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crop circle comparison - Italy

crop circle Porino Italy


crop circle comparison Porino, Italy - 2012


A new crop picture at Santena near Poirino in Italy on June 17, 2012 shows a similar style to two previous crop pictures at Poirino in June 2010 or June 2011. It is also one of the cleverest astronomical diagrams to be drawn in crops since Avebury Manor of July 2008!

Porino Italy crop circle 2012

An improved astronomical interpretation for Santena: the Sun and Mercury in Cancer on August 4, 2012, will somehow mark the start of a final countdown for December 21, 2012

One side of the Santena crop picture showed four inner planets on a date of December 21, 2012, which is an end to the Mayan Long calendar. The other side showed an obscure star configuration that has puzzled analysts for almost a week. Today several people including Luke Falcon, Peter Dust, Jack Sullivan, Peter Mango and Roger Wibberley offered new insights into the problem. I have checked and/or extended those new ideas, and will summarize the consensus results briefly below.

A best fit for the left-hand side of Santena seems to show the Sun, Mercury and six bright stars from the constellation Cancer on a date of August 3-4, 2012:


Santena crop cancer

Surrounding those astronomical symbols, we can see a thin, general curve which seems to represent the orbit of planet Mercury from August 4, 2012 to December 21, 2012:

santena Italy crop 2012


Mercury reaches a direct station on August 7, then a retrograde station on November 6. The time difference between those two dates of 91 days matches the number of small circles added to an outer ellipse for Mercury on the right-hand side of the crop picture (Mercury has a more elliptical orbit than any other planet).

We know what the time period of "91 days" means, in terms of a Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012, since it was inscribed in stone on four sides of the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Chichen Itza:

queztlcoatl-pyramid-91 steps


But we do not know what a date of "August 4, 2012" might signify! It is not a special Mayan calendar date, although it matches 04-08-12 in our calendar. It also matches a date of August 4 or 5, 2012 which was derived from a "polar clock" shown in crops at Manton Drove on June 2, 2012. Quite a mystery!

mercury cancer compare


Final comments concerning two astronomical diagrams as shown at Santena: the specific point of view is not from Earth itself, but from below the plane of the solar ecliptic by 3o of declination, equal to 0.05 AU in space below Earth’s south pole


Two astronomical diagrams as shown in crops at Santena have stirred much controversy, but are now relatively well understood. Jack Sullivan and others have usefully pointed out two remaining anomalies: (i) the “solar system” as shown at Santena for a date of December 21, 2012 is a mirror image of the one shown at Avebury Manor in 2008, or essentially a view from below Earth’s south pole, rather than a view from above Earth’s north pole; and (ii) the specific locations of our Sun and Mercury in Cancer on August 4, 2012 seem to be shifted upward by about 3o of Declination from where they would be viewed on Earth.


Both of these problems may be solved quite easily, if we postulate that the unknown crop artists are not residing on Earth itself, but rather at a co-moving location in space about 0.05 AU below Earth’s south pole, equal to 20 Earth-Moon distances:


avebury crop circle 2008





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    or use

All details of both astronomical images shown at Santena then make perfect sense. Sometimes it is not enough to use on-line astronomy programs to interpret these crop images. Such programs assume a sky view precisely from Earth itself. For Santena, that assumption now appears not to be the case.

Red Collie (Dr. Horace R. Drew) (with thanks to five other analysts as named above)

P.S. The elliptical orbit of Mercury as drawn in crops seems to support a date of December 21, 2012, rather than another possible date of April 26, 1962.

What might be the significance of August 4, 2012 as shown in crops at Santena, Italy and Manton Drove, England?


Two excellent crop pictures from Santena, Italy on June 17, 2012, or Manton Drove, England on June 2, 2012, have shown a coded date close to August 4 or 5, 2012. What might be its significance? As shown below, August 4, 2012 has a special astronomical significance in the context of Mayan astronomy. On that day, planet Mercury will make its next-to-last heliacal rise prior to December 21, 2012 when the Mayan Long Count calendar ends:



Mercury will rise in the constellation Cancer with the Sun nearby, exactly as was drawn in crops at Santena on June 17. A thin purple line marks the solar ecliptic (or crop tramline). The crop view is offset from Earth by 3o of declination, so the Sun and Mercury appear slightly higher in the crop picture than in the sky view (from Earth). Mercury will reach an inferior conjunction with our Sun on July 28, 2012. Then it will remain too close to the bright glare of the Sun to be seen for seven days or August 4, 2012, when it will show a “heliacal rise”.


Finally, Venus on August 4, 2012 will be located where the crop picture shows an “inner solar system” for December 21, 2012. Thus Venus is being equated in the crop picture with a date of December 21, 2012, which is when the Mayan Long Count calendar ends! The Mayans often equated Venus with their god-teacher Quetzalcoatl.

Image Johan Andersson Copyright 2012

Image Nyako Nakar Copyright 2012

I have been following the annual crop offerings on this site for a good number of years and think that by now, most who look seriously at what appears annually in fields of Wiltshire - and some other locations, can pretty easily pick something made by a couple of ol' boys with boards and rope. We are then left to ponder what is creating these enigmatic and beautifully precise patterns of obvious complexity. We can run through some possibilities - a) its a universal intelligence, b) its beings from a yet unknown part of the cosmos, c) its from a shadow biosphere, d) its a product of combined human intelligence, e) its ourselves from the future, f) its from the returning Sumerian Gods, g) GOD (likely same as (a)) - but, regardless of where we categorize it, we should understand that this is likely of immense importance to us and likely takes the form of warnings to humankind from a vastly superior intellect.

It is also obvious that this site is visited from time to time by disinformation agents who are employed to muddy the message and obscure the truth - and some of them are doing the bidding of people in very high places indeed. With that in mind I come to the latest offering by Red Collie - who now likes to be known as Dr Horace R Drew - resplendent with the normal coloured pictures and arrows etc etc. I found his explanation prosaic and tenuous in the extreme. I wondered about the haste with which this 'explanation' was cobbled together and the very feeble effort to try and link the crop pattern to his hypothesis - 'the crop artist has placed them on either side of its central 'belt' region, perhaps to save space in the field' - yes I'm sure that's the reason that you couldn't get a good match Dr.

Well, I would offer this suggestion; that this formation is likely as important as the 2008 Avebury formation as a message to mankind and that it shows NOT our moon, Jupiter and the Orion constellation but the Nibiru system and the eventual effect it will have on our sun and all the planets of the inner solar system - something that a number of people in very high places will want to try to keep the lid on.


One would think that after Dr Collie's very poor effort in trying to convince us that the constellation Orion was represented with our moon and Jupiter, the whole disinformation team would have taken him aside and given him a serious re-education session - you know, taken him into a room with big pictures of all those well known star patterns and pointed out the obvious - that if you are trying to sell an idea, at least make it basically plausible.

Well I would like to point out something that Dr Collie and team would be very well aware of - something well known to NASA, the Vatican and the ruling cabal - that the Nibiru system comes from the south on the ecliptic and that the brown dwarf star has with it six moons/planets - a system that fits the crop pattern extremely well I would contend. It is also very interesting that Dr Collie's 'Jupiter' appears from the photography to be of equal scale to what is apparently our sun - so one could also contend that the creators of this pattern are showing our sun (or another body) pulled out of current alignment.

I repeat what I have said previously - that this pattern is at least as important to mankind as the 2008 Avebury message and the amount of bogus astronomical Hocus Pocus that has flooded this site is clear evidence that those who want to muddy the message are very busy indeed. We can expect lots more pictures, arrows and astronomy 101 from the usual suspects.

Ric Laurence

This one shows the orbit of the Nibiru solar system (note it has five "bodies") Mercury is not to be seen (possibly perturbed INTO the sun) or maybe "picked up" by Nibiru and our own moon is skewed See the perturbations of the orbits of our planets? getting closer to the sun then further away this is caused by the "planisphere" of the Nibiru system On the right is an "inset" of the Nibiru system in 3 dimensions the two in the middle are spinning around each other between the outside two, making the system FOUR bodies, so the fifth must be Mercury

Helen Parks

Just a remark on Rocco Perreca's vision of the Santena, nr Poirino circle in Italy : He says the CC shows the planets as they were on the 26th April 1962. This is what happened on that day.... 1962 : Ranger impacts on the moon surface...

Erwin Maes


By Helen Parks


The End of 'The Recurrence of the Sangréal' Feast

Chart: click (here) to enlarge and download.



Lendo. June 21, 2012; 8 pm.


- 'Camponogara/Venezia 06-14-2012' – 305.5° sun setting onto → the Swiss Belchen (Osiris-point in the Belchen Triangle: 47°21'44.8"N/7°48'23.3"E) on the day of the summer solstice 06-21-2012/1.09 am (CEST): the head of (the constellation) Draco in zenith, north; Orion (Osiris) in the north, too;

- 'Santena 06-17-2012' – 0.1° → Swiss Belchen on the day of the winter solstice 12-21-2012/12.12 am (CEST): again Draco's head in zenith and Orion in the north;

- Magdelene's Mound/nr Rietheim/Germany ('The Recurrence of the Sangréal' Feast on May 13, 2012; 48°2'39.4"N/8°26'37.2"E): sun setting onto → 'Wenlock Wood/Shropshire 06-17-2012' – 307.6°

the great cosmic celebration has drawn to a close, and we are embracing a golden (real) rainbow right now at 9.30 pm!

Please read our previous comments (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) or download them from (PDF).





Comments to the decoding of the pictogram May 13, 2012

Ashmead Brake, Nr Hannington, Wiltshire, England

© Victoria Popova, Lidia Andrianova, 2012

The pictogram depicts the extended brain area of the united consciousness cell of humanity. Therefore, the crop circle indicates the necessity for immediate unification of consciousness for humanity Transition to the next cycle of life on the safe Highest level of the material world before global cataclysms beginning.

We have immediately started training for the unification of consciousness for the Transition before September 18, 2012.

