START DATE jULY 20, 2011


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8-24-12 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house in the alley, lookiing at three piles of spike-screws that had been removed from the side of the house by a workman who was preparing the house for repainting.  One of the piles of spike screws were about 8 inches long and brilliant silver like they had just been polished. I wanted to make sure we saved those.

Then the Mexican workman brought down from the chimney a red basket that had red posies growing in it that depended strictlyy on rain and sunshine to take care of it, and in this basket of posies was a fully grown cat and badger which had beautiful brown fur on them.

The foreman, who was dark-haired wondered why the cat and the badger were up on the roof of the house living in the basket attached to the chimney, and I said, "That's nothing!  On our property on the other side of the street, we have 14 of them. "

At that point, I entered the garage from the alley, which was in two sections.  In each section there was a large iron box that supposedly was two furnaces removed from the basement, but they looked like kilns or heat-treating boxes used in a large factory.  They were almost as large as the garage itself.  My daughter was there looking at those.

I then went to the basement, where the sunshine was streaming in through the basement window brightly.  Leaning against the basement wall was a series of six red and gold diamond metallic plaques that had British figures on them.

The black-haired man was with me, and asked, "Where is the 7th - the King Arthur one?

Each of these diamond shaped plaques were made of alternating red and gold diamonds, each siamond being about an inch tall with a King or prince pictured on the large diamond, and they had been attached to our house with the silver screw-spikes on the second and third story of our house, all facing south where they caught the perpetual sunshine during the day.  But nobody paid any attention to them because they were so high up on the house.  Now that they were in the basement with the sun shining on them, I could see how brilliant they were, and I knew that the Mexican man was trying to steal our treasures because we didn't know what we had.

Then we spotted the King Arthur plaque, right in the center - the 7th red and gold plaque.  We still had all our treasusres.