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This classic dream usually comes to people who lead productive, responsible lives. It is all the more upsetting or distressing for precisely that reason. In most instances the neglected baby is the Jungian archetype of the divine child. The infant represents aspects of the dreamer's self that are neglected or ill-defined. It might seem funny to write in our waking-life appointment book "reserve time for self-exploration," but, in order to be healthy and whole, that is exactly what we have to do. (Even if it looks like the height of laziness or irresponsibility from the point of view of the waking ego, which is driven to make the most of every precious moment.) This dream informs you that ignoring one's deepest spiritual needs and desires is the truly irresponsible activity--as irresponsible as agreeing to look after a baby, and then forgetting about it.

(c) Jeremy Taylor, 1996



by J. Mason

Dreams of twins remind me of a symbolism spoken about in the book, "Valis," by Philip K. Dick. It is fiction, but based on the author's real experiences of being "bombarded" by messages from the spirit.

The part I am referring to is in the back of the book, where he listed some of the messages. The one called, "Two Source Cosmogony," tells of The One generating "a diploid sac which contained, like an eggshell, a pair of twins, "each an androgyny, spinning in opposite directions (the Yin and Yang of Taoism, with the One as the Tao)."

I believe a bicycle can also symbolize the "androgyny," that is, the duality of male-female. In this case, though, the wheels spin in the same direction. I wrote about the bicycle symbol back in 1992, at:


To go on - "The plan of the One was that both twins would emerge into being simultaneously; however, motivated by a desire to be, the counterclockwise twin broke through the sac and separated prematurely; i.e. before full term.

This was the dark or Yin twin. Therefore it was defective. At full term the wiser twin emerged. Each twin formed a unitary entelechy, a single living organism made of psyche and soma...The full term twin, called Form I by Parmenides, advanced correctly through its growth stages, but the prematurely born twin, called Form II, languished."

It goes on to tell how the healthy twin sends micro-forms of itself into our world, such as Jesus, attempting to heal the defective twin.

You can find a little about this at:


These dreams say something important about the human race.



9-25-88 - DREAM - I had just moved into a new house. The hallways were dripping from the rain and I was running around trying to find dry hats for my children. But they refused to wear them. I noticed then that the rain had stopped and the clouds were hanging low but there was blue sky all around the edges. One son went off on a date. Another son was dating a grey haired teacher. I felt guilty for not accomplishing much yet in this house, but I had been busy preparing for it, moving furniture and cleaning. I couldn't find my daughter. Someone told me she was babysitting and the thought occurred to me that I could do that to earn some extra money. I went upstairs to see if my daughter was up there and she was. She was busy sewing and caring for my newest daughter Andrea Bauer. She was 10 months old and hadn't been fed yet. I looked at the baby and it was a grown man whose name was Andrew Dostoevsky. The baby approved of me when he saw me and then turned his face away again. I allowed my daughter to continue caring for the baby.

On 9-26-89 my dream told me I was 5 months pregnant. I gave birth to this child on 10-1-89. This gives you an idea how fast ideas and concepts can be developed.

9-26-89 - DREAM - My daughter was 4 months pregnant. She was wearing a brown maternity dress. Suddenly, the two other women in the rom turned around and made me put on the same dress my daughter was wearing.   I told them that it would never fit me. They said they were sure it would. It was made special to determine how pregnant you were. They pulled it down over my head and declared that I was 5 months pregnant. I knew that I felt 4 months pregnant, but that I wasn't showing that much. They took the dress off of me then, and I saw that it was now a black dress and had a panel of white lace down the front.  It was beautiful.

by Dee


10-1-89 - Dream: I was doing laundry by the colors. I was washing the red and blue first. Other women were looking at the red dresses and telling me they didn't need washing and they didn't need ironing. They were taking them away one by one. They didn't want me to be doing anything. They wanted me to rest so I wouldn't go into labor early. (I was very obviously pregnant)

The story they told was scary because the last women who had delivered early had four babies. One had a monstrous head, two were siamese and covered up and one had a big hole in it's head.

Outside, a bunch of kids were practicing shooting on a range, but they didn't know how to take turns. The cops were there too and they were too close and danger of getting shot or hurt.

The women kept telling me to go lay down so I wouldn't get upset and go into labor. I didn't want to tell them that I was already starting into labor, so I went to lay down.

by Dee


10-17-89 This child was born in a dream on 10-1-89.

DREAM: I was in a house carrying my infant wrapped loosely in a pink blanket. She was dressed all in white. My other children and I had to go home to my 16th St. house which was 4 blocks away. We were in a house on 20th St.