This is due to the warnings of extraterrestrial civilizations: on September 22, 2012 the second pre-cataclysm will occur, which may result in severe radioactive contamination of the environment due to the destruction of numerous nuclear power plants, located on the way of natural blow. Besides, will be destroyed the system of communications between countries. We have to overcome the shock of sudden loss of many people, relatives and friends. In these circumstances it would be enormously difficult to train for the unification of consciousness and to make the Transition before the third pre-cataclysm.

The third pre-cataclysm will occur between September 22 and December 21, 2012. Date of the third pre-cataclysm is unknown. This is due to the fact that if the second pre-cataclysm will occur in full force, then in a few minutes will be destroyed about 2 billion people. Extraterrestrials are warning that the remaining number of people will no longer be sufficient to start up the Transition.

Therefore, the united consciousness of the remaining number of people will not be able to cause the action in the form of the laser beam to remove our bodies from the level of global cataclysms. Since our body can not be transformed, we will not be able to continue life. The civilization of Earth will be completely destroyed with the start of global cataclysms.

Welcome to our future, because together we can get there!

Additional information is presented in our decoding crop circle pictograms of the 2010 and 2011 seasons is presented on, on our website: and youtube channel: ourtransition49


Uffington White Horse, nr Woolstone. Oxfordshire. Reported 19th May.

Map Ref: SU299873

Updated Wednesday 30th May 2012

21/05/12 21/05/12 21/05/12 21/05/12 30/05/12 21/05/12

Image Dorian Black Copyright 2012




Dragon Hill

May 19, 2012 is the day of 9 Kat, week of Ajmaq.

Kat is the Lizard. Also symbolized by Fire or the Salamander. Heat from the Sun. Some lizards rely on, and use, energy from the sun.
Salamanders have been revered for their ability to resist fire and are seen escaping through flames from campfires.

Common Dragon lizard.

David Odell

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Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

Uffington White Horse, nr Woolstone. Oxfordshire. Reported 19th May.

I think crop circles are abandoning the theme of being complex as we are approaching "the time". When & how, only almighty knows but something wonderful/terrible/ecstatic/extinction (whatever) is around the corner.

The crop circle clearly communicates the recent giant sun spots on solar disc. Yes, we know already that some of the gigantic sunspots have appeared from nowhere since Nov 2011. Mind it, they are so big that they are visible naked eye!! What the hell!!

Yesterday in India, i was watching IPL league cricket match & in between the camera was focused on the setting sun. Immediately, the 4 sun spots were clearly visible in exactly the same pattern. Even the commentator was awestruck & he screamed, look at the sunspots!!

Now time for some more guessing, yes they are big as much as 10s of the size of the earth, but still they appear like pencil dots on Solar disc. What size proportion this crop circle is using is absolutely scaring the piss out!! Look at the size of these bluddy spots. All together they almost equal the size of the SUN's core.

I am putting my money on CC makers genuine efforts. They are so so correct in relative proportions that it can be termed "god like perfect". Now when we are already aware of the sun spots, what this crop circle is telling, ahmmm.... the size to which these spots could grow in future??

No way, that sends a chill through the backbone. Either we are luckiest or absolutely doomed but hey, it's hell of an exciting time.

dipender chhikara

The Recurrence of the Sangréal Feast at Magdalene’s Mound/nr Rietheim/Germany,

on May 12/13, 2012; supplementarily to the Dragon Hill 2012 crop circle.

Chart 4: click (here) to enlarge and download, or for the German version (ge).

Central Europe‘s greatest burial mound in the Early Iron Age - later a supposedly distinct Merovingian, Cathar and Knights Templar location -, bears in Her womb a celestial chart of the central constellation Draco within the Platonic Cross. She is slowly becoming known by Dr. Allard W. Mees as the (lunar) „Stonehenge of Germany“. Our two days long spiritual and ritual reactivation was rejoined on May 19 and mirrored in view of the recurrence of Pleiadian Christ-Quetzalcoatl on 5-20/21-2012 through a second crop circle near the Uffington White Horse, that - due to the undoubtedly direct link to the constellation of Draco - we would suggest to be renamed into ‚Dragon Hill 2012‘, another Iron Age cult site.

Please read our previous comment on the ‚Ashmead Brake 2012‘ crop circle;

click (here) and scroll down!

The Platonic Cycle of the Pleiades-Sirius-Sun dynamics, called „Precession“.

- 302.4° Sunset 05-20/21-2012/9 pm (CEST)

The date of the „Pleiadian Alignment“ through Chichén Itzá

- 05-20 12.45 am (CDT)/7.45 pm (CEST): culmination of

Pleiades-Sun-Moon over the Great Pyramid

- 3.39 am (CEST) total end of the annular solar eclipse:

λ Draconis 0° N in Chichén Itzá

- The Great Pyramid‘s location is precisely calibrated on the star λ in Draco at: 0°N/0° elevation! Why is Draco or Quetzalcoatl so eminently important to the crop circle creators, and also to our ancestors? For this figur is the the central constellation within the 26,000 year long Platonic Cross spiral. Now the purification process for another Platonic loop has begun and we've been celebrating it... Good bye and welcome!

Also remember ‚Westwoods 2008‘, where Draco and Ursa Min. (Little Dipper) already had been thematized and configured as a sepernt-like flaming cross.

Lapis Draconis Reprobati Capiti Anguli Atque Absolutioni Aetatis Aquariae,

Sponsae Christi, Mariae De Bethania.

Tâmratejas & Dyugosâ

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- Richard Harvey (Website) 'Kyrie for the Magdalene'; Hans Zimmer (Website) 'Angels & Demons'

- Wickham Green 2010 (Vimeo) 'SOL IVI' (Vimeo) 'Spurensuche' (Video)


- CalSKY (Website) Stellarium (Website) GoogleEarth (Website)


Another wonderful photo collage from Nardeep Pujji with these thoughtful words - 'Spirals - The fingerprint of God Associated with Change, New life and Harmony! Spirals also symbolize Growth, Evolution, Regeneration, Rebirth.'


I send you my contribution to the crop circle - Uffington White Horse, nr Woolston. Oxfordshire. Reported 19th May. I think there is shown a star or two stars that are close to the edge of the black hole.

I quote the text from the Web:
Too Close to a Black Hole (Credit & Copyright: Alain Riazuelo)

Explanation: What would you see if you went right up to a black hole? Above is a computer generated image highlighting how strange things would look. The black hole has such strong gravity that light is noticeably bent towards it - causing some very unusual visual distortions. Every star in the normal frame has at least two bright images - one on each side of the black hole. Near the black hole, you can see the whole sky - light from every direction is bent around and comes back to you. The original background map was taken from the 2MASS infrared sky survey, with stars from the Henry Draper catalogue superposed. Black holes are thought to be the densest state of matter, and there is indirect evidence for their presence in stellar binary systems and the centres of globular clusters, galaxies, and quasars.

In the centre of our galaxy is rotating massive black hole and by astronomical calculations, this year will be extremely exceptional - Earth, Sun and 26,000 light-years distant centre of our galaxy will lie together in the exact line. Somehow affect life on Earth?

Pávková Zdenka

To carry the comment by Pavkova Zdenka one step further: According to a lot of accounts, our Sun is about to turn into a Red Giant, engulfing Venus and Mercury in the process. From an earlier crop circle (from 2010) we could learn that Pluto somehow 'disappears' as well... (I do not understand much of this). Thus, it seems to me the remaining 4 planets are depicted here, including our Earth.


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The filling up has begun. (see the comment on the circle reported on May 13th) It needs an alignment. It is somewhat erratic, unfocused. Start focusing on what you want to fill this new round with. Line yourself out with your truths, with your desires. Let it be for the good of all Creation. Focus. Connect the dots.

Tetsje op den Dries


“Eclipse astronomy” in Italian fields on the day of an annular solar eclipse?

The new crop picture at Braccione, Italy appeared close to the time of an annular solar eclipse, which was visible across parts of eastern Asia or western north America. It was also the time of a serious earthquake in northern Italy. We do not know for certain whether this field picture was paranormal in origin or else man-made. Nevertheless, a series of slides as shown below may help to explain its apparent scientific symbolism in terms of “eclipse astronomy”.

Saros cycle 128, of which the May 20 solar eclipse formed one small part, includes 71 major eclipses and two very minor ones. Likewise, the Braccione crop picture shows 71 stripes and 2 small tufts near its center. Any Saros cycle of eclipses will begin in one polar region on Earth, whether north or south pole, then will spiral down and out across the equator, eventually spiraling back into the opposite polar region thousands of years later. Likewise, the Braccione crop picture shows a long two-turn spiral, moving outward from a broad flattened center. In summary, whoever designed this particular crop picture, then laid it out carefully in a rural field, seems to have possessed a great deal of technical knowledge, beyond that of an ordinary field artist.

Several other examples of “eclipse astronomy” were shown in English fields in the recent past, for example in the summers of 1999 or 2008, when other total solar eclipses were visible from the British Isles. Those previous crop pictures showed not only “Sun-Moon eclipse diagrams”, but also “Saros cycles” such as the one described here for May 20, 2012.

What kind of spiral was drawn in crops at Bracciano, Italy on May 20, 2012, on the day of an annular solar eclipse?

Several different kinds of spiral have appeared in various crop pictures over the years. For example, a logarithmic spiral was drawn at Stonehenge in July of 1996, a golden-mean spiral at Pewsey in July of 2002, or an Archimedean spiral at Barbury Castle in June of 2008. So what kind of spiral was drawn at Bracciano, Italy on May 20, 2012, on the day of an annular solar eclipse? As shown below, it most closely resembles a spherical spiral or loxodrome (see Rhumb_line or Spiral#Spherical_spiral):

The new Bracciano spiral appears almost circular on the outside, which would correspond to projection around the equator of a sphere. Then it appears tightly curved on the inside, which would correspond to projection near either pole of a sphere. These unusual features resemble those of a “spherical spiral”. Indeed, that is the mathematical function which describes a long-term path of solar eclipses along the surface of the Earth for any 18-year Saros series.

