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TOPIC:  UFOS in Wisconsin


1-8-13 - DREAM - I was living in Wisconsin and met a chubby man by the name of Donald who knew an awful lot of things about aliens that nobody else knew because he had met them personally.  I was so intrigued by what he said, I wrote everything down and then posted it on a web page.

Here is what I wrote:




Date: July 4, 1960
Location: New Berlin
County: Waukesha

Source: Email report received from Dolores Bauer-Finney

Details of Incident:

NEW BERLIN, Wisconsin , 1960

I'm surprised that no one has reported the BIG UFO sightings from 1960 in Wisconsin . The first one occurred on the evening of July 4th, 1960 at dusk while we were standing high on a hill in New Berlin, WI waiting for the fireworks to start. The sun had gone down. We could see spotlights searching the skies over Milwaukee about 15 miles away. There were some clouds in the sky, but not many. All of a sudden, I saw movement over my head. I looked straight up and a saw a white circular craft moving slowly from behind me from south toward the north. It moved very slowly. It was above the clouds. I double checked to see if there was a possibility of the searchlights from Milwaukee to be making a search way out here in New Berlin, but it wasn't. The white craft was above the clouds. It was about the size of a quarter held at arm's length. It moved slowly toward the north, never deviating from its course and never changing speed ... very slow. The strange thing was that before it got to the horizon, it blinked off like a light bulb. I called my sister who was about 25 miles away and she said that she had seen the same thing, so we reported it to the Hynek Institute in Chicago, giving a written report within the week. Hundreds of people have had to have seen that, but we never met any. The very next day, on July 5th, during the afternoon, there was another sighting by hundreds of people on the Lake shore of Lake Michigan. I just happened to be standing inside the house by the window facing north. Off to the east I saw a greenish white craft going down towards the north quite aways off. It was about the same size as the one I had seen the night before. I found out the next day in the newspaper that hundreds of people had witnessed the UFO dive into Lake Michigan with a jet aircraft chasing it over the lake which had been scrambled by Billy Mitchell airfield. I wish I had saved that article. It is available at the newspaper but someone has to go in person and photograph it and I now live in California.


FOLLOW UP NOTE:  I finally found some people willing to go to the newspaper archives, which they did, and went through every newspaper copy during the month of July 1960 and found nothing mentioning a UFO.  Since I clearly remember seeing it published in both the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel on the following day -  why was it pulled from the archives?




During the early years of 2000, I was able to contact another Wisconsin woman who lived directly north of New Berlin - about 10 miles or so. She told me via e-mail that she also had seen that UFO going over her house, but she never met anyone before me who had seen it either. 


Sorry to say, she has passed on and is no longer able to tell her own story.




UFO Sighting 1961 in Eagle River, Wisconsin

UFO Wisconsin View & Report UFO Sightings and Alien Experiences ... Don't
.... In response to all this, the Air Force dispatched its civilian UFO investigator, J. Allen Hynek.


UFO Sighting 1968 in Stoughton, Wisconsin

UFO Wisconsin View & Report UFO Sightings and Alien Experiences ... Don't
... my room during my absence," Smith told British UFO researcher Timothy Good, as
recounted in ...


UFO Wisconsin View & Report UFO Sightings and Alien Experiences. 




Milwaukee Wisconsin:  It's the end of a shift at the Harley Davidson motorcycle factory. For most of these people, their work is done until tomorrow. For one of them, his work is just beginning.

Tim Hildebrandt runs a precision gear grinding machine here at Harley Davidson. He used to live in the biker's world.

Tim: "Before I was into UFO's I guess I was just a motorcycle person, working for Harley Davidson. I've always enjoyed riding Harley Davidsons. I was a motorcycle person."

Tim still rides the bike, still wears the clothes, but a few years ago the road he was following took a very different turn.

Tim: "In 1989 on September 10th was the first time I ever saw one. It was as I was leaving work about 7:05. I saw it off to the west and it was a very, very prominent cigar shaped silver object. That was the first sighting I ever had. The following year is when I started taking pictures."

