AUGUST, 1995

8-5-95 - DREAM - I held a blank white piece of paper up to my eyes, and with my eyes open, a circle spot apeared in the unfocus of my eyes. Within that ciircle, a vision appeared.

If I asked for #78, it would repeat itself. I was even able to show the vision to someone else by asking for #78 and handing the piece of paper to the other person. It oculd on be done twice though. By the 3rd time of asking for #78, a new vision appeared.

8-5-95 - DREAM - In my New Berlin house, I went to the stairs to go upstairs and found a tiny infant child clinging to the wall and trying to get upstairs. I wasn't certan if I had given birth to it, or if osmeone else had, but I said I would take care of it until someone else claimed it.

8-15-95 - DREAM - I was hired by a man named Richard, a handsome dark haired, blue eyed dude, to work in a bar/restaurant. I was to be like a general overseer/manager of the household as well as the kitchen staff, not actually to work in the restaurant.

We began to have a relationship and we were quite taken with each other. The first time I spent the night, which was more a friendly get-together with the whole family, including several children, we sat around on the floor and played with the children's toys.

There was an indication that the war games using soldiers and tanks and guns were to be kept separate (on the left) from his interests which he kept hidden in a stuffed elephant, but I found and pulled out into the open .. his love of little animals, little airplanes, and children.

He had a radio there, which he communicated with which I tried to use, but was difficult to keep tuned in. His was very old fashioned, (like the 40's) with just a little lighted square opening at the top.

He, himself, dressed like a gangster, dark blue shirt and pants with white belt and shoes.

I had never stayed away from home over night before, and feeling guilty how I was going to explain this to my parents who lived right down the street in the next block, I went into the bathroom to wash up.

Suddenly, two dark skinned guys barged right into the house which was kept purposely in absolute squalor and came into the bathroom, flashing knives and gang signs, talking about drugs and money and a deal going down.  Even the children knew enough to not look at them because their lives would be in danger if they could recognize them.

I followed suit and did the same, though I got a good look at them first - dark skin, dark flashing eyes, black hair, long, thinnish faces, no facial hair, no glasses.  I thought they were Puertorican, but second thinking makes me think Arab.

After they left, I was frightened enough to tell Richard that I didn't think our relationship could work out because of his secret activities. He was obviously a double agent. He told me not to worry because they wouldn't be back until labor day when they came into New York City by plane with the drug shipment.

The gang signs that I saw used were an upheld hand with three fingers together with the little finger separated out and a closed fist with the thumb sticking through and out under the closed fingers.

(I've never seen gang signs before and I found these two signs to be difficult to do, but they did them easily)

The address of the house was 2519 N. 16th Place and they made certain to note that it was 16th Place and not 16th Street. It was a little white house, very shabby, and unkempt, inside as well as outside. This was done deliberately and kept that was for appearances sake, and I knew that Richard had another splendid house somewhere out in the suburbs where he had excellent taste and spent his money of which he obviously had a lot.