The new crop picture certainly does not show an Archimedean spiral (see Archimedean_spiral), a logarithmic spiral (see Logarithmic_spiral), or a golden-mean spiral (see Golden_spiral) as shown in previous crop pictures from 1996 to 2008. Thus the new design appears both original, and also symbolically consistent with its date of appearance as a major solar eclipse.

Red Collie


Another wonderful photo collage from Nardeep Pujji with these thoughtful words - 'Spirals - The fingerprint of God Associated with Change, New life and Harmony! Spirals also symbolize Growth, Evolution, Regeneration, Rebirth.'



Graphics Jay Goldner Copyright 2012


Small irregularities in the two-turn spiral at Bracciano: what might they signify?

Jay Goldner has usefully pointed out certain irregularities in the layout of that new crop picture at Bracciano (see above). Its major irregularity, which lies just outside of the crop picture and below it on a steep hillside, was seemingly added by human vandals one day after it appeared. We cannot be sure whether other irregularities may also have been caused by local human activities, because that crop picture was not photographed from the air for almost one week after it was discovered.

The next major irregularity seems to be a “segment of lesser length”, shown at lower right in the slide below:

This could conceivably be an error of human circle-making, yet it could also be the deliberate symbol of a paranormal crop artist. If we count the number of segments from 1 to 73, starting with two small standing tufts in the center, spiraling around twice in a clockwise fashion, then ending with a thin segment at upper right, that “segment of lesser length” counts as number 48. Likewise, the solar eclipse of longest duration in Saros cycle 128 is number 48 or 49, out of 73 eclipses in total (see Solar_Saros_128). The solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 would be number 58 in the same series, and was of considerably lesser duration.

Most Saros cycles contain 72 eclipses, while others contain 71 or 73, and still others may contain 69 to 87 (see SEperiodicity). It has to be considered as very strange, that unknown human circle-makers might construct a two-turn spiral on a steep hillside in rural Italy, showing 71 major segments and 2 small standing tufts, on the very day when an annular solar eclipse from Saros cycle 128 (with 73 eclipses) was being watched by millions of people worldwide? And at the precise time of a major earthquake in northern Italy, not far away from where the crop picture was discovered?

In summary, it remains unclear whether small irregularities away from a fully-symmetric pattern at Bracciano might signify: (i) errors by a team of human circle-makers, or (ii) deliberate variations away from perfect symmetry by an unknown paranormal crop artist. Further measurements on the ground over the next few days may perhaps yield additional evidence to support either (i) or (ii).

Red Collie


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It happened in 3 steps & within 1 hr. I once heard some 1yr back about "Rik Clay" while surfing you tube. I ignored it as I was searching something else. Just 2 hrs back, that name popped up in my mind from nowhere & i had the urge to learn about him. I read his book on upcoming "2012 London Olympics" & his interpretation. Whooo, What an awareness he was. I was disappointed later to know that Rik Clay is no more. He did what he was supposed to do, take it or leave it. Salute to that warrior!Immediately after reading his book I had the urge to go on "" & I came across this latest crop circle at:- Bracciano2012.

Ya Ya, I know it symbolizes unity, fusion of matter into spirit, the omega & what not. I can also see the same esoteric meanings but no that not what I came across. Again, I had the urge to search the symbols for Olympics games during different years & Boom,

there I see it!!

It's a coincidence, call it if you think it is so but i hope everything will be fine during London Olympics.

dipender chhikara

In last two years I send some thinks of CC to you. Now I send the feels of the CC of Bracciano Bertinoro Reported 20th May.This CC is very like the number 6. I think it means something will occur in June .Maybe the date is 6. And the figure is much like a kind of spiral movement or the Tundish. Hurricane, tornado, maelstrom or whirlpool maybe. So, the CC means at the 6th Jun. some whirlpool or Hurricane will occur! Do U think?!


May 20th, 2012 was the day of 10 Kan. Manifestation of the Feathered Serpent at

David Odell

The Recurrence of the Sangréal

supplementarily to the

Bracciano/Bertinoro 2012 crop circle.


Chart 1: click (here) to enlarge and download.

In alignment with Skellig Michael/Ireland and Serabit el-Khadim/Sinai, the Italian crop circle marks on an important acupuncture point in order to dismiss chaotical energies from an old misused Hathorian energy pool: the geomantic tip of the Saint Michael's complex on the Skellig Islands. This happened during the reembedding of the geomantic Platonic Holy Grail complex (1) parallelly to the recurrence of Pleiadian Christ-Quetzalcoatl (2) on May 20, 2012. Moreover this Summer Solstice line crosses Mont Poupet/Alaise/France in alignment with Allagen/Kallenhardt/Germany and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer/Southern France. Allagen (3), representing α Draconis in the constellation Draco, is the center of the hugest known earth pictures over an area of thousands of acres in Germany. Kallenhardt near Allagen in the midst of this celestial chart dating back to 3000 BC, – by its latitude of 51°25' – is exactly calibrated to the ideal incline of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The pilgrimage site Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (4) is worshipped in our times every 25th of May by thousands of gypsies from all over the world. This Phoenician cult site is the mythic and mystic inlet of ancient Gnosticism impersonated in Mary the Magdalene, the true foundress of Christianity.


The crossing point Mont Poupet near Alaise/Éternoz (5) is the nave of an 24-spoked geomantic wheel across Western and Central Europe, that at last had been recultivated by the Merovingians as the supposedly most eminent of their 'Arcadias'. After we – by our modest means – had spiritually reconsecrated all these four places on the spot, on May 20 the crop circle creators seemed to have provided for an adequate outlet of the stowed energy out of an involved past matrix. In face of the recent earthquakes, we believe that this happened in the sense of a damage limitation, rather than a destruction. We are so happy (for Europe) about the deliberately smooth exit of the old energy on May 20, 2012!

Chart 2: click (here).


Tâmratejas & Dyugosâ

Sources and URLs:

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- France Secret - Alaise (Website) on Xavier Guichard
- The Bloodline of the Holy Grail (Website) of Laurence Gardner (*5-17-1943, +8-12-2010) Northdowns 2010 (Crop Circle Archive)
- Wickham Green 2010 (Vimeo) 'SOL IVI' (Vimeo)


- GoogleEarth (Website)

Bracciano Crop Circle: Solar Wind & Earthquake Spree

A worldwide spree of earthquakes followed a crop circle made at Bracciano, Italy on May 20, 2012. A map of worldwide quakes the morning the Bracciano crop circle was made and a map for June 14 clearly shows a steep increase in quakes, notably in the Mediterranean and Middle East. This steep increase in earthquakes can be examined as a worldwide grid for mapping as well as the power potentials that energize the grid system.

The Bracciano crop circle speaks more directly to the solar wind and sun as power potentials. An unpredicted interplanetary shockwave impacted the Earth three minutes before a 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook the region near Bracciano the same morning the crop circle was made. The crop circle displayed magnetic anomalies and signs of high heat with soot on the barley crop inside the circle.

A spiral design in the Bracciano crop circle showed an outer arm in the southeast and spiraled around the formation to encircle an upright ball of crop and terminated with an arm pointing to the northwest. The east-west movement of the spiral paralleled the magnetic core’s east-west spin. The spiral in the crop circle resembled the sun’s magnetic field, or the Parker Spiral, which streams the solar wind. (See ) At the center of the formation tufts of tall stalks flanked a small upright globe of symmetrically spun crop that was intact and unbroken when Marina Sassi visited the formation on May 20, soon after it was discovered.


The solar wind powerfully affects the Earth’s magnetic field and serves as protective shielding from much cosmic radiation and makes life as we know it possible. In its east-west rotation the Earth’s core generates the magnetic field for the whole planet.

The solar wind streams charged particles from the sun that interact with Earth’s magnetic fields and fuels high intensity radiation in the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). (See ) Global warming that’s been ongoing for 400 years correlates with expansion of the SAA, which now extends over much of South America, Africa and the Mediterranean. (See ) Radiations and magnetic anomalies in the SAA are so powerful that satellites must be shielded when in its vicinity.

Bracciano is within the South Atlantic Anomaly from the south and the boundary of especially high surface temperatures in the north. A spree of earthquakes in the Mediterranean and Middle East followed a 6.0 magnitude earthquake in the Norwegian Sea on May 24. Aftershocks continued to shake the Bracciano region in June while high solar wind continued to generate magnetic storms and auroras during low solar activity, including a negative interplanetary field on June 12 that surged Earth’s magnetic field and generated magnetic storm conditions. When the solar wind generates magnetic storm conditions for no apparent reason that means solar activity is occurring at levels we do not observe. Solar activity generated conditions in the solar wind in June that we were not able to observe and/or NASA did not release to the public.

The magnetic north pole that guides compasses has been moving at an accelerated pace, compared to earlier centuries, since 1994 after a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington (USA) had alignments with magnetic north, geographical north and Siberia. Scientists presently estimate that magnetic north is moving to Siberia.

How and why magnetic north’s location and pace change in sudden leaps over long periods is not well understood. At present, some scientists posit that a strong magnetic upwelling at the New Siberian Islands at the Arctic is currently pulling magnetic north to Siberia. (See for December 24, 2010 - ) The Arctic where magnetic north is moving has the highest rise in land and water surface temperature on the planet.

The good news is that global warming has been increasing for 400 years and cannot be entirely attributed to human technologies, although human inventions observably play a role in heating. The bad news is that human sciences do not understand the complex and intricate processes of planetary magnetics.

The Bracciano crop circle appeared in a tide of brisk solar wind and points out several vital concerns with regard to geophysical conditions:

  1. Mysteries of the solar wind and its solar secrets are a power to be reckoned.
  2. The solar wind streams radiations that generate the South Atlantic anomaly, the weakest area of the Earth’s magnetic field.
  3. Moreover, the solar wind may directly affect processes of the Earth’s core that generates the planet’s magnetic field in ways science does not yet understand.