If the ultimate goal of the UFO investigator is to uncover evidence, Tim Hildebrandt believes no evidence could be more compelling than a photograph. A photograph makes one person's perception tangible for the whole world to see. For the last six years, Tim has spent every free moment and every last dollar investigating UFOs through photography.

Tim: "Over the past five years, total investment, I would imagine anywhere between 25 and 30 thousand dollars would be a good guess. I mean, you're talking the cost of all the film and all the developing."

Tim's goal is to gather hard evidence to document the sightings he and others have experienced. He's grown particularly interested in a small town a few hours away called Dundee where UFO sightings and other strangeness have become almost commonplace.

Tim: "The people at Dundee, a lot of them have seen UFOs. Some of them have seen them close. There have been a lot of things happening out there. There's been some very unusual circles out there. People have heard things. I'm out there recording it, as much as I can.

Tim's destination is a bar up in Dundee called Benson's Hideaway. It's a gathering place for anyone who's seen something in the sky they can't explain.

Anonymous bar patron: "He told me. I'm really into this stuff. I believe in UFOs."

You couldn't throw a stone in this place without hitting a UFO believer.

Anonymous bar patron: "I know there's other life forms out there than us, so."

Bill Benson: "There's a lot of people in the area that have sighted something, seen something, felt something, and had no place to tell about it."

So they gather here at Benson's to share their UFO experiences. Tim's contribution is evidence. Photographs of his own sightings. Many of them taken from the summit of Dundee Mountain, only a few miles away.

Anonymous bar patron: "And he said all of a sudden he heard what sounded like a jet fly over by. 10 seconds later it went flying back."

Tim: "Hi Bill"

Bill Benson: "Hi Tim"

In this place, Tim's photographs are seen as an important body of work. Many of these people wish they had photographs that could prove their own sightings were real. Tim's pictures have captured what he believes is a significant clue in the UFO mystery - triangles.

Tim: "What's unique about that triangle shape is that it seems to be occurring in more photographs that I've taken. In this particular photograph here there's a triangle outline at the lower right of this light that is quite obviously there. You can see that it has three sides."

Other people around the country have reported triangular sightings, but they are unusual.

The real excitement this weekend is about something that happened one night earlier in the month in a marshy area of the lake. Strange lights, loud noises, and in the morning an ominous sight: Hundreds of square feet of crushed and flattened reeds.

Anonymous bar patron: "It looked like something had landed actually."

Now, everyone's wondering, did something from "out there" touch down here in Dundee?

Anonymous bar patron: "In my opinion, it didn't land long enough to have burned."

Another bar patron, (referring to a photo she's holding of someone standing in the middle of the flattened reeds on Long Lake): "He walked to the edge and he said, 'This will be the real test.' And he walked off and he sunk down to about the middle of his knee. And it was just fascinating, that's when I was made a believer. I was just like: oh my god, he's walking on water."

"And it came real loud and close and zoom, it was far away. And then all of a sudden, zoom, it jetted over the marsh"

If one person sees something in the sky, they could be mistaken. But in this case there were scores of witnesses all over town. Unfortunately, Tim wasn't there that night to photograph the lights. The only physical evidence that remains is the mysterious imprint in the reeds; left by something.

Anonymous person outside at a picnic table: "Our son Andy had an interest based on a couple of experiences that he talked about, and I noticed this in a flyer."

Not everyone here is local. On the edge of the action there's a family that traveled down from Green Bay. They look a little out of place in this crowd, but one of them feels right at home.

Andy Gordon: "I was seeing UFOs"

There's something wrong with this picture of a perfect American family. Little Andy's been seeing things. Mom is sympathetic, sis is a bit skeptical, and dad's downright confused.

Andy: "It was a triangle, it had three lights, they were round, and it kind of like swerved, and it shot down the sky until it disappeared."

Triangular. The same unusual shapes that Tim has photographed. The moment Andy saw Tim's photos, he knew the trip from Green Bay was well worth it.

The big event that caps the day is a hike up Dundee Mountain with Tim in the lead. Most of these people at least once have seen or heard something in the sky that they couldn't explain. Tonight they'll have a chance to see how one investigator goes about gathering evidence.

