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Start Date  July 29, 2011

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Today's date July 29, 2011


I received an email this morning from a woman who has quite psychic dreams.  This p[articular dream was about something bad going to happen during an anti-war protest in Corpus Christi, TX to a political candidate with black hair.


Rick Perry is the only political candidate she knows with that description. 


I looked up anti-war protests for 2011 and found this:

Broward Politics

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Anti-war activists plan to protest new air show

By Scott Wyman July 13, 2011 10:36 AM

Not everyone is happy about the return of the air show to Fort Lauderdale’s beach next year.

Anti-war activists are saying that they will mount a major protest if the show includes military fighter jets and bombers. The warning came as city commissioners chose a promote to bring back the event after a five-year hiatus.

“There will be a mobilization effort nationwide to say war is not entertainment,” Peter Ackerman told commissioners. He and another activist handed out post cards during the commission meeting of military jets bombing the beach and women and children running away screaming.

The activists suggested the city host an air show that solely features civilian stunt pilots. They said the show aggrandizes the military and warfare and said the city could end up spending millions to manage a peace demonstration as they did during an Organization of American States conference several years ago.

According to news reports, the Defense Department in 2004 monitored a protest during the Air & Sea Show, but labeled the 15 or so protesters as a "US group exercising constitutional rights." Ackerman, an organizer of that protest, said at the time he was saddened to learn of the military surveillance.

The air show is scheduled for April 28-29. The City Commission chose promoters of a similar event in Cocoa Beach to organize it. The show ended in 2007 after its title sponsor withdrew, but the new promoters promise they can put together the needed financing


news story / By Zach St. George

Still Protesting

Anti-war icon cycles through to promote his book

(July 14, 2011) Brian Willson's red polyester biking shorts ended partway up his thighs, revealing knees covered in leopard-print fabric tubes. Below that, matching leopard-print sockets connected to the metal poles where his calves should have been.

As Willson spoke, the setting sun shone through the windows of the Mateel Community Center in Redway, illuminating a small circle of plastic chairs in the center of the room.

Around 15 people showed up on July 7 to hear his talk — the reminiscences and reflections of the man who became famous after a munitions train severed his legs during a protest at the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

All but three or four of his listeners were old enough to remember Vietnam, and at times their grunts and cheers in response to Willson’s words seemed based more on nostalgia than anything else.

Both their questions and Willson’s responses focused mainly on the past. In some ways, that was appropriate for this visit, part of a hand-powered tricycle tour from Portland, Ore., to San Francisco to publicize his new book, Blood on the Tracks. Wilson calls it an autobiographical look at humanity.

The backward-looking questions also seemed to reflect an absence of passion in more recent protests. “I think it’s extremely pathetic, weak,” said Willson of today’s anti-war community. “It’s hardly a movement.” He blamed a consumer-based society for breeding political apathy. “We’ve always had resistance movements, but it seems like our addiction to consumption has made us weak, passive,” he said.

Inevitably, his listeners wanted to know about the day he lost his legs while lying in front of a speeding train. He talked about being squeezed under the cowcatcher, then rag-dolling under the train, leaving his body broken, one leg severed and the other mangled, an ear hanging, skull gaping. Willson, 70, wore a wry smile, as if he were speaking of just a prank he’d pulled way back when.

It’s been more than 20 years since Willson rose to national prominence by using his body to stop the shipment of American munitions from Concord Naval Weapons Station to Contras in Nicaragua. These days his protests take a milder form — the book tour by bike, for instance — but for the few who came to see him in Redway, Willson clearly symbolized a time when American protesters took their anger out into the streets.



compiled by Dee Finney. MICHAEL JACKSON - ANTI-WAR - EARTH SONG ...,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=ac0aef37997698e2&biw=1000&bih=692





He says there is over a million people on Mars already, and we are getting ready for something coming - middle of September or shortly afterward.

They will use any manner of technology available to dumb down the people before then to control them.

Cities are like skin cancer to mother earth. 

Saying that earth is an Illusion or a Dream or a Hologram is a cheap cop out.  This is a real place.  The illusion is our awareness of it.

We should reconnect with our inner selves and into our heart center - the heart center.  That is the part that is connected to nature.   There is no easy way out - especially drugs. 

Going within and connecting with your real self is the only way to go.

