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6-20-13 - MULTIPLE DREAMS -  This was very short dreams, but saw them multiple times.

A woman took a gun and shot at the flat sky and split it in half. 

In the second dream, a woman took a shotgun, aimed it at the corner of the sky (like in an enclosed room) and hitting the spiral target right in the corner - and Split East from West.

cosmic crosshairs


NOTE: Apparently this woman was my friend Daphne, and she did a channeling that used the same words I did in this dream, plus the word crystalline which I dreamt earlier.,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=f01ed1e89c0e71d9&biw=1280&bih=850


Cosmic Crosshairs - The Incredible Solstice

2013 is absolutely an enthralling year astrologically. Events in this beginning phase of the New Earth are meant to be so. Occurrences that occur annually, such as eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, trines, planetary alignments, comets and meteor events began taking on crystalline geometric coding from the initiation of the 2009 Cosmic Trigger, and these embellishments are gaining momentum in Year One!

Thus far this year we have experienced a close quadrangle of solar and lunar eclipses, culminating on the WESAK Full Moon Eclipse in late May. These were effectively sandwiched by the March Equinox and this week's June Solstice. These are by no means ordinary; by no stretch of the imagination are they mundane. And these are further greatly amplified by the massive injections of radiation via Solar Winds, prompting the Aquarian shift.

Metatron tells us the vibrational 'bar' is being raised exponentially in terms of the planetary frequency through these astro episodes. They are advents of enormous downloads. As the Sun rides into apexial apogee, and a heavy downpour of astrological zingers rain in, most empaths feel the waves of intensities beginning to crest at high tide. The Solstice on its own would be a sufficient, but in 2013, it is embellished to the tipping point. So hang on to your hats and keep the floatation devices secured! Yes, there plenty of squares and untoward alignments, but there are also some brilliant Trines in play. There is no need to crash over the edge, quite the contrary; with a little focus this can be brilliantly navigated. So keep dry & keep cool! This solstice is chock full of yin-yang a perfect reflection of duality. But there are many tools to work with and the planet is receiving support from all the Cosmic Forces.

The Sun is bathing us with new rays of benevolence, and these triggers are awakening the dreamer within. Just as the full moon Wesak eclipse thinned the veil, this solstice tosses the dimensional drapery further aside. The sparks of crystalline cognition are beckoning in brilliance in the Midsummer night's dream, wipe the doss from sleepy eyes, awaken & hear the song of Truth, it is the Music of the Spheres! Earth is teeming with new codes, new energies and flexing its expanded dimensional influx. Of course it is intense - use it wisely! It is cosmic adrenaline.

The month of June 2013 has 4 planetary trines and a Mega Moon taking place in the energy of the Super Solstice. And this is a Super Solstice!  The intensity on the planetary is at an all time high. It is absolutely imperative that each of us maintain an intact Auric sheath to avoid the pitfalls of energetic short circuitry. There are four planets currently in retrograde, (Saturn, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron) and Mercury joins the quartet beginning its very tangible back-track on June 26th. Mercury retros have a preliminary aspect and that is being felt now.

A brief over view of June Energies:

Add in the inertia flow of the March equinox, 4 eclipses & solar maximum (solar winds). It is an incredible frequency, some may feel that this week's Solstice is like being in the "Cosmic Crosshairs", it is that intense! But the truth is that there are some incredible possibilities for positive utilization, and that this crystoelectro-magnetic 'cocktail' is doing exactly what it is meant to do. The key is staying balanced, and stay focused on equilibrium.

This energy is all about the Aquarian Shift, the ability of co creating the planet in theta group & individual mediation.  Mediation for creation of the New Earth. The four Grand Trines in June are all about coherent theta visualization & focal intent manifest into reality. Each of these four Grand Trines are anchored with Saturn and Neptune. That is a key! These are about focal manifestation, the 'Law of Belief' brought into reality.  Neptune is the creative flow and Saturn solidifies it! The solar radiation opens the pineal to kick start the manifestation into theta wave. 

What happens flows perfectly into the other mega events of Year One. The Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune Trine (June 18-August 16)  leads directly to the activation of the Earth-Kingdoms, with emphasis on the support of the Plant Kingdom & associated Devics, as well as the opening of the energy of Trees in support of Humanity & the Master Beings of the Sequoia, Redwood & other majestic arboreal capacitors!

