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Today's date 3-3-2012

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3-3-12 - DREAM -  i  was working on a computer screen which was a document about UFO sightings.  Evidently there were three of them at the same time.  I don't recall the details, but I was editing it. 

I discovered that the computer screen could be operated just by pointing at an arrow in the upper left corner.  The whole thing was operated by energy from my finger.

At that point, I was sent some tapes of a trial goikng on in Canada.  I saw the names of the people involved in the trial -  the lawyer had a statement in the introduction that he had been appoiknted to this job, and the wole tape was of the trial.  There were multiple people involved - some very high ranking officials. 

At some point, I could interact with muy firend Michelle - I could see her and she could see me, and had girl ltalk abou tour hairdos, and the clohte was wearing which was a cloth cape with a lot of fur trim on it.  I wondered if her booyfriend knew how much real fur she was wearing when he was against such things.

Then I went back to watching the trial, which was rather boring I mujst say because i twas about politiical stuff.  But the technology was fascinatning and I showed it to my husband who was vaccuming the stairway to our apartment - which had beige carpeting and the stairway was very long and quite steep.

I showed him the tape of the trial, which was inside a piece of technology that was a hand held projection TV -  which I oculd point at the wall or any flat surace and watch the trial going on.   The tape was just laying on my bed at first, and I picked it up and shone the trail on the wall.  I don't know what kind of electricity it had - if it was batteries, they sure weren't 12 volt batteries and it wasn't connected to the wall.  It could be used anywhere.

It was amazing. and fun to use too.\\

NOTE:  They've had this technology since 2003.


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