was pounding on the door and trying to push it in. I had to hold the door shut with all my strength.

As soon as the pressure on the door stopped, I ran over to a dresser in the bedroom, grabbed Joe K's keys and my purse, which I knew had my wallet and check book in. I gave Joe the keys and grabbed him by the hand and pulled him with me. I had the purse in my hand and said, "I have absolutely everything I had to have. I then said, "Lets go." and we headed out to his jeep and left for Washington.


8-14-93 - DREAM - I was responsible for a huge banquet. All the guests had arrived and were seated at the table waiting to be served. The lights were not on, so I went over to the wall and turned up two switches that turned all the lights on. I then discovered that my own children had already eaten and were going back for seconds. When I was given this information, I told the person that I would give up my own portion so that they could eat. Then I took my son aside to tell him how rude it was to eat ahead of the guests. We went into a private room where I had a form or something from a newspaper with a statement of truth about a friend ofhis and that the person had used ' DICUSA' which was a drug. It went into great detail to explain that the word was spelled correctly. This paper was to be signed and then given to an attorney.

I as then given a list of people who wanted to buy property. The man I was to take care of first was an investor. He wanted to buy a 12 bedroom house but not to live in. It was to be rented out to other people like a Bed and Breakfast business.


8-14-93 - DREAM - I was in my house in the kitchen. My friend Loretta came in the back door. She was wearing a light purple winter jacket. She looked very despondent. She lived on the far north side of town and I lived way south. I asked her what the problem as. She said she had been given a ticket by the police department and she could not drive her van for a week. I asked her what she had done that as so bad that she couldn't drive the van. She said she had made left turn in front of an oncoming car. The officer told her that she could get killed if she did it again. That's why it was so serious.

I didn't want her to have to walk all the way back, so I asked my daughter where my car was. I knew my main car was gone, because my husband had driven it to work, but I had another car and I thought it was in the second garage. However, I didn't have the keys for it.

We went to another building like a fishing place. My husband was there. We asked him if he had caught any fish. He said, "No! I didn't fish because I didn't have the money to get the license. Four of us said, "I would have paid it for you if I had known."

He left instead. I turned to go back into the office, but I didn't have my keys.


8-15-93 - DREAM - Performance was judged by your shoes. Every year you got a new box of 12 pair of shoes Your old shoes were looked at to see where the wear was. I found a shoe behind the piano. I knew I had the mate to it in the car.

I was in New Berlin, someone was given 3 boxes of old dried roses. She didn't care about them so I let her have one box and I took the other two. I took the best of them. I took them from the house to put in my car, intending to hide them under a blanket.

The blanket which was hanging over a door was yellow and white. I went outside but couldn't find my car which was a white station wagon.

Someone else took me in their car and we drove down the road and I looked back toward thehouse to see where my car was. I couldn't see it until I was half way down the street. It as hidden by the house.


8-15-93 - DREAM - I was in Washington and someone I knew got a quicky divorce because she knew someone who was related to a judge. I knew I should divorce my husband too. But I left in such a hurry, I didn't even wave goodbye and I had forgotten to get the divorce before I left, so even though we were separated by a lot of miles, I was still married to him.


8-17-93 - DREAM - I was on 19th And Wright Sts. with my son. He had all the preparations done and all the paperwork and I.D. ready for some degree, diploma, or license. He had to present all this to a committee for approval. We knew it would be approve.d

I told him I would meet him back at home.


8-18-93 - DREAM - I went to a huge school - like high school - for classes. The woman there - who looked like Elizabeth Clare Prophet asked me to go across the street to the Hyatt Hotel and speak to the President and book the diningroom for a banquet for up to 500 people.

I felt very privileged to do this and wondered why she chose me. I marveled at the size of the banquet and thought about how much money it would cost and how well to do the organization was to afford that.

