Date:	97-10-08 12:37:00 EDT

From:	Dee777

Hi All:

Let me preface this dream by saying that I don't think

this dream was meant just for me, but for 'everyman'. 

That means you should pick out the part you feel 

comfortable in, put yourself into this dream, and do 

your part too.  I believe that this dreams explains all 

the reasons why I am where I am now, why I've gone 

through everything I've gone through in life   

We can all find our places in this dream.

Love, Light & Joy,   



I went to the hotel I was going to manage.  

There didn't seem to be any bosses to ask questions of, 

but there were lots of people with needs and who needed 

help. Nobody was being fed to start with. I went to the 

kitchen and found meat half ground up for sausage, but 

the machine was dirty, the sausage half dried up. 

I cranked the handle once and it was a mess, the old 

dried up meat was mixed with the new meat. I knew I'd 

have to throw out all the old meat and start over fresh.

For every task that needed a machine, I saw 100 machines 

standing there waiting to be used to do the job, but 

there was nobody doing the jobs and the machines were 

old and antiquated and not up to the task of the modern 

day life style.

Every time someone came up to me, I had to find a 

solution to the problem, find a machine to do the job 

and find a person who could do the job.  This went on 

for hours and hours and I saw hundreds and hundreds of 

types of machines.  They were all white and all lined 

up waiting for workers to turn them on to do their job.

I went upstairs and looked out the window where the sun 

was shining brilliantly.  I felt like I had been asleep 

for years.  I heard water running in the bathroom. I 

looked at the clock and saw that it was 9:30 a.m. and 

my mother was in the bathroom getting washed up to start 

the day and she had needs to be taken care of.

I went back downstairs feeling quite naked and undressed 

for work.  A woman brought me a beautiful heavy brocade, 

multicolored robe to put on that one of her ancestors 

had worn.  It was really heavy but when I put it on, it 

fit perfectly like it was made for me, and it felt 

wonderful to wear it. 

Three women came up to me.  One of them was black.  

They began to sing a song about God and how God had 

said he would provide a wagon for every task that needed 

doing.  In my mind I knew that I had had a dream earlier 

in the night about a wagon my children had brought me 

full of books and I knew that if I looked in the 

Concordance to the Bible I'd find the answers to my 

dreams in that way because the symbolism was in the 


I took the black woman by the hand, and she in turn 

took the hand of the next woman, and that woman in turn 

took the hand of the next woman.  They continued singing 

about God, and I led them to the next room where my baby 

was being cared for.

I went into the room where my baby was and asked for the 

baby.  The woman caring for the baby had him wrapped in 

a black towel. I took the baby from her to hold him. She 

started to hand me all kinds of other things to care for 

him, a pink diaper bag and hundreds of bottles of formula. 

I said, "No!  You can keep all those things and throw 

away all the old formula, I will be feeding the baby 

from my own breast and nurse him back to health. 

I told the singers to stand there and keep singing their 

songs and carried the baby with me to the kitchen where 

people were lining up to be fed.

There were workers appearing now also, and I gave each 

one a small task to do and overall the first step towards 

feeding the people would get done.

I heard a lion roar out the window and saw a magnificent 

lion roaring, sensing danger over the hill which was 

quite near. I knew there wasn't much time to get done 

what had to be done because something was on the other 

side of that hill coming towards us that we needed to be 

prepared for.

A man came and asked me for help. He said he needed a 

train engine to perform a particular task. I told him 

that all the trains we had were too old for the task, 

but I'd get him a new modern engine to handle the job.  

At that moment, I knew why I had spent the last 11 years 

learning how to problem solve, because no matter what 

the problem was, I knew how to find the solution to it. 

I asked the man to bring me the yellow pages from the 

phone book, intending to find a train engine manufacturer, 

to make a new engine for the man.

Then I asked another person where the light switch was 

for the hotel and I went over and pushed the button 

and all the lights came on.  We were now ready to start 

the day's work. 


To begin with, Joe and I are setting up an international internet 

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the coming Great Earth Changes. The other interrelated

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We will be looking for other people to participate 

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The more people participate, the faster we will be 

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picture. I hope a lot of you who see this letter and

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We'll look forward to hearing from you. You can 

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Please pass this dream and letter on to as many people

as you feel led to, and have others do the same. Our

goal is to solve the puzzle and we need lots of help.

Thanks in advance.

Love, Light, and Joy,

Dee and Joe

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