Date: 97-10-16 18:26:01 EDT

Hello All:

I had a wonderful dream of freeing mankind from imprisonment from religious dogma. 20th St. school was my elementary school in real life, and the Father figure represents God.

Love, Light, and Joy


10-15-97 - THE DREAM

I was at 20th St. school in the basement. It was dark down there and there was a man imprisoned down there by my Father.

We were all so afraid of my Father, we all perpetuated the imprisonment. But, in my heart I knew that it wasn't right for the man to be imprisoned and I planned to make it possible for the man to escape by the coming weekend.

My Father was out somewhere taking care of some business and while he was out I turned on the light in the basement and discovered how filthy dirty everything had become after years and years of being in the dark.

I began to give my children small tasks to do to clean up their favorite things.

My son Tom had a 5 gallon glass jug full of smaller jugs each with a colored rock in it. It was dirty inside. I asked him, "What do you think it would look like if you ran water in there and washed the dirt out?" A gleam of understanding came into his eyes and he set about to do as I suggested.

My sister saw some flat rubber animal toys on a bookcase shelf full of grime. To me they were dumb toys, but she treasured them so I told her to take them and wash them off.

Other people began to come in and see things in the basement that they wanted to take care of and clean up that my Father had laid claim to but had been neglected in the dark. Now that the light was on, the people would clean the treasures up now that they could see what treasures there were.

Very soon, there wasn't much left for my Father to hoard and we could see that the man's imprisonment was so wrong. I was determined to set the man free.

I knew my Father would come in any moment and when he did, he was in a dark visage. I lured him up to the second floor and he undressed to his nightclothes of white. I could see his old age was showing and his hair was white.

I pretended to make nice-nice with Him and when he thought everything was going to be wonderful...I put Him on hold... I said, "Hang on just a second", and bolted for the door.

I ran down the stairs to the basement. My fear of my Father was gone. I knew we all deserved to be imprisoned ourselves for having long term knowledge of the man's imprisonment, but I was determined to set the man free "NOW" and unlocked the door to his cage.

In seeing that I wasn't afraid of my Father, all the other's began to lose their fear and started to do what was right on their own.

Then my Father appeared in the doorway, again in His dark visage. He had discovered my ploy and began acting like He was going to kill me. I started to act defensive in my old response and soon discovered he didn't really intend to harm me because his weapon was blunted and soft on the end and we merely foisted and parried in a pretend duel.

Everyone else has stood by in fear while this was going on. My Father stopped parrying with me and left to take care of some other business, and as soon as he took His eyes off of us, I picked up my Father's old bent up rods of iron, and His limp yellow measuring tape and ran out into the darkness outside the building to find the nearest trash can to put them in.

Immediately, when I broke free, everyone else bolted free too and started hauling out of the basement their favorite treasures and took them out into the light of day to take them home. My son Tom brought out a black horse tied down on top of a red wagon.

I discovered that as soon as I lost my fear of my Father and in setting the man free, I had set "everyman" free as well. EOD.

Love, Light, and Joy



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