Tim: "Here we are. We're gonna use the 400 hopefully. Give us a little more telephoto range. The tripod is your best friend, because when you're making exposures in low light you've gotta keep the camera dead steady, and if you don't, you're not gonna get a sharp picture. And you've gotta always keep them ready because you don't know when it's gonna happen. You don't even know if it's gonna happen. You might come up here 5 or 6 times and nothing will happen. You've gotta be ready all the time."

When a person has a UFO sighting, they have to make a choice. They can ignore what they've seen, as if it never happened, or they can accept it. But with something as strange as a UFO, human nature makes it hard to believe even our own eyes without physical evidence.

William James said "Our science is but a drop, our ignorance a sea." Faced with questions that have no answers, the UFO investigator is left to wonder and to speculate. Part scientist, part dreamer, part detective. These citizens seek knowledge wherever they can find it. Tim Hildebrandt believes the UFO mystery goes back to ancient times.

Tim: "By reading all these different books, The Bible, many, many old books, it's obvious that we've had visitors all along. And the picture was that we have been visited throughout history, and we still are being visited now."

Whether UFOs are an ancient presence or a modern phenomenon is only one question. Even if we knew that answer, we still would wonder: what are they, and why do people keep seeing them?

Note: You can visit Tim's website at Searching for UFO's in Wisconsin

NOTE FROM DEE:  Tim mentions Dundee Mountain.  That is a place I saw every weekend during the spring, summer, and fall from about 1948 through 1965 or so because my Father owned property at Round Lake - later renamed Kettle Moraine Lake, which is right down the road from Long Lake where the UFO group meets that Tim belonged to.  During that period of time, I had no idea that people in that area were seeing UFOs like I did near Milwaukee in 1960.


Later on, I talked with my Father about UFOs, and he told me that he had seen one go over Milwaukee late at night in 1935 and it glowed bright red and lit up all the houses on the street as it went over.


Since then, other people I met in the 1990's told me similar stories about seeing UFOs going over Milwaukee.  There is far more going on than ever gets reported and why are these reports never in the newspaper?





The aliens have taken their time in making contact with me. They have suggested things for me to do, things that would make me a better person. I have listened and sometimes even follow through, but there are times when it just seems easier to go with the flow of the people on the planet.

Bonnie Meyer

from the book Unholy Alliance page 31

Bonnie's Graphic Recollections

Bonnie's Articles in the Urgent Issues section:

My name is Bonnie. I was first introduced to UFOs in my early 30's. A friend of mine got into UFOs so heavy that I began to wonder if she was losing her mind. Wanting to find out what they were feeding my friend, I went to every lecture and meeting in the area on the subject. Trying my hardest to figure out if UFOs were real or not. Little did I realize, that UFO's would be become a lifelong passion for me.


Books became my friends. I began to read books on New Age and the paranormal subject. Trying to find the truth for myself was not always easy. I never have been willing to settle for one persons' opinion on any topic. I always searched the material I found, looking for a correlation in the material so I could find the truth. It was about this point in time that I saw what we refer to as high flyers. These bright lights in the sky would move erratically, change directions make no noise and could not be explained away as either airplane or satellite.

It was after seeing these lights that I became a night person sometimes staying out until 4:00a.m. I often chased bright lights in the sky by car. Many, many times I was disappointed, when the lights turned out to be radio and TV towers.


On the July 4th weekend of 1976, there were approximately two and a half hours of time that could not be accounted for. Many abduction books talked of missing time, and they used hypnosis as a tool for retrieving what happened during this period of time. I began to wonder if something could have happened to me. Having little money, and wanting an answer, I checked to see if there were any hypnotists in the area who would be willing to do it for free. Sadly I have to say there were none.


One woman, who came to our meetings, said she knew of a psychologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who might be interested in doing the hypnosis although he was not into UFOs. He is a licensed psychotherapist who uses hypnosis to treat his patients. He agreed to do the hypnosis for free. The only problem being his practice was in Milwaukee and it was an hour and half drive one way. For approximately three years at least twice a month the drive was made. During these hypnosis sessions it came out that indeed an encounter had taken place, not once, but several times. It seems that not only did I encounter ships but interacted with the extraterrestrials on board the crafts. This seemed to open the door for me because after the hypnosis sessions started, I was able to remember more and more of the encounters. It seems that I was often taken on board a craft and taught lessons. It was frustrating to remember some of the encounters, but not everything that happened in great detail. I remember asking the ET's why I could not remember more? The ET's explained that in time I would be able to remember more. A young woman who lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was channeling an entity that called himself Anon. My curiosity was piqued and I had to see what was happening. The entity Anon came through the young woman and told me that I would become a channeler. I laughed and said "No way!"