There are many types of people in the Universe.

Dolphins on our planet are not fish - they are people.

Some beings appear to be Love and Light but are not - they are very controlling and evil on the inside.

Reincarnating is not a privilege  we do it at will  for various reasons.

Not everyone is going to Ascend because its not their time.

The Mayan calendar is telling us this is the end of the cycle.

There is a data gap in the web bots after 2012  what do you think of that?

George believes that the cycle ends on  March 21, 2013.

The balance points are on the equinoxes - equal light and darkness - that's the only time balance can be achieved.

George was in the Montauk projects and every time they went forward to March 21, 2013, everything turns pure light.

The ETs who did the projects is preparing everyone to go to Mars.  (Many are there already)

Carl Calleman says that everything will end on October 28, 2012.  George likes his work. 

Carl Calleman wants everyone to awaken before that date. 

George does not agree with the date.

Dates change in the translation.

George says that visitors to his own website will find the true harmonics. 

The deities who run  this realm actually reside at the top of the 4th level.  These entities are not all knowing but are very controlling.

George says that he has been attacked by those beings quite often over the years - especially in the last seven years. 

He also says if you emit your inner light, they can't come near you.

All people who are on the path will go through this.  Everyone who goes through this has made a contract before they enter the physical body. 

The new Age movement is full of this kind of stuff.

Reclaim your own sovereignty. Stand in your own power.

Love unconditionally.

The best thing to help Gaia right now is to send it GRATITUDE.

There is a Universal Law of Non-interference.  We actually sign contracts before we come in here, so even though we are abducted, we approved it in advance.  

The Unified Love energy keeps you alive.

When ou break through the matrix of the lower dimensions, your awakened self will be amazed at what you learn.

We are all infinite and there is no one God who controls all Universes.  There are many demigods.

We are totally infinite.  We are all One together.

The Christ Conscious is a love energy of creative energy which we can all achieve.

There is a Dark Council the Dark Lords, was created by God just like we were -  evil is the absence of Light -   the Lords of Darkness manage the darkness in this realm.  We should thank them for all the suffering, etc. without them to get our learning experiences.  We should be eternally grateful to them for allowing our growth. There is 4 days cosmic mins.  Every religion has been  manipulated.  This idea is from Buddhism.

Many are trapped in a collective hive mind. 

People like that sort of thing.

The Cosmic Consciousness is higher than mind - its heart consciousness.   It's beyond meditative constructs.

The Power that BE who are Becoming the Powers that Were - how can we be liberated from them?

George say:  Nobody can  speed things up because the future already exists.  They are still in power, but they really are not.  It's a group level contract. 

We've always been in control, but we let them do what they do.

If you want to get your own power, you have to surrender yourself to the higher you.

Force and violence is not the answer.  That is externalizing.  We need to internalize everything.  If people do things externally, they aren't doing anything internally.  The power over the matrix always comes from within.

Watch the Movie  THE MATRIX to learn this. 

Is there a war going on between the Dark and benevolent Aliens?

George says:  There are aliens on both sides of the duality - the alter-egos of one another.

The Love and Light Aliens think they are on upper hand or above the Dark Aliens, but they are not  they are duality.

people are caught in the middle of that duality.

Thousands of groups of aliens insert themselves into this duality and think they are doing good works, but they don't have perfect intelligence and knowledge, but they don't know everything - their paradigm is no different than ours.

People are invited into groups - United Nations or Councils and people think they are free of a dictatorship, but they aren't really free - they are just in another dictatorship.  This type of galactic community is just going from one set of boundaries into another level of boundaries.

The bulk of the human race will be taken up by these groups, but some will be taken up into a really dark place.

Half of the human population will NOT Ascend.

About two billion people will Ascend -  those who don't Ascend will perish.


Can you describe Ascension?

George says:  It happens in stages. We are already in it.   We started Ascending in the Rennoseance.  We are in a very intense part of Ascension.  The higher we get, the higher we are into our heart center.  The veil between the ego and the higher self is getting thinner and thinner.  At that moment, you just walk through the door into your 5D environment.  This will start happening about October 28th or so, and will happen all the way through Dec. 21, 2012.  We will not all do it at the same time.

Many of us will come back out and do our work to help any of those who are left.