But I walked across the street to the Hyatt Hotel and went upstairs to the President's office. I oculd see the President in his office talking to some other people. He sat at his desk and they stood on the other side of the desk. He was short and some kind of Asian ethnicity. His skin was kind of yellowish brown and shiny. It made me kind of nervous to thinkk that I was going to have to stand across the desk from him to speak to him.

Then I realized I would have to make an appointment to see him first with his secretary because the room was very busy with other people waiting to see him.

I wasn't ready for that either. I took off my scarf which was a purple rayon print, to fluff up my hair. I was wearing two coats - a dark blue one with a light grey one under it. I took these off and carried them over my right arm. Meantime, I put my big brown purse on a counter while I took my coats off and it promptly fell off onto the floor. Nothing spill, but I looked to make sure. I heard other people rehearsing what to say to the President of the Hyatt. One was the author of a book.

I kept trying to think what the name of our organization was and all I could remember was Body, Mind, and Soul.

I wanted to write it down but I couldn't find a pen either in my purse or my pockets.

I went across the hall and now I was in my mother's bedroom on 16th St. (The master bedroom) I didn't want to disturb anything there, just search my own purse for apen, so I turned around and faced the door so she wouldn't think I was snooping.

I still couldn't think of anything but 'Body, Mind, and Soul' and knew I had to write it down on I'd never get it right.

My Mother came then and told me tha she couldn't talk sense to my brother becuase he wouldn't listen to her. She wanted me to tell him to stop rehearsing the kids dance troop or something like that. She wanted him to stop right now because the kids were tired.

I went across the hall to another room where my brother was holding a class for young dancers. I gave him the message and told him, 'Mother wantes you to stop right NOW."

He was determined and wouldn't stop for me either. He told the children to give me a demonstation of what he was doing.

It was like a western puppet show except the little horses and wagons were automated.

The little female dolls had fancy western gowns on and stood on the backs of the wagons while the two western wagons raced each other around a track to the right.

On the second time around the track, the dolls bounced and fell over, one was face down on the left.

I started to laugh and woke up laughing.


8-19-93 - DREAM - I was in bed in my 16th St. house. My son Bill came in, wearing an Air Force blue uniform. He was on his way to work. I then got up and went to the closet to get something to wear. The closet was empty. I asked my mother where my clothes were. She said she thought that there was a lot of them in the downstairs closet.

I went downstairs admiring all the antiques we had. I wanted to show all these to Joe.

But when I got to the bottom of the stairs, everything was different. Contractors had come in and remodeled the kitchen , blocked in and plastered and painted the stairway. Everything was different and brand new.

Bob, the painter was talking on the phone and there were a couple other painters and worker contractors there too.


8-19-93 - I was moving out of a house and my ex-husband was loading up the car. This must have been a rooming house or something because a man and a young boy came to empty and clean some commode containers. I told him that we did that ourselves.

I was getting ready to plant a small garden and I wanted the rows to run north and south.

We were cleaning up and getting ready for a dance party to be held at 10 a.m. A man came in carrying a huge accordion. I teased him about the time only being 10 a.m. and he said that he had nothing planned so he came early to join us.

The lady who had planned the dance party was working all day at the Brass Bell as we were going to telephone her to tell her of the accordion player joining us. The other musicians were hoping they would get a recording contract out of it.


8-23-93 - DREAM - I was in an office or store across from New Berlin City Hall. I saw a plane coming down towards the building. It just missed it and crashed in the park behind the building. I dialed 911 and the lady on the phone told me that there was no equipment available to help. It was all out already at other fires.

I could see neighboring people running towards the plane to see if they could help, but there would be no equpment.

I was in the City Hall Office then, and a lot of papers were misfiled.

When I woke up then, I heard, "There is a plot afoot to discredit New Berlin"

NOTE: I didn't follow up on this.


8-24-93 - DREAM - We were traveling around the state checking to see what the local people preferred to buy for good deals rather than just spending our money on what we wanted.


