white horse

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start date July 20, 2011
Today's date June 9, 2012
page 238


6-9-12 - MEDITATION:  I had my eyes closed and asked spirit if they had anything new for me.

I suddenly saw a bare tree with a white horse tied to it with ropes out at the end of a big branch

.  The voice said, "This is the first horse."

NOTE:  I'm embarrassed to say that it took me a long time to figure this one out. :-)

I've dreamed about white horses for a long time, so have others, and the most prominent white horse is in the book of Revelation but that one is 'not' the first white horse, not even inn the book of Revelation.  So I knew that the first white horse was not Jesus, and the fact that he was tied to a tree and just hanging there disturbed me too. I even toyed with the idea that this white horse was a Native American Indian, but such was not th case so here is who he is.