It was winter and it was very cold and snowy. We all pulled on gloves, but none of them matched, however they were all brown leather. But the baby didn't have any. The children said, "Don't worry, it'll go fast."

We went outside and there was a large singing group there singing Christmas Carols. The children wanted to pull the baby on a sled. At first it went okay, but they kept pushing the sled instead of pulling it and she kept getting ahead too far and was unprotected. Then, there were bare spots where there was no snow.

I told the children they had to pull the sled, but they wouldn't listen and the sled shot way ahead and slid into the street. I started screaming hysterically that a car would come and run over her. Then I saw that she was on the far sidewalk, but so was a blue car. It looked like he ran right over her. I rushed over there screaming hysterically and when I got there, I saw that the sled was up in some tree branches and the car couldn't have run over her.

But she was laying in a casket made of tree branches up against the picture window of a house. The tree was blooming around the casket with roses and the ends of the branches were trimmed into the shape of bluebirds. It was so beautiful. I said, "God even made her a casket". I started to cry and woke up crying for my dead daughter.

by Dee


10-29-89 Dream: I gave birth to another baby. Then I visited a daycare center where the babies were from 9 months old to 2 years old. It was obvious which babies were going to be the troublemakers of the future. So, I chose those babies to play with and make them laugh to try to change their outlook on life.

by Dee


6-20-90 - DREAM - I was in a car with other people and we heard and saw sirens and red lights from a squad car coming up from behind us. We didn't think we were doing anything wrong, but we started to pull off to the right. Then we could see two pickup trucks coming from behind us at a high rate of speed with police chasing them. We tried to get out of the way but the two trucks pulled over and crashed into each other right in front of us so we had to stop. The one truck was blue. I cannot remember the other one. A big man got out of each truck and began fighting with each other. They were wearing white with just a touch of color on the shirt sleeves. (Cannot remember what color) The other woman I was with and I tried to avoid being near the fighting men, but they seemed to gravitate our direction no matter where we stood. I noted that even though they were big, strong men, they weren't hurting each other, more just like getting each other's attention by poking at each other.

The other woman and I wanted to get away from this fight, so we went up to a house to hide in it. In that house, I saw a newspaper headline that said, "Woman gives birth to twins." The article related that the woman gave birth to a boy and a girl in unusual circumstances.

Then I felt like I dropped into a time warp and went into labor even though my stomach was flat. An ambulance came to take me to the hospital. We got there in record time. I wasn't even in bed yet and they had the gas mask up to my face to ease the pain, (of which I didn't feel any)  They rushed me into the birthing room and I was protesting the birth of the boy and girl twins. "No! It can't be me. No! It can't be me.'

by Dee


7-1-90 - DREAM - I had a royal baby. Her name was Cynthia. Right after she was born, she got on the telephone and said, "Hello Uncle Louie!"  The staff said, "Her name may be Cynthia, but she'll always be Cindy to me!"


8-19-91 - Dream: I went to a baptism at a church. The baptismal baby was in a crib and Satan stood nearby watching. The baptismal dress lay on a counter and it was full of lace. The lace was crocheted into words and it began, "Angel's Beware". I began to read the baptismal words and Satan started to holler and run off. I stopped reading and he came back. I read the words again and he hollered and ran off. As soon as I stopped reading he came back. I read just the words, "Angel's Beware" and he just laughed. He went away and came back with a picture of an angel with blue wings. He showed it to me and just laughed at me. Then I read the words of the baptism again and he ran off hollering.

by Dee


8-30-90 - DREAM - I went into labor and delivered a new baby, but nobody noticed, so I hung white newborn baby shoes over the stairway, leading to the basement. I thought about hanging keys there, but they would have hit people in the head, and that wasn't the effect I wanted.


9-2-90 - DREAM - I was with my husband. We had a little baby. Mhy husband wanted to take care of the baby himself but he couldn't handle it very well, so I took over but I couldn't keep the blankets on him.  I did the best I could and said I would make him a sleeping sack that he couldn't kick off. I lay the baby down to rearrange the blankets and the baby began to pee. I put a paper towel over it so he wouldn't get me, but the pee turned to blood. I knew that we had to get the baby right to the hospital.


Palmyra on Sun Mar 9,1997 - DREAM

Pod baby

The houses in my dreams are usually a compilation of places I have lived or visited, with a few funhouse-style rooms. In my strangest dream, I was living in a warehouse-style apartment with enormous windows and gauzy, white curtains.

I was arguing with past and present loved ones about whether or not I should go to a party. They kept saying "you can't go, you're pregnant!" I knew that I wasn't and I kept telling them so, but by the time we finished arguing I noticed that my belly had grown and I looked six months pregnant. I told them that pregnant women are allowed to go to parties and left on a bicycle.