8-24-93 - DREAM - I was with a man and we were going to travel out into the country. We went out into the country. The vehicle was a forest green Blazer. I noticed that there were 6 more just like it in the garage, then some matching big semi-trucks. It was a big company. We decided to go out west. Ahead of us was a red truck. It was going too fast and bouncing all over the road, flying through the air and at one point even did a somersalt in the air. I lost track of it at that point because we had overtaken it. We were going equally fast and I was hanging on tight. We were in heavy truck traffic and being a two lane highway, we had to hang behind some bi gravel trucks before passing them. Traffic was going the other way as well.

We came to a restaurant and two guys came tearing out of it fighting. One wanted to commit suicide, because he had broken up with his lady friend.

I stepped in, broke up the fight and put my arm around the guy, soothing him. We all walked back into ther estaurant to have a fish fry. These guys knew everyone well and introduced us to the owner and made room for us in the back room which was crowded. There weree a couple of my younger children with me at this point.

I asked the man with me where the rest of the children were. He said they were in the southwest traveling by themselves. I knew they were older and had to be trusted and other people would watch out for them and they'd be OK alone.

I saw some beautiful birds out the window now. Some were like red cardinals. I pointed them out to my son. The one bird in particular came down and landed on the window sill. It was black and white and it looked like Bob Hope. I made a comment about him and his publicity. I said he had church. The other disagreed, but I told them that in a way he was a preacher and in his own way taught right from wrong.

8-27-93 - DREAM - I was going up the stairs on the way to my apartment. There were many books on the steps someone else had left behind. I looked at some titles. One was all of the instructions for the Masonic Rites. A pamphlet was a copy of the actual initiation. It started, "You are an Eastern Judean." There were several copies of the same Masonic books. They were paperbacks, like students would use. The covers were white like irridescent mother-of-pearl. Along with thebooks were many coins from pennies to Silver dollars. I picked up all the silver dollars, not wanting to drop anything. I took everything I could carry and left no books behind. I took them all upstairs.

Upstairs I had 3 boxes of books, then made note that I had 3 large color TV sets also, all in the same room. The TV sets were on the walls facing north, east, and south. The doorway was on the West wall.

The north TV had a computer program on it to choose whatever type car was best for you. By pressing the arrow keys, you could direct the program to choose the car.

The other two TVs had a duplicate program of two women discussing something, (Can't remember the subject)

NOTE: The name of the man who owned the books was Taylor.

(while picking up the books, the Asian doctor from apartment 116 was above me on a landing singing an I love you song). (The radio was playing while I was sleeping) I noted that when the man was singing he didn't have a foreign accent.)


8-28-93 - DREAM - I was scraping a thick coating of black linoleum off of the kitchen fllor of my house which I had just moved into. Underneath was a beautiful green linoleum floor that matched the bedroom.

I was changing my day schedule around so I could do my outside job and take care of my house too.

I was also taking responsibility for two black girls who were in jail for committing crimes. One of them had Eppstein Barr Syndrome like me so I understood why she had no energy and the other one had a boyfriend who was in a gang that committed violent crimes against society. I was going to wash their clothes, give them advice when I could and help to keep them on the straight and narrow so they could become productive citizens.


8-29-93 - DREAM - I was working at A-C. I was told that they were going to go on strike over trash and pollutants that went into the ground that weren't disposed of properly. At 12:30 p.m. there was a meeting/rally and we all lined up and went to it. We all took our lunches to it.

I read a book while I was waiting for the meeting to start. At the end of lunch, I cleaned out my purse and ended upwith 4 tiny pills. I didn't want to throw them in the trash becuse there was a brown dog there and those 4 pills would have killed him, so I just held them in my hand.

The program began. It as very amatuerish and before they were into it 5 minutes, eight women, all dressed in black from an ultra-conservative religious group, got up, chanted something derogatory at the piano player and marched out. A man came along and interviewed some of us about what we thought of the woman's protest. I said it was stupid and all the others agreed.

I looked at a clock on the wall then. It said 1 p.m. and I knew it was Southwestern time.