Today's date   Aygust 4th, 2011


Space Weather News for August 4, 2011

SOLAR ACTIVITY: For the third day in a row, sunspot 1261 has unleashed a significant M-class solar flare. The latest blast at 0357 UT on August 4th registered M9.3 on the Richter Scale of Flares, almost crossing the threshold into X-territory (X-flares are the most powerful kind). Also, at least two coronal mass ejections are en route to Earth, and they could provoke mild to moderate geomagnetic storms when they arrive on August 4th through 6th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. Check for details and updates.

3:00 a.m   I'm llistenng to the radio to a money expert, who sells gold as his business.

He is emphatically saying that the government is going to confiscate gold just  like they did after the 1929 stock market crash.

He is saying that people should get out of paper because the value of the dollar contnues to go down.  He says, either buy gold for the next while, OR buy things ofo value, just get out of paper.  He also says that silver will not be confiscated.

What he wants people to buy is things that will have a value no matter what - such as food, land to grow food on, machinery to help with the growth of food, anything that has value that you can trade for other trhings you will need later, like bullets. tpo;et [a[er.. ise upir o,agaomatopm tp fgire pit [ep[;e; wo;; meed wjem tjeu dp't have cash.  Bartering at some point will be great if you have somethin g to trade with them.  Casjj wo;; jave p va;ie = becaise it's paper.

So the key is:  GET OUT OF PAPER.

Now he is talking about how the Elite want to control people.   People want to feel good so they will offer you anything that feels good, and people will go for whatever they feell will make them feel good.   The elite feel that 90A% of the people don't have the intelligence to put off what makes them feel good in order to choose what is really good for them.

He admits that we all have waknesses and make mistakes, but we can make the right choices to do what is good for us as a society.  It'll never be perfect, but when people work together, its always be4tter than an indivdual would do.

We can create our society the way we want it to be.  All we want is to make our own choices. We want to be safe, that our courts are just, that we hve the money to take care of our family.

He is talkikng about the 1,000 years of peace that we were promised i the Bible.  That kind of peace starts within the self - it doesn't come from outside.

Because 90% of the people only think abou tthemselves, so social chaos will happen and there will be shortages of the very things they want to feel good.  So we need to plan ahead for that and separate outselves from the people who only want to feel good, and do what is 'good for us'.

It has nothing to do with religion, creed, or color - its all about what's in your heart and taking care of those you love.   In a society we have to take care of each other the best we can.

Start with what you need now to make sure you and yours are safe from what is coming soon.


So ... what is this about another DOME of heat going on starting in  Texas and Oklahoma.  ???

Two weeks ago we had a DOME of heat that went across the north - now its in the south.

This is not GLOBAL WARMIKNG -  this is a WEATHER WAR.  Just exactly who is doing this we can't say, bu tone might look at various HAARP installations - there are at least 12 countries that have them.  With HAARP - the ionosphere is heated and they can aim that heat where they want it to happen.

What is happening now is that people are dying and what they aren't talkikng about is that cattle are dying, wheat, crops, hay to feed cattle are being destroyed.

Texas is in its 33rd day in a row of temperatures over 100 degrees.  Babies, elderly, small children, the ill, cannot tolerate temperatures like that.





4 a.m.  EUROPE is in big trouble.  They are all falling apart economically speaking than the United states is, but don't take your eyes off the prize.  We've been distracted fora couple months over the raising of the Debt limit - and ltos of things have been happening while we've been worrying about the Scoial Security checks being sent out on August 2nd.

We are past that now, so we need to bring our focus back to whats more immportant.  they are predicting HYPER INFLATION.

If you haven't already bout food and water ahead - you'd better do it now because the prices are going to get 10 times higher over the coming months.

It's too alte to start growing food this year, but you can still get seeds for next year.

The commodity marekts have suddenly taken ff significantly higher.  Most people don't watch the prices of food in the commodity markets, but as soon as the Debt limit was signed, they prices of commodities soared.

tjeu are expecting the price of silver to explode faster than the price of gold, which will all go significantly higher. 

The whole point is, spend your mooney NOW on what you n eed for later in the year.  It will never be cheaper than it isi now.  Buy as much as you can afford and put it in your pantry.

We had tornados, flooding,Fukikshima radiation scare, which is ongoing.  People have been distracted.  Now we have the heat which is itotally debilitating, which means if you have A-C your electric bill is going to sky rocket too. 

But what you are going to need later this year is food to feed your famililes.  Get that NOW.

We are not going to be the only coun try in trouble.  All of europe is going to go down this path with us.

the new thing in Congress is a SUPER CONGRESS.  What is that?  A committe of 12 or 13 people are going to decide what laws are going to be passed and everyone will go along with everything they say.  We will have no say in what they do now.

What we have just seen hapen with the raising of the Debt limit was a screen to hide the fact that the UN  (United Nations) is going to take over the power of the world.  They want to control everything - especially in scarece comoddities, like wheat, corn, etc.

Enttlement programs like Social Security ane medicare are going to be messed with, as well as food resources.  Hyper inflation is on the way. 

Crude oil is on the way down - it has droped from $110 to $90 and on thewa y down to $80 per barrel.  That soun ds good, doesn't it?  It'a a ploy -  they will sudenly turn that around and all of a sudden itll be back up over the $110 we were at before.  You can know right now, all of a sudden it'll be at $115 or $120 per barrel and there we will be again.   It's a game they play.

If people, alll of a sudden can'nt get food, or medicine, they won't live long - the elderly are extremely vulnerable.

The radio show is talkng about crime going rampant at the same time.

Elenin, Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis is back in the news.  People won't be telling people about what is coming, and that wll be massive earthquakes, the pole shift, and continents might even be realigned.  The atmosp[here will even change because massive volcanos will be going off at the same time, along with LARGE solar flares from the sun.  land will be scorched.  Ships will be lost, it will be overheated.

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