More about “Magnetic Mysteries of the Earth’s Core” is in the BBC feature:


© Krsanna Duran 2012

Randell Sarneel.


Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd June.

Map Ref: SU169676


Updated Saturday 14th July 2012

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Image Simone Watts Copyright 2012



Polar Clock

We believe the formation reported on 2nd June 2012 resembles a polar clock. It is a kind of clock showing not only the time, but also the date. In order to analyse the message depicted in the formation, we first had to rotate the image (see Fig. 1). After that, we executed the application PolarClock3 (by PixelBreaker). Then we set the date and time so that the polar clock displayed on our monitor screen was the same as the one on the formation.

Fig. 1: Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire, 2nd June 2012

(source: accessed 02/06/2012)

Fig. 2: Obtained Polar Clock

As the aerial shot was not taken perpendicularly to the formation, we are not sure about the time displayed, but we think that at least the date can be considered correct. When you compare pictures 1 and 2, you can see that the formation tells the following time and date: 19:43:53 on Saturday, 4th August 2012. We have no idea what this particular time might mean. Hope someone will find out why this date should be significant.

Jitka & Roman Hamar, The Czech Republic, 02/06/2012

Kristijan Nikl

Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The Recurrence of the Sangréal

supplementarily to the

Manton Drove/Marlborough 2012 crop circle.

Chart 1: click (here) to enlarge and download.

All is going fine...2012 is now! Happy End of the Long Count on June 1st! Any questions so far?

Please read our three comments first (1) (2) (3) or download them from (PDF)! You can E-Mail ( us and we are going to enhance this comment with more details in text as an adequate response... We do this for YOU!

Chart 2: click (here).


Chart 3: click (here) to enlarge and download.

After the meager feedback on our wish for spiritually interested people to be getting inspired, we'd nonetheless like to share some more dimensions on this heavy design, before the breeze on the tenth of a second escalates into the maximum credible accident. (smile)

Please also read our comments (1) (2) (3) (4) or download them from (PDF), thank you!

'Manton Drove' is the Tower of Babel! The Tower is more than just a symbol. She is the Divine Gate. So, where do we stand in time?

- March, 1697 AD: ultimate defeat of the Itzá kingdom; end of the Spanish conquest of Yucatán;

- 2350 BC: The Tower of Babel; destruction of Babylon by Sargon of Akkad; 2200-2000 BC: Abraham, Ishmael, Sarai and Isaak – The Bloodline of the Dragon;

- 18500 BC: Last Glacial Maximum; the dawn of behavioral modernity (symbolism and speech).

These are the clues, we are allowed to share. Please make use of the keys, sources and weblinks below.



Chart 4: click (here) to enlarge and download.

Last but not least I'd like to share the geometric and numerological reconstruction of 'East-/West Kennett 2011' in the context of the 3-4-5 dynamics, that had been channelled through to me on the day of 'Manton Drove 2012' – the centroid of the Pythagorean Belchen Triangle. It's one of the most profound designs, that ever came down from God for human meditation. It'll be thematised this year, too, we believe. So we'll see what happens, MAN.

Tâmratejas & Dyugosâ

Keys, sources and URLs:

- The Belchen Triangle (1) wikipedia (2) on Regio Basiliensis (3) by Rolf d'Aujour d'hui (PDF)

- The Pythagorean Triangle and Its Esoteric Meaning (article) by Antonietta Francini (Scribd)

- The Tower of Babel (wikipedia) Abraham (wikipedia) Esau and the Dragon Queen (excerpt) by Laurence Gardner

- Don Hunbatz Men in the Belchen Triangle (blog)

- Inception: film by Christopher Nolan (wikipedia)

- The Fountain: film by Darren Aronofsky (wikipedia)

- TRON: film by Steven Lisberger (wikipedia)


- CalSKY (website) Stellarium (website) GoogleEarth (website) The Bible Wheel (website) Mayan Calendar Calculator (URL)

I think the last crop circle shows a 16 divided throat chakra, with 66 arcs and 6 parts of rings. Perhaps number shown should be 666 which is the number of a man. This years crop circles might show: heart chakra (15/04), solar plexus chakra (05/05), navel chakra (14/05) and root chakra (12/05). The directions are downward and with a change to upward moving prana. This is what happens when a disciple opens up the central meridian and could become an enlightened being.



I saw this the other day being discussed on a forum with folks speculating what it might mean:- Manton Drove

No one seemed to have any good ideas at that time but I was just watching a video and came across what seems to be the same type of thing.

Here's the youtube video link:- WATCH

It's a film called "End of the Road" about how the economic problems of the world came to happen. At 14:07 there is a graphic shown that represents the progression of US trade deficits with other countries. It is not exactly the same as what is shown in Manton Drove circle but the similarity is still obvious. The differences seem to be additional data shown in the circle. So, in short the circle shown in the link above seems to be a financial graph, maybe something of a 'debt clock'. Just skip ahead to that time mark in the video and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Scott Kelly


June 2, 2012 was the day of 10 Tijax, week of Toj. Manifestation, spark or polarity interaction which creates electricity. Lightening.


1. A herd or flock of animals being driven in a body.
A large number of people or things doing or undergoing the same thing:

It is interesting to note that the formation is in curious proximity to an electric pole. An increasingly archaic, visual symbol. Nikola Tesla was born on July, 10, 1856 which was the day of 10 Tijax, week of Toj.

Tesla in his lab. Look Ma ! No wires ! One of the glyphs for Tijax.

David Odell


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I send a little note in crop circle Manton Drove, Nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. 2nd June 2012. Date 4 August is the tenth day of the XXX. Summer Olympic Games in London. During the Olympic Games held atických comply with the sacred universal peace, called ekecheiria ("abstention from hand guns"). During the games were banned all wars and other violent acts. The creators of this circle obviously want to remind it to us strongly.

I am sending a picture where I mapped out an interesting line. It seems that the formation of crop circles have been taken into account landscape features - power line pillars. Its location is not random.

Zdenka Pávková

There is fascinating correlation of the new crop circle at Manton Drove with "squaring the circle" research that has been ongoing for several years (but not by a mathematician). For a quick introduction, start with the PDF file attached to this web page (left click to download the file):

Then note the June 4, 9:43 PM comments posted about the seeming correlation between this geometry research and the Manton Drove crop circle. This 1111angels site also contains information about "Midwayer prompting":

Also, note the Stretched photo on the crop circle connector page showing the Pythagorean triangle!

If there is correlation with this geometry research, the polar circle date may be August 6, 2012. And this date may refer less to a specific upcoming event than to the numerical values in the geometry. Or this date might mark the verification of this new concept of Pi ... or even the discovery of a geometric solution to "squaring the circle".

The power line pillars create a 17.403 degree angle which, when increased by 45 degrees, creates the defining 62.403 angle (the same side of the Pythagorean triangle that effectively squares the circle). Not a geometric proof, but a possible clue for its discovery.

The power lines appear to suggest a method for proving that a circle is squared. Is it possible that a squared circle can be proven with only two pencils of equal length?

Instead of "The bulldog who ate Pi" (humour expressed on another site about the squared circle research), this added circle in the portion of the geometry representing the Manton Drove power lines now suggests a new title: "The crop circle that ate Pi" (referring to the Pac-Man-like symbolism of the added circle).

The circlemakers (possibly Midwayers, spirit beings always resident on this planet) seem to be willing to communicate more directly via crop circles (when humans can speak their language of advanced geometry). I've been curious for several years if human duplication of a true crop circle, with significant modification, would cause further significant response from the circlemakers.

Zdenka Pávková's astute observation about the geometry of the power lines helps move this research of a squared circle fast forward!

I had reasoned that a geometric solution to "squaring the circle" would have to include a fixed geometric object associated with the circle (possibly, its inscribed square). A second review of how the power lines might interact with the Manton Drove circle places them exactly on the inscribed square! And this suggests that the Manton Drove circle is indeed a comment on the squared circle geometry!

Also, the humour about only two pencils being required to square a circle is still valid ... but the pencils needed to be longer.

Considering the unusual history of the squared circle research and that the Manton Drove crop circle appears to be a response to this research, a date- or event-predicting crop circle seemed illogical to me (especially since 19:43:53 appears to have direct relationship to Midwayer prompting (my personal experience - not that of millions of others who experience prompting; visit the 1111angels site to learn about this very real phenomenon).

So, the polar clock's 8/4 month/day was not likely a month/day indication. In fact, visualizing the numbers 8 and 4 on a clock convinced me that 8/4 was a reference to degrees: "8" = 210, "4" = 300. Applying this concept to the squared circle geometry creates a very symbolic 30/60/90-degree Pythagorean triangle in the lower left, having an hypotenuse of 500 units and a small side of 250 units ... and perfectly positioned near the bottom of the primary circle.

This Manton Drove crop circle is apparently a comment by the circlemakers on squared circle geometry!

The final part of the polar circle code (the "Saturday" circle) represents the 7th day of the week. When "7" is included in the 8/4 geometric interpretation (giving 8/4/7), a circle is drawn around the Pythagorean triangle in the lower left of the drawing. If the large circle is considered a clock face, the top lines of the two inner triangles appear to point to "8" and "7" on the clock. The "4" appears as a pointer if the red circle is considered a clock face. None of the pointers are exact representations, but their symbolism and the polar circle codes are sufficient to determine the intended geometry.

Pi has been a formidable force for centuries, so many mathematicians will not easily accept that a circle can be squared. I surmise that this geometry, as now associated with a crop circle, has multiple purposes:
- to conceptualize Pi from a different perspective.
- to visualize techniques for proving geometrically that a circle is squared.
- to discover a solution (or many) to the Greek challenge of "squaring the circle".
- to increase awareness of celestial presence (spirit beings, especially our "next of kin" Midwayers).
- to provide evidence that non-material realities can and do exist without proof.
- to encourage brotherhood amongst all humans on this planet.
- to continue the promotion of the power of belief and faith.