This occurs between 15-21 August, and is embellished by the Perseids Meteor Shower and the full moon.  (The Crystal Activation & Mineral Kingdom upshift took place on the 12-12-12).

(The August 'Sequoias Portal' flows into the September Equinox, which contains an incredible aperture for the Renaissance of Enlightened 'Golden- Ages' to align in Harmonic Oscillation with the rebirth of Humanity into the Ascension matrix of the New Earth. It is a holographic-time epoch function of ' Time-Gates'  & occurs thru the umbilical portals of  Delphi & Rapa Nui- Navals of the Earth. )

There are ebbs and flows the remainder of the year, and June comes into a vibrational array that requires close attention. You must keep careful control of your emotional extremes; avoid anger and untoward aggressive tendencies at this Solstice. And keep in mind the Solstice window is a 14 day spread, 7 days prior and 7 days after the zenith.

Emotion is highly amplified, and there is an undercurrent of tension that may allow for the unfortunate excessive expression of skewed impression into a crisis of inappropriate offensive action. It is easy to misinterpret another's intent or to over react; making mountains of molehills. In kind, do not seek refuge in the intensity and under react in apathy or inactivity. Being aware of the gravitated influences at hand can allow you to manage them optimally, and prevent an uncomfortable emotional confrontation that can better be avoided. Don't allow when old resentments to resurface. Manage your thoughts, direct your mental focus. .  instead of harboring negativity, focus on creating a better life and better world, that is absolutely the better way  to use this energy.

This solstice is teeming with a new influx of 'life force' and you can use it wisely, or you can amplify scenarios that should not receive your focus. Do not fall into self condemnation as the retrogrades project their opposing wave-flow, rather use this to go inward and recalibrate into the great and greater you !This channel is copyrighted to - Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and  website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested at  



: : Council of Light : : Sweeping Changes in Code Calibrations

received by DK Karan Danis


There are sweeping changes in the Code Calibration structurings underfoot~~you have witnessed this yourself this morning in the re-organizing and re-situating of the parameters of “form functioning” : : to use your language, your experience of the handholds of life is about to be tested~~

For the current handholds which are not firmly resting on the Mother’s Core Vibration will be cast aside and pushed away~~ she and you are in partnership now and will not any longer tolerate any designs upon your person, or Her Gaian Body, that do not align with the vast sacred plan of “Becoming”.

That being said, align with your Core, spend the days outside as much as possible, you are uniting the two directions, the vertical and the horizontal, the sacred and the ordinary, the female and the male, the becoming and the doing. This takes time, the next 4 months are pivotal and embark on a new alignment of what is means to be here in the world at this time. Take this time, therefore, to go inward and check the internal barometer, the internal GPS, and know that all guidance is NOW, and being orchestrated by the Higher Realms~~

The stairs are being built, the Mezzanine level, the in-between place, the 45′ grade and angle that allows the yes/yes, the win/win, the collaboration, the facilitation, the amalgamation, and the synthesis. Elements are fast coming into balance of the Photonique Light Frequencies.

You are pulling into “pillar” manifestation vast tracks and columns of light frequency encodements and subsequently configuring the enabling of Light Frequency Platform constructions. The Four Pillar anchoring process is at hand and frequentially in proto-stabilization, you are holding Keys for the new Realms of Construction.

This shall take place over the next 6 month period, there are many who shall be assisting in this process, you have enabled a StarGate activation portal in this area as of today~~

This shall enable a frequency harness to be abrogated, and allow the safe passage of those who shall pass from the 3d duality harness into the Trinitarian Christ Consciousness.

There are at present 7 vortex structures that need be aligned in the immediate area for Crystalline augmentation of the Gaian Frequency stargate aperture. This “rite of passage” is in the initiatory transition alignment at present.