When I got to the party no one I knew was there. A group of women with long hair came up and started touching my belly. I walked into another room and found the man who I knew lived there. When I tried to talk to him, I noticed that he was injecting a woman with a windex-like substance through a syringe.

I walked outside and I was suddenly in the driveway of my childhood house, and I could feel that I was about to give birth. The long-haired women ran after me and told me that they were all midwives. They crowded around me and laid me on the gravel driveway, telling me to "push," etc. I pushed and yelled and in a few minutes they handed me a vinyl sack with a zipper on it. I said "where's the baby?" And one told me "it's in there, it's not quite done yet." I unzipped the sack a little and saw that it was a big, sticky white pod. Other people came up and tried to touch it, telling me it was "beautiful," but their fingers were starting to get it dirty. So I zipped the bag back up, put it under my arm, and rode away on my bike. I have no idea what it meant.



Date: 97-11-30 - DREAM

In mid '80s I dreamed it was before dawn when I walked through a door into a very large room. The room was filled with many rows of nursery bassinets. There was an open door at the far end.This was a small room with a nurse busily writing at a desk. She was not watching all the babies & did not see me come into the room. There were no adults in the room. All the babies were wrapped in white & the cribs were all white. The nurse was in white.

I wandered through the room to see all the babies. They were all peacefully sleeping,but each was lying in a puddle of its own urine & excrement,all wet & dirty.

My heart went out to them. I knew dawn would soon be here. They would awaken cold & hungry. Since their caretaker nurse didn't seem to notice them,i quickly went from crib to crib & stripped & changed each one into fresh white soft dry garments. When they were all cozy & clean,the dawn was coming . They never knew i was there. They did not awaken then. The nurse never saw me. I knew i had to leave quickly & silently before dawn. I tiptoed across the room from where i came in & left through a nother door. I closed the door & awakened from the dream.

This was a special dream to me. I felt good. I left feeling satisfied that the little ones would be ok. I was a little miffed at the nurse's inattention to them..'mother'had changed the garments.

The 'cleansing of sleeping children minds' is done quietly & unseen. The clearing of the 'maya' is done before the dawn of awakening the children of the universe,who are to remember they are not youngsters. They will awaken hungry for spiritual food-nourishment,after such a long nap in darkness of reality. They will awaken as the 'christ consciousness'..many of ONE light. The 'nurses job was done for her. She had a lot of charges. She thought they were ok as long as they weren't crying. Getting the job done is what's important..not who does it.

From: bji@webtv.net (Jan)


This dream is about twin babies and eggs.

8-28-97 - Nightmare: I went to a house where an evil man lived. He abused his wife and family incessantly. He called his son "Alligator" and made him wear a green long brimmed hat like an alligator head. The evil man held out his son to me for me to kiss him. I kissed the child, despite getting bumped in the forehead with the brim of the hat.

When I arrived, everyone was in a good mood, laughing and enjoying my visit, but it seemed like they were overdoing it for my benefit. The wife especially was acting like she was actually crazed with fear and yet laughing so as to not show it to me.

I discovered that the 12 year old daughter had been raped by her father and had given birth to twin babies who were so premature, they were like cracked eggs flopped out in a pan. The daughter screamed..."They have no hands, they have no hands." But, when I picked up the babies, the cells for the hands were there, just not developed yet.

I picked up the babies and put them both in a box which I carried at stomach level. Inside the box was also a large egg standing upright. It was cracked jaggedly around the top. I opened the egg and saw two yolks inside which were still developing.

Quite a large crowd of people had gathered in the house by now. The wife was nearly hysterical with joy, yet I sensed her fear. She ran to get her husband to bring him in and I said, "If he harms anyone, I'll kill him." Two other men near me, heard me say that and showed me a small piece of paper with a note on it with some information about a plot to kill the evil man.

by Dee

See:  http://www.philipkdick.com/valis.htm


DREAM - 7-13-98 - I met my mother on the way to go shopping. My father had told her to go to the doctor. (My real mother is 82 years old and has never driven a car in her life) In the dream, my mother was in her early 30's and was driving the car and I was a passenger.

We got to a street where the road went up and around a curve to the left with a railing on the outside edge and I knew that the ocean was on the other side.

My mother refused to drive up that curving road with the railing, so she stopped in a grocery store parking lot to make a U turn and go back home. Where we turned around, I thought it looked familiar but I knew it probably wasn't.

So, we went back to the apartment building where I lived and went upstairs to the 3rd floor.