Another perspective on the polar clock date/time: Since August 4, 2007 is a Saturday, 8/4/7 19:45:53 might refer to a past event which occurred on August 4, 2007 at 7:45:53 PM.

Further analysis today of the polar clock and the squared circle geometry (circle's diameter = 1,000 units) suggests that the polar clock date/time is "8/5/7 17:45:53". This is not a date/time specification but references to two isosceles right triangles (one a sub-triangle of the other; both part of the larger isosceles trapezoid in the centre of the squared circle):

"17:45:53" relates to the smaller triangle, specifying degrees in whole numbers for one side and the hypotenuse (17, 17 + 45 = 62). "53" is the token for the length of the two sides and relates to 1/4 of the square root of 2 (= .353553..). Regarding the 62-degree angle, research shows that a circle is effectively squared by a 62.403.. angle.

"8/5/7" relates to the larger triangle, a 90-degree angle, and includes a token for the hypotenuse (equal to one side of an inscribed square in the squared circle). The 90-degree angle is the clue provided by the numbers 8 and 5 on a clock. "7" (07) is the token for its hypotenuse and relates to 1/2 of the square root of 2 (= .707106..)

The polar clock values appear to confirm the squared circle geometry via the specific placement of the smaller triangle, its association with the larger triangle and their combined association with the isosceles trapezoid. Neither the clock nor the geometry specify how to "square the circle" ... but they might provide clues.

Regarding the clock numbers 8 and 5, since other numbers on the clock could have been used to indicate the larger 90-degree angle, a tandem interpretation of "8/5/7" may exist: Saturday, August 5 occurs in 2006 and next in 2017, one of the 11-year cycles (there are repeating cycles of years between August 5 Saturdays: 6,5,6,11,6,5,6,11...). For this crop circle, "11" may be a type of calling card of the circle makers.

R. Holland

I found out a very strange mathematical coincidence in this circle When I convert the angles to radians, and then to parts of the number 1 (so 1 full circle equals 1)

I get these very strange numbers like 0,7222222222222222.

It puzzled me and finally I found out that all these numbers can be multiplied by 720 to form a perfect integer value!!! So I get these series of numbers if I put them from inner to outer circle values:

Upper numbers (clockwise) : 272 - 564 - 720( or 0) - 214 - 158 - 68

Lower numbers (counter clockwise) : 448 - 156 - 720( or 0) - 506 - 562 - 652

Erwin Maes

Polar Clock – Updated Values

When submitting our commentary on the Manton formation on 2nd June 2012, no aerial shot taken perpendicularly to the formation was available. However, as such a photo has been posted on the CCC website, it is now possible to update our estimated time. The only thing that needed to be done was to rotate the original photo (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire, 2nd June 2012

(source:, accessed 05/06/2012)

We executed the application PolarClock3 (by PixelBreaker) again. We set the preferences in the PolarClock3 application to black and white. The application also allowed us to set the dimensions of the polar clock (and to maintain the ratio of course). The adjusted image of the polar clock was then used to overlay the image of the formation. Then we set the time 20:46:54 on the PC. When we overlaid Fig. 1 with the obtained polar clock, we found out that the set time is bigger than what the formation shows (see Fig. 2). Therefore, we set 19:45:53 by subtracting the hours, minutes and seconds by one each. Finally, we verified the time by overlaying the images again. This time we obtained a perfect match (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 2: Time 20:46:54

Fig. 3: Time 19:45:53

Fig. 3 shows that the formation tells the following time and date: 19:45:53 on Saturday, 4th August. And as the formation occurred this year, we assume that this is the year meant by the creators of the formation.

Jitka & Roman Hamar, The Czech Republic, 05/06/2012


Hello Gentlemen---we are confused!

This youtube (below) talks about December 21, 2012 as the true date revealed by the polar clock crop circle, not August 4 and what confuses us is the circle is a fixed physical pattern, so how can there be such a huge discrepancy of several months in date calculation--looks like polar clock "fairly easy" to work out when one knows how--we have yet to figure it out ourselves if we can find CLEAR instructions on the Net but in the meantime all this is very frustrating--thought you should be aware and maybe at your end you can take a second run at the calculations OR get a hold of someone who's an expert on superimposing your crop pattern onto the polar clock and coming up with the TRUE date.

Very poor narrator, not well presented, you have to listen 4 minutes before FINALLY she gives dates she claims she got from "them" but she does not say who "they" are.

Her message: fact that circle is polar clock is clear reference to Pole--in this case she says SOUTH pole because lots of quakes there recently so she says there will be a pole shift on date she got which by END of video she FINALLY tells us is

6 months (from now)
7 days
1 week
10 hours
30 minutes
15 seconds
which she says puts us exactly at Dec 21, 2012.

She says Dec 21, 2012, everything stops. (Gregg Braden zero-point?)

No reference to NIBIRU which is approaching from the SOUTH (and could have influence on pole-shift). Antarctica is where a telescope to observe incoming approach of this giant is being observed. N is about 3 to 4 times size of earth.

Using intuition, this interpretation makes more sense to me in light of crop circle purpose--they are meant to address planetary situations and events, whereas August 4 perhaps too limited related to a lesser event though something still could well happen on the 4th that will make world news.
Perhaps something will "happen" at the Olympics site on the 4th...

Also worth mentioning that at initial attempt to open this link, I lost all
power, everything went offline. Had to shut down and start over.


After sending you my email I had a chance to re-think everything and indeed as per the crop circle pattern (indisputable) the month CANNOT be December as the centre circle in the field which is the "month" circle is not a whole completely-formed circle which it would be IF it were December. The colour graphic polar clock on your site duplicating the crop circle pattern is very clear as to month, date, minutes etc.

It's possible the lady has mixed a telepathic message she might have received re a potential upcoming pole shift with the circle and has attempted to connect her message with the circle, and that's where the error was made and for awhile threw me for a loop. Bottom line, in my books this circle (glyph) is one of the most significant to date to come from the stars re. "messages to mankind".

You have the added benefit of actually being able to visit in person!

Barbara Tomczyk

I was fascinated in Erwin Maes’s description of the “C’s” or “Polar Clock” Crop Circle which appeared on June 2, 2012.

He said:

I found out a very strange mathematical coincidence in this circle When I convert the angles to radians, and then to parts of the number 1 (so 1 full circle equals 1)


I get these very strange numbers like 0,7222222222222222.

It is likely that “GOD”, the great circle maker was showing us those repetitive patterns as an analogy of the fact that the letter “C” shows a repetitive patterns in being the key (only) letter used to form of words as shown in the following ET Corn Gods language/game translation.

Translation from:


Note: Translated words like the letter ”C’ indicate unusual relationships between the character positions in the word(s) being translated and result of the translation. God (UFO/ET) talks to us through the ET Corn Gods language translation of words.


Words and groups of words are like computer programs which explode into a family of predetermined meanings.


Note: The Crop(Corn) Circle shown above is composed of lots of letter “C’s”. The date the Crop Circle appeared, “6/2” also converts to the letter “C”.




C+66+66 .. = “Me”,

M is ac, c is 5050, “LL”.

Add 0+66+66 … = “or”, backwards is ro, book 45, backwards is 54, “ED”.



CC = “Called”.



Add 0+66 = 66, vivi.

Vi is vix, ix = 6.

6’s cancel.

6 is 60, ir, 918, 258, 60.


C = “Cir”

C is cddd, “Lev”, book c.

C is cdd, “Cle”.



C = “Circle”.



C is cd, d is 500, 5+33 = “38”, 108, 18, R.


c = Cr. (add “o”)


Add 0+66 = 66, vivi.

Vi is vix, ix = 6.

6’s cancel.

Vi is 229, 2+29, 31.

Ca+66+66 .. = “Po”, “OP”.



C = “Crop”



C is Cd, d is 500, 5+33, ch, c08 = 80, 80-66 = “N”.



C = “Corn”.




CCC = “Called Corn Circle”

CCC = “Called Crop Circle”



C is 100, Hundred.


hu is 08 u, 80, 80-66 = 14, 2+12, “2012″.

d’s cancel.

re+66+66 .. = “Game”



C = “2012 AD Game”.



D is four, u is n+d.

D is 4, book of Numbers.


CCCC = “Called Crop Circle 2012 AD, Game”

CCCC = “Called Corn Circle 2012 AD, Game”.

CCCC = “Called Crop Circle 2012 AD found Re Numbers”

CCCC = “Called Corn Circle 2012 AD C re C”.



c is 2+1, 21, U, L+i, 59-66 = “10″, “S”. (40 i2 book Mt, Mt-66-66 .. = “0″).

C is Three, th. (Ree is rev, book 66)

Th-66-66 .. = “10″, “J”, “OJ”. (add “o”)

oj-66-66 = “ET”.

C is 100, 1+33, 34, “CD”,

Add 0+66+66 .. = “Or”.

add o+66+66 = “Ng”



CCCCCC = “Called Crop Circle 2012 AD, Game, ET Corn Gods”

CCCC = “Called Corn Circle 2012 AD, Game, ET Corn Gods”.

CCCCCC = “Called Crop Circle 2012 C re C, ET Corn Gods”

CCCC = “Called Corn Circle 2012 AD C re C, ET Corn Gods”.

Polar Calendar:
L ia 50, 5, five, i-f ve = cve, = ee, 505, "Le".
Polar = "Pole ar".
ar is aa h, "Kh".
add 0+66+66 ... = "Tal", "Thin".
H+66 = 74, "Gd" = "God". (add “o”)
add 0+66+66 .. = "of"
The word "Polar = "Pole talk of GOD".
E is 5, 50. (add 0)
Ll is 1250, 62, “June 2”.
Po = P.
Drop “o”.
P is 16, 8+8, 8080
80-66 = “14”, “2 12”, “2012”.
Pole = “2012 AD, June 2
Polar = “2012 AD June 2, Talk of GOD”.

