10-30-99 - DREAM - I was looking down into a long hallway which was in an apartment building. There were silver mailboxes along both sides of this hallway... like a lobby.

On the floor of this hallway, printed on the floor within the shape of an oil tanker ship, (plane?) were the names of countries where crop circles have been seen in the past. I can recall reading Greece and India. ... but I don't know for certain if crop circles have been seen there. There weren't enough countries named to fill up this shape, so the names of these countries became larger and larger until the space was filled.

At this point, it felt like the names were either printed on a piece of paper or on a computer screen, and they were right in front of my face... close up. I felt like I was holding the paper in my left hand.

Then I was told by a voice that, "Embedded in the floor, three feet inside from the edge", of the outer shape that, "in 76 hours a bomb will explode."

This would be 3 feet in from the lower edge. A red light was where the bomb was placed.

I then went upstairs where a painter was painting the walls white, but he was sloppy and getting paint on the door of my apartment which was light brown oak wood. I called him to clean off this paint... his name was Michael.

I went inside the apartment where I received a phone call from a man whom I've known since I was 18 years old... a lot of years. He and I talked at great length about the crop circles and the bomb. When the conversation was over, I could not remember anything except the word 'bomb'.

I told him I wished I had a tape recording of that conversation. He said that the conversation was indeed recorded in the length of copper wire that the conversation had passed through and he would see what he could do about it.

Note: If you count 76 hours from 6 a.m. today, it comes out to be 10 a.m. on November 2nd, 1999. Tuesday

ADDED NOTE 2: 11-2-99 - 7 + 6 = 13???? Just trying to figure this out.  If you add 13 hours to the dream time, it comes out exactly to the time of the crash of EgyptAir 990

See:  http://www.greatdreams.com/plane990.htm

In addition to the dream I had, I had another dream the next day in which a young girl said, "I'll be back on Monday!". I was surprised to see her at the door the next morning along with her mother who said, "She always says Monday when she means tomorrow!" I also dreamed a long list of names the same night.

I'm attaching the layout of a 777 EgyptAir seating layout. This is the exact shape of what I saw on the floor of the hallway in the dream which I thought was a oil tanker. Shows what I know about planes.

When I saw this layout this morning, it about blew me away. Speculation is high about terrorism on this plane crash. Mostly because the plane was reported to have gone to Edwards Air Force Base before leaving for JFK airport... there was a 2 hour delay which they claim they changed a tire. However CNN transcript clearly has them going to Edwards Air Force Base and so did Egyptian TV... all in the news articles reported. The FAA pulled that info off the air... also reported in the news. Another little point which is now known... three of the passengers were involved in the search for the Hall of Records... that info has been verified. Same source said that a phase converter was supposed to have been on that plane... however it reached Egypt somehow. Also reported was that Hawass was on that plane with the 3 other guys... but unless he traveled under an alias...???? Is he alive?.. can anyone verify that he's at work today???