We are talking about the proper balance between spiritual work, and physical activity. Many, many people who are on the physical plane and then get on the Spiritual Path feel that anything that they do on the physical is not holy, that they have to devote all their time and all their attention to working on the spiritual.

This is not true. They need to have both. Integration of the physical and the spiritual is needed. It is by this balance of the physical that seekers can proceed ahead spiritually. Otherwise, it may be very lopsided & might be a false spirituality, an unbalanced spirituality.

The more seekers are physically grounded in the physical world, the higher they can grow spiritually. This is a duality that goes on all time. It is because you are physical beings that you need this physical work and activity to stay grounded, to stay balanced, to help you grow.

There cannot be a rise in spirituality without a corresponding rise in the physical.

There is a fine balance between the two. People can go overboard thinking they are going higher and becoming more spiritually evolved, when in essence if they are doing too much meditation or spiritual practices and not enough physical activity, it takes away from their spiritual growth and unbalances them, sets them back, detours them until the physical can catch up.

It is like the spiritual level goes very high and the physical level is lagging behind. This may cause bumps in the road.

Often sincere seekers who are on the metaphysical/spiritual path, feel they have to give up their jobs in order to do grow full time. Often those who have done this have become unbalanced. There needs to be a right amount of work in the physical level too.

Seekers may become very grounded by doing physical work. In the work place this is also true, because you are thrown in with all kinds of different people on all different levels.

The reason that this is good is that it strengthens one. It helps to come into other peoples' vibrations and to not just be with those who think like you, talk like you, and act like you.

It makes one stronger to come into contact with beings of different vibrations, some harmonious and some not. It teaches us how to function in these situations with humanity.

When the hard times hit, there will be many who are screaming for help. These may be the ones who have no spiritual basis, or knowledge, or experience.

It is time now to get in the flow of this stream of thinking. How will you relate to others like this?

If you remember back about Christ, He did not hide away and live in a cave and teach His disciples. He was out in the masses.

Yes, He did go away to get recharged spiritually, He needed His times alone, but then He came back out into the masses. He had the balance on both levels.

Physical work is balancing. One need not spend all of their time in spiritual processes. If a person goes out in the physical world as hard as it is, as uncomfortable as it is, this brings a greater strength and helps seekers go even higher even faster in their spiritual life, in their spiritual growth, in their spiritual practices.

This is an essential point because it is good to stay balanced, to be in the physical world, to be working on personal problems and blockages as they come up and not just bury them. To not to be in denial and say: "these things are not spiritual."

What is being said here is this: To grow Spiritually, it is also necessary to live in the real world and have both feet firmly planted on the ground.

This saying is funny and true: "Don't be so heavenly bound that you are no earthly good."

It is an appropriate statement. There has to be an equal balance in the physical world.

It is good to go about your business, go the grocery store, to work, pay bills, deal with people who are uncomfortable to deal with and yet keep going in your spiritual practices, in your relationship to God and your Spiritual Growth.

This duality brings inner connection and inner communion. God is with you all the time. It is most possible to be connected spiritually all the time, and yet be balanced in the physical world.

It is wise to not go overboard. Please realize that balance is the way to grow spiritually higher and faster.

Sometimes when people start on the Spiritual Path they tend to shun everything in the physical. This is a handicap to growing.

Too much meditation does not bring balance. You are physical beings in a physical world. You must deal with the reality of the physical world. This is why working keeps people grounded. This is also why doing things in the physical, whether it is house cleaning or lawn mowing, painting, washing dishes, taking a shower, working on the computer, etc. is grounding.

This grounding brings integration and balance into the spiritual levels. The right amount of grounding brings wonderful balance and helps to bring one higher and faster to the spiritual levels that are being sought in the first place.

To be a part of the world but not of it, it is very important to stay grounded by not getting so unbalanced and detached that you are not residing on the planet.

(Copyright 1998 Rev. Mary)