George R. Simpson

I'm not a researcher by any means. However, I feel the need to make a point about this particular circle. This thing is located in a very large, open field.... WHY did they put it Right Next to a Pole? Particularly given that the field has a large amount of open area Away from this pole, Unless it has some significance, relative to the circle itself.

None of the people debating this formation is even mentioning this pole, yet, as a novice, it seems to be a glaring omission in any of the discussions, given it's proximity.

Denise Williams

Great question, Denise. And when you ask the right question, the answer comes. It's a joke to make sure we don't miss the fact that it is a 'pole-ar' clock. We know from last summer that the beings who make these circles have a sense of humour from the self-portrait with a great Mayan headdress smoking a peace pipe of 22 July. To me, this was Quetzalcoatl showing us his star being and saying that they come in peace. And right across the road in direct alignment with this came the intricate formation at Jubilee Plantation on 16 August which ended the season, with his signature glyph right beside it. I think there are many levels of meaning to a crop formation, and that the obvious ones are usually of immediate importance as well as the more complex (see also the channelled answer to what this is pointing to in my Field Report for this crop circle.)

Amuna Ra

This is only a theory ... I pass many hours looking for this crop circle at Manton Drove. And I ask my self why ? Why put it there near an electric post. They could put that crop anywhere on the world but they put it close to an electric post WY So I said there is a reason.
Now if you check that from the line in the circle to the post I believe there is 30 degrees, and if you check with the other line of electric post also 30 degrees. Now if you divide a 360 circle in 30 degrees you have 12 .... 12 X 30 = 360 so there is you key i believe.
So since we have 12 months 12 hours day light and 12 night one, now it is a Mather of doing the division with those 6 circles.


I made some assumptions about the Manton Drove formation, and got some interesting results.

1. That it is, among other things, a polar clock (as is explained on the MD Comments webpage), which gives a date and time of: August 4, 2012, 19:45:33.
2. That, being a polar clock, the formation was also a view of the earth looking down from the north pole, since the formation was found in the northern hemisphere.
3. That the sequence of power poles, with power cables, extending straight towards the formation (as seen in the photograph at the top of the MD Comments page), and then ending with a power pole right up against the formation; contained within a section of ground trimmed in the shape of a pointed triangle that touches the formation at the forward point; and further illustrated by two wheel tracks that clearly form a "shockwave" visual effect at the front of the triangle that actually penetrates the first-row layer of the formation; indicates exactly what it appears to indicate: something coming that will hit the earth, giving a shockwave.
4. That what will hit the earth will do so in the northern hemisphere, at the specified time and date, and at the longitude indicated by the placement of the power pole inside the triangle that touches the formation with a shockwave.
5. That to determine this longitude, a polar map needed to be laid over the formation, and that to do that, a prime meridian needed to be chosen to overlap both the formation and the map. So for the formation, the start-line-radius of the polar clock was chosen. For the map, the current, modern Prime Meridian was chosen (zero degrees). When that was done, an offset of 34.2 degrees West of the Prime Meridian was found for the impact point, putting it in the Atlantic Ocean, near or over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is a geo-active fault line.
6. However, what about the Latitude? Well, when the latitude of the actual MD formation site is used (N 51 degrees, 24' 27"), the "impact target" still ends up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. BUT - when the ANCIENT WORLD Prime Meridian at GIZA is used instead (currently noted as ~ 31 degrees East) for the Prime Meridian map-alignment longitude, and then "~34 degrees West" is added to THAT (going west from it), this gives a final MODERN longitude of ~ 3 degrees West (from the ancient Giza Prime Meridian). And when THAT is combined with the LATITUDE of the actual MD formation, the "impact point" ends up being - VERY close to - Cardiff, Wales.
7. That Cardiff is the ancient home of the REAL King Arthur. (
8. So: does this formation [I] symbolically[/I] herald the time and date of the Return of the King - and indicate the social shockwave that it will create in the world?
9. Or: does it indicate something coming that will [I] actually[/I], physically or energetically impact the planet, either along the 34th, or the 3rd, longitude, on the date specified? (Or hit, or land at, Cardiff?)


I was stunned by the crop circle appearing at Manton Drove . . . and by the subsequent analysis and commentary, which I found unusually perceptive, and well reasoned. Very impressive! Of course, I've had a few thoughts of my own, and here they are. Please add them to the comments section if you will . . . and thank you. Does this crop circle call attention to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 5 August 1945 (Collie) . . . or to an event that will occur this year on the anniversary of the bombing?! And if the latter, will the August 2012 event occur somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean or Cardiff, Wales (Phigaze)?

For my part, I find convincing the observation that the Manton Drove crop circle represents a "polar clock;" and as it keys to a utility pole, it's as if the circle-makers are shouting at us: POLE!

Furthermore, as they seem to delight in puzzles with multiple dimensions and meanings, it behoves us to consider all that can be identified!

In that regard, I note that the polar clock was invented by Charles Wheatstone, the same 19th Century inventor who developed the Wheatstone Bridge (Charles Wheatstone), and undertook ground-breaking research in telecommunications.

Imagine that, a crop circle that, in a field, "Wheatstone bridges" a polar clock and utility pole! What an amazing communication . . . and certainly not coincidental!

John Del Campo

I thought in looking through the comments made in relation to this pattern, the observation by Denise Williams was right on the mark. Though most focus seemed to be devoted to interpretation of the design, the fact that it was placed as it was seemed to me just as important. So if this is indeed a sort of polar clock given to convey an event of future importance, the whole setting should be looked at in this context. Why would we not consider the difference in the alignment of the pole in the field to the remainder pictured (Simone Watts Image). Maybe the differential angle is telling us what sort of a shift we face on the date/time (apparently) shown.

Ric Laurence

We fill in the forms, while the outline is set. We colour our life, our experiences. Like a child, colouring an outlined drawing. We get the ripple effects of others colouring their life, their picture. We use the paint, the colour, the texture that is given to us by Creator. We create within the loving boundaries of Creator. And yet, we are, what boundaries do we set?

How do we colour our lives?

Tetsje op den Dries


Hi Everyone,

I've received some emails and comments from people I meet about the 4 August Polar Clock channelling from Quetzalcoatl, which is with my Field Report for Manton Drove, for those who couldn't find it. And I would like to share the following responses from Quetzalcoatl. First Francesca asked if he could be more specific, was it UK time and are the proposed attacks in the UK or elsewhere?

Oh dear one, the time assumed is correct, for the formation is in UK time. We cannot always be as specific as you dear humans would like, but we will say that the assumptions to do with the date of 4 August and the world events going on in the UK have some validity. There is a US connection to the date also.

We wish to forewarn you to stimulate your awareness of the dark forces, not to stimulate your fear. How you respond to our message will show the ease with which you will come into your own power to work with the forces of light. We wish to be of assistance in your conscious awakening.

Quetzalcoatl, 8 June 2012

Then came a plea from Theo in Stuttgart to ask him what we could do to not let an attack manifest, and suggesting a joint visualisation.

The dear one who asks what you can do, has the right approach to this possible event. If you gather your thoughts and meditations together the power is increased very greatly. Set a time and date to meditate with us, and The Star Councils of Light will activate your prayers for an amelioration of the events we foresaw. Your holding the time we spoke of in the Light of your Love will be of great assistance.

Quetzalcoatl, 14 June 2012

There are 7 Saturdays before 4 August, and I would like to invite everyone who wishes, to join in the following beautiful meditation from The Star Councils of Light each Saturday evening at 6.40 – 6.50pm UK time, so we can work together spiritually for the best possible outcome. And those who want could do it every evening in the last week... and most especially on 4 August when it arrives.

With Love and Blessings, Amuna Ra

MEDITATION for 4 August 2012 from The Star Councils of Light

Dearest ones, centre yourselves in your hearts and feel the Love that is there for all humankind… Feel that Love radiating out, shining out… till you are shining like a bright star, far out into the cosmos… We will see your Light, dear ones, and hear the prayers of your hearts…

Hold the world events in London and everyone connected with them in the Light of your Love… See your Love flowing out and enfolding the whole city… and call on the Star Councils of Light to send their assistance wherever it is needed… in the UK, the US, and everywhere else on your dear planet…

And rest in the peace of your hearts, dear ones… trusting that all will be done that the Power of Love and Light can bring about in your world…

We are with you always, and hold you in our Love.

Message From The Pleiades

Polar Clock Crop Circle Response from Pleiadians.


Very soon the skies will be filled with our ships, universal law will prevail. Tyranny with fall this is what the August date in the Polar Clock crop circle eludes too. This process has been underway for quite some time. The Pleiadians gave the Mayans their calendar as Mayan Elders have revealed. The Pleiadians have more genetic stock here on Earth than any other Star Nation. They will be in charge of the restoration process of Earth along with the other 12 main Star Nations and councils with the help of others who have joined the cause yet this does not mean we can sit on our asses and not be a part of this change. We must rise to the occasion, be frequency-specific to the new Earth and adjust to the new energies if we are going to stay.

Source: Look Up.

James Gilliland

Manton Drove polar clock crop circle

In Australia there is a new logo on TV.

@ approx 3 secs into this promo video they use a fireball or explosion as the logo unfolds?

Big Brother TV logo UK/ Australia comparison

Australian logo nb* that the time is different in both Australian versions, perhaps someone can work on this?


Woodborough Hill. Alton Barnes.Wiltshire. Report 9th June

Map Ref:


Updated Saturday 16th June 2012

10//06/12 10/06/12 12/06/12 11/06/12 16/06/12 11/06/12

The field on which appeared the formation 9 tramlines, as well as the planets of our solar system. Three bodies flying across the field. Maybe it field lines on the field displays orbits of individual planets in our solar system. Something penetrates into our system? The creators of the formation may have in mind three potentially hazardous asteroids that cross be in June, cross the path of our planet Earth. None of them should not threaten the Earth.

Maybe it's a completely different object. The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin apparently referring to in his speech, Mr. Laurence Ric.