There was no way I wanted to be a channeler. The only channelers I had seen or heard of were not what I believed to be true channelers. Messages from the ET's then began to be given to me in my head. The only way I can explain it is: it was like a ticker tape was being played across my forehead from the inside and I could read it. Over the years many things have been revealed to me. The ET's talked of how they were here to help planet Earth during the troubled times that were ahead.


The ET's also talked about their God, who it seems, is also our God. They talked of Jesus being a great teacher and how some planets have beings that come to help during periods of trouble. There was no way I wanted to get involved in religion, no way! Not being raised in a church, I did not want to become involved in any religion at this point in my life. The ET's were very patient with me and explained that a spiritual person is one who tries at all times to love his fellow man and live the laws of both God and man.


The telephone rang one day and to my surprise it was my hypnotist. He asked, "Would you like to do a firewalk?" My answer was "no" and we talked for awhile and hung up. As I walked away from the phone I thought, "Why did I say no?" I often saw firewalking on TV and wondered if I could accomplish it. I immediately called him back and said, "Yes, I want to do it!" I did five firewalks in all; four of those were as an assistant. My job was catching the people at the end of their walk or hosing down their feet so they would not burn. Through these experiences, I learned to believe in myself. Learning that I could call on God and myself to do all that is necessary to protect both body and soul in times of need. My future is in my hands and I am the only one who is totally responsible for my thoughts and actions. No more blaming anyone else for my actions or mistakes.


I have been misquoted many times in newspapers, TV programs, and books and sometimes even by friends. This caused me to become a more private person. I used this time to become stronger in my faith and figure out which direction I wanted to proceed with the knowledge that seemed to be accumulating. During this time I made the decision that I wanted God to be a big part of everything I did.


Through the years there have been different groups and people with whom I have studied. Some of the people did not walk their talk of spirituality or truthfulness. So again and again I had to search for people who believed as I did. I often cried at losing these friends, and felt a giant void was left in my soul. So again and again I searched for like-minded people. I never gave up, always searching for what was right for me. I can honestly say I came into this field kicking and screaming. The things that I said I would never believe in (UFOs and Aliens) are now the things that I believe in the most. Many times I have changed by beliefs as I learned more and more about UFO's and Aliens.


Some of Bonnie's Radio Interviews




Date: 22-Sep-86 23:56 MST MENASHA, Wis. (AP) -- Aliens from other planets have spirited two Menasha women off to space at least seven times each in the past 11 years, according to the pair, who insist "We're not kooks." Judie Woolcott and Bonnie Meyer head a loosely knit group called the Fox Valley UFO Discussion & Support Group, which meets Sunday nights. The two say they realized only in the last year with the help of hypnotherapy that they had been abducted by space beings. A Milwaukee hypnotherapist conducts their sessions. "We didn't know we were abducted," Ms. Woolcott said. "A lot of people are abducted and they don't know it," Ms. Meyer added. "Your mind blocks it out." The two say they were abducted together six times and once each separtely. Ms. Woolcott declined to give details of her abduction. But Ms. Meyer said she remembers being taken while her family slept. She said she called for help, but the aliens put her family in suspended animation and they couldn't respond. Ms. Woolcott said she first became interested in unidentified flying objects when she photographed a streak of light she called a UFO several years ago. The reaction of her long-time friend, Ms. Meyer, was to consider hospitalizing Ms. Woolcott, the two said. The two also described a joint abduction and say they spent time on another planet that took 93 minutes to reach on an alien craft. The two say they were taken after a UFO meeting in Appleton when their two families were camping in New London. The night they were abducted, they left Appleton at 10:30 p.m., but didn't get to the campsite until 1:30 a.m. They have since timed the drive from Appleton to the campsite at 32 minutes, but couldn't account for the missing time until they were hypnotized. "I said, `Oh my God,' we really were aboard a spacecraft," Ms. Woolcott said. "It's one thing to say it, but it's another to find out that it's true." The women say space beings don't look like human beings. Ms. Meyer also noted that during one of her abductions, space creatures put microscopic implants behind her ears. The devices force feed information into her brain, she said. "I'm not supposed to understand yet," she said. "We are being taught to help the people of Earth." Both women say they're used to people not believing them. "We've gotten so used to being called kooks and crazy that we don't pay any attention to it anymore," Ms. Meyer said. But, "We're not kooks," Ms. Woolcott said. <<>>


