8-5-94 - DREAM - A woman who lived in my apartment building was living in a place where everything was various shades of purple. She said she wanted to buy something that was the color taupe. I told her that there was no point to it because it would look a shade of purple anyway.


8-5-94 - DREAM - I started to work in a new business just opening up. It was a real estate office. I sat down at a desk and the boss gave me a set of keys. These were all new desks, nothing had ever been used before. I opened the desk drawer and it was full of packages of cookies. Every drawer was full of packages of cookies. I looked over at my new boss and his desk was full of cookies and he was eating them as fast as he could.


8-14-94 - DREAM - I was laying down on the back seat of a big station wagon.  I was being driven to a huge farm that was a place to admire...a successful operation. The car stopped in the middle of the road and everyone got out. I questioned what was going on. I couldn't see very well like my eyes were half shut. I was told, "We have to get out of here."  From what I could see, we were on a huge flat plain, not even any hills. I was thinking Iowa/Illinois. There were beautiful green growing farms in every direction. I couldn't figure out why we had to get out of the car and walk. I reached back inside the car to retrieve my glasses. Then I saw why. Off in the distance were huge fires with huge flames shooting way up into the sky. The smoke was so thick. I knew there would be no air to breathe. I said, "Wouldn't we better off inside the car? The answer was, "No! We have to get out of here.

So we began walking. We had to make a right turn to get to the place where we were going and when we did we had to go through a light brown walled building. The road was very narrow. I could see that cars, trucks and busses couldn't make it through here. Then the wood part ended and the walls were yellow painted plaster as it took a slightly more right turn.

Then we came out into the sunshine again and we were in a place that looked like an experimental garden place where all kinds of vegetables and flowers were being grown. Ahead of me were other sightseers.

Along the road the soil was very black and in one section there was written a set of instructions. Only the top one was readable, but  I couldn't make it out.  All the rest had been erased by hand as they had been completed.

I knew where  I was now because I had been told by someone how difficult the place was to get to. Just as I thought that, a friend and co-worker came walking down the road with his wife. He said, "Good for you," like he was proud that I had finally made it there.

I went through a forested area and saw ahead of me the steepest road I have ever seen in my life. I was glad I was ahead of my family at this point because I could take my time walking up the hill without getting too out of breath and half killing myself.

The road was roughly paved for good traction and to prevent soil erosion.

I climbed the hill very slowly. It was so steep, I wondered how others would make it. Just as I was getting to the top, my family came hopping and skipping up the hill like it was nothing. My husband came along, clutching his left arm to his side in pain. He said, "I took a sidetrack, but I finally made it. I'll tell you about it later."

I turned around to face the road again and finally reached the top of the hill. Just as I reached the top, a big four wheeler vehicle came to the crest of the hill and turned on it's lights so people would see it coming down the hill into the dust and smoke below.

The road leveled out and ahead of me was a huge farm and against the hills was a magnificent  immense building. It looked black and white, but was actually black and glass. In the center, standing another story higher than the extensions was a pyramid shape with huge glass windows on the slopes and the rest of the building which went out in various extensions were all covered with glass also.

There were many people up here which I took to be tourists who paid to see this magnificent creation.


8-22-94 - MEDITATION -I went to a room on the mental level. It was up a very large step from where I was. I followed a man up into this room which was made out of wood. In the room there was a gathering of other people. There were mostly men but there was at least one woman. They said in unison, "We have to kill the stone plan."


8-24-94 - DREAM - I received mail addressed to PROFIT HOMES BB'S.


8-24-94 - DREAM - I was working for Tom in the locksmith business. I finished everything there was to do. I knew I had to decide what else I could do to earn money and knew my own business... Camelot Management was what it was.


8-26-94 - DREAM - I was in a hospital visiting a woman I thought was a nurse. She got into a discussion with a man who owed her some money. She wanted to hold something of value from him until he paid her. I had a locker there. He took two cards off the top of a dick of cards which was the only thing I had in the locker. The cards were two black jacks. He gave the two cards to the woman. I looked at the deck and told him that I had to have the cards or I couldn't use the deck. He said he would replace the deck for me so I would have a deck to use. The other woman who had the two Jacks left to go buy me a Tarot deck.

In the meantime a male doctor came along and asked me if I was ready to take the woman's place while she was gone. I said, "Yes!" without thinking about it. Then I saw him open a door and realized he was the head surgeon and she was a surgeon, not a nurse.

I knew  I could not perform surgery so had to hide out in a different hallway so the doctor couldn't call me into the operating room to do surgery.

The young woman came back, but instead of a deck of cards, she brought me an automatic shuffler dealer contraption made out of metal which looked like a shoe horn with extensions. The young woman had gotten it wet, so the instructions were wet and unreadable. So I had to hide out because I still didn't have to two black Jacks for my deck.


8-28-94 - DREAM - The house is not to have a basement. It is to be built entirely on top of the ground. It is to be built on top of natural hot water springs which will be used for heat and hot water.  Stone is not to be used from the land itself which is to be left undisturbed. If stone is needed, use concrete building blocks which are identical in structure stone to stone.


9-17-94 - DREAM  - We were working on the plans for our house and community and drawing them all up on squared paper in fine detail. While we were working on that, T.M. brought in a clock that he was constructing. It had a white face with no writing or printing on. It was constructed in three parts and was not quite done. The face had an upper third, lower third and center third and he finished putting it together when he came to see the plans we were drawing. I thought the stem where the hands fitted on were too awfully short. They would have to be fitted on carefully so as not to drag on the face. T.M. did not bring the hands of the clock with him at this point, so the clock could not be started until T.M. brought the hands for the clock.


9-17-94 - DREAM - There was a lottery contest going on with the prize to be a huge square cut ruby. I figured I didn't have a chance in a million of winning it, so I didn't give it a second thought. But then the prize committee came to the house with the ruby. I was so excited. I was jumping up and down with joy. They pinned it into my hair at the base of my skull where the dent in the head begins. My hair was also reddish colored so I thought the ruby wouldn't be very noticeable, so I put my hand to the back of my head to assure myself it was really there. It was an immense sized stone for a ruby. At least 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch high and 1/2 inch wide, square cut.


9-19-94 - DREAM - I was looking at a map for plots of land to build our house. I was shown a huge farm plot and there was more than one type of housing plotting on it. One the road frontage was two different shaped plots for housing. Further back on the farm was a plot for our house and it was Octagonal shaped. Off to the right was another rectangular plot and in back of that, another plot attached to it that about 8 trailers could be parked on it. So the house was centrally located and the farm land was behind all the housing plots.


9-24-94 - DREAM - I was in the backyard of my 16th St. house. There was a lot of water from melting snow around the yard, so I had to find the easiest way through it to get to the front door. I went around to the front and saw that my Father's car was parked out in front and it wasn't locked. I went up the front stairs and saw that the front door was unlocked and that there was a copy of Reader's Digest on a little table by the door. I picked up the magazine and took it inside with me. My Mother was there. I said, "Did you know that Father's car is parked outside and it is not locked? She handed me something metal that was silver and said, "Go ahead and drive it, because if you don't, the black people will."  She said, "The key hole is 14" deep and all they have is one 7" and you know that Sears only makes house keys."