by Dee Finney

Monday, January 29, 2007

Trouble in Boston
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This is just a dream, but it portends trouble in Boston - from the dream - it looks like it will be winter.  Don't know if its this winter, or a couple years from now.

DREAM - 1-27-07 - I was walking on a city street, and I came to two young dogs - a male and a female. They were acting very loving towards each other.

Then a Boston terrier puppy came along. He was black and white.  He tried to get between the loving dogs.  So I scooped him up so he wouldn't be in their way. He was so cute, I took him home.

He was so adorable, I treated him like a child and after a time, he did turn into a child.

When he was about the size of a 2 year old, he was dressed in a bright blue snosuit and went outside to play. 

He started to take off and I tried to stop him because he was so young.  He turned around and took off his shoe and threw it at me.

I got upset and my husband (who I never saw) said to me from the side. "Don't worry - he'll be back."

End of dream

This is what scares me.  The Muslim throwing a shoe is one of the worst things he can do to other people:

See:  Terror Level Raised After Shoe Throwing Incident
By Kris


The most recent of terrorism attacks, throwing a shoe.
Earlier today at a debate in Portland, Oregon, former Pentagon adviser Richard Perl was debating with Howard Dean, the newly appointed leader of the Democratic Party, when a protester threw a shoe at Perl.

The protester was quickly apprehended and taken into custody, but this incident has revealed another possible weakness in US homeland security, leading to a drastic increase in the national terror alert level.

Previous to today, the terror alert level had been at yellow (elevated). Shortly after this shoe-throwing incident, the terror alert level was raised all the way to red (severe), indicating the threat of a terrorist attack is eminent.

"US intelligence has revealed that terrorists have shoes," said President George Bush at a nationally televised press conference earlier today. "This is a threat we were previously unaware of, but now that it has come to light, we must do everything we can to avoid the possibility of terrorist shoe attacks."

Current estimates show that of the thousands of terrorist plotting against the United States, nearly 90% of them have access to shoes. This is a far steeper percentage than those that have access to biological or chemical weapons.

While they aren't individually as deadly as other weapons of mass destruction, the shear number of shoes worldwide is unprecedented," said Chertoff. "It could take as many as twenty years before we could effectively remove shoes from the hands of terrorists."

And while biological and chemical weapons can expensive, many of which cost thousands of dollars each, shoes can be produced relatively cheaply.

"Thanks to sweatshops employing young children for minuscule wages, shoes can be manufactured for just pennies each," said Chertoff. "Price appears to no longer will be a concern when it comes to terrorism."

The Department of Homeland Security is working diligently to neutralize this new threat. Purchasing of shoes now requires an extensive background check and a seven-day waiting period, similar to that of purchasing firearms. Airports nationwide are being advised to have passengers check their shoes with their baggage.

"A shoe in the wrong hands can be just as deadly as a gun or knife," said Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security. "We would hate to see another plane held hostage by a terrorist in possession of shoes."

Finally, the public has been asked to report all suspicious shoe wearers to the local authorities, especially those with "shifty eyes".

"The threat of a terrorist shoe attack is real, more real than I can possibly imagine," said President Bush. "But if we all work together, and accept some small measure of inconvenience, nationwide freedom can be preserved."

5 Suspicious Packages Planted in Boston

Wednesday January 31, 2007 8:31 PM

BOSTON (AP) - Five suspicious packages planted near bridges and other spots around Boston forced the shutdown of major roads, a bridge and a stretch of the Charles River on Wednesday before authorities concluded the objects were not bombs.

``It's a hoax - and it's not funny,'' said Gov. Deval Patrick.

Police said four calls, all around 1 p.m., reported suspicious devices at the Boston University Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, which both span the Charles River, at a Boston street corner and at the Tufts-New England Medical Center.

The package near the Boston University bridge was found attached to a structure beneath the span, where it crosses the Massachusetts Turnpike, authorities said.

Subway service across the Longfellow Bridge between Boston and Cambridge was briefly suspended, and Storrow Drive was closed as well.

Another device was found earlier in the day at a subway station, forcing a temporary shutdown of Interstate 93.

Hoax" triggers Boston security scare

By Jason Szep

BOSTON, Jan 31, 07 (Reuters) - Police were investigating an apparent security hoax in Boston on Wednesday involving at least five suspicious devices in separate locations across the city which were later found to be fake bombs.

The discoveries triggered a city-wide security scare that led the U.S. Coast Guard to close the Charles River that feeds from the Atlantic Ocean into the city and caused authorities to shut down major bridges and several roads.

"Based on the information we have, it appears to be a hoax," said Gov. Deval Patrick's spokesman, Jose Martinez.

The packages looked roughly similar, according to police and local media. Most contained wires emerging from a plastic casing. Four were found hours after officials blew up the first suspicious package below a highway in the morning.

They were discovered near the New England Medical Center, the Longfellow Bridge that connects Boston with Cambridge, the Boston University Bridge and at the intersection of Stuart and Columbus streets in central Boston.

"All were found not to be explosive devices," Boston Police Department spokesman Eddie Chrispin said.

There were reports of a sixth device found in the city of Somerville close to Boston.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokesman Joe Pesaturo said one of the train system's busiest lines had been stopped, while the U.S. Coast Guard said it had closed Boston's Charles River amid the alert. (Additional reporting by Svea Herbst and Scott Malone)

[Editor's note: Hoaxes are done for two reasons.  #1 - to scare people #2 - to throw people off until they do it for real.