My mother went into an apartment (not mine) and lay down on a cot where she didn't know the people. she was very depressed that she wasn't able to do what my Father had told her to do.

I said to her, "C'mon Missy! You have things to do!"  But she didn't get up, so I had to go get the baby which was in another apartment and change his diaper. (I'm assuming it was my baby)

When I first picked him up, I recall that he was bare butted, and I just needed to put a diaper on him, but when I laid him on my King sized bed. Where I laid him down, a big bloody watery spot developed under him.

I knew he was overly wet and would probably even need a bath. He was now wearing a pajama type suit with feet. I moved him to another spot over to the right which became equally stained with watery blood.

So, I moved him to a third spot  (these made a triangle of bloody water spots) I went to remove his pajama suit and saw that there was no zipper on the front, so I rolled him over and unzipped the suit. It was all bloody and watery.

I sat him up to take his suit off and as the suit came off, his tongue came out of his mouth like a huge blood clot.  I got pretty grossed out and upset, but I then saw it was just his tongue and as I pulled his suit down off of him, gushes of bloody water poured out onto the floor.

I was really scared to find out that there was something wrong with the baby.  Then the baby spoke. He said, "It's just the amniotic fluid."

Then I realized I wasn't just changing his clothes, he was being born.

End of dream

by Dee


Birth Dreams

Birth of water and birth of spirit. Dream Birth is the emergence of the Self. Watch how this delivery happens in a series of dreams from a woman who takes us through pregnancy, birth, and post-natal mystery.

I'm with a younger man. There is a lot of love and acceptance with his friends and him. I am pregnant I am way up high on something.

A male helps me down gently. We sit at a table. Then it feels like we're going in a car. I reach out to hold the young man's hand. He is very happy that I reach out to him. We are so happy and in love.

I'm covering myself so no one notices me as I walk down the street pregnant. Seems I feel people will feel negative towards my pregnancy.

I see my mother. She is happy for me. She says: You can have the child I never had. She hugs me. F/36: 8.6.94

The bliss of love is shared between a man and a woman. Yet when she walks down the street she has to cover up her pregnancy. Whoes child is it? Mother is pleased. She knows the next generation (of consciousness?) will do what she couldn't.

I have given birth to a very little infant. A few days old. Women around me are R. and C (all very abused as little girls). Gathering paper and purse. Need to jump off a cliff. I won't do it. I can't see. F/36: 11.12.94

This dream is the third of four dreams in one month addressing the dreamer's giving birth. We know she has an actual fetus size tumor in her body. She is not going to jump off the cliff but she can't see either.

A woman is birthing a baby. She is on all fours on a table. The baby comes out effortlessly.

A woman in another room has a baby also.

The woman I assisted and I prepare a large feast for the family of the other woman. Elegant food, candles, linen tablecloth, dignified, wealthy family members are seated.

Just before we go to sit down, we are told we need to go across the street to get BLT's for ourselves. We are shocked that we are not invited to the feast we just prepared. F/36: 3.31.95

The dreamer has had several birth dreams where it is her baby. When the actual birth scene is depicted in the dream it is a woman on all fours. The third part of this silver dream involves a feast prepared by the woman who gave birth. The task part says they are not invited. Sound familiar? Isn't it time to go to the feast?

I have just given birth to a little baby girl. I am going to some kind of event in the snow, like a football game. I go by horse with my child.

I realize I did not feed her. In fact, I can't ever remember feeding her since her birth. I am so surprised at myself for being so incredibly neglectful. She may be malnourished, unable to develop. I am concerned for her life.

I am to meet my ex-husband there. It seems so difficult to take care of her and meet him and get home with car, horse, and child. The horse goes to bite me. It seems I haven't fed it either.

Another woman helps me with the child. I tell her I need desperately to bond with my child and ask her to please let me go to the next doctor's appointment for the baby so I can take on the role of mother. The woman is pleased to hear that. F/36: 5.15.96

This dream needs to be read many times until the beauty of its universal quality is seen. She has neither nourished the child nor the horse. It tries to bite her. The horse is generous, it could have trampled her. The other woman is still by her side though and is relieved to see that she will mother her (Self) child.


8-12-99 - I arrived at work and wasn't dressed yet. I had multiple jobs here.

I went into the bathroom to change clothes. The room was huge. I wanted to wash up a little before I put clean clothes on, so I went over to the sink, opened my robe and began to wash my breasts with blue soap. Both breasts were blue with soap when I noticed that the babies I had were waking up.