Residents and police watch ufo in Madison, wis.

�\RBBS\DL\BELLE720.UFO    20-Jul-87 16:11 MST
Sb:  APwi 07/20 0231  UFOs-Wis

By RICHARD EGGLESTON Associated Press Writer 
   MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Thea Hefty and police officers Kevin Plendl and Scott
McElroy may discover in the weeks ahead that they have far more in common with
strangers than they had imagined. 
   Hefty did something unusual when she saw a strange, bright object hovering in
the sky over Waunakee early Tuesday. She called the police. 
   When Plendl and McElroy arrived at her home and spent an hour watching the
unidentified flying object hang in the sky, they also did something out of the
ordinary: they filled out a report on the incident. 
   Lavonne Freidig of Belleville said friends and strangers alike have confided
similar experiences to her after reading of the sightings she and other
residents reported. 
   She described the object she spotted from her back door last March as a
cigar-shaped object with three spheres attached to it, hovering just above the
tree-line in the afternoon sky. 
   "A reasonable estimate is that only one in 10 sightings are reported," Mark
Rodeghier, a sociologist at the University of Illinois Chicago Circle campus and
scientific director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, said in a
telephone interview. 
   "Very few policemen go public with their sightings," he added. 
   "I was stunned," was how Plendl described his reaction to the glowing object
with red and blue flashing lights, from which an egg-shaped object separated,
then flew off at high speed. 
   "I have to admit I have never seen anything like that," police chief Frank
Balistreri chuckled the day after the sighting. "I don't know if I would admit
it if I did." 
   The sighting, which prompted some Waunakee wags to dub their community "The
Land of Milk and Martians" is one of about 30 reported in Wisconsin so far this
   That doesn't come close to constituting a "wave" of UFO sightings, which
Rodeghier defines as hundreds or thousands of reports of sightings. 
   The UFO scene actually has been pretty quiet for 14 years, he said. The
Waunakee report also is unlikely to provide many clues to the mystery of UFOs,
he added. 
   "It's a typical light-in-the-sky case," Rodeghier said. "Lights in the sky
aren't that interesting. The reason is they aren't of research value." 
   Nevertheless, Don Schmitt of Milwaukee, the center's Wisconsin coordinator,
was planning a visit to the area over the weekend. 
   Schmitt also investigated the Belleville sightings, and concluded there was
no ready explanation for the objects people reported seeing -- they were genuine
   Rodeghier is more intrigued by UFOs that leave behind physical evidence.
While no piece of metal or alien form of life has been recovered from a UFO
sighting -- which would pretty well pin down its origin as extraterrestrial --
he said there have been inexplicable marks left on the ground where UFOs are
reported to have landed. 
   "Those traces don't mean extraterrestrial spacecraft," Rodeghier said. "They
do mean phenomena that can't be explained." 
   But there are a lot of things that Rodeghier can't explain about UFO
sightings, even the sporadic attention that news media pay to the phenomena. 
   His own theory on UFOs? 
   "I'm scientific enough not to go out on a limb," Rodeghier said. But he
added, "The best evidence is not inconsistent with the hypothesis that some
sightings are indeed alien spacecraft." 