~~end transmission~~


Summer Solstice/Full Moon

Dear Friends,
Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 22, 2013 . This is definitely a time to celebrate what's new, what is coming, where your transition is taking you, and what's next, as well as to be in gratitude for the many gifts and support you have received along the way. The desire for being in love with others and life and the future is strong and we would advise being around people who are on the same page as you. Do something special to celebrate at this time and make sure you include boatloads of gratitude.
Full Moon is Sunday, June 23 at 5:33AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) On the heels of the Solstice, this is an exalted time and much of the aspects of the solstice also hold true for the full moon. There is some need for boundaries and protection and being grounded as the level of this exaltedness can throw you off into such an expanded state that you can lose focus and become vulnerable to other people's energies that go beyond just sharing a vision. Therefore it is more important than ever to be with others who are truly on the same page and who support and love you unconditionally and without any judgment.
ASTROLOGICAL NOTES: Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at
Full Moon
Sun in Cancer ~ Moon in Capricorn 2º
Sunday, June 23, 5:33 AM MDT
(11:33 AM Greenwich Mean Time)
We pass one of the most powerful points of the year at the Summer Solstice when the Sun reaches its most northern position and the days are at their longest in the northern hemisphere and shortest in the southern hemisphere. The solstice on June 20/21 marks the entry of the Sun into the sign of Cancer. We drop out of the mental orientation of Gemini, an air sign, and into the watery world of emotional intelligence, feeling, nurturing and support. Cancer is about to receive one of the greatest gifts the solar system has to offer on June 25 which is Jupiter, the largest of all the planets, coming to stay in her sign for one year bringing the gifts of expansive energy, generosity, enthusiasm, optimism, opportunity, confidence, wisdom – what's not to like?! All of this brought to our emotional bodies via Cancer, The Great Mother. What will get expanded? Our focus on family, food (for our enjoyment, nourishment, and well being, as well as food politics), the feminine, our most basic security, fertility and birth, and the rituals accompanying both birth and death.
In fact, all the water signs have a heavy ambassador representing them. In 2011-12, slow-moving Neptune moved into its home sign of Pisces for 15 years where it hasn't been since 1847 - 165 years ago. Qualities of compassion, intuition, spiritual guidance, unity, and expanded consciousness are only some of the areas to receive focus under Neptune's influence. Scorpio, the power water sign is hosting Saturn, our karmic teacher, for two and a half years through 2015, so we will experience challenges to upgrade our relationship with our personal power and capacity for intimacy with this placement. These water placements of three outer planets, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, are creating a beautiful Grand Trine in Water signs that will be active all of July. Creativity, sensuality and emotionality will be deeply accentuated through the water element. Cancer is highly sensitive both to emotional tides and intuitive forces as well as to slights, criticisms, and rejections. Feelings can be hurt easily. Be aware and alert to the emotional nature of the time. The ease of the Grand Trine will make us want to fall back into our hammocks and just receive and enjoy what is - a major lesson in the feminine qualities of being and receiving is upon us at this time. And we have the opportunity to expand and strengthen our conscious relationship to the Web of Life that connects all living beings and the creative power that represents.
The sweet grace of the Grand Trine is not the only influence operating at this Moon. With our yearly Capricorn Full Moon, Saturn holds a powerful position as the ruling planet of the chart. Saturn is the voice and archetype of our practical, responsible nature devoid of glamour and frills. Saturn's tools are restriction, limitation, discipline, frustration, delay and denial, hard work. But tools to what end? Saturn is the gatekeeper that grounds us to physical reality. He is the creator of containers allowing all that cosmic energy a place to manifest. Those containers take focus, discipline, and intent to create, and that's what Saturn brings to this Grand Trine; Saturn is grounding it into physical reality. These are the steps that lead to bringing down 'heaven on earth'. So use Saturn to stay grounded and focused if the emotional energy gets too intense and is leaning toward overwhelming as it stretches your emotional body. With Saturn in Scorpio emotional fears will be excavated, vulnerabilities and sensitivities will be revealed especially in the areas Scorpio rules, sexuality, death, and other places where we need to let go into mystery, surrender our individuality and become one with another or something greater than our own egos. With such emphasis on water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) you might feel the need to seek out a more objective perspective from a friend or healer for the unconscious feelings that are getting stimulated by the obstacles and lessons Saturn throws in your path to show you where you need to focus the will and bring some discipline into play.
Yes, in the background the Uranus-Pluto square is continuing to push us into evolutionary change and that is just the dynamic tension we need to direct this gift of watery, feminine emotional intelligence. What has been brought to the foreground at that December 2012 point is our deep impulse to evolve in consciousness and expand from a purely physical reality to a unified field of connection with a heart-centered relationship to creativity and Spirit. You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't dedicated to your own and the planet's continued evolution. So all together we are experiencing the growing pains and joys of being together at this incredible rarified time. Our dedication to something so much greater than our individual egos is receiving an awe-inspiring boost at this Solstice-Full Moon juncture.
And don't discount the retrogrades....

