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It is only a matter of time before the stock market plunges by 50% or more, according to several reputable experts.

"We have no right to be surprised by a severe and imminent stock market crash, "explains Mark Spitzneagel, a hedge fund manager who is notorious for his highly profitable billion-dollar bet on the 2008 crises.

"In fact, we must absolutely "predict it".

Billion-dollar investor Warren Buffet is reumoured to be preparing for a crash as well.  The Warren Buffet Indicator, also knows as the "Total-Market Cap to GDP Ratio" . is breaching sell-alert status and a collapse may happen at any moment.

"We are in a gigantic financial asset bubble," warns Swiss advisor and fund manager Marc Faby.  "It could burst any day."

Replace dollars with super-currency:  economist

The World bank's former chief economist wants to replace the US collar with a single global super currency, saying it will create a more stable global financial system.


"The dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises.

"The solution to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency."

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Revelation 6-6 NIV

"Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "Two pounds of wheat for a day's wage, and six pounds of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine.!"





Have you been paying attention to what has been happening in Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, and China?

If you are like most Americans, you have not been

Most Americans don't really seem to care about what is happening in the rest of the world, but they should.

In major cities all over the globe right now, there is rioting, violence, shortages of basic supplies and runs on banks.

We are not at a "global crises" yet, but things are getting worse with every passing day.

Beef supplies are at the lowest supply level ever. It is at 61% level now, because so many cattle were killed by the recent cold and snow.

#1 - The looting, violence and economic chaos that is happening in Argentina right now is a perfect example of what can happen when you print too much money.

#2 - The value of the Argentine Peso is absolutely collapsing.

#3 - Wildspread shortages, looting and accelerating inflation are also currently huge problems in Venezuela. 

Venezuela is experiencing declining export revenues.

#4 - In a stunning decision, the Venezuelan government has just announced that it has devalued the Bolivar by more than 40%.

#5 - Brazilian stocks declined sharply on Thursday. There is a tremendous amount of concern that the economic meltdown that is happening in Argentina is going to spill over into Brazil.

#6 - Ukraine is rapidly coming apart at the seams. Opposition leaders are negotiating with the government, but doubts remain that they will not be able to stop the rioters.

NOTE:  On 2-22-14 - after 100 plus people had already been killed, a settlement was reached to go back to the 2004 government whereby the Ukraine Congress would run the country which is more favorable. 

Several government leaders then resigned their posts.

#7 - It appears that a bank run has begun in China.  As China's CNR reports, depositors in some of Yunchung City's largest ('banks") have been unable to withdraw "hundreds of millions" in deposits in the last few weeks.

"Everyone wants to borrow and no one wants to save, warned one 'salesperson!" and loan repayments are difficult to recover."  There is "no money" and the doors are locked.

During this time, a new Chinese bird flu is a reminder of a mutant virus risk.  It has emerged as another fatal strain of bird flu called H7N9, has infested at least 286 people in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, killing 60 of them.

The new strain, called H10N8 has so far infected only two people - a fatal case in a 73 year old and another in a woman who is critically ill in a hospital.  But the fact that it has jumped from birds to humans is an important warning they said,

Source: Reuters

#8 - Art Conklin of VBS is warning that credit markets in China "may be broken".  Tor much more on this, please see my article entitled "The 23 Trillion Credit Bubble in China is Starting to Collapse. - Global Financial Crises Next?"

#9 - New that China's manufacturing sector is contracting shook up financial markets on Thursday.

#10 - Japanese stocks experienced their biggest drop in 7 months on Thursday.

#11 - The value of the Turkish Lira is absolutely crashing.

#12 - The unemployment rate in France has risen for 9 quarters in a row and recently soared to a new 16 year high.

#13 - In Italy, the unemployment rate has soared to a brand new all-time record high of 12.7 percent.

#14  - The unemployment rate in Spain is sitting at an all-time record high of 26.7 percent.

#15 - This year, the Baltic Dry Index experienced the largest two-week post-holiday decline we have ever seen.

#16 - Chip maker Intel recently announced that it plans to eliminate 5,000 jobs over the coming year.

#17 - CNBC is reporting that US retailers just experienced the worst holiday season since 2008.

#18 - a recent CNBC article stated that conservatives should expect a 'tsunami' of store closings in the retail industry.

Sears said that it will shutter its flagship store in downtown Chicago in April.  It's the latest of about 300 store closures in the US that Sears has made since 2010.

Jim Bakker stated "The Internet" is going to collapse thousands of stores.  Online shopping has become so easy. You just place your order online and in a couple days you get your purchase delivered to your door, and in my cases even shipping is free.

#19 - The US Congress is facing another deadline to raise the debt ceiling in February.

NOTE: President Obama signed a bill to lift the debt ceiling on the Federal Debt Limit on Feb. 15th to 17 Trillion dollars, plus.

#20 - The DOW fell by more than 170 points on Thursday.  It is becoming increasingly likely that the peak of the market is now in the rear view mirror.


The '80s Called, and They're Closing Down 500 RadioShack Stores ...
The Wall Street Journal
Feb 4, 2014 - RadioShack Corp. is planning to close around 500 stores in the coming months as the ... these people said, adding that it isn't unusual forcompanies to close stores when ... 5:53 pm February 28, 2014; Alicia McCant wrote:.
  1. ClearSign Combustion Corporation Announces Closing Of ...
    3 days ago - SEATTLE, March 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearSign CombustionCorporation (Nasdaq: CLIR), a Washington corporation, announced today ...
  2. 2014 Retail Stores Closing, Going Out of Business, Filing Bankruptcy
    Feb 25, 2014 - Information for this 2014 Store Closing List was obtained from reports made available to the general public through news reports, corporate ...
  3. Ruby Tuesday to close 30 restaurants | Corporate News content ...
    Nation's Restaurant News
    Jan 9, 2014 - 9, 2014 Ron Ruggless ... that its namesake chain would close 30 of its 779 units over the next quarter ... Ruby Tuesday cuts 50 corporate jobs

Business Insider
Jan 9, 2014 - 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sears Holdings Corporation("Holdings," ... for store closures and severance and $12 million from gains on sales of ...

