UFOR: Balducci 1,Russo 0

Date: 98-04-24


From: Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Debunker Russo has been contacted by the American debunker community, and, as expected, has attacked the report on Monsignor Balducci's statements that the Church acknowledges extraterrestrial life, and that it is not demonic nor a case of possession, nor an artifact of psychological aberration..

I stand by my sources, whose credibility is extremely high. And noted author Whitley Strieber's concurring public posting is very welcome.  

Corrado Balducci explained me in detail that he is just one of the thousands theologists in Italy

Monsignor Balducci's humility is touching. But signore Russo's ignorance of the inner political workings of the Church poorly equips him to conduct such an inquiry. Further, his debunker attitude would clearly evoke a most guarded reaction from a wise and loyal cleric like Monsignor Balducci.

Moreover, no such thing as a "Vatican theologist" does exist:

A theologian who serves on a quiet Vatican commission can certainly be identified as a Vatican theologian.

Signore Russo admits what was in my report, that Monsignor Balducci has five times over the last several years presented on Italian television the fact of extraterrestrials, and that Catholic teaching is that they have souls, and are not demons, etc.

On the contrary, Monsignor Balducci spoke to the clinician, my informant, about serving on such a  commission. Evidently it is a most delicate commission, and the Monsignor did not feel he could discuss it with someone pursuing controversy like signore Russo.

Monsignor Balducci's response about the Papal Nunciatures (embassies) having other things to report to the Vatican is certainly true, and a carefully-worded reply. The rest of what Russo attributes to the Monsignor displays either misunderstanding the delicacy of the matters Russo was intruding into, or Russo's naivete, or wishing to hear what Russo wanted to hear. The Vatican, which is in quiet communication with other major world powers about the extraterrestrial presence, would hardly consider extraterrestrial contact "unimportant", as Russo would have us believe.

No one said that Monsignor Balducci wrote and presented a document to the Vatican. Thus Russo's disclaimer is pointless, and demonstrates his desperation to discredit this report.

In other words, signore Russo admits that Monsignor Balducci has declared that UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts are real.

Signore Russo claims to be quoting Monsignor Balducci, (for which Russo presents no evidence.) It is clear that the Monsignor was expressing himself in a most guarded fashion around the debunker, for the Monsignor has openly declared on Italian television that extraterrestrials are a certainty.

Monsignor Balducci declared on Italian television that the Church's teaching is that extraterrestrials are certain, have souls, are not demons, and are likely to be more advanced spiritually. In so proclaiming, Monsignor Balducci quoted the core theologian authority of the Church, Saint Thomas Acquinas.

Anyone who studies Vatican behavior knows that if Monsignor Balducci was speaking against what the Church wants its followers to believe, he would have been silenced faster than you can say Hans Kung. Debunker Russo misses the point of the trial balloon the Church is sending up by allowing Monsignor Balducci to make benign declarations and affirmations about extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial contact as teachings of the Church. Given the powerful, internationally-driven UFO Cover-Up, the Vatican is neither able nor willing to take an international stance about its activity vis-a-vis extraterrestrial research at this early juncture in the process of world powers gradually conditioning their populations to the fact of extraterrestrial contact.

If signore Russo is holding out for Pope John Paul announcing as an infallible doctrine, televised on CNN for all the world to hear, that extraterrestrials have made contact, he shall have to wait a while.

But he remembers having released a TV interview to Michael Hesemann, last year, and telling the same opinions of his, reported above. He wondered if that might be the original source, though largely deformated

My sources are independent of Michael Hesemann's interview with Monsignor Balducci, but Mr. Hesemann's corroborative report is welcome.

I stick by my sources. My central informant noted that this whole matter was quite delicate, and that it remained to be seen just how on-the-record Monsignor Balducci could be, once this report got to an international audience and created controversy. Her prediction was quite accurate, it turns out.

Naturally, the UFO Cover-Up is very disturbed that even a territorially-limited and "trial balloon" declaration by as significant an authority as the Catholic Church could get out. But it has.

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