I looked at them closely. There were two sets of twin boys, one set about twice the size of the other, but all were infants. I checked their diapers and all of them were pooped with yellow infant smeary stuff. They were all wearing what I called tube diapers; they were long and narrow. The babies didn't seem unhappy, but I thought they'd be happier if I fed them while they were waiting to have their diapers changed while I got the blue soap washed off of my breasts first.

I planned to get each one a 4 ounce bottle of milk. I knew they could hold the bottles themselves and would be content until I took care of them. The problem was they were close to the edge of the bed and even if I put them in the center, they might roll off while I was retrieving the milk for them.

I decided to finish washing first, change clothes, and then do that because I could watch them while I washed and then take them all with me.

I went back to the sink to finish washing my breasts when Joe's son Michael walked into the room and he changed the babies' diapers for me. That was such a tremendous help.

While I was still washing my breasts, there was a lot of blue soap on them; a little boy and his mother walked in. The little boy was complaining that there was nothing to read in the library. I asked him, "Have you read every book in the library?"  

He said, "Yes!" I said, "I'll bet I can find one you haven't read."  I went over to the children's section for grade appropriate books and picked out a somewhat beginners book written in French. It looked a little difficult but it had pictures in it, so I pointed out that if he looked at the words where the pictures were, he could teach himself to read French. He thought that was an okay idea. So they took the book and left.

So, I went back to the bathroom to finish washing. I saw my pink bathrobe by the sink and I got dressed. I was now wearing a yellow tunic with light green culottes.

I went into another room and three men walked in. One of them had just been to the doctor and the doctor had given him two months to live. (I've tried to remember who this is and it seems like someone I know very well, but I can't remember his name. It might have been my ex-brother-in-law.)  He was a very heavy smoker and I was thinking that maybe it was a good thing to quit smoking, but I looked to my right and my Father was standing there. He picked up a cigarette, lit it, took a deep drag and blew the smoke out. I got the picture. My Father was telling me that there was no point to quitting smoking. It was too late to make any difference anyway.


4-24-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building. Two black women came to see an apartment. They were mother and daughter. I was showing them apartment 213, a one bedroom apartment. The daughter said she would really like to live in #230. I told her it was available and I would show it to her. I got the keys for the apartment and the daughter said, "Oh! I know how to do that!" She grabbed the keys from me ... each key was different. She knew which key opened the door, but the lock had been turned upsidedown on this particular door and she didn't know how to fit the key into the slot. So, I opened the door and let them in.

I hadn't been in this apartment since it had been vacated and I saw that the painter had already put his 5 gallon bucket of white paint in the kitchen, ready to paint it, but he hadn't started it yet. I walked ahead towards the bathroom and saw that the bathroom was fully furnished with numerous washcloths, towels, blankets, and bedding for the beds. The bedding was all in a deep rose color. All the washcloths were single colored but all shades of pastel, blue, pink, yellow, green, etc. The towels were all baby blue. I gathered up all the washcloths and towels to take with me as I wanted them for myself.

I walked back into the livingroom where the two black women stood. They thanked me for showing them the apartment but had decided they would take apartment 213 afterall. I knew they couldn't afford this larger two bedroom apartment.

I took them back out into the hall and they left. I went into either my own apartment or another apartment and found an infant child in a closet in a white wicker basket. It was wrapped in swaddling clothes. I began to open the swaddling clothes and then anointed the infant with oil, knowing that the people who were coming for him would be upset because they were going to have to hold him up by his heels and he would be slippery. There was so much love felt while I was doing this. I did his legs first, then his body, and then his shoulders. I saw that his eyes weren't open yet, but he was trying to open his right eye and there was like a white film over the opening and he couldn't yet get it open. I then wrapped him up and left him there for the people who were coming for him.

I went back out into the hallway and from around the T intersection at the end of the hallway ; this huge ominous feeling thing which looked like a 6 masted ship made of huge red billowing bags was coming around the corner. I knew that there was no room for anyone or anything else in this hallway, so I ducked into another apartment to wait for it to go by. I said, "I don't even want to see this." However, there were doors ajar along the hallway and I would have to see it go by.

The red masted ship or whatever it was stopped as I could see there was a lot of cleaning equipment standing in the hallway and it would have to be moved. A slim smaller sized man who was the maintenance man came along the hallway and went past where I was and hollered into another apartment ... "I hear you calling for help, but I can't tell where you are."

There was no answer that I could hear, but the maintenance man was going to have to find the person calling for help before he could finish moving that 6 masted ship down the hall.

Somewhere in that dream or perhaps in another dream, I was a teacher of small children and I was walking down a hallway with pencil cases in my hands, singing a little song I was going to teach the children. I had taught this little song to many classes of children. It began, "I had a little pencil and it wrote a little word. .... "

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