J.C. Penney cutting 2,000 jobs, closing 33 stores - Jan. 15, 2014
Jan 15, 2014 - By James O'Toole @jtotoole January 15, 2014: 5:10 PM ET .... Also,corporations love this tax code; it makes it arcane and easily exploited so ...

March 9 , 2013

Jen’s Hallmark in Lawrenceville GA

Zimmy Restaurant in Hibbing MN



March 8 , 2013

The Home Furniture Gallery on Union Road at Galleria Drive in Cheektowaga NY

Diddams Party & Toy Store is closing its location at 460 Meridian Ave. CA



March 7 , 2013

Key Bank in Brownsville OR.

Frito-Lay to Stop manufacturing at Oak Cliff Plant

Gentex Optics Inc. will close its Fell Twp. plant PA in October - 145 Jobs Lost

The Fly music magazine ( International )

Cape Henry General Merchandise and Hardware Store in Virginia Beach Virginia

The Fresh Market Inc - Closing 3 Sacramento Area Stores

Quizno's sandwich shop on East Beaver Avenue in State College PA



March 6 , 2013

Toy Joy in Austin TX

Victory University  in TN?

Staples - 225 Stores by End of 2015

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in Farmington NM



March 5 , 2013

Griffin Pipe Products in Council Bluffs Closing

Reser OTR, located at 1419 Vine St., Ohio

Sony DADC says that it is closing a distribution operation at its Terre Haute plant

Kmart Closing South Campbell Location

Lutey’s Furniture & Appliance in Anaconda MT

The Corry School Board is closing Spartansburg and Conelway Elementary Schools

EuGenius Market is closing at Gateway Mall OR.

Update: Ivories Jazz Lounge / Restaurant Portland OR.



March 4 , 2014

Kozlak’s Royal Oak Restaurant in Shoreview MN

LifePower yoga gym in Uptown Minneapolis MN

Rite Aid Amber Lane Store PA

Update: Ollie’s Bakery in Winston Salem NC

Radio Shack - up to 1,100 Stores

Morning Glory Gifts in Honesdale PA



March 3 , 2014

Bemis Co. Closing Factory in Ohio

Ken's Meat & Seafood in Landrum SC

1-800-Flowers was closing on Hanover Street in Boston’s North End



March 2 , 2014

Play Ball in Westland MI

RadioShack  at 405 E. Freeland Road Greensburg IN

Update: DOTS stores will close all locations



March 1 , 2014

The South Haven Health System Hospital MI - Closing Birthing Center / 19 Layoffs

Kevin Jewelers’ Park Place and Tucson Mall AZ

Bob’s Furniture City in Tomah WI



February 28 , 2014

Clarcor Air Filtration Facility Near Pittston PA?

Marshall & Swift Inc 214 North Delaware Ave. in Mason City IA

The Heine Brothers’ Coffee shop at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road Louisville KY

Parkway Christian Academy in Birmingham AL

The Hope Co. Boutique and Cameo Store in Fredericksburg VA

Accents in downtown Martinsville IL?

Bead Works in Franklin

Retailer Dots Closing all 359 Stores??

Shinn Paint Co. on Snow Hill Road in Salisbury MD



February 27 , 2014

Roth Steel in Syracuse NY

Colonial Florist in Stillwater OK

Update: The Outback Steakhouse on West End Avenue TN

Colonial Florist

Commonwealth Health will close Wilkes-Barre General Hospital's business office - 87 Jobs Lost

Sony is Closing 20 US Retail Stores

Cox Communications Shutting Down Pensacola Customer Call Center

The Blood Systems Call Center on Concord Street Texas? - 100 Jobs Lost

Update: Showcase Music & Sound on Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland Oregon



February 26 , 2014

National Freight Inc. Closing Distribution Center in Johnstown - 112 Jobs Lost

H.J. Heinz Co - 2 Europe Plants ( International ) plant in Turnout, Belgium, and one in Seesen, Germany

Who’s Who clothing boutique in Albany GA

Update: Stamp Your Heart Out in Claremont CA.

Twice Upon A Time bookstore in Middleboro MA

Nassau's Furniture is closing its warehouse store in South Windsor CT

Frank's Jewelry, 2839 N. Clark St Chicago IL

Bethel Life Center School in Wichita KS

The Red Star Oil in Daugherty Township



February 25 , 2014

Kmart will be closing its Big Kmart store on Capital Boulevard in north Raleigh

Worthmore Closing its Middletown Clothing Store Ohio

Bellybum Boutique in North Center Chicago IL?

Update: Three Reid's Groceries and One Bi-Lo Grocery store in South Carolina - Locations at Link

Indiana Limestone Co. Inc. - 166 Layoffs

Wawa convenience store in Cherry Hill’s Erlton section NJ

Update: Ham’s Restaurants has closed its Lakeside location at 699 E. Cone Blvd. in Greensboro NC

HelioVolt Corp will be shutting down Austin Facility

The Harrisonburg and Winchester Kmarts VA

Office Depot will close its Coeur d’Alene store ID

Verifications, Inc of Watertown SD Closing - 120 Job Losses

Good Shepherd Health System - closing a hospital and two clinics in Northeast Texas

Video rental store Photoplay in Brooklyn NY

Kmart will close its store on East Lincoln Highway in Middletown

Update: Commodore Corporation Closing down in Danville VA.

Central Furniture and Carpeting in Boston Ind.






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