The 5D dimension is not the highest we can go.  We all aim toward the Highest Creator of All Things.

The Vesica Pisces is the symbol of Ascension - no matter what religion it comes from.

The Merkabah represents the LIGHT body



Angelics, Ascended Masters Demi-Gods are at the head of people's LIGHT BODIES, but be careful which being appears to you.

Beings in the astral realms can present themselves as anyone you think they should be - its not necessarily who they really are.

Many Christians don't act like Christians, they follow a dogmatic mind control construct.  They have no idea what a Christian is or should behave as.

The point is, 'don't give your power away to anyone else. '

George wants people to be empowered, but not to follow him. Don't give your power away to anyone.

Ascension should happen between 12-21-2012 thru March 21, 2013 -   some people are already doing it  - it should be finished by then.  It's being done in increments.  However, George does not expect anything to exist o the surface of earth when its over.

Nobody knows what the core of the earth is like. It's all theory.

All that will be here is a ball of LIGHT.  The moon will be gone as well.   The beings who have the moon as their home need that home.  There are many greys living there.

George says he could feel the fear of the greys even though he wasn't afraid himself.

What can we do spiritually before Ascension comes?

Unconditional LOVE is beyond what we know here.  It's a concept -  its not something you do - its a state of BEING.

There is no color to it.  Just open your heart and share your LOVE.

It's beyond the color spectrum as we know it.

Stay on the WHITE LIGHT side of the spectrum.

A technique you can use is:   Bring out the heart flame out of you - you don't need someone else to help you.  Do your own work.  Bring your own inner light out.  meditate for that.

INBREATH -  suck your LIGHT out of your chest and breath it out -  you breath it out in every direction.  Use that LIGHT for anything.  You are a humane being, you have the Christ within.  You don't need anything else.


Pray to BE WHO YOU ARE.  Make your LIGHT shine wherever you are.

The ruling Elite need a very big message.

At the beginning of each cycle was a descent into the next level.

Atlantis was the last 4th dimension here.  About 12,400 years ago, that's when changes happened really fast.  People just went crazy after that.  Atlantis descended very quickly.  It fell into a really bad state of being.

Mother Earth is going to ASCEND into a body of LIGHT, rather than descend as other cycles ended.

We will graduate and ASCEND.

Some people will ascend into other timelines - some people are being lured into underground bases and will be left only one escape  either a STARGATE or WORMHOLE.

The Ruling elite is going to be surprised -  there will be no place to come up to this time.

Some will leave on  ships and return to their galactic families. 

Ascended Masters and Angels will pick up the astral bodies and take them where they belong.

Mother Gaia is from UNCONDITIONA LOVE and doesn't pick and choose people - we just need to show her GRATITUDE to lighten her load.

The ancient teachings were for ancient people - that was the old program.  We have a new program nw.

The chakra program is no longer in effect now either.

We are now in the HEART and LOVE program.

The real Creator does not judge.  The whole journey is taken into consideration - not just one life.  Its a wave form.

Its all about reaching BALANCE.

Just allow the LIGHT and consciousness come through no matter where you are.

You don't want to be too much on the positive side either because they might be SELF-RIGHTEOUS.


Who are the people who remain and what happens to them. Can they reincarnate again?

There is not one location - from many different levels of reality.  It all depends on where they came from.  Each person is an independent journey.

Just because you go to an underground base doesn't mean you are safe.  Some underground bases have no escape route.

What are the mechanics of the Ascension?

The future has already happened.  There LIGHT everywhere - no shadows anywhere -  It's just being.

We do NOT go to sleep for 3 days - that would be what the grey aliens would do.  The Galactic Federation would do such a thing.  You do NOT want to do that and be controlled by them. 

People will be fully alert and reconnect with everything and will be fully conscious of the process as it happens.

NOTE FROM DEE:  never believe everything you read or hear - use your discernment and if it feels right for you, then go with it.  We are all on individual paths, and if its not your time to do something - it just won't happen for you.  Your soul is in charge and nothing happens without it's permission.

NOTE 2:  Today is October 29th, 2012, a little after 3 a.m.  I awoke from an astral experience where it was a really dark place, but like the moon was shining though I didn't see the moon.  I was with a group of people near a river or lake, and we had some objects we were doing something with, but I don't know what.  It was too real to be a dream.