Right now, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde and Mercury in Cancer turns retrograde on June 26 until July 20.

One can already feel the slowing down of movement of the fleet-footed, messenger planet, Mercury. Consequently, there is an emphasis on going within for balance and guidance.
06/20 Summer Solstice, Sun enters Cancer
06/25 Jupiter enters Cancer until July 2014
06/26 Mercury retrograde until 07/20
07/08 New Moon in Cancer 1:14 AM MDT
07/22 Full Moon in Aquarius 12:15 PM MDT



Magenta Pixie; Summer Solstice Stargates 2013 - YouTube


Elizabeth Peru

SOLSTICE: In approx. 5 hrs from the time of this post, it is the most auspicious occasion of Solstice - the entry of the Sun into Cancer. Winter or Summer? It depends on where you live. Where the sun is lowest over the equator today, we celebrate the Winter Solstice - day of most dark & least light. We are celebrating this season of drawing in, planning & working steadily on our growth to emerge in Spring & fully flourish in Summer.

Winter is the season for seeding your ideas in the quiet, dark of all potential. It is the best time of year for working on your projects that will launch come summer.

Where the sun is highest over the equator today, we celebrate Summer Solstice - that day of most light & least dark. We are celebrating this season of expanding, expressing & reaping our rewards of the seeds we planted & developed during winter.

Summer is the season for seeing your winter ideas fully bloom & flourish & come to reality, provided you worked on them during the winter season.

Each season has it's gifts & special energies for us to use. When you work with the seasons and nature's force in this way, you are the closet to being your natural self.

Today I urge you to stop & give thanks for your journey (all of it). For your incredible spark of light. You the soul, who is the divine creator in your universe.

Use your abilities well & create a world of beauty, the same as what you are ♥
#solstice #elizabethperu

Can you feel the Full Super Moon pulling on you?

Our bodies are 70% water, and full moons pull on the water that creates tides and waves. With this weekend's Super Moon being closest to earth of all full moons this year, the energy is pulling on you to release all negativity, secrets, and anything that's out of balance.

Your willingness to release and let go helps you to ride the crest of this wave of energy with joy, peace, and bliss. Letting go and releasing also opens you up to Divine solutions to every situation. Fighting this energy will have you out of sync and feeling less than optimal.

Let go. Release. By letting go, you will feel the loving and supportive energy of God, and hear your Divine guidance clearly.

Go outside when you see the full moon or open a window to have a connection with this helpful energy. Take time to meditate upon anything that's not working in your life or this world. And then let it go to God and the universe.

Remember that God created the moon and the moon cycles. In ancient times, many of us were persecuted because we honored the moon. The ancient fear-based religions and inquisitions created fear around acknowledging the moon. The moon is powerful, because everything God created is powerful.

We have been guided to hold world peace prayers on the 23rd at 8 PM in every time zone. We deeply appreciate you contributing your time, energy, and prayers.


US National Weather Service Alaska's photo.

"The longest day of the year".....summer REALLY long in Alaska! Happy Summer Solstice to Everybody! ;-)


Celebrate, Alaskans! Summer Solstice will arrive at 9:04 PM Alaska Daylight Time tonight!

Summer Solstice occurs when the Earth’s northern hemisphere is most tilted toward the sun. The northern hemisphere Summer Solstice is also the time of year when the Earth is at its farthest distance from the sun. This day marks the longest period of daylight hours and Alaska’s northernmost communities are already experiencing 24 hours of daylight. However, that number goes down as you move southward.

Adak, one of the most southern Alaska locales will get a mere 16 hours and 43 minutes of daylight. Another city of note is Juneau, the Capital City, which will have 18 hours and 18 minutes of daylight. Here is a sampling of cities and villages around the state with the amount of daylight hours and minutes they will experience for the day.