Zdenka Pávková ČR



Three identical groups . . . a trinity . . . including the all-seeing Eye of Horus (wedjat) . . . or is it a vesica pisces . . . or both . . . Horus and Ishtar rolled into one?! And the winged sphere, ancient symbol for Nibiru, the "planet of the crossing" . . . which, comet-like, appears to join our earth as a sperm joins an egg . . . indicated by the lightly incised outer circle . . . a blastula . . . or rather, a trinity of blastulae!

And all three seem to be swimming across the field toward an Iron Age long barrow (?) These esoteric symbols are redolent of the Divinity, fecundity, rebirth and transformation . . . but what do they tell us in particular?

John Del Campo


Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

It is clear to me that the Crop Circle which appeared on the 9th is simply tieing into the previous one on June 2 which decoded to be:

Pole = “2012 AD, June 2

Polar = “2012 AD June 2, Talk of GOD”.

The one on June 9 has 3 designs.

3 = 66+3, "69" = "June 9"

The letter 3 is the number C, also "hundred".


Hu = 08 U, 80.

80-66 = 14, 2+12, "2012".

d's cancel.


C = "June 9, 2012 AD Re".

You will remember that the crop circle on June 2 was composed of lots of "C's" -- this example used the C as 3 and 100.

George Simpson

I just wanted to say that this latest formation seems to be telling us that our sun's dark (winged) twin with its associated system of planets and debris is getting closer by the day and is currently sitting behind our sun and very rarely seen. Knowledge of this has been with mankind for thousands of years but has been kept well hidden by those who now make plans for this event. Our circle making friends apparently have a firm belief that the knowledge should be made public.

Ric Laurence


1. I am attaching a few of the Photographs taken from Wise telescope (Infrared Zone) of this object & this thing is absolutely monstrous. Jupiter stands no where in size & this thing has 7 planets in it's tails. In fact it's a mini solar system & companion of our solar system. coordinates for the year 2009 is as below. Anyone can click on it & people are watching it everyday from different parts of the world. No need no mention that they only are making crop circle since last 30 yrs & screaming loud for us to hear.

RA 00 09 00

Dec -00 30 13

2. This thing is still not identified although it can be seen all over the galaxy (Infrared survey) all the over galaxy over a period of last 4-5 yrs (Funny!!).

3. When viewed in Infrared Dust survey, this thing appears as a gigantic EAGLE.

4. All the Dove/Eagle crop circle formations are an exact match. Though those crop circles hold lots of other interpretations (& they are all correct!!), that's the beauty of this phenomenon. The chevron, The trident, the serpent, the E, the duality, The 7 Chakra's, The Pacman & lots of many other symbols comes from this system. They can be viewed in different survey (radio, xrays etc.) of the same object.

Mayan's rightly said that all will revealed in "no time".

As ENki said, Have no fear!! You are the children of stars & not here to be engulfed by fear & tyranny.

Nothing will happen that will hurt the one's who can hear the voice of heart & truth. We create our own reality.

dipender chhikara


The Woodborough Hill formation is a set of budding flowers showing progression of growth. The week of Iq started on June 6 and the first one has 6 circles to the stem. Iq is among other things, growth through movement. Then 7, then June 8 which was 3 Kat. So 3 total. It may have been reported on June 9, but rest assured that it was precisely June 8 when laid. June 1 - 10 is the decan of thread and is feminine pubescence. So the flowers are not blooming, but budding.

The other incorporative geometry is that of the eye of Kat which is Lizard.

This formation is a good time stamp and a beautiful manifestation of earth/ Venus energy. Just like fresh flowers, the formation did not last long. Beauty is short lived once it is plucked.

David Odell

Berkley Lane, nr Frome. Somerset. Reported 17th June.

Map Ref: ST799493

Updated Wednesday 22nd August 2012

17/06/12 18/06/12 18/06/12 17/06/12 18/06/12 22/08/12

Image Terry Lawrence Copyright 2012

The Recurrence of the Sangréal

supplementarily to the

'Berkley/nr Frome/Somerset 2012' crop circle.

somerset 0111

Chart 1: click (here) to enlarge and download.

And there it is! As I correctly have predicted, the Crop Circle Creators share with us one essential key for the geometric and numerologic reconstruction of 'East-/West Kennett 2011' in the context of the Pythagorean 3-4-5 dynamics. With 'Berkley/Frome 2012' they give us the crucial unit circle!

Please open the folder below,

and also read our comments (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) or download them from (PDF), thank you!

Folder: click (here).

Not only holy geometric but also cosmologic and mystic content lies in this superb design, that came down near two traffic circles in clear resonance with 'East-/West Kennett 2011' and 'Wickham Green North/South 2010' (1) (URL). These two traffic circles give further clues for reconstructing the inner circle from the two squares.

Furthermore we see the nearby Iron Age cult site Roddenbury Hillfort (wikipedia) in historic and mythic resonance with the whole context.

Image: click (here).

How and when did we receive the cosmologic informations?

We had celebrated the Venus transit on 06-06-2012 and Her returning visibility four days later at the hill top of an ancient Atlantean cult site: the Silberfels in the Black Forest/Germany; another four days later we went on the Baden Belchen in the Belchen Triangle to celebrate the Recreation of Man and the Erection of the Tree of Life according to the Mayan Calendar (Marc Smulders-Correlation and his perceptions) (article). Thank you, Marc!

The Silberfels, the Baden Belchen, Teotihuacán and Chichén Itzá share profoundly holy numerologic context within the so-called "Munck Pyramid Quantum Grid', rediscovered by Carl P. Munck (YouTube) (website).

- Silberfels 47°49'52"N/8°5'7.8"E/23°2'47"W (Munck-MPGN: 333/3): Venus setting on 06-10 → 'Silbury Hill 06-12-2012' – 302.8°

- Baden Belchen (47°49'19.9"N/7°49'59.9"E/23°17'57.1"W (Munck-MPGN: 127/31): Venus setting on 06-10 → 'Woodborough Hill 06-09-2012' – 303°

- Baden Belchen: Venus setting on 06-13/14 → 'Berkley 06-17-2012' – 301.3°

- Breisach Cathedral (48°1'45"N/7°34'48.5"E/23°33'8.5"W (Munck-MPGN: 6/9): Venus setting on 06-20 → Glastonbury Tor – 298.9°


The Galactic Merkavah of the "Rejected Cornerstone"

will be planted in September 2012,

in honour of the dynastic birthday of Jesus the Christed One.

Chart 2: click (here).

With the new moon (☷) in zenith over Teotihuacán on 06-20, the exact alignment 'Woodborough Hill 2012'–'Berkley 2012'–Glastonbury Tor will be accomplished from St. Stephen's Cathedral (wikipedia) in Breisach, the home town of the renowned medieval painter and printmaker Martin Schongauer and one of the most eminent adept and bearer of the Holy Grail (wikipedia).

The New Man has traversed the precipice. Now we all have a new way on this Holy Mother Earth and nobody ever can take this truly spiritual accomplishment away from us. (YouTube) Welcome in "Cennyd", the Pictish word for ‚born from star fire‘!

luminem 008




Tâmratejas & Dyugosâ

Keys, sources and URLs:

- The Belchen Triangle (1) wikipedia (2) on Regio Basiliensis (3) by Rolf d'Aujour d'hui (PDF)

- The Pythagorean Triangle and Its Esoteric Meaning (article) by Antonietta Francini (Scribd)

- The Fountain: film by Darren Aronofsky (wikipedia)

- TRON Legacy: film by Joseph Kosinski (wikipedia)

- In the Light of Trinity (website) by Marc Smulders

- Ashayana Deane (YouTube) Keylontic Science (website)

- Knowledge in Stone - the Primal Inch (YouTube) Axel Klitzke (German)

- The Glastonbury Tor Maze (article) by Geoffrey Ashe

- Wickham Green 2010 (Vimeo)


- CalSKY (website) Stellarium (website) GoogleEarth (website)





Squaring Berkley Lane

Circle 1 = big outer circle (black)

Circle 2 = centre circle standing crop (black)

Circle 3 = outer perimeter of circle with standing ring (red)

Circle 4 = small circle standing crop (yellow)

Circle 5 = very small circle in circle 2

Circle 6 = virtual circle with midpoint of circle 2 and touching circles 3 and 4 (blue)

Circle 7 = inner perimeter of the standing ring of circle 3 (green)

Steps to square the circle (fig. 1, page 3)

1) Draw the centre axis through circle 2 and 3 and extend it outside circle 1

2) Do the same with circle 2 and 4

3) Draw a circle around circle 2 which touches circles 2 and 3 ( circle 6)

4) Copy outer perimeter of circle 3 three times to the other axes so, that they are centered and that their perimeter touches circle 6

5) Copy circle 4 four times and put it 'on top' of the circles of step 4 and centre it on the axes

6) Draw a square around the circles of step 5: this is the square that defines the squaring of the main circle!

And what about the the very little circle in the centre circle (circle 5)?

Why is it there? What does it say?

It appears that the distance of the centre of it to the edge of circle 2 is the radius of circle 3.

Circle 3, copied six times in circle 2, fits great, forming a flower pattern.

I am also intrigued by the circle formed by the inner perimeter of circle 3 (the one with the standing ring) which i will call circle 7.

I wonder if it does have a function in the total design but now i do not see it.

Update July 13th (fig. 2, page 3)

After having yesterday's result I could not stop thinking about this crop circle and every time I went back to it, stared at it and tried to find more but i did not know exactly what, until.......

Circle 6, which touches circles 3 and 4, does not actually exist in the field but on paper it does and it appears to be an important part of the design.

So would it not be nice to see if it is possible to square this one as well?

And again i found the solution!

Draw four lines, each starting in the corners of the 'big square' and running tangent to circle 2. The result is squaring the -virtual- circle 6!!

As well as circle 6, the corner points do not exist in the field but they too form an important part of the design.

Update July 14th (fig. 3, page 4)

I think I am going nuts!

I can't keep my thoughts from this crop circle so this morning i made some prints and again stared at them for some time.