Copyright 1987 by the Associated Press.  All rights reserved.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Large Hovering UFO And Alien Abductions
Date: March-December 2007
Time: N/A.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects:
Shape of objects:
Full Description of event/sighting: Hi, Brian, I wrote you a few months back about a possible abduction event that occurred back in February 2004 in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. My wife and I both experienced this event. During the last several months things have become even more strange in that these experiences seem to occur with greater frequency.
We moved into a new house back in September. One day as we were sitting on our front porch something caught my eye. There appeared to be two white or metallic spheres zig-zagging in the sky above our house. I was so excited that my wife was there to see it that I began yelling to my wife to look while pointing out the spectacle. This isn't the first time I have seen these spheres. I have seen them quite often particularly when there are a lot of chemtrails in the sky. Strangely I quickly forgot about this event until later that night when I woke up near 3:00am and felt that same ominous feeling that comes with a great deal of these experiences. I felt that something was again present in the room with us.
The bedroom door was open, I quickly sat up and looked into the hallway, I could see that something was there. Now it is difficult for me to explain this figure other than it had no texture or features other than being completely black in the sense that it was a void. In other words, this thing didn't appear to have any color, but appeared to be a gaping hole in the shape of a being. I had the distinct impression that I could have put my hand right through this thing and that it would be like putting my hand in to an empty space. It was darker than a shadow. So the only other characteristic it had was its shape. It stood perhaps 5 feet tall and seemed rather well-built for its height. It's arms were longer than ordinary and seemed to go slightly below the knees. In a sense, it looked similar in shape to a short stocky human being with a flat-top haircut. It wasn't the common Gray that many people tend to see during these experiences. I had the impression that this being was rather strong because the shape conveyed a being that seemed almost "military" and "authoritative". Instantaneously I felt a cold sweat cover me and was totally unable to talk. Fear set in. The next thing I remember was waking up in the morning and trying to rationalize my way through the experience.
Basically, I was attempting to look into the hallway and reduce what I had seen to shadows being cast onto the walls. But no matter how hard I tried, there was nothing that could cast that kind of shadow.
Several months earlier I had a very intense encounter that was so real to me that I cannot put it away as a dream. This experience is what moved me to write about our February 2004 encounter, which really opened the floodgates for me in regard to the many recollections of encounters that I have had throughout my life. I didn't want to write about it then because it seemed a little too far fetched, but I was keenly aware that it was real. The event happened over two nights.
On the first night I awoke to hear a humming sound. This humming sound has been with me for a very long time. And every time I hear it, I am almost guaranteed that something will happen. The humming sound doesn't sound external. It is internal, a humming that I can hear in my head. There have been times where it has been so intense that I've had to ask people if they could hear the humming as well. They never do. On the first night all I heard was the humming and then fell asleep without incident. The next night I decided to stay up late and watch a movie. My wife had went to bed and my children were sleeping. My son had fallen asleep in the living room. At about 1:00am I decided to go to bed. In the driveway outside our house I had seen what appeared to be a bright light coming through the window in my son's bedroom. My first impression was that someone pulled into the driveway and the headlights were facing my son's room. I went into the bedroom and peeked through the blinds only to see what appeared to be a thick beam of bluish-white light shooting directly down onto the driveway. I quickly looked up to see the source of the light and became terrified because it was coming from a large object that hovered stationary above the trees. It happened so quickly that I couldn't make out a distinct shape. I felt that it was just waiting for me to see it. In complete terror I turned around and tried to run back into the living room where my son was. Before I knew it I was paralyzed and laying on my back in the hallway outside of my son's room. What happened next was one of the more conscious experiences I have had.
I was completely paralyzed but I was not unconscious. In fact I was so conscious that I distinctly remember saliva rolling down the sides of my cheeks and trying to vocalize but being unable to control my ability to talk or swallow. My entire body felt tingly and light. I could move my eyes somewhat, but it was a laborious process. I kept saying in my head, "This is real!" and as I said this I was deeply concentrating on the moment and attempting to forcefully put everything into my memory. I saw what appeared to be two blurry masses come into the room from out of nowhere. I say they were a blur because they moved so fast that it was difficult for my eyes to keep up with them. When they would "slow down" I could immediately tell that they were thin, pale, and had large eyes. They were the definition of the so-called "Grays". I could also tell that they were wearing a very tight fitting jumpsuit of some sort. I remembered asking a question in my head (I don't remember what question I asked) and hearing one of them respond something to the effect, "It will take more honor than that." This response seemed to almost mock me. I was no longer frightened by this point and felt that the answer was not meant to be insulting, but was delivered with an odd sense of humor. I still do not understand why I remember the answer and not the question.
My son who is now three has been telling me of his bad dreams. They include seeing people and hands coming out of the walls. When he was just a few months old, while still living in Hales Corners there would be an owl sitting on the power lines just outside his room. This really made me uneasy because by that time I was beginning to read the stories. I would stand at his window on several occasions looking right at the thing. It just stood on the lines staring right back. At all hours of the night I could hear the owl making noise outside. Perhaps they are only dreams, but maybe they aren't. These types of experiences seem to have followed me throughout my life. As a young boy I remember other events of being awakened by my dog in the wee hours of the night only to witness odd events outside my bedroom window. I have remembered the distinct feeling of floating outside the earth and seeing the planet from high in space.
This memory is just as real as any other memory that I have. This memory is so real in fact that even when viewing Google earth I have a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Some of these encounters and experiences have been so odd that they defy any rational explanation and seem to deal with factors that transcend reason altogether. I've read the abduction stories of others and I have never been given warnings about ecological disaster, global cataclysms or terrorism. However I have the intuitive knowledge that I know things that I am not supposed to be consciously aware of until some later date. Every time I attempt to remember this "buried knowledge" it seems that I am blocked from accessing my own memories. Time will tell I suppose.
Best Regards,
Thank you to the witness for sharing this amazing experience.