Suddenly I see something i have totally overlooked in first instance.

How could I be so short-sighted?

The tramlines!!

There are four tramlines cutting the crop circle and i will name them, from left to right in the picture, A,B,C and D.

Just now I notice that circle 7 (the inner perimeter of the circle with the standing ring) touches tramline B (the second tramline from the left).

The perimeter of the central circle (circle 2) touches tramline D (the most right tramline).

Now I see: I found a second method of squaring circle 6!!

The steps are as follows:

1) Mark tramline D by drawing a line touching circle 2

2) Draw a line tangent to circle 2 and circle 7: it appears to run parallel to the tramlines and so parallel to the line of step 1

3) Connect the lines of step 1 and 2 by two lines with 90 degree angles, tangent to circle 2

4) Result: a square and a second method of squaring the -virtual- circle 6! This square has, of course, the same size as the square of the first method.

This second method of squaring the circle (and maybe it should be the FIRST one) is defined by the tramlines in the field. This reminds me of the Barbury Castle formation of June 1st 2008 where the public pathway did the same.


I am quite astonished by what I found. Squaring the circle: okay, but squaring a virtual circle: crazy! Finding two methods of squaring the circle: insane!

And then: I right?

Please don't hesitate to give your reactions/comments

Rieks Schreuder

fig. 1

fig. 2

fig. 3

Crop Circles-UFO's-Ancient Mysteries-Scientific Speculations

The Recurrence of the Sangréal

supplementarily to the 'Woodborough Hill/Alton Barnes/Wiltshire 2012' crop formations.

Chart 1: click (here) to enlarge and download.

- Centroid - 9.21 pm (CEST), 06-01-2012; 305.4°: Sun setting from Istein in the Belchen Triangle onto 'Manton Drove 2012' (305.3°)

- "Isis" (I) - 9.24 pm, 06-05; 305.4°: invisible Venus setting from the Alsatian Belchen on 'Woodborough Hill'.

- "Osiris" (O) - 9.22 pm, 06-06; 305.9°: Sun setting from the Swiss Belchen on 'Woodborough Hill'.

- "Horus" (H) - 8.43 pm, 06-10; 303°: first day of Venus' visibility, setting from the Baden Belchen on 'Woodborough Hill' again.

Many thanks to "Red Collie" for the excellent depiction in the context of Venus. Now, since the Venus transit together with 'Manton Drove 2012', the 'Belchen Triangle' is conclusively confirmed! That's why the Mayan priest Don Hunbatz Men propheticly had followed our invitation into the tri-border region in 2004 during the then transit, and the Crop Circle Creators were apparently able to integrate this eminent geomantic triangle into their marvelous work; we believe that they essentially needed it, also for the difficult operations in Italy.

Please also read our comments (1) (2) (3) (4) or download them from (PDF), thank you!

Tâmratejas & Dyugosâ

Sources and URLs:

- The Belchen Triangle (1) wikipedia (2) on Regio Basiliensis (3) by Rolf d'Aujour d'hui (PDF)

- The Pythagorean Triangle and Its Esoteric Meaning (Article) by Antonietta Francini (Scribd)


- CalSKY (website) Stellarium (website) GoogleEarth (website)




Oh, my dear one, he (the farmer who mowed the formations) was so angry and did not want hordes of people coming to his land. Thus he prevented it decisively. Many of you wish to know the meaning of the three wriggling sperm:

They are winged serpent seeds. It is my creative power shooting into the land to fertilise the body of dear Gaia. She needs the energy, dear ones, also of you human beings who enter our circles in wonder and joy. Your positive and loving energy unites with what we imprint into the earth to strengthen and glorify our work. When many people come and walk in our circles and sit or lie absorbing the energies, the earth also receives what you, dear ones, give to her in your interaction with our loving energies which pulse up out of the land below you. Thus do we work together already? Those who are more conscious among you know this and align their work with us in full awareness, which greatly increases the power. We need you to fully awaken, dear human beings, and call you to work with us now in the formations on the sacred land of Gaia.

Quetzalcoatl 11 June 2012



Nibiru has been referred to as the Winged (Disc) Planet.

Close-up of Nibiru (below) cutting through our Solar System. Note the energy lines streaking out from Nibiru. Similar "lines" appear in each of the 3 crop circle Nibiru glyphs pulling its tail of meteorites with it.

Now let's look again at the June 9 crop circle at Woodborough Hill, its 3 glyphs portrayed here as diagrams so we get a clear view (from cropcircleconnector site):

From South Africa, Carol S writes:

This is just my first impression: to me it looks like the winged planet Nibiru.. the way it is always presented, with it's tail of 6 satellites that it drags along moving toward the "eye" or galactic center of our Milky Way! who knows which other planets he is also pulling in with its magnetic force? To show 3 of more or less the same in a row could be to show it is moving forward, like a kite blowing in the sky or it could also be that the number 3 in timing could be months, years or decades? Maybe if I had more time to ponder it I might come to other conclusions... but the winged planet going into the "eye" is very clear!---Love. Carol

Eva B writes from England:

I agree with Carol. What struck me is that the top one has got 6 circles as a tail, the next one 7 and the bottom one 8, the rest is very similar apart from the top one not having "wings" in the inner circle whereas the middle and bottom one both have them. So it looks like a progression - or as Carol put it "a moving forward" from the top one to the bottom one, at least to me.... Eva

From Canada, Barbara T writes:

We see the energy lines, the wings. We see an eye, which could symbolize our solar system lining up with Galactic Centre. May 20 signalled a direct alignment with the Central Sun of Pleiades yet we are being pushed still deeper toward the Galactic Centre every day right to December 21, 2012 which is full stop of one evolutionary cycle on Earth, December 22 being Day One of the next cycle starting up.

In each glyph counting the circles, another smaller set of wings appears always between the 4th and 5th circles even though one has a total of 8 circles, the second has 7 and the third has 6 IF one counts from the large central circle to the small one (at tail).

Counting in the opposite direction, from the tail up toward the centre, the smaller wings appear between the 4th & 5th circles, the 3rd & 4th, and the 2nd & 3rd.

If I could "guess" what these circles and tails mean combined with "why THREE similar glyphs", I'd guess that as Nibiru whips along it can potentially let loose some of the cosmic debris being draggedin its wake (tail) in whiplash fashion, some of it striking our planet. Perhaps 3 means 3 such episodes or shake-ups entailing even perhaps 3 shifts of Earth's axis before this giant heads back out into outer space. Like a scorpion. Maybe this explains why we see a second set of smaller wings in each tail, the power of "the whiplash effect".

Barbara Tomczyk

I have been following the crop circle phenomena since mid 90s and always remain duly impressed by the artistic presence and mathematical precision present in these temporary art forms/ messages.This particular glyph has really smacked me in the mouth. Not since the alien face/ ASCII encoded glyph have I been so infatuated with the intelligence behind these amazing pics and this one will not leave me.

A little background as to my beliefs and prognostications.

Ever since I was a child, some five decade ago, I have been given (esoteric tunings) information as to the shift of ages that the Earth and its inhabitants will soon experience. Admittedly, when I first saw the early crop circles I was intrigued by their beauty and intricacies, so much so that I have followed them with compulsion ever since. At the same time, I have researched a vast plethora of information relating to Mayan prophecy, galactic precession and spiritual revelations.

It all revolves around our light/ life giving Sun and its influence on the solar system at large. Of particular interest is the emanations of quantum particles, specifically neutrinos. It is known that stars and especially nova stars in the throes of final collapse emit huge streams of these particles, indeed they are a precursor to the light of the supernova.

In recent experiments by CERN and Gran Sasso in Italy, some surprising data had come to light suggesting that the neutrino streams arrived some 60nS ahead of light speed. At around the same time (but not specifically THE same time) there were reports that clocks in Sicily (rhumbline Geneva) were speeding up. The same laboratory in Italy had, some years prior, found that these massless particles of sub-matter actually incurred mass during transmission by way of ´flavour´ changes. The three know types are electron, Mu and Tau neutrinos. You are probably beginning to see where I am going with this, admittedly, I was led to all this in a most inordinate way...another story.

It becomes even more interesting when considering the upcoming galactic alignment and the implications for our Sun to be impacted by electromagnetic and gravitational distortions/ emissions from the core (Sgr A). This in turn will cause the Sun to become agitated...even can I say it, angry! Coronal mass ejections, solar flares and gamma ray bursts will increase in frequency and intensity. As part of this, the neutrino emissions will go into overdrive and bombard the Earth with high intensity particles of these hitherto massless bits of matter.

There is more.

It is commonly considered viable that mutations to the DNA molecule could be the stairway to to speak. Activation of junk DNA is the usual train of thought, however I see bigger steps, multistrand DNA for one. Looking at the present dual strand helical spiral, it appears as long lengths of a fixed diameter and resembles the classic helical antenna used in RF transmissions/ reception. The diameter of the DNA is roughly the same as the pitch of the spiral, which in its radio frequency counterpart, dictates its centre frequency or tuned length.

To cut to the chase, I believe this crop glyph, represents the three flavours of neutrino streams that will be the initiating component in activating the DNA...provided the individual is attuned or if you will, the intent to receive has been issued to the ´antenna array´.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope that you feel there is some value in my interpretation and analysis of this, the greatest show on Earth.

Lou Jansch

We are moving. We fly, we are ascending. Our Solar System is on the move. we are underway to a new destination, a new adventure, a new experience. We are always underway but sometimes we seem to move faster than other times. We go from the third dimension to the fifth, look at the tramlines! There is Light in front of us, openings. You are invited to come along, come fly with us! "Fly high as a kite, if you want to"! see the songtekst from the Moody Blues; "The best way to travel"

Note from me, Tetsje: All explanations, all validations, all thoughts about the crop circles are true, if it were only for one person....

All truths are in All-There-Is, all explanations, all validations, all thoughts, EVERYTHING is in All-There-Is you see...

Tetsje op den Dries




JAN, FEB, MAR, APR  2012