UFO Research resources

30 Mar 2012 ... ufophysical.com - Center for Physical Trace Research (CPTR) by Ted Phillips, ...
UFOCAT by Dr Donald Johnson and Saunders; Sightings by US Forest ... on
UFO triangles, inspired by a sighting over Wisconsin USA in 2007.

The Roswell UFO Incident Storytellers Kevin Randle and Donald ...

He continues to work in the UFO field, although lately he has concentrated more
on ... to Roswell were written by Randle with his research partner, Donald R.
Schmitt, ... a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and that
he ...



Sci-Fi Cafe Located in Burlington Wisconsin , Sci Fi Cafe

Sci-Fi Cafe and Earth Mysteries Museum, Cafe and coffee house with museum
focusing on earth mysteries research,ufos and paranormal.

Wisconsin Has Second-Highest
Number Of UFO Sightings

By Amy E. Bowen
Marshfield News Herald (Wisconsin)

Wisconsin isn't New Mexico, but it's close. Wisconsin has the nation's second-highest number of Unidentified Flying Object sightings - second only to New Mexico.
That fact sparked the interest of a Sheboygan man.
On a clear, starry night some years ago, John Hoppe saw what he thinks was a UFO. The 33- year-old man noticed a light in Lake Michigan. He first thought it was a flashlight beam in the water, but the object - which was the size of a basketball - kept moving. He can't explain it.
"They're here," Hoppe said. "We live on our little planet here, and if UFOs exist, we'll know that life does exist outside of Earth. It's been an age-old question, 'Are we the only ones in the universe?'"
Hoppe is the director of UFOWisconsin.com, a Web site dedicated to the paranormal in Wisconsin. And the truth might be closer than you think. Wood and Dane counties lead the state in reported sightings.
There was an anonymous report of many small lights - red, yellow and green - in the sky between Marshfield and Pittsville on Jan. 9. A Brian O. said he saw a V-shaped, almost transparent craft over his Wisconsin Rapids home - "it was moving way too fast to be a flock of geese" - on May 3. Then on July 4, someone known only as Brad said a 20-foot diameter craft with gold flashing lights all around came slowly up his driveway before disappearing: "It did not fly away," he wrote. "It just disappeared! Amazing!"
"There are people out there who have some interesting stories out there," Hoppe said. "But they don't want to come forward because they don't want their lives destroyed and be called liars - and that's a shame."
One man claims to be an alien hybrid - half human, half alien. Hoppe is keeping an open mind. After all, he said, there's no way to know. No one has seen a hybrid, and even if he's an alien only in his own imagination, the man is content and not hurting any one, Hoppe said.
The Web site was launched last September, and so far it has received more than 400 reports of UFOs or aliens. Incident can be confidentially reported, and a UFO investigator will look into the case.
In the past year, sightings have been reported in Auburndale, Marshfield, Pittsville, Stratford, Chili and Spencer. Other reports of shining objects in the sky come from Medford, and Loyal's Tribune Record Gleaner newspaper reported on April 14, 1976, that the "sheriff's department has received 'a few' calls from persons who reported seeing 'strange' objects in the sky, some of them have been quite low to the ground."
Aaron Weber, 31, Marshfield, has never seen a UFO, but he's a believer.
"It's one of those things that until somebody proves it wrong, you have to keep an open mind to it," he said.
The state's love interest in the paranormal doesn't stop there. The American UFO and Sci-Fi Museum in the Wisconsin Dells highlights other Wisconsin encounters and recreates Area 51's famous alien autopsy in New Mexico.
And UFO enthusiasts will celebrate aliens and maybe even see a saucer at the 14th annual UFO Daze on July 20 in Dundee. Last year, participants reported different sightings around the area, and this year they will continue to look for the little green men. UFO experts will also present their findings.
Hoppe admits that hoaxes are a problem when talking about the paranormal. He researches every report to the best of his ability, but said that there will always be some who exaggerate. Meteors, weather balloons and satellites have all be mistaken for space objects. According to UFO Wisconsin, 20 percent of UFO reports are valid.
"I have been reading UFO stories and doing research since I was a kid," Hoppe said. "There's more statistical information that proves it rather than disprove it."
Amy E. Bowen can be reached at 1-715-384-3131 or 1-800-967-2087, Ext. 333, or at amy.bowen@cwnews.net.
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What? The 14th annual UFO Daze When? Noon July 20 Where? Dundee, of Highway 67 in eastern Fond du Lac County For more information http://www.ufowisconsin.com
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Wisconsin Officers Report Multiple Sightings of UFOs

Ashland, WI (AP) - Authorities in a four-county area of Northern Wisconsin have reported several recent sightings of unidentified flying objects, with nine deputies in Ashland and Iron counties saying they saw four UFOs at one time.

At the time of the sightings, officials said, police radios were garbled or went out of service and witnesses said they saw the objects moving, changing colors, and heading toward a common position in the sky.

Authorities at the nearby Duluth airport said there was no radar contact made at the time, late in the evening of March 13.

Ashland County Sheriff Joe Croteau said "telephones were ringing off the hook from citizens who also saw the objects". Sightings were also reported in Douglas and Price counties.

A rural Mellen resident, Mrs. Phil Baker and her daughter, Jane, 15, told authorities "an object" landed on a road near their home, made noises and high-pitched sounds, and had red and green lights around it.

Ashland County Undersheriff George Ree, who investigated, said he found no evidence of a landing. He left their home and drove about two miles to meet with deputies. Then, he said, he and the deputies saw four UFOs, one brighter than the others. They said the brightest one moved, changed colors, and then became stationary while three smaller objects headed toward it.


"I didn't want to believe what I was seeing," Phil Baker said later. "There was this circular object about twelve feet across with red and bluish-green lights around the outside and in the center was an opening like a door with a real brilliant light coming from inside."
“I felt I could've looked inside if I'd been closer, but I couldn't see any details. It made a high whiny, sing-songy noise. I never heard a sound like that before


"We saw one object come from the south going in a northerly direction," Ree said. "This was the second one, and it was a little lower than the first. We watched these two for maybe a half hour.

“Then a third one came from the north going south, and that was the lowest one of all. We could see different colored lights on it. That one stayed in the air for approximately ten or fifteen minutes, just moving, sort of doing a jig, going up and down, making a big ‘U’ and going up and down again.

"We had two more cars on U.S. 2 in the northern part of Ashland County and I was transmitting to the deputies in that location. Two deputies were watching from a fire tower on Birch Hill and another, Drolson, was northwest of them on Lake Superior when one of these objects we were watching took off at a very high rate of speed.

“I radioed to Drolson and told him, 'It's going your way,' and all of a sudden he said, 'I see it coming